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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + No daily download limit
+ Huge selection of DVDs (New and Old)
+ Huge selection of different categories
+ Updates are very frequent
+ Organization of movies and scenes is excellent
+ Search engine is easy to use and finds great results
+ Price is very reasonable
+ Able to add personal reviews to the movie as a whole or individual scenes
+Able to have your own account, and save favorite movies/scenes
Cons: - All fetish are lumped together, example to category for foot fetish, it is lumped under fetish.
- No exclusive content
-Higher price, for higher quality videos.
Bottom Line: Videobox offers full length dvds, for a reasonable price.
The movies come form a large range of different categories, to different studios. I'm sure that any porn user will find something that the enjoy on this site.
Videobox has one of the best search engines I've seen, making it very easy to find, the certain title of a movie, porn star and category.
Downloading the videos are made easy, each scene in the dvd is spit up, you just click and download. Download speeds for me have been fairly quick.

Videobox cons are not even noticeable, this is great site if you are going to try out a pay site or if you just want a nice selection porn to download. This is a well made site offering tons of content for a low price. Videobox has set the bar high for pay porn sites.

03-13-08  11:57pm

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Updates daily, one movie a day
+ Countdown to announce new movie
+ HI Def Blu Ray quality movies
+ Excellent variety of Japanese movies (Cosplay, Bukkake, Anal, Lesbian...etc)
+ Uses movie identification numbers for all movies (see review for details)
+ Offer both download or streaming for movies (Work in progress not all movies can be streamed)
+ Movies are offered in four parts or one large file (Again work in progress)
+ No daily download limit
+ Great site for those who love Japanese girls
Cons: - Really poor navigation
- Really slow downloading speeds
- Has mosaic censorship on genital
- No picture options
Bottom Line: Asia Movie Pass (AMP) has plenty going for it. I have been a member for over two years, and this is because of the great quality and quantity of Japanese movies the site offers which updates on a daily bases. However AMP is far from being perfect making people who are not familiar in the way Japanese adult movies are organized feel lost navigating the website, and for people who do not have (at it's worst) 2+ hours to download a movie.

On the negative side, all the movies have mosaic censorship, this is a result of Japanese law and not from the website. As an result if you are watching a bukkake a movie, there will be a huge blur over the girls face while she receives a facial, and then when the guy is done you get to see the result, now imagine this 40+ times, gets annoying. This is becoming more of a negative due to other sites being able to show Japanese movies with any censorship, via some loophole I guess.

Don't let with the bonus websites, fool the have some great content but have not been updated in a long time.

Next is the navigation, people have complained about this, and it is broken! But, from I have seen, Japanese adult movies follow an uniform identification system, which work like call numbers for books. All studios have their own unique codes, which are followed by numbers which identify the movie. From example SDDO-056, is a movie made by Soft on Demand (SDDO) and 056 is the movie, if there is an (a) or (b) after the number it means the movie is split into parts. This can get confusing when companies have multiple codes, but at least if you like a certain theme enter the studio ID and you will get all the movies available on the site. Use the codes to find full box-covers as well as pictures. This has made my personal experience with site better with navigating, but takes some time to get a hang of the system. Wish American porn would adopt a system like this.

On the positive you get the full length DVDs of the movies, and for the movies that are two parters the website does make an effort to get all the parts, updates happen like clock work. If you are a fan of Bukkake this website is a great choice to start or to build your collection. Not to worry if massive facials are not your thing, the websites also offers plenty of other great Japanese porn that all fans of Asian girls will love.

This site is absolutely worth it, sure it has it faults, but show me a website that does not need any improvement. AMP offers great content of those who are willing to put the time into finding great movies that are offered, this does not excuse the website from improving their search method, but the excellent library makes it forgivable. Join the site you won't regret it.

10-06-10  04:27pm

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + 2 new movies added everyday
+ Offers all different types bukkake form different companies
+ Has many other types of fetishes
+ No daily download limits
+ Had mini reviews for all movies
+ Over 200+ complete bukkake movies (Sometimes with the behind the scene parts and previews)
Cons: - Video can be a large as 2gb
- Video download times can reach 1 hour+
- Search engine can use some major improvements
-Cannot search by individual Japanese Idol (with all movies)
- Cannot search by individual movie name
- Japanese law requires mosaic, on private areas
Bottom Line: If you are a fan of japanese bukkake, then this site is for you. It has movies from all the major bukkake producers in Japan. With two new movies added everyday and the large selection that is ready to go, you can be on this sites for days. One thing I recommend is that if you are a fan of japanese bukkake look into the category system the japanese adult movies use. That way if you have a specific movie in mind you can find that movie and others in that series faster.

03-13-08  02:41pm

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Visit Foot Worship Studios

Foot Worship Studios

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Offers exclusive content
+ Great list of current well known porn stars
+ Focuses on g/g foot worship
+ Updates are frequent and dated
+ Videos are also paired with screen shots
+ Some screen shots are in high quality
+ Website offers, E-mail responses in 24 hours (So far with me they have kept that promise)
+ Price is cheap and affordable & is cheaper after the first month.
Cons: - Some videos need better editing work
- Navigation on the members page is messy and need work.
- Videos do not have the option to download the full video.
- Videos are split into three parts
- Offers no zip option for all the pictures
(-) Models are not nude
Bottom Line: I am a fan of g/g foot worship, after seeing some free videos and taking a look at the modes, I deiced to check the site out. The site says that they offer beautiful women doing foot worship, and site delivers!!! All videos have exclusive foot worship scenes with some of my favorite porn stars such as Tia Tanka and Evelyn Lin.

The site also offers great customer service, I had some problems downloading the videos, and they did response to my E-mails with 24 hours, with useful advise.

Some problems I have with the site is that the videos, are split into three parts, and the editing is a bit choppy, the scenes cut too quickly from different parts, also It feels like parts of the videos have been edited out, like the beginning and the ending. Which would be nice to have.
The members page, does need work with the navigation that would make it better to find scenes.

In conclusion, this site offers great g/g foot worship, for a very cheap member price, and with great exclusive content and with a great list of models, this is site any foot fetish fan should check out. This site does have some issues, but can be easily overlooked.

03-19-08  03:42pm

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Visit Fucked Up Handjobs

Fucked Up Handjobs

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Exclusive content 45+ movies
+ Has the option to download the whole movie or in parts
+ Videos have four options of downloading .WMV or .MPEG (High or Low)
+ Movies have screenshots available
+ All movies have the date they were added
+ Great selection of girls (well known porn stars)
+ Website layout is simple and easy to navigate
+ Great Bonus website
Cons: - Site is still growing
- Unsure when next update will happen (Updates do happen about every week and a half just not sure when)
- Some of the movies have really "fucked up" handjobs other are just normal handjobs
- More Content
Bottom Line: I'll admit I'm not really an expert on femdom movies, I got this site as a bonus form fucked up facials. Most of the girls from this site were in a movie from FUF and now they have their chance for revenge after getting blasted.

As I mentioned before this site has a focus on femdom, the girls are in complete control in most of the movies, usually talking trash, jerking unusually hard, dick slapping and forms on torture for the penis such as attaching clothing clips or rubber-bands on the nutsack (ouch). If you are a fan of this type of porn, you may be happy with the content provided from this website.

The movies themselves are usually about 14-20 minutes long, the quality of the movies are excellent, the movies are clear even if you maximize the picture to fit your screen. The time it took to download the movies was excellent as well, took about 15-30 minutes per movie. I also liked how all the movies were set up differently, you never known the setup of the next video.

Somethings I would like to see is more content, yes I know it sounds greedy, but the average user can download all the movies in this site in about 3 days, if they wanted to. Also the term "fucked up" needs some clarity, yes some were very harsh with all the forms of torture I saw, but some movies just had a girl give a hand job and talk a bit of trash, which I guess doesn't meet the standard of the others.

To wrap things up if you love femdom and exclusive content, I would recommend this site to you.

04-22-08  03:28am

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Visit Anal Lick Fest

Anal Lick Fest

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Most scenes have two girls (all but one)
+ Videos are available two download in to different formats( Hi & low MPG or WMV)
+ Delivers on different anal fetishes (Ass licking, ass to mouth, cumming in/on the ass...etc)
+ Has some great/rough sex with foot fetish and cum swapping and some lesbian sex
+Videos have screen shots and also available in Hi rez
+ All movies have the date they were added
+ 60+ full length movies
+ Great selection of porn stars
Cons: - Movies are broken down into parts
- No search options and simple navigation
- No scheduled updated
- Needs more content
Bottom Line: So far I have been reviewing many of the sites meatmembers has to offer, some of sites were very small and have no signs of being updated, yet there are a few sites like Anal Lick Fest (ALF) that makes me appreciate what meatmebers has to offer.

The videos of the girls are great most of the movies average about 30-40 minutes, and feature at least two well known porn stars, the action is great the movies stay fresh by having different positions, in all the scenes and each pair of girls reactions to the anal fetish differs (sometimes seeing a girl not so happy while doing something can be a turn on). All movies start off with a little interview, then end with a post interview after the girls are done. The camera man does tend to talk while the sex is happening, so it may bother you if you hate that kinda of thing.

The other options the site gives you are pictures which look alight, but does have that look of blurriness when someone moved, a total of four different downloading options and a written preview of the movie and trailers as well.

What I would like to see form this site is better navigation and layout of the site, maybe a of the updated schedule of future updates, and option to download the movie in one click, and more content.

To wrap things up ALF is great site of the meatmebers network, I recommend this site to you if you are looking to get your next ass fetish fix, it does need more content but at least you get access to other network sites

04-14-08  11:40pm

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Visit Midnight Prowl

Midnight Prowl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content
+ Funny videos, like the comments being yelled out
+ Great selection of porn stars
+ Every girl has two scenes (1 with frank & interview 1 with amateur guys)
+ Really long movies
+ All movies have the date they were added
+ Most movies have trailers
+ Most videos have screen shots in a Hi and low formats
+ Unique concept
Cons: - Videos are broken down in parts
- No search function
- The amateur guys can be really ugly
- Video quality is inconsistent in the site
- The set up of the website is boring and need work
Bottom Line: Frank Wank is back, and is now sharing the girls to the general public, the concept of midnight prowl is that frank gets a hot porn star bangs her and offers sloppy seconds to guys roaming around at night. I like the concept and the action is hot, I think this one of the best websites meatmembers has to offer.

What works for this site is the great content, the girls all well known porn stars having lots of dirty sex. The girls have two movies one movie that starts off with an interview with Frank and Frank bangs her, the next movie is Frank going around asking a bunch of "random" guys if they want a piece of her. This leads to some funny situations, and really long movies. Are the guys really amateurs? Not 100% positive, one thing for sure some of them would never be in a porno, if it weren't for this site. The sex scenes are great has lots of gangbangs and some great close-ups. I really do enjoy this site.

What this site needs to work is the navigation, all the meatmembers websites have the same navigation setup, it is simple and at the same time hard to find the movies you want. The older movies do not have the same quality as the new movies. If your not a fan of Frank Wank, well you are out of luck because he stars in all the movies. Finally, all the movies are broken down into parts, making annoying to download the movies into at least eight different parts.

To wrap things up, this is one of the best sites on meatmebers, and it's worth checking out, at least once

04-14-08  03:09am

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Visit Frank Wank

Frank Wank

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content
+ Lots of videos!!! about 145+
+ Great selection of porn stars!
+ Trailers for most videos
+ Screen shots are available
+ Two types of way to download the videos mpg or wmv and two formats hi and low
+ The site is updating to better video quality for new movies
+ Movies have summaries
+ Site has its humor
Cons: - old movies are blurry
- same guy in every scene
- Navigation needs work, no search function
- movie are broken down into parts as many as 8
- most movies follow the same script, gets to be very predicable
Bottom Line: Frank Wank is a guy who is taking advantage of girls who are "trying" to get into porn, he tells the girls he is a porn agent, the girls do him, then he tells the truth. Frank Wank is one the best websites on meatmebers and is worth checking out!

What works for the site are the girls, let's face it the girls are not amateurs at all, all the girls have been in a porn before, but of course you should expect that. Frank Wank has a large selection of movies that also means a large selection of girls (asian, hispanic black, white, old, young). All the movies has a low budget feel to it, you can tell he puts the camera on a table or something when the action is happening, has a P.OV feel to it. Finally is the acting, the acting is of course cheesy, but I think it's done on purpose, to add a little humor to the site especially when he tells the girls, he just scammed them, then the girls looks "surprised" with cum on their face.

What this site needs to work is the navigation, no search function at all makes it hard to find the videos/girl you like. Also there are missing missing links to the older movies, and the older movies do not have all available formats of downloading. One thing I would like to see is some variety with the action of the girls, maybe some gangbangs, lesbian, two on one that would make the site expand more.

To wrap things up Frank Wank is one of the best sites on meat members and is worth checking out, you won't feel ripped off, like the girls do.

04-10-08  04:31pm

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Visit Cum Brushers

Cum Brushers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Tons of exclusive content
+ All movies have the dates they were added
+ Amateur girls
+ Website has a great model search function that makes it easy to find more movies, your favorite girl is in.
+ Bonus movies (Behind the scenes, commentary, etc)
+ Every scene starts with a little, dialogue/interview (makes it feel more like a reality site)
+ The videos have screen shots available
+ 500+ movies
+ Movies are offered in a high or low bandwidth
+ Unique cum fetish
Cons: - Some videos have music playing in the beginning, of the movie
- Some of the models are not that great looking (being nice)
- Some movies are spit into 4 parts (older ones)
- Videos repeat the same scene (Interview, blowjob, brush) some new ways of filming would be nice
- Pictures are not offered into a download all, zip file
Bottom Line: I enjoying watching facial cum shots, and this site looked promising with a new way to look at cum shots.

What I like about the site is the large selection of movies and the exclusive content this one web site can offer. I did quick count and there are over 500+ movies on this web site (48 movies per page X 12 full pages) the movies are offered in two sizes, and if I liked a particular model I can do a search to see other movies she did on this site and the others that are linked. The site does deliver when it says cum brushes, every girl in the site is given a toothbrush and brushes the cum into her teeth!

What I didn't like, was how some of the models look. The site has plenty of hot girls, but it does have it's fair share of girls not worth downloading. The screenshots of the videos are nice but are not offered in a zip format, which is inconvenient. and finally on a side note the scenes begin to be the same, a little dialogue, blowjob then the cum brush, it would be nice if they did some different things in the movies.

To wrap things up, if your looking for a unique cumshot web site, this site is for you. This site has tons of movies that will keep you busy for awhile.

03-26-08  12:45am

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Visit Cum on Her Face

Cum on Her Face

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site delivers, of gangbangs and bukkake movies
+ Large selections of movies
+ Most movies will have at least two girls
+ Offers screenshots of all the movies
+ Movies are broken down into parts or can be downloaded as one file (older one are parts only)
+ Movies can be downloaded as .WMV or .Mpeg
+ Many Scenes try different things to stay fresh (using glasses, costumes, stories, backgrounds)
Cons: - Had some issues downloading movies
- Movies do not have the dates they were added
- Some of the girls should not be in the movies
- No search feature
- Unsure when the next update will happen
Bottom Line: If your a fan of gangbangs with a bukkake finish then this site is one you should check out, it delivers on the name "Cum On Her Face", the site is not perfect but the movies are something worth checking out if your a fan this kinda porn.

What this site has going for it are the movies, each movie has at least two girls. One girl will receive the bukkake finish while the other acts as a fluffer, getting the men ready for the money shot. The action is good in each movie, and the endings are always messy. Since most of the movie follow the same formula of interview/sex/bukakke what the directors do to keep things fresh is to have different themes in each movie, sometimes it could be costumes (cheerleader or geisha) or the girls could be wearing glasses, or the environment like a classroom. Even if all the movies follow the same pattern it's nice that all the movies are not exactly the same. Finally some of the girls show up in more than movie (the more attractive girls) which is very nice considering what the girls have to do in the end movie, it's always nice see a favorite girl show up more than once.

Somethings this site needs work on is for one thing none of the movies have the date that they were added, this also makes it hard knowing the next movie will be added. Also there is no search feature on this site, all the movies are presented on one page with no screenshots of what the girl looks like. The girls for the most are good looking, there are however girls that for some reason thought that porn would be the ideal career for them (with there looks it's no wonder why they got a job doing bukkake movies). Overall the girls are decent to good looking with just a few that should have been thrown back. Finally I did have one downloading issue, what happen to me is that somethimes my download would timeout over and over again, forcing me to start all over again. Sometimes I would have to wait the next day to start downloading again, I think this should be worth mentioning because other users may have had the same problems, also this is the first time this has happen to me.

Overall I am very satisfied from the content this website has offered, with a very large movie selection and updates happening. This site is a gangbang and bukakke site for the fans. Great action and messy finishes this site is one I would recommend to check out at least once.

09-22-08  03:56pm

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Visit Fucked Up Facials

Fucked Up Facials

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive Content
+ Most videos can be download in all parts or as a whole
+ Videos are offered in High or low WMV/MPEG
+ Screen shots of videos are offered
+ Screen shots can be all downloaded as a zip file
+ All videos have the dates that they were added
+ Over the top facials!!!
Cons: - Site only has about 20, complete videos, so far
- Not all models featured on tour have compete, scenes
- Few models have only pictures sets and no videos
(-) Site is still growing
Bottom Line: I joyed this site because I love to watch facials, and this site sells over the top facials, and so far on what they have to offer they are right on target!

What like right off away from this site is the exclusive content, next is that most videos have the option of downloading the whole video are into small parts. The sex/facial scenes in the web site are done right, it starts with a scenario, then on to a sex scene (with a normal guy) then at the end the girl get sprayed/covered by multiple penis (the huge ones). Also all these scenes have screen shots available for download

Not all models have complete scenes like the ones I described, models who do not have complete scene have a quickie movie, where the girl just gets sprayed by one penis, and is about one minute long.

Finally is the navigation is very simple, easy to find the movie you want, the quality and the format, very easy and simple.

To wrap it up, this site knows what the porn viewer/surfer wants. A normal sex scenes, easy to download movies and pictures and exclusive content. The over the top facials are the best, the girls reactions to being sprayed are very funny, and makes this site unique. The only downside is that the site is still growing, but is it is still updating weekly.

If you love over the top facials, the site has plenty to offer and worth checking out.

03-21-08  03:16am

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Visit Meat Members

Meat Members

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Some very solid sites
+ Lots of content
+ Great selection of girls
+ Nice selection of niches
+ Movies have screen shots
+ Some sites are updating making the movie and picture quality better
Cons: - Some movies have missing parts
- Some sites haven't been updated for while (Some 2006)
- Picture options were offered with some movies when there are no pictures in the link
- really messy navigation, most have sites follow the same navigation system, about two have one that are even worse!
- No search function at all
- Movies are broken down into parts, the least I have seen is 4 the most is 25! (Only the older ones had 25)
Bottom Line: I enjoyed meatmebers content, this website does a few things right, yet at the same times really needs to work on certain things to make itself better.

What works for the website is the great amount of content and all the niches this site has to offer, I really enjoyed the reality websites this site has such as Frank Wank and Midnight Prowl. The websites that are being focused on have great content and is getting better over time. The girls that are shown in the movies, are all very attractive, there were barely any that I thought were very unattractive, and nice range of popular porn stars and some amateur girls are shown here. Finally is the content, some content on this site is original and some that is not, overall I did enjoy most of content, I also enjoyed most the niches that were offered.

What this site needs to work is the navigation!!! It is very simple, yet at the same time I did not find it easy to find the content I liked, no search function at all makes it hard to find the movie you want. Movie quality is inconstant between some sites, and the older movies. Also that most of the sites are not being updated at all. The web-masters seems to have no creativity in the layout of the site.

To warp things up, I did enjoy this website. If some of the websites interests you specifically the ones that are being updated then it's worth checking out, it does take time to get use to site's navigation, but once you figure it out, you can spend a lot time here

04-14-08  02:28am

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Visit Asian Ropes

Asian Ropes

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Has full length japanese bondage movies
+ 90+ movies
+ All movies have many different strong bondage theme
+ Site updates with new movies, every month
+ Site delivers on bondage themed movies
Cons: - Movies do not have the date they are added
- Movie sizes are up to 1GB+ which takes time to download
- Navigation on the site needs work, no search function at all
- Movies have censorship on private areas
- No previews of the movies.
Bottom Line: I got this site as an add on form the asia movie pass network, this site features full length japanese bondage movies, it's obvious that this site was made as an add on for the bukkake site, but site does offers a good selection of different themed bondage movies.

What works for this site is that it offers full length bondage movies from Japan. These movies are really extreme, and will have you seen things you can be totally unprepared for. Also this site has many different bondage themed movies such as lesbian bondage, bukkake bondage and tons of other different fetishes. One movie that sticks out in my mind is a breath holding contest, the movie has two girls that have ball gag, put a plastic bag over their heads and watch which girl gives up first. Really crazy stuff!!!

What this site needs to work on is that all movies do not have the dates in which that they were added. No search function can make it hard to find the movie theme that you may want, movie files are large and takes time to download and finally because of japanese law all private parts have censorship. This can be a con but some stuff can be too extreme.

To wrap things up, this site offers Japanese bondage movies and does deliver if your looking for a fix in extreme asian bondage this site is worth taking a look at, this site may not be the main focus of the asia movie pass network, but has great content

03-28-08  02:59pm

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Visit URA-Channel


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Uncensored Japanese porn
+ Many genres of Japanese porn (Bukkake, Cosplay, Office, BDSM,Leg...etc)
+ Download speeds are very fast
+ Great quality of video, considering that the most were first distributed for VHS
+ The scenes that have been edited, are done well to go straight to the action.
+ The site has been on a major reconstruction to make the website more user friendly
+ No daily download limit
+ Updates fairly regularly
Cons: - American site and Japanese site are not synchronized
- Japanese to American translation can be awkward
- Different level of memberships that allows different access to usually better content
- Does not utilize Japanese adult industry movie identification system
- No picture sets available
- Could use more scene info and model info
- Watermarks on the movies
- Layout could be better
Bottom Line: Ura Channel offers great Japanese porn that I have been looking for and the best part it is all uncensored! For anyone who is a fan of bukkake may know of the company Shuttle-Japn. Shuttle-Japan was a company that made great bukkake movies around the 90's, it's been very difficult to find hard copies of their movies; the other options is to buy them online which can be expensive. But Ura Channel offers their movies uncensored, along the other companies.

What works for this site is of course the content, the movies quality is excellent and the length of the movies range from the whole film or to a shorter edited version. This may be viewed as an negative to some people but usually it cuts right to the action of scene (for people who watch Japanese porn, they can drag a scene for a long time). The download speed is excellent a 500 MB movie takes about ten minutes. Of course the best part of the movies is that they are uncensored if anyone has seen one of Shuttle-Japan bukkake movies the mosaic censor is HUGE, this becomes very annoying when watching the movie because 30% of the time you cannot see the girl's face. There really is not much to this website; simple design with excellent content.

Now on the negative side, the Japanese site and the American site have different content, now your membership (at least the VIP one) allows you to access both websites, but of course the real problem is if you cannot read Japanese you are screwed and have to resort to playing a trial and error game when trying to learn to navigate the site. The membership is offered with a monthly or a VIP price which allows a bonus movie every now and then that pops up, the bonus movies is usually full length (1 hour+). The VIP movies are great, users may view this as forking out extra money for content that should be included.

If you are OC with organization, or just know where your clip came from. The website offers very little in ways for you to find the info you need, which is a shame because Japanese porn have very unique system to organize their movies, the Shuttle-Japan movie info is easy to find, but other companies are impossible to know where the scenes came from.

Ura Channel does not offer exclusive content, but what they do offer is great 90's Japanese porn which is difficult to find and uncensored, yes changing over from the Japanese to American site is annoying, but from the changes I have seen it looks like they are trying to fix that. Bottom line if you ever heard of Shuttle-Japan or just tired of censored Japanese porn, check out this site. I got the VIP membership and I was happy with it, if you do not want the VIP I still think the content offered is well worth the price.

10-12-10  04:46pm

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Visit Hell Fire Sex

Hell Fire Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Updates are shown with a picture and date it will be added
+ All movies have the date they were added
+ Movies have a written summary
+ Most movies have trailers
+ Movies offer screenshots
+ Movies have 2 girls and one guy (Most girls return to switch roles)
+ Movies can be downloaded in two different formats
+ 70+ full length movies
+ Membership comes with access to many other sites, in meatmembers
Cons: - Some older videos is poor quality
- No search function at all
- Videos are broken down into parts. Usually 4-10
- Videos after awhile repeat themselves
Bottom Line: The site's content offers great lesbian domination, which is followed up by some rough sex. I really enjoyed the content the site has to offer, but the site itself could use some improvements.

What works well for the site is the content. The movies start out with the two girls playing submissive and dominant roles. Usually with spanking, oral sex naming calling. Then a guy comes in rough oral sex and sex. The girls are hot and play their roles nicely, also what I like is that the girls come back in other movies and switch roles which is nice to watch. In addition the site has the next movie that will be added, with a screenshot and the date it will be added. Screenshots are also available is a high rez format. Finally the you get access to many other websites with the membership.

What the site needs to work on, is all the videos are broken down into parts with no download option available, the site has no search function making it impossible to find the different scenes with same girl. After awhile the videos repeat themselves, some new scenarios would be nice. Finally (hate to sound greedy) but I want more content!!!

To wrap things up this site will not disappoint you if you are a fan of lesbian domination and rough sex, the action is hot the girls hot, the site does need to work on navigation, and more updates, if other sites of meatmembers interests you, then I recommend this site to you.

04-08-08  01:04am

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Visit Asian Chicks American Dicks

Asian Chicks American Dicks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content
+ Amateur Asian girls (Asian girls, not Asian American girls)
+ All movies have the dates they were added
+ New updates have the date that will be added
+ Movies have two download options Hi and Low Bandwidth
+ Girls have picture galleries
+ Movies have screen shots
+ 40+ movies and growing
+ Additional content featuring more well known Asian American girls
Cons: - Site still growing
- Movies have cheesy music in the beginning
- Movies have a the website name in the corner
- Unable to download all picture sets, in a zip format
Bottom Line: Some of my favorite niches in porn are Asian girls and Amateur girls, put them together and I am one happy porn users. This site offers the best both, the site is still growing but form what I have seen this site has a great amount of potential.

What works for this site, are the girls, these girls look like they are form thailand(yet some of their names sound vietnamese) and have an amateur feel to them. The girls also look very attractive, with only one or two not being so great to look at. Also the girls have a photo set, where you can pictures of the girls modeling. Videos have two options to make it easier to download, and all the movies are available in one whole movie. Finally all the movies are dated and the new movies have the picture of girl and the date it will be added.

What the site needs to work on is that really cheesy porn music in the start of the movie, thankfully the music stops when the action stops. One another thing that would be nice is an option to download all the pictures into a zip file. This site is still growing, and needs a little more content but it can't really be considered a con.

To wrap things up, this site has great amateur asian content, the girls are hot and the action is hot. The only thing that is holding this site back is that it is still growing, but for what it offers the site has a great start, and is worth checking out.

03-28-08  04:18pm

Replies (8)
Visit Cum on Dagny

Cum on Dagny

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Dagny loves her job!!!
+Amateur girls show up with Dagny and often come back
+Site has over 100+ original movies
+Video quality is acceptable
+Movies are separated into different categories
+Really big cumshots!
+Movies have different themes (Office,Public,Costume)
+Pictures are available for most movies average 50+
+Great tour!
Cons: -The movies are separated into different categories, but the categories don't have any real relevance to the clips sometimes.
-Some scenes are very short
-very few sex scenes
- The site is updating, but it feels like they are just getting older videos and rereleasing them with better quality
-Sometimes certain movies will be unavailable for a month for maintenance.
-Never got my free DVD!!!
-Most movies are spit into parts (3-5)
Bottom Line: Dagny is one of the original amateur women the got into porn and started her own website. According to her website her career into porn started in 1999 when she posted a nude photo of herself on a website,during the amateur girl craze. Dagny loves cum and her husband Jeff does shoot some the biggest loads I have ever scene.

What works for this site is Dagny, she really does loves the camera and does a great job smiling with each load to her face. She also brings along amateur girls along and teaches them her art of BJs and the girls' reactions to the loads are priceless. (especially the ones who are learning to swallow) Too keep things fresh Dagny films with different themes/styles. Sometimes she is in public, wearing a costume or taking the cumshot in a unique way. There are a few sex scenes in the movie but they are rather short filmed in a POV style, but always ending with a great cumshot to her face!

Somethings the needed to be worked on is the website. The layout is simple but it works but what I didn't like is the way the movies are spit up into different categories. I did appreciate that the movies were in different categories rather than all on one big page, but some of the name categories really had no meaning to the movies. In fact one of the categoires just had a whole bunch of promo videos from other sites which were very poor quailty, short and spit into 3 or more parts! Also the sex scenes are really short and plain and I get tired of all the POV shots but I guess it adds more to the amateur feel.

Side note, I never got my free DVD, I did not factor this into my review because this is for the website, but I'm not too happy about that!

To sum it up this site is worth your time or least to check out. Dagny does a great job pleasing her fans with her great attitude her friends that also appear in her movies also share that great attitude and just makes the movies feel like an amateur shot. The negatives are small and can be easily forgiven, but with the lack of movie updates this will be site you will check out only one time, if your a fan of girls taking large hot loads to the face this site is worth it, believe me you won't regret it.

12-15-08  12:08am

Replies (2)
Visit Brokeback Asians

Brokeback Asians

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + Full length Japanese lesbian movies
+ Different types of lesbian themes (Kissing, lotion play, bukkake, School girl)
+ Video quality is high
+ 60+ movies
+ Site updates with new movies every month
Cons: - Updates are not scheduled
- Movies reach 1GB+ takes time to download
- No search function, not easy to navigate
- Japanese law censor private areas
- Only new movies have the summary of the movie, once the movie is older it no longer has it's summary
- No screen shots
Bottom Line: I got this website as an add on from the asia movie pass network, this site offers full length Japanese lesbian movies, it obvious that this website was created as an add on for the bukkake site, but the content it offers, would make any fan of asian girl on girl action happy.

What works for this site are the movies, all movies have different lesbian themed movies such as school girls, Kissing, beauty spa, and lotion play (that is when the girls play in a goo which is suppose to look like cum or something) and bukkake. All the movies have a high quality picture, so making them full screen on your computer would make it no problem, and finally the movie can be downloaded all at once.

What the site needs to work on is that the updates need to be dated, it's impossible to tell when the next update is going to happen (the site does update). No search function is available at all, so if you want a certain kind of themed movie, or like a particular idol you have to search for it. Only the new movies have a summary of the movies and the idols that star in it, once the movies gets moved to the older section all the info disappears, finally the download times for the movies can exceed over one hour.

To wrap things up this website does not seem to be the main focus of the asia movie pass network, however the site offers good content and will keep a user busy, if you like Japanese girl on girl action and like the other content the network offers, you might want to check it out.

04-04-08  02:17am

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Visit No Cum Dodging Allowed

No Cum Dodging Allowed

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 70+ movies
+ All videos have an emphasis on cumshots/facials
+ Many different types of themes (see bottom line)
+ Well known porn stars in all videos
+ All videos have screenshots
+ All movies have the date they were added
+ Movies have a summary and trailer (Most not all)
+ This site has many other sites offered with membership
Cons: - Unsure when next update will happen
- All videos are broken down into parts about 3 to 10
- Video quality, could be improved
- No search function
- Picture quality is poor
- Site needs more content!!!
Bottom Line: This site offers dirty cum shots, the term no cum dogging allowed means that all the girls take the cumshots to the face and swallow loads. The site does well on delivering what it offers, but the site is being held back by flaws that cannot be over looked.

What works for the site is of course the content, the site has about 70+ movies, the girls are pretty well known porn stars, and all the different themes the videos have. The themes that are shown in the movies are gangbangs, threesomes, one-on-one, gagging and others. The common theme is of course the facial cumshots and even that is offered in different styles such as the girl collects cum in a bowl, the girl takes it the face, collects cum in her mouth, one video has girl taking cum in the eye! Finally with this site, you also get access to many other meat member sites.

What the site needs to work on is that all the videos are broken down into parts and there is no download all function. Also the picture quality could use more work. When I watch the movie at full screen, it does look blurry, same with the pictures. I am also unsure when the site updates, it does have the days movies were added but sometimes I am unsure when the next will be added. Finally the site needs more movies it does not feel like a complete site.

To wrap it up, the site has hot girls taking great cumshots, but I recommend this site only if the other content of meatmembers interests you, you can download all the movies in day if you wanted.

04-07-08  10:26pm

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Visit Fuck My Skull

Fuck My Skull

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Full trial available
+ Hi-res photos available per scene
+ Site delivers on deep throat content
+ Most models are well known porn stars
+ Models for the most part were all attractive
+ About 40 movies so far = 3 GB
+ Exclusive content
Cons: - Movies were broken down into parts (3-5)
- Picture quality of movies are low
- Not really sure when next update will occur
- Movies do not have the date when they were posted
- Same basic formula of movies (Interview--- Deep throat---Cumshot)
- Almost same location for every scene (a sofa)
Bottom Line: The site promotes itself are a rough deep throat site "The Rudest, Roughest, Raunchiest Blow Jobs Ever!" and I am not sure that it is the best site ever but the content on the website does deliver, however there are too many things that are holding this site from being the best.

There are about 40 movies in this site when and joined it and for the most part I downloaded almost all the the movies with the exception for about two or three of them. I didn't download those few because the models did not look good to me. A majority of the models are very hot, most of them I have seen it other porn movies, which is sometimes unusual for a site with extreme content. All movies have pictures available from the scene, (pictures before and during the scene) and the picture quality is above average.

The layout of the site is simple, there is a photo of the model with her name under the picture. When you click on the picture, you are taken to a page where you get to download the movie. This is the worst part of site, when you are taken to the site the movie is automatically plays via stream, it's not too bad but if you currently downloading a movie it takes about 5 seconds for the page to load and play the movie, which you forced to wait for. What makes it worse is that each part of the movie is on a different page. Why do the movies have to play when you click on the movie page, and why does each part of the movie have to be on a different page? It made downloading each movie a pain.

There is no way to know how old movies are and the site does not give any obvious signs of any updates on the way.

As for the content, if you are fan of deep throat movies the site content is great, each girl does the scene well, the guys in the movies don't talk very much except in the interview. But the scenes begin to look the same over and over again, just with different girls and there is no sex scenes just all deep throat (with the exception of one scene, where the girl didn't want to do the scene anymore) The picture quality is low, I am not really good about knowing all the spec issues but if you enlarge you movie the picture quality is really poor.

To sum it the site provides some great rough blowjob content but is average and sometimes even blow average in some parts, if you enjoy watching rough BJs then I suggest this site to you.

07-06-09  06:54pm

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Visit Southern Bukkake

Southern Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Amateur Girls
+ Exclusive content
+ Different types of models (Asian, Black, White)
Cons: -Some girls are unattractive
- Movies are split into 15+ parts!!!
- Navigation needs major work, movies are set up all in one large page, then if a girl is in more than one movie, that page can look a bit confusing.
-$27 dollars is too high of a price for the content that is offered
- Bonus sites are small and not that great.
- No signs of updates
Bottom Line: I am a fan of bukkake, the reason why I wanted to check this site out is because I wanted to see something new in bukkake. With this site you do, in this site you will see bukkake that can be found no where else. The models range from extremely hot to "no thanks". The bukkake scenes are fine, starting with a blowbang or gangbang, ending with a bukkake shot.

Not so great are the way the movies are set up, if you want to download the older movies you will have to download at least 15 parts of the movie! The newer movies can be download as one file but so far there are only five of those (out of 50+ movies)

Bottom line- Southern Bukkake offers exclusive bukkake movies featuring amateur girls, what is holding this site back from being a great one is the lack of updates, high price and the way the downloading is set up. If you are fan of bukkake I would say give it try, but it may not be site worth have a membership with for a long time.

03-13-08  03:09pm

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Visit Gagging Whores

Gagging Whores

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Every girl will gag in every movie
+ Exclusive content
+ Having network access to the other meatmembers sites
+ Movies have four options to download from .WMV or .MPEG (High or low)
+ Most movies will have screenshots available
Cons: - Really unsure when the next update will happen (maybe in a week? maybe two? A month?)
- Site needs to grow more
- Video quality is not uniform (older movies look worse)
- No option to download the video in go (movies are broken into parts 4-10)
- Layout of the website is too simple, hard to find the movie you want with NO search function
Bottom Line: The content of the site is great, you can be sure that all these girls will be gagging and getting a cum shower in all the movies. The movies are usually set up like and oral gangbang, with about 1 girl and about 2-4 guys. Movies last about 20-30 minutes, and has enough gagging action in every movie. The girls all decent looking with a nice mix of well known porn stars to girls you will never see again.

The movie quality NEEDS WORK! First off most of the movies have a very poor frame rate, if anyone in the movie is moving too fast you are going to see a lot of pixilation, it almost looks like censorship in some of the older movies. Next thing that needs work on the way the downloading is set up, They really need to have a download in one click option, the movies are broken into too many parts, making it inconvenient to set up the download.

To warp things up if you love your porn movies with girls gaging, you may want to look else where for a website the just focuses on that. If other sites in the meatmembers website really interest you, then consider this site a bonus; if you join. It feels like this site is not one of main focus of the network which is too bad because I like content and really wish they could offer more.

04-22-08  04:06am

Replies (3)
Visit Eat My Feet

Eat My Feet

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Great foot fetish movies
+ Excellent quality of pictures
+ Beautiful models
+Exclusive content
Cons: - Movies are broken down into parts. (3-6)
- Photo sets are not available in a zip option.
- Movies do not mention girls in the scene.
- Unsure when next update will happen.
- Poor editing.
- Lack of constancy in movies and overall in website. (See Review)
- Poor--decent quality of movies
- Not a lot of content
Bottom Line: I have seen the content of FM-concepts for awhile, I had never purchased any of their DVDs or movies from their website but their movies always seemed like great foot fetish movies. After joining this site, I can say I am very disappointed with the overall presentation of the site.

The good things the site does well are the the movies and the pictures. The movie content is great, the girls do a great job the foot fetish content and the scenes vary in different locations and with a few different themes(Bondage,"Amateur") to keep the movies interesting; Also all the girls that have been casted are all very beautiful. The pictures are of great quality models names are listed in the photo sets, my huge complaint is that there is no zip option making the task of getting the whole set feel like a chore.

The site does more things wrong the right unfortunately. The movies set up is very poor, there are no names of the actresses or the name of the movie in which the scene is from. Which makes the task of finding out the names of the girls almost impossible if you do not recognize them. The photo sets name the girls, why don't the movies?

The scenes are broken down into smaller clips, but is very inconstant with the way they do it. Some scenes have 3 or 6 clips. In the first 3 clips one girl will worship the other girls feet, and in the next 3 clips the girls will switch roles. The problem here is that some scenes only have 3 clips so you never get to see the other half of the clip. Why did they not include the other half of the scene?

The editing is really poor in the site as well, based on the movies that I have seen most have a "story" going on. Two girls studying see a each others feet and go at it. The way the editing is done ignores the whole "story". The girl will be in the middle of saying something then, cut end of scene. Very often the girls will be in one position then when the clip ends and the next starts they will be a total different position.

The website design the very plain, the movies are are just thrown into a page, and the site has about 65 pages. Not that impressive when you see that each page 9 movies on them. Also the when you go to the photo set the site gives you about 8 pictures per page, which is about 5-8 pages per photo set.

I really wanted this site to be great, I love foot fetish content and really hoped this site could deliver. I am fine with the movies and the photo sets i got from the site, but the lack of effort from the web designers is really holding the website back. Check out this site if you want, just do not have high expectations. It feels like the site owners just threw a bunch of content together and made a website.

06-16-09  11:09pm

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Visit Messy Models Asia

Messy Models Asia

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Real attractive asian girls
+Girls are amateur (as far as I know)
+The girls get really messy, with different colors of goo.
+For the most part girls are enjoying themselves (always smiling)
Cons: -Really poor editing (see review)
-Too plain of a website (see review)
-Really annoying elevator type music in the scene
-Girls are too quite not making any noise, expect for a gasp every now and then
-Girls are wearing cloths and not sometimes not even attractive clothing, example a black sweater
-The way website allows the user to download movies is a rip-off (see review)
-No pictures, just videos
Bottom Line: I am rather new to the WAM (Wet and Messy) fetish, but I deiced to try it out with Messy Models Asia. I love Asian girls so this one sparked my interest, sadly this site let me down.

What this site has going for it are the very attractive Asian girls, the girls are young, cute and are always smiling during the scene. When the goo first gets poured on them their eyes open up and start laughing, enjoying the scene for the most part. Sadly this is all that I found to be a plus for this site.

Factors that are holding down this site, for one thing is the editing. After one color of goo is poured on the girl the video will cut back when the goo is first poured on the girl but from a different angle. This happens to all the movies and really starts to get annoying, why couldn't they just hold off with the second point of view and show the other point of view and the end.

Next is the music, this will bothered me as well. I don't prefer music in my porn scenes, but for the most part I can deal with, but this site has some of worst music I have heard. The older videos (I believe, based on the order I downloaded them) have elevator type of music, no words just beats that I guess try to relax you. The new videos have Asia pop music in them!!!! Yes, now that really bothers me, and now is evan harder to tune out. I wish I could just hear the girls enjoying themselves, laughing and giggling but for the most part they are quite and the music is playing non-stop.

The clothing can sometimes be questionable in some scenes. The girls will never get naked in the movies, no boobs or butts will be shown in these scenes. The girls wear bikinis, school girl outfits and some traditional Asian clothing like Kimonos that's fine. But one scene had a girl wear what looked like a back sweater, not only is that not hot, but you could hardly see her body and all the goo pouring on her.

Finally the website, after you log in you will be taken to the member section and all there is, is just four movies. Every week the movies will rotate, the oldest out and a newer one taking it's place. Therefore one month membership only gets you eight movies and you don't get to chose your movie, if you see a movie you liked, you better hope to get it in the rotation are try again next month. What a rip-off, it forces you to spend more money if you like their content.

Overall I am disappointed with this site, I really wanted to enjoy this site. The girls they have are hot, but that alone can not make a good site, with some poor choices make from the directors and the webmaster, this site is not really worth checking out. If you do check it you won't be getting ripped-off but you will be disappointed.

12-15-08  02:41am

Replies (4)
N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Both as a hobby and something for me to browse over the web.

05-30-12  08:58pm

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