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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large amount of content
- Very good visual quality in pics & videos
- Videos available up to full 1080p @ 8mbps
- Pictures up to 2000px on the long end with zip downloads
- Fast, I mean FAST download speeds
- Simple, yet straightforward navigation
- More frequent update schedule as of July 08
- Their "tour" allows you to see everything
Cons: - Very expensive
- Some pictures cropped to lower pixel resolutions
- Too much focus on the ass (may be a "pro" for others)
- No official support for download managers
Bottom Line: This is my 3rd tour with ITC. I used to buy their videos using their antiquated token system but it got prohibitively expensive. Now that they're all inclusive, I can go back and complete the old video collections.

If you're looking at reviews for this site, you're probably interested in this very unique type of content. Those into "glamour" or "artsy" porn need not apply. But if you want nothing left to the imagination, this site is in a world of its own.

The quality of models have improved a lot since I was last on their site. But the focus on more professional models means that some of the fresh faces they had in the past aren't likely to crop up again (Rachel & Natasha were my 2 faves).

All their videos are segmented, I didn't list this as either pro or con since everyone will see this a little differently. i.e... I love pissing scenes but not everyone does so it's nice to be able to grab just the videos you're interested in. If you like it all, I've got good news for you. If you have bandwidth, you wont have too many problems downloading the 1080p videos. I routinely saw one megabyte/second avg speeds. A few videos came in _averaging_ 1.8 megabytes/sec which surprised me since that's faster than my connection's theoretical max.

Visual quality of videos and pictures are great. My only complaint would be that color saturation tends to be a bit flat in most videos, but some might appreciate the truer, more natural color balance.

Also, their "tour" isn't so much a tour. You can actually go in and see all their video/photo shoots with full descriptions of every scene by clicking on the Models link. You just need a membership to access the photos or download videos. What you see is what you get. I wish every site approached acquiring new members this way.

What would make it perfect in their niche? A lower price for one. I think $25/mo is appropriate, even $30 would be acceptable. I'd like to see an even, 50/50 focus on pussy & ass. More clit shots! They have the perfect opportunity to capture what I consider the most elusive view in all of porndom.

Despite the high price, I'm letting this one renew.

08-10-08  07:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit Prime Cups

Prime Cups

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very high production values on the site and in the videos/photo shoots.
- Several different video resolutions to choose from up to a full 1080p (1920x1080) which typically run around 2gigs a piece. Visual quality is stunning if you have the computing horsepower.
- A fairly wide variety of scenes though a lot of them have too many guys. You get cum swallowing & swapping, anal, A2M, even a couple scenes with peeing!
- Download speed is phenomenal, they have immense bandwidth.
- Great closeups. Would love even more.
Cons: - Full 1080p videos are still kinda rare, but were actively being added while I was a member.
- Too many scenes with multiple guys (unless you're into that). I'd like to see fewer dicks and more tits. More g/g would be great but that obviously adds to the cost of filming since guys are way cheaper talent.
- I got the feeling that some of the masturbation scenes ended with fake orgasms.
Bottom Line: If you like boobs, this is a great site. Even though they're still building up the content library there is lots to like. I'll very likely to be checking in again in about a year to see how much more they've added. Hopefully by then, they'll cut down on all the MMF & MMMF scenes and focus more on the girls. I'm paying to see tits, not all the dicks.

It's especially great that the actively support (and even promote!!) the use of download managers. It's refreshing to see a site that understands that there are no perfect Internet connections and having a 2gig download cut off when you're more than 90% done sucks if there's no way to resume it. This is obviously to their benefit in the end since a failed download doesn't have to start over from scratch, consuming even more bandwidth.

Ultimately, I'm scoring this a 90 just because of all the males on the site. There's plenty of other sites out there for guys that like to see a girl take on multiple cocks.

04-27-08  09:58pm

Replies (0)
Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content considering how old the site is
- Updates are posted daily
- Video quality is excellent if you have the storage & bandwidth to go for the "HD" versions
- Most models are very attractive (and young)
- Download speed is very good. I can get combined 1000KB/s bursts if I have 2 connections open
- Images are high resolution, most sets I've checked out so far are at least 1600px
- "Coming soon" page shows you what's about to be posted up to ~3 weeks in advance
Cons: - Navigation is horrible. If you click on a video/photo update, there's no way to go straight to the model page to see what else there is
- Photo quality is inconsistent (some sets underexposed, some overexposed)
- They seem to be moving away from the "harder" stuff, i.e. peeing, fisting, speculum
- 30GB daily DL limit. Hitting it locks you out for 24 hours
- Good luck trying to use a DL manager
Bottom Line: If you enjoy solo girl action, this site is probably right up your alley. Like most other sites in this genre, the formula gets very repetitive quickly. What's nice about this site is that there's some unique stuff that you don't always see (fisting, peeing & speculum). Unfortunately they don't seem to be shooting those types of scenes anymore.

The most frustrating part of this site is the navigation. There's no way to see what the filename of a video is before downloading it, so you'd better leech everything from a given model at once or you might end up downloading the same video twice (or you'll have to rename everything you save). I also can't figure out why they don't just make the model names clickable so that you go to the index page. They do have a good search function though, it lets you find image sets & videos by type of action and other model characteristics (hair color, etc)

Also, they don't forbid DL managers, but the implementation of their site makes it difficult to use. I finally got mine working by switching browsers (Safari & Speed Download 4 on a Mac).

If they fixed their navigation and went back to shooting some of the edgier content, I'd let this one renew. But as-is, it's definitely been worth a 30 day stint.

07-01-08  11:52pm

Replies (8)
Visit Sexy Jamie

Sexy Jamie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Extremely fast download speeds. I routinely got 1300-1800 KB/sec.
- Most picture sets are zipped.
- Photo quality is excellent, images are medium to high res (1000px to 2000px).
- Tour claims updates are weekly and there are weekly Jamie photo updates according to the date stamps. A nice bonus is that her "girlfriends" galleries and videos are updated outside of this schedule so overall updates can happen more than once a week. Note that I'm going strictly by the date stamps here.
Cons: - Most picture sets are zipped. Some of the older "girlfriends" sets aren't.
- Video quality is inconsistent considering available technology today.
- Could use more content. Worth 20 bucks for a month but not continuously.
- Blog seems to be abandoned, last entry was from January 2008.
- The "live chat" has never had anyone online for me, but I've only checked a few times since that's not a selling point for me anyway (but others might care).
Bottom Line: This is one of those sites that's worth the price for hardcore fans. Casual fans might want to think twice.

Navigation isn't the best, but about average for a solo model site. You click on a thumbnail preview to get to the content. For videos you get a larger version of the thumbnail and the option to download the version you want. For photo sets, you click on a thumbnail to get to an index page with more clickable thumbnails, 16 per page, and the option to download the ZIP if one is available.

Right now, there are 54 videos & 96 image sets of Jamie. Older videos aren't even a year and a half old but are only 320x240@360kbps. Newer videos are 640x480@1360kbps. Running time of the videos I've watched so far are under 10 minutes, some are less than 2 minutes. Most file sizes are between 30-80MB. All videos come in a WMV version and some of the newer ones come in QuickTime MOV. The WMV versions are brighter and higher resolution, but the MOV versions show less compression artifacts so they appear sharper.

Overall image quality is great, very few photos are out of focus and depth of field isn't overly shallow (you don't get a sharp face w/ a blurry pussy). Some of the pictures I've seen posted on usenet with Penthouse watermarks.

There are 89 image sets of "girlfriends." These are mostly from Penthouse.com. Nothing particularly special here but there's a handful of image sets from a few of my favorite models (Shay Laren, Jelena Jensen, Carli Banks & Lia from FTV).

06-12-08  09:37pm

Replies (2)
Visit Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - All Danielle all the time, one of the most gorgeous models I've ever set eyes upon
- Some videos in HD-like resolution up to 1440x1080 @ 8mb/s
- Download speeds are as fast as I remember FTV being. Avg felt like around 700-800KB/s
- Production qualities are up to FTV standards
- Photo sets are zipped
- Real interaction with her through the forum
Cons: - Not a whole lot of content
- All videos come in one size only, but the size varies (see bottom line)
- Videos are WMV only, no other file formats available
- Photo resolutions are low by today's standards
- Update schedule slow and not very consistent
- Low value unless you are truly a fan
Bottom Line: Okay, first I have to start off by recalibrating my ratings for solo model sites. I previously rated Sexy Jamie and Shay Laren with higher scores than I would if I were to review them today. Take 5 points off those sites and this one is clearly better due to quality of the content. Now on to the details.

Navigation of the site is about what you'd expect for a solo model site. There are two primary sections, photo & video. The video section has all the "pro" videos shot as you'd expect from a typical FTV style. As I write this, there are 52 "pro" videos all indexed on one page. The odd part is there's no consistency to the video resolution. Some are full FTV HD at 1440x1080 while others are 1280x720 or 720x480. I don't see any rhyme or reason for the difference though the most recent videos lean towards one of the two HD sizes.

There's also a handful of candid videos which are quite fun to watch. I wish there was more. There's well over a hundred video logs, where she sits in front of the camera talking about her personal life and answering questions from her forum. They do tend to get old, unless she's directing the answer to your forum post or if she's topless in it. The nice part is you really get to see into her fun personality.

The photo section has around 40 sets, all available via zip archive. The set numbering starts at 89, which doesn't make much sense to me. Where are sets 1-88? Most sets seem to run 50-80 pics. Image size is typically 1600 pixels.

Total amount of content is light. I managed to grab everything in 2 nights.

There's also a reasonably active forum for a site devoted to one model. Most of the posts involve members professing their love or appreciation of Danielle's beauty (which is truly stunning). She posts her own responses to many of the threads so you get true interaction with her.

The update schedule isn't very consistent either. But to the site's credit, there is a full chronology of the updates posted in the forum. Pro videos tend to come once every 1-2 weeks. Pro photo updates alternate. In between, you get video log updates (about twice a week) and other random updates (candid videos, guest photo shoots, etc).

For the average passer-by, I'd say pass considering the price. If it was $15/mo then I'd definitely recommend it but the pricing scheme is obviously intended to ward off the drive-by subscribers.

For those on the fence, I offer up this... Take a look and see the thumbnails. If one look into those beautiful eyes isn't enough to sway you, then you might as well reconsider your porn hobby.

03-31-09  07:53pm

Replies (2)
Visit Shay Laren

Shay Laren

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Reasonably fast DL speeds for a solo model site, I regularly got 300-400KB/sec
- Zipped picture sets
- Visual quality of newer images & videos are outstanding
- Membership includes access to 6 different sites (4 are mostly dead, 2 are updated very regularly)
Cons: - Still really light on content
- Updates are sparse for a site that really needs to build up a content library
- No preview of next update or any idea when it comes
- Naming convention of image/video files make no sense and follow no discernible pattern
Bottom Line: Make sure you're a Shay Laren fan if you sign up for this. It was worth the price of admission for a month, but even the bonus sites aren't enough to keep my membership going.

There've been 4 updates in the last month, 2 videos and 2 photo sets. There's no posted schedule for updates and no preview to what might be coming up next. But at least you know that it's Shay, which is enough for me.

There are 94 photo sets and 22 videos. Photos range from 1000px on the low side to 2000px on the high end, though the high res sets are rare. Video quality is a low bitrate 640x480 for the older files to 1280x720 HD for newer ones. (The last 2 videos posted were only 640x480 though.) File sizes average 200-300KB for images. Videos range from ~46MB to a whopping 520MB though most are 100MB or less. Running time ranges but most seem to fall around 5-10 minutes.

4 of the bonus sites are pretty dead. The other 2 (GlamourModelsGoneBad.com and AmateursGoneBad.com) get updates daily. There's a huge amount of variety on these two sites. Some of the pictures & videos I've seen before so the content is probably licensed.

I'd rate this on the lower end of the "recommended" scale as long as you're a Shay fan. If you're not, you're probably better off moving on.

05-26-08  03:07pm

Replies (4)
Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very, very attractive models
- High quality & professionally shot
- Newest videos are HD (some 1080p some 720p)
- Newest photos are very high resolution
- Photos are zipped for convenient download (caveat below)
- Slight discount compared to ALS Scan site
Cons: - Limited amount of content when compared to sister site ALS Scan
- Comparative price to ALS Scan site is not competitive enough for the amount of content (should cost less)
- Older zip files are a pain in the butt to download
- Lots of recycled content from photo shoots several years old
Bottom Line: All the quality you expect from the ALS crew is here. The only problem is that there isn't much in the way of "new" updates. There are a lot of video posts from older shoots and they're just 720x540 max resolution. 5 years ago, that would have been cutting edge but many of their competitors have gone to all HD.

The main issue is that it's a limitation in the type of content they're posting. Way too much of it is from models they shot several years ago and are posting as "remastered" footage. This is fine and dandy if it wasn't being the main update content and just a side project. If the models weren't shot in HD years ago, then they have to make do with the footage they have. But it doesn't feel like they put much effort into seeking new models that fit the Angels image, which I much prefer compared to all the ultra-petite models on ALS Scan.

Their older photo sets are a pain to download too. There's no unique naming convention to all the zip files. They're all generically named by model and number of photos (max of 30 photos per zip file), so you really have to be on top of organizing the JPEGs as you unzip them. Fortunately, the newest shoots are downloadable in one big zip file.

I focus a lot on videos since that's what gets me to join. The visual quality of the newer HD stuff is fantastic. The older stuff, even the remastered videos are just average. But at least it has all the quality of ALS style shooting you come to expect. And they don't skimp on the footage. Many of their videos run 10-20 minutes.

Download speed is good. Not great, but not terrible. The download manager I use on the Mac works fine with their site so I'm happy there. I configure it to download with two connections per file and it has no problem letting me do so. On slow nights, files will come in at around 200Kps. Faster nights get me up to around 700Kps so if I have a couple of files coming in at once, I can fully saturate my Internet connection.

They had some downtime in November and added 2 days to everyone's subscriptions. The migration to a new set of servers caused a few broken links, however. I'm glad they did the right thing but it would have been nice to get a proactive email telling their subscribers about the outage.

All in all, if you like the models they have on their site (Andie Valentino, Eufrat and Lexi Belle are by far my favorites), then it's probably worth a one month subscription to get what you want. Don't expect too many "new" updates though, half of them are recycled and use the older resolutions.

12-12-09  11:17pm

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Visit Playing With Toni

Playing With Toni

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Toni is attractive with a very "amateur" look which is really refreshing. She has large, natural breasts and a very girl-next-door charm.
- All the videos are 30 minutes long which is just long enough for you to feel like there was something of substance, but not so long that you want to skip to the end.
Cons: - Although Toni is cute, the girls she pairs up with are hit or miss. Some of them are almost as attractive as her but others can be a bit of a turn-off.
- Her "acting" doesn't feel genuine. Usually you get the feeling that she typically enjoys being with women, but you also feel like she's holding back with the camera on.
- The set-ups for each encounter don't vary much. Basically, she spots a girl that seems to be hanging out alone, then somehow convinces the target to go back to Toni's apartment. It's pretty obvious that the spontaneity isn't real.
- They don't provide any support. I have a Mac so I can't play back DRM WMV files. I emailed them several times to ask if I could get a refund for this technical limitation and never heard back.
Bottom Line: I signed up for the non-recurring multi-month membership which was a huge mistake. There hasn't been an update in a long, long time as TBP states. The most recent updates (probably a couple of years ago) just recycle claiming they were uploaded recently.

I wish I'd found this site before joining. Basically, this site is still running to make side money from new users that don't think about researching the site.

04-25-08  11:05pm

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of GCode's Comment

I'm not sure if you're still looking for an answer but i just got around to testing this today. The story is still the same. The WMV and MP4 files will play but they're not smooth. The AVI files will not play at all. Since most of the videos are still AVI files (and even some of the newer posts are AVI), don't expect to stream them to your PS3.

P.S. I'm running firmware 3.15 on my PS3.

01-01-10  04:32pm

Visit Nude 2 Rude

Nude 2 Rude
Reply of GCode's Review

Spot on review. I was a member late last summer but never got around to writing up a full review. The only thing I'd add is with respect to the video camera work. Amateurish only begins to describe it. In the videos where the camera guy interacts with the model, he gets so caught up in flirting with the model he completely forgets that he's supposed to be filming it. In one of the speculum scenes, he spends a lot of time shooting closeups of her shoulder cause he's to busy ogling the model on his own. And there's so much camera shake that some of the videos make me motion sick.

04-10-09  12:59pm

Visit Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

There aren't any split files. All the videos are one whole "scene" but the scenes vary in length and you only get the option of WMV, which isn't a big deal for me but could be for others. She's tattooed in most of the videos I've watched so far. But she's getting the tattoo removed. There's even a video about the tattoo removal.

04-04-09  08:54am

Visit Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV
Reply of ace of aces's Reply

Just posted a full review. I'd been planning to get around to it earlier but I'm moving out of state in a couple weeks and I've been a bit preoccupied. :)

03-31-09  07:56pm

Visit Give Me Pink

Give Me Pink
Reply of exotics4me's Comment

Okay, I've been thinking of joining this site for some time now. But this revelation has moved the priority up. What an incredibly brilliant idea!

03-18-09  08:16pm

Visit Glamour Models Gone Bad

Glamour Models Gone Bad
Reply of rome476's Comment

I had access to this site as part of a network package through Shay Laren's site. By itself, I wouldn't have paid for it. The content quality is really hit or miss. It really felt like everything there was relicensed from another source (though I can't verify this as fact). Some image sets are decently high res, some not so much. Most of the videos I bothered to DL and watch were low resolution and low bitrate, but there are some that are nice and high quality. On the plus side, they add new stuff often.

03-13-09  04:38pm

Visit Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV
Reply of ace of aces's Comment

Wow, I had no idea they set up a site just for her. I'm signing up now. Should have thoughts to post (or maybe a full review) in a few days.

03-12-09  04:22pm

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

Thanks for the info! I've been really interested in this site for a while now. I was actually an ALS member when they launched Angels so I have no doubt that the quality is there. But I can't justify the time to babysit downloads so I like being able to queue up a few at a time.

02-12-09  04:05pm

Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

No DL managers?

A recent review mentions you can't use download managers. Any current/recent members know what the deal is? Is there an actual technical block that prevents it or is it just the case of links rotating at intervals so you can't queue up the whole site and leave it streaming in for a couple days?

02-10-09  06:29pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

Interlacing is used for older TVs (CRT tubes). To achieve 30 frames per second with smooth, natural movement, they interlaced the video into 60 fields per second. The frame would draw every other line top to bottom and then every other line in the opposite direction. On progressive screens like your LCD computer monitor, interlacing becomes visible as a slight shearing effect (for lack of a better description). It's most visible in fast motion or side panning. Bottom line: it's obsolete and ruins visual quality on modern equipment.

07-16-08  02:40pm

Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls
Reply of turboshaft's Reply

What I did was keep multiple browser windows open. One with the model index by name, one with whatever search results I ended up with and then one for the actual model's page. Clunky, but it worked.

I'm also right there with you as far as all the European models. I just signed up for In The Crack, which has a fairly decent mix of American & European. But the content might be too extreme for most folks.

07-15-08  12:15am

Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls
Reply of turboshaft's Reply

Yeah, well I hit the limit so what does that say about me? :-)

My suggestion is to use the search. They're really good about tagging videos & photo shoots so you should be able to fill up with what you really want.

07-08-08  05:51pm

Visit Sexy Jamie

Sexy Jamie
Reply of Drooler's Comment

Thanks for the heads up! I'm about to cancel my subscription too.

07-08-08  05:10pm

Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls
Reply of turboshaft's Reply

That's interesting, I hadn't bothered to dig into their site for that statement. What I can tell you is that I did hit a DL limit despite what that says. I don't remember the exact wording of the message but the error page I saw said that I'd downloaded 30 gigabytes over the last 24 hours and that I wouldn't be able to access the site until another 24 hours had passed from the time I hit the limit. Note that it didn't tell me exactly what time I hit it, I just had to go w/ a best estimate and try back a few times until it let me log in again. Regardless, it's a very generous limit and I doubt that too many subscribers run into it.

07-08-08  04:54pm

Visit Shay Laren

Shay Laren
Reply of atrapat's Reply

The last few sets posted are definitely not screen captures. But I'd say they're not all that consistent either. The last two are fair resolution (1600px - 1700px), but one came from Matt's Models. The one before these two was kind of low for today's technology (1024px). I honestly think I could take better pictures with my own amateurish photography skills. IMHO, still worth it for a Shay Laren fan if you're the type to sign up, drain and then cancel.

06-12-08  02:03pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Be wary if ordering DVDs

A word of caution if you want to buy their DVDs. I used to order from them every now and then and delivery was really slow, but reliable. On average it took 3-4 weeks before delivery. Late last year I placed an order from them after they outsourced the DVD business to DVDHotties. I got a shipment confirmation within a few days but it took nearly 4 weeks for the discs to be delivered and one of them had the wrong content burned onto it. After a few emaila & calls, a promise to get me the right DVD and 2 months of waiting, I gave up. Stick with the online content, it's top notch (except having to hear "3, 2, 1" over and over again).

05-13-08  08:17pm

Replies (1)

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