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Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Videobox does have a classics section, but it is mostly 1990s stuff.

I think a lot of sites stay away from them because the video quality is so bad they think people won't want them. Some of the more popular stars like Marilyn Chambers or Traci Lords might see their stuff remastered, but I doubt much effort will be spent on old porn.

05-07-12  10:22am

Visit Oldje

Reply of pat362's Review

There is no excuse for poor quality photos on any site given today's technology. What is sounds like you are describing is someone who started a half-assed site, and never did anything to make it better. Thanks for the heads up.

05-07-12  10:17am


Reply of rearadmiral's Review

This is a shame to here. I love classic porn and in particular a certain period in which VCA was very active. It seems like these films are almost public domain and wouldn't cost much for sites to stock, but I have yet to find a truly good classic porn site that didn't have a lot of the problems you mentioned here. Thanks for the heads up.

05-05-12  03:18pm

Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings
Reply of MiztaBlu's Review

I have always been iffy about this site because I personally get bored with their content after awhile. Like so many others, I find maybe one out of every ten videos worth the search. They do have a lot of content, I just never quite got on board with their style. Thanks for the review though, very informative.

05-05-12  03:15pm

Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of movies, with a wide range of content. The quality of the films is better than what you will find at some sites. This is due to the fact that this is an actual porn company, not just a website. As a result you get to draw upon there entire range of films.

Subject or niche-wise, you get a little bit of everything from straight sex to some femdom. They have a lot of bisexual material, some femdom, but their overall focus seems to be fairly traditional stuff like teens, gangbangs, etc.

They allow you a choice of video quality selections. Newer stuff is HD, while older stuff isn't likely to be, or likely to be as high quality as the newer 1080p stuff. Everything is in mp4 format.

Slick website design and a fairly easy to navigate interface. Also a fairly reasonable price.
Cons: Very little search capabilities. They tag so many things, but you can't really search very effectively on this site.

It hates my download manager. They use some sort of rotating links or something, so my dlm can handle it fine for about thirty minutes or so, then I have to refresh all the links. This may not be the case for all dlms.

Download speeds vary with them. At times I have seen them slow way down to less than 500k/sec. This is only at certain times, and I suspect they are updating the site.
Bottom Line: The lack of effective search capabilities, the slowdowns, and the inconveniences with dlms make this a less than 90 site in my opinion. Which is a shame, because otherwise it is a good site. I would argue that most sites like this are primarily competing with Videobox and a few others. Devils Film has enough uniqueness to allow them to compete with Videobox, but some poor choices in website design, and relatively the same material everyone else has to offer, I think will ultimately make them a second or third choice in comparison to other similar sites like Video Box or Red light.

05-05-12  03:11pm

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Visit 3D Maxxx

3D Maxxx
Reply of shmeagles's Review

Wow, thanks for the heads up. That sort of business practice really ticks me off.

04-21-12  07:21pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Reply

I personally rank Abby Winters higher, though I certainly have lamented on some of the softcore issues with them in the past too. I do think their models are much better, I really like their business model, and overall I think they are one of the best sites on the net. The fact that they may be a little too softcore for my tastes doesn't detract from how I would rank them. But, I understand not everybody likes the same things too, so you certainly have a valid point. I think it's safe to say the more popular Aussie porn seems to be a hit or miss with everyone else.

04-21-12  04:53pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Decent amount of content, there's plenty here to keep you busy for a long time.

Clearly amateur-ish. "Amateur" is such a subjective term, but the girls and guys here are clearly not professionals, thought hey are certainly not virgins to porn after their first shoot.

More natural women, less make-up and porn-like qualities.
Cons: Video quality is relative to whatever they shot it with. I'm not sure they aren't using Super * in some cases, the quality is that bad.

Amateur porn, you get what you expect, amateur quality.

Selection of content is all pretty much the same. Apparently Aussies aren't into exciting or passionate sex. The lesbian sex here is really just masturbation with a little kissing. Tame by reality standards.
Bottom Line: This site wants to e Abby Winters so badly they think they can just coast off that business model. Unfortunately they fail in this regard, and realistically, if their is any real talent they tend to wind up at Abby Winters anyway. Not that these are the only two Aussie sites, but they do seem to be closely linked in terms of style, content, and even models.

You're better off spending the extra money at Abby Winters. You will get about the same amount in terms of diversity, maybe a little less m/f than GOW, but the quality of GOW m/f hardcore, if you can call it that, was so lame you're better off without it.

04-20-12  05:14pm

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Visit Massage Creep

Massage Creep
Reply of RustyJ's Review

This another one of those sites I wasn't sure about, but your advice has helped me to make up my mind. Thanks for the great review.

04-20-12  05:06pm

Visit Pornstars Punishment

Pornstars Punishment
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Review

I have thought about subscribing to this site in the past, but I was concerned about some of the things you brought in your review. You confirmed a few suspicions, and enlightened me to a few things I didn't know. Thanks for the heads up.

04-20-12  05:04pm

Visit Kink On Demand

Kink On Demand
Reply of insatiable's Review

I agree with you. Kink is renown for recycling. One thing everyone should know is that they don't do this on their actual sites. But if you get Kink content from somewhere like VideoBox or here, you will see they are just offering you a fairly respective sampling of the content from each of their sites. You will have a lot to choose from, it will just be more varied.

04-19-12  11:25pm

Visit Tainster


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fairly massive content. There really is more here than you can download in a few months, so that is always a big plus.

The sites are all pretty self explanatory. What you get with these is about 3 different party/orgy/swinging sites, and 1 that is softcore. It's about the same for pissing and WAM. A couple of fetish sites geared towards satin and hose, and 1 really good bdsm/femdom site.

The quality of all the videos content-wise is top notch. It's mostly Russian/Ukraine, and the models are absolutely fabulous.

The video quality itself is what you expect; older videos are not going to be as good as newer. They usually give you at least three options, with some of the newer videos being 720/1080 HD, and over 1gb in size.

The free live webcam performances are pretty good too. You also get access to the photos, which are usually screen caps of the videos, but there is also a pic post section.

Download speeds are well within reason. Can pretty much max out 2.5/sec dl speed.
Cons: There is a pop-up box when you click to download a video which is always set on the lowest format, has to be changed, then has to be right-clicked to get it to save to my download manager.

There updates often consist of about 75% party videos from a different camera. They usually release them in blocks of 2-5, for three different cameras.
Bottom Line: Tainster has really made a name for themselves and I was certainly pleased when I became a member. There is way more to see here than you will ever have time for. Granted, some of it is just different camera angles of the same event, but HOLY COW those events. They deserve to get covered by three or more cameras. I like to play a fun little game called "Track the Girl" and see if you can spot the same girl in all the different cameras/angles.

For those of you looking for a well rounded fetish site go elsewhere. These sites will get you plenty of pissing,WAM, satin/secretary, some lesbo, some MF hardcore, some BDSM and femdom, but this from their one site Tyrannized (what a great name). Tyrannized does have some forced bi, cuckolding, strapon femdom, etc. And it is a damn good site.

The bottom line here is that you can join a network that is always adding content, and seldom fails to deliver good quality videos and photos.

04-19-12  11:18pm

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Visit Sex Art

Sex Art
Reply of Abel Semen's Review

Ah, the age old not-enough-content dilemma. To subscribe or not to, that is the question. The problem here is you want sites like this to succeed, but you don't actually want o waste your own money if you think you'll get bored.

Personally, I say give them a try for a month, and see if you stick around longer. You can always leave a move on, come back a year later and maybe they've grown. OR, maybe their children are out on the streets starving and homeless because you canceled your subscription and ruined the company. Either way, at least you got to see some boobs.

04-19-12  10:40pm

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
Reply of BadMrFrosty's Review

Wow, thanks for pointing this out. I hate it when sites don't update. Fold them into an archive and lose the site if its dead.

04-19-12  10:10pm

Visit MistressT.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Let's face it, Mistress T's just looks classy. Everything about her and her sight is just top notch. The site layout has an almost Victorian look to it, but Mistress T herself is a very contemporary, modern woman.

The video quality is just okay. It is clear that she is doing a homemade production here, but this in no way detracts from the quality of the content. The real selling point here are these videos. She is very good at providing accurate descriptions with tags such as forced blowjob, forced bi, cuckolding, etc. It's not too hard to navigate through these and there are search capabilities.

The videos themselves vary, which is also a major selling point. Mistress T likes to roleplay, so you get a lot of solo videos of her playing various roles, such as your step-mom or sister, telling you what to do and how to do it. Other videos include subs and cucks, and she proceeds to put them through their paces.

On top of everything else, Mistress T is pretty damn hot!
Cons: Slooooow downloads. Less than 1mb/sec, usually 800k/sec for me. You're probably going to want to use a download manager, which I have had no problems with on her sight.

You have to pay extra for unlimited downloads, otherwise you are limited. Though I don't necessarily agree with these practices, I also understand it may be an issue of limiting the load their server has to deal with. Just be aware of this when you sign up.

Could use more guest appearances. It is primarily Mistress T you are coming to see, sure, but occasionally she does pull in a transsexual or a second or third male. It would be nice to see her bring in some more women from time to time, or even dominate some women.
Bottom Line: As far as fetish cites go Mistress T is certainly raising the bar not only for solo artists like herself, but for larger production companies like Kink.com too.

There is a much more personal connection with the performers in sites like this. Within a few days you get to know MT very well, and every time she tells you to eat your own cum, you get a little closer to doing it.

Whether you are just looking for some really good kink, or perhaps you need a pseudo-dom in your life, then Mistress T's site is definitely something you want to check out. Aside from the slow download speeds, there really isn't much to complain about here.

04-18-12  11:52am

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Visit Femdom Worship

Femdom Worship

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great videos. I know that seems really subjective to say, but their videos are really top notch for the sort of low-rent production value you usually see in these types of fetish videos. Beautiful girls and the men are usually varied enough that you can find someone who suits your tastes. The action is not so all over the place like a lot of femdom videos. I like this because if I want just a strapon scene, "bam" there it is! No ff-ing through a twenty minute video to find what your looking for. Categories they focus on are: Foot Fetish, Domination, Cock Control, Facesitting and Strapon. The videos in each category are varied, some are extreme domination, some of them are girls just basically making the guys hard before they screw the hell out of them. This site is all about the quality of content rather than quantity.

This is their only real "pro," but I want to make it clear this a big pro.
Cons: Interface and site layout hearkens back to the 1990s. Not the biggest issue to me, I don't really care how the site looks. The navigation could use a major upgrade though and include some currently non-existent search capabilities.

Non-English. They do provide subtitles, but usually when you see Russian sites like this they keep the dialogue to a minimum for whatever reasons. Don't expect a lot of domination dialogue.

Video format is basic. You don't get a lot of choice in formats here. The real annoying thing is that you can download clips, but if you try to download the whole, joined file it is called "fulllength" every time. So you have to either rename the file or you end up fulllength_01 through 50.

Limited amount of videos. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of videos here, but if you are a major pornophile who downloads a lot (3-5 movies per site per day), like me, then you may find the well running dry after a month.
Bottom Line: It's ugly, clunky, and outdated website would initially make most people run these days. Frankly, I look at this as a sort of "underground" scene in the porn community, and so appearances may not always be the most important aspect. When you are talking about fetish sites catering to specific niches, then your content must be good. You cannot take the scatter shot approach that more diverse sites can where they can just throw a ton of different content at you and hope there's something in there for everyone. Femdom Worship is about femdom material, which limits the scope and their ability to make diverse videos.

That being said, Femdom Worship has managed to bring some really impressive content to the internet. The specificity of their categories really adds to this I think. Facesitting may or may not end up in screwing too, but you know you are going to see facesitting stuff through 75% of the video.

This is nice because frankly I get tired of downloading 1gb videos just to see two minutes of facesitting or strapon sex. The videos here are good enough quality (NOT HD) and small enough in clips size, or really even the full length ones too, that you can download them fast and they don't take up a lot of room on your hdd.

Rant: Porn sites have gotten too complicated in some ways, and it's nice to see ole school sites like this still managing to prove what we all really know deep down inside; quality over quantity. Yeah, you may pretty much see everything they have to offer within a few months, less probably, but at least what you are seeing is worth paying for. Basically for the price of a few porn DVDs or Blu Rays you're going to end up with a lot more video that is all good. You could actually think of this as buying a 10-20 hour DVD set of niche material that will cost you more anyway for being "fetish."

Yes, they could improve their search capabilities, but then again, I think searching is getting too overrated in some cases. You know what niches exist at sites like this, take a little time to stop and smell the roses. Browsing is fun!

The real bottom line is that for a month or two this site will deliver. It's not the greatest femdom site, but the content is pretty top notch. Having seen the content, I would buy these clips or videos individually, so paying for a site membership for a few months is certainly a reasonable bargain. I should also add that they are updating fairly often, so in another year this may actually be a fairly huge site if they keep up their pace (no less than 2-3 times a week). If this happens, and they at least created a model index, I would certainly consider raising their score up into the 90s.

03-30-12  10:30am

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Visit Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Content is top notch, especially given the fact that a lot of these are shot outdoors with a camcorder. Video quality is all pretty high, though you are only given three choices: high, med. and low. High ends up being a mix of different ratios, but most of the newer stuff is pretty large and HD. Expect files sizes nearing 1gb at this level.

Extreme hardcore. This really is a no holds barred cage match. The name says it all.

Good production values and overall quality. This isn't just some shop or home operation. They actually do get out into the streets, though usually in a foreign country, or go to sites (in the US)for a themed shoot. The latter is what I prefer as they are the ones most likely to star a well known porn star.

You never know what will happen. That's awesome. Sometimes people just join in and suddenly there's more than one action to watch. And some of the locations also feed into the fantasy, such as comic book shops, porn theaters, bars, etc.
Cons: Search is fairly limited. In all fairness these scenes would be hard to tag because they tend to range and include so many things. Basic search options are things like small or large tits, race, age. You cannot search for any type of action or location. Location is something I would like to see included.

You have a finite amount of time that a download manager will work before they shift the pages around on you. Admittedly, this is not a big problem here as this isn't really the type of place you will be downloading mass quantities due to the size of their files and the length of the videos.

It's pretty obvious where the line between reality and fantasy is, especially in their outdoor shoots. It's always the same couple of "strangers" that show up and screw the girl. Other strangers are allowed to interact to some degree. However, and rightly so, they are obviously having to screen potential players in advance.
Bottom Line: This is a really good site if you are into the more extreme BDSM and public sex. I knocked some points off for their limited search capability and overall site layout, which probably would have earned them a score of 95-98.

Content-wise they are hard to compare since there are very few sites like this one. I personally would like to see some male subs from time to time, but that apparently is reserved for other kink.com sites. You can see some big names here like Bobby Starr and Lily LaBeau.

I think ultimately this will be one of those sites you join for a month or so and then move on, perhaps to the other kink.com sites. It would be nice if they would start cutting people deals or allowing them to switch sites within their network from month to month. Personally, I left after a month, but this was due only to my own personal interests in this subject matter. Others may find it more to their liking and stick around longer.

So why did I rank it so high if I was leaving after only one month? All in all the site really is well done and deserves the score it got, despite my own tastes or preferences. I also ranked it so high because it is a kink.com site, and they are all top notch sites. Even if this particular site does not appeal to you I would still recommend checking out their other fetish sites.

03-27-12  11:56am

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Visit Subby Hubby

Subby Hubby
Reply of xexbot's Review

5gb/day download limit.

03-27-12  12:57am

Visit Subby Hubby

Subby Hubby

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice selection of content. Most of the videos seem to be in the form of stories or very thematic sequences of events. They are episodic in nature, which leads me to believe this will be the most common form of updates. Most series seem to be about three to five episodes, and you can download them in their entirety (once they are complete I assume)or as individual clips. They have a selection of download options, including an HD wmv (the rest are SD wmv, mp4, and mobile. They use a flash streamer. Pic quality is good and you can download in a full hi-res zip.

As to content, this is one of the best features. This is cuckolding, bdsm, and general femdom activities. One nice feature is that they actually tag the scenes (a rarity for niche sites)so you can tell which ones have strapon or bi-sex blowjob content, for example. It pretty much ranges the full gambit of femdom. The models are not skanks.They are mixed and you will probably find an attraction to over half of them, if not most.
Cons: Download options could be better. If you don't like .wmv then this might be a deal breaker for you.

Their pic selection is more limited than there videos, which is odd (it's usually the other way around). Some of this stuff doesn't translate as well to photo, so it wasn't an issue to me. But, if you are a pic junkie then don't count on huge photo content here.

This is one of those sites that messes with download managers. If you are downloading something it pretty much locks the site for you till it's done. It's the usual workaround, just load up all the vids you want to your download manager first and then start downloading.
Bottom Line: Since this is a brand new site I couldn't rate it any higher than 90. Part of that final number will be dependent on their ability to update and provide fresh new content. It may be a year before we can really gauge that.

That being said, I was really amazed at the amount of content right out of the gate. A lot of good submissive husband videos. The cons were all negligible to me, but I can see where some people may take issue with the cons I mentioned and I am afraid their site will lose potential subscriptions if they don't address these issues.

Niche sites like this are hard to come by. This really is a quality that is beyond what most fetish sites will provide. There use of tags and description make selections easy. The episodic nature of the videos makes them interesting to watch, as well as masturbate to. I'm not saying it's story over form, but since femdom relies so heavily on dialogue and non-sexual actions, as well as the hardcore porn elements, it is an extremely welcome bonus to actually see videos like these.

If you are really into femdom/cuckold niche then this site is a must try. Those of you who are just curious about it would be better off with sites that offer a wider variety of fetishes. As far as a specific, niche, fetish site goes, this is hands down one of the better ones I have seen. If they last I would expect to see them in the ranks of Cuckold Cream and the likes, or even kink.com material.

03-26-12  03:58pm

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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Wide selection of models, videos, and pics due to a long standing in the community. They are one of the oldest working porn sites in general, but especially for niche porn. This is hirsute, hairy girls, and you can search for various factors, very general ones like "armpits" or "action." What's best is there is a little bit of everything "hairy" here. If you like solo girls, there's plenty of content. But if you like some action there is plenty of m/f and f/f content ranging from full frontal soft-core to full blown hardcore. What's more, most of the models that appear at We Are Hairy also appear here, such as Ryanne and Fawna. Video and pic quality is pretty good for the newer stuff, and you usually have a selection of about four or five video qualities (new ones often have HD options also). Pics are downloadable in a single zip file. Lately they have also been ramping up a lot more free cam shows with some pretty big ATK names, so that's been a real plus and I hope they keep that up.
Cons: Search engine is a little dated and clunky. It gets the job done, but the way it displays results could definitely use an update. It accepts download managers usually, but only for a limited time. I find that if I wait more than a few hours it often shifts the page on me.
Bottom Line: For niche porn this site has become one of the biggest and most well known. I have argued that it's a better deal than We Are Hairy simply because they both have many of the same models, but ATK seems to have a. a lot more content, and b. a much greater variety in that content, such as softcore vs. hardcore, solo vs. couple, etc. It's also a site that you will never fully rip, and well worth investing, and saving money in the long run, in the multiple month subscriptions. I would recommend three months easily if you are a hirsute enthusiast.

03-25-12  10:43pm

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network
Reply of messmer's Reply

I thought the same thing. It's like "jeez they're really proud of themselves." Yes, it's a little annoying, but I didn't find that it got in the way of anything.

Most people already cover the technical stuff on these forums and reviews, what's the point of repeating it. LOL.

02-12-12  12:09pm

Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: It's hard to discuss Abby Winters in terms of porn sites because this is simply not the usual porn site. There is a reason it has remained one of the top rated sites of all time for the last decade. It ranges from the dainty petting softcore stuff you expect from a couple of bi-curious girls to penetration bordering on XXX. You are never going to see anything too hard or edgy here, and that's what most people like about this site. It is a sort of sweet, touching, beautiful, natural type of porn that's hard to even want to call it "porn."

The video quality here is good and as you get into the more recent stuff a lot of it is HD. I like their system for selection video quality. You just click one of four boxes next to a video, and the next time that's where it will default to, or the closest lower setting in the case of older videos. They tend to clip them, but there are usually no more than three. Navigation is also very well cross listed with keywords, so searching is a breeze.
Cons: So, here's the only downside to Abby Winters, and it is a personal issue that you may not be as bothered by, but the whole premise of the natural girl having real, natural sex is great, and it is beautiful and tender. But, it also leaves no room for originality or individuality. Simply put, it all kind of starts to look the same after awhile. You'll find your favs, like Chloe B, and you will download everything she has and love it, and you'll do the same for the next ten girls. But after a few months I found myself just checking in occasionally, and when I did I downloaded one or two things here and there and before long I was maybe getting a couple of videos a week from them. Couldn't really justify the price. It's hard to stay a member at sites like this for long.
Bottom Line: Look, if you have never had a membership to Abby Winters it is certainly worth a month. They offer a pretty good deal for three months, and I think it's worth a few months of being able to download stuff from them. If you're like me you will probably tire of them, or you will basically have gotten all you really need from their site to keep you happy in the future. Either way, this site deserves support. They are a unique and enlightened businesswomen, and they are offering a quality product. It's just they are dedicated to pretty much one or two things, lesbian sex and masturbation, so it's hard for them to really offer a wide range of porn. This is true of many sites. One speaks volumes is the fact that Abby Winters has been around for so long and has been recognized by so many as one of the industry's best. In many ways they have sort of become the PLAYBOY of the internet.

02-12-12  12:01pm

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Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network
Reply of james4096's Comment

You can join a lot of the individual sites for a 7.95 trial offer. That's what I did. I took one look at one site and said "Hell yeah I'll take the rest!" Anyway, if you join just one site, they have a different kind of loyalty program. You get to pick one bonus site, then if you stick around for a month you get to add another bonus site. Of course, by this time you're paying the thirty dollar a month charge, but you have to give them props for creating incentives. If you just want to see a couple join one with the trial and pick a different kind of site for the bonus and see what you think.

02-09-12  08:25pm

Visit Ferro Network

Ferro Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: So many videos, so many sites. Yes some of them get cross listed, but for the most part they are providing a lot of specific niche material. I actually think they have a pretty smart business model, charge big up front, because lets face it people are going to rip the sites in a month or so, then lessen the fees as time goes by. It's a pretty smart thing to do. Anyone balking at the price might consider this.

Basically you get a shit ton of nylon sites, which are actually really good sites even if you aren't into the fetish. They have a lot of femdom strapon stuff, some mature stuff, bisexual, and more. The newer vids are pretty good in terms of quality. There's still very little HD at this site because they just started adding some HD stuff. I know that is a peeve for some people. However, the fetish stuff their offering is pretty unique, and sometimes it has to be more about the content than the quality. Most of the models are pretty hot too.
Cons: There is no BDSM or Cuckold stuff here for some reason. The BDSM I get, but seems like cuckold sites would be right up their alley, or his....;)

Older vids are pretty damn old. Low quality for the low bandwidth days. They get progressively better though.

Very little search and navigation capability.

Like the others have said, you have to manually log in to each site. The problem is you have to do it with a very cryptic username and password they assign to you. That's why everyone is complaining. They're too hard to remember. Type it into a doc and just cut and paste with your browser set to remember the passwords.
Bottom Line: Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's worth it. Let's be clear. This is a softer domination site, so if you're looking for extreme hardcore BDSM and femdom, not a good choice for you. If you are looking for nylon fetish, feminization, humiliation, men getting ass fucked by men and women, women getting as fucked by men and women,tranny sex, mature sex, masturbation, gay and bisexual sex, then this is a damn good choice.

02-09-12  08:19pm

Replies (3)
Visit Cuckold Cream

Cuckold Cream

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The video's and pics are quality cuckold, though it will be the standard "I need a black dick" scenario every time. The production value is there, the girls are hot, but the action is a little, well, pedantic.

You also get access to their other sites, which are exclusive, but also pretty run of the mill. In terms of niche there might be a few that will interest you, but I found them all pretty boring.
Cons: Video is in one format only (wmv) but they do give you a choice of different qualities and sizes. Still, the content is just uninspired, and it looks like pretty much the same cuck videos we've seen a hundred times before. Admittedly, the white chick needing a black dick and making her husband watch scenario may work for you, I still don't think they offer enough here to really impress you beyond what you have seen before.

I list this under cons just because I'm sure there are a few of you out there who will want to know, but there is no bi-sexual, forced bisexuality, or anything more extreme than a girl fucking another guy in front of her significant other.

As of Feb. 2012, canceling with their online system does not work! I had to send two emails to get them to cancel before my trial ran out. Be careful of this.
Bottom Line: It might be worth taking the trial run at them just to see if there is anything beyond this site, such as their tranny site or their teen site, that might interest you. However, with the cancellation issues I had, I wouldn't risk it.

02-08-12  10:12pm

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