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Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Camera work better than 90% of Sites (but see problem below)
* Camera is kept back so you can see all of the girl most of the time, with the occasional close-up (that's the way it should be and most sites do it the opposite way, which is dead-wrong in my opinion)
* Very attractive Russian Girls
* Easy Navigation, list of all models with links to their videos
* Excellent still photo Previews
* Currently more than 470 videos, No DRM
* Video quality very good (but see problem below)
* Fast download speeds, no problem using download manager and downloads almost never "drop"
* Great (high quality) Still Photos with zip files
* Logo on videos acceptable & well placed at extreme lower right. (but could still be smaller)
* Tin Seks, Teen Sex Fusion, Teen Burg, Teen Dorf and other network sites represented on 18_Stream
* At this writing, FULL trial access for 3 days, for five bucks - a very good deal in my opinion
* Videos available in Full HD, or medium or low quality
Cons: * Very Bad choice of video Codec, Microsoft (Mime Type: video/x-ms-asf) (see comment below)

* Cameraman goofs-off with the camera sometimes (see comment below)

* Most girls have pretty big boobs, which is not my favorite thing. (more petite girls please!!) (but this is a personal preference and does not detract from the site)

* Site uses "SegPay Billing" and their "find transaction" web page does not work, or at lease it didn't work for me. Had to email SegPay to stop the re-bill.

* One strange problem was that none of the Logon links for members worked for me except the one on the "Join Page." There are members' logon links on all of their preview pages, but not a one of them worked except the one on the "Join Page." It worked fine after I learned this trick. (sorry, I had to come back and add this, I forgot to put it in the original post)
Bottom Line: I highly recommend this site, especially for the Full Trial price of only five bucks, but don't know how long that will last. I would still recommend the site at full price, but of courses not as highly.

I was very impressed with the site, they did nearly everything exactly right. Great previews for the videos and full streaming, great still photos, great videos, some very sexy girls and good download speed. I downloaded dozens of videos and only had the connection drop one time. That's a fantastic connection, their server is very well tuned.

My only two big problems with the site is that, (1) I wish they would have used a more generic video codec. The Microsoft codec doesn't work so well on older systems like mine. You have to use VLC player to make the videos work. And the problem is that when you go to "index" (move the slider bar to advance) the video, there is distortion that can last for several seconds. If you are running the latest software you may not have this problem.

My only other problem with the site is that the cameraman goofs-off with the camera sometimes. No kidding --- in some scenes he rotates the camera left and right at the beginning of the scene for no reason at all. That is really stupid and annoying, the cameraman needs to knock off the goofy stuff and do his job. Thankfully, he doesn't do it too often. But it should NEVER happen. The idea is to keep the camera steady, at the correct distance and focused (which he does for the most part) --- just do that and you are doing your job Mr. Cameraman. Stop all the nonsense, its distracting and makes for a poorer quality video.

Other than that, its a great site. Wish they had more of the very slim girls, but you can't have everything, I guess.

Highly recommend! Get it while its cheap. I'm sure the trial will not last very long. But even at full price, I would have been very happy with the site.

07-31-10  01:37pm

Replies (0)
Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * Good quality (but not super high-res) pictures in Zip files
* Full download speed for cable connection
* No problem using download manager
* Server seems well tuned, never ‘dropped’ a download
* Easy Navigation, old style but no problems with site set-up
* Almost all male stars have huge tools and are often matched with petite girls
* Very large network, you will probably need all 30 days to select and download
* Network includes 19 sites
* Video quality is ‘only’ good (camerawork is not so good, resolution is too low)
* Several very cute girls, Kitty, Kennedy Kressler, Alexia Skye, Amai Liu and others
* Good Lighting in most scenes
Cons: * Poor camerawork, face & ass style, hardly ever see action from proper distance
* Video resolution is too low, best quality is only 640x360
* Logo/watermark too big, very obstructive of view, badly placed and distracting
* Almost every video is about 70% nonsense, 30% action worth viewing
* Way too much emphasis on oral sex, leans toward being a BJ site
* Far too many unnecessary “fades” and shifting to different angles
* Camera movements are mostly way too fast, zooming is at warp speed
* Cameraman sometimes tries to be the star, talks too much
* Girl’s movements into new positions often edited out --- why?
* At $34.99 the membership price is too high considering the competition
Bottom Line: Seldom have I seen a site that focuses on the face as much as this site. This is supposed to be a porn site --- right? I can see girls faces at the grocery store, I don’t need to pay money and join a site for that.

I, like many here at Porn Users, like to see a girl’s entire body, NOT just her face and her ass. But this is the old porn paradigm that refuses to die. I notice that sites that finally figure it out and break away from this type of camerawork consistently get much better ratings, (from the users anyway).

In my opinion, this type of camerawork is the curse of modern porn, they are still doing it just like they did in the 1970’s. Wake up guys, move the camera back and keep the camera steady. I know YOU can see everything YOU want to, but WE can only see what comes through the camera lens. It’s not that there is never a time for a close-up --- but that time is NOT all the time. And it should not be nearly all the time either.

One silver lining with sites that practice the face & ass camerawork style, is that you at least get a full length glimpse of the girl’s body when they move into another position. But not at this site, they normally edit that part out.

The best thing about this site is it has a good number of petite girls staring with some of the most well endowed men in porn. Its a shame they don’t back the camera up so WE the viewers can see it. Oh well, I guess this old paradigm will never die in the American and Euro porn industries, so I’m off to the Russian sites again where most of them know how to run a camera, like Teen Mega World for example.

Porn camerawork is not rocket science but considering the small percentage of sites that get it right, you would think it was.

1) This site lost 20 points for poor camerawork and editing

2) And lost another 10 points due to a large logo, cameraman won’t shut-up, too much nonsense, too much oral, not enough action and the video resolution is too low

If these things were fixed, it would be an awesome site, as it stands now, its pretty much run of the mill.

03-05-11  11:56am

Replies (3)
Visit Dirty Orientals

Dirty Orientals

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Several awesome looking Asian girls, like: “Kim D” ... “Som” ... "Dawn Star"
* Good resolution 720 x 540, but not High-Def
* Girls don't constantly distort their faces with fake passion
* Girls don't constantly make silly/fake "passion noises”
* Mostly very beautiful/petite Asian girls
* Zip files for pictures
* Previews for every scene
* Full download speed for cable connection
* Good site set-up for navigation
* Full-length & split downloads / multiple file sizes
* Currently about 45 scenes and growing
* About 35 other sites come with sign-up, some very good
* Video logo not very obstructive of view
* Good Lighting in most scenes
Cons: * Girls almost never get naked
* Girls wear fishnets almost always
* Far too much oral sex in most scenes
* Small breasted girls almost never take their tops off
* Bad camera work
* Bad editing of the scenes
* Far too many unnecessary “fades” and “flashing” of different angles
* Camera movements are mostly way too fast
* Girl’s movements into new positions almost always edited out
* Camera way too close most of the time, blurs the video
* Site needs to find male stars with bigger “tools”
* View of the action often obstructed by hands, hands are not erotic
Bottom Line: This site had everything it needed to rate well into the ninety-percent range for quality, but they blew it with bad camera work, horrible editing and by not getting the girls naked. Also, there was too much oral sex, to the point that oral-sex consumed nearly half of the scene in many cases. There are entire sites devoted to oral-sex and people that like that have that option, but normal sex sites should not try to be oral-sex sites too.

As a result of the disappointing camera work and other problems stated above, I've rated this site in the sixties. Sites need to learn that camera work and editing are very important, the best and highest rated sites on the net have learned this lesson but 90% of the industry has not. They wonder why their site is rated so low when they have top-rated stars and the best equipment... its because they don't know how to use that equipment. They have "fun" with the shots, they do dozens of unnecessary fades and all sorts of editing special effects/tricks that only destroy the eroticism of the scene. When they get a good angle and distance they don't keep it, they fade and opt for an ultra close shot (too close). The action is often blurred because the camera is way too close.

This site, like so many others seems to believe that the best camera shot is the closest camera shot, that is not true. There is a time for close camera shots, but that time is NOT ALL THE TIME!! The camera makes all girls look pretty much the same when its only twelve inches away. A close camera turns a wonderfully slender girl into just another average girl.

The cameraman needs to get shots of the girl from head to toe much more often, and especially at the beginning of the scene. And stay on that shot for awhile, don't just give us a microsecond glimpse, let us SEE the girl, ALL OF HER, head to toe. Without these shots no one can realize the proportions of the actress.

This site like most others makes you piece the girl together in your mind, you see a close-up of her feet, of her face, of her butt, of her left nipple, but the camera seldom, if ever, simply backs out and remains steady to show the overall girl.... very sad, what a waste of what could have otherwise been a great scene.

Why is it that when most porn stars see the camera focus on their sex that they must immediately cover it with their hand and masturbate? It would be much better for them to keep their hands out of the shot. I don't think anyone watches porn movies to see hands. Hands are not erotic. A lot of that goes on at this site.

I'm very frustrated with "Dirty Orientals" because it’s rare to find such a large number of very beautiful Asian stars on any particular site, the site could have been awesome, but as it stands, its just another mediocre site.

Many 21Sextury.com Productions sites have very good camera work and editing, the guys at Dirty Orientals need to take lessons. ALS Scan is another site with very good camera work, look and learn.

11-27-08  05:18pm

Replies (2)
Visit My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens
Reply of pat362's Review

This site looks like a re-cycle or clone of 'Seventeen' Video to me. I'm thinking the videos are not exclusive. Can you tell me if you think that is true or not. I've already joined Seventeen some time ago under a full trial. It was not too hot.

04-10-11  10:57am

Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes
Reply of graymane's Reply

Thanks for the good comment. I've been trolling this site almost from its beginning and finally wrote the 5th review.

Yeah, there is too much talk all together and not enough action. I use a video cutter (Boilsoft makes a good one) and just clip out the good part. Normally I only keep about 30% of the video and many of the videos are just not salvageable because the camerawork is so bad.

The real shame is, that this could be an awesome site, but they just can't drum up the determination to break away from the old worn out style. Oh well, there are other sites that do it right.

03-07-11  07:13am

Visit VideoBox

Reply of videobox's Reply

Thanks for the reply. I found the URL for the old style User Interface and I'm glad it still exist.

When I was talking about previews, I meant photo previews, those are smaller with the new UI. I like video previews to determine if I will join a site. But after joining, its much easier and faster to rely on photo previews.

The URL for the old interface, in case someone wants it, is:


I suggest you put a link on the new interface to the old interface, or maybe its there already and I didn't see it. But otherwise people won't know the old interface still exist.

03-03-11  06:24pm

Visit VideoBox


Hate the new video interface

Too bad, they have ruined this site. The old interface gave you large previews, was fast and easy to navigate. None of that is true with the new interface. I doubt I will ever join this site again, the new interface waste too much time and is too frustrating to use.

Fortunately many of there competitors still use the older and much better interface. They will get my business from this point forward.

New is often not better.

02-13-11  02:06pm

Replies (4)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of messmer's Comment


Everybody is having the same problem. The webmaster replied to one of the complaints about it about a week ago and I replied back ... I think last Sunday saying I thought they had fixed it because I had no problems that day. But I'm downloading again today and the very first download I tried .... DROPPED.

So they still have not fixed it.

01-05-11  03:58pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Sandstone's Reply

I think you fixed it. I've been downloading for about 5 hours now and haven't had a single dropped video. Normally it would have happened several times by now. Good Job !!

01-01-11  12:01pm

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of RustyJ's Reply

Yeah, that's another gripe I have that I haven't even got to yet, those ultra-wide angle lenses they use. They make every girl's ass look like its a mile wide. There is huge distortion with these lenses, take a look at the edges of walls or doors sometime and notice how curved they are. They are not actually curved of course, that's just showing how much distortion is in the picture. Unreal, they need wide angle of course, but there must be a lens out there that is not so extreme.

Congratulations on your win by the way !!

01-01-11  11:53am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of nadiencendia's Reply

Yeah, and I always thought the huge majority would be those that prefer full body length shots. That's not to say there is never a time for a close-up, but geeezs you can't just part the camera at her butt-hole, which is what most sites do.

And they love shots from the floor looking up at almost a 90 degree angle of the girl. What's up with that? I wouldn't complain about it except that its so common. It's a lousy angle, but they love it and do it constantly.

Many of these sites that love this ultra close up crap would have 500% better camera work if they just put the camera on a tripod and never touched it throughout the entire scene. Honestly, I'd much prefer that to the constant and unnecessary movements, swatting of the camera, and too close-up all the time.

But if you want to see some good camera work, (not great, could still use some improvement) but some "good" camera work, checkout the Teen Mega World sites. The Russians have got the right idea on camera work. Good for them !!!

12-31-10  11:10am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Drooler's Reply

Thanks for the detail, I'll be sure to download those in case I don't already have them.

12-31-10  11:00am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of nadiencendia's Comment

You are exactly correct Nadiencendia. 21Sextury has slipped back into the old porn paradigm of a constant TOO-CLOSE camera. Marketers of porn have pretended that POV (so called Point-of-View) camera work is something new. It's not, its been one of the curses on porn from day-one.

Thankfully some porn sites are finally learning to keep the camera back so you can see the overall action. The Russian sites are leading the way and they are kicking-butt on all the old style American and Euro sites.

Shooting a porn scene is not rocket science, its just 1) get adequate lighting, 2) keep the camera steady 3) get proper focus and DISTANCE and angle so you can see the overall action. It's that simple, but they still manage to mess it up by trying to keep the camera stuck up the girl's butt.

Yes, a close-up is good sometimes, but it shouldn't be ALL the time. And they zoom the camera too fast, and constantly make unnecessary camera movements and generally swat the camera around like its a tennis racket. I don't know what they are thinking.

Hey, it took the porn industry 40 years to lean to turn the lights on. Honestly, go look at some old 'classic" porn and notice that about 90% of the scenes don't have adequate lighting. I guess it will take them another 40 years to figure out we would like to see the ENTIRE girl... not JUST her tits, not JUST her butt, not JUST her face.... LET ME SEE ALL OF HER PLEASE !!

Well, maybe they will figure it out someday, but my hopes are dimming, especially seeing 21Sextury fall back into the same old trap.

12-30-10  11:59am

Visit 21Sextury.com


Camera work has become pretty bad.

What a shame. So many very attractive models and you hardly get to see them in the videos. It wasn’t always like this at 21Sextury, they use to do a better job at getting the camera back so you could see the overall model, but that has mostly slipped away. Now they have fallen back into the old-time porn paradigm of showing ONLY face and ass.

Honestly, you can randomly skip through most of their videos and notice.. ultra close-up of face…. (skip again_ …. its and ultra-close-up of her ass, (skip again), … still ultra close-up of her ass (skip again), close-up of her face… and so on.

It’s really difficult to find a segment of the video where they get it right and get the proper distance so you can see the girl. I don’t know why porn producers are so very fascinated with ultra-close-up shots, every girl looks the same from only ten inches away. What is the point in having a variety of models? You can't tell any difference between them when you keep the camera so very close.

Porn is all visual and you need some perspective for it to be erotic, the ultra-close camera defeats that purpose.

Hey, if you like close-ups so much, why not trade in your cameras for electron-microscopes… then we can see the girl’s cellular structure. Wow, won’t that be erotic !!!!

Come on guy, we want to see the entire girl, not just parts of her. And not just a microsecond glimpse of the overall girl either, the camera should be at a distant to see the overall girl most of the time with only an occasional close-up, you do it backwards.

To their credit, I will say that their lighting is always good and they do a good job of keeping the camera steady. But DUDE, you got to move that camera back sometimes !!

If you go to see the Great Wall of China but only get to see it while standing ten inches from it, did you really see the Great Wall of China?

12-30-10  11:38am

Replies (6)
Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of Sandstone's Reply

I'm sure you are working hard on it but be assured the problem is not fixed yet. I am currently a member as of (30 Dec. 2010) and have been a member for the past three months.

The severs are still dropping downloads quite often, I would say for every video download you start, there is about a 25% chance that the server will drop that video before it is complete. Sometimes a download will be dropped even if its being downloaded by itself, a single video download.

This is of course very frustrating, it waste a lot of you customers' time and it also waste a lot of your bandwidth, because when a video drops, you have no choice but to do it all over again, if you want it to work.

Good luck in solving the problem, I know server problems like this can be difficult to fix. I'm located in the U.S. if that helps.

12-30-10  10:54am

Visit Asian Pervert

Asian Pervert
Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

The site must have reported to "The Best Porn" that it was to be a FULL trial in order for "The Best Porn" to list it as such. And I guess I don't understand what is "disingenuous" about "bashing" a site based on a trial subscription. Especially when they advertised for a Full trial and it appears not to be. Seems to me that in that case, a "bashing" is in order.

09-08-10  02:27pm

Visit Asian Pervert

Asian Pervert

Rip-Off Site in my Opinion

My account was suspended after I canceled the rebill from a two day trial subscription. Now when I try to logon - all I get is this page: http://members.yankmyplank.com/error/403/

Also it appears it is NOT a FULL trial, I could not find any of the HD videos that are shown on the AsianPerverts preview page. This network is a rip-off in my opinion. I'm glad I only lost 3 bucks.

09-07-10  06:12pm

Replies (2)
Visit No Rest Network

No Rest Network
Reply of yadayada321's Reply

The problem is that, that doesn't help. You still see him distracting the models and destroying the scene.

08-02-10  01:24pm

Visit No Rest Network

No Rest Network
Reply of Denner's Comment

I sure do agree with you, I hate it when the cameraman starts talking, they need to shut-up and run the camera. It destroys the eroticism of the scene. But the cameramen want to be the star, well, they are not the star, they are the cameraman... shut up and run the camera for pete sake.

08-02-10  01:22pm

Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art
Reply of orgasmation's Review

I agree with you totally on the camera work, for the most part its just totally bad. They do manager to get it right in a very few videos --- like the "Emma - Hardcore" (not Emma Gun, the other Emma that they only have one video of) was done well. And they do have some fisting which is a plus, but the site really really needs to find somebody that knows how to run a video camera.

If they shot their videos the same way they do their still photo shoots, then they would have something. But they don't, in the videos, for the most part, its just face and ass all the time.

Maybe they have improved since I was a member, but I doubt it, this is a French site afterall, and of course the "French know everything."

08-02-10  07:31am

Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

I have no idea why people rate this site so high

I've joined this site twice. First time was maybe 4 years ago. Then I joined it again back in December of 2008. I was very disappointed both times.

I guess I should have done a review the last time, but I'll tell you from my experience back then, I would have rated this site in the mid-sixties range.

Their navigation is horrible, or at least it was in late 2008. And their camera work is awful, practically all they show you is close-ups of either the girls face or her butt ... and that's it.

They do have very good still photos, but the site price is way too high for just photos. If they would greatly improve their navigation and especially their video camera work, then maybe it would deserve a "90," but it sure didn't deserve anywhere near that the last time I checked.

08-02-10  07:12am

Replies (3)
Visit AV Lovers

AV Lovers
Reply of PinkPanther's Reply

Yes, but a small one that was well placed out of the prime viewing area would work just as well and not annoy their customers.

07-31-10  10:17pm

Visit Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy Gloryhole
Reply of alexmedia's Review

Could you please tell me --- How's the camera work? Do they pull the camera back enough of the time so you can get a good look at the model?

I hate sites that only shows you the face, the ass and six square inches of skin at a time? I hope this site isn't like that.

07-31-10  07:19pm

Visit Hardcore Youth

Hardcore Youth
Reply of dracken's Review

I know what you mean about the "no zip files." That's really a problem and it a shame because their photo sets are usually very nice. But even trying to download a single set, one picture at a time, quickly convinces you that your just going to have to let them go.

Way too much time and effort to get the pictures without zips.

What? Are they afraid if they make it easy to get the pictures that someone will maybe post them on USENET? If they had their thinking caps on, they would be happy if that happened. Its some of the best advertisement the site can get.

07-31-10  12:34pm

Visit AV Lovers

AV Lovers

Site uses an Enormous Logo on their Videos - Therefore, Cann't Reccomend

What a shame. This site has lots of very attractive Japanese girls and fairly good camera work. And its uncensored which is unusual for a Japanese content site. But they ruin it all with a Logo that is huge. What a distraction. Always in the way of the action. Simply kills all the positive things about the site.

Why do they do this? Don't they think you know what site your're on? Do they think that huge logo somehow protects their product? --- it doesn't. Oh well, maybe someday the sites will learn not to do this, but we are not there yet.

Because of the enormous Logo on the videos, I cannot recommend this site.

07-31-10  12:22pm

Replies (2)

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