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Visit Meow 34JJ

Meow 34JJ

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - High-quality, regularly updated, exclusive (~90%) amateur content: The site is primarily a "single issue" site. Although Meow has gone semi-pro with some of her material being produced for sites like Plumperpass/BustyBritain and she has also had a DVD professionally produced.

- 65+ (and increasing) Vids: These are hard- and soft-core, covering a wide range of fetishes as well as straight sex (dildoing, light bondage, spanking, creampie, interracial, tit-fucking, foodplay, lesbian, facial, a little anal play, some pissing, _NO_ scat)

- 72+ (and increasing) Photosets: These cover a broad range also. Many are photoshoots of video-shoots. Others are independant shoots, some involving exhibitionism and one involving pegging.

- No watermarks/DRM: Win. What more can I say.

- The Webmistress: She is awesome. Replies to emails and loves/is loved by her fans.

- Guest appearances by other British BBW porn-personalities.

- No cross sales, and site is simple and easy to navigate.
Cons: - Photosets are not easily downloadable, they are in galleries which one has to scroll through. No zips unfortunately.

- Some of the older videos, while large and high quality, are inconvenient to download because the download speed is not billiant.

- The site does not contain *all* of Meow's produced material/videos, she has some content on other sites. Admittedly this is a bit of a "pie in the sky" wish.

- There is no "bonus content" or linked sites.

- Cost: While not really a Con... It should be mentioned. at ~$20/mo (unless you sign up for a number of months) may feel a *little* steep for a single site with no bonus content. However there are quite reasonable mitigating factors of which which I was previously unaware (which have been kindly pointed out to me).

- There is no trial membership (to be expected). OK. Im really scraping the bottom of the barrel for cons.

- There are not a large number of models on the site.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is that this is a genuinely good niche, pro-amateur site. I would recommend it to anyone who is particularly fond of the voluptuous Meow, or who people who like British BBWs. I like the site's web design, it is simple and easy to navigate. It is well arranged, frequently updated, and of decent (not shimmering) value. Really you get what you pay for.

There is a good range of content, Meow, the Star, is great. The sex is hot and not to be sniffed at. There really is something for everyone (provided you like the model of course). She also does her fans so is you are in her area... you never know, you too could feature on the site.

If you are looking for a variety of models, you will not find it with Meow. I believe there have been guest appearances of (I think) four other models of the Busty/BBW UK variety.

The content is good, its not watermarked and there is no DRM. Although there arent any streaming videos, if that is your thing. Meow's blog is also a good sourse of information about her doings. Although there is no direct link from the website to her blog, that is something which needs to be looked up. She posts some exclusive content on her blog as well, although it is almost always of a softcore nature.

Basically Meow runs a good site. It could be better (with some other additional sites/bonus content) however overall I would give it 4.5/5. There is little if anything which could be done immediately to improve the website without it becoming part of a larger network.

10-08-11  06:00pm

Replies (4)
Visit TAC Amateurs

TAC Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very broad range of content (more or less there is something for everyone): Bondage, BBW, Gangbanging, breasts of all sizes, trannys, pissing, dogging, anal, oral, (almost) whatever your perversion
- Large quantity of content
- Some bonus content (2 sites), ChickPass and Alanna Thomas' Nymphos Network
- No DRM/Most videos are downloadable
- Content is largely exclusive
- Frequent updates site wide
- Models are (often) contactable
- Content is (almost all) truly Amateur which is good.
Cons: - Relatively expensive
- Navigation is clumsy
- There are a lot of "dormant" models, i.e. they are not updating any more
- Quality is highly variable
- Some media is only available streaming :(
- Site is quite inconsistent and really needs to be redesigned
- Links are often repeated several times on a "category" page (more a poor design feature)
- Pictures have to be downloaded individually, no zipped sets
- Site is effectively split into two, TAC and TAC2 (not a real sign of honesty)
- Download speed isn't brilliant
- You cannot download more than 6 files at once without one of them getting truncated
- You have to reload the page you are downloading from before downloading more files if you have been idle for some time. This is frustrating and inconvenient as often when you reload the page you will be returned to page 1 of however many.
Bottom Line: This is a site you would sign up for for a specific model, and then explore for a bit. I signed up for a specific model, and then spent quite a while bumbling all over the place in no particular order.

There are a number of rather good, and high quality sub-sites- Curvy Claire for one, JaneyWeb, Barby etc. However there are many sites which have been put up, and then have been left to accumulate digital dust.

TAC is very much like its neibour TAC2, and one is often encouraged to go over the TAC2 to have a look at something and one could easily forget that one does not have a login and password to the other site which can get frustrating. You are encouraged to sign up for both early on. This is probably the best policy, however it is more expensive. The package of TAC and TAC2 being ~$45 for 30 days, I chose to go with 60 days at ~$70 to make sure I got sufficient bang for my buck.

The bonus content sites are ok, ChickPass is a good and large source of amateur content however it is majorly poorly designed. Nymphos Network is effectively a blog, and while far more modern and better designed than the other sites on this network over all, It is irritating to navigate, effectively you need to know what you are looking for or you browse by tags.

I have found a number of models who I like, however over all, I think that the value for money is not really here on this site.

The bottom line is this: This is a bit of an expensive time-consuming and inconvenient wank. Sign up for one billing cycle. Download all you can. Leave. Admittedly this is my opinion mainly because I signed up for BBW content, and the BBW content, while reasonable, was somewhat limited.

04-26-11  08:16pm

Replies (0)
Visit Milla Monroe

Milla Monroe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Quality is generally high
- Reasonable number (62) of photoshoots and video shoots
- Potential to get in contact with her either by mail or webcam
- Subscribing provides access to several (12) other sites: Plompers, Size BBW, BBW Superstars, Fatty Blowjobs, FaceSitting Fatties, BBW International, Big Tits Genie, Big Boobs In Your Face, Big Tits On Streets, Sexy Shelsea & Big Sophie
- Site network provides DVD rips of dozens of BBW or Big-Breast type flicks split into scenes, as well as some bonus material related to the content.
Cons: - Webcam contact with Milla is through a different (but affilliated) cam site requiring monetary payment.
- Flicks are only available in two formats (high quality WMV, or low quality MPEG)
- Photo shoots are not zipped
- Last update to Milla Monroe was well over 6 months ago
- Last update to the whole network was recently and was exclusive, but probably 50% of updates in the last 6 months have been DVD rips, rather than exclusive content
- Content on Milla Monroe is largely Softcore/Lesbian, Other material which she has performed in for the network is scatterred throughought the other sites and not linked in.
- There is no mention of the size of the video files site wide.
Bottom Line: What you see is what you get. The network quality is variable. Very variable. If you like softcore bbw women, Millia is sexy and worth a look. The bonus material is OK. The site/network is relatively expensive when compared to other similar networks (in terms of video-graphic bang-for-your-buck). The vast majority of updates seem to be DVD rips network-wide. The exclusive material is good, but there is some "stock" material (see also "Those Samantha-Slopes pictures, you know the ones which have been doing the rounds on the internet since 1999") in a few of the network sites.

Absolute bottom line: There is probably some stuff you want there [for me, network wide, there were about 36 clips, and a few of the DVD scenes i wanted]. There is probably a lot you do not. If you are a collector, get the stuff you want, but dont subscribe for more than a month unless you want to be dissappointed, and if you are particularly fond of certain models on the site, you are probably better off signing up with BBW Porn Pass instead the range is better.

06-19-10  06:02pm

Replies (0)
Visit Big Sophie

Big Sophie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Overall quality is good
- 21 shoots
- Subscribing provides access to several (12) other sites: Plompers, Size BBW, BBW Superstars, Fatty Blowjobs, FaceSitting Fatties, BBW International, Big Tits Genie, Big Boobs In Your Face, Big Tits On Streets, Sexy Shelsea & Milla Monroe
- Site network provides DVD rips of dozens of BBW or Big-Breast type flicks split into scenes, as well as some bonus material related to the content.
Cons: - Of the 21 shoots on the Big Sophie site only about 5-6 are video shoots.
- There are other shoots of her as a model on the network, however they are not linked to the site
- You are not able to interact with the model in question
- There have been no updates to Big Sophie (to date, June '10) since October '09.
- Flicks are only available as HQ WMV or LQ MPEG.
- No mention of the size of the video files
- Photo shoots are not available zipped
Bottom Line: The bottom line is, if you are signing up to this site only for Big Sophie, lovely though she may be, you will be dissappointed. There are probably only about 6-7 videos of her network wide if which there, I believe, is only one hard core/BJ flick. The network over all is ok, but is really borderline 70/100. The content is variable, the exclusive stuff on the sites like BBW Superstars / Fatty Blowjobs is good. But really, basic bottom line, unless you collect models and this site has something you are missing, you are probably better off going with one of the different networks.

06-19-10  06:23pm

Replies (0)
Visit All BBW Porn

All BBW Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Membership of BBWSuperstars (good!), Plompers (OK), SizeBBW (OK), FattyBlowjobs (OK), MillaMonroe + BigSophie + SexyShelsea (Not bad, Softcore), Facesitting Fatties (OK), BBWInternational (Lacking, Very lacking); and 3 Big Boobs type sites (just OK)
-Vast majority of material on the consituent sites is original
-Fair number of bonuses in the form of movies
-Material is entertaining
-Decent layout
Cons: -Is a touch expensive in terms of monetary outlay for quantity of material available
-Several of the constituent sites use non-original material
-The bonus material is quite common
-No search features
-No tagging of material content
-Number of scenes for some of the consituent sites is very low (ie. 6)
-Site seems to be updated rather irregularly (maybe 2 updates a month)
Bottom Line: The site is ok. There have been a number of reviews which I have read which have suggested that the people who run the site are of questionable character. I am inclined to believe that this is true. There is a degree of false advertising with regards the site, I feel. The suggestion of far more (and better) material than is actually present. I would not really recommend this site unless you particularly want certain clips for your collection.

06-09-10  12:41pm

Replies (0)
Visit Japanese Juggs

Japanese Juggs

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Material is of busty Japanese models in UNCENSORED(!!) hardcore and softcore action. (Major plus). And most are cute/hot to boot.
- Website is quite professional looking, and slick.
- Signing up with Japanese Juggs is part of All Access Japan which includes Forbidden Tokyo, and Jgirl Adventures. As a bonus members also get access to Asian Whore Pass (which includes Siam Slam, Asian Baby Makers and Bangkok Street Whores) and XL Asians.
- Some of the material on some of the affiliated sites is also excellent.
- The videos (generally) are of good quality and of reasonable definition.
- Download speed is reasonable.
- 16 photosets available on signup - All downloadable as zipped archives.
- Content on this site and the affiliated Japanese sites contains a little something for everyone. There is some lesbian, gangbang, creampie, swallowing, FFM/MMF threesomes, toying, although there is no real bondage to speak of (although there is just a touch of the standard Japanese "wierd-factor").
Cons: - Images and videos are all watermarked, and if downloaded individually, are also marked with your UID, IP and the Date.
- Images are of varying definition the highest being 996x1500, lower being 900x1200.
- In my recent review of XL Asians I mentioned that I suspected the "update" system of that site. The same update system appears to run network wide (Deception).
- There is no streaming video on this site (or any of the other Japanese-themed sites on the network), all videos must be downloaded. Not an issue for me, but some people like streaming media.
- Site does not appear to work with Firefox/Aurora, attempting to download with these browsers results in a memory error. IE works fine.
- There are ONLY 10 Videos (!!!) and updates are 2x per month.
- Many of the "related content" links are broken returning "Invalid ID" errors, or the content is an "upcoming update".
- The stunt cocks are all japanese. It's a Con for me. It might be a Pro for you.
- Price - $29.95/mo - Too Steep
Bottom Line: The quantity of material on this individual site alone does not justify the financial outlay of signing up. Some of the videos are a little bit grainy which is disappointing (most having been produced several years ago, at least one or two were as old as 2004, the most recent I found being 2007 vintage). The resolution was also not that great at 720x480. Although it should be added that they are all hardcore often with some soft- at the beginning. Not to mention the range of activities covered (including anal, some squirting, cum swallowing, creampies etc etc etc).

The stars are, indeed, reasonably busty, and they are all certainly Japanese. I cannot fault the website on that point. It does what it says on the can. The pictures are good and the sex is reasonably hot. Although I find that the women seem to scream like they are in pain, rather than pleasure. Unfortunately, if Japanese Juggs really are your thing, the update frequency for this collection and other Japanese sites in the network is low (updating twice a month). In terms of Japanese content over all, the site does provide updates roughly once a week, again, somewhat disappointing although it should be noted that at signup, you are informed that the update regime is of a weekly basis, it would just seem that that is the network update regime, not this particular element of the network.

As I mentioned in my review of XL Asians, there is a question as to whether or not the "updates" are genuine. I suspect here they are not. Particularly considering the age of the material in question. The videos are certainly not what you could reasonably call "fresh" when the production dates are in some cases over half a decade ago.

Final thoughts: For 10 videos and the possibility of 3 more over a month plus a few (admittedly nice) photo sets... if Busty Japanese girls are your thing, there are better sites. While this site not being censored is a bonus, and the girls are hot... quantity wise. Its just not really worth it. The bonus material is good although there is a certain sameness in the other two sites in the Japanese Pass, and there is certainly a sameness in the three Thai sites (and if you were signing up for busty Japanese women, XL Asians is probably not for you). My feeling is that this website, and the other affiliated sites were good sites a few years ago, however they have not rolled with the times and now exist only to kick over a profit.

((NOTE)) Upon resigning from this site/network: I would like to inform users curious to try the content, that it does not get renewed, it dries up after 3.5-4 months. The network as a whole is shonky. It saddens me to say it. ((/NOTE))

10-10-11  07:37am

Replies (0)
Visit XL Asians

XL Asians

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 02-02-12  07:48am  (Update History)
Reason: I have had my "fears" confirmed. there is nothing waiting for me in the near future. I felt that I should close the review. It saddened me.
Pros: - Content is (mostly) original (although some of the material appears to be taken from DVD releases).
- Material is uncensored.
- If you are keen on BBW Asians, the models are genuine BBWs, and most are from Asia, generally Thailand.
- ~35 High Res Photo-sets (1339x2000px) - All available as zipped archives for easy downloading.
- Website is quite professional looking, and slick.
- Signing up with XL Asians gives access to the AsianWhorePass (Siam Slam, Asian Baby Makers, Bangkok Street Whores) and AllAccessJapan (Forbidden Tokyo, Jgirl Adventures, Japanese Juggs) sites.
- Most videos may be downloaded as WMV in reasonable quality (not HD but im fine with that).
- The Thai BBWs are really something, if you are keen on that kind of thing, as SSBBW/BBW Asians are not that common outside most of the (*irritatingly censored*) Japanese material. Its good stuff.
- Some of the material on some of the affiliated sites is also excellent.
Cons: - Images are all watermarked.
- Updates presented as "upcoming" are iffy at best (I watched some of the "upcoming updates" at a friends place in January 2011). They are simply a ploy to attempt to cover up the fact that new material is not being generated, and has not been for some time (as evidenced by an old review (of over a year ago) reporting almost exactly the same content as I am seeing currently).
- Small number of videos available (fewer than 20) with only 14 available at initial sign up.
- Japanese material appears to be DVD ripped.
- Most of the video material at signup (10/14 videos) is breast play/groping (not my thing), the hardcore material seems to be mainly in pictures.
- The softcore does not contain any masturbation scenes, which I find dissappointing.
- Videos are, primarily, streamed and watermarked However there appears to be a problem when using Firefox/Aurora, IE works fine.
- Videos are 620x416 and do not "blow up" brilliantly.
Bottom Line: I have attempted to be as even handed as possible with this website so first up there are good points. Most of the BBW material is to the best of my knowlege, genuinely original and of good quality. And if you are keen on Thai BBWs, they are worth it. Although there is little hardcore, and the site's marketing seems to have relied heavily on hardcore pictures rather than actual hard-core video content. Personally I would absolutely love to see more content of all of the models on the site if it were available. I should also say that the affiliated sites also have some high quality, good content as well.

On the down side, however, I do not like being decieved by a website, and while I cannot be 100% certain that the owners and moderators of this network are being deceptive, I get the *feeling* that they are. It seems that rather than producing new high quality content, they have put down an initial investment, and then once people have been convinced to join, they are encouraged to stay by the slow drip of already made material. It appears to me that In order to get the full gamut of material from this network, one needs to remain a member for at least three months (If the "release" dates of the "updates" are to be believed. Some being listed as not to be released until *exactly* three months from sign up).

I also have a bit of a beef with the watermarking system in the videos. The watermarks in the video shift around the corners throughout the course of the video. I find it quite distracting, as well as every so often, a screen saying "XL Asians" pops up in the middle of the action. Also quite distracting.

The videos themselves are of reasonable quality, however they are not high definition. Many are quite short, and while they look good at their standard windowed resolution, when full-screening them, the effect is not as pleasant, there is a degree of pixellation. There being only 4/14 hardcore/Softcore ((NOTE: see above for a current number)) videos was a real blow.

The picture-sets ARE of high quality. If the images are downloaded individually, they are also individually watermarked with your IP Address, Username, and date of download (to prevent sharing). However this is not the case in the zip archives.

I was disappointed by the content over all. While I am happy with the Softcore stuff, groping really is not my thing. It may be someone elses thing, although sadly, it is not mine.

I would only recomend this site if there were specific things that you wanted from the affiliated sites as well as XL Asians as a whole.

Final verdict - Caveat Emptor, these guys have sold the sizzle and the sausage is rather mediocre. This site (and the network as a whole) seems to have been designed to milk paying customers not to provide new and exciting content.

((PLEASE NOTE: in response to a reply))
In the interest of fairness to a reply. Some of the photo updates are now from October of 2011 (as of 9/Dec/11) according to my EXIF reader. Although there is still a better part of 6 months where nothing has been published. And I still stand by my original review in spite of comments. At several months in I have not seen the upcoming updates. I will also accept that new material is being produced NOW. We are up to 24:49 Vids:Photosets (9/12/11) for those who would be interested (As of 3 months of membership). Of these 9 are hardcore, and of those, 4 hardcore vids are DVD material (see the entire content of: "Japanese Whale Hunt" from Third World Media.)

I do note that I have removed a comment about cams as they function, not that I care. HOWEVER: I stand by my review: Having spent 3 months at the site. The hardcore is really few and far between: none in the forseeable future according to the site future. If you like "groping", go for it. For me: I am not keen. I am going to remove my subscription. I like video updates, a site that provides a puttload of photo updates is not something I'm so keen on particularly not if they sell it (or seem to) as videos. I am certainly not keen for this site for the amount that the site is charging.((/NOTE))

((NOTE: Upon resigning from site)) At four months in: The content is exhausted (not one *single* update pending for several weeks now. I had been holding out for the "updates" on the other affiliated sites which also now have no pending updates). I honestly feel fleeced, however I decided to obtain the whole set in spite of some of my comments above. The site is Shonky IMHO. I have decreased my initial rating on the basis of feeling cheated. And I do so sadly. The site concept is great, there is a niche out there, believe me. There are plenty of people who would love to see heavier women from Asia enjoying themselves fifty-seven ways from Sunday. This site does not deliver in the long term. Nor do its affiliates. They thrive on attempting to squash porn piracy (all against it) rather than making porn worth sticking around for. (//NOTE))

10-08-11  07:41pm

Replies (3)
Visit TnA Tryouts

TnA Tryouts
Reply of Khan's Reply

Hmm... That is quite bizarre. On my end at least. I was able to visit all of the other Score sites, however try as I might to connect to that one, I was unable to. I just figured that the site had ceased to exist. I will withdraw that comment. I apologise.

02-14-12  09:36am

Visit Scoreland

Reply of BubbaGump's Review

Good detail. I think that your review has covered most of the bases. I am glad that I read it, I was half considering subscribing, tossing up between spending my money with Score at Scoreland or XLGirls, I think I will take the heavier option.

02-13-12  11:00pm

Visit TnA Tryouts

TnA Tryouts

Dead Site (edited)

This particular branch of the Score Group appears to be deceased.

EDIT: Apologies, I simply had mystery connection issues. This site is still alive and kicking.

02-13-12  10:55pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of RustyJ's Poll

I say yes, in a qualified manner. If it is a small site, (like: single model/unusual niche sites often are) It is reasonable not to expect a huge amount of material for ones money and if that material is of high quality and exclusive certainly (ideally, being added to). It is also about what one is being sold. If one is being sold more than what you were to recieve, even if that material is of high quality, then no.

02-13-12  10:42pm

Visit Thai Girls Wild

Thai Girls Wild
Reply of davidax's Review


Glad you reviewed, however, if you could provide a little more detail that would be great.


12-08-11  12:38pm

Visit Brazzers

Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

I would agree. Sounds very dodgy. I would be cancelling my card unless a further proper conversation with Brazzers doesn't result in
a) membership and
b) general goodness.

12-08-11  12:35pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Poll

I would have to say there are some Awesome scenes that I go back to. There are just some women and men who work awesomely together. Particularly ones who just get to that point of being "fuck-drunk" (not under the influence of alcohol... but just being almost out of it with pleasure) and who just really really get into it.

12-08-11  12:32pm

Visit XL Asians

XL Asians
Reply of TheArchitect's Reply

I am, dear reader, still awaiting "Cassies first hardcore shoot" which had *just* been shot. That is something I was/am still awaiting (having been a member now for months, its not even a pending update). I have logged in regularly since joining, and am still a member therefore I do not feel like informing the owner of my username. I do not "Work" for anybody in the "Industry". As it happens I am a private person who likes BBW, and particularly Asian ones: I like the content, that isnt my beef. I am not getting anything for my thoughts, therefore I call 'em as I see 'em.

Browser issues (happy to use IE), and cam issues (who joins a niche site to Cam when its the same site that everyone else uses?) aside. I did not insinuate that the DVD material was obtained illegally as I never questioned the legal ownership of the material. As to checking the EXIF info - Most were modified 1 year ago (Jan-Nov '10), *some* "recent" updates were modified in 13-Aug to 19-Oct 2011 (still three months old for the most recent). Big gap.

As to deceptiveness: I saw the material (available ON the site AT *my* INITIAL membership, and over the course of the first month or so) in the early months of THIS, 2011, calendar year in a LEGAL collection obtained from the site. (It was this material, WHICH ENCOURAGED ME TO JOIN.)

Now, dear reader, I do not question the difficulty of aquiring the material legally I am simply suggesting that: IF MY FRIEND'S legal collection from quite a few months ago contained all the material available 1-2 months in (length of his stay), AND material found IN his collection included material listed as a "Future Update" AT MY initial date of sign up (much later than his), THEN the material is not IN FACT "new" or an "update" when the his collection existed months prior to my joining. This is what I suggest is deceptive. Particularly taken with the EXIF data in MOST (not all) of the photo zips dating them back to 2010.

I do not question that the owner/poster shot the material himself. I do not suggest that he has collected the material Illegally. I also understand that the site is small and in a niche of which there are almost no sites save a few irritatingly censored ones in Japan. But there are an awful lot of suggested "play video" buttons on the hardcore/softcore pics (~60 total, and second reason why I joined) on the tour as compared to the actual 24 vids + 49 photo sets (as at 9/12/2011) on site. I call that selling a "Sizzle" not a sausage (9 "sausages" to be precise, of which 4 were DVD material that I already owned).

My beef is that I saw the material available AT MY Signup *months* before I joined, in a legal collection belonging to a friend. I like the content. I want more of it. And I am prepared to wait. However I do not like feeling like I have signed up to a site where there are a tonne of "videos/play nows" that dont exist, and a bunch of updates I have already seen at a friends place months prior.


12-08-11  12:06pm

N/A Reply of tangub's Reply

Beware.... the number of times I have had an external HDD fail on me... Sometimes DVD's or some other storage medium are the best bet.

11-12-11  09:05pm

Visit Sexy Samantha 38G

Sexy Samantha 38G
Reply of james4096's Review

Good review! I think it sums up her site quite well, although the content has probably expanded quite considerably by now. It would be great to see a new review of the site.

10-12-11  11:03pm

Visit Wide Buns

Wide Buns


This site appears to now be defunct. Just a heads-up.

10-12-11  10:36pm

Replies (0)
Visit Meow 34JJ

Meow 34JJ
Reply of Hulmemedia's Reply

Oh. I was not aware of those facts. I will more than happily change my review. I do love the site and the content is excellent.


10-10-11  04:55am

Visit Meow 34JJ

Meow 34JJ
Reply of gaypornolover's Reply

Thanks. I do my best to be balanced and to tell people what they will get for their dollars.

10-09-11  02:23pm

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