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Visit Creampie Angels

Creampie Angels

fake creampies

Good photography
Cute girls
Fake creampies

07-24-11  08:11am

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Visit Amateur Creampies

Amateur Creampies

No time to do full review

I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a really good site. The main problem is the low-res quality of the videos, but if you take all the site together (West Coast Gangbangs, Amateur Creampie, etc. under the Amateur Net Cash label, they are really quite good. Let's chip in and get the director a HD camera!

07-09-11  03:04am

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N/A Reply of International M's News

Really? You could have fooled me that this isn't a VOD site. I've signed up to Eromaxx several times in the past and although the navigation has always been difficult, I had no problem downloading movies. Now I can't seem to, even though - I will admit - the layout of the portal is nicer. So .. how I do I download movies, there, Vaclav? Also, what is the Czech fetish with pudding?

07-09-11  01:47am

Visit Czech Mega Swingers

Czech Mega Swingers

Warning - no downloads

warning - I can't download any of these movies.

oh, wait - I figured it out. Just click right click on "download link" and even though it says it's only going to download the link it will actually download the movie.

07-09-11  01:34am

Replies (0)
Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

Sticking videos?

Am I the only one having trouble with the video downloads from this site? They STICK. If I try to jump ahead I get a 5 to 10 second pause until the video resumes. I've tried MOV, MPG and WMV in several different players and they all stick. Am I missing a codec? This site used to be a great, great site, but now the videos are fewer in number and the site is a real headache to use.

01-22-11  10:53am

Replies (1)
Visit Filth Freaks

Filth Freaks
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

This is a terrible site. The poor quality of the vids alone is reason not to subscribe, let alone the annoying features of slow response time, multiple clip downloads, and poor content. The updates are ridiculously few, and most of those are additions to their vintage porn archive - which really isn't an "update" in the true spirit of the word. This site was someone just trying to park a bunch of crap and see if it drew flies. The advice of this fly: Run! Save yourself!

11-07-10  01:24pm

Visit Massage Girls 18

Massage Girls 18


Does anyone know if this site is just a clone or re-hash of FuckedHard18?

11-05-10  10:50pm

Replies (5)
Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Seriously graphic creampies - I think it's the most intense site in this genre (the only close competition is All Internal). Creampie scenes are even broken down into their subgenres (I did not know that the "double-take" is different from the "sloppy second"). Gang bang, swinging, anal and vaginal creampies, gloryhole and interracial are all well represented.

Very high quality movies compared to sites of this type (so prepare yourself). Large volume of material spanning an extended time frame, updates regularly.

Plenty of other material involving Cathy's swinger friends to keep from getting bored.

Cathy and her videographer understand a crucial idea behind the creampie concept - that the best part is after it is visible, what the model's reaction to and comments about it are, what she does with it, etc - in other words, the video doesn't stop when the sex stops. If anything, the fun is just beginning. On behalf of those of us who pray to this idol, I thank you!
Cons: No one on this site is hot and many are hard to look at. But that's not the point.

The videos are graphic - very graphic. In some, almost to the point of being unappetizing. But food is not at issue here.

I'm not a fan of the costumes. Then again without them things might be worse.

There is a down-to-business quality of some of the videos that can detract from the fun. If this site did have the fun level of, say, 4RealSwingers or Sammy4U, it would be a major porn event.

Navigation is a little tough. Clips on one section are contained in full length movies on another. I found it best to just download the full length movies first and try to sort it out later.

Did I mention we're not talking FTV Girls or Nubiles hotness?
Bottom Line: This site is a public health department official's nightmare. It takes the "multiple creampie, gang-bang-required, copious bodily fluid concept draining from orifices-not-necessarily-for-that-purpose" concept to its biological limit. It is not possible to fake this kind of thing. And if creampies are your thing (and they are mine), joining this site is something of a pilgrimage. But it can, at points, be a little much.

I agree with earlier reviewers: a lot of the potential for enjoyment depends on whether or not you find Cathy attractive. If you don't, you had better be a creampie fan. Otherwise you might want to put a paper bag over your aesthetics.

In terms of video quality, navigation, content volume, download times, format options, blogs, diaries, and the other perfunctory porn website parameters this site meets or exceeds expectations. Don't expect perfection, but functionality is fine and suited to the task at hand.

This is a serious site for the late-stage, union-member creampie enthusiast. Dilettantes should not speak. Get real close to the screen and prove yourself. No one will say anything if you gag.

Fortunately, the graphic nature of the site is tempered by the genuineness of Cathy's personality and her complete lack of self-consciousness. There is no hint of the Eastern Euro, heroin-fueled, sex-trade feel of other sites. This is good old, North American kink. I agree with other reviewers that the fun seems to be fading with the newer scenes, but perhaps Cathy can train newer models. It would be a shame to let all that talent be lost.

10-29-10  11:51pm

Replies (1)
Visit Yummy Mama

Yummy Mama
Reply of pissedatporn's Review

A good review - thank you! Tried the site and liked Mindy's energy. I agree more creampies would be better, but overall a very good solo model site (if only they were all along the lines of this one). It would benefit the site a great deal if they would go back and re-do the older clips.

10-29-10  10:55pm

Visit Pink Visual Pass

Pink Visual Pass

WARNING - not a straightforward site

I have to agree with all the previous comments about the seriously troubles of this site.

While it looks good in its ads, there are a whole bunch of shady tiered accessibility practices that make it frustrating to use. Whatever could be said about this site that is positive, any potential customer should know this: THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE INTERESTING VIDS ON THIS SITE ARE NOT DOWNLOAD-ABLE! And who wants to sit this stinker out for three months for the site to finally deign to let you see the good stuff? All this makes Pink Visual Pass a uncompetitive site in today's internet porn world.

I think TBP should reconsider their rating. Mine is a 60 (meaning "go elsewhere first!").

10-23-10  03:20pm

Replies (1)
Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass
Reply of Shasta90418's Comment

UPDATE: Things seem to be working better now on the sign-up ... and the site did not disappoint. If you like to explore, this is a good site. Not real exclusive, but there are plenty of rocks to turn over and uncover some interesting stuff.

10-16-10  08:24am

Visit Porn.com


I'm a fan

I'm a very hard judge of sites and I have to say: this is a really good site. Tons of content, vid quality is pretty good (no HD, but still not bad), and you'll see some stuff you won't find anywhere else. It may not have gotten there yet, but it is definitely in the running to compete with VideoBox and Videosz.

10-16-10  08:19am

Replies (1)
Visit Nebraska Coeds

Nebraska Coeds

too small a collection of vids

Could be a much better site - certainly its advertisement is good, but the site isn't as good as the ads. Too small a collection of videos to justify the price. Very little hardcore. Used to be better in the past.

10-15-10  10:55am

Replies (2)
Visit Wild Rose Network

Wild Rose Network

ten years ago maybe

I first signed up for this site ten years ago, and after trying another look, that seems to be where this site still is. It's a large collection of miniature sites some of which don't even have videos and of those that do, the file sizes are so small and the video quality so poor that you just want to cry out of pity. I'd hate to see what some of the women on the site look like today. Some of them may not even still be living. This site deserves a mercy kill itself.

10-15-10  10:41am

Replies (0)
Visit Personal Clips

Personal Clips

cannot download clips

you cannot download these clips.
also, they don't have half the clips they say they do - you go to click on one and it says "error inquiry" - so you wonder if they ever had the clip posted in the first place
a better value is adultfriendfinder.com (although the quality of their clips sucks worse than most of the ones on this site)

10-09-10  04:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass

Sign-up doesn't work!

Something is wrong with this site. I keep trying to sign on and the payment portal by safebilling.net stops working. I am trying to give these people real money and they don't seem to want it! Shame ... the network looks interesting.

10-09-10  04:21pm

Replies (1)
Visit Premium HDV

Premium HDV

Buyer beware!

DANGER! I ordered this site but was unable to download anything. Just got error messages. I'm waiting for their reply to my complaint, but until then I wouldn't subscribe. Will update further ...

08-21-10  02:49pm

Replies (0)
Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Still has problems

Trouble joining this site continues. After I paid it directed me to the members page which will not open. So I couldn't get on to the site, no matter what I tried.

UPDATE: Now I can get on the site about 75% of the time.

08-01-10  11:28am

Replies (0)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Why doesn't this site ever work?

Am I the only one having a hard time signing up for this site?
It never goes past the signup page and it won't accept sign-ups from Utah.
Fer cryin' out loud, this is a great site ... let me in!

06-19-10  08:06pm

Replies (3)
Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very cute, hot girls! Actually, they are the same girls you'll see shopped around the rest of the porn industry, but there's something about the way this site is set up that makes them look way hotter than in other venues. Or maybe it's that there isn't that much setup to this site at all - less is more and the lack of over-production means you can concentrate on the sex. Anyhow, these girls look natural and fresh - like women you might actually meet in real life.

The quality of the clips is very good. You can see everything. The set is bland and the scenes are formulaic, but that only makes the action more striking.

The creator of the site is obviously listening to the feedback on here - there is more masturbation in the more recent clips, more creampies (yay!).

The site is designed the way you hope a good site would be: easy to navigate, dated updates, no download problems, no DRM, growing every week.

Every hot new porn star should have to rotate through this site.
Cons: The masseuse is a little too rough, and the look on some of the model's faces shows it. Like other reviewers, I don't like hitting or hair-pulling. A little finesse would increase this site's hotness by a factor of ten.

Some of the models get into the act a bit better than others.

Bonus sites are worthless because they only allow streaming.

Photos are screenshots and suffer in quality and posing.

Not much else is wrong ...
Bottom Line: I LOVE THIS SITE - in fact, it may be my favorite porn site ever.

The concept is pure genius. Girls comes in for a massage, sexual tension builds, differential nudity/power situation, girl gets turned on and initiates sex. Very original and very erotic. And because the formula is actually somewhat plausible, it's very easy for the viewer to put himself in the position of the guy - lucky guy! That some of the models begin masturbating spontaneously when they are rolled over is ... my God ... simply beautiful. There's something about a woman actively shopping for sex that is devastatingly hot. Maybe have her pay the guy before she gets undressed! Hhhhuuuuhhhh ....

This site has none of the bored-stripper-who-just-needs-the-cash-for-meth feel to it. And absolutely none of the IKEA furnitured-primary colored-overlit-Russian crackwhore with blown pupils feel of Euro sites. It's exactly the opposite. Maybe it's because the director gets these models young before they are jaded by the rest of the industry's gross-out tactics. Yes, it can get a bit hokey after watching the tenth one ("gosh, where should I put my panties?") and some of the models look awkward in the role, but who cares? The ones who get into the act are great!

Some close ups would be nice. A dash of anal, perhaps? A few more MILFs (not the jaded kind) would be good, too. I like what you've done with the just-outside-the-strike-zone-creampie endings - I've always believed they were more erotic (and more personally familiar) than the obligatory facial cumshot.

Some of the scenes could be improved if the girl could play up the role of being the sexual aggressor a little more ... sometimes the masseuse has to start the ball rolling by taking her hand and pushing it towards his dick - which breaks the spirit.

Otherwise, I can only hope this site will grow and go viral. The rest of the industry should study this new Tarantino.

(tossing roses) Genius! Bravissimo! Truly a work of art that brings tears to the eyes ... and other bodily secretions elsewhere.

02-20-10  07:38pm

Replies (2)
Visit Raven Riley

Raven Riley

great site for first timers

A great site, to be sure. But from what I can tell there has been no new material added in quite a while (or very little new material added). If you've never subscribed before, I definitely recommend this site. But if you're looking for updates, I can't.

12-23-09  12:28pm

Replies (1)
Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Outrageously slow download times

Not only is this site riddled with creepy upgrade demands, but once you finally get to the videos available the download times are 147 KB/sec and worse. Not only that, once the damn thing is downloaded, it sticks when you play it. Terrible site. Avoid it like the plague ... or a bad case of crabs.

07-27-09  11:29pm

Replies (4)
Visit All Adult Pass

All Adult Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of content - and very good stuff at that. Broadest range of subjects I've ever seen. This site has the potential to be one of the best porn sites available.
Cons: A sprawling site that is difficult to negotiate. Worst of all: only a few of the sites allow downloads. The rest (and most interesting) sites DO NOT HAVE DOWNLOADS, only streaming. Very frustrating.
Bottom Line: This could be a very, very good site if they allowed downloads. The fact that you can't download makes the site practically worthless.

11-08-08  10:56am

Replies (0)

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