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Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some decent amount of videos:

47 videos (18 .wmv, rest .avi), resolutions are mostly 640x480, some .avis are in 1024x768,
running times approx. 5-10 min each (some less)

-Good amount of 40 galleries:

50-60 pictures each gallery, resolutions are 800x1200

-Charming Lucy is a real fetishistic beauty and looks great in rubber and latex garments

-Very personal and ambitious site

-Lucy likes to play with both women and men ;)
Cons: -All her new .wmv videos are DRM protected (I really, really hate this)

-Updates come about every week or so, maybe too less for some people

-No zips for the galleries (DownThemAll or some other program works good here)

-Resolutions of the videos and the pictures could be a little bit higher

-The plain site design may not be everyone's taste

-Some watermarks are reducing the fun of enjoying the pictures (they are often too large)

-A little bit pricy (25.95$/month)
Bottom Line: First of all I have to mention that I was a member for the last years every now and then (not continously), but I just signed up again a week ago, or so. OK, now the final remarks ;)...
One should know that Lucy is really into catsuits. She also wears dresses, leotards, stockings and (especially) hoods etc. but full covering catsuits are her favourites (mine too ;)). The locations for the shootings are various places, ranging from seasides to woodlands or her kitchen (doing the washing-up,covered in latex under her daily attire, for example). As I already mentioned, Lucy likes to play with girls, boys and herself. There is no censorship here, so if Lucy's pussy is displayed, you see it. I note this here because this is not always the case (at least in this immediacy) for other latex sites. The scenes in the videos feature her kissing other women and exercising mutual masturbation, giving blowjobs, fucking in latex and playing with huge blow-up dildos and strapons. She also likes bondage and a good whipping to her ass until it is red. This looks great under transparent latex! Most of the time she assumes the submissive role, but sometimes she also shows off as the dominant part. What I like most about the videos is the inconspicuous style. There is no background music, the camerawork is efficient and minimalistic and the scenes are intense beyond believe. Lucy is extreme quiet before she orgams but when she gets there it's an intense experience for the viewer. The other women are very attractive and they really knock the stuffing out of each other. It's like a glimpse into the intense secret sex life of real fetishists. As a concluding remark I would strongly recommend this site to any true latex fetishist. You will find some real treasures here, which are quite rare out there. (As I have not mentioned this before, the galleries are all unique and presented in a sharp and professional quality).

10-24-09  10:32am

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Visit Fetish Kitsch

Fetish Kitsch

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos come in wmv format, first 10 videos are in 640x480

-Recent videos are offered both in HD (1280x720) and standard format (960x540), about 32 videos

-About 7 galleries online with an average of 50 pictures per set and decent resolutions of 1632x1224 or 2448x3264

-Everything is offered as .zip files

-Some of the content featured is
(of course always in Latex):
Blowjobs, Fucking, Masturbation, Bondage,
Forced Orgasms, Breath Control, Gags, Hoods
Shrinkwrap, Inflatables, Vacbed, Interviews,
Role Play, Public
Cons: -Updates are only about 1 video in 1-2 weeks

-They concentrate on videos, very few galleries here

-Videos are only in wmv format

-They feature mainly catsuits, which is fantastic if you are into them, otherwise it may be a drawback

-24.95$ per month maybe a little bit pricey
Bottom Line: This is a private site, created and maintained by Amy (Miss Kitsch) and her boyfriend Dan. As mentioned on their site, they were into the fetish scene some time before this project and created it "out of pure boredom and sheer fun", which were quite fortunate circumstances for us other pervs, since you feel the "sheer fun" part in every aspect here. You get a really nice insight into their world, be it from interviews in fetish gear or when Amy is doing the chores in her catsuit and talks to the camera. On the other hand you will witness a fair amount of pure fetish fun with a lot of orgasms and kinky sex. I won't be put off by the rather slow updates since each of them is a real treat. I highly recommend this site to every latex perv in the world. If you are not into it, after joining this site you surely will ;).

09-10-10  12:43pm

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Visit Zlata


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Zlata is a young and exuberant gal

she has a very athletic and flexible body, capable of extreme contortions

amount of current galleries are about 120 with an average of 168 pictures per gallery and a resolution of 1500x1000

66 videos (.wmv) with the newer ones having a resolution of 1920x1080

archive contains about 155 galleries with resolutions around 614x819

search categories include contortion categories (backbend, frontbend, split...) and fetish types (bodypainting, bondage, nylon, latex, feet...)

three updates per week (effectively one update containing a video or picture gallery and two updates in the archive and her diary)
Cons: strictly softcore sets (nipples and crotch are taped if the clothing is too transparent)

except from some default search terms there is no tagging system or a search box

no .zips for the galleries

archive galleries are dated inconsequently which makes archiving and sorting a mess, there is no real chance to find out the actual chronological order here

you don't have access to the network sites, like absoluteskinny.com, spandexbabe.com, sweet-ballerina.com or rubber-models.com
Bottom Line: I've been around this site many times in the past few years and never got bored with their content. The variety of Zlata's posing in every setting imaginable is always exciting and the quality of their shoots had a high standard from their beginning at around 2002 until now. There are many pictures which I would love to frame and hang them on my walls if I had the space.

It's interesting to compare the older sets with a barely legal teenager Zlata and the current ones where she has grown into a sexy young woman (and kept her original flexibilty which I find pretty amazing).

Though I would say Zlata.de is a site concentrating on photography one should not neglect the videos. Watching Zlata bend in her various sexy outfits, be it in the desert, on tropical islands or even underwater is impressive.

As I mentioned in the Cons if one is an archive freak there are some shortcomings with rotated out content (no .zips) and the inconsequent naming pattern. I myself have a big deal of work now because I have many double galleries which were renamed in the meantime an I downloaded again.

My bottomline is a big recommendation for everybody to join this site if he is only remotely interested in contortion, fetish outfits and photography. Maybe it's like comparing apples and oranges here but (from my point of view) Zlata has kept the joy for experiments and fresh ideas alive which I currently miss over at MetArt.

My final score is based on the premises the site has to fulfil in its own right. It's not a general score because of the special nature of the site (if anything of that makes sense).

11-01-12  10:10am

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Visit Susan Wayland

Susan Wayland

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive and vivaciuos model

-Regular updates about every 2 days

-Variuos stylish outfits and interesting locations for the photo shootings e.g. outdoors (seasides, countrysides, cities) or indoors (old castles, abandoned factories, bars)

Site started in 2003, so there is a reasonable amount of galleries:

-64 current galleries, 21 archive galleries, older resolultions are about 853x1280, all the newer galleries have 1067x1600, about 80-100 pics per set

-Viewing options include small,medium,large sized pics, all galleries come with zips (large pic sizes)

-Videos come in 1280x720 format and feature the photoshootings (RMVB and WMV options), newer ones have a duration of about 10-15 minutes (all videos with music, some with the model talking about her outfit and the scenery), streaming option available

-Nice forum in english or german about general disussions, announcements from the latex scene or suggestions for future shootings and user comments about the galleries
Cons: -Older galleries are rotated out on a regular scale, which is really a pity.
For example, I own about 128 galleries and the total amount of the recent galleries is about 90.

-The music in the videos may get on some people's nerves (mostly club sound or ambient music).

-Updates are splitted into parts, so a whole gallery of 100 pictures consists of about 5 updates with 20 pictures each

-It's a pricy site (38,8$ for the first month, 25,85$ recurring)
Bottom Line: There is not much in the Cons this time...
But, please keep in mind that I am speaking from my own "limited" fetishistic viewpoint. That means, it does not matter if it is a softcore site (though you can see Sway's boobies and pussy from time to time :)) etc.
What I really like about this site is that Sway and Norman take really care of the customer's wishes via the forum and the feedback possibilities within the galleries. There were some requests for showing scenes of Sway putting on her latex gear in front of the camera for example, and this was indeed turned into reality very fast.
Perhaps I have to stress that the photos are a constant ceremony for latex fetishists. They feature many catsuits, which I also really appreciate. Sometimes I was tempted to lick them off my screen (thank god they also have a small wallpaper section).
Some wish for the future maybe that the site should be careful not to slip into the total glamour side of this fetish. Since I am a member for some time now, I do miss some of the more "natural" or "native" work.
Finally, I would like to strongly recommend this site for every latex enthusiast out there (in spite of the high member fee of course).

03-21-09  01:00pm

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Visit Fetish Bunker

Fetish Bunker

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fetish Bunker has high quality photosets with resolutions up to 800x1200 pixels and a small collection of videos. Their main focus is on latex catsuits, but different outfits are also widely represented (like masks, high heels, skirts, dresses etc.). Both studio and outdoor shoots are presented masterly concerning lighting and image definition. The current size of their galleries is 4800 pics in 96 sets. Their main models (Helly, Christy and Tash) are very appealing and sexy. It must be emphasized that the creative handling of the latex fetish is very refreshing and energetic here since it is a site operated by private fetishistic people as their hobby.
Cons: By far the biggest con is the user interface of their site. It relies heavily on Flash animations and is quite a pain in the ass. Every picture of a gallery first opens in a small preview window where you can "scan" it with a second small preview window like a magnifier. The original picture opens in a pop up window if you click again on the preview picture. The scrolling in one gallery is fully animated and annoying. To change the gallery itself you have to click back to the main menu and start from the very beginning.
The second biggest con is that they don't have .zip archives of their galleries. If you plan to copy a whole gallery to your PC it takes a lot of time if you don't have automated download tools.
A further con could be the small video section (.wmv,.avi,.rm formats, mostly 480x640) but it is clear that their main focus is on pictures. One should also be aware that all their videos are with music, ranging from classical music to Techno beats.
Bottom Line: As I have already said, at present the biggest con is the user interface of their site. The good news is that they are currently working to improve it. Another point is that they don't show any intimate parts of the models (boobies are no problem and are sometimes uncovered). If they appear by chance they are coated by a Fetish Bunker logo. According to the sites administrator this is partly because of difficult laws about nudity and pornography in their country and partly because the models are non-professional posers and no porn models. I think this should be unproblematic if one is mainly interested in the latex fetish. I think a main drawback for some people could rather be that the main models of the site consist only of 2-3 women. Personally this was no problem for me since the sets are very diversified. So there is only a little chance for boredom. As I can say for now updates come regularly one times per week.
What I have not discussed so far is the price of 22$ per month which is quite high. But it is a niche content so it may be partly justified.
Finally, I would recommend this site. You will find many unique pictures here that will surely satisfy ones fetishistic needs for quite a time.

07-25-08  02:43am

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Visit Latex Veronica

Latex Veronica

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Previews for non members show absolutely all available galleries, 10 videos can be watched for about 1 minute each, that's nice

-The new galleries feature extensive and hot descriptions from Veronica with nice insights into her kinky mind, quite a turn on to read them

-All videos in HD, old ones 1280x720, new ones 1920x1080, currently a total of 30 vids available, running times vary between 7-30 min.

-Galleries have resolutions of 1067x1600, zip files for each gallery, average of 90 pics/gallery (varies from 40-160)

-Some guest galleries with 20 pics each (modest resolutions, no updates here), Ancilla Tilia, Bianca Beauchamp, Susan Wayland, Manuela from Rubbervita

-Some interactive content with votings for new shootings or outfits

-Plans to do custom videos?(it's announced on their main page)
Cons: -Only one video format (.wmv), no streaming, some videos contain music (maybe a pro or con, depends)

-Galleries could use a higher resolution, there was no change here since the site started

-Download speeds are rather modest

-Updates are coming slow (about one update in 2 weeks)

-Site has a very basic design

-No hardcore scenes (like at Rubber Passion for example)
Bottom Line: Since the site changed its name my old review got obsolete but at least this one is a chance to look at some improvements they made. I really liked it that they offer .zip files for the galleries now! As I remember I downloaded the old ones per hand and all the filenames where random with no order whatsoever. Also the new HD video format is quite nice. The rest is basically the same as before. You will see colourful and rubbery pictures of Veronica doing sports like skiing, diving, cycling and swimming. There are also nice sets with dressing scenes or applying shiny silicone oil on her suit. Most scenes are shot outdoors. Furthermore you get to see her wearing casual clothes over her latex suits which gives a sweet touch to it (the hiking gallery for example is quite adorable). The main focus lies on catsuits which is after my fancy. But there are also some slightly more kinky galleries like bondage and ballgags. The most recent one features a ballhood and bondage mittens which is always cool to look at. After all, the site didn't lose its original character and charm. Veronica is quite the rubber gal and it seems she is comfortable about doing her modeling in latex attire. The main shortcoming is (as usual) the slow update schedule. I quit some time ago and didn't miss really much since then. But the actual galleries are quite an eye-catcher. Because of their improvements I give a slightly higher rating than before (which was 75).

04-05-12  02:54am

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Visit Strapon Cum

Strapon Cum

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -unique fetish content (squirting strapons, pantyhose, latex, solo, anal, creampie, fantasy costumes (ballerina, school girl,...) etc.)

-models are young and exceptionally beautiful and could as well model for a teenie site

-newer videos come in HD, there are always mobile versions available and streaming, the camera work is professional and steady, the sets are very decent and comfy looking

-counting a total of 106 videos

-galleries are well shot with high resolutions of 1920x1278 and nice lighting; they look very crisp and clean and come in .zips

-videos are labelled by fetish content

-newer watermarks in the videos and galleries have been reduced in size and changed to the letters "straponcum.com" in the lower right corners (compared to the bigger logos from older shoots)
Cons: -content is not dated (I hate that)

-updates are nearly suspended, I was a member for one month now and there was only one update

-customer support responds quickly but is not effective; I complained that the comment function doesn't work anymore and they promised to fix it but never did

-initial personal feedback from the director ceased to exist which I really appreciated in the "early days"

-wouldn't hurt to offer some more formats like .mp4 instead of .wmv only

-34.95$ per month is too pricey
Bottom Line: I already mentioned that I didn't regret to join again (just for a month though). The main reason was to obtain the newer stuff, which, from my point of view, is pretty awesome.

There has been a steady development from clumsy handling of the strapons by the girls to really hot scenes with experienced and scorching hot screwing action.

The second improvement is the more sophisticated acting of the girls. I always mocked their exaggerated behavior in their 2008-2010thish time, like already faking an orgasm when in reality nothing serious has happened. The newer videos are far more authentic. I was surprised that I even like their solo scenes now.

Personally, I like the nice combination of fetishes with the hot strapon action. You get to see gallons of goo spurting from inside a pantyhose for example, even some creampies with the artificial goo. You will see it splashing on naked hot bodies covered with latex, into high heels, on feet and on stockings. I especially love the reactions of the girls being splashed, mostly starting to laugh after the 10th or so spurt with this amazing amount of goo.

The bottom line is that this site is not well suited for porn users who expect a huge buttload of content which is updated every day so it can justify a long term membership.

I am torn to give a fair rating because the new content really blew me away. The update schedule and the other cons cannot be rationalised away though. Because there are real gems to be found here I rate it in the upper region of the average rating, just below very good.

06-06-12  01:37pm

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Visit Rubber Tanja

Rubber Tanja

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -updates are currently quite frequent (about once every 2-5 days)

-high definition videos (.f4v, 1920x1080), version for mobile devices (.flv), sreaming option

-the models are very pretty with nice firm bodies

-vast range of different fetish outfits and settings
Cons: -only 5 galleries with pretty old sets

-no model list or background infos whatsoever

-only one video format, streaming option shows the whole picture only in full screen mode (strange)

-videos are split into many parts, unfortunately the video names are just numbers which makes it impossible to find the matching parts afterwards

-plain site with not much to explore
Bottom Line: At first I was impressed by their humongous range of fetish wear they are using in the shoots. They obviously use made to measure catsuits which fit the models perfectly (and are pricey), bizarre suits like the doll suit with condoms for each orifice, realistic doll masks, masks with dental dams, piss masks, gas masks, nurse outfits etc. It's also nice to see some of the girls dress up in the suits (from naked to completely rubberized). The scenes are usually two or three girls licking or caressing each other or using dildoes or strapons. There are also two pissing scenes if I am not mistaken.

Up to here it's all fine and I am quite happy that I have seen these beautiful girls dress up and polish their hot bodies. But there are some downsides which piled up after watching the videos.

First of all the splitting of the videos is awful. It feels like they did it to manipulate the update schedule since it naturally leads to more frequent updates. And, as I said, the videos are numbered so you have to sort them carefully by hand. I have already mentioned that the models usually look gorgeous but I have some problems with the shoots. I will give some representative examples.

First, most of the licking scenes are exhausting for the viewer because the active woman (mostly) BARELY touches the pussy with her tongue which in turn produces pre-orgasmic noises from the other woman. I don't exaggerate here. In one scene I was on the verge of a heart attack watching a string of saliva going back and forth but the tongue never touching anything.

Second, the slowness...usually I like shoots which are sensous and build up the tension with some steamy ending but in some scenes you have the feeling the video runs in slow-motion and (which is most problematic) the climax is missing. There is this huge contradiction between the kinky settings and the relatively tame action. If I have a smoking hot girl in the most kinky rubber outfit which sucks on a strapon I want her to deep throat it and not just lick the tip and pretend it's her most exciting moment. If I have a piss mask I want to see all the piss going in and give the girl some trouble breathing and not dribble out mostly at the sides.

I really missed the element of exhausted and satisfied girls after an orgy of ecstatic flesh (or rubber) here. All the ingredients are there but they are not combined in the right way. I had no problem with this if they would have stayed softcore but doing it like this it's neither flesh or fowl. I don't really blame the girls which appear to be amateurs and not pros, so maybe it's just a consequence of their inexperience or shyness. Maybe I had the wrong expectations here.

In conclusion if you want to watch some awesome girls dressing up in slick rubber and don't care if the action is limited and there are nearly no galleries or options this site could be for you. Since the site is very young it may turn out to be really great in the future. With these girls at hand I surely hope so. Until then I think "might recommend" is a fair rating.

04-29-12  12:40pm

Replies (8)
Visit Latex Style

Latex Style

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 02-28-11  09:45am  (Update History)
Reason: There was a comment given which made me reconsider my score of this site.
Pros: -attractive model with a classy touch, the latex suits her very well

-crystal clear and colourful galleries
(current statistics: 15 galleries, ~90 pics/set,
resolutions of 1076x1600, .rar format)

-lovely shooting locations and interesting activities (outdoors, diving, hiking, bicycling)

-High Def videos
(8 videos so far, only wmv format, 1280x720, all with background music)
Cons: -still very few content here

-updates come irregular (at the time of writing the last update was announced for nearly two weeks now)

-pictures in the galleries are numbered randomly (like GMWoR9Tz9V.jpg etc.), therefore no ordering in picture viewers possible

-download speed is mostly slow and erratic

-no video options or streaming

-Flash galleries with medium sized pictures (I hate this Flash crap when it comes to pictures)
Bottom Line: To be honest I feel a little ambivalent to review this site. On the one hand there is so few content here that it is hard to make some projections for future developments, on the other hand the content is indeed very beautiful. As I am a fan of it, the transparent catsuit faible of Veronica is a turn on for me. Also her desire for diving and other sport activities in latex. Concerning the fetish aspect she fulfils many of my demands. Along with the nature of sites like this the content is softcore. When it comes to some additional hardcore content Rubber-Passion.com is my preferred site. But there are also the technical issues which bother me here. As mentioned it takes ages to download a video, but maybe they will fix this in the future. Concerning the galleries I have already mentioned the silly numbering system, which turns the sets into a disorderd mess. I also don't understand why they zip the .wmv files into .rar archives. But after all these are rather technical issues. In principle one gets excited seeing Veronica in her nice slinky fetish outfits and that was my main reason to join. I am quite concerned about the update issues though. I would recommend to wait just a little bit longer and see what happens here. If you can't wait and join now you will also not be disappointed anyhow.

02-25-11  12:11pm

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Visit Shiny Dolls

Shiny Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The models are mostly the girl-next-door type and look young, pretty and naughty

-Nice selection of tight and shiny spandex outfits look great on the models

-Some amount of picture galleries with acceptable resolutions (63 galleries, resolutions of about 833x1250, ~70 pictures each gallery) and zip files

-Quite a collection of videos (about 89 clips)
with resolutions of 1280x720 for the newer ones (only a few) and 720x480 for older ones, all in wmv format
Cons: -Plain site design and no options for picture sizes or video formats

-Video clips have a duration of 4 minutes on average, which is too short

-Maybe too softcore for some people; the galleries hardly show bare breasts or pussies (4 galleries breasts, one gallery pussy) sometimes a cameltoe; the masturbations in the videos mostly take place over the item the model wears but there are also explicit scenes

-The 3D galleries with computer generated models is too stereotypical and definitely no turn on for me.

-Updates come every week which maybe too slow for some people
Bottom Line: Though I listed the softcore nature of this site in the Cons it should be irrelevant for those which are specifically looking at the outfits, which look very nice of course.

But I have to say something more about the videos. Most of them are masturbation scenes or two girl scenes with some mutual rubbing and licking. There are also scenes with some virtual air fucking and dancing and teasing. Eventually there are also scenes with dildos and real fucking. But concerning the duration of the clips (as I said, 4 minutes!) and the fact that sometimes the models are barely truly touching themselves they are massively overacting, feeling engaged to moan before anything really happens. I don't like that, it spoils the pleasure for the viewer. It's OK for a half hour clip where no one could tell if it's real or not (and does not really care if it is played good), but this is somewhat disappointing. The pressure to present an orgasm no matter what is just no fun at all.

Coming to a conclusion the biggest Pro to join are definitely the galleries which are really, really nice concerning the amount and quality. For a long term membership I would recommend tight-clothes.com. It's doing the better job in some aspects.

03-01-09  06:49am

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Visit Hot Rubber Babes

Hot Rubber Babes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The quality of the pictures is quite good with (mostly) 2240x1488 pixels, few are 1024x1536. The average number per gallery is about 80 (more or less). From a latex fetishistic point of view the pictures are great, especially the catsuit shoots which are quite a lot. The photographer knows how to catch the details of the material and the beauty of the girls. Over 90% of the models are very appealing. They have a natural beauty and are real rubber lovers I think.
Cons: First of all I've found at least 9 galleries (they have 28 total) which are identical to the pictures on www.fetishworlds.net. This is a site which features panty girls, large vs. small girls, latex girls and flexi girls (similar to Zlata). To my knowledge the last update there was about 3 years ago. The monthly cost for that site is nearly the same as the current site (26.95$ per month, CCBill). Same goes to fets-fash-girls.de.
Biggest Con : Old galleries, possibly nothing new in the future.
Bottom Line: First of all the monthly cost of about 30$ per month is FAR to high. I only joined one month in order to search for sets which were not in my collection (call it nostalgic or something?) Even if the few galleries were superior to other sites the cost would outweigh the gain. Time will tell if there will be new stuff in the future. I am afraid the chance is very low. Concerning the date of the last galleries they may be update every two weeks or so. If you are really into latex and rubber it would be interesting to join for a short period just to check out some of the beautiful rubber girls. For others I would not recommend it. Perhaps check back in one, two months. I will defintively observe their work on this site in the future.

12-22-07  06:31am

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Visit 66 Latex

66 Latex

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Pictures have decent resolutions of 2000x3000

Galleries are offered in .zip format

87 galleries online with about 50-90 pics per set

Some tight and transparent outfits show plenty of skin and cameltoes
Cons: No videos

Only 8 models with moderate appearance, some at best moderate

Boring standard posing of the models in front of monochrome backgrounds

Very uninspired and not sexy site

Content and price/month are in no relation to each other
Bottom Line: This site looks like a poor copy of Rubber-models.com, but without videos, hot and juicy models and nicely shot galleries in front of interesting backgrounds. So to say, there is nothing left, which can be claimed worthwile to look at. I was a member for one month and barely downloaded a full gallery for my archive. This site is a good example for a failed attempt in relation to rubber, latex and fetishism. I wouldn't recommend to join.

07-24-10  08:13am

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Visit Rubber Tanja

Rubber Tanja
Reply of RubberTanja Co's Reply

I am really sorry for your loss due to copyrigth infringement but I will refrain from joining again and will support the general DRM boykott position of most of the PU community.

01-20-13  02:39am

Visit Lovers In Latex

Lovers In Latex
Reply of lyncher's Comment

Just a suggestion. I wouldn't do a review and a comment on the same site at the same time. Mostly it is redundant and also too much work for you ;).

12-16-12  10:11am

Visit Lovers In Latex

Lovers In Latex
Reply of lyncher's Review

Thanks for the review. I was tempted to join some time ago but didn't do it. What bothered me was (as mentioned in your review) that their preview pages didn't indicate recent updates and I felt that the perv factor was too low for me. And you are of course right concerning the subscription price. I feel that every site which claims to deliver "fetish" content reserves the right to skyrocket their prices, even if they are mediocre at best.

12-16-12  10:06am

Visit Strapon Cum

Strapon Cum
Reply of pat362's Reply

OK, thanks for the heads up.

12-01-12  11:10am

Visit Strapon Cum

Strapon Cum

updates (as ususal...)

The usual question here. It's not obvious from their previews or blog if there are any updates. Some member can confirm or deny please?

11-30-12  03:27pm

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale
Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

If he didn't pay Clips4Sale directly he has a problem. Once I bought a clip which was extremely crappy and got my money back, but this was a regular clip...

11-30-12  03:17pm

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of Khan's Reply

Actually the site I was posting has clips to buy, so it's no tube site. It's like Clips4Sale.

11-17-12  11:43am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of Khan's Reply

Khan, can you please give a reason for the tube exception? Just curious.

11-17-12  10:54am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

Concerning DVDs (but clinic stuff) the company Viola did some awesome stuff. But that's dated back in the 90's (of course it was VHS then).
Maybe try Rubber-Passion too? Lucy also does some f/m fucking but the action there is mostly solo or f/f.

11-17-12  10:52am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of RustyJ's Comment

I am too a little bit disappointed by all the sites you mentioned. They are doing so, so and have great potential (that's the main thing which hurts me) but lack some aspects. I am not sure if I understood what you are searching for correctly (concerning bizarre+f/m or just latex f/m). My general experience is that if you start searching there is not much appealing out there (or it's all softcore or model sites). Perhaps I can recommend a tiny something:


It's a couple doing quite a lot of fucking in latex, so you have f/m. There is no clinic content here but some bondage, inflatables, masks etc.


Rubber Fucking had its own site some time ago but degraded into a collection of clips from BP productions. The name speaks for itself. I have most of their clips and they are pretty decent. The downside is that there is just one guy banging the girls and the variety of women is limited to a small number. If you look around they have some other niches there like breathplay and that sort.

Quite frankly when it comes to hardcore and latex most of it is just garbage nowadays.

11-17-12  09:46am

Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic

only male catheters?

Just want to mention that from 1000 videos there is about one with a woman getting catheterized and hundreds with a male patient. I am wondering if there is some explanation which makes sense. Didn't find one yet...

11-03-12  02:41pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I sometimes send feedback but mostly to smaller sites where I think it has a chance to be heard and taken a little bit seriously.

11-02-12  12:23pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

I think it is difficult for them to include such sets because of their massive update schedule. I don't want to beef here. MetArt is still the best site concerning nude photography. Femjoy is also sort of cool. Was a member there for some months. They are rather on the full naked side but I also like to see some lingerie so MetArt is still my favorite.

10-19-12  01:35pm

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