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N/A Reply of Denner's Poll

Signed on to 'Horse Hung Hispanics' (now defunt?) yrs ago for girlfrined. She grew up in the macho-drenched atomosphere of P. Ricco. By the age of 13 numerous men had exposed themselves to her, had made graphic comments and some of these dudes were police or from the Island's professional classes. Nothing exception in her experience: that's just the 1950s era mentality that still lingers in PR. So she really grooved to the vids of guys taking wangs anally or playing tonsil hockey with others. We had some great fucking on account of that site.

03-25-09  10:08am

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

"We all know that there are generally no good looking women at nudist camps anyways." Jeepers, that's a broad statement for someone who probably hasn't attended. The gals at the three I've visited minic the US population. But the resorts are nearly all family-run, family-oriented, so babe spotting is an unwanted behaviour.

03-06-09  12:13am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

While at college, a classmate turned up on the cover of a major gay porn magazine. I saw it while perusing the porn at a local newspaper stand. I forget the name as this was circa 1983. He had always been comfortable in his flesh: did nude modeling for several art classes, always the first to wear sandals and shorts each Spring.

02-01-09  08:35pm

N/A Reply of surferman's Poll

Someone has already noted that porn actors aren't convincing when mouthing lines... Yet plot remains very important to me, hence my pref for European made flicks. That geographic area has its share of Gonzo porn but remain very capable of generating a good plot when they set their minds to it.
I was floored by the # of replies stating plot held no interest.
I like the long-running Pierre Woodman Casting series: Dirty P often talks the nubile gals into exposing more than they had planned on revealing. Ditto for hordes of other sites where the performers slowly build up steam: busty.pl, partyhardcore.com, Ifeelmyself.com, et al.

01-21-09  08:18pm

N/A Reply of apoctom's Reply

I assume you wanted to say 'you couldn't care less.'

01-21-09  08:02pm

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I think its hot, hot, hot!...when its the real McCoy. So much squirting in porn is faked simply because its quicker. Porn is a business like any other and they often stage such performances because its the path of least resistence (sp?).
Back in 1998 I played a VHS of legit squirters to a lesbian. Someone I had seen only with other women during the years and years of our friendship. She was so stroked by it, was so dumbfounded by an activity she never knew existed, that she masturbated openly, cumming repeatively while I played the tape three times. She thanked me with her first BJ in 20 years.

05-23-08  07:05pm

Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

I'd give the site a score somewhere in the mid-80s 'cause of the rawness to most vids. Can a tripod be an unaffordable luxury? I realize this amateur feel would be a plus in many rater's eyes, those who do not care for the overly polished flicks from the US. While I've not an iota of proof I suspect these gals are getting their love canals reamed for peanuts compared to an American porn starlet's takehome.
I can't think of another site where both genders are on display under the models section. Is this important? No, but its certainty unique in my experience.
I enjoyed yer bottom line cts and wish my own reviews were as well written.

04-15-11  04:28pm

Visit Alain Lamas

Alain Lamas
Reply of manholelover's Review

A blood relation coincidentally shares this pornographer's trade name.

12-06-11  09:31pm

Visit BangBus


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Filmed outdoors in brillant Florida sunshine.
-Sound is surprisingly good for being filmed with hand-held gear.
Cons: -Not a reality based site...or are they really trolling the streets for women, offering $ and within minutes are doing the dirty on camera..without vetting for legal age?
-Gynophobic camera operator's comments sets the standard for misogyny.
Bottom Line: Addresses of repeat subscribers should be posted in their hometown newspapers. If U are watching these vids with the sound off, hey, more power to ya, you're doing nothing wrong. Otherwise, the degrading remarks flow so easily from the male cast, that it can't be defended as 'just an act.' No, its true behaviour on display in all its woman-hating glory. Am dumbfounded at the number of reviews that found this place to be the cat's pajamas.

05-24-08  06:12pm

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Visit BangBus

Reply of badandy400's Reply

Excellent points...I tip my hat to badandy400.

I joined due to pervasive platter from someone whom hadn't been wrong before...

Occasional harshness is okay when several other reviews read as if they were written by the site owner's brother. A quick read of my cts regarding other sites will reveal that I'm not a wet blanket day in, day out.

05-23-08  06:49pm

Visit Busty Romina Lopez

Busty Romina Lopez
Reply of williamj's Reply

Eight Years? I was unaware...thanks for the ct. She musta been barely legal age, as the site gives a birth year of 1983. I assume the site's fotos were shot within the last three or so years: the only variation in appearance is hair length. While the jailbait age group is not normally my kinda thing (No, really!)I'll now track down her stuff on Scoreland. Assuming its still posted...? Any help there?

09-05-08  10:07am

Visit Busty Romina Lopez

Busty Romina Lopez
Reply of badandy400's Reply

80% of the content is still photos. There were appox 25-30 videos when I was a member five months ago. Video quality is average. Still images range from yikes to top-notch. The best stuff appears to come from the Scoreland contract photographer.

09-03-08  05:21pm

Visit Busty Romina Lopez

Busty Romina Lopez

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -G cup Romina has a just arrived from the farm, I've-never-done-this-kinda-thing look refreshing to porn purveyors used to jaded American tramps.
-First nude web model from Paraguay! (My guess).
-Her chum Paola, seen in nine or ten sets, is a hottie with an even bigger bow.
-Low renewal rate.
-No attempt to hide rolls of flesh.
-Many sets shot outdoors in glorious South American sunlight
Cons: -Roughly two-thirds of the videos have fair to middling sound.
-When the gals speak, the lanaguage is strictly Spanish with a very few sporting English subtitles.
-Lopez's looks are a few rungs down the beauty ladder compared to sites I normally pay for.
-No hardcore.
-Romina and Paola attempt some tit kissing & grabbing, but clearly they don't know what they're doing. Very awkward.
Bottom Line: Not for those desiring Met-Art grade models or Scoreland style web design. Photography is from the aw-shucks school with themes like bra fittings, jump rope, strip tease, oh let me rub that lotion on you. No DP here. Best photo sets are those of Lopez sporting lots of make-up. Usually not my thing, but the stuff softens her mannish features.

09-03-08  02:21pm

Replies (5)
Visit Casey's Cumshots

Casey's Cumshots

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: One of the first of its type online.
Cons: Formerly known as 'Kingdum Kum', this site has appox thirty gals being splashed by liters of baby batter. Most appear to be under 25 with lots of skin art.
Hasn't been updated in at least two years. Profit from my mistake by not signing up: fake wangs spurting fake cum. No Sound! Like the previews I've seen of the recent 'Freaks of Cocks', these wee-wees are never seen full length, the faceless dude always cups his balls blocking our view of the tubing, the pump, the supply of cornstarch and water.
Bottom Line: Don't do it.

05-22-08  08:44pm

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Visit Club Red Light

Club Red Light
Reply of slategrey's Review

$14.95? I guess I was snookered for just under thirty clams...which is too much for a site which hadn't any HD updates for seven months. Seven at the time of my m'ship & I see the digital drought continues.

12-06-11  09:40pm

Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -No DRM or DL limit
-Acres of models (To include sites that are also part of 21Sextury)
-Four daily updates.
-Grade A search: 40 or so categories, everything but blood type.
-Commentary free camera work. I can't over-stress its important to me.
-Sandy herself, a dime among nickels, is HOT. Notable for her quite earthly horizontal romps, delightfully filmed. She and some of her stable mates are the kinda women whom would send the Dali Lama over the edge.
Cons: -Some sites are no longer updated.
-Concolorous makeup for all.
-Minor sign-in woes. Issue resolved once I logged in with ClubSandy's parent site 21Sextury.
-Serious vid stability issues: roughly one in seven refused to start or played in skips and/or out of sync sound. A major distraction, worth a 15 point subtraction from score.
-Many models beauty-impaired.
Bottom Line: -Three of note: Dirty Orientals, Sex City Asia & My Horny Asians. As with other sites devoted to this Race, the gals are banged only by round eyes.
-Twenty three hundred gals on display, many as performance-driven and glorious and desirable as to be found at any other site. That said, the lower decks of 21Sextury hold too many moon-calfs. Incredulous horror or galvanic shock awaits the viewer of the site's bottom 15% of models. Perhaps their recruiter needs a prolong spell at his oculist? Women whom share at least three of the following: Broken nose, pancake ass, dark circles, flat chest, asymmetrical eyes, severely wrinkled face, drug-addled expression, these gals could be character studies for Hieronymus Bosch. If they had to be hired, the site shoulda brought in some former dancers or retired porn stars to teach 'em deportment.

04-16-10  11:50am

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Visit Danni.com

Reply of Monahan's Reply

My horry story: Was denied access when I first trying logging in. Roughly 30 minutes had passed since signing up for a month. I called the tech line and they stated new accounts can take up to 48 hours to appear. Kiss my black ass! Its 2009, not 1991. I sent three emails over the space of two hrs, by the end of which, I could log into my account.

01-24-09  03:24pm

Visit Danni.com

Reply of TrashMan's Reply

Yeah, the soundless videos are a flaw I shoulda mentioned. I'll add these appear to be limited to older vids of short duration. Models affected include Tara Radovic, Janella and Danni herself. With exceptions, I join sites for the pics, not vids. Hence if a full third of the vids turn out to be soundless as ya state, I won't view my monthly tab as wasted. Yet I expected more from this site. Danni was a trail-blazer in online smut and has made stacks of money, enough to operate the most flawless of sites.

01-10-09  09:57pm

Visit Danni.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Heaps of content
Daily updates
Well lit, sharply focused photography
Easy site to navigate
Wide range of bodies from flat chested to F cups, boyish frames to hourglass figures.
Top talent on display: Ashley Juggs, Jelena Jensen, Aria Giovanni, Bettie Ballhause & Danni herself.
Cons: Of the appox 30 videos viewed, five
or six crapped out one-third or half-way thru.
Others, mainly from 'In bed with Danni', have an echo.
Expensive for a softcore site.
Bottom Line: Its not gonna be your cup of tea if the titles you normally pursue are "Throat gaggers, Vol 69" or "Rectum Wreckers".
The 'In bed with Danni' interviews, conducted naked by both parties, have an air of spontinanity absence in the vast majority of porn. Maybe they're superior actors fooling hayseeds like me but I found the interviews with
super-hot Ashley Juggs and Monica Mendez pleasant
listening. I joined to see one talented MILF
called PennyLynn, whose images I've found offsite with the danni.com watermark on each. But a verge to verge search failed to locate this 40-ish model. (Not to be confused with a younger gal with the same moniker also on the site)

01-10-09  02:30pm

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

...sorry but I've been away from this site for many months and only today read your cts. When i re-do my review of the site I'll grant them a rating in the low 80s.

08-17-11  12:47pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Thanks for taking to time to provide this information.

03-21-11  07:03pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply




Well I guess we're both right: Contrary to my initial post, numerous debuting dames on display have downloads. Yet I count 16 in the Hardcore section that do not. Three are listed above. Three randomly chosen pages in legs (24 updates?) also show no flick available to dl.


Based on the above information, I'd raise my rating from 75 to 80.

01-17-11  09:41pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

-You are correct: its not AVG. The warning originates via my copy of Web Security Guard

-SexVideoCasting does not have download-able videos.

01-17-11  06:03am

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of martinlongbow's Comment

Approximately one-third of DDF Busty is hardcore male/female. Say forty flicks. The rest of the site is solos and girl/girl.

01-16-11  06:57pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hundreds of models.
-Few fake tits.
-The men keep their mouths shut (No 'You like that prick, huh baby" Or 'Yeah, suck that nut sack')
-Lots of updates
-Near-flawless production values.
Cons: -Eighty-five or ninety percent of 'Hot Legs and Feet' is devoted to feet.
-'SexVideoCasting' has no vids. When the word 'video' appears in a site's name, I assume there's more than photos to download.
-DDF Network sports roughly the same number of Black/Asian/Hispanic women you'd expect to see at a Idaho gun show or on a roster of Vermont GOP members.
-Many older scenes are spread over 10 to 14 clips.
Bottom Line: -A major disappointment considering the stellar reviews others have posted.
My machine's AVG warned that Handsonhardcore is riddled with spy ware and phishing.
-Clicking on the vid tab of older scenes at EuroGirlsOnGirls leads to SapphicErotic which is not a member of the DDF Network. That's an unacceptable crock of bait and switch. Examples? Scenes involving Nelly, Adela U. and Layla.

01-16-11  06:54pm

Replies (12)

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