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Visit In The VIP

26. In The VIP (0)

badandy400 (103) 06-09-08  06:19pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Different style
-Very long videos, and I mean LONG
-Download speeds good
-Price is good for amount of content $25
-Zips for photos, sets are huge
-Photos clear
-Several download options and stream
-Part of a large network
-About 130 videos, and 60 GB of video as of this review
This is very important because if you really like the content it means it will take you a while to get it all! Otherwise this site would get a 90 from me. It is not too restricting though considering some of the videos are more than a Gig and you can have 15 per day.

-Bit rate needs to be higher for videos
-Picture size needs to greatly increase
-Could update more, once every two weeks at this point. However, they are fairly consistent.
Bottom Line: I can not help but cry about the download limit of 15 videos per day. Granted these videos are LONG, it is still irritating. Please check out my recent comment about the download limits for Reality Kings.

The theme here is pretty cool honestly. If you like a lead up to the sex than I do not know how someone could lead up more than they do! There is a long scene where the girls all get out of a limo and start dirty dancing in a club. Now this is about 45 minutes long!

Then usually two girls go back to a room and bang the hell out of a guy. There are some videos with many chicks and some with one as well.

The video quality needs work. The bit rates on newer stuff is 1.2 to 1.6 MBit/s. They do not look bad for this bit rate, but they could be better. I believe the reason for a lower bit rate in this HD era is that the videos can stretch to 1.5 hours long! So the files are already getting pretty big. I would be willing to download longer per video for a higher quality, but some would not. But, there are minute long clips and the videos can be downloaded in 3 or 4 piece chunks. Of course older videos are smaller, around 500 KBit/s.

Picture set are huge, some are about 1000 photos, but they are usually 900 x 600, but very clear. This needs to grow a bit for me.

The only major issue here is the download limit, but if you are okay with that than JOIN this site if you are thinking about it already. The content is fresh and girls are all amazing looking.
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Visit Mad Sex Party

27. Mad Sex Party (0)

careylowell (18) 05-23-08  03:32pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Orgies with plots: the wedding reception, the recording deal celebration, ladies night out, etc.
Refreshing after viewing the gonzo-style of US porn.
One of the few sites offering orgy scenes shot outdoors. I'd guess about one fourth of their scenes are outdoors, a strong preference of mine.
Cons: The same 12 or 13 guys appear...now I'm watching for the women, but they still need to flesh out their male ranks.
All hardcore is by adult stars: visit the companion site 'PartyHardCore' to see (mostly) amatuers swapping body fluids.
Bottom Line: No longer modestly priced now that the dollar is worth peanuts compared to the euro. Some of its sister sites, 'Fully Clothed Pissing' & "Pissing in Action' should not be watched directly after a full meal.
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Visit Strip Club Exposed

28. Strip Club Exposed (0)

latinope (2) 04-15-08  01:09pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Has a Strip Audition Clip were they strip first in the club
- Sex Clip that fallows the Strip clip on most clips
- Has a nice scene of a strip club with alot of people
- NO DRM!!!
- PIc galleries
Cons: - No all models have a sex clip and not all have a strip clip
- Page is with alot of adds
- Has a ok selection needs more though (no updates since beginning of 07
- Most videos lack quality
Bottom Line: This is a good site not bad at all, better quality on the clips and updates!!! updates!! is part of PerNetwork so you get other sites too but iv seen a few models on this site also in the other PerNetwork sites witch took me of the image of a real strip club if im watch the same girl in a differant site. Has a ok seletion needs more though and not all girls that strip have a sex scene and viceversa not all girls that have a sex scene have a strip clip.

Like i said this is a good site not bad at all but for the price i wouldnt recammend if it was alone, Luckly for PervNetwork it might be ok only if they would update!!
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Visit In The VIP

29. In The VIP (0)

nygiants03 (162) 01-21-08  10:12pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Newer videos are very solid
-New pics at a quality (900 x 600)
-Great search features
-Well over a 100 videos
-Very large pic sets
-Unique and all exclusive content
-Pretty realistic for a set up plot
-Comes with reality kings network(great)
-Movies are long usually around an hour
-All hardcore: lots of lesbian sex and threesomes
-Zip download picture sets
-Can download full scene, into big clips, and minute clips
Cons: -Older videos slightly fuzzy
-Not enough amateurs
-Older pics lack
-Only 2 video download options. Wmv and mpeg
-Only updates every 2 weeks
-The older videos are not full scene
-Sometimes it takes to long to get going(long club scene, dancing)
-The newer video full scenes are monsters to download( well up around 650 mb per)
Bottom Line: -Most videos end with the signature facial

-Scenes usually start out at a South beach/ Miami club scene. Usually the guy takes the girl/girls back in a limo, and drives to a hotel where they get it on. Some times there is sex in the vip room.

- Site is well developed, been around since January 2003. It will only continue to grow and become even higher quality. Its just lacking in those weekly updates.

- This site is yet another great reality king site. It is a site with many pornstars, very hot video with amy reid in a threesome( one of there top rated videos). Once again itís a great bargain as this could be a paysite all by itself. You get all those other great sites with it. Plus there are lots of pay options.
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Visit Extreme CFNM

30. Extreme CFNM (0)

Getreal (Disabled) 10-10-07  12:34pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (10), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site is more like a CFNM reality site with lots of pics and videos and exclusive content.
Cons: Though it has a lot of exclusive content it is low quality and tends to be difficult to navigate. The pictures are fuzzy screen caps and the videos are small Quicktime.
Bottom Line: This site needs a lot of work.
I would not recommend this site there are better CFNM site out there for the same money.
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Visit Mad Sex Party

31. Mad Sex Party (0)

exotics4me (463) 09-24-07  01:49am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Another of the sites in the Orgy Max network, of fetish sites.
- Movies are 640 on high end and 1400+ speed
- Pictures are high resolution and zipped
- Very believable content, true amateur feel to it
- Getting better speeds on this one than the others, almost 1400 kb/s on a 10 M connection
Cons: - Hey, I saw that guy on the other sites! Same men from their other sites are on this one too.
- Price is a major issue with this network and even as standalone sites, this is a cheaper one by itself, but it will still set you back 30+ in dollars
- Sets are very similar, kind of a "Seen one, seen them all" feel.
- Have no idea what they are saying, not even for sure what language they are speaking. I speak and understand English, Spanish, Portugese and Italian, but have no clue on here!
Bottom Line: I had forgot to review this network and its sites, so I will do this one too since it is one of the more popular sites in the network.

The basis, bunch of guys go to a college party or just a party with nothing but women. Give them women beer until they get naked and have a big orgy. Sounds just like college in the USA! We've been doing this stuff for years here.

One thing I want to add here is that I do like that the men in these videos do not push these women around or try to force them to swallow. They hug the women after having sex with them. They seem to be very geniune and fun-loving men, though I would think so, getting sex from 5 college women per night will make you fun-loving.

This one is a little more organized than Party Hardcore, but I'm now wondering if that is a good thing. This site's sex seems very planned. The girls though do look like that it up to them whether they have sex or not. Some of the sex is very mechanical, which I think is with the paid women. Other parts is very wild. You will see this plain average girl suddenly jump on one of the guys and give him the riding of the century! Which is where the believability of the site comes into play.

Still, unless you love a good drunk room full of girls, I can't recommend it for the price. You actually get pissed at the guys in it for not picking the one really hot woman you notice. It is probably no different than any other orgy site, except the high price. Good content, but not this high.
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Visit Party Hardcore

32. Party Hardcore (0)

exotics4me (463) 09-24-07  01:33am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Fetish Network included, this site is sort of the headliner site.
- Movies are pretty good quality 640 on high end, around 1400 speed.
- If you have an exhibitionist or voyeur side this one is for you!
- Pictues were a surprise, over 1200 on high end even on old sets and are zipped
- Download speeds are just above average in the USA
Cons: - The price! This network costs 39.95 Euros, I didn't realize there was a big difference in the Euro and Dollar, it ended up around $55 for the network for one month.
- This site itself has a great idea, but they may overuse the male stripper parts.
- The download speeds are inconsistent, going from 900 kb/s on one video to 400 kb/s on the next to 1200 kb/s on the next.
- Not enough actual sex going on.
Bottom Line: I had seen the previews of this site for the better part of a year. My wife loves exhibitionism and voyeuristic material, and I do to a point as well. The video we had watched as previews were all action-filled 30 second clips. So, I decided to just join the entire network, instead of just one site.

The basis for this site is that there are women, usually what you would call average looking, and they are at an all male strip club. Male strippers tease them until an orgy breaks out.

Now for the problem, some of the videos are just the male strippers dancing around naked. Now this is no use to me. I'm not talking about 5 minutes, but 15-20 minutes of men dancing around while stripping. Not good.

It does get better, there are paid women there to get the women turned on. The paid women grab the male strippers and start giving them a blowjob in front of other women, who then decide to try it for themselves. This part of the video is great. Some of these women seriously blush, they look away and laugh too.

The quality is very good, videos look good and so do the pictures. There is one problem though, you have 12 male strippers having sex at one time. There is always this one really sexy woman having sex, but the cameraman is trying to get all 12 in the video. Other than that, this site is pretty good. I can't say I recommend it unless you are really into the group sex. Navigation is plain, scroll, click, download. If you like group sex, it is one of the best!
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Visit Spring Break Fuck Adventures

33. Spring Break Fuck Adventures (0)

cblodg (9) 09-14-07  06:04pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of vids
- Some hot girls
- multiple download choices
Cons: - Too many video download options/ videos broken up.
- not entirely sure these situations are real. An example: The one with the guy picking up a girl to "tutor her." He clearly starts doing things that should lead this girl to realize learning is not on his mind. she even states that she is in a relationship, yet continues on. Though the action was hot, just doesn't seem real.
- poor nav
- not easy to tell what is an update
- way more expensive than it should be
Bottom Line: It's a good site, but needs some fixing up. The action, for the most part, is hot and so are the girls.

The cost is high, but for the content you get...
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Visit Dream Girls Members

34. Dream Girls Members (0)

elephant (67) 08-27-07  07:46am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (49), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Ideas of flashers I like and wild parties
bonus sites
Cons: The quality of the vids is rather poor
Slow site I found downloading
Tends to be made up of feed sites that have vids thats can't be downloaded.
Navigation is very basic as is the site and bonus sites in general
Bottom Line: Not worthy of a decent mark here, poor quality vids in lots of segments is tiresome to download. Wouldn't waste money on full membership, try the trial if you want to see some average quality vids. Theres is some ok stuff, just hard to find I found.

Overall seen much better, needs alot of work and better quality vids in more organized categories.
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Visit College Fuck Fest

35. College Fuck Fest (0)

troglodite (69) 08-26-07  09:17pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (34), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Site is (or at least used to be) fairly unique in that you have a lot of sex that happens in front of a crowd of rowdy drunken college students.

* They've gone back through their catalog and updated the vids to meet today's bitrate standards(2000k, 400x300 - yes the resolution is lacking a bit but they do look good).

* For a couple of years, there wasn't much new coming from this site, but lately they're adding new content once again and it fits right in with the old.
Cons: * Vids contain a lot of party footage in addition to the sex, so they can be kind of large (500-700 MB sometimes), but this really isn't a big negative.

* Pics are just screencaps, but honestly they're obviously not the focus here.

* Not all of their old content has survived - some of the older stuff has disappeared. Seems like there has always been right around 60 scenes available for download.
Bottom Line: The "reality-porn" genre isn't really my reviewing specialty, but since I do join these sites on occasion, I thought I'd pass my observations along.

I *think* this was the first paysite I ever joined several years ago, and really not a lot has changed here. While some networks have steadily added more content often at the rate of 1 scene a week, this one has always had about 60 episodes. If you joined several years ago, there will be new stuff here, but not a whole lot of it. Thankfully, they are updating with new stuff once again, but a lot of the girls are ones you may recognize from 4-5 years ago. Like most reality sites, the girls are actually professionals like you might see on a Bangbros site or Realitykings, but they do add a bit of reality by filming the scenes in a party setting, which does feel pretty genuine and makes things a bit more interesting at times. The production values are fine and the content looks good, so there's not a lot to complain about, other than the lack of growth. If you ask me, it's definitely worth a look if you've never joined before and are interested in the genre. You do get access to the rest of the sites on the network, which is a great bonus, although many of the bonus sites either no longer update or are simply scenes ripped from DVDs.
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Visit Mad Sex Party

36. Mad Sex Party (0)

elephant (67) 08-12-07  05:13am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (49), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some very attractive European Girls which is always a plus with me and in orgies and look to be having a fun time indeed.
Cons: Right here we go, very frustrating site indeed, the girls seem to keep their clothes on a lot and just move their panties to a side, why I'll never know, very strange practice and just makes the vids a little boring , I want to see a room full of naked girls getting fu**ed, but just not as good when you hardly see much pussy. Its very obsessed with blow jobs which certainly isn't what I want to see.
Bottom Line: The idea for the site is fantastic, love seeing loads of girls together and wish there was loads of orgy sites on the net, sadly there isn't, so this concept is great. Just needs to get the girls completly naked and have more all girl parties with loads of great sex we can see.
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Visit Strip Club Exposed

37. Strip Club Exposed (0)

apoctom (145) 07-21-07  09:28am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of hot pornstars featured on this site, including Shy Love and Sharon Wild
- Exclusive videos with a "strip club audition" theme
- Most models have an audition dance and then a "club owner" sex scene.
- Scenes can be downloaded in one big clip or in parts
- No DRM
- Pic galleries available for most scenes
- Good download speeds (about 800 kbit/sec)
Cons: - No updates: site stopped updating prior to January 2007
- Only about 40 unique scenes. All of the scenes are uploaded in clips and then uploaded again as a complete scene, so I only count unique scenes (each girl typically has 2 scenes)
- Pic galleries do not have zip file option
- Tons of ads on the member page
- Videos are very grainy. Perhaps this was to give it an amateur appearance, but it can be distracting
Bottom Line: All in all, this is not a bad site. The setup is unique for a website: videotape strip club auditions. However, since the site features only pornstars, you can't really believe that the premise is real.

Given that, I wish that they had used a better camera during filming. First, filming inside of a strip club (low lighting, lots of background music, etc.) makes for some difficult to watch videos. On top of that, the video is very grainy and blurry. While not a huge negative, it takes away from the scenes.

The worst problem is the lack of updates. Unfortunately, the site stopped updating after about 40 scenes. There are no dates on the updates, but the network updates listing doesn't show any updates for this site since before January 2007. As with many other PervNetwork sites, it was just abandoned.

I would not recommend this site alone. However, given its inclusion with the PervNetwork, it might be a good enough value to justify. The content is definitely unique.
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Visit College Fuck Fest

38. College Fuck Fest (0)

apoctom (145) 07-02-07  08:39am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Plenty of content: Currently there are 50 movies of college parties, each around 50 minutes long.
- Membership gets access to entire Perv Network of 20+ sites.
- College party vids are actually hardcore and explicit, not just flashing boobs and drunk girls.
- Exclusively shot video: It appears to be unique and exclusive.
- Lots of download options, which you may need since download managers don't work. (See below.)
Cons: - Not really college chicks: the parties all feature pornstars who pretend to be college chicks and who fuck the CFF guys. They are surrounded by "college guys," but none of them get in on the action.
- Price: membership is at the higher end of porn subscriptions and I don't think that the value is there for pornstars posing as college girls.
- No download manager support: these movies are long and file sizes are over 400MB for high quality. It needs download manager support.
Bottom Line: I would argue that there is a bit of false advertising here. These parties feature pornstars instead of real college chicks. But, the action is nice and fun to watch in an amateur-holding-a-Handicam sort of way. For the price, though, I won't be keeping my membership.

Update: I bumped up the score for CFF because it does contain unique and original content. The false advertising is nowhere near as bad as some sites that claim exclusive content but contain only DVD rips.
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Visit Party Hardcore

39. Party Hardcore (0)

IcemanTC (8) 05-27-07  12:58pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great and Exclusive Party Material!
- Nice Hardcore Action in every Set.
- Over 150 Sets with 150-350 Pics and .avi/some .wmv Movies
- Movies downloadable in Parts or as one Clip.
- Lots of young Amateur Girls (but mostly watching).
Cons: - Navigation is a Katastrophy: The Sets are just listed on 32 Pages with 5 Sets each.
- No Search Options.
- Picture Quality/Res. is Middle (but clear)
- Can't choose Billing Companie.
- On some Sets BJ's are all.
- There are always some Actresses (seemed to me). Sometimes just they do the Job and everybody else is just watching.
- With 24,95 EUR (33,61 US $) recuring too expansive to add to your frequently used Favourites.
- One Update per Week.
Bottom Line: If you always wanted to be a Stripper in a Club where only nice Amateur Girls are that like to suck your Dick or even wanna ghet laid by you on the Catwalk... then this is your Place!

The Material is really great and Fun! Buuuuut the Navigation is Horror:
- The single Sets are just listed (see Cons).
- No Buttuns @ the Picture Galleries (Forward, Back, Main, Back to List)
- No "Pics per Page" Option in the Gallerie list.

The Billing is by CCBill or "Maxxpay.nl". You can't choose the billing Corporation. I had to join via this "Maxxpay.nl"; mybe becaus I'm from Europe. Checked the Page for Cancellation Options and it seems to be reliable (but didn't try yet).
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Visit Bikini Voyeur

40. Bikini Voyeur (0)

richard (3) 05-22-07  04:15pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some good quality, FULL LENGTH bikini and wet t shirt contests
Large collection of beach videos
Good collections of photos
Cons: No longer seem to update downloadable videos
Bottom Line: The only thing wrong with this site is that they no longer seem to update with new videos that you can download.
On the positive side, what is there is fantastic. There are 40+ good wet t shirt contests, and a good dozen or so bikini contests (well, at least they start in bikini's). These are also FULL LENGTH videos (some up to 30 minutes in length!) with nothing left to the imagination (and all fully downloadable). Great quality and camera angles for the best view in the house.
There is also a large photo collection of these and other contests, and photos from beaches around the world.
I would recommend this site to anyone!! Join for a month, download the full length videos and enjoy.
The only thing that stops this site from getting 100 is the fact that they no longer seem to update video clips that you can download. The have gone to video streaming, which isn't that good when the internet connection connot keep up, and these clips are only part of a whole contest.
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Visit Wild Time Girls

41. Wild Time Girls (0)

richard (3) 05-22-07  03:45pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good content on so video clips
Good quality photos
Updated weekly (give or take a day)
Links to other good sites
Cons: Not exclusive videos (have found some on other sites)
No longer seem to be updating videos
Video clips could be longer (max 5 minutes)
Bottom Line: Not too bad, but seem to be only updating photos these days, and they are not exclusive to this site. If you go to the first couple of dozen updates, you got good quality video clips and photos. Later on, these clips are replaced by photos only, which is a shame, as the site was starting to look good. Also found that some of there 'latest' photo collections were in fact taken in 2003 (I have the original video clip from another site).
On the up side, the other sites linked to this site are well worth spending some time at.
Overall, they made a great start to the site, but have started to drop off lately. Worth a look for the first 20 or so updates, and the other sites are a bonus.
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Visit Key West Flashers

42. Key West Flashers (0)

richard (3) 05-22-07  03:28pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very little
Cons: Low quality images and video.
Could take better photos with a cheap mobile phone.
I could, and have, taken better photos myself (and thats saying something)
Bottom Line: Wouldn't even go back if it was free!!
The photos on the site are too small and a good deal are not even in focus. The resolution of the photos is also too low, so you can not enlarge them without losing quality (which is limited to start with). For a pay site, you expect them to use high quality cameras for good, sharp images. In this case it seems thay have used a cheap mobile phone. As for the videos, there are none as far as the wet t shirt contests go, and only a few small, short clips in the mile high section.
There is a note saying that videos of the wet t shirt contests are coming, but as the photos were taken in 2002-2003, it seems that they are not rushing to put them in any time soon.
The only good thing about this site is ..... NOTHING
They also claim that you can get a refund if not 100% happy with there site - but when I applied for the refund (yes, it is that bad) they did not even reply to my e-mails. There are a lot better out there (I have yet to find worse!) so go find them, and stay away from this site.
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Visit Party Hardcore

43. Party Hardcore (0)

crash (16) 02-12-07  02:28pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Very exciting videos. Parties with beautiful and sexy drunk girls dancing, sucking cocks and fucking at the disco.
- The videos looks good.
- Good amount of videos.
- All the action seems to be completely real!
Cons: - Same male actors (strippers)
- The filming could be better but is real action in real situations.
- Videos cutted in various clips.
- The action you're looking for is in the last clips.
Bottom Line: - Party hardcore is a very exciting site. The action seems to be absolutely real, with girls that refuse to suck strippers cocks or just dancing near a fucking couple. The girls are beautiful in general and you can see sex live games and a very interesting amount of voyeur material. Very nice site.
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Visit Party Hardcore

44. Party Hardcore (0)

pornjunkie (2) 01-30-07  12:34pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Pro #1 - very large content.
Pro #2 - regular updates, once a week.
Pro #3 - overall site update every 8 to 12 months, reviewed layout etc.
Pro #4 - true to its niche and advertising.
Pro #5 - excellent billing format.
Cons: Con #1 - all dialogue is in Czech.
Con #2 - most of the same male strippers appear in the majority of the episodes.
Con #3 - full length downloads are large files, they take time to download and take up lots of space on the hard disk.
Con # 4 - some of the parties take time to get off the ground, so it might take a couple of weeks before getting to the good stuff.
Con #5 - although the quality is good, the camera angles are sometimes very bad.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is that this is one of my favorite sites on the net right now. For my taste and my buck it is a definite winner.

If you like real girls that get drunk and coaxed into public sex with male strippers, then this is the site for you. It should be said that there are "undercover" girls that get things started and encourage the innocent girls to jump in.

It appears that most of the women that attend these parties are aware of what goes on but, like in any night club or bar, anywhere in the world, the quality and willingness of the women varies from night to night or in this case from party to party.

There are a few negative aspects (see cons above) but, in my mind, they are negligible.
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