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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Use the Secondary Biller (a simple safe trick)

If you MUST subscribe to Banbros (and this may be an instance where piracy is justifiable, but that's another discussion) use the secondary billing option which luckily in this instance is EPOCH.

Bangbros first billing option looks to be in house, and they clearly appear to be using customer credit card info for unethical if not outright illegal practices.

However, Epoch is as safe as it gets (and easy to cancel), so how do you acess it instead?

Simple, enter in your credit card info but with the WRONG EXPIRATION DATE IN THE FUTURE (e.g. if it's 11/15 put 11/17). This will trigger a simple bank decline (no money charged or held) and the site will then give you an option to use the same card again but with a different biller (second option down), click it, and you will be sent to the Epoch page. Enter the legit card info here.

Keep in mind it has to be the wrong expriration IN THE FUTURE, entering the wrong card number, wrong CVV, or wrong expiration in the past will simply give you an error due to invalid information and will not trigger the secondary billing option.

Now there are other issues with the site that have been reported once you get inside such as upsells that can be unwittingly clicked on. I can't verify that using EPOCH eliminates those from happening but at least in terms of the initial transaction (and subscription) there should be no issue.

Also this trick is not exclusive to Bangbros, but should work with any site that has a secondary (if preferrable) billing option.

05-16-15  01:43pm

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Visit Wild On Cam

Wild On Cam

Just Another Hardcore Site Now

This site used be unique in that you could find the top notch pornstars in long form (30 - to an hour) SOLO webcam shoots in full 1080P.

The hardcore shoots were never it's strong suit. One reason is due to the uniform condom usage, but also simply due to the fact I can see the same girls doing hardcore in scenes with bit of build up, in differing locations etc. I don't know about you but when I think of a webcam shoot I'm thinking mostly about watching a girl solo, what am I missing here?

What other site could you see a Lisa Ann, Ava Adams, Julia Ann etc. in long solo shoots like you could here? Nowhere without joining each of their individual sites or going through the various cam sites for exorbitant prices.

Up till now the hardcore shoots didn't really bother me simply because they only occurred once in a while and I could simply ignore them. However within the last 7-8 months it has become pretty much the only format they shoot.

It's really a shame but indicative of many sites that go away from what made them stand out and provide an essential value. I swear if you were to glance briefly at a scene from Lethal Hardcore and compare it WildonCam, you would hardly tell the difference.

03-27-15  11:40am

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Visit Brazzers Reel

Brazzers Reel

Warning: Front Page is Misleading

Just a heads up to any newbies out there. This site DOES NOT have original content, it is all DVD licensed. The front page is made out to look like an original content site, with no DVD covers (unlike a videobox or videoz).

And they don't allow searching of available DVD's without purchase first.

Don't be fooled.

08-13-11  05:54pm

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Visit Brazzers


1080 p is free for all members

Just to set the record straight. Brazzers recently put out a message stating that all members have free access to 1080p HD videos.

Of course many here do not care for Brazzers (for many different reasons), but for those who were considering the site, this may influence that decision.

05-29-11  01:08pm

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

No more billing problems?

Maybe I'm a glutten for punishment, but after my last billing nightmare with this site I signed back up in April and had no billing issues. I cancelled earlier this month as well without issue.

I still maintain that the bad situation was not an error on my part, and urge caution to anyone considering the site. However in fairness I've never had any problems save for the issue I had late last year.

All in all this is one of the best sites on the net in terms of value, so I hope to see it do well.

05-29-11  08:43am

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Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

Fraudulent Billing

If you sign up for the trial subscription to this site it will automatically charge you $39.95 3 days later. Canceling the trial through the biller is useless. You have to call to have it cancelled. I learned the hard way.

Not to long ago they used Epoch which is legitimate, now they have changed to some overseas billing company and are apparantly in the business of ripping people off.

04-30-11  12:59am

Replies (10)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Fraudulent Billing!

Beware of this site. (NOTE: after checking my bank records the situation was actually worse than I had first reported, I had to make some corrections)

A couple of months ago I signed up to Devils film and not only got signed up to Porn Access (unwillingly), but also to TWO OTHER SITES I hadn't signed up for. Only Porn Access appears pre-checked on the sign up, the others I hadn't even heard of.

The thing is I ended up seeing the separate billings for the other sites like 7-10 days later, All of them from the same obscure biller that Devils Film uses.

I was VERY cautious about the pre-checked stuff, and I was never actually charged for any trials. Instead, I was actually charged for THREE EXTRA SITES (total) all $9.95 for sites I'm certain I never signed up for. The sites are as follows:

1. $9.95 for Devils Film (Only site I signed up for).
2. $9.95 for Porn Access (never signed up for, MADE SURE TO UNCHECK)
3. $9.95 Flashy Babes (hadn't heard of, not even my taste).
4. $9.95 for DVD box (already had Video Box, never would have signed up for this on my own).

I have been somewhat reluctant to post this since I really have enjoyed Devil's film and actually consider it to be THE MOST underrated porn site on the net, (and the best value at $9.99).

I would consider going back, but this has to be looked into. THIS IS NOT A PRE-CHECKED BILLING ISSUE, there is something else going on. I'm not just some new poster who doesn't know the ropes with an axe to grind. Add to that I had signed up to Devil's film many times before and knew where to look.

This site is quickly getting a bad name and it's a damn shame too. Devil's film content is one of the most easily and frequently pirated sites out there. Yet they appear to be willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

02-21-11  05:41pm

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Visit Nicoletta Nude

Nicoletta Nude

Too young

This chic is only 26 yrs old and does not belong under the "mature" designation.

07-31-10  05:23pm

Replies (3)
Visit All Reality Pass

All Reality Pass

Death of a network

This network has all but flat-lined due to an absolute refusal to keep up with technological advancements. The site itself has probably been around for close to a decade and for the longest time was streaming only, only in the last few years did it allow for downloads.

The strength of this network was always the actual content.It's pretty diverse in terms of girls and site concepts, also the camera work (video and picture) and direction are for the most part excellent. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say if the specs were up to standard this would have been considered one of the absolute elite in terms of networks.

Unfortunately, would I thought would eventually happen never took place. The video quality looks like an 'average' video circa 2002. The pics are smallish. They still don't even have zip sets.

Nonetheless, it may not matter much longer, this network is for all intents and purposes a "ghost network" only a about two or three of the 15 or so sites are updating, and some of those on a bi-weekly type basis. In the last couple of years they kept trying to add new sites, with the same poor quality, only to see them fail in a few short months.

Is the price of an HD camera too much to save an entire network?

Oh well, I only paid $9.99 a month anyway off and on. (The easiest thing to do with this network is to pay for the $2.95 trial, attempt to cancel, then except the loyalty discount $9.99 offer)

03-15-10  01:53pm

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Visit XL Girls

XL Girls

Slight Typo here guys

TPB has this listed for $39.99 recurring. It's really still just $29.99 for recurring and $39.99 non-recurring (one-time for the suckers out there who don't know how to cancel)

01-27-10  10:01pm

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Visit Christy Marks

Christy Marks

No more Discount?

Hey what happened to the $19.99 TBP discount for this site? All the other Score Group sites seem to still have it but this one.

Any chance we get it back?

01-08-10  05:26pm

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

To those who are turned off:

It IS a bit extreme but in fairness I'd just make two points:

1. The girls know what they are getting into. Most of them make appearances on the other network sites with the same guys doing softer stuff (regular blowjobs). Also,I have a feeling they are even "coached" a bit prior to the scene to keep them from bolting. Also, I've seen where the crew will back off a little if they see a girl really can't take it.

2. There are just some girls that really go for this stuff, even more than the guys. Some women just like to be completely dominated sexually from both a physical and mental standpoint.

Case in point: There is one girl who was one of their earlier updates (years ago) who really did get messed up a bit (think her name was "Theresa"). To make matters worse her parents got hold of the video (her dad actually watched it) and they went through the roof, threw the girl out of the house etc.

How do we know this? After seeing the video (and witnessing the fallout) her SISTER (yes Theresa's sister) decided she wanted some of what Theresa had. So she called up the producers and shot a scene a few months ago.(I forgot her name but I saw the scene where she tells the story) Witnessing the "abuse" of her sister and the other girls on the site just got her excited to the point she had to experience it herself. Despite even the outrage of her family. (her story even freaked out the director).

There are just some women (and men) who enjoy being submissive to the extreme. They may not have it all together mentally, but who is to say? I can understand that it may still be a turnoff nonetheless, but I just wouldn't make the mistake of feeling "guilty" about it.

10-15-09  08:58pm

Replies (3)
Visit Goth Rock Girls

Goth Rock Girls

Seems Inauthentic

Is it me or do these girls not seem like real goth chicks. (Not really a big deal to me as I'm not crazy about goth chicks, but some do look pretty good) I mean the two girls on the front don't even have any tattoos. What's the point? How many real goth and rock chicks have you seen without ink done?

Seems more like porn stars on Halloween.

03-21-09  03:28pm

Replies (3)
Visit Scoreland


"Loyalty Program" Makes Site a Must Have

I have to hand it to Score, after getting there asses kicked relatively speaking by many of their online rivals they have finally caved in and provided a way to get all of their sites for one monthly fee.

Under their new loyalty program, if you sign up for Scoreland and keep it for a full month you are given a choice of sites you can subscribe to free of charge (you can pick one). Now not all of the sites are available to choose from after the first month, (you are given a choice of about five) but eventually if you keep the site long enough you can obtain them all. With PU discount that means all of their websites for 19.99.

I think this is a smart and sensible approach, to be honest most of thier top tier sites (Scoreland, Leg Sex, 18eighteen, etc.) are worth the price for at least one month. Now with this new discount program, I think it makes Scoreland virtually a must have and keep.

08-16-08  05:48pm

Replies (1)
Visit Bootylicious Mag

Bootylicious Mag

'Hidden Videos' Take Two

This phenomon was prevalent on the Leg Sex website for a while until it was finally corrected, now it appears to be rearing it's head on the Bootylicious Mag site.

The problem basically is that clicking the "Videos" section of the site does not display all of it's available videos. In this case the problem is quite egregious, as I would estimate that not even half of the videos are displayed openly. I can only surmise that this is intentional as only videos made after March 2007 are openly displayed. It's the 'old piss on my head and tell me it's raining' ploy, these videos are probably set to magically "reappear" at some later date

The videos ARE still around however. You just have to do a little digging.

The only way I have seen to access all of the videos is to hit the archive button, and view the archive month by month to find videoes before March 2007. This is quite a bitch to do, as the we are talking about roughly two years of content, but they all still seem to be there and are still downloadable.

08-16-08  05:23pm

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Visit Kick Ass Pass

Kick Ass Pass

May include access to Foot Fetish Daily

I cannot confirm for certain (staff help please), but it looks like they have scrapped the Barefoot Confidential site, and incorporated the content into their new Foot Fetish Daily site, which is of excellent quality. At first Foot Fetish Daily was a separate site, now it looks like they may have incorporated it into the Kick Ass Pass network.

If this is so then the removal of their PU discount (14.95) may be at least somewhat understandable. (although I still object to it of course) The Kick ASS network with FFD content may yet be worth it. (barely)

* The link for Barefoot Confidential still works on PU, but once you get into the site, clicking around a bit you realize that they have simply changed over the FFD site.

04-22-08  12:54pm

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Visit Kick Ass Pass

Kick Ass Pass

No More Discount=Bad Business Move

This network used to be one of my favorites, but they have removed their special PU discount ($14.95), and now I may never return. This makes no sense when considering that the price for most network sites are trending downward. Does this network really believe their content is worth $30 a month; especially when compared to other, more robust networks that are charging far less? The one thing they do well compared to other sites (and for which I have significant weakness) is the leg and foot fetish. Yet this is still not enough to bring me back at 30 bucks a month.

04-14-08  01:54pm

Replies (6)
Visit Jerked Network

Jerked Network

Another Generic Network?

The collection of sites here look alright, but haven't we seen much of this before? Kinda seems like a poor man's version of Brazzer's.

Otherwise they seem to do a fairly good job spec wise as far as video and pic quality. They also deserve credit for providing a solid discount through PU.

03-30-08  12:02pm

Replies (0)
Visit Cougars In Heat

Cougars In Heat

No Network Acess Hurts This Site

I would consider this site to be a slightly better version of Naughty America's MyFriendsHotmom, or SeducedbyaCougar (clearly this is who they are trying to compete with). The video quality may be slightly better (maybe), but most of all their still photos are excellent (from having seen samples).

However I'm not quite sure how to justify this site charging more per month than Naughty America, when the size of it's content DWARFS that of NA, and they offer no other bona fide sites.

I guess the fact that they are touting HD vids is their rationale, I just don't think it's good enough. Too bad cause I would hate to see this site go down, it has some potential.

03-15-08  02:50am

Replies (2)
Visit Leg Sex

Leg Sex

New Lower Price!!!

The price on this site has recently been lowered to 19.95. At that price I think it is definitely a good deal worth checking out!!

03-04-08  06:47am

Replies (2)

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