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26. ALS Scan (1)

claudious (0) 09-15-07  04:39pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: 1) I love this site, it is constantly improving. It is a great southern porn site
2). always new woman coming through the site
3). the photography is always top-notch
4). the photo shoots are varied in content and never perdictable like most sites.
5). these guys enjoy shooting woman and it shows
6). Most of there old content has been up-scanned to higher quality which is a big plus because they have a deep archieve.
Cons: 1). maybe try and cut down on the tattoos a little. That may be my hangup but I like woman without tattoos or only a few.
Bottom Line: My favorite site for many years and it just keeps getting better...
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27. ALS Scan (1)

mr smut (42) 12-27-07  12:06pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (39), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + highest picture (resolutions up to >2200 times >3500 pixels!) and video quality (full-hd) for the newest content.
+ lots of different fetishs are served like multiple insertions (dildos ,vibrators, panties, candles, veggies etc.), fisting, peeing, role-play etc.
+ the sets and vids also include behind the scenes footage.
+ lots different of models and tons of content.
+ all my mails have been answered even if it took some time
Cons: - not enough picture updates to satisfy me fully but lots of crazy video footage.
- navigation / UI is somewhat plain and could still need improvement even though they already spent some work on that but this site is old and huge.
- I miss some content of models already shot but maybe I should contact them and seem how they react.
Bottom Line: If you are into young models with completely shaved muffs and you like to see lots of crazy video footage then please add 10-15 points to the score I gave.

These models are mostly young at below 25 years of age but they are good looking and some do the craziest insertions and most of them the regular fisting. Some shoots happened in the Carribean, while being on adult conventions and also in eastern Europe where Alex and his team always search for young hotties willing to do shoots the ALS style.

And don't forget the fact that ALS will - from time to time - offer special bonuses for its members like complete sets of casts in Budapest (2005 & 2007) or a special about a days shooting including everthing from breakfast 'til supper time :-)

Changed my rating from 80 to 92 as Alex now releases full sets of pics plus they change their navigational features. Seems as if I'll soon have to even increase my rating.

ALS Scan is worth a join if you like young models doing lots of crazy stuff. Thumbs up for Alex and his crew! I'll stay with them for a longer period of time that's for sure :-)
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28. ALS Scan (1)

JBDICK (20) 04-04-08  02:39pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: ALS SCAN. I'm sure ALS is the real reason the internet took off back in 1998. DOWNLOAD SPEED - fast. GIRLS - awesome. QUANTITY - too much, like a kid in a candy store. Brilliant. I've never seen some many happy vegetables. If I was reincarnated, I would like come back as a cucumber on an ALS photoshoot.
Cons: Why do they assume that we want to start the pleasure of our viewing with the girls already naked, already sitting down/lying down, dildo already lubed up. Where's the foreplay, these girls should be wrapped up in sexy outfits like the best presents under my Xmas tree. I'd like to see them walking around in those ridiculous heels that Porns Stars must wear (Ding Dong), with skimpy clothes on, desperate to do their dirty/sexy strips, but we never have any of that. Is there no appreciation for the good old stage by stage - get you exited yadda yadda yadda approach. Sometimes you do feel like you've walked into a Gynecologists surgery. Exact repeating theme does get monotonous
Bottom Line: The models are amazing. I know I've made some criticisms above,, which makes me sound like a spoilt child, but hey, why go and get some of the most beautiful models (and there are a lot on the site) and not take full advantage of them. And on that note. It would be nice to see a bit of hardcore on this site. A lot of these girls do hardcore, and with ALS HD quality DVD you'd be blown away.

My bottom line is, awesome girls, theme a bit too repetitive but you can't get bored with something until you've over indulged, and for every dollar I spent on my alsscans subscription was VERY well spent.

This is a site I know I will join again and again in the years to come.
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29. In Focus Girls (0)

exotics4me (463) 04-19-08  10:09pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Another extremely high quality site from the company that also runs Sapphic Erotica and Only Cuties.
- The $19.95 TBP discount is well worth it!
- Pictures can be viewed in 3 sizes, downloaded in zips, high end resolution in zips is 2000.
- Videos have several viewing options, HD WMV 1280 high end 4,000 bitrate, also has a WMV smaller resolution at 825 high end 2,000 bitrate, also has Quicktime videos and MPEG as well.
- Models range on 1 to 10 scale from 7 to 10, no uglies here
- Download speeds are right around average for me.
Cons: - I guess you could say not enough hardcore, but I wasn't expecting any.
- Lets nitpick, model names are same as Sapphic Erotica, but different from most major Euro sites.
- A good portion of the content is filmed in the same locations.
Bottom Line: As you can see, my cons are hardly cons, just little nitpicks. I had different feelings about joining this site. For one, they have some exclusive content of Eve Angel that I don't have, so it was inevitable that I would join eventually, and two, some of the reviews aren't as positive as I had expected.

I guess this goes into different strokes for different folks. This site has blown me away. The model selection is outstanding, Eve, Eufrat, Stracy, and from what I can see, most are all videos also have picture sets, and these are not vidcaps.

The videos are crystal clear for me, even the lower quality 825 high end are very good and clear. The 1280 ones are exceptionally clear. There have been mentions of the site doesn't seem to have a lot of content, but this isn't true.

Most of the models have at least 3 videos and 3 picture sets, Eufrat and Stracy have around 10 of each. I'm going to say there are over 500 videos and 500 picture sets.

The picture quality is very good, 2,000 high end, and really, they have the quality covered in videos and pictures, they have the quantity covered, they update with a picture set one day, video the next day. All exclusive content. Top tier models, plus some models that probably will be top tier models in the future. This really is a great site and I would recommend it to anyone who likes solo girls, there is some fetish content, fisting, peeing, g/g as well. All in all, it has quickly became a favorite of mine. Recommended!
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30. In Focus Girls (0)

Helvetic (8) 02-16-10  07:12am
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Young nice-looking European models
+ Actions varying from masturbation to peeing, fisting, etc
+ Pictures up to 2000px
+ Downloads in zips
+ High Def Videos (1280*720, 4Mbit WMV; .MOV is also available)
+ no DRM
Cons: - more types of models would be nice
- price conversion $1 = €1 for Europe (but still not so bad:
- some lack of passion in models
Bottom Line: A nice site for those looking for masturbating and doing other funny things, from peeing to fisting, young European girls. Even though it looks like the diversity of actions is decreasing with time (at least fisting has hardly been observed in the latest updates), this may distract only some long-term users; for site beginners it is fully compensated by the total amount of content.

It would probably be better to have more types of models, but, at least, all existing ones are really very nice-looking (and, well, is it possible at all to satisfy both conditions?). And, in addition, it's a really great number of different faces there, so one will spend rather a long time before memorizing all of them.

A special word should be written about resolution of pics and up to 2000px for pictures and 4Mbit WMV for video it practically covers what most home systems can process; presence of .MOV format for video can be good for Mac users. And, note, all that comes even for Europe for only €20/month (some special offer); for those paying in $$ it's even better,
as the figure is the same ($20)
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Visit ALS Scan

31. ALS Scan (1)

turboshaft (24) 04-05-10  12:20am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (41), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 250+ smiling, skinny, shaved, super-hot hot models
+ Still almost purely solo- or girl-girl action that stays pretty entertaining
+ Amazing quality:
• videos: HD up to 1920x1080 @ 300 kb/s
• photos: hi-res are roughly 3900x2600px
+ Great quantity too; archived vids back to Apr 2007, photos much farther back
+ Daily video updates, new photo set released every two days
+ Download speeds have a lot of ass; I normally got about 1.3MB/s with a DL manager
+ They donate some of their pervy profits to charity, in case philanthropy is a deciding factor
Cons: - Large percentage of videos are just BTS, and with photo sets the BTS is usually just mixed in
- Some models' content takes a long time to get released or simply stays unreleased
- Site design works well for what it is, but still has NO search function
- They are beginning to delve into boy-girl content, even if only lightly (read more in BL)
- Despite the fun some content can get predictable and routine
- 2 years since my first review and I still wish they would shoot more American girls or non-Euro girls
- I don't get to meet these girls in person! :-(
Bottom Line: What can I say that hasn't already been said so many times and so well about one of my all time favorite adult sites over the years--hell, over the history of much of the crazy web itself, seeing how these guys have been finding and shooting hot shaved ladies since 1996. And since they have been doing this for so long they know a thing or two about getting the goods; great photo and video quality, lots of content, fast access, and above all some very happy models, many of whom come back wanting more.

That last point, happy models who become 'repeat offenders' shall we say, is not something I take lightly when I am looking for a new site to join and it's something where ALS has never faltered. I may be in the minority when I say this, but I genuinely don't enjoy porn where the performers, know matter how willing, are abused, beaten up, disrespected, or at the end of the day just left dissatisfied and unhappy. Of course ALS being in the girls only genre probably helps keep things in check but it, like the majority of sites, is still owned and run by a male and caters to a primarily male audience.

And despite all of this male input the output for many years was totally female; female models with female assistants in most cases and a female co-performer or two in some others. But in the past few years they have, if ever so slightly, started to also use male assistants, or at least made them more visible in both photos and videos--not my cup of tea, thank you very much. Even more alarming--or simply the next logical step, depending on your view--they have just recently shot an actual boy-girl scene. It's yet to be released and is described as a blowjob scene with swallowing, but time will tell as to where ALS steers its content.

Generally speaking, and if you're not looking for hardcore content, there's a lot to love here and at least a little to hate. So take your pick; young, skinny, shaved, mostly white models who are not too shy, so don't be surprised by a single model performing many if not all of the following; peeing, fisting, speculum and other crazy insertions, anal, and near constant spreading. The site design may not be impressive to many, nor may be the large amount of BTS, but don't let it fool you--as girls-only content goes they do not disappoint.

I do wish they would be more consistent in releases though. They still have a habit of letting members vote on models' scenes to determine release order and this can mean months before a model's whole shoot is available, and some just never gets released at all. I guess this is a good thing--so much content that there's not enough time to release it all--but I would like to see it eventually. And as unique as some of their content is it can get predictably routine; toy A into slot b, and so on.

But damn if they don't make it look hot time and time again with each new model they find and corrupt. All these years and I'm still sold! :-P
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32. House Of Taboo (0)

pat362 (373) 03-27-13  05:55pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The bulk of their content is exclusif.
+They have an excellent selection of Europeans models.
+All content is dated and they add a new scene every 2-3 days.
+You can download videos in multiple resolutions from 852x480 to at least 1280x720 for almost all the videos.
+They also offer true HD resolution 1920x1080 (over 300).
+All scenes have an accompanying photoset which can be downloaded as a single zip file. Best resolution is 2000x1300.
+They do an excellent job in tagging their scenes with multiple keywords.
+They offer the ability to select the surfing language from 6 possible choices.
+They offer a wide selection of fetishes like latex, watersports, toys and spanking to name a few.
Cons: -Probably my biggest con and this is subjective is that there isn't necessarily a lot of actual penetration sex on the site.
-Most of the scenes are broken into 2 or more long episode.
-The lighting could be better in some of the videos. The action is hard to see because of that.
-The camera work could also be imoroved.
-They could work on their editing because they tend to cut a scene and then restart after the performers have changed position and the camera is setup elsewhere.
Bottom Line: *I have been a member of this site before and I they haven't chnaged much since the last time. I still find that there isn't as much content as I care to save to disk. That's not to say that the content is bad or anything but that it's not my cup of tea.

*These guys tend to offer a lot more fetishes than most similar sites and that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good if the fetish in question is what you like but bad if you don't because that is a lkot of content that you will never download.

*I really enjoy the fact that they hire not just Eastern European models but British and French one as well. That is a nice because you tend to get some different body types this way. Mind you even if they didn't then they would still offer plenty of amazing models anyway.

*This site is produced by the same people as the other DDF sites so the same issues with editing, camera work and lack of imagination are present. That may not be an issue for most but I found it annoying at times. I highly recommend that you visit the site first to see if the site offers enough of the types of fetishes you like before joining. Many are covered but the quatity varies a lot from fetsih to fetish.
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Visit ALS Scan

33. ALS Scan (1)

exotics4me (463) 03-02-09  12:50pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - As with both ALS sites, the quality and completeness of the content is as good and high as it gets.
- Newer videos hit to true HD 1920x1080 resolution, even the older ones are 720 high end.
- Picture sets are beyond complete, one picture set, Anita Pearl Scene 2, when downloaded in high resolution is...912 MB! Pictures can go up to 3800 high end and some of the sets near 400 pictures.
- Excellent download speeds, though can't get it to work with DL Manager, will allow resume in Firefox though.
- Some very good old content that features some of porn's biggest names when they were younger, love the old Anetta Keys sets
Cons: - Had a frustrating experience as a member of both ALS Angels, ALS Scan, seems their sign-in page goes through the same server. So, when I clicked members to bring up my saved login information, it would be ALS Angels username and password, even though I was on ALS Scan, never happened before last month.
- See the above one and why this one makes the con list, after signing in to get in members area, have to sign in again when you go to download a video, so the confused server was causing me major headaches in accessing content.
- The models as a whole are beautiful, but they are almost all very, very skinny.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I can see and agree with some of the complaints like the content is repetitive, but I can get over that for the high quality.

A common complaint that I have with both ALS sites is that the navigation can be confusing. I've signed in before, clicked the button for models, only to click a set and be asked to sign in again, what the hell? I just signed in! They do have what looks to be a separate model page for members, and I guess for whatever reason, I wasn't on it, instead, on the guest's model page, even though I had just signed in. Then there was the confusion with the server giving me my ALS Angels username and password when signing in on ALS Scan and of course, those are different so it rejected my sign-in attempt.

Minor complaints? Sure. But can be a bit of a hassle, especially for the impatient.

Quality wise this site is as good as any. I am not positive on this, but I want to believe the lowest quality videos are 720 high end, and the newer videos are 1920 high end. I might be nitpicking a little, but I do think this could be a negative for some members, a lot of the newer videos have 1280 high end as the LOWEST quality option and if you have a slow connection, you are going to be there awhile just to get the lowest quality ones. Some of the lowest quality videos are 500 MB for some scenes.

On the other hand, if you love the high quality this is a great site. The quantity is also very high. Much higher than sister site ALS Angels.

I'm one of the ones that likes the huge picture sets that have 200-400 photos in each set, so I really like that about ALS, the newer picture sets are almost as big of a file as the videos!

My complaints are minor when compared to the quality and quantity. They do also go back and remaster older content, kind of frustrating, since they take members votes on which sets to remaster and it rarely is the ones I am wanting remastered. This site does have an added bonus for collectors, since there is some older content of Sandy from Club Sandy, Anetta Keys as Alana, the retired and irreplaceable Mia Stone and Sophie Moone.

In general, the ALS staff, photographers, seem to have good relationships/friendships with the models, so you get some natural laughs from the models and smiles that don't look fake. I really can't complain about the skinny models, because they do have the other site with the curvier models, but I do want to add it in case anyone is wondering about the style of models. Put it this way, Sandra Shine, Eve Angel and Eufrat were too curvy for this one and are on the ALS Angels site instead. Starting to wonder about that myself. Not saying ALS is milking two sites by splitting the top models between their sites, but it is starting to look a little suspicious since both sites must be using the same server/different port? to sign in.

Still, I recommend the site for the quality and amount of content.
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34. ALS Scan (1)

adrenalinrush (5) 02-09-10  01:56am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: +++ daily updates
+++ great models + primilary teens
+++ big archive for movies and galleries
++ newer videos in hdv quality (16:9) older ones are in 4:3 format
++ no DRM or download limitations
+ easy navigation
+ good price
Cons: --- inconsistant design
--- outmoded technologies in use e.g.popups (without scrollbars when needed)
-- some girls wear braces
-- the repetitivness of content is obvious but part of the concept
Bottom Line: ALS Scan is a good blast from the past till the present. They were part of the porn history online and had formed their own unique style.

ALS Scan has shaved girls only. You'll find them often in solo, girl girl, oiled up, toy, pee, speculum and veggie action or in combination of those.

They offer exactly what they promise and that makes ALS Scan a perfect match for those who seek for flexible teens, small tits, spread legs and other kinky stuff.
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Visit ALS Scan

35. ALS Scan (1)

rearadmiral (384) 05-04-10  04:44pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunning models
- All models are young, petite and shaved
- Some great scenes on location in Europe and the Caribbean
- Pictures and video available
- No DRM
- HUGE volume of material available
- Some public nudity
- The public scenes are very well done
- Simple, if somewhat dated, navigation
Cons: - No search function apart from searching by model
- Less public nudity than I expected since it was heavily promoted in the tour
Bottom Line: The reason I joined ALS Scan was because the previews showed that there was some public nudity available, and as a big fan of that I joined for that reason alone.

While I’m not a big fan of solo softcore sites, I have to admit to being really impressed with ALS Scan. This is an excellent site that offers some stunning women in both videos and pictures. All of the women are pretty much of the same body type – petite and small breasted. For a guy who thinks small-breasted petite women are the best, this makes the site even better. There is a decent mix of Eastern European models and American women. Some porn stars make an appearance too, like Courtney Simpson and Faye Reagan. Most of the models are also fairly young (18-25) and, as the site’s name says, all of the ladies are shaved. So if you like petite, young, shaved models, you should consider a membership on the strength of that alone.

Many of the video/picture shoots take place on an indoor set, but there are a lot that are shot in the Caribbean. These are visually outstanding. Apart from solo girl action, there is some peeing, some toy and speculum use and some girl/girl stuff. All of it is well shot.

The videos are classed into two broad categories: masturbation and photo shoot. The photo shoot scenes are pretty interesting as they give a behind-the-scenes perspective on what goes on.

I joined because the site promised some public nudity. There is some of that, but not a lot. What is there is excellent though, and for a big fan of public stuff that alone was worth the price. All the public nudity is done in Europe with European models. For a site into solo girls, they really seem to understand public nudity. Unlike some other sites (Nude in LA) the public nudity isn’t matter-of-fact and sterile. It is really well done and the titillation and risk are well presented. They also do something that I’ve never seen before and hope to see more of – that is using body paint to paint a skimpy outfit on a nude model and then send her out to the streets. This is really innovative and a lot of fun to watch. I appreciate that the editors chose to film the painting too – this adds to the fun.

But ALS Scan also has the technical side right too. They offer several different choices of resolution with the HD being visually stunning. Other reviewers have covered more of the technical stuff below.

One drawback is that there is no search function. I had no way to easily find the public nudity even though each scene was categorized in that way. Likewise, there is no way to separate out the photo shoot scenes from that masturbation scenes. Some search function would be an improvement.

I may not be a big fan of solo girl sites, but I’m now a big fan of ALS Scan. The people behind ALS present some stunning models in well-shot scenes and make it available through an easy-to-use and modern website. Overall, an excellent value.
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36. ALS Scan (1)

messmer (137) 04-24-11  09:55am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-28-11  03:10pm  (Update History)
Reason: The longer I am a member of this site the more I appreciate its qualities. Raising score by Two (2).
Pros: A large selection of very beautiful models from Europe and North America.

Impressive photography, mostly solo or g/g. Available in approx. 930x1400 px, Normal Resolution and 2200x3500 px High Resolution, zipped. Slight changes in resolution from picture to picture. Enormously large sets giving you the choice of keeping only the very best.

Most recent videos are in HD format in 720p dvx and mp4 format, as well as the extra large videos at 1080p wmv. All are downloadable!

Streaming is also available for previews or watching the whole video on-line if you so desire. Streaming picture is HD and very clear as well. I experienced no buffering problems.

Speed of download was also very good for me at 3.5 MB/s. This was for a single file through Firefox's DTA. Normal downloads through the browser downloader were much slower but still around 600 KB/s but as a plus this way of doing things seemed to allow multiple downloads.

Nice bonus material (auditions, blogs, bts etc.)
Cons: Huge picture sets will require a large amount of time to prune. I never thought I would consider a set containing approx. 300 pictures a con. Well, it isn't really - see above under pros, but some of you might be a bit more impatient when it comes to downloading or editing a 500 MB picture set so be warned.

I desperately want a search engine for this site. You practically have to go from update (arranged in chronological order) to update to find something that fits your taste.

Model directory is in alphabetical order but it would be nice if the pictures of the models contained the dates when her sets and videos were published. This would prevent the frustration of finding a beautiful model and then realize that her pictures are not High Resolution and her videos are split up into various parts .. something most of us aren't interested in nowadays unless we collect the complete works of a model.

Continued below:
Bottom Line: It would be nice to be able to go to a point where publishing HD videos and HR pictures first started and work one's way up to the present from there.

Close attention is required when looking at the updates themselves, some are an invitation to rate sets, some are bonus material from other sites, some are masturbation videos or g/g videos, some are picture sets, but there are also videos of photoshoots .. something I dislike heartily, but others might enjoy.

Because I didn't pay attention originally I downloaded a hefty HD file (g/g content) expecting hot action and found myself listening to the distracting remarks of the director as he gave his instructions for the shoot. I don't like to have my illusions destroyed. But, as I said, some might like that sort of thing.


This is a well-respected, well run site that offers top quality material. I did not see one single unattractive model, I'd even take the ones they had to reject during their auditions. Most would be between 18-25 in age.

The material is shot indoors, as well as in more exotic locations. Lovers of glamorous videos and picture sets will be well pleased.

There is also the added eroticism of a bit of kink. Fisting, insertion of large objects (mostly dildos), peeing, some public exposure scenes. Good stuff for most.

I also loved the fact that I did not come across one single pair of enhanced breasts. They MIGHT be there but I didn't come across them. This is so refreshing when compared to most sites!

I am adding my usual plaint, and yes, all of you who know me knew it would come:

I wish they featured some mature women, and I wish that their models would wear more than the bare necessities. Sometimes the girls don't even wear those, because I very seldom came across a bra or even a pair of panties during many of my spot checks of the picture sets and videos, but then I shouldn't go to a site like this one and expect it to be something it wasn't meant to be.

You can't expect to find cougars in a cubs' playpen.

After all this site is not meant for lovers of a leisurely strip by mature women but for those who revel in beautiful young, glistening bodies, and for them ALS SCAN does its job very well.
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37. German Goo Girls (0)

shinobi (6) 04-09-07  10:40pm
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Nearly every GGG movie ever released is there to download (around 300 movies)

Video quality is good, the highest quality downloads are 400X300 resolution with a bit rate of 700kbps which amounts to around 450mb download size per movie (80 minutes in average)

Download speed always maxes out my 5mbit connection

1 new movie every week. Good site layout with front/back movie covers and a few screen shots.

Good customer support
Cons: DRM, in other words you must have an active subscription to the site in order to be able to view the files you have downloaded onto your computer

Video quality could be even better, say 512x384 resolution with a corresponding 1150 bit rate which would result in a 700mb download size in average
Bottom Line: John Thompson does bukkake the best and GGG is his flagship series. You will find massive gangbangs and orgies in his movies which either end in complete facial plasterings or impressive amounts of cum swallowing.

You owe it to yourself to see what his movies are all about if you are a fan of the genre.
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38. German Goo Girls (0)

Toadsith (48) 12-07-07  05:33am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Extreme Bukkake / Multiple Cumshots
*Gang-Bangs / Group Sex
*Full Length DVDs
*Massive Amounts of Content
*Relatively Hi-Res Video (400 x 300, ~800MB, 1 HR, One Part)
*Video Trailers
Cons: *DRM (Copy-Protected Video)
*No Search Engine
*Slow Updates
Bottom Line: GermanGooGirls.com is niche site that features the most extreme Bukkake content available - bar-none. The models are subjected to very rough sex and are covered in cum before, during and after the sex. The video is filmed in a gritty, on-the-scene. Lighting is from the camera’s on-board light, providing harsh shadows and surprising detail.

John Thompson, the creator / cameraman of German Goo Girls has pulled every speck of glamour out of porn and thrown it out the window. The models are dominated to the extreme usually without too much S&M equipment and the models always there enjoying it. Models getting held down and pounded by a guy wearing a Jason-esque Hockey mask is standard for GGG.

Unfortunately all of the dialogue is in German - but sex is the majority of the video anyway. Generally each video features multiple models and sometimes ridiculous orgies as well, all the while focused on Bukkake.

The problem is that all its videos are Digitally Rights Managed (DRM, aka Copy-Protected) - if you quit - good bye videos.

So is GGG worth it? If you like Bukkake - hell yes, there is nothing else like it. If nothing else, you will remember John Thompson’s style forever – and if something is that influential, it has to be pretty important, doesn’t it?
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Visit Brutal Dildos

39. Brutal Dildos (0)

killahla (4) 07-26-10  01:49pm
Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Extreme content
*High-quality videos
*Decent models
Cons: *Slow downloads
*Old content is of a lower quality
*Potential website glitch
Bottom Line: Extremely big dildos... check. Hot girls willing to take said dildos in both holes... check. Extreme action with said dildos and said girls... check.

Based on the size of the "brutal" dildos used, there's little doubt that this website falls under the extreme sex category.

The problem with most extreme sex websites is that they usually aren't as extreme as they advertise themselves to be, and the featured girls usually aren't in the upper echelon of the aesthetically pleasing department.

Not so with Brutal Dildos. The action is very extreme, not only due to the sheer size of the dildos used, but also the velocity at which their used.

A lot of the girls featured on Brutal Dildos are actually mainstream porn actresses. That's really a breath of fresh air, if you ask me. If you've been around the porn block long enough, you've probably noticed that the actresses that perform in the extreme porn genre are either age-challenged, weight-challenged, looks-challenged or all of the above. Not so with the girls featured on Brutal Dildos - most of them are actually very hot.

Besides the dildos, the quality of the videos, the download speed and the website experience (for lack of a better term) are also brutal. That's to say, they take away from the overall enjoyment of the website.

The quality of videos is average compared to the quality of videos on other adult sites. That in itself is not a deal breaker in my opinion. What is a deal breaker, however, is the download speed.

Videos take a very long time to download. Even though I have a fast Internet connection, the videos don't download at speeds anywhere near to what my connection speed is capable of.

I'm not a website expert, so I don't know how to technically describe what I'm about to say, but... something just ain't right with the website. As I mentioned above, the download speed is very slow. In addition to that, the website is slow to navigate, and after being a member for months, all of a sudden one day, I was unable to successfully log in, even after multiple attempts (which consequently caused me to cancel my membership).

Overall, Brutal Dildos is a good website for those of you fancy the extreme stuff.
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Visit Southern Bukkake

40. Southern Bukkake (2)

bkreidercrhl (7) 03-10-15  05:43am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: As a collector of facial cum videos, Southern Bukkake is one of my favorite websites. Each scene is a party where 8 to 20 guys, bust their nuts onto the face of a receptive and inviting woman. Most importantly it is a fun loving atmosphere, the woman enjoy being the center of attention and show off their talents exciting men, emptying nut sacks and take big cum loads. Sex before the bukkake varies to the preference of the girl. Could be hand jobs or gang bangs with anal... the only prerequisite is the lady must handle facial cum in bountiful quantities.

The girls vary in age from 18 to mature and are generally amateurs and attractive. All of the girls are encouraged to glam up, which I consider a real life treat. Most importantly the girls generally can handle cum wherever the dude wants to uncork it... you will not hear "not in my eyes or hair", etc.

The guys vary in age, fitness and dick size. The prerequisite is their ability to deliver a big load.
Cons: The cum scenes could stand more editing. Some times you watch a guy jerk off for several minutes before busting a nut... which is really a bummer if it is a meager one. Some of the background dialog is funny during the wait.
Bottom Line: A must view for any collector of facial cum. This is my 3rd membership. Returning after 2 years, I returned to some awesome high quality new episodes plus some remastering of some exciting blasts from the past. I welcome the opportunity to replace old gems with remastered versions. I download episodes and edit them down to 3 to 5 minutes of cum blasts and displayed ladies after the creaming.

Southern Bukkake provides a forum for credible fantasy. As the emphasis is on nut busting, it is easy to be "the man" looking to meet or exceed the load volume and placement on the girls face. The woman are attractive and commonly amateurs who provide comparable targets to my wife now or in earlier years. I get very excited to deliver the goods upon viewing most episodes.
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Visit Rocco Siffredi

41. Rocco Siffredi (0)

Jay G (67) 04-29-09  07:54am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. For fans of old Rocco videos, this is a great bargain. As Part of the Fame Digital Network, you get 155 old Rocco DVDs (or scenes from them to be more exact) for $14.95/mo USD Best Porn Discount. You also get access to 16 other sites (including Peter North, Silvia Saint, Tera Patrick, and others) with a total of 1797 videos.

2. Fantasy travel all over Europe with Rocco; see the sights and meet scores of beautiful women who like Rocco's big appendage in vigorous oral and anal sex in a large variety of settings.

3. Feel like you're part of Rocco's gang of party guys participating in lots of group and semi-kinky sex with lots of pretty women.

4. Because of warnings from Best Porn users, I was very careful to uncheck the boxes and read all the fine print before joining, so my credit card statement had no surprises that others had experienced.
Cons: 1. Very slow downloads for the best quality videos, and older videos still look like older videos in the quality department.

2. Pictures are low quality screenshots that don't do justice to the great videos.
Bottom Line: For the bargain price of $14.95/mo USD(if you're careful), there's a ton of the kind of material I like (very good looking women with lots of vigorous oral, anal and group sex).

I've enjoyed Rocco videos for over 20 years and am now able to collect and re-experience some of the old fun from his European travels for an inexpensive price.
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Visit Rocco Siffredi

42. Rocco Siffredi (0)

lk2fireone (196) 07-09-09  08:27pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM
-No download limits
-Advertises exclusive blue ray quality high definition content
-Rocco Siffredi vintage movies are included
-Online store will sell exclusive clothes so you can dress the way Rocco Siffredi dresses (same T-shirts and caps. But this appears to be a product in the planning stage)
-At the Rocco Siffredi online store, you can buy DVDs featuring Rocco, sex toys, herbs for men and women, lingerie for women.
-Movie options:
--Streaming in low and high quality;
--Download in low and high quality.
--Also have screenshots and a trailer to illustrate the clip.
Site stats:
-Movies: 680
-DVDs: 156
-Actors: 788
-Hours: 339
Cons: PROS (continued):
Site stats (continued):
-Total size: 307 GB
Sample stats from some of the high-definition videos:
length: 8-35 minutes
bit rate: 2147-2212 kbps
dimensions 720x400-720x480
-I would have thought the bit rate and dimensions would be much higher, because of the statement that there was blue ray quality high definition content. However, I did think the visual quality was very good on some videos

-Watermark larger than needed, lower right corner
-Large file size of high quality video. A single file can be 500 MB or more, but this is
great video, and if you have to buy another hard drive to store these files, it's worth the money. -Because these are large files, need fast internet connection to watch high-definition streaming or to download.
-Files download as WMV format only.
-Sometimes the videos are slightly out of focus.
Bottom Line: BOTTOM LINE:
High quality videos of some lovely, yummy models. A real treat. I'm sorry I didn't find this site in the network earlier. This is the best site in the network of 19 sites.
First video I saw at this site, the girl was really cute, the action seemed real, not acted. Video looks high definition, very good lighting, very good colors, model did not speak or understand English that well, especially with Rocco Siffredi's strong accent, but she was a love, not a porn star. It was like looking at a gorgeous high-quality met-art picture come to life, hard-core action, but not dirty, even though what the girl was doing was pure hard-core. This is the best quality hard-core video site I've seen so far, with ok to nice-looking to very attractive models, good acting, few or no fake-sounding moans and groans by the model, often no music soundtrack (which is a real plus, considering the noisy music soundtracks on porno clips).
Quality of videos varies a lot. Some videos are just ok, some are really nice to great (I'm talking about how much I like the videos, which is a subjective reaction, but there are videos here that deserve to be classics).
Some PU members rave about the great quality of the Femjoy photoshoots and videos. That is softcore. This is great quality hardcore video. Rocco could be less intrusive, but you get to watch lovely women having a sexual experience.
Some videos are erotic/artistic. This is hardcore, but with real value that is more than
just crude or dirty sex. There are good-to-very-good looking models, good-to-great quality
video, some interesting storylines/concepts for the sex.
This site deserves a 90 for itself alone, and you get a lot of additional nice material from the other sites on this network. This site is really outstanding, and I don't understand why other PU members haven't been singing its praises. I think Met-art is the best softcore site I've seen for teen glamor photos, and this is the best hardcore site I've seen so far for quality videos.
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Visit In Focus Girls

43. In Focus Girls (0)

unclemidge (1) 01-08-07  02:34pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some of the videos are of a superb quality.
Great selection of material, assuming you like girl on girl action.
Great looking models.
Easy DL's.
HD Video on some sets.
Cons: Not as much material as sister site Sapphic Erotica, but it's growing.
Bottom Line: Bottom Line: Professional, good quality site, good mix of videos, pics, excellent value for money.
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Visit In Focus Girls

44. In Focus Girls (0)

Cenobite75 (6) 05-27-07  02:49am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Ultra high quality
- Beautiful models
- Lots of content
Cons: - Pricy
- Scenes can be a bit repetitive
Bottom Line: The site is advertised as a solo/masturbation site, so I don't understand why people are bashing it for not having boy/girl content, makes no sense to me. It's not supposed to have it!

If you like me are looking for high quality solo/masturbation content, I highly recommend this site. The only catch is that it cost 30$/month and that the scenes use the same "script".
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Visit In Focus Girls

45. In Focus Girls (0)

cwpuk (Disabled) 11-20-07  11:28am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Super quality HD movies
+ Beautiful european girls
+ Regular updates
+ Good value for money
+ Multiple download formats with no daily limit
+ Nice simple members area
+ Great customer support
+ Nice download speeds
Cons: - A little repetitive at times
Bottom Line: I've been a member of this site a few times and have not been disappointed. When onlycuties.com from the same company was released I was wondering whether this site was still worth it (as onlycuties has a lot of solo content). However, there is no duplicate content across the two sites. On balance I would also say the solo scenes on on infocusgirls.com are slightly better. There are more outdoor scenes.

The quality of the content when downloading the WMV HD format movies is really good (1280x720 res).

As of August there was 280+ HD movies and 80+ standard def movies (approx 83 hours).
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Visit In Focus Girls

46. In Focus Girls (0)

GCode (101) 04-17-09  10:37am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content.
- No DRM Protection.
- No Download limit that I experienced.
- High Def Videos (some of the best I've seen) available in WMV at 1280 X 720, 4000 kbps or 852 X 480, 2000 kbps, older wmv videos are 640 X 480, 1500 kbps. Flash streaming, Quicktime format at 860 X 540, 2000 kbps, and MPG in parts at 448 X 256, 1000 kbps.
- High def pictures (1333 X 2000, smaller sized available for viewing if you want) available to download via zip plus in browser slide shows.
- Gorgeous euro models that are mostly all natural.
- Great solo scene content ranging from fingering, toys, to peeing (more in bottom line).
- Updates daily with one picture set, one video scene every other day unless on sundays.
- Great and accurate search feature which can break down scenes to which type, where the scene was shot (location), and model features which include hair color, body type, breast size, and amount of pubic hair
- Good model index for easy viewing, plus image and scene index.
Cons: - Picture sets are accompanying photo shoots that contain the same outfits and locations of videos made at a different time (meaning, these photos and videos are basically the same content).
- Some of the older material videos are smaller in resolution, but they are still average quality, they seem to have jumped to higher res quickly and there is not much of these.
- I heard model names differ here from the usual models' names so finding a model you already know can be a bit of a burden.
- Would be nice to add a forum for active communication and community.
- You can rate episodes but there is no way to view the scenes in rated format to see which were most popular and so on.
Bottom Line: This site is by far in a class of it's own. I know this is really my first taste of Euro women showcased in a site but I can't recommend this more for a start or an addition. They update well and I have not seen an unattractive model on this site yet. While being mostly solo with a few lesbian type scenes, I think it's up there in the solo euro women niche. The models are stellar (I think they are all mostly well known in the euro porn community) and there are a lot of them, about 159 different models at the time of this review.

The videos are caught in high quality definition and are done very professionally. There is no chitter chatter amongst the camera man and the model. The models are dressed in very colorful and stylish clothes while being shot in well lit and warm colored locations (if inside). The outside locations are well thought out and are usually always shot on a bright, sunny day. The content can vary in content, while the majority being a solo scene involving a toy or their fingers, while there are fisting scenes, pissing, and speculums. The solo scenes are done great with the model stripping then masterbating till orgasm. They seem pretty realistic but I'm sure a few are faked (what can ya do, it's porn) but overall, they are really hot. The fisting scenes always involve another female doing the fisting to the model and never get too extreme. They usually start the same, with a strip, some masterbation, then the fisting. The peeing vids are usually quite quick, with the model already nude, and peeing somewhere. The speculum's are usually the same, but some are full strips then speculums, however, a lot just get right in to it. There are quite a few sybian scenes as well, shot like the others, a strip scene then sybian action. The scenes are focused (pun pun) well and shot correctly, expect some of the hottest and best solo stuff here and a lot at 13,460 scenes.

The picture sets are in great quality but are mostly the same content from the videos. So, the outfits and locations are the same as the videos. It would be great if the could get some seperate shoots besides these. Plus, the fact that they are so well shot and great in quality, this would make this site so superior that I don't think many would have any complaints. The amount should be the same as the video scenes for photo sets.

I like this site a lot and I think it is set up nice in design, being easy on the eyes and in navigation. For the true porn collectors, the fact the the video names when downloading can be a burden to some due to the fact that you may have to rename because they are named in numbers originally, the overall content is superb despite this. This and the fact that the photos are close in content to the videos are why I can't give this place a 100. They update daily with new models plus ones returning and the videos are shot absolutely stunning, this place is highly recommended for lovers of all young woman, not only just euro models.
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Visit Hard X

47. Hard X (2)

pat362 (373) 07-12-14  10:22am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusive and is dated.
+You can stream or download all the videos.
+Videos can be downloaded in multiple resolution from tiny 160p all the way to true 1080p HD.
+Download speeds are decent and you can use a download manager.
+They have photos of each scene.
+They have the first and sometime only anal scenes of some very popular models.
Cons: -The site is rather small with only 48 videos and little chances of increasing that number by more than 4 per month(if that).
-The photos are all taken from the videos and you can`t download them as a single zip file.
-They have an upcoming video section but it only shows one upcoming video so not very reassuring.
Bottom Line: *This is the site of the Hard-X studio so instead of buying their dvd you can now join and download their scenes individually. That's great news for fans of the female director Mason who was with Elegant Angel before it`s demise. They don't have many scenes but the ones that are here are quite good and well worth a membership.

*I think one of the biggest selling point for anal fans is that you get to download 3 of Allie Haze`s anal scenes. On a related not. Those that aren`t fans of anal might want to think before joining because half of the videos include anal in them. It`s worse if you want lesbian porn because there is only one lesbian scene.

*This is all gonzo porn but not the too extreme kind. It`s well lit, well shot and offers a wide variety of angles and views. The acting from all between the different performers as well.

*I got a special 5$ offer but I don`t think that 25$ or in our case 15 is an outrageous amount considering what you get for your money.

**Now some may think that my score is a little high for what is still a rather small site but I believe that it's better to have only a few great videos than a huge amount of less than stellar ones.***
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Visit Assylum.com

48. Assylum.com (1)

rearadmiral (384) 09-21-14  02:10pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique, innovative site
- Zany, fun scenes
- Some A-list models
- Several options available for downloads
- Performer commentary available
- Site owners seem to be active on their message board
- Great lighting, editing and camera work
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Small site (but growing)
- A bit pricey (but still a good value)
- Definitely not for a mainstream porn audience
Bottom Line: This site is easily among the most innovative sites I’ve ever had a membership at. If there is another site like this on the internet I’m not aware of it. I’ll get the only real negative out of the way now since this site does so much right: as a new site it’s still small. There are currently only 12 videos available. The site updates with a new video added weekly. One potential downside to that is that some of the scenes are in two parts so you may have to wait to get the full scene. (For example, part 1 of the Penny Pax / Sarah Shevon scene was uploaded on August 4 and part 2 wasn’t uploaded until September 15.)

I joined this site to see Penny Pax’s scene and not really knowing what to expect of the site overall. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the porn and the technical quality. These guys know what they’re doing.

One thing I expected was that the scenes would be similar to Kink.com but I was wrong. Where Kink has dark and foreboding sets and the hint of menace, Assylum is bright and playful. Yes, I know they tout themselves as featuring rough sex, but it isn’t all that rough. The most common BDSM traits are humiliation and bondage rather than outright pain.

The site’s premise is simple: the models are all patients at an asylum to be treated for their perversions. The asylum’s theory is that if they overload the model with her particular perversions that will cure her. (The good news: it doesn’t seem to work!) The staff are a ‘doctor’ (an older, normal looking guy who wears a mask in all the scenes) and an ‘orderly’ (a younger, more typical porn male). The scenes usually start in the doctor’s office with the model in some sort of bondage. Most scenes shift to a different set where the truly strange stuff happens (and I mean that in a good way). What’s so strange? How about a model with a small shovel handle in her ass made to dig in the dirt? Or Rose Red with her face painted like a clown and wheels tied to her knees, a steering wheel tied to her back and a horn in her mouth made to crawl around like a car all the while the doctor fucks her in the ass? I’ve seen a lot of porn before but nothing quite like this. (I should add here that it really looks like the female models are having a lot of fun.)

Speaking of models, I was also pleasantly surprised that the site gets some A-list talent to appear. As I noted, Penny Pax and Sarah Shevon are here (though Sarah could be seen as a fetish model) as are Calico, Emma Haize, Casey Calvert, Rose Red, Marica Hase and others.

Other common BDSM techniques are also used, like caning, wax play, watersports and suspensions. Also, if you like female on male rimming you’ll see a lot of that too.

The technical aspects of the site are also well done. Videos are available in three sizes (1080p, 720p and 480p). 4K videos are available for an extra cost premium membership. I downloaded the 1080p which are 1920x1080 at 7000kb/s and 24fps. Subjectively they look great on both a 24” monitor and a 50” TV. An issue some may have is that the 1080p files are all fairly large with some at more than 3GB but smaller files are available.

Production values are high with lighting and editing well done. I’d prefer if the camera angles showed more penetration but they are often side-on.

Another innovative feature available is a commentary soundtrack that can be toggled on or off. It’s interesting to hear the model’s thoughts on what’s going on in the scene.

The site’s innovation doesn’t begin and end with the actual scenes. There is a message board where members can make suggestions and comments and it appears that the ‘doctor’ is active on the board and responds to messages. Having such direct contact between the members and the site owners is great and I hope the site owners continue to participate and be responsive to member’s suggestions. Another unique thing about the site is that they have a shop where members can buy props used in the scenes. If you’re hankering for the torn clothes Violet Monroe wore in her scene ($250), the nurse outfit Savannah Fox wore ($150) or an autographed ass mold by Casey Calvert ($300) you’re in luck. You’ll want to act fast on Casey’s ass mold though, because I’m digging through the couch looking for money to buy that.

Obviously this site won’t be for everyone. If your tastes run to couples porn then you’re probably not likely to take out a membership here. But if you like unusual porn with a slightly hard edge but a heavy dose of zany fun then you should consider joining. Even the basic membership is a bit pricey, especially when the (currently) small size is factored in. But given the quality of the videos, the uniqueness of the scenes and the fact that these are exclusive make this a good value. I highly recommend anyone join who likes this kind of porn and I’ll definitely be back many times as the site grows.
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Visit German Goo Girls

49. German Goo Girls (0)

rlcj1992 (6) 04-15-07  08:35am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + video quality
+ beautiful models
+ anal sex is excellent
+ nasty cum shots galore (duh)
+ download speeds
+ huge volume of downloads
+ Excellent bonus vids
Cons: - Can't download all vids into one flick (most, but not all)
- very little dialogue. I know it's in German, but would love to here the girls talk more
- Vids are coded. When your membership runs out, your downloads are boat anchors
Bottom Line: Damn good site, especially if you like the bukkake and anal. Quality is top notch, and there are plenty of vids. Updates average once a week. Helps if you understand German (if you care about dialogue), though there is little focus on verbiage -- which is okay. Definitely worth a one month membership.
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Visit Brutal Dildos

50. Brutal Dildos (0)

apoctom (145) 07-02-07  11:09am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of incredible vids: these toys are HUGE!
- Frequent updates: Yes, it's only one part of a scene per day, but that equals 1 scene every week
- All original vids are now downloadable as 1 file.
- Newer scenes are high quality wmv; older scenes are lower quality mpeg.
- Beautiful models: Hailey Young does it for me.
- Fucking Machines With Huge Dildos: There are a few older scenes with girls taking the brutal dildos with a machine. Amazing!
Cons: - Price: For unique and exclusive content, the price is right, but it is still high for a porn viewer on a budget.
- Bonus sites: Lousy bonus sites. All bonuses are DVD rips and non-exclusive. Older bonuses must be downloaded in parts.
Bottom Line: This is a fetish, niche site, no doubt. However, for what it is offering, I think it is wonderful. I won't be a long-term member, but I might buy a month every year to download the updates.

If it could join or start a network with more exclusive fetish/size sites and keep the same price, it could be an amazing deal.
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*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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