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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

The face is most important to me, and the rest follows. Not only can I get a kick out of just looking at two women kissing from the shoulders up, or a site like Beautiful Agony, but in porn generally I look at the models' faces a lot.

If the model's face tells me she's bored, I get bored. If the model smiles, I'm much more likely to smile. If the model is into it, I get into it. It's a rare model whose body is so hot that the face doesn't matter.

08-01-10  04:38am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I don't feel guilty about watching the porn I like, but there are things that have come across my monitor that I would rather unsee.

07-30-10  06:47am

Visit G18 Spot

G18 Spot
Reply of tangub's Review

I really wanted to like this site, since there are a number of cute Latina models and I like softcore, but I found a lot of the preview content to be pretty uninspiring. It wasn't too softcore for me, so I guess it was just too amateur.

07-28-10  06:13pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have written to complain or report problems if there is a reason, but mostly I've written with compliments and/or suggestions.

My attitude toward the website improves greatly if I get a civil reply.

07-28-10  04:09am

N/A Reply of mistresskent's Poll

My favourite model sites are either softcore or g/g, so I'm not sure exactly what they'd have me do. That said, I'd heed the call, as long as they covered my travel. :P

07-26-10  03:17pm

Visit JAB Comix

JAB Comix
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

It's much worse over at Rabbitreviews. All you need to do is post a name and email addy with your comment and rating there. The site was 91/100 there the last time I looked.

Since it appears that people are doing this to get a freebie that members already have access to, they're likely not truthful about the status of their membership, as stated in their reviews.

07-26-10  04:26am

Visit JAB Comix

JAB Comix
Reply of 247skizia's Comment

Considering that none of the reviews we've seen so far will count toward the ranking, that's a pretty dumb promotion. The other review site that was mentioned is also being spammed even worse than this one, mostly because posting comments is less involved.

07-25-10  08:04pm

Visit DDF Network

DDF Network
Reply of exotics4me's Comment

I've been poking around the previews and your comment about Sapphic Erotica caught my eye. I was a member of SE several months ago and recognized at least one set from there on Euro Girls on Girls. Is there a lot of SE content here?

07-25-10  06:57pm

Visit JAB Comix

JAB Comix
Reply of pat362's Reply

This is the 4th review of this site posted by new members in the last 24 hours. I'm starting to think it's not a coincidence.

07-25-10  11:01am

Visit SoCal Girls

SoCal Girls
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Hmm, I've never had a pop-up at Dailymotion. I must lead a charmed life.

07-25-10  10:45am

Visit SoCal Girls

SoCal Girls
Reply of Drooler's Comment

This site has an official channel over at Dailymotion. Over there they update every day or two, so I'd imagine that it's the same at their paysite. You can find them there by doing a member search on SoCalGlamourGirls.

07-25-10  07:00am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Sevrin's Comment

Just a follow-up. The MET-Cams as I knew and lusted for them have moved on to a new site. There are still cams at MET, but it's not the same anymore.

07-25-10  03:13am

Visit Chat GF

Chat GF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful 20-something amateur Eastern European and Filipina models.
- Lots of free(ish) nude shows for members. There's a US$2.95 monthly or bi-monthly US$4.95 charge for unlimited public shows. Multiple shows daily.
- Predictable and reasonable costs for private chats.
- Full-screen mode for public chats.
- Respectful atmosphere for models and members.
- Excellent communication with webmaster.
- Decent translation software (Google?) for private chats available.
- Bonuses available for frequent fliers.
- Web features aren't flashy, but very functional.
Cons: - Public show schedule subject to change at very short notice.
- No full-screen mode in private chats.
- No chat in full-screen mode in public chats.
- Can't tip using deposited credits. Edit: Can now.
- No recordings of private or public chats available.
Bottom Line: This is a softcore chat site. Public shows are closely monitored and there are a number of rules of etiquette attendees are required to follow. Private chats are also soft, but they are not monitored and the tone and content of what is discussed is up to the member and the model.

I have a hard time being objective here. I love this site. It is a very new site, but Iím familiar enough with them after 3+ years that Iím confident in my review. Chatgf's webmaster used to be affiliated with a MAjor soft-core photography site which decided to go in another direction with their chats. Some of the cam models have photo sets and/or movies at that photography site, but they're no longer linked directly.

Registration requires that you ante up US$40(Ä32), which you can apply to future private chats. Per minute charges vary but the majority are US$2.00-2.50. Models set their own rates and more $ does not mean better. There are a flash movie and stills on each model page, but the best way to check out models are the public shows, which are THE biggest selling point of Chatgf in my opinion.

Payment is made up front, and gives you a certain number of dollar (euro) credits which you may spend as you wish. If you're a fan, you can purchase credits in large chunks and get discounts of up to 12%. In addition, for every 5 shows of US$150 or more, you are entitled to a bonus point. 5 bonus points get you $125 in free credits.

Public shows are great. As soft as they are, most of the public shows are very sexy and always feature nudity unlike free chats elsewhere. There is a tipping option if you decide that you would like to offer the model a token of your admiration.

Now some chat sites require that all the models sit there at their cameras and chat for free with anyone who enters their room. This site is not like that. Some models are on call and you can chat with them right away, with a small delay for preparation. Others post their schedules and you can book an appointment. Minimum chat times are 20 or 50 minutes.

As for language, these are mostly Russian models, with a few Romanians and Filipina models thrown in for good measure. The modelís English skills vary greatly, and so do their levels of engagement with the members. Some use microphones and speak English fairly well and some only type, and others aren't very comfortable in English and keep verbal communication to a bare minimum.

Finally, this site is far more of a "community" site than just about any other adult site I've come across. There's a friendly atmosphere in the public chats, very similar to the one at Pornusers, and members are generally cordial, as long as you treat the models and other members with respect. Some may find the content a little tame for their tastes, but, in the end, I don't find there's anything sexier than the friendly smile of a beautiful and very naked woman, unless it's the smiles of two beautiful and naked women.

07-23-10  02:41pm

Replies (0)
Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of lk2fireone's Comment

Yeah, it's been like that for quite some time. The next day updates are correct, but everything earlier in the month is hit-or-miss. Since you can't access the thumbnails directly from that page, I only ever use it to see who's going to be up tomorrow. It's a little messed up that we need to go to a public page to see what content will be available to members the next day.

They are, however, doing a little work on the website currently, so they might add coming attractions for members, too. Model voting now no longer causes pages to refresh and there's an expanded biography available on the page that displays all the content available for a given model.

07-22-10  04:54am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've joined a couple of sites that were no longer updating, but I really liked the content, and figure that I got my money's worth.

07-20-10  04:25am

N/A Reply of pornwatcher's Poll

I must have missed John Wayne's porn flicks.

I don't like dubbing, but subtitles can be fun. I liked the ones in Viv Thomas's Sex Tapes movies a lot. I like chatting during sex, and would like to know what's being said.

There was actually a thread over at the VT forums where a Czech speaker took offense at the liberties taken with subtitles. It turns out that in some (not the Sex Tapes movies) scenes, the subtitles were based on the lines models had been given, while the models just ad libbed.

I find it's a shame when Euro girls just moan rather talk to each other. My guess is that's done because too many Americans are offended at having to listen to foreign languages.

07-18-10  06:45am

Visit Twistys

Reply of graymane's Review

Could you be a bit more specific about what you found lacking?

07-16-10  04:50pm

N/A Reply of williamj's Poll

If it's well done, i.e., not over the top, it could be fun. I like girls chatting casually during scenes.

07-16-10  04:48pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I prefer to see everything that was originally recorded, in the proper aspect ratio.

07-14-10  06:03pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of Aion's Comment

I've not been a member for a while, but I don't recall that being a problem. One of the reviews mentions that there are no touch-ups, and I'd go along with that after checking a couple of photo sets I DL'd.

07-12-10  07:52pm

Visit Kiss Me Girl

Kiss Me Girl
Reply of Goldfish's Reply

I wish. Unfortunately that's $10.95 each clip, but it requires no site membership. I didn't spring for them, as I found the quality of the more recent clips available to members pretty decent.

07-10-10  08:29pm

Visit Kiss Me Girl

Kiss Me Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Girls kissing is the focus. I like it!
- Progression from clothed to nude.
- Current videos are one file, 35-45 minutes, 500x278, 1.6K.
- Preview Trailer and Q & A movie included with all recent updates. Most also include a photo set.
- Natural, mostly well-known models
- Defaults sub is non-recurring
Cons: - No build-up in scenes
- 500x278 standard are okay, but 720 x 480 cost $10.95 each extra, and itís still not HD
- Updates are rare-ish (About 1/week in the month Iíve been subbed)
- Plain site design
- Older videos smaller, broken into parts.
Bottom Line: Yeah, yeah, itís not for everyone. Itís hot girls kissing other hot girls. If nothing about that interests you, thereís nothing to see here. Iím submitting this review mostly to highlight some changes from the most recent reviews.

First of all: Itís not just *kissing* anymore. There is credible full manual and oral contact with genitals and the occasional butt-crack; but you donít get to *see* it. Itís not hardcore, but itís not faked either. For a while there were even updates that included videos with everything-but-kissing cut out, but it looks like they gave up on that. I guess you can close your eyes during the cunnilingus if you feel the need.

Another improvement in my book is that movies are no longer all broken up into parts. Thereís a decent preview in case youíre short of bandwidth, but you wouldnít be here if you werenít a diehard g/g kissing fan, anyway. Oh yeah, and there are pictures now, if you like pictures. And a little Q & A where the girls interview each other, which is cute.

As far as esthetics, Iím not crazy about the scenes starting with the girls in full lip-lock. Thereís no introduction or build-up of any kind. No ďIíve missed you, babyĒ, no ďI like your hairĒ, no ďGee, Iíve never been with another girlÖĒ, no nothing. That would have added 5 points, but itís a very noticeable omission, in my opinion, and itís my review.

The biggest disappointment for me was that the ďhigherĒ definition movies that were apparently available for a while are now only available as additional purchases. On the other hand, if youíre only interested in two scenes from the whole site (unlikely), you can buy them for less than the price of a single monthís sub.

All in all, itís totally worth joining if you like girls kissing. Clothed lesbians kissing are a huge fetish of mine.

07-09-10  05:53pm

Replies (2)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes
Reply of mbaya's Comment

That's a pity. I hadn't known about this site until now and discovered a couple of my favourite models from Hegre, Amandine and Marlène. Still may check it out at some point for those two alone. ^_^

07-02-10  06:19am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of yote78's Comment

Funny you should mention this. In March 2009 I subscribed to Lezcuties and got access to Lezbo Honeys in my first batch of 25 sites. Those weren't clones, and had different content, which I mostly enjoyed. Worked out great for a G/G fan like me. Recently though, I've been looking into rejoining, and now I find that I'd have to join both 21Sextury and PPFA if I wanted access to those two sites.

They're not entirely clones, though. There are 59 sites in all, split up over two networks of 40 sites each. Some sites are available with both networks, and some, like my lez sites are only available on one or the other. If they had one annual mega-subscription for say $150 bucks for the whole enchilada, I'd be sorely tempted, but as it stands, I'll likely just do a one-month snatch and grab on each at some point.

Meanwhile, the restrictions of the trial are mentioned in the TBP reviews of the individual sites, so that shouldn't be held against them, IMO. Besides, the 25 sites they offer for $19.95 would take me a month to wade through, in any event.

06-28-10  09:32pm

Visit Lezboland

Reply of anyonebutme's Reply

Right you are. I never actually subbed, just put it on my list.

I apologize.

06-28-10  07:53pm

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