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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge library of high quality videos (1080p at about 7500 kbps, 720p at about 5000 kbps)
- Even older content is available in 1080p (updates dating back to October 2008)
- Daily Updates (one scene per day)
- Download manager support
- No download limits
- Pictures can be downloaded in zip archives in three different image qualities
- Good and friendly support, listens to user feedback
- Epoch billing: Easy cancelation and fair prices for European customers (no 1:1 currency conversion)
Cons: - The bonus site Blackicepass is no longer updating
- Not all scenes come with photo galleries
- Management of favorites could be better. Once you add something it can’t be removed
- A "most recent" filter for the pornstar index would be nice
- Videos have a watermark in the lower right corner. It's not too big though
Bottom Line: This site is a gold mine for collectors. Sure, they don't add multiple updates a day, like other big networks or studio sites. But they still have a lot of videos for some hot pornstars like Kagney Linn Karter, Sarah Vandella, Julia Ann, Monica Sweetheart, Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, Tori Black, Gracie Glam, Audrey Bitoni, Raylene, Yurizan Beltran, Katie St. Ives, Adriana Luna, Jessa Rhodes, Stevie Shae, Lola Foxx and plenty more I forgot to mention.

One of the best things about this site is that even older scenes are available as 1080p mp4s. That's not as common as one might think. There are plenty of other sites where you are only getting 720p or even 540p videos if the content is two or three years old.

When i first joined this site, there were some navigation issues like a couple of dead links, missing profile pages, and missing thumbnails in the pornstar index. But the support has been great and they fixed it as quickly as possible. More importantly, they actually listen to user feedback. Again, that's not as common as one might think.

Some minor navigation issues aside, this is definitely one of the best porn sites out there. If your looking for high quality videos to complete your collection, you should join this site at least once.

09-01-14  08:06am

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A lot of high quality videos available in various formats and sizes
- Daily updates
- Good mix of well-known porn stars and fresh faces
- Superb navigation: lots of filters, search function, easy to manage favorites
- No DRM or download limits
- Download managers are supported and links don't expire
- Photosets can be downloaded in zip archives
- Epoch billing: Easy cancelation and fair prices for European customers (no 1:1 currency conversion)
Cons: - Some sites are not updated as frequently as others or not at all anymore
- Less download options and lower quality for older scenes
- For many of the girls there are only one or two scenes available
- Too many ads in the members area
- Videos have a rather large watermark in the lower right corner
Bottom Line: I don't want to say much about the content. Team Skeet offers a lot of professionally shot videos of hot, young girls. Some of them are well known by now, others you might not have seen anywhere else before.

Instead I want to talk about usability and user experience. That's what this site truly excels at. The navigation is superb. They have a lot of filters and a proper search function, so you can find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible, without having to click through countless pages or scrolling through drop-down menus. The management of favorites is great. Again, you have a lot of different filters and download links to the various file formats (with file sizes shown) directly on the page. On many other sites downloading the videos can be a pain in the ass, because they don't support download managers or the download links expire rather quickly. This is not the case here. You can queue files in your download manager and even after a couple of days the links are still working, so you don't have to add the same files over and over again.

What's not so great about the site? Well, for most of there models they appear to be shooting only one or two scenes and then you won't get any more updates. Most of the girls are white (or latinas). If you are into black chicks, you should look for another site to join. One of their network sites is called Teeny Black, but it has only been updated 12 times in 2014.

That being said, it's still a great network. I canceled my membership after a month because I managed to download all the files I wanted, but I will definitely rejoin in the near future.

09-01-14  09:13am

Replies (2)
Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Lot of content from Lethal Hardcore DVDs (3188 Scenes, 1090 in HD)

- Regular updates, 4-5 scenes (1 DVD) each week

- Various download and viewing options (Downloads: MP4 1080p, MP4 720p, MP4 2000k, MP4 750k, MP4 500K, WMV DVD, Portable MP 4 // Streaming: LOW, MED, HQ, HD)

- Several bonus sites offering a huge amount of content

- Decent navigation. Videos are tagged and dated. There are a ton of different categories and a proper search function to help you find what you are looking for. Videos from other network sites featuring the same girl are shown on the profile pages. Scenes, galleries, DVDs and models can be added to favorites.

- Photosets are offered in three different qualities (800px, 1024px, 1600px) and can be downloaded in zip files

- Epoch billing: easy cancellation and fair prices for European customers (no 1:1 currency conversion). Could pay using PayPal
Cons: - Some of the 1080p videos I downloaded showed combing artifacts typical for interlaced videos. It makes those videos almost unwatchable.

- Support isn’t good. It says they will respond within 12 hours, but it has been 2 days now and I still didn’t get a reply to my email about the issue described above.

- HD quality is quite all right but could be better compared to other sites

- No additional model information on profile pages, just a list of network scenes

- Some of the bonus sites haven’t been updated in years
Bottom Line: A membership gives you access to a huge library of Lethal Hardcore DVD content and a ton of bonus material, but I wouldn't say it's one of those site where quantity is more important than quality.

You can find a lot of good, professionaly shot porn in this network. The quality of the HD vidoes is good, but not as good as on other sites.

That doesn't mean that everything is great, though. Some sites haven't been updated in years, and a part of the older content is only availabe in low quality. This goes especially for the videos labeled as "user uploaded". You can find stuff like on every tube site for free.

If you are using the TBP discount, it's definitely worth joining for $9.99 per month.

But there's one thing that really bothered me. I've downloaded a couple of 1080p videos from Lethal Hardcore and some of them showed combing artifacts when playing the files on my computer. It's impossible to enjoy the scenes when everything is distorted by vertical lines every time there's movement on the screen. In some cases I could fix it by reencoding the file. But it's really not my job to make the videos watchable if the people running the site can't encode them properly. I should also mention that I only had this issue with videos from the Lethal Hardcore site. The videos from bonus sites seem fine.

I've complained about this using the contact form on their support page. They claim that "Customer Service Specialists will respond within 12 hours" after sending the ticket. Two days have passed since, but I didn't get any kind of reply yet. I wouldn't call that good customer support, considering that they advertise how quickly they are dealing with inquiries.

Without the video problems I would have given Lethal Hardcore a score of 84, but the site still needs some work. If this issue gets resolved quickly, I will adjust my rating.

09-18-14  08:20am

Replies (0)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - a lot of content
- daily updates, sometimes more than one
- newer scenes are offered in great quality up to 4k resolution
- photo sets can be downloaded as zip archives
- very good navigation
- active community and forum access
Cons: - massive download problems
- download links expire after 1 hour
- they don't officially support download managers
- the support wasn't very helpful
- a lot of annoying ads in the members area
- some sites are not updating anymore
- some HD files can only be downloaded in flash format
- older scenes don't match the quality of newer ones
Bottom Line: According to them, “[h]aving a membership to Naughty America is an experience. After a long day at work or the simple desire to get away, being at Naughty America is the perfect way to Treat Yourself™.”

Well, it was quite an experience, but not of the good kind. You see, I don’t have a very fast internet connection, since I live in a rural area. I thought it wouldn’t matter. After all, if you use a download manager, you can just add a couple of 1080p videos to the download queue and finish them over night. That works just fine with most sites (e.g. Evil Angel, Brazzers). Here it is a different story.

Sure, Naughty America offers a lot of great content for a decent price. However, that's worth next to nothing if you can't watch it. After buying a membership, I learned that download links expire after an hour. They don't officially support download managers either. This information was nowhere to be found when I signed up. It's not even in their terms of service. According to their support at least active downloads should not expire, but often the downloads would just stop at 70 or 80 percent and could not be resumed.

But it gets worse. Most of the time I was lucky if I could even start a download. Almost every time I clicked on a download link, I got a file/server not found message. It didn't matter which video or quality I chose. In almost two weeks I could only add one single video to my collection. Another member complained about the same problem in their forum.

Their support wasn't very helpful. I only got a standarized answer and an apology for my "inconvenience". Seems like they don't really care anymore as soon as you have paid them.

After to weeks of not getting anything for my money, I finally had enough. Fortunately, Epoch agreed to a refund.

06-06-14  04:22am

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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have one tattoo and while I don't regret getting it at all 9 years, I'm not planning to get another anytime soon.

09-18-14  01:13pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Honestly, the plastic surgery stuff is something I don't quite understand. Some girls are really pretty, then they decide to go full-blow porn doll and fuck up their looks with bad surgeries.

On topic: one of my ex girlfriends looks a lot like Zoey Kush. She has brown eyes, though.

09-18-14  12:58pm

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of marvin's Reply

Hi Marvin,

Thank you for the reply. It's always nice to see when webmasters take feedback seriously and try to improve the site.

Team Skeet is already pretty good as it is. However, it would be great if you could shoot some scenes with Ariana Marie, Lola Foxx, Taylor Whyte or Emma Stoned again.

09-15-14  07:14am

Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen & Club Sweethearts

Is there any difference or is it the same site? They pretty much look identical.

09-03-14  07:08am

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't own a BluRay player. I have a HTPC. Which I very much prefer, because I can play BluRays or stream videos from my NAS.

09-01-14  09:28am

Visit Porn Megaload

Porn Megaload
Reply of pat362's Comment

Porn Megaload sounds kind of cheap. I probably would have picked a different name for rebranding.

That being said, I'm surprised they are asking for $50 a month. I'd never pay that much for a single site (or network).

09-01-14  09:23am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'm undecided. Many sites offer a lot of high quality content for a fair price (especially if you are using some discount deal to sign up). But then there's regional pricing. If I have to pay a lot more than the users from the US, I just don't think it's such a good investment anymore.

09-01-14  08:22am

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

Honestly, I don't have a problem with reasonable download limits. What bothered me was your response. You probably tried to explain why you use download limits on your site. That's cool, but I think you got way too defensive way too quickly, ranting about not being the customers' slave just because they are not capable of informing themselves, site ripping and account sharing.

Even if the user might have been doing something wrong you should still treat him with respect and say you will look into it instead of publicly accusing him of all kinds of wrong doing. It's rude and doesn't make you or your company look good, as you might have noticed.

Knowing how to run a website and knowing how to deal with customers are two different things. The latter isn't always easy or pleasant and requires a lot of patience. You don't have to smile, you don't have to kiss somebodies ass, you have to be professional. And, of course, you need to have excellent communication skills. You are complaining that people here twist your words and interpret your statements out of context. It's most likely because you didn't find the right way to express what you wanted to say. You should probably think about hiring someone for this job because this has been a complete disaster so far.

The ToS was changed some time back, as noted here: http://bellasupport.com/help/terms/ not sure what you read?

I got that quote directly from the site(s). Because that's where the ToS need to be, not on some support site where nobody is looking.

or here

On bryci.com there even is a link to those old terms on the ccbill join page, which would make the other ToS invalid for members who joined via that site!

08-26-14  06:19pm

Visit Bella Pass

Bella Pass
Reply of JamesDavid's Reply

So I'm supposed to stop my life because someone is too busy with theirs to read something they agreed to when they signed up?

No, but you are supposed to do your job. Treating your customers with respect is a part of that even if you think their problems/questions are stupid or the information can be found on your website. What you shouldn't do is blaming them every time there is an issue and acting like it's beneath you to deal with it because "the server is always right" and they could have read the ToS. That's just bad customer support. I haven't worked in community management for 18 years, so perhaps I'm not as experienced as you are. But no member of my team would ever act like this because they know they'd be fired.

We don't have ridiculous rules, we have bandwidth limits like all sites do

Not all sites have bandwith limits and certainly not as ridiculous as yours.

It is not my job to alert you when you screw up, it's your job to read the site guidelines and stay within them. If you get suspended once, you're back in 24 hours *unless* you were trying to site rip

You keep insisting that people should read your ToS but it seems like you haven't read them yourself. It says: if you go over this limit your membership will be suspended for 48 hours. If you get suspended at one site and immiedatly start mass downloading and get suspended from a second site in the same day, your membership will be suspended for 10 days
I think that's pretty ridiculous. Hitting the daily download limit isn't a screw up. Most people have fast internet connections and HD files can be pretty big. Naturally, your users will not always manage to download exactly 20GB and not a single byte more than that. I really don't think they should be punished for that. Certainly not with a 48 hour suspension.

it's weird how many people that get busted site ripping or sharing their user/pass don't admit to breaking the site terms

What does ripping a site even mean. After all people pay to download the content. If they want to download every single video, so be it. Who gives a fuck as long as they don't make the content available for others.
People don't always share their passwords voluntarily. It's really not that difficult to hack the login information for a porn site, because some people are too stupid to secure a server properly. I've also noticed that some sites don't even allow secure password.
So perhaps they don't admit to breaking the sites terms because they didn't.

Some sites suck, and you get shitty low res content, bad videos or they split updates over 2 or 3 or 4 weeks. part1, part2, part3 crap. We don't do that. we bring great content week after week for multiple girls and we don't ask that you sign up multiple times.

Yeah, some sites do suck. But I could name at least 15 networks that offer access to multiple sites with daily high quality updates for the same price. You are really not that special.

08-26-14  02:23pm

Visit Sin Drive

Sin Drive
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

You really shouldn't expect too much. It mostly depends on the size of your TV and how close you sit to it. Even if you drastically increase the pixels and bitrate, your eyes most likely will not notice much of a difference.

08-25-14  07:54am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Roberto281's Comment

Did you contact their support? I'm curious what they had to say about this.

08-23-14  01:37am

Visit Brazzers

Reply of Roberto281's Comment

I doubt it. If you paid for a month, they have to give you access for a month even if you cancel your recurring subscription. You should contact their support, though. They should be able to give you a definite answer.

08-19-14  10:59pm

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Good to know. I'll have to be more careful then. I've used their email offers a couple of times and access to the other network sites was always included (the last site was one of the mile high network). If the email offers come with restricted access now, I won't be joining anymore.

08-16-14  08:18am

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Did the customer support fix the problem?

Perhaps it's not a design issue. Under my acount you can see all sites you have access to. Are more sites than just Devils Film listed there?

08-13-14  07:57am

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film
Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

I've just logged in, and I don't see any changes in the members area. The "Jump to Site" tab is still in the upper right corner, and I can access all network sites with my username and password.

08-10-14  08:55am

Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures
Reply of pat362's Reply

No, I'm European. On most sites we get a payment option where we can pay by entering the information of our bank account - no credit card required. It's pretty much the only way I pay for porn, but not working on Wicked because Webbilling redirects me to a centos apache test page.

08-07-14  02:34am

Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

Can't join (webbilling issue)

I've tried to join several times in the last couple of weeks, but it appears to be impossible. When I choose direct debit as payment option I always land on an apache 2 test page...

08-06-14  03:22pm

Replies (2)
Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Limited download options

I've just joined this site, and I'm not happy with the limited download options even for newer videos.

For many files only 3 formats are offered: MPG 1080, WMV 1080, and MP4 480. I think it's a little odd that their go-to formats are wmv and mpg, especially if you are used to high quality mp4 files.

The worst part is that you don't even get full hd videos when you choose the 1080 MPG option. Files added before December 2013 only seem to have a resolution of 1280x720.

If you are looking for high quality full hd porn, go join another site.

08-01-14  02:55pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

Epoch offers Paypal payments on some sites (e.g. lethalhardcore). But I think only for european users.

07-22-14  03:38am

Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel
Reply of snickelb's Comment

Pretty much all sites run by Fame Dollars have piss-poor navigation. I can live with the useless favorites. The most annoying thing is still the lack of a proper search function.

I've complained about the poor navigation month ago. Instead of improving the site they are making it worse. Great...

If they didn't have all those $5 promos, I wouldn't subscribe to any of their sites anymore.

07-22-14  03:19am

Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand
Reply of Mike at Ztod's Reply

Cool, sounds great. I'll use the ticket system for further replies.

06-24-14  04:03pm

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