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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Access to 13 sites
* Excellent mix of glamour, fetish and hardcore erotica
* Super-hot European babes
* Huge quantity of videos and pictures with regular updates
* Superb video and picture quality - it doesn't get much better than this
* Exclusive content
* Download manager (IDM) worked flawlessly
* Excellent customer service - these guys really do care about their customers
Cons: Ummm ... nothing. Nil. Zilch.
Bottom Line: I really loved this site. Very rarely do you get a site with incredibly gorgeous women who put on such a great performance. I'm not a big fan of glamour sites but this was definitely different and the mix of hardcore and fetish sites made DDF Network very worthwhile.

The quality of the videos was the best: 12,000Kbps MPEG at 1920x1080. There are only a handful of other sites that come anywhere near to these incredible specifications. Even the 1280x720 videos have a bitrate of 4,000Kbps which is excellent. The quality was crystal-clear and flawless. The download manager worked every time and with fast download speeds.

The video scenes are technically well-shot and there are enough themes to keep you always interested. In one week I counted about 21 updates, which is well above the average of other sites. Not all is hardcore: there are foot fetishes, blowjobs, and solo performances as well as bondage, Euro teen and the usual gonzo. There is a lot of anal, which I don't mind, and even anal creampies - and that's something you don't see too much on American/British sites. My only slight complaint is the sets: not enough variety and there are no outdoor scenes.

I can't say enough about the quality of their customer service. The best ever. After initially joining HansOnHardcore by mistake - I thought that this would get me access to the entire network - the webmaster got in touch with me and let me join DDF Network for the same price. Thanks so much.

I don't give such high scores because I'm very fussy and demanding. DDF Network: you rock!

I'll be back for more.

06-25-13  01:42am

Replies (0)
Visit Young Sex Parties

Young Sex Parties

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Part of large network of Russian teens
* Very good quality videos
* Maintains an amateur feel with typical Russian sets - this is not intended to be a glamour site
* Hot Russian teens
* Heaps of bonus sites
* Download managers with no issues
* Good download speeds
* No spam
* Easy to navigate your way around
Cons: * The sites could be better organized
* Model names are inconsistent not only across the different sites but also within the same site
Bottom Line: These sites seem to have gone through a revamp and tidied up their act - but there is still room for improvement. If you join one site, you get access to all the others - except for TeenCasualSex; for some reason, this site doesn't give you access to the other networks.

Included in the network is: Young Sex Parties, Teens Analyzed (which also includes Bang My Teen Ass and First Anal Date), Teeny Lovers (which also includes Young Courtesans), Sell Your GF, Young Libertines and Porn Films 3D. Then there is Desperate Teens XXX and Just Over 18 Gonzo, which are leased from Pink Visual and download manager don't work for these two. You also get a whole bunch of other sites which have low quality videos: such as Nasty Angels, Teen Teacher, etc but these are quite old and not worth the trouble.

The video quality is very good for the newer videos (from 2012) with 1080p and bitstream rate of 6000+. Of course, the older content is not as good - but then isn't that true for all sites?

There are a lot of beautiful Russian (and some Czech) teens here. Yes, you'll see them on Teen Mega World but I really liked this network - maybe I just got bored with TMW. The sets are nothing glamorous, which I liked because it gave the scenes are more realistic feel rather than the typical white-washed, overexposed, glamour sites that seem to be the fashion right now. If you've been to Russia or to a Russian home, then you'll know that the settings are authentic.

What I liked is seeing the teens doing their stuff. You see teen couples - unlike most American sites where it's "teen" girls with much, much older men.

There are model names listed for each scene and you can search them but the names can be inconsistent. Also, it was irritating that despite being a network, you have to enter your username and password for each site - and you cannot elect your own username or password.

When joining I looked at several sites and noticed that not all offer the same terms. Some offer 1 month + 7 days for the full price, but I joined through this one and got a reduced price for 1 month.

Updates are not that frequent: on average there is one or two across the entire network.

07-14-13  01:28am

Replies (1)
Visit Cum Louder

Cum Louder

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Good mix of "fresh" faces: mostly Spanish and Catalan with some Hungarian, Czech or Russian girls.

* The site is easy to navigate with good hyperlinks so it's easy to find a girl (or guy), and special themes: outdoor, anal (there is lots of that), creampie, etc.

* All videos are HD and reasonably sharp (though not as crystal-clear as Brazzers)

* Appears to be quite a fun site (even though I don't understand Spanish) with the guys knowing how to joke with the girls and about the situation, which makes the scenes quite enjoyable
Cons: * Internet download managers don't work and so you can only download one (or two) videos at a time and it's all throttled to 160-170 KB/s. Most videos are at about 1.5GB and so this takes at least 2 hours to download. And then there is the added frustration that their server may time out and so you have to start again, from the very beginning, to download anything. Try downloading a 2.6GB video and you'll be waiting 4 hours!

* No customer support. I had a problem at the beginning whereby the website didn't recognize my account and wouldn't let me login. I wrote to customer support and have heard nothing. Fortunately I was able to login a couple of days later.

* The scenes always are in a hotel room or else a van; there's not enough variety and I would have thought in a hot, Mediterranean country like Spain there would be more fucking in the great outdoors.

* The server doesn't remember your login details.
Bottom Line: I subscribed to Cumlouder because I was looking for some fresh faces and I thought that being a Spanish (actually, Catalan) site, I was hoping it would show stereotypical Latino sex: aggressive, assertive, deep-throating, slapping, rough sex. I was disappointed. There is some of that, but by-and-large, the sex was rather plain.

Also, quite a few of the scenes use American-born Hispanic girls that you'll see on any other site: Brazzers, Naughty America, Porn Pros, etc. with American male actors: typically Marco Banderas. This is a shame because the site will lose its point of difference by offering viewers uniquely Spanish porn.

The download restrictions are what kill this site, in my opinion. Offering HD videos is great, but when they're so large and the download speed is restricted to 170KB/s, that's completely unacceptable, especially when you're paying US$20 per month.

However, through Cumlouder I stumbled across another Spanish site: MMM100, which seems to fit the bill for what I was after: good, hard fucking with Spanish (and French) girls with a number of different scenarios - particularly outdoor scenes. However, I noticed that they're all using condoms (which is a turn-off for me).

The download issues make it very difficult to recommend this site. You can download a maximum of two videos contemporaneously but anything more, and you'll find that the server times out and you're back to the beginning. Even if you're patient and let the videos download overnight (which is what I'd do), I was hoping that my patience may pay off by seeing some good Spanish porn but I was left wanting more. Maybe I'm expecting too much after all the obstacles of trying to download their videos.

Even if the download restrictions were resolved, I don't think I could rate this more than 80 because of the overuse of American pornstars and the rather unimaginative sex scenes.

06-29-12  10:10pm

Replies (5)
Visit Burning Ticket

Burning Ticket

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Interesting and original themes and some good fetish ones: Berlin Public Bangers (outdoors), Fitness Fuck (Gym), Spin to Swing (Swingers), Ass Bangers' Ball, Nylon Feet Doll, Rubber Penetration

* Good variety of German por nstars that you will not find on other websites
Cons: * Poor-quality videos, only 2K bitrate

* Download mangers don't work: you can only download one video at a time

* Server has throttled the download speed to something ridiculously slow: only about 200 to 300kb

* Download limit, which is not advertised and it's quite a modest allowance; I calculated about 4GB per day

* Customer service - what's that?
Bottom Line: Burning ticket is the website name for the studio Inflagranti and I have some of their DVDs, which are excellent quality. This is a German studio and when you think of German, you usually think of good quality (such as German cars, engineering). Well, forget that here. Unfortunately the owners of this website seem to have gone to quite some length to make this an unpleasant experience.

Inflagranti's DVDs are of high quality, being crystal clear images but it appears that for the website they have downgraded the DVDs to a very low standard: 2000K. The scenes are not very clear and Ass Bangers' Ball and Gangbang Arena are quite bad because of the poor lighting.

However, it doesn't stop there. When downloading a scene, you cannot do anything else on the website: the server locks you out. So, I used my download manager to download at a later time and in the meantime cherry-picked what I wanted to see.

The server has throttled the download speed to a mere 200 to 300Kb and even though the file sizes are quite small (200-300MB due to the poor quality), it still takes about 20-30 minutes to download a scene.

But wait, there's more to add to the customer experience! There is a download limit that's not advertised on their website, which I think is quite despicable. After hitting about 4GB, I kept getting a server error message that my session had timed out. I sent a message to the webmaster - but no reply. I noticed that if you wait after 24 or 48 hours, you can download again.

This is the second time that I have joined this site: the first time was about 4 years' ago and now I remember why I said that I would never join this site after my first experience. I do seem to remember receiving an email from the webmaster the first time when I hit the download limit and the reply confirmed that there was a limit but I can't remember what the exact limit was.

Unfortunately it is difficult to recommend this site because of the quality and technical issues, which in my opinion are a real drawback for this site. Inflagranti do some really good stuff but this is not one of them. I can't help but feel that the website is there simply to point you in the direction of buying their DVDs, where the studio makes better money with better quality scenes.

03-16-13  10:25pm

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Visit Harmony Vision

Harmony Vision

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Great mix of beautiful British, American and European pornstars
* Tasteful and erotic DBSM, gangbangs, 1on1, teens, MILFS, anal, creampies, etc: there's something for everyone
* Movie quality is 720p, 3000kbps
Cons: * Deceptive advertising to join about number of videos offered
* Deceptive advertising about quality of videos
* Download speed is slow
* Too many up-sales to join other sites
Bottom Line: I have always had a soft spot for this studio and have downloaded many of their videos from Videobox and VideosZ. The site advertises that you get access to "the entire Harmony Films Library" on their front page. "Great" I thought. Wrong!!! On Videobox and VideosZ there are about 130 Harmony movies but on Harmony's dedicated website there are only 83 movies.

The deception doesn't stop there. When selecting a movie to download, there is an option to download "Full HD 1080p". Yet when you finish downloading your 1080p movie, it turns out they're only 720p. In fact, all their movies are 720p at best.

This site is part of the Stiffia network and from what I can figure out, this network is designed to show you just enough movies to entice to join their Video on Demand service and pay extra for the other movies.

Download speed was slow for me: only about half the speed I can normally get on other sites.

There were some other sites I was interested in joining on the Stiffia network: Purzel, PinkO, but given the problems with Harmony I was put off from wasting any more money on this network.

Good news: I did find some good movies to add to my collection.

01-14-14  01:50am

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Visit Dungeon Sex

Dungeon Sex

No longer updating

Beware! This site hasn't updated since early March 2015 and because it's a stand-alone site, once you part with your money, there is no other site to download from. I paid for one month and that didn't bother me too much because I managed to get some new updates from when I last joined; however, one member joined for a year - ouch! And with no updates in sight and no offer for a refund or to join another Kink site, that's unacceptable for such a high-price site.

04-17-15  01:35am

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Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno
Reply of stingerxxx's Comment

I agree that the site is ludicrously expensive - only a Russian oligarch could afford this. You can find most of the scenes on Videobox and FameDigital (Devil's Films). Some of the newer stuff on LP seems interesting but the more recent pissing and whipped cream is just not my scene. That's why I will not be subscribing.

04-02-15  05:33pm

Visit Legal Porno

Legal Porno

No CC verification required

LP has changed its policy so that no credit card verification is required when downloading a scene for the first time.

03-30-15  01:54am

Replies (3)
Visit Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Slow Download

I was only interested in 2 sites: Helpless Teens and Sexual Disgrace. The files are quite large - about 1.5GB to 3.5GB. Download managers don't work to accelerate download speed and the normal download speed was only about one-third the speed I normally get, which makes for a very long download time: about 45 minutes and more. This is unacceptable when a site has such large files. Unfortunately, I didn't think the movies were all that good anyway.

03-05-15  12:48am

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Visit Penthouse


Download Manager

I agree with Maggie's review about Penthouse: a great site and I was pleasantly surprised by the content. However, one annoying feature of the site is when using a download manager, the site times out very quickly. If you wait for each movie to download in the queue, after about 2 or 3 movies, the site times out.

02-21-15  09:10pm

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Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground

Downloading is Possible

I joined this site about a couple of hours ago because I had a reduced offer and thought "what the heck" if I can't download. Good news is that you can download the movies. You must have a download manager; I use IDM. On the selected movie, in the "Settings" button, just select HTTP for your streaming option, click on the movie to play it and IDM will then give you an option to "Download this video"; left click and save to your directory. Enjoy.

01-16-15  03:11am

Replies (1)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America


Just downloaded some of the 4K videos and at 22,000 kbps these scenes are phenomenal to watch. Who needs 3D when you can have this quality and clarity, especially if you have a 4K screen. The files are big: typically 3 to 5GB.

05-01-14  01:01am

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Visit VideoBox

Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Everything is fine with the connections and speed tests. I have membership to other sites and no problems. Just this one when I joined back in November. I'll still rejoin some time later because it has such a massive database.

01-17-14  11:35am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

That's strange because I have an ethernet connection as well and a 30MB connection.

01-16-14  10:25pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of Cybertoad's Review

How were the download speeds for you? I joined for one month a couple of months ago and found that download speeds were throttled to around 500KBs, which was very slow. I haven't rejoined as a result of the slow download speeds.

01-14-14  11:39pm

Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Nice one rearadmiral.

I have been a member of Kink for about four years on and off. I liked Bound Gangbangs because of the bondage and that's what made it so special; for me, Hardcore Gangbang is just a gangbang site with a bit of "rough stuff" and rather passe. Many members complained about Bound Gangbangs not having enough bondage in the later scenes, which was due to the bondage-meister who did the actual rope bondage(called shibari) leaving to form his own website and hence Hardcore Gangbang appeared. Also, the earlier scenes of Bound Gangbang had many un-named male performers who were not pornstars, which really was quite different. Now it's all big-name male (and female) pornstars.

The "hard" scenes are usually the takedown in the beginning and, yes, sometimes there is some spitting and rough handling but, quite frankly, it's very unconvincing when many of the times the female is smiling or grinning.

I resubscribed to Hardcore Gangbang a few days ago to catch up on what's new (after being offered a discounted rate) but I find that many of the women aren't that appealing in the newer scenes and the price is way too high for a single site.

Also, try FuckedandBound. I have a current membership and that is bondage with rough sex done supremely well which, in my opinion, makes Hardcore Gangbang look like a Buddhist tea-party.

01-14-14  01:03am

Visit Teens Analyzed

Teens Analyzed
Reply of joekramer08's Review

The comment about jumping to 29 fps rate from 25 fps rate as if implying the higher fps is better quality video is simply wrong. Most video is shot in 24 fps and speed up to either 25fps rate for PAL video or 30 fps, actually 29.97 fps rate for NTSC video. In Europe and most of the rest of the world, PAL video technology is used. The USA uses NTSC video. These considerations are only important for audio synchronization and have nothing to do with video quality: for that, you need to watch the bitstream rate and frame width. In respect of video quality, this site is as good as any other major site.

07-14-13  12:34am

Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound
Reply of pat362's Review

I have been considering joining this site but wasn't sure if the old content is still available because the site only shows the new material and there isn't too much of that.

I received an offer to join at 19.95 for each month and I'm tempted.

Good review.

06-28-13  01:59am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Monahan's Reply

Thanks for that Monahan. I'm using Google Chrome and that seems to be the problem. I tried using Internet Explorer as you suggested and the "issue" has gone away.

05-22-13  10:40pm

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Wow! Thanks for your fantastic customer support and generous offer. You're a real gentleman.

05-22-13  04:04am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Hi Ace,

I agree that Hands On Hardcore doesn't state that you get access to the DDF Network. I relied on the review in TBP which states "for close to $27 bucks per month, one can expect to gain access to a highly organized archive of high quality babes in hardcore pictures (79,100) and video (791), as well as complete Network access to all DDF Network sites". The review is wrong.


05-22-13  12:54am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore
Reply of Ace DDF's Reply

Hi Ace,

I believe that under the words where it says "2 Day Free Trial" that you should also say "2 days' notice is required to cancel".

And I agree, you do offer high quality content and that's why I don't mind paying the monthly subscription because of the awesome quality. I only wish that I could have cancelled within the 2-day trial because I would instead have joined DDF Network to get access to all those great sites.


05-22-13  12:29am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Beware Free Trial

If you decide to join "for free" through the 2-day trial period, beware that you must give at least 2 days' notice to terminate. In other words, you will end up paying the full subscription rate of $26.99 for a whole month (+ 2 days). This is deceptive.

05-21-13  01:22am

Replies (4)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Khan's Reply

Interesting. I've cleared the cache and cookies and still can't enter 21sextury using TBP link. The connection times out quickly.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt response Khan. Obviously I will not be able to join 21sextury with this great offer. Sigh.

05-21-13  01:14am

Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

No access to DDF network

If you join through this site - like I did - you don't get access to the DDF Network. For a couple of extra dollars, I could have had the entire network!

05-20-13  04:36am

Replies (8)

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