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Visit XL Girls

XL Girls
Reply of pat362's Reply

Thanks =) PU guidelines defines the 70-79 point range as "Does some things good, some things poor. Might recommend." - I find that this describes the problem quite well.

I also do remember reading about the reason behind streaming-only, but TBH: that's the wrong way to go. You can't really stop piracy without making paying customers unhappy. And I don't want to see the future for paying customers in streaming-only which means you can only watch videos as long as you are a paying member. After leaving you have little left.

No problem about your request: I just rechecked - signup page lists 1 month recurring as 29.99$(21.57) and 1 month non-recurring as 39.99$ (28.77) - I always sign up as a recurring member if there is a difference and cancel right away - saves you 10 bucks! I also do remember I signed up via a promotion link from some other website that mentions a 10$ discount. Not sure if it's cool to post the link though...

07-17-12  02:03pm

Visit XL Girls

XL Girls
Reply of pat362's Reply

I absolutely agree, The Score Group's business practise of mostly streaming sucks.
And I also agree - they deceive you when signing up by "hinting" that you can download all the videos. I am also warning as many people as I can about this limitation - hence my reason for this review.

Yes I am positive about the price. I just cancelled my subscription and it says "subscription for xlgirls.com @ 19.99 USD renews every 30 days". I agree, 40$ would be extremely steep for streaming only - and to be honest, the amount of content isn't THAT large, as many many models only feature old photos.

It was a tough decision on the score! While I enjoy the content and the models and everything, but the turnoff is the download-limitation... Maybe I'll rework the score depending on my lasting impression after a while.

07-16-12  11:57am

Visit XL Girls

XL Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -) Updates with videos/photos multiple times a week
-) Large variety of models
-) Easy navigation, appealing design
-) Zipped photosets are downloadable (although not with a unique filename)
-) Video and photo quality of new sets is very good (720p and 1200x800 pixels) - i like the colors and contrast and detail in the photos. Makeup is used on the models
-) Plenty of content and variety
-) Download speed was decent for me
Cons: -) Videos are downloadable ONLY for one month after release. After that you CANNOT download videos anymore and you can watch it streaming only.
-) Zipped photosets for download have no unique filename.
-) old content (and that's a big part of the content) is not so great in quality - mostly low-resolution photos.
Bottom Line: As always, this is a BBW-site and as such anybody looking for something else should go elsewhere.

But those who enjoy this kind of content (and you can preview the featured models as a non-member quite well), will definitely like the content inside. You'll find many models in great videos. Video quality of new videos is good (720p) and so is the photography. The overall styling of the model is stylish with makeup - so not as natural as some others might like. Content is exclusive as far as I could see.

However there is one MAJOR ISSUE with the site: Videos are only downloadable for one month after release. After that you CANNOT download videos anymore and you'll have to be happy with streaming (so no viewing later on). To be frank, this sucks. All websites that restrict downloading of videos suck and this is the reason why I didn't give it a 90+ point rating. I'd be happy to pay a premium to download all videos as I please. Nothing during sign-up tells you about that restriction.

Site navigation is easy and straightforward, so is downloading of videos (if they are downloadable) and photos. One minor glitch with photoset downloading: the file naming is "Modelname.zip" so your photosets aren't named to matching videos - you'll have to rename (or auto-rename) the file during download so you don't overwrite existing zip-sets.

Important during signup: They try to screw you when signing up by offering a 19,90 one-month recurring option and a 29,90 one-month NON-recurring option. Be aware what you choose.

Verdict: The action and the models are excellent and I'd somewaht recommend the site. The downloading restriction is downright ugly, hence a big fine in rating-points.

07-14-12  01:15am

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -) Downloadable content (!)
-) many file formats
-) photo sets available as Zip file
-) site layout is attractive and effective
-) lots of content
-) frequent updates
-) many types of women
Cons: -) I get low download speeds (I am based in Europe)
Bottom Line: Needless to say: This is a BBW website. If you don't like chubby women in your porn, you don't join.

It took me a long while to get myself to sign up to this site. Not because I was hesitant, but because I wanted to wait until lots of content was available. When my favorite model was added, I was thrilled and joined.

Site layout works like this: You can browse content by "website" and then by model. You can then select the various videos - download (many formats: wmv, mp4, hi quality, lo quality for mobile devices) or streaming are available. Most scenes also feature many photos (available as a single zip!).
I also liked - and this I would like to really emphasize - that you can download all video scenes as MP4 or wmv to your harddrive to view whenever you please (as I hate streaming). I heard some websites stopped providing downloadable videos.

Website content is plentiful with frequent updates. Video quality of the fresh updates is decent (720P mp4/wmv) - as is photo quality. Older content is of course lower in resolution, yet still ok.

they lose a few points because download speeds are not that fast for me here in Europe. However, USA/Canada/American-continent customers might not have this problem.

05-30-12  04:10pm

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Visit Jugg Master

Jugg Master
Reply of Capn's Reply

Afaik it's more softcore without seeing genitals or "pink" spread shots...
Nice posing though of the girls...

01-27-12  11:54am

Visit Busty Madison Blush

Busty Madison Blush
Reply of Capn's Reply

I agree, I'm a big fan but for the amount of content the price is too high...

01-27-12  11:53am

Visit Busty Madison Blush

Busty Madison Blush

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -) Straightforward browsing and layout

-) Has the unique Madison Blush as the only model

-) Bonus access to other solo-woman sites.

-) Image resolution is decent.

-) Image downloading using download-managers is straightforward and easy.
Cons: -) Server sometimes crashed while I was browsing the site once.

-) Softcore only - be aware of that.

-) Major fault: very very little content considering the hefty membership fee. As of late Januay '12 there are 22 photosets of Madison Blush.

-) about 29 USD for a month

-) no idea how frequent updates are.
Bottom Line: All in all I am less excited about this website. While I admire the model and try to collect all the content that's around on the web of her, this website should be avoided. 29 USD is a lot for solo softcore content with only 22 photosets so far.

Maybe if the price would be about 19USD and with more content the score would be a lot better.

01-26-12  04:02am

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Visit Jugg Master

Jugg Master

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of different women - the non-membership page shows a lot of what you will be able to watch in the members-area

Affordable and cheap!

Lots of content.

Easy to download sets or videos using download-managers
Cons: Old image content isn't very high-res. (but new content is OK!)

Old videos aren't in particularly high quality (but new content is OK!)

Site navigation is a little bit "creative" but OK overall. No surprises.
Bottom Line: Very enjoyable considering that the membership fee is in the sub-20 USD range and there is lots of content.
Although keep in mind: there's only softcore, so don't expect more.

01-26-12  03:56am

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Visit Mature Mega Pass

Mature Mega Pass
Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

It *is* pricy.
I guess if the dollar improves again the price might drop again.

Though they do have a huge amount of content.
I can't comment on the two websites you mentioned as I haven't tried them yet.

02-10-09  05:03am

Visit BBW Dreams

BBW Dreams
Reply of badandy400's Reply


I guess the full-video issue must have changed then, thank you for the input. I will add that as a comment in my review.
Yes, we two are alike. I join a site and then I want all the content saved to my harddrive!

12-12-08  03:34pm

Visit All Kinds Of Girls

All Kinds Of Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -) Lots of content
-) Regular updates
-) Amateur girls, average and not fake.
-) Easy navigation, simple design.
-) Exclusive content.
-) Different types of women - young to old, skinny to BBW.
-) No download-limit
-) Website compatible with most downloadmanagers!
Cons: -) Can't download entire movie, only clips
-) Photos can't be downloaded via a single Zip-File
-) Movie quality average or worse in 60% of the cases - the old stuff is bad quality.
-) No facial cumshots in most cases.
Bottom Line: I really enjoyed the simple and down-to-eart design of the website. You click the thumbnail of the girl and it takes you straight to the videos and photos available for download.
The bad news is, the older movies are in bad quality and low resolution. But the new ones are in decent quality and decent resolution.
What also bugs me is that you can't download the whole movie. The movie is split up in multiple parts, each about 5 minutes long.
What I also loved about the website is the girls:
They have a next-door feeling and are mostly mature and chubby. Anal sex seems mandatory in every clip, which is decent.
What I found a pitty is that the action mostly finishes with a cumshot on the butt, but that's just me. I would prefer some variety. Butt, boobs and face - not mostly butt.
What I loved was that the website is simply designed and thus compatible with downloadmanagers!

Download speed was reasonable and updates were frequent.
Definitely worth a try if you like average girls that are not porn stars!

12-09-08  07:46am

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Visit Ms. Dawn P

Ms. Dawn P

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -) Unique model. Ms Dawn P is simply unique and really hot!
-) Website design is attractive and enjoyable.
-) Website speed is good
-) Good photo quality
-) Slideshow feature
-) regular updates
Cons: -) non downloadable videos (streaming only)
-) photos can only be downloaded after clicking on them in the slideshow. This blocks all downloadmanagers.
-) no hardcore
Bottom Line: If you're into the BBW and busty section you will certainly have heard from Ms Dawn P!
She's large overall - and huge on the boobs. Big boobs are her speciality. I heard 46P being quoted somewhere - that's impressive and hot!

Her website is nicely designed and loads quickly. The only downside to the website is, that photos are not available in the usual way of Thumbnails and clicking on thumbnails opens the fullsize photo. Instead this website uses a flash-based slideshow, which means it doesn't allow easy navigation as thumbnails do. The bigger problem is, you can only download photos after clicking on them (opening in a new window) in the flash-slideshow. This makes saving entire photosets a painstaking process. I enjoy saving photos, so that was definitely a pain.
And since the photos are embedded in the flash-slideshow, you can't use download managers...
The photos themselves are in good resolution and nicely done. Lighting and exposure and focus is usually well done - so that's a plus.
Also, the website is being updated regularly.

All photos are "pinup style" only, so no hardcore action either. That's too bad because MsDawn P would definitely be ultra-hot to look at in hardcore action.
Maybe this will be added in the future. I am hoping.

If you like big boobs on a BBW, this website will rock your world even though there are no XXX videos or photos.

12-09-08  06:49am

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Visit Silicone Free

Silicone Free

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -) Tons of exclusive content
-) NICE big to huge boobs
-) many types of women (skinny, young, old, BBW)
-) photos are in excellent quality
-) downloadable videos
-) photos downloadable in a single zip-file
-) Cheap renewal
-) Very frequent updates
-) Excellent support
Cons: -) Almost too simple website design
-) No hardcore
Bottom Line: If you like big breasts, this website is DEFINITELY worth a membership.
Siliconefree.com features many different types of women. Big boobs, to very huge boobs. From slim and stacked, to chubby/BBW and very stacked. This website is also the exclusive owner of photos and videos of Karola. If you enjoy mature BBWs with huge breasts, Karola is your thing. But even if you don't like Karola there's many more girls you will certainly like.
Photo quality is best I have seen so far. Resolution and clarity is very good. From a photographer's perspective the photos are clean and good. Good angles, good composition - the webmaster also takes the pictures and he is very good at it and does it with great passion.

Updates are very frequent and support is very helpful and quick. I once had an issue and it was resolved quickly, professionally and with great courtesy.

The website design is simple and foolproof, just the way I like it. Although a little more "decor" wouldn't hurt as the website is quite simple and just doesn't stand up to the photo and video quality.

What I missed was hardcore content though. All content is "nude" at best, which I find a pitty since most women are hot and I would like to see their boobs in hardcore action.
Hopefully this will be added in the future.

12-09-08  06:02am

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Visit BBW Dreams

BBW Dreams

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -) Decent amount of content.
-) Very hot models.
-) Big network with lots of content with PlumperPass
Cons: -) Download speed very slow
-) photos are only vid-caps
-) Entire videos not downloadable (*see comment below)
Bottom Line: Although the site has great potential (it has many many hot models in good action) it's poorly executed.
The videos could only be downloaded in parts, and download speed was mediocre at best. (*see comment below)
Maybe the site has been redone and thus been improved, but I dunno.

Overall, although I was very enthusiastic about the girls inside, it was a little bit of a disappointment.
I usually want to download everything and not watch streamed-video. But downloading entire videos was mostly not possible because of the slow download speed.
Despite the fact that navigation and downloading was a PITA, the content itself was good.
Video quality was average to good. The action however is very hot, the girls too.
BBW fans will enjoy themselves.

It's up to you. If you can put up with streaming videos, you'll love it. If you want to download entire videos, it'll be hard for you.

* After a comment from another fellow user who joined the site recently, entire videos CAN be downloaded and no download-speed issues were encountered. Thanks fellow user for your input!

12-09-08  05:26am

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Visit Mature Mega Pass

Mature Mega Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -)A lot of content
-)Website navigation is easy, intuitive and straightforward.
-)Entire videos can be downloaded
-)Entire photosets can be downloaded in a single zip-file after a recent website-redesign!
-)Lots of exclusive content.
-)Really mature women, no BS. You will find women of all ages and shapes in there.
-)No download-limit.
Cons: -)A little bit pricy.
Bottom Line: I would recommend this website to any mature fan.
It has lots and lots of models (I didn't bother counting) that are (mostly) exclusive to the website. Models of all ages and shapes (thin to BBW) are available. The videos are usually of good quality. Photo quality varies - sometimes very good, sometimes a tad blurry and apparently vid-caps.
What makes the website so great IMHO is the huge amount of content. It's all downloadable WITHOUT download-limits.
Even though it's a tad on the pricy side, it does pay off. You get good content on a no-BS website that just gets down to providing you with the porn. The website has been given a makeover, now the photos can be downloaded all in a zip file of the photoset.

12-09-08  04:54am

Replies (2)

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