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Reply of otoh's Reply

I think both sites lose that "spirit" in some of their sets and or there is a lack of enthusiasm. The bottom line is it both sites are soft. For me, FemJoy is a site I would check in with every two years but I am a photo buff but came away somewhat underwhelmed by the lates experience. It's a very streamlined site that would work better at 14.95 or so IMO. They don't offer the "Live" girls or search features that it's comp does. Of the three art nude photo type sites, it is clearly at the bottom of the list. There was a 99 bucks offer for year when canceled which is to me a waste of money. Like I said, I treurned after two years and found only a moderate amount of savable new material. If you are looking for explitiness, this site will disappoint and bore you quickly.

02-20-12  10:33am

Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen
Reply of tangub's Reply

Can anybody confirm if the zip files are actually there now for photo sets?

02-15-12  07:16am


Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

Thanks for your input.

02-14-12  05:16pm



Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Overall solid photography and production values and a clean but simple layout.

- Attractive, youthful, slender models, mostly euro with some porn star cross overs.

- Good download speeds, with a nice variance of photo file sizes.

- Apps are offered for IPhone and Android.

- All material is exclusive.

- Large Model Data base.
Cons: - The search engine for models consists of A to Z or models name making it time consuming to searh the site in an efficient way.

-Some of their better models are shot in a very softcore way. Little use of lingere and too many straight birthday suits in some sets.

- Mild decline in the quality of recent models.

- Watch for upsell when joining, CCBill was slow to respond to issues.
Bottom Line: FEMJOY is an art nude site which caters to those who like young, generally pretty and natural women. It is softcore, so no insertions other than an occasional finger tip nor toy play and all of the material is exclusive. The current price for the site is 19.95 recurring which is a bargain if this type of site interests you and especially if you've never been a member.

You have several photo formats which is nice and all pictures within the last four years are high resolution. The zip files offered are small, standard (my preference) and large and the download speeds were above average for me.

I personally ran into to no download limits but I do not have a mass downloader. Still, I was able to pop out up to 20 plus gallery downloads per session with no trouble.

FEMJOY uses what I call mildly deceptive advertising where they want you to see the more and not the less. They claim up to 3 updates daily and up to 2 new videos per week. Well, I saw that happen just once in both categories. FEMJOY has a wide selection of models, up to 750. There has been a ton of brunettes and not enough blonde's in recent months and in my humble opinion, they haven't had those knock out main stay models since the last time I joined.

To clarify, I waited a solid two plus years between memberships and it took that long for me to justify joining again from simply following their updates and models.

The videos offer what is more or less a flash player and formats for windows are 640 x 360 or 1280 x 720. The smaller files were adequate for my tastes. They offer the same exact sizes for Quicktime and have an Ipod feature as well and even a small playstation portable. Also added are apps for Android and my preferred IPhone. but I found neither compelling enough to use or go through the mild learning curve associated.

The quality of the videos are good with nice production values but they are softcore for sure and some seem repetitive, especially if shot by the same person. The photo's are sharp and clear with not too much fodder in the sets, but like the videos and one of my main gripes, look the same when certain photo artists are used.

Some of the artists just have the same old style over and over and the same backdrops as well which gets boring quick to a true photo enthusiast. But quality is there which brings me to my main gripe and one that frustrated me greatly and dropped my rating several points.

The search features are deplorable for such a quality site. Forget typing in blond or red hair and blue eyes and such for it isn't there. And when you go to the models section your eyes will cross trying to pick out models that float your boat.

It is very clunky and difficult to pick through for the photos are not always reflective of the models you will see upon clicking on them. It took me the entire allotted membership time to dig out the models and zip files and vids I wanted to keep and this is just unacceptable for a site that should have a search feature that matches the overall quality of their productions.

You can search models A to Z or by name and we all know models names change from site to site and that is another gripe towards better model identification. The main stay models they do have, unfortunately are more PG, meaning no views of the real goods, save a shadow or two.

Another negative was when I joined it took three hours before I could log on which was a major turnoff, but all sites generally come with one glitch, so no big deal. However, it took CCBill five business days to respond to a complaint and had I been down that whole time, they would have been extremely slow to repsond to the issue.

That is not necessarily a problem of the FEMJOY staff who uses their services. They also offer EPOCH as a way to pay as well. There is one cross or upsell to watch for when signing up.

Overall, the quality of the models and photography and such is well above average, but in my opinion this site trails Met Art and especially MPL a site I now think sets the pace for art nude erotic photography in this niche.

I recommend FEMJOY for those interested in these types of sites and feel it is a very good site. I am a very picky purveyor and I found quality but not without some serious work and the aforementioned crossed eyes.

One telling thing for me which makes it clear it'll be another two years before I revisit was that in the entire month of the membership, save two days left, I downloaded 10 of 63 photo updates, which shows a slight decline in quality per average. I dowloaded the majority of 19 models content.

That to me is a great value but I expected more in that I waited over two years between memberships. If this makes any sense, I was both a satisifed customer that was a little disappointed at the same time and I absolutely detested how hard it was to search the models for the material I covet.

02-13-12  06:47pm

Replies (6)
Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen
Reply of nymano's Reply

On numerous occasions I've thought about joining Club Seventeen but that price is more than a little outrageous. It is probably one of the most expensive sites out there.

While I feel certain I'd enjoy the content, download speeds are important for me as are zip files for picture sets. I've heard there were no zips on a couple of occasions and that the download speeds were sketchy at best.

I've also heard that a lot of the material is old and that all the sets look similar in their colorful backdrops and or decor. Until they come down on that price, I will simply have to wonder what I am missing. At just under $40.00 American currency, purveyors can get two memberships elsewhere for the same price and that trumps all.

I would still like to know more about their downlaod speeds tho ... and how often they update.

06-05-11  04:06pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of tangub's Reply

They seem determined to stay at a price that deters many users. I will add that I do not think the site is worth 35 bucks. Also, I think they do and or did have a 1 GB per day limit on downloads. If anybody does join, I would like their take. I'm thinking I may have overrated the site by a point or two in my review, but I am still chomping at the bit to download some models sets I have seen since my last visit.

05-18-11  10:05am

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of tangub's Reply

Firstly, if you have never joined Met-Art, I would still go for them first, especially with the price offered here. For me, MPL just hit the spot and the quality was unexpected so to speak.

I did have some troubles with downloads and in fact it seemed as if you could get away with two at a time but not more which is a pain in the rear.

I did get multiple downloads to go through but noticed they were slow. As for being blocked, that never happened. And for rating the site higher than Met Art? I just think their videos put them over the top and they have a handful of my absolute favortite models.

Lastly, there videos are not superb, just better than Mets. And that pricing? It has hindered me from re-joining but as I said, I would like to again. I would scan their models and the amount of sets they have and if they feel your needs, take the plunge.

I can say that I have NEVER seen this site run a special anywhere.

05-17-11  07:08am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Actually, most of the reviews are from memory. I usually do the same, back the stuff up and then have access later. I will try a new site this week, just not sure which one right now.

05-16-11  06:13pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

Thanks for the props. I am just trying to be as straight forward as possible.

05-16-11  02:18pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

It's hard to find honest reviews these days and this place seems to have earned credibility. I have at least 6-8 more reviews coming and look forward to hearing about sites I may want to join. Hopefully, I can earn more trust.

05-16-11  02:17pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Superb models are top notch

- High production values

- Easy to navigate, uncluttered layout

- Classy feel to the site
Cons: - Would prefer another option or two concerning photo size.

- Did not see support for mass dowloading tools.

- Dowload speeds seemed to slow after a few sets.
Bottom Line: After joining MPL Studios for the first time about 3-4 months ago, I can say that I am looking forward joining again, or am I? It's no secret that MPL is proud of their site via their pricing and with it being over $30.00 American currency many balk at doing so until content is fresh again. As is the case with many of us purveyors, the site added one of my favorite models who is now up to 4 sets after my expiration and that is a clear sign that they are updating frequently.

MPL Studios is of course, a site similar to Met Art in many ways, but of late they are on top due to booking some really hot models, namely Amiele, a fine young lady who has yet to appear on Met Art. The overall quality of the site is amazing. There just seems to be very little bad content on the site IMO, making surfing easier for those who want to avoid the usual additional fodder.

While Met Art still has better resolution on their picture sets, MPL is close enough to satisfy those who appreciate beautiful young models. The sites content is still building and give this site a year or two and they will be as good as any art nude and or softcore site around. The site is obviously not for those who seek hardcore porn, but the trade off is the high quality of babe, some which have very little content floating about on the web, like a blond jewel named Heather.

There videos are well done, better than Met Art and more revealing. They could still be better but overall they are quite satisfying. MPL Studio's search features are decant as well, but simply going down the list of models was a convenient way to find the best content for this user. You can also find hot models you grew up loving, like Svetlana who has over 50 sets. And they use backdrops to their feature offerings as good as anyone in the business.

I would like to see them up the pix count on some of their photography for some sets downloaded seemed distant. MPL has a high standard of presentation and they come off professional in every way. It's nice to see the rare combination of tasteful, yet explicit sets and vids. They currently have 140,000 plus images and close to 300 videos which seem to get better as they hatch.

One of the things I noticed the first go round was that while their stable of models was really good, they needed more. Well, it seems they read my mind and have since been adding more quality models to the fold. The models do not look rough in any way. They look happy, relaxed and that makes for some good stuff. Rumor is that the site pays their models well and concentrates on keeping fresh faces coming.

Download speeds were very good, but not great. They added a new set or video everyday, so you cannot complain there with the current standards out there. They feature the usual live streaming videos and their quality is above average if this is something you seek.

I feel certain you will enjoy your experience at this site if you love well done softcore.

05-16-11  01:10pm

Replies (5)
Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Deep archives, especially photos

- Nice collection of classic sets

- Recently added Flash Player
Cons: - Recent updates are stale

- Presentation issues galore

- Models less and less attractive

- Download speeds are slow
Bottom Line: Let me start by saying I used to love this site. It takes a good long time to go through the deep archives of photo sets on this site and there you will find some of those classic ones from days gone by.

This site was a true player at one time but they have taken a nose dive of late. Material seems recycled and the updates while frequent are just plain lame for my tastes.

You used to see a lot of new models on the site, cute ones, but now some look rather homely as if the photographers are clueless as to how to add a nice hair do or make up -- raw. When surfing there of late, it feels late 90's.

Sometimes cute models are masked by a deplorable head shot making one think they are not worth a look. This is the weakness of Teen Dreams, their presentation.

The content itself are average at best videos, and several picture sets featuring solo, hardcore, straight and lesbian. They also have a chat area similar to the many out there meaning it is not for everyone. A lot of their sets appear elsewhere like Paul Markham and it appears as if they will no longer shoot their own stuff.

They have worked on some of the needed changes and they are on the right track but work remains. Decent search features help but even they could be improved upon.

The site also has some stuff from Viv Thomas which is a plus, but many of those sets are old and the quality of the picture sets is quite average.

The site can be time consuming. You get a picture of the video box instead of the actual scene with video updates. That means a user must click each box to see the actual scene with no "real or acceptable" preview. I ended up avoiding the clicks after realizing how clunky the set up was. They would be doing themselves a favor separating the videos from pictures.

Search features as mentioned are good, but several models have two names and the webmaster needs to combined them for the sake of seekers.

I'm afraid Teen Dreams is going about it with smoke and mirrors these days of late They seem to be one of many former mainstay sites on the brink of becoming stale.

Download speeds are very slow for me and the picture sets have way too many photos, some of them being pretty much the same. Almost all their content seems to be coming from a certain place I will not mention, so take that for what it's worth.

Despite my negative feelings towards their demise of late, I would still recommend you join Teen Dreams at least one time for their vast archives. While most of the content you will download will be a tad dated, there is some good stuff to be had. You will however, need to be patient, for it takes time to turn up the good stuff but vasious search features once mastered should help. Picture resolution varies, but most are very good at least in sets the past five years or so..

05-16-11  11:14am

Replies (0)
Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Thanks for the welcome!

05-16-11  10:18am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - 100% original content

- Beautiful models

- High standards in their photography

- Good reputation, has stood the test of time

- Solid value, especially with specials
Cons: - All this great photography ... so what happened with the videos?

- A stong lay out but still has navigation issues and it can be improved on.

- Sometimes, sets seem to disappear in the archives
Bottom Line: If you love beautiful, nubile models then you have to join Met Art at least one time. There is no hardcore here, nor insertions, but they keep you occupied with a stable of top notch models. This site is for those who appreciate art photography, so it is not always, how should I say ... revealing as some might want.

They update on an acceptable basis and seemingly seek some of the best models out there. Met Art was the first in art-like model photography and they are still at the top but other sites are catching up, namely FEMJOY and MPL Studios. In fact, these three are not that far apart.

I'm sure the folks at Met-Art think others copied their style and don't like it. They did. They should take it as a compliment in that they are doing something right. Still the aforementioned sites are neck and neck with the old girl these days

Several of the models have now done hardcore porn but most on the site have not. Met Art continues to get the best models but the competition has closed and that is good for the consumer in that it keeps all parties pumping out good content and contracting models that are top notch.

There is a plethora of different resolutions are available for Met Arts picture sets and they take you to where you can see those lovely golden hairs on the models, giving one the impression they are right there! They have the best overall photos around!

I am not a fan of their videos. They're not bad but they seem a tad too soft in that picture sets are more revealing. You might say, they are li ... lame and need rethinking. They could use some new blood behind those cameras, IMO. On the other hand, they are far from trash, just not what you would expect after seeing their incredible photos.

They've added a live chat area that is well set up if that's your cup of tea but extra charges will apply. As most of you know, some of the talent in chat areas can be in a word scary and by average standards Met Art is on the upper side of the equation but none I have seen are great.

I remember the first time discovering the site and downloaded a lot of sets that have stood the test of time.

Download speeds are fine with a good connection and there is a lot of content to keep you occupied with new discoveries of the flavor of the month.

A classy site, that is a main stay if you like young, tight, natural models.

This is a site that perfectly compliments a harder site and it is especially for those who do not like just any old porn but beauty.

If they master their videos, they'll rock!

05-15-11  06:38pm

Replies (8)
Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of tangub's Reply

And this is the problem with sites of late in that they are not recognizing that any hint of deception is the kind of turn-off that sticks with users.

05-15-11  06:17pm

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

The mere fact that you cared enough to respond earns you a point in my book. Running web sites is not easy chore despite what many might think and making the right changes can be tricky. I think you'll do well once the facelift is complete in that it's what kills many sites, IMO. Thanks for the offer on the models, but it's not that big of a deal. It takes a bit to go through them but I can assure you that there are around 4 very nice looking babes that had no content under their model pictures in the preview area the last time I perused your site. Hey, it happens, but is frustrating when it was a couple of the models that made me pull the trigger, again. As for the rating, you will still be one of my best for I'm a mildly tough critic. Best of luck with your site. And for what it's worth, everybody should check out Nubiles if you never have.

05-15-11  06:12pm

Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Slender teen models

- Lot's of content

- Updates fairly regular

- Recent drop in pricing is a plus
Cons: - Lists models pictures that appear nowhere on the site. (My personal pet peeve)

- Some of the photography is amatuerish

- A lot of stale stuff still floating from years gone by
Bottom Line: With three experiences under my belt, I can say that this is a good site, but overrated, IMO. There is a lot of stuff here for sure, but after a year away, by rejoining, I was personally disappointed. Some sets are not original as well and can be found elsewhere. This is one of the original teen sites and thus far it is standing the test of time. I have noticed some deep discount offerings of late, notably a tie in with Met-Art for 29.99 US currency. A good facelift could work wonders for them for their interface is underwhelming at this time. If you have never joined, you should do so once, for there is a sufficient amount of hot babes mixed in with a large data base of models. But those faces which appear in the preview yet have no sets or galleries? Errr....... Mainly Euro models which you have likely seen before with some Americans mixed in as well. Youthful, if not nimble models, but most have done hardcore before so no new discoveries for us who are always looking for the next hot Nubile babe. Several video formats available, some work better than others. if you are a Boob Monster, this site is not for you and is geared towards those of us who prefer their women au natural.

05-13-11  11:46am

Replies (14)
Visit X-Art


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - High quality porn vids and picture sets

- Site lay out is user friendly

- The owners vision is refreshing

- They care for their models before shoots
Cons: - Site content is growing, so, not a ton of it just yet. Photo sets not as good as the videos.

- Serious issues with videos ending up on free sites in very short time.

- Bad editing on some videos, no climax
Bottom Line: A nice, unique art-porn site that features attractvie models having hot sex. Nice picture sets as well and a good selection of models to date. You don't feel like you need a shower after visiting the site in that their affairs are handled with class. They have shown the ability to take experienced models and make them fresh, if not innocent.

Some videos, leave you hanging in that they have an awkward end. By that I mean no climax. Some picture sets have the same look after one becomes accustomed to offerings. Some are as small as ten pics, many are average at best. I think the goal was to make it appear they had more sets. Many of the picture sets are directly from the video, so nothing new. One more thing, videos are fairly short, all under ten minutes.

When I first joined, content was mimimal. After my membership expired they seemed to add a lot more content. Worth one try for sure, but I would wait a good six months for content to catch up after that. Most of their videos end up on free sites far too quickly, a problem many are having in the current climate of on-line porn. Classy site overall, but nothing overly special just yet, but the potential is there. Again, worth a look and I will likely pay anpother visit in six months time.

05-13-11  11:32am

Replies (0)

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