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Visit Amateur Facials UK

Amateur Facials UK
Reply of Lionheart's Reply

was a pleasure to be of service.
Although some girls are not really pretty it underlines the amateur character of the site.

12-07-08  07:06am

Visit Amateur Facials UK

Amateur Facials UK
Reply of Toadsith's Reply

Hi, the pics are 1100 x 740. I also forgot to mention that you can use download managers (my free download manager works fine)
There is also no download limit.

12-07-08  07:03am

Visit Amateur Facials UK

Amateur Facials UK

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - extreme bukkake like cumshots
- normal girls no porn stars
- lots of cum
- great collection of vids
- billed by CCBill
- most vids are 680 x 480 wmv
- pics can be downloaded as zip files
- no DRM
Cons: - older vids are 480 x 400 wmv only
- the flashlight from the photoshooting is really anoying
Bottom Line: I was quite reluctant to join a site I havn't heard anything about before but my apptitude for facials made me doing it. There is always a risk of wasting your money. However in the end I was glad that I did it. The milf who is the owner of this site is a real hungry cum slut and her girls are much the same. The site gets one new vid per week and is always accompanied by some nice photos. They really seem to care about cum shot lovers because you wouldn't find much more than that. Some of the vids are really amazing and the girls gets tons of sticky cum in their faces (and mouth as well). They have some of the best bukkake action I have seen so far. The vids are rather small (30-80 MBq) but focus entirely on the cum shot action (which we all know dos not last that long). The quality is great. They have a total of about 212 vids which keeps you busy for a while.
The only thing I found really bad was the distracting flashlight (from the photoshooting) which was always there during the cum shot action.
There also no other sites but if you are living in the UK you can join their parties.
This is a very good site for bukkake and cum shot lovers.

12-06-08  08:24am

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Visit Chica's Place

Chica's Place

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Chica is very hot, cum hungry and horny
- she really likes cum
- new vids are in HD (great quality)
- her husband delivers a huge amount of very sticky cum
- she always swollows and plays with the cum
- she always answers to fans (email)
- she does special requests (settings etc)
- good picture quality
- you get some vids from other sides
Cons: - only one update per week (sadly)
- I would like her to invite more men for even more cum
- not much fucking (focus is on blow job)
Bottom Line: Chicas Place is a great place. Chica is among the hottest, horniest and cum-hungriest chicks I have ever seen. If your fetish are cum shots, facials and cum play I can totally recommend her page. If you like a good fuck instead you better stay away. The vid quality is amazing and the camera is always focusing on her tongue, her lips and the huge amount of cum, her husmand delivers frequently. However, I'd like to see more men playing arround with her. She should consider to invite some friends for a nice bukkake-orgy. I am very sure, she wouldn't have problems with the cum. She loves it (at least from her husband).
I will definitely join again. Was well worth the money.

10-24-08  12:23pm

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Visit Cum Bang

Cum Bang
Reply of mbaya's Reply

Yes but these vids are really outstanding and face it, a DVD including all these scenes would be more expensive.

11-17-08  02:58pm

Visit Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - amazing cum shots
- horny bunch of rednecks
- some nice background stories
- some very hot girls
- nice black skin covered in cum is beautiful
- very good vid quality
- server is very fast
- download manager works
Cons: - only 32 vids
- high price (probably too high for the limited content)
- no extras
- no network
- only one update per week
Bottom Line: This might become a great site eventually (in 1-2 years). The content is already outstanding and delivers a new experience for all cum and facial lovers. The basic story is always the same. A very hot black chick has been cheated by her boy-friend and wants revenge. The revenge takes place by meeting a bunch of horny, cum-filled redneck digs, which give the girl a cum shower after some nice blowjob action. There is not much fucking (nothing at all) but to fullfill the sites' promise, namely to cover a girls face with sticky semen, it really provides some intensive scenes. A great moment is when the girls asks for even more cum to embarass her boy friend (this really delivers). Unfortunately there are only 32 vids available, however in great quality (wmv 640x480). No extras or an additional network access make you stay for longer than 2 days. You need aprox. 2h to download al vids which are not DRM protected. I will definitely come back in 1 year. However the money was well spent.

11-16-08  06:55pm

Replies (3)
Visit DP Fanatics

DP Fanatics

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - prize drops after first month
- you get 30 more sites right away
- with each month you stay, you get two more sites
- beautiful european girls who do all sorts of nasty things
- really hot action (and I mean hot hot hot)
- nice settings
- good customer service
- regular updates
- HD videos (1/3 is HD)
- filming is almost perfect
Cons: - high initial prize
- some of the other sites are less quality
- older videos are 640x480 only and not wmv (mpg4 or mpg instead)
- slow update (one week before you get a complete scene)
- sometimes the all-in-one downlodable scenes are not HD (the smaller parts are).
Bottom Line: If you like beautiful, horny and very sexy girls doing dp and even tp this is your site. The setting of the action is very good. It always starts with two or three guys in a room and the girl just walks in (no touch of reality unfortunately). The girls move very sexy and belive me they are among the best I have ever seen. Long legs, nice tits and a nice butt. What do you want more. In the end the girls get either facials or their butts filled with cum. Sometimes its a real mess (in apositive way)
With your subscription to DP fanatics you get such high quality sites as dirty 101 which is among the best lesbian sites available. There are also solo girl sites which are good too.
Negative is that most sites have average video quality (640x480 or less)and mpg (mpg4) instead of wmv. I like wmv more but this is a matter of taste. The navigation is easy and very obvious. They have very nice photo sets which are downloadable as zip files (very convenient). The photos are taken from the vids.
If you like high quality porn there is no way around DP fanatics.

10-19-08  09:33am

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Visit Extreme Bukkake

Extreme Bukkake

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - extrem cumshots (like in germangoogirls)
- gang bangs
- new vids are NO DRM
- new vids have great quality
- pretty girls
- all DVDs (called JT) can be found
Cons: - sometimes very abusive (might be a pro for some)
- older vids have still DRM
- older vids (ca. 30%) are corrupted. Files do not download properly.
- slow updates (1 new vid per month)
- no re-publishing of older vids
- collection is much smaller than at Germangoogirls
Bottom Line: This could be a great site. John Thompson is a very good producer of the most extrem cumshot vids imaginable. The vids are quite similar to what can be found at Germangoogirls however only one new vid is released per month. The quality of the newer vids is very good (640x480) and they are not DRM protected. The older ones still are and the quality is average. Most annoying is that these older vids are most of the time corrupted and do not play properly. Very bad if you want a particular film. They come all in wmv format and can be downloaded in one file ore 6 smaller files. When I was a member 2 month ago, unlike at Germangoogirls, no older vids have been re-released with better quality. The action is very intense and lovers of bukkake and facials will be satisfied. Billing is also very good and they do not rip you off (EPOCH billing). The biggest problem I think is the slow updated schedule. As all films are coming from the DVD JT series (one release per month)this won't keep you a member for long. Too much waiting. They offer much steaming content from all other JT sites such as 666, germangoogirls and sexbox which is nice. Nevertheless I was so annoyed when I couln't download many good vids that I am a bit reluctant to fully recommend the site. However, some of the newer films are so outstanding that it is worthwile to become a member for a month.

11-09-08  03:17pm

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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of mbaya's Review

Thanks for the bad news. I recently gave this site a high rating because I didn't realize this problem. I never clicked anything besides the movies.
Good job. If a site does do something like that it should be punished by the people who put trust into it.

12-21-08  06:54am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of RipRap's Reply

Hi RipRap,

you are most welcome. I see we have the same taste for good facials and cum action. You are absolutely right JT sites are 5 stars worth.
If you have other recommendations please communicate.
All the best


12-16-08  05:31pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of RipRap's Reply


I checked the new ones as well as older ones. Not every single file but all files I downloaded (more than 50 so far) come in mpg4 formate and are not DRM protected. very nice quality.
They totally renewed their site and got rid of the wmv formate.
Trust me, there is no DRM anymore.
This is one of the best sites available.

12-16-08  08:05am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of farnsbarns1's Review

Very good review. What is the resolution of the vids. Is is now 640x480 in general or are still older vids in 400x300?
Nevertheless thanks for this. I'll join again soon.

11-23-08  11:45am

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Toadsith's Reply

Hi, I think most of the vids are still DRM. My estimation on DRM-free stuff would be 20-30.

11-03-08  06:08pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls
Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Thanks a lot. I really try to be objective.

11-01-08  12:10pm

Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 11-25-08  12:23pm  (Update History)
Reason: The site completely changed. No DRM, no slow server and nothing to complain anymore
Pros: - extrem cumshots
- gangbangs
- site has been redesigned (for the good)
- girls seem to enjoy the action (strange isn't it)
- all vids have now very good quality
- lots of streaming content from other John Thomson sites
- nothing is DRM protected anymore
Cons: - nothing really to compain about
- only one vid option (mpeg4) available
Bottom Line: So, what can one say about GGG. He is a great producer of the most extreme porn you can think of. The gangbangs and bukkake-like facials can be considered as a gold-standard. The girls are very cute and some are quite outstanding. They really seem to like these cum baths. NO DRM anywhere. All vids have very good quality and the server is pretty fast now. My Fee Downloadmanager works. I can totally recommend GGG to people with a fetish for facials, gangbangs and kinky sex.
The vids are now all 640x480 mpg4. No other vid option is available.
It is now one of the best sites available.

10-31-08  02:28pm

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Visit Sperma Studio

Sperma Studio
Reply of gggfan's Reply

Thanks GGGfan. I see we share the same taste. Remember the amount of cum in the early GGGs and what is has become now (with rare exeptions). Always the same location (this boring sofa) and less men for the cum shower. Remember days when Betty was a GGG superstar. That was kind of different.
The passion seems to be completely gone. This is why I gave this newcumer site such a high rating.

08-08-10  05:08am

Visit Sperma Studio

Sperma Studio

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1.authentic gangbangs with girls who love it (no fake smiles)
2. all girls really like what they do (all amateurs or at least joined the porn industry just recently)
3. very nasty and slutty atmosphere
4. some reality content
5. the whole setting feels like a real orgy (with lots of cum)
6. regular updates
7. video formart is about to change from flash to wmv (HD)
8. already lots of content (depite being online for only 2 month I guess)
Cons: 1. flash format (which will change)
2. no HD (will also change)
3. sometimes vids are a bit dark (amateurish)
4. high price for a newcomer site
5. some girls are not top notch but the compensate with nasty action
6. pics cant be downloaded as a whole zip (at least I couldnt find it so far)
7. site style is a bit unatractive
Bottom Line: Sperma-Studio is a nasty German Gangbang site featuring cum hungry sluts and reminds me a bit of the early John Thompson whose vids recently became a bit boring and repetitive (no comparison to 10 years ago). There is this real amateur feeling which only feels authentic if the girls are really into the action. They swallow cum, get facials and play with cum (alone or with another girl). The also have internal cumshots and the girls catch the cum with their hands and lick it up (very nice). The content is frequently updated (1xweek) and they promise to switch to HD wmv soon (much better than the stupid flash). There is still some improvment necessary in terms of vid quality and lightning but they seem to be on it. If you like gangbangs and cum orgies this is the site for you. Like I said if compared to JT this site feels far more cum oriented as JT's most recent vids (however the girls at JT look better)

08-01-10  11:37am

Replies (2)
Visit Sperma Studio

Sperma Studio
Reply of gggfan's Review

Did you have any issues with paying or canceling (I suppose you havent canceled yet). Do they have a service which responds to your inquiries?
How easy is it to join?

Good job on the review.

07-11-10  09:19am

Visit Virtua Girl HD

Virtua Girl HD

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - gorgeous girls dancing on your desktop
- explicit nudity
- resonable price
- is really addictive
Cons: - keeps you from working
- no real masturbation and toys
- no hardcore
Bottom Line: This is a great idea, getting some hotbodies on your desktop stripping for you and showing you everything. The price is resonable. If you take the monthly option for 14.95 you'll get one babe every day. I started with 2 x 10 $ giving me 12 girls. They have special offers and you don't need to be connected to the internet. Best is once you downloaded your girl of choise you can keep it forever.
They have great variety of girls for every thinkable taste. You see full nudity and the girls are playing with their pussies but not with toys.
What I would like to see in the future is more explicit mastutrbation and some hardcore action. You as a customer should have this possibilities.
I'll definitely stay for a long time.
If you like hot girls dancing in front of you, check this site out.

12-16-08  08:15am

Replies (1)
Visit Yummy Mama

Yummy Mama

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - very good facials
- the girl is a real amateur but still very very hot
- huge loads
- newer vids have very good quality
- billed by EPOCH (very reliable)
- some nice lesbian action
- she likes dirty talk
Cons: - not a lot swallowing action
- older vids are average to bad quality
- not many updates
- download limit (I guess something arround 1GB
- filming is sometimes not very acurate
Bottom Line: Yummymama is a very hot, cute and quite horny amateur with an aptitude for facials. She likes being drowned in cum and her husband really delivers huge loads of cum. She enjoys being sprayed and encourages him by her dirty talking. For this guy a dream came true, a wife who is craving for cum. The filming (for the older vids) is very amateurish and can be distracting from the action. The newer vids as well as the older ones come in different formats (wmv, mpeg etc). The site is quite expensive and you can download everything within a few days (even with the download limit).
Don't get me wrong they do a very nice job and it is a pleasure to watch them. She has a very nice body and would win the blowjob championship.
However there are not enaugh extras to keep you staying.

11-03-08  06:23pm

Replies (0)

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