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Visit Leg Sex

Leg Sex

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Does a good job catering to ALL aspects of the
leg and foot fetish.
- Excellent video and picture quality for most of the content.
- Plenty of content overall
- Zip sets in large and small sizes
- Frequent updates.
- Wide variety of models
- Easy to use (and varied) navigation features.
- Distinctive personality touches throughout the site.
Cons: - No network access
- Older videos and pic sets lacking a bit in quality (definitely in the minority however).
- No site interaction (forums, fellow users)
- A few major inaccuracies in the "search" functions, forcing users to use alternative methods to get to certain content.
Bottom Line: Overall this site has to be considered one of the top two or three leg and foot fetish sites out there. The videos look great, and have that uniquely bright studio like quality that the Score Group is known for. Obviously the pics are also very good with this being a magazine related site. The content is varied nicely between solo and hardcore; with just the right amount of unpredictability and flair.

Some might compare this site negatively to a site like HotLegsandFeet. Now I have to admit I have never been a member there (HotLegsandFeet), but I think that Legsex, while not better, should be looked at a bit differently. It really depends on what you're into. HotLegsandFeet focuses almost soley on young Euro models, with heavily airbrushed styled content. Legsex OTH has a much wider variety of models in terms of both age and ethnicity. And while Legsex's content does have high production values, it doesn't come off as being overly staged; they do an excellent job walking that fine line.

I won't bother to mention any other sites in this niche, as to me most of them are not "full service". Meaning they usually will cater to only ONE aspect of the fetish,(such as pantyhose/nylons or feet alone).

02-19-08  10:03am

Replies (2)
Visit Bootylicious Mag

Bootylicious Mag

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great video quality, vids can be downloaded in full scenes or clips.
- Solid amount of Content, some 80 plus vids and hundreds of picture galleries.
- 100% Exclusive content
- Nice variation of solo and hardcore scenes with some anal mixed in.
- Very good pic quality, sets of about 60 pics each, zip files can be downloaded in 800X1600 and 1600X1200 sizes.
- Frequent updates.
- Easy browsing options which have improved since I first joined.
Cons: - Focus on ass alone is a bit obsessive
- The price, at 29.99, is a bit steep for a site offering no network access. There is at least one way around it however, I joined Legsex at 29.99 and got this site included for 16.99 a month (of course I know not everyone will be interested in Legsex).
- Although there are plenty of pics, it could offer more for a magazine affiliated site.
- Noticed a few dead link picture galleries, these were rare however.
- Plenty here, but still needs growth
Bottom Line: Overall this site is strong on the fundamentals of pic/vid quality and options. I've been a member of this site for a while now simply due to the fact that for this particular niche there really isn't any better out there. The price is quite high considering there is no network access here; so if you only OCCASIONALLY like to see ebony and Latino gals I would probably suggest other sites like the Bangbros Ballhoneys, or RoundandBrown from Reality Kings. However, the afformentioned sites really have nothing on Bootylicios Mag in terms of both quality, and even potential(as it's still a fairly new site); so if REALLY you need your fill of these ladies, this is the place.

That said, my only real gripe is that the obsessive focus on ass alone may limit the site somewhat. It's quite normal to see whole photo sets without even one full frontal shot of the girl photographed. The videos also follow a similar track, which can make them a bit one dimensional as well. Obviously the name of the site IS "Bootyliciousmag", but for those wanting to see ALL these gals have to offer this could be a turnoff.

02-10-08  11:57pm

Replies (0)
Visit All Kinds Of Girls

All Kinds Of Girls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
- Raunchy as hell, anal in virtually every scene.
- 100% exclusive
- Plenty of content.
- Pretty good video quality, especially for an amateur site.
- Good picture quality, (roughly 100 pics per set)excellent camera work.
- Wide variety of models in terms of ethnicity.
- very simple navigation (maybe too simple)
- Scenes are broken into three or more smaller clips about five minutes each.
- Most models have only one pic set (multiple videos)
- No zip sets
- Site lacks some personality (makes up for it in substance)
- No network access
- Could use a bit more foreplay, build up, and variety; we learn little about these gals.
- A few of the girls are too unattractive for even me to handle.
Bottom Line: To say that this site is not for everybody may be an understatement, there are are no porn stars or teens here. It's all about AMATEUR MATURE BBWS, and if you like these kinds of ladies this may be one of the best kept secrets on the internet. The girls here, while not the most attractive (in the conventional sense) are certainly sweet and enthusiastic. Most seem to be genuinely shy, and even somewhat surprised they were able to get onto a porn site. The content though is NO FRILLS HARDCORE, as few words are spoken (and not much oral is performed) before getting straight to the fucking. Anal seems to be damn near mandatory, and not much time is wasted before hitting the back door. Bottom line if you like these types of women this site is like hitting the proverbial nuke button a jerk session. For me, I am not always in the mood for this kind of porn, but when I am this site more than enough.

Some may not agree with the high score, but part of my reasoning is that there really isn't another site that does this kind of content better. Sure there plenty of Euro sites the have the same focus, but the quality is a mixed bag and lets face it, it's Euro porn (language barrier). Also while there are plenty of "normal" bbw sites, NONE are as raunchy as this. (DirtyDirector.com may be a notable exception but the content is not quite same OR as good.)

03-04-08  03:37pm

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Visit Busty Direct

Busty Direct

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The models themeselves are some of the hottest BBW's on the web (judge that for yourself)
- Pictures are of decent quality
- Interaction encouraged through email and webcams
- Decent (barely) number of pic sets and videos
- Updates come frequently enough
Cons: - Video quality is substandard, not horrible for an amateur network, but definetly below average.
- Pic sets need to be larger (only btwn 50-80pics) to make up for the lack of video quality.
- Only a few joint scenes between models on the network
- Not much hardcore
- Too expensive for what is offered
Bottom Line: If you haven't noticed, this is really a very loosely based network of BBW model sites. It includes access to DaphneStone44G, NaughtyGia, AprilJuggs,Isabelllane, SimoneFox, KeamaKim, CurvyKatlin, and another mixed BBW site called BustyDirect. As far as the models themselves they are some of the best on the web; I have no complaints, (they alone keep me from trashing this network outright). Also for the most part these girls don't have a ton of content that can be seen elsewhere.

That's the sad part, because the conglomerate of sites known as ThickNetwork needs do a better job in terms of quality overall. The resolution on the videos, while not the worst, could certainly be better (although the girls themselves provide pretty good content). The pic sets can also be frustrating, as for one they are not large enough to make up for the poor vids, and secondly the photographers don't seem to quite know what they're doing half the time(too many closeups, not enough full nudity, etc).

Not favorably, if you really like the models here (and I mean really like them) it may be worth it for a month. Otherwise, save your money and check out BigandBrutal(for solo action) BBWSuperstars, BBWHunter, XLGirls, or even AllKindsofGirls (if you really want to get nasty).

* On a side note, I was offered a loyalty discount for 9.99 when attempting to cancel. It is debatable whether or not it's worth it at this price, probably not.

02-19-08  01:11pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Use the Secondary Biller (a simple safe trick)

If you MUST subscribe to Banbros (and this may be an instance where piracy is justifiable, but that's another discussion) use the secondary billing option which luckily in this instance is EPOCH.

Bangbros first billing option looks to be in house, and they clearly appear to be using customer credit card info for unethical if not outright illegal practices.

However, Epoch is as safe as it gets (and easy to cancel), so how do you acess it instead?

Simple, enter in your credit card info but with the WRONG EXPIRATION DATE IN THE FUTURE (e.g. if it's 11/15 put 11/17). This will trigger a simple bank decline (no money charged or held) and the site will then give you an option to use the same card again but with a different biller (second option down), click it, and you will be sent to the Epoch page. Enter the legit card info here.

Keep in mind it has to be the wrong expriration IN THE FUTURE, entering the wrong card number, wrong CVV, or wrong expiration in the past will simply give you an error due to invalid information and will not trigger the secondary billing option.

Now there are other issues with the site that have been reported once you get inside such as upsells that can be unwittingly clicked on. I can't verify that using EPOCH eliminates those from happening but at least in terms of the initial transaction (and subscription) there should be no issue.

Also this trick is not exclusive to Bangbros, but should work with any site that has a secondary (if preferrable) billing option.

05-16-15  01:43pm

Replies (3)
Visit Brazzers

Reply of Pyrenees's Reply

Thanks for the insight, I never really knew what went down with that. I always maintained my membership throughout all that (only pay $10 a month) but then again I never really thought thoses scenes were all that great anyway.

Looking at it now, they could probably get away with bringing it back at this point given some of the stuff that is out now and considered mainstreme

05-16-15  12:02pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of midnight123's Comment

Also Bangbros is notorious for unethical billing, which is strange since first weren't always that way, and second they are sufficiently large to where they shouldn't need to resort to that sort of thing.

It's funny because their content is so widely (and easily) pirated (I would wager top 5) that you'd think they would do anything to safeguas rd their reputation amongst guys that are actually willing to pay them.

I currently have long running memberships to about 4 ot 5 different sites (all heavily discounted) but when it comes to Bangbros, I'm not ashamed to admit that I simply pirate it. They have it comming to them in my opinion.

05-06-15  12:43pm

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of midnight123's Comment

Sorry for what happened, but one thing you can do in the future is access the site using the secondary biller, for Bangbros the secondary biller is Epoch which pretty much as safe as it gets.

The way you do this is first enter all your card details with an incorrect expiration. This will prompt a simple decline and the site will then send you to their secondary (often safer) biller.

I always check for the secondary biller on all sites I use If I don't like the first one.

05-06-15  12:28pm

Visit Score Videos

Score Videos
Reply of fiou's Comment

Via Paxton was a model from the late 90's that refused to do video. I remember reading about it in the magazine. Something about her thinking that posing in magazines were glamorous but appearing in a video, even soft core, made her a slut.

Makes no sense but it was also a slightly different time. Back then, Score was still mostly about the magazine with the website being secondary.

03-27-15  03:28pm

Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

Yea I now have an ongoing membership here. Don't plan on canceling any time soon.

03-27-15  12:07pm

Visit Wild On Cam

Wild On Cam

Just Another Hardcore Site Now

This site used be unique in that you could find the top notch pornstars in long form (30 - to an hour) SOLO webcam shoots in full 1080P.

The hardcore shoots were never it's strong suit. One reason is due to the uniform condom usage, but also simply due to the fact I can see the same girls doing hardcore in scenes with bit of build up, in differing locations etc. I don't know about you but when I think of a webcam shoot I'm thinking mostly about watching a girl solo, what am I missing here?

What other site could you see a Lisa Ann, Ava Adams, Julia Ann etc. in long solo shoots like you could here? Nowhere without joining each of their individual sites or going through the various cam sites for exorbitant prices.

Up till now the hardcore shoots didn't really bother me simply because they only occurred once in a while and I could simply ignore them. However within the last 7-8 months it has become pretty much the only format they shoot.

It's really a shame but indicative of many sites that go away from what made them stand out and provide an essential value. I swear if you were to glance briefly at a scene from Lethal Hardcore and compare it WildonCam, you would hardly tell the difference.

03-27-15  11:40am

Replies (0)
Visit Hustler

Reply of ghosty's Review

Solid Review. Thanks

02-27-15  12:28pm

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of dextro's Comment

This company has had some questionable billing practices, so I would warn you against taking a membership. I may go back, but with a limited prepaid card only.

04-11-12  10:00am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of Khan's Reply

Thanks Khan for the reply. I may sign up in the next few days.

03-04-12  10:51am

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of messmer's Reply

I understand Messmer. I figured you might reply before I finished since you are always pretty fast and seem to be here quite a bit.

Nonetheless I'm a bit concerned about the $9.99 recurring since when I just went to sign up it said "$9.99 for 1 month". Meaning they might blindside us with price spike next month.

Didn't you just recently get burned by bangbros on something like this. Keep in mind I think they basically use the same biller.

I wouldn't mind confirmation from PU staff on the recurring part.

03-03-12  07:55pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of messmer's Comment

I was about to say the 10gb is more than enough but then I realized some 1080p files can be upwards of 3gb. Still a good deal if you like the site though. I may be going back myself.

03-03-12  07:27pm

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Laptopbs's Comment

I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but I've never had a billing issue with Brazzers and have been a member quite a few times, including now. I've also called them before and had no trouble reaching them.

And trust me I've been burned a a few sites in the past, so I know how it feels.

I personally think Brazzers is simply too large a site (perhaps the most popular on the net), and making too much money to be doing anything deliberately fraudulent, but I could be wrong, I can't speak to your experience.

02-07-12  09:47am

Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network
Reply of messmer's Comment

I think they tried to do the same thing to me at Reality Kings. When I didn't see the renew price (signed up for $9.99) I immediately canceled.

They'll actually end up making less money off me, since I probably would have let the subscription continue if they would have been honest about it.

With all the piracy going on you'd think these sites would do their utmost to treat customer's fairly. Instead they just perpetuate the problem.

01-29-12  08:14pm

Visit Scoreland

Reply of BubbaGump's Reply

Hey, no problem...Scoreland is a fairly popular site as they cater to a very popular niche, are a pretty recognizable brand due to their magazines. Also they have a few girls you can't see elsewhere.

That just leads to passwords being stolen pretty frequently. It happened to me a few times subscribing to that site. Last time I was there was probably August/September last year.

01-29-12  08:09pm

Visit Scoreland

Reply of BubbaGump's Reply

Bubbagump, all of the Score groups HD videos are found on Score HD, this includes all of the major sites: Scoreland, XL girls,18eighteen 40something mag etc.

Score HD does not have vids from any of their standalone sites such as 50plus milfs.

All THE VIDEOS ON SCORE HD ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD (at least last time I was there not too long ago).

The only drawback to SCORE HD is there are no pic sets from the Score Groups array of magazines; only screen shots of the vids. So if you just want vids Score HD is the way to go.

It's a bit confusing, and yes I agree a bit deceptive (I have commented on this before).

01-27-12  03:28pm

Visit Brazzers Reel

Brazzers Reel

Warning: Front Page is Misleading

Just a heads up to any newbies out there. This site DOES NOT have original content, it is all DVD licensed. The front page is made out to look like an original content site, with no DVD covers (unlike a videobox or videoz).

And they don't allow searching of available DVD's without purchase first.

Don't be fooled.

08-13-11  05:54pm

Replies (1)
Visit Brazzers Reel

Brazzers Reel
Reply of lone59's Reply

Exactly. I just clicked the link to take a look again. I see that they have simplified the front page to make it look like the main Brazzers site. There are no DVD covers to be seen at all, which suggests that it has original content.

I usually am not one to criticize Brazzers nonstop like some others (I'm still a member). However this is boarderline fraudulent. I'm going to create a comment to warn other users.

08-13-11  05:47pm

Visit Mature.nl

Reply of pat362's Reply

Yes, plenty of hardcore, I'd say about 50-50. I was a member many years ago (I'd say 2006 or 2007). Not sure how it's changed since.

07-23-11  03:39pm

Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass
Reply of Divinx's Comment

I've gotten this in the past. I just make sure to delete it every time. Luckily most email providers (I use Yahoo) alows you to preview messages before opening them up fully.

06-05-11  10:49pm

Visit Interracial Housewives

Interracial Housewives
Reply of fiou's Comment

Thanks for the warning.

06-02-11  12:35am

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