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Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers
Reply of Bruce's Reply

(Part 5)

And yes, I'm fully cognizant that the standard protocol for universally safe sexual activity is a no-brainer for adults in the 21st century, but ultimately practicing safe sex is a personal choice, and in porn as in my private life, I quite simply just hold no affinty for fucking with a condom on. This doesn't render me a sexual deviant or reckless pervert much like banging your neighbor's wife or letting some thug bone your wife in front of a camera doesn't make neither of you such either. Got it? For argument's sake do you really think that because some dude is fucking your wife with a condom on you're somehow respecting her more? He's still putting his dick inside her isn't he? Yeah, that's some sober respect right there dude. I also fully understand that it's a fundamental pillar in the culture of swinging (I myself am also in the lifestyle my man) but in the exhibited features produced for your site they in all honesty greatly nullify what should be the elemental excitement of the activities presented. But again, this is only one opinion, however valid and true as my feelings on this subject are, they only express one person's opinion and no one else's. The bottom line remains that what I thought I was signing up for was not what I received after the check cleared and I crossed the threshold. I payed for a hardcore swingers site and ended up with the feigned nervous dross typical of late night cable.

Sorry man, but I'm speaking not only as a former customer, but as a young swinger with highly exacting tastes who also happens work in the adult entertainment industry myself. I know what works for me and what doesn't. I for one, literally grew up in the industry, my father is a former actor-turned-producer and even my parents at one point were also swingers themselves, and now that I'm a performer and have been swinging for a little over five years (I'm counting high school gang bangs as experience too, but with partners I've been steadily swinging since I was 17) I quite naturally prefer to do on film as I do behind closed doors, and I apply all these very standards to all of my sexual endeavors. This I'm afraid only heightens my insatiable criteria as I said, not only a young red blooded man on the prowl, but as a porn consumer especially, and in my perspective, your site is seriously lacking on all fronts. Take it or leave it, but my dissatisfaction with you is such that I even hated your scene on Blow Job Races.


01-23-07  03:30pm

Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers
Reply of Bruce's Reply

(Part 4)

Yes, I'm not denying that I have very specific tastes in terms of sex and more specifcally pornography, I do, and to you I'm sure they're a bit extreme, but they're my own tastes and I will defend them as much as you do your own. But can you for a second imagine my utter dissatisfaction when I searched for anal sex shoots on your site only to be met with but a few numbered (and lame I might add) examples of adolescent sodomy? That was reason enough for me abhor your entire collection, period!

The condom issue is another niche that I am decidely lukewarm towards. Your "In today’s society, it amazes me" comment is critically unfounded because I doubt that just because you're swinging in suburban America, you'd feel absolved from producing more hardcore action for what is essentially a venture capital business and not another one of your private Friday night parties for only you and your friends. Do condoms really delineate the boundaries of soft and hardcore sex? For me, as with many other men, they do. Perhaps what you guys are doing isn't in the same vein as other (legitimate) hardcore sites on the net, but regardless of whether you're, as stated, just "swinging amateurs" or actual professional actors in the industry, there are STRICT guidelines set that effectively ensure the safety of all performers regardless of the type of play involved at whichever kind of venue and with whatever the performer's inherit professionalism may be, these are called AIM tests and STD screenings. Do these not exist in Kansas? Hell, even non swinging, non-pornstar citizens get tested if they are more agressively active sexually. They keep the porn industry clean and alive just as effectively as rubbers do, but this I feel is at the sole crux of my entire argument, that is that 4RealSwingers isn't legitimate pornography, but a mere archival stash of mild home videos instead. You said it Bruce, you don't offer a polished streamlined website, 4RealSwingers is as soft and as decidely rudimentary at best.

01-23-07  03:30pm

Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers
Reply of Bruce's Reply

(Part 3)

So who am I to criticize something that you've been doing for "EIGHT" years? Simple, I'm someone who was charged four times to remain a member to your website. As someone who in no simpler terms AUGMENTED your income for a quarter of a year, I feel fully deserving to make any and all judgements with regards to what I was privy to during this period. Ironies aside, what I originally wrote was as accurate an assessment as any truly discerning former/present/future member could ever make of 4realswingers. I mean, has your website really changed that much since 2004 that you felt the need to discredit and negate my entire point of view? I didn't think so.

But like you mentioned, and I'm glad YOU mentioned it, but your "400+ photo sets and 411 videos" of self-described "non-polished non-pro" content really isn't worth bragging either man. Especially when the bulk of these videos end up blending and looking unvaried and monotonous after a while. But this is why you guys used to protect them with Digital Rights Management right? G-d forbid that anyone would actually download a dozen videos of the same boring action and become bewildered about telling them apart on their hard drives. But now that you've apparently disabled DRM, I'm afraid that it's still not worth the trouble of encouraging people to join, particularly if you're still using REALPLAYER as the default media reader. See Bruce, I WAS a member, and I can tell you specifically which episodes I did and did not watch. I sir, joined "Anna & Bruce" to see just that, ANNA AND BRUCE, not Anna and ugly girlfriends, or Anna and Joe Black Guy. So yes, I infrequently bothered to watch any videos that didn't have you as a protagonist, something which was thankfully very easily facilitated by the search options made available on the site to seek specific clips featuring particular persons and sexual niches. And so what if you are only featured in half of your "411" videos, who cares, it only goes to show how unimpressive it all ultimately was that it all ended up looking alike to me. Do you think your own personal performances to be that exceptional that one might be able to distinguish yours from other dude's? And similarly, I for one don't appreciate POV shoots of ten minute blowjobs, or the same old "swingers" hot tub routines either, nor do I enjoy solo-dildo-masturbation scenes, or care for girl-on-girl action, and I'm most especially turned off by seeing black dudes fucking white women the most. And before you [incredulously] call me a racist, I'll save you the trouble because it's none of your business if I am or not, so BFD!

01-23-07  03:30pm

Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers
Reply of Bruce's Reply

(Part 2)


Countering my admittedly BLATANT generalizations made about "Viagra, Oprah, 'MODELS', and Condoms" doesn't change the fact that this is how this reviewer perceived your content. PERCEIVED! At no moment did I explicitly say that you guys used or did or were guilty of any of these things, but simply stated this as a tongue-in-cheek device to illustrate the point I was trying to make. Any normal person with even a minutely adequate sense of humor could've picked up on the fact that these statements were said with earnest levity and irony. The fact that you've chosen to dwell on them is I'm afraid, your own problem and NOT MINE! And you say that you don't use Viagra, bravo!, good on you man, but lot's of people do, so who cares. My point of reference was ONLY to give an example of how I observed your content: slow, boring vanilla, or I suppose what you'd erroneously classify as "Amateur" right? Is it a harsh and unfair asessment? totally, but BFD, BIG FUCKING DEAL, get the fuck over it dude. The Oprah bonbon comment was clearly meant less seriously than how you've taken it and only illustrates your own issues and insecurities with receiving criticism. Grow up!

As for this argument about hiring "Models", I never once used that specific term SPECIFICALLY but I did however say that you [hired girls] so I'll at least give you that one, and only that one, but you MUST first go back and re-read my review, it is quite obvious that I merely mentioned these [girls] to point out their physical ordinariness and nothing else. But I must say though, that in this case I'm glad that they do indeed work for free because even at a dollar a dozen they're not worth the price of a cup of coffee, let alone a month's membership to your site. And so what if you don't compensate your network of swinging friends, neighbors, or whatever you want to call it, that still doesn't change my critique, consented work or not. As a porn viewer, your so-called "friends" are simply the cast in the production. Do I care that you've been swinging together since 1907? Nope. Did I even care enough to click on their respective banners featured on your site and more pressingly do I care about any of them now? Nope and nope. (And you say that I wasn't a member huh?) Your responibility was not to question whether or not I was a member because of my review, but rather accept my (and all criticism for that matter) as constructively as possible and evolve from it. You should learn to VALUE your past and present members and E[VALUE]ATE their commentary to address the issues and situations that arise from them if you wish to attract subscribers in the future. Instead you've proven yourself to be above the fundamental purpose of this "review website" in that to your knowledge 4RealSwingers is in no need for improvement or further evolution. And sadly that's your own undoing.

01-23-07  03:29pm

Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers
Reply of Bruce's Reply

(Part 1)

WOW! An impassioned-yet-unjustified reply from a disgruntled hypersensitive webmaster . . . never thought I'd be getting one of these. But now that you've clearly taken the initiative to seek out any (if there HAD been any other reviews for your awful site other than mine) and worse, even had the audacity to wrongfully attempt to discredit my so-called "comical" and uniformed review of said, AWFUL AWFUL WEBSITE, I too will counter your reply POINT BY POINT in the same manner with which you've tried to question the basis and criterion with which I've judged your site. But before I continue further let me first preface the rest of this reply by inviting you to contact me personally via private message here on Pornusers so that I may give you the transaction information of the membership subscriptions from not only 2003 sir, but like I stated, my foolish rejoining of a second time in 2004. If the case turns out that you don't keep records of past members, I'm more than 100% positive that my VISA V.I.P. concierge can more than vouch for my having been a member to your awful site and put your INARGUABLE suspicions to rest. Or better yet, through the billing system utilized when signing up. Of course, I shouldn't even be putting myself out there in this capacity, but you've accused me of never having been a member, thus putting into question my integrity as a reviewer here on Pornusers and that sir is an unfair blow serving only to appease your obviously hurt ego. So unless you can be 100% certain that I (or anyone else who reviews your site(s) here were never members) take these words as the opinions of people who at one time inflated your and your wife's bank accounts and have earned EVERY RIGHT to comment as they see fit and just. And unless you will be reimbursing me with my assets, then trust that I was a member during the periods I've already expressed in my review.

01-23-07  03:29pm

Visit Blowjob Races

Blowjob Races

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: None
Cons: - The concept it turns out, isn't very exciting.
Bottom Line: I joined this site a couple months ago on the basis of the previews offered on their homepage and quickly discovered that I would've been better off just jerking off to the previews than to the content they offered inside.

The concept behind this site is simple, a girl gets on her knees in front of a hot young cock and she sets a time limit for herself in which she must suck him off to completion before the time runs out. Nice concept in theory, but the reality is that essentially we end up getting nothing but short ten to fifteen minute updates every week. Why? Because the dudes pop their loads in that short amount of time. But I must note that usually not within the constrained time limits set by the girls, because as it turns out, these girls think themselves better than Dyson vacuums and set themselves up for failure by promising to make the guys cum within ridiculously shorter deadlines.

So if you're strictly into fellatio, and not just any fellatio, but the kind typical of a craigslist hooker during your lunch break, then this is the site for you. It's that fast, and ultimately as dissatisfying as wasting fifty bucks for a twenty minute blowjob in the front seat of your car.


01-14-07  11:25pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Cons: - .WMV ONLY!
Bottom Line: This is one of the site's that I'm currently subscribed to and I love it. First of all I find their setup to be pretty ingenious. You can access scenes from their entire stock by whatever niche you might be horned up for at the time. And if you're familiar with Devils Films then you'll know that everything they do is as hard as hardcore can get.

Like I said, Devils Films put out some of the nastiest titles in porn today so in the dirt department you're bound to need some Lysol and spermicide after watching a clip. It's that nasty folks. One of my favorites is their "Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours" line of videos, where as the title says, guys eat their own cum after cumming on their partner's faces. And I'm not going to lie, I really only joined because I'm a big fan of their "50 Guy Cream Pie" series and have in the past payed much more than the monthly membership for this site to buy single copies of these DVDs. Well to my surprise, that entire series is availble for download as are many other titles to chose from.

The quality of their clips are by far the bet I've come across for any adult site. And considering how I have an aversion to downloading and viewing WMV files, these really are the best out there. They are without the usual muddy resolutions and sluggish playbacks typical of WMV files, but brighter and crisper than any WMV file I've ever downloaded in the past. This is a definite triumph for the site.

01-14-07  10:50pm

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Visit Spoiled Slut

Spoiled Slut

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
(But a trial run affords you all of their scenes)
Bottom Line: First of all I'd like to preface this by saying that many times I find myself compelled to join a site because of ONE single previewed scene. This was the case with Spoiled Slut.

I ran across the write-up for this site on TBP and after checking a few free clips on their tour page, my dick and balls swelled for this one scene featuring a rather smokin' bitch with the most pert gamine little body. Naturally, I joined up for only 3 days because of this sole scene and I'm so glad I did because the rest of the episodes were complete rubbish.

First of all the scene I liked so much was essentially a thirty minute blowjob in an auto body shop. There was nary a glimpse of pussy! VERY MISLEADING OF THE PREVIEW!!! Other episodes ranged from barely tolerable to downright embarassing. The site is supposed to be the porn version of MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, with so-called "Rich" bitches who have their way with the hired help. Well, most of the girls are gross and don't know how to perform and the rest are too ridiculous to be making porn. One episode where some ho' goes to get a check up at a clinic was pretty okay, but mostly because the guy who fucks her really tears her a brand new fuckhole! (I hope she was payed pennies).

Anyway, I can't really recommend this site to anyone, not even because you get access to everything on file with just the trial membership. It's among the worst of the worst. Poorly conceptualized and worsened by terrible technical execution.

01-12-07  09:33pm

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Visit Rodox


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Bottom Line: I really loved my time on this site and would've probably stayed on longer if it were more afforable, but it's most assuredly not. For what you get, it's highway robbery. But I suspect they knew darn well that only a select few retro connoisseurs would make such an investment and set their price point as high as possible to get as much of a return on their output. I'm clearly one of those insatiable guilty ones, but I took everything I could in the month I was subscribed to the site, and I promptly left thereafter. It didn't seem to be growing at any perpetual rate so I couldn't justify playing the game of wait-and-see. Perhaps in a year or so I'll re-join and catch up on what they updated since my departure.

Like I stated, it's definitely for guys with an appreciation for the gone days when women were on the pill and a creampie wasn't yet a fetish, but the only way to successfully complete coitus. Not that there are a lot of internal shots on here, but do you get the sense that there was some very serious dick gravy being deposited into those rank hirsute cervices.

It's all photos too so don't expect any video or anything. But overall I liked the site a lot. It could obviously be bulked up so much more, especially with those hefty entrance fees, but if you're looking for a singular investment then it's worth the price if you raid their catalogue and abort promptly. That is of course, if you're into the carefree sexual proclivites from your folk's heyday.


01-12-07  08:42pm

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Visit Color Climax

Color Climax

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Bottom Line: I've been subscribed to CC since before I was supposed to. It's really dirty stuff from the days of the 8mm stag reels.

Most of the features are from the early seventies, and showcase Nordic models doing things that would be considered taboo even today, so I can only imagine that back then it was a downright act of sadism on behalf of the producers.

I myself avoid watersport porn like I do girls on the rag, but because I'm a European 70's afficionado, I have to tolerate it here. And it's a part of almost every feature, too.

The girls are for the most part, ugly. Sorry, I'm not going to lie. None of them are on the level of say, an Uschi Digart so don't expect to see big-titted Swiss misses. Also the sex ranges from dull to terrible. The appeal for me here is the historical value of the CC brand. CC if you don't know were among the first major porn studios, covering everything from basic sex to barnyard beastialty, to something they'd probably not like to be remembered for, kiddie porn. That's right, CC built most of their company on exploiting very little girls in the very beginning of their run. Of course none of that is available on the site, but it's a part of their identity that will never be forgiven.

Like I said, if you like vintage flicks from the 70's, particularly those with greasy Europeans with incontinence problems, then this is the site for you. If this isn't your niche then I don't suggest that you peek here.

01-12-07  08:21pm

Replies (3)
Visit Private.com


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
- Glamourous Girls & Boys
- Pro Ass-Stretching Anal Shoots (YEAH!)
- Print Magazine Archive Dating Back to the 1960'S
- Pierre Woodman, Period!
- Extensive DVD Release Archives
- The Finest Smut Photography Ever!
Cons: - NONE
- Not even the fact that D/L's are protected.
- Or that the magazine scans could be a little bigger.
Bottom Line: If I could give the masters at Private a thousand, I would, twice! This has been my homepage for the past four years. For what they give you, it's worth the annual membership!

I'm a devotee of all things Private, ever since I found my dad's stash of XXX magazines when I was eight. Their's is what would become the standard by which I've judged all pornography ever since. There is never anyone but perfect tens in all of their features. The guys and the girls! And the sex, boy, it's what all sex should look like. The girls really get into the poundings, and the fellas are fuckin' merciless. Huge faaat-ass dicks that get rammed into the tightest puckered booties that Europe has to offer!

I'm now going on my third annual subscription and I'll most likely remain a member for life. When you consider that a single published issue of their mags sell for $25 & up at adult bookstores, and the fact that you get access to all of their monthly editions on the site every month, I don't see how anyone could ever cancel their membership. Additionally, you can go as far back to their archived debut issue. So along with basic smut comes a veritable history lesson on the evolutionary culture of pornography: from the furry hippie 60's, the coked-up disco 70's, dyNASTY era 80's, gen x(XX) 90's, to the cyber age of the WiFi millennium.

Private is simply the best and one day I too hope that all my sons follow in my and my father's footsteps and get their rocks off with Private, too.

01-12-07  07:53pm

Replies (3)
Visit The Taste of Brazilian Ass

The Taste of Brazilian Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The nastiest anal fucking money can buy. Period!
Cons: - There's only a dozen or so episodes updated
Bottom Line: I recommend this to all the fans of serious ass fucking. This is ass worship at it's finest. Big round Brazilian asses get the shit fucked out of them, literally! It's pretty great stuff. And all bareback, nary a rubber in sight. The girls range from smokin' and exotic to standard prostitute fare. The real performers here aren't the girls though, it's the dudes, and boy do they know how to lay down the pipe! They're more than cut out for the job too, they're nasty boys with big dicks that go from ass to mouth and right back into the ass just seamlessly. A couple of them seem to enjoy tasting their cocks of the mouths of these girls, too. You won't find hotter sex anywhere else, it's fast paced and pretty extreme. I'm definitely hooked!

I will say this though, you can very easily download most if not all of the stuff on this site with just a trial membership. And I discovered that some of the stuff on this site is also available on Brazil Booty Bangers, too. I'm not sure if it's a sister site but because the shit is so hot I don't really care about that. All I can say is that if the updates were more frequent, then I'd be awarding this site a perfect score of 100!!!

01-12-07  12:54pm

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Visit Ox Pass

Ox Pass

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot Sobe hoez!!!
- The quality of their girls is superb
- Guys are pretty hot too
- Frequency of updates is impressive
- Hilarious and likable cast members
- Network access en masse
- Offers the most dedicated customer service I've EVER encountered
- Trial membership only garners access to lame/dated files.
- More screenshots than digital photos
- Full episodes available only in WMV format
Bottom Line: I like this site because of their brilliant production standards. TOP NOTCH! Very gonzo POV.

The girls are typically young and really fuckin' hot. They also play the naive-cum-dumb roles pat. Their male cast are also on a scale above average. Built and hung. And they update like crazy, there's honestly always something new to watch. And did I mention that it's fucking funny to boot? It's like gonzo reality for drunk immature frat boys. ACE!

The sex is just too damn vanilla for me, this is why I'm giving it a 70 because sex-wise it's at that mediocre level. It's like watching fumbling high school first timers going at it most of the time. But the big tits and shiny monster asses more than make up for that in my eyes (and in my shorts!). It's definitely more for "entertainment" than for getting off but it's an overall good product. If you enjoy diluted semi-hardcore Spice and Playboy TV type scenes, with highly adolescent locker room humor, then this will be right up your alley, but if you're into nasty hardcore fucking you best look elsewhere son!


01-12-07  12:10pm

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