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N/A Reply of Lionheart's Poll

the more money that is spent on real props and plots to the extent that they become more important than the porn, you're in danger of catching limp syndrome.

There is nothing more sexy than a PornStar dressed up for the character and trying to act like that character and doing it badly because ultimately they are there to fuck not win an academy award.

Take a look at Killergram.com who do the cheesy lines and transparent plot lines like handyman comes to fix a leak or fill a crack...

I watch 24 because I like the plots and the action...I watch porn because I like Pornstars who dress like sluts and act like sluts...the 2 should remain mutually exclusive...

04-19-08  03:36am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

could we do another stats poll like...

how do you take your coffee..then i can select other and answer...

Julia Chanel with one Draghixia please. Shaken not stirred, thanks

04-17-08  04:54pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I live in Cyberspace, waiting patiently for my next Porn download, it is the nutritional supplement for my frontal lobes...so to speak

04-17-08  03:45pm

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Poll

I'd lobby government and push a bill thru to outlaw common sense so that the nuts in power felt they had a right to be representative of the people

04-13-08  06:04am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll


then I hadd an idea...I figured the guy in the corner shop is probably into that stuff, so I'll offer to tape some Satellite Channel stuff for him if he let me borrow the mags...saved me about £30 a month...

then the internet arrived and our mutual friendship died away...

supply and demand...praise the Internet

04-11-08  12:42pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

what's the old saying...

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk...

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you...

I've only been a member of PU for just over a week, and personally would not be happy with myself if I didn't provide my justification, and that's a personal thing for me...

I have been working my way thru others reviews and the thing that is evident to me is that whilst the rating can get the site bumped up the table, ultimately it is the HONEST words of the review that tends me to either tighten or relax the grip I have on my...

WALLET...what did you think I was going to say...

but having said that, I've been deciding which site I want to harvest next, and where I have seen PU Names I recognise and trust this has reassured me in my decision...

04-11-08  11:02am

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Poll

She may have an alterior motive and half way thru ask you if you've found her lava lamp she lost the night before

04-09-08  01:56pm

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

Hi badandy400...

sorry to say this is such an expressive way...

BLOODY HELL... 8 - 9 TB... Put me in your WILL.

I feel like a novice with 900+ DVDs...2000 ---> RESPECT.

My wife thinks it's to do with my Work...I wish...

04-09-08  01:09pm

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

Hi badandy400

Going technobabble now. I always buy PHILIPS DVD+R. I have over 2 Terabytes now.

Denner pointed me at Killergram.com...

I consider myself a hardcore Porn Hound, yet I cannot believe I missed that one. I joined last night, kept me up until 2:30.

It might not be down your street, but Delta White on that site is awesome...

Now, I need to find the time to review some the other guys (including yours) rebiews, but I'll have to hide my cards first.


04-08-08  04:00pm

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Poll

Has anyone seen HELLBOY...

04-07-08  02:06pm

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

hi badandy400

like the Michael Caine quote...Not a lot of People know that..

and I was one of them until I read your reply. They are now down from the attic, although my wife wasn't happy when I put dusty footprints on the carpet. Hey, like you said Get them out!

Thanks for the tip...

04-07-08  02:03pm

N/A Reply of Boobs4ever's Poll

I don't mind limited trials if you end up with something of value at the end of the trial and don't join. It's quite simple really. limited trial = a lot less money = a lot less. Would'nt it be nice if as a percentage say a site cost $29.95 and a limited trial of 24 hours is 1/30th of $29.95, ie. $1 + the electronic admin charge, (remember computers get paid the minimum wage).

If the site has 300GB of content. I'd rather they put an absolute download limit (say 1/30th = 10GB) on the account that is only lifted if you become a full member.

That way you get to see the quality, get to browse and choose...life would be much fairer.

04-06-08  10:35am

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

I was invited to a gang bang once in Salford UK, years ago, before I got married, I might add, so I wouldn't have been unfaithful...

It was to have sex with a a girl called Nicky Lewis and was going to be filmed. I never went. I bottled out of it.

After that I remember the event with Jasmin St. Claire and thinking, would you queue up with 200 other blokes just to fuck her. If I was single, in LA, then yes. once in a life time.

I had the opportunity to see the LA Centerfolds (Strippers) in UK, and slept with Barbie Brandt a couple of times and on one occasion, two of the other girls were giving it out and filmed us all but I saw them destroy the tape afterwards.

04-05-08  06:50pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Poll

Why are we getting all deep on this topic.

Yes, I am a pervert. All that means is I like to watch Porn, fantasize about the sexy girls doing their thing...wishing it was my dick they were squeezing, or stuffing inside them...

I've seen people down the Car Dealerships on the weekends, walking aroud, stroking car bonets and sitting in the seats, reading the datasheets, basically drooling all over the flash new sexy beast of a car they can't have...Perverts...all of them.

My definition of a Pervert is someone who wants to do something that may offend other people if they did it in public...like jacking off...so they invent something like trhe internet and hey presto, all the perverts in this world can satisfy themselves now...

I remember in school, long time ago, we caught this kid in the sports shed with a copy of a motorbike centrefold out jacking off...the thing is there was no girl in the picture, just the bike...now that's a really sick pervert...

I'm just a a good old fashioned Pervert myself...bikes and cars don't cut it for me, just sexy girls...with tight bodies...PERV PERV PERV and I love it...

04-05-08  06:25pm

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply


hit the nail on the head. I've had a couple of breaks where instead of actually putting the stuff away, I didn't collect anymore and I realised then it would take me forever to get throug it all. I have over 2800 hours. When am I going to finfd time for that unless I sign up for the 1st mission to Mars.

So I think, nah...lets start hunting again...like any hobbie, it's the chase that's fun. Hey. I also collect rare stamps, I don't look at them all day, but knowing I have a rare set of Sea Horse stamps, a 4 margin Penny Black on the original envelope, in the bottom drawer does give you a sense of satisfaction...

It's knowing you have it. If its a real GEM, you'll watch it, but along that journey looking for GEMS, you'll pick up stone chips you're not sure are Diamonds in the rough.

Occasionally I get frustrated coz I remember I found an old uncut diamond when I see a girl later on and I think, shit, I've seen her when she was used to Hard Stuff, and I then have to test my catalogue system and go and try and find it...

It is the Hunt that counts, and like any hunter, it knowing you have the trophy when you catch your prey.

The prey...those GEMS...

04-05-08  06:00pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I do this occasionally. I pack up all my DVDs, approximately 700 of them (burned from downloads, not bought), into CardBoard Boxes, put them in the attic.

Then I dream about them, are you allowed to think about Porn or is that an automatic fail?

Then after a while, I get excited about bringing the box down and going thru it, trying to find a GEM or 3, that I managed to remember when I was dreaming about it.

Is this self-counselling coz I feel a lot better afterwards.

It like going to Confession at Church, but more fun.

04-05-08  05:47pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply


Classic Quote. That is the first and only time I will ever hear someone compare pictures of Jana Cova doing hardcore like keeping a piece of plane wreck. All I can say to that is, turn off the landing lights and hope she crashes into my house.

I know what you mean...I think I got it wrong. It was Elizabeth Shay...wow.

04-05-08  05:39pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply


Obviously it would be a waste to throw out a Hard Drive without checking you can use it again. I ran out of hard drives once, before DVD write, and writing CDs took an age, so I used to swap my SATA drives out all the time. I have a pile (11) of them but when i tried to connect one the other day, I got all nostaligic and wanted to see what was on it, my new machine (XP) didn't recognise the drive and bloody re-intialised the drive.

i've also got some (back in the day - 14 GB worth) of Patricia Ford. but this is on DDS 3 Backup Tape (43 DDS Tapes in total - 12 GB each), and in order to retrieve this at some stage, I've packed up a DDS Tape Device.

This is a serious admission of obsession so I'll stop now...

04-05-08  04:52pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply


you're teasing us now with references to Anette Haven hardcore. I just went into a dream state and cancelled a download window that popped up.

In your sentence you then follow that with Jana Cova (though she seems to be making something of a comeback)...

Are you saying you have her doing hardcore...if yes, which Site.

I'm getting my creditcard ready right now.

By the way, I'm sure Jana Cova did a hardcore scene once with Rocco, in London, in the Buttman series...honest it's her before she was famous.

04-05-08  04:43pm

N/A Reply of Jay G's Reply

Jay G

I can relate exactly to what youu are saying but after losing it a number of times, a couple by choice and others through stupidity, I'm more protective now.

In the mid nineties (no internet), in the UK you couldn't get it hardcore so I had satellite. I had over two hundred VHS tapes. 3 hours long each. do the math, 600 hours. if you average 700 MB per hour. That's 42GB. I have over 2 TERABYTES now. I'm just glad I don't need to keep them on VHS. BUT, like you say, I know 80% of it I've never viewed. Like you, I love the Hunt...

so here's back to happy hunting...

04-05-08  04:38pm

N/A Reply of heff's Poll

When you spend as long as I have doing your collection, losing it would be catastrophic. I am happily married 12 years (faithful for over 14 years to the same woman) but do like my Porn (that's not being unfaithful is it?). I like my Porn rather a lot. How much, todate I have 2289GB, or to put it into Terabytes, just over 2 TERABYTES. Will I ever have the time to replace that. No way. I've got some good stuff aswell. I've probably got one of the best collections/vaults of all time.

04-05-08  01:43am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
Reply of Denner's Reply


Thanks. I knew it would be a good thing joining pornusers.com.

My next membership is www.killergram.com. I can't believe I missed that site and there's me thinking I knew about every worthwhile site out there.

Looking forward to drilling into the content on that site soon.


04-05-08  10:03am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Oh My God. Ding Dong on a grand scale. Where do these girls live. I need to move. The Girls are Beautiful, the Content is awesome, there is loads of it, almost too much, you start to worry there aren't enough hours in the day to have this much of a pleasure overload. What they claim on their promotion material is true. If you find someone who doesn't like this site, they are Blind, Deaf and probably chemically castrated. Regular updates, no compromises.

Download Rate: AWESOME. I was downloading GBytes of HD-DVD quality faster than I could watch it. Why do I have to sleep. If I could, I'd plug myself into this site while I was sleeping/dreaming.
Cons: Nothing to say that is bad, EXCEPT, I just get the feeling they have so much good stuff they are feeding it to me bit by bit, and in my lifetime I'll probably never have the pleasure of their full catalogue. Come on, be the first site to just make everything available in one go and put the first multi-terabyte porn site on the map...
Bottom Line: I have had to burn over 50 blank DVDs to keep up with this site. If you want to run a Porn Marathon, this is the site to do your training on, but be warned, you WILL become addicted. Are Girls really this beautiful. WHY? Ding Dong.

Having membership to this site is dangerous because you wont want to turn your machine off.

04-04-08  01:55pm

Replies (4)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of brotherlove's Reply

Hi brotherlove

Apologies if my comment did not clearly relate to yours in reply, I was a bit drunk last night when I logged on (no excuse though).

Essentially, I was agreeing with you that their customer support is suffering but was trying to suggest what might be the cause (IMO).

(IMO) they are losing market position to new sites and under threat are more focused on front shop rather than back office.

Part of that back office is bound to have included moving old content from older servers as they have grown and acquired and linking all that stuff must be an enormous task.

Like any large site, mixing old content with new content will end up with some links that are missing. I remember asking customer support for some Lucy Lee videos that they had listed but when you tried to save them, they didn't exist, the links were active but not working. They replied and explained that they were working through their older catalogue as a background job and these videos would eventually be moved across...

coming back to my main point in reply. A site always needs to keep its front shop fresh to attract customers but I agree with you that they shouldn't neglect customer support which they must be now doing going by your comment, the fact that they haven't even replied. I've had replies to my requests but no results, so whilst I was contacted nothing happened. I've since expired my membership but I was a continuous member for approx 11 months.

Again, apologies if I scrambled some comments with my reply, not intentional. I might have failed to make my point clear again but essentially, I think they are struggling now because they are so big, and some content and services are likely to suffer...again this is only my opinion.

Agree with you final comment though, I'm sure that at some stage I will be a member again, and will check with PU and TBP before I do.

01-02-11  07:09am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of brotherlove's Comment

Interesting comments brotherlove...

my take on this is. I think 21Sextury network/franchise is under serious threat from the smaller operators who are probably paying the girls and agents more frequently...

they need to re-invent themselves with some adjustment to the formula...new site layout...

no denying the girls are the most beautiful stable on the planet, with new content from girls like Michelle Moist, Mandi Dee, Blue Angel, Aleska Diamond, Ashley Bulgari, Sasha Rose, Ioana etc...

but the older girls need to be separated now so boys can play with new toys: girls like Sophie Moone, Sandy, Sandra Shine, Mandy Bright, Eve Angel... Sorry ladies we love you but the new girls are tighter and fresher...

so my suggestion for them would be to focus on the fresh talent instead of the long standing divas

note. don't get me wrong, I love the divas but given the choice I'll sit at the clean table when I eat in a restaurant as opposed to the one that needs to be cleaned for the next customer...

to sum up, go to the site and select models tab, then click on most active...guess who comes up, the divas who are probably the least active...change the business model/formula: most active in the last 3 months not since the beginning of time?

01-01-11  04:29pm

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