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Visit abbywinters

26. abbywinters (0)

rogertheduck (0) 04-04-07  03:55pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Really good stuff. Girls have fun doing the videos and they are not bad. It´s truly a reallity site
Cons: Have to work more on the G-G section. Intimate moments section is not so interesting.
Bottom Line: Do no waste a lot money or time considering other sites if you are loking for G-G action and reallity videos.
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27. abbywinters (0)

gargamel (1) 04-19-07  11:49am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: convenient and good looking web design
Beautiful unaugmented models
Beautiful large photos.
Intimate moments shoots with a woman alone in a room masturbating to honest orgasm
Girl Girl shoots possess a sense of intamacy and fun. No acting or fake Orgasms.
Solo videos allow members to see models being themselves in a comfortable setting.
members can communicate with models on the messageboards.
generally cool vibe on the site and messageboards. No real crudeness or degridation .
Cons: Every so often one may find there to be an excess of silliness in the solo videos.
If you want boy girl content you will only find a little here.
Bottom Line: I've belonged to a few sites and this one is by far the best. I recommend this site very strongly. If you are looking for boy girl stuff you may be dissapointed but the girl-girl stuff is so damn good it may not matter.
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Visit abbywinters

28. abbywinters (0)

joe3412 (1) 06-20-07  12:03pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Real girls with real interactions
- Easy to navigate
- Frequent updates
- Awesome photography/videography
- Superb value
- Easy to get hooked-for-life
- Adorable girls, some "natural"
- Categories for easy searching
- One of the best sites!
Cons: - I would like more in the "Deviations" section - some light bondage/spanking
- I would like the ability to grab a single zip file of all of a model's work
Bottom Line: I absolutely love this site. The photography is simply outstanding and the attention to detail, throughout the site, shows the professionalism. The girls are real - no heavy make-up (sometimes no make-up at all :) ). I have to try not to get on this site too often since I get so overwhelmed with enjoying it that I forget to do the other things I need to do (like eat). The only reason I don't rate it at 100 is I have to give Abby a little room to improve it :) I highly recommend the site!!
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Visit abbywinters

29. abbywinters (0)

CatSteppings (1) 08-11-14  05:07pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-11-14  05:24pm  (Update History)
Reason: I just needed to re-word some things. And update the score.
Pros: Frequent updates. Many models, with variance in age and type. Great organization. Choice of payment options (pay as you go or month to month). They allow you to keep your account active and use the site, even if you are not on a subscription. You can always log in with your user name. Everything you've bought is kept in an online storage locker, so you can access it later if you deleted a download or something. Very easy to navigate site, and to search for models. They use tags extensively, and are fun to use to find something different. They have a huge back catalog of shoots, going back over a decade. The videos and photos have been in HD for several years now. Oh, and the majority of the models are beautiful, as well as natural. No porn sluts with implants and fake eyelashes to be found here! Also: REAL ORGASMS. MANY OF THEM. They also offer streaming for video, which I never use. They offer pictures in very Hi-Res XL size for large-ass screens. The photos and vids are shot by pros.
Cons: Minor Con: The current HD videos are great, but I have been to another site, and the HD vids seem a little better quality, crisper and a little deeper color. (I checked the specs from both sites' downloaded vids, and the videos have similar 720 HD pixel size) The other site also offers even higher than HD quality, which I found to be pointless to use on my current Macbook, but would be great for a larger screen.

So I hope AW will offer even better HD video quality options in the future (even tho it's really great as-is!).
Bottom Line: This is a great quality site , I highly recommend it. I have been a member off and on since 2006. It's worth the price of admission. I thought their prices were steep at first, but they offer a lot. These days, I prefer to be an A-la-carte member, and just pay per shoot, since I do not need a new download every day. They give you several options to buy their high quality material. It's easy to re-join if you leave.

I do get porn from other porn sites sometimes, but this site really sets the bar, and has been my main source for years. Very dependable.
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Visit Twistys

30. Twistys (3)

exotics4me (463) 03-21-07  11:35am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - More women than you or I could imagine in one place
- Video quality is improving
- Nice mix of American/European models, blondes, brunettes, redheads, exotics, you name it they are on Twistys!
- Fast updates and the great Twistys Treat, this month is the stunning Annette Dawn
Cons: - Older videos which have been talked about on here in other reviews. There are a couple of the older ones that I would love to see at higher quality, but it is a very small amount that isn't high quality.

- Honestly, it can get confusing with that many models! I will search for one, then see another and forget who I am searching for...probably should be a pros!
Bottom Line: I was a member on Twistys probably this time last year. Mainly to search out Eve Angel material, Eva Shine on Twistys. I would have rated it 10-12 points lower back then.

Now, the site is great. My wife and I were both really impressed with the improved quality of videos and the overall content. My only complaint is more Eva Shine, but hey, I'm a Psychologist, I know I am obsessing! Seriously, the site is great, great videos, beautiful pictures, not a huge resolution on the pictures, but I would imagine with the size of the site and number of models, they couldn't get those huge pics that other sites have of all of their models or they would need stacks of servers to hold it all! Price is also great for all the content you get. Did I mention Annette Dawn is the Treat this month? I always knew her as Bridgette from some of the European sites. I have found so many beautiful models that I had never seen before Twistys. I got a feeling I'm going to have to let it renew a month or two more just so I can see everything. Very impressed with this site and I believe, though not a network, with the added DVD section, Twistys is passing the big networks not only in quality, but also in quanity. I highly recommend it, more so than any other adult site outside of eve's personal site, but that is a whole other story. You won't find a better site for many models, all beautiful, videos, pics, it is all here!

With the addition of access to Blue Fantasies and Anette Dawn, Twistys has moved up 5 points in my review.
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Visit FC Nudes

31. FC Nudes (0)

Crazy (0) 04-18-07  10:47pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 1. Hot young girls with perfect bodies
2. Very nice locations and places
3. Exclusive high quality videos in large resolution and no airbrush
4. Hot pictures with powerfull colors(preview galleries and zip files)
5. Pictures and videos are downloadable without problems
6. Many goodies and regulary updates
7. Low prices ( check the 1 year membership ;-) )
8. Fast and friendly members support
9. Very good navigation and webdesign
10. Very fast servers and no problems with login or payment
Cons: None!
Bottom Line: FCNUDES is at this moment the best paysite for me.
When you want fresh videos and awesome pictures so check this site.

ps: When you have problems or questions about the site or girls so the support help you very fast.
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Visit X-Art

32. X-Art (3)

loverboy69 (0) 07-30-13  02:26pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Amazing video quality
Perfect glamorous/erotic blend
Accessible on my ipad, iphone, and mac
Stunning/beautiful models
Quick response from customer service
Great look to site
Regular updates
Cons: None
Bottom Line: I am so happy with this site - really haven't had any issues or even suggestions. The whole package is there with this site. You absolutely must check it out!
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Visit 1 By Day

33. 1 By Day (0)

zuludog (9) 02-05-07  09:35pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Within the top five internet softcore/hardcore sites on the internet. Most of the daily updates are solo sets, but they throw in two girl sets every tuesday and hardcore sets every friday. This is DDF's mother site - they have more sites that spin off from this main site. DDF has been a leader in the internet porn industry in pic/video quality since the late '90s as they still bring you the best quality pictures and video (including HD) available today. The ladies are top notch always.
Cons: Not much here to rip on.

- You can find a lot of their older sets on other third party sites.
- Their download speeds could be faster, but it's average so no big complaints.
Bottom Line: If you are a female porn star in europe this is where you go to make it big - if you can make it. Some american models have started migrating over there probably because DDF has been having a hard time finding hot new talent in europe. 1byday is definately worth every penny. It's hard to find a better site.
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Visit 1 By Day

34. 1 By Day (0)

jd1961 (95) 08-25-07  10:29pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge Amount Of Material
-Hi-Res Photos
-Zip Files
-The Best Models
-1st Class Photography
-Updates Twice Per Day
-New Design
-Easy To Navigate
-Very Good Download Speed
Cons: -Archives Not As Attractively Presented As Brand New Material
-Video Files Are Huge, As In Half A Gig For 12 Minutes
Bottom Line: When it comes down to it for me, no one can top DDF for quality web porn. 1ByDay may be the best site there is. But it got better....It is now called (unofficially) 1ByDay, 1ByNight, as they now update twice per day with their exclusive material. And there is no mistaking DDF material, because IMO, it's the best on the internet. 1ByDay has every form of porn you could want. Hardcore, Lesbian, Solo, Glamour, Watersports, Toys- They have it all. The photos are outstanding, Hi-Res (up to 2000px), and beautifully shot. Professionaly shot by one of the best erotic photographers in the business. You have the choice of 3 sizes, with a zip file option. The videos are high qual also, but the files are too big IMO. 500MB for a 12 minute vid? You have the option of downloading in parts. The vids are great porn though, but if you want to save them all, dust off that DVD burner! This site has been redesigned recently, and is very attractive. The old 1ByDay is now known as the Archives, and is indexed by model, niche, and even date. They are separated by a calendar also. Easy to find what you want. The New section is great to navigate, and it will fill up quickly with all the updates. you now have the option of loading all the photos on one page, and the server is fast. No probs downloading. Last but not least---The Models. The girls of DDF are the best out there. Every type imaginable except fugly! And they all look great and well made up. And there are a multitude of them. Best site IMO
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Visit FTV Girls

35. FTV Girls (2)

4nic8 (14) 05-25-07  05:32am
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: many of the girls are hot, the others pretty
excellent video quality
excellent download speed (200-300kb) high speed
no drm
huge collection
update weekly
no goofy music or poor lighting issues
Cons: no boy/girl
can get a little too extreme, pushing tasteful
Bottom Line: take the tour! watch all the previews...it'll kill ya'. a must join at some point. most of the girls are your prom queen type and show it all. you see everything up close in high quality and hear every juicy sound. very real feel to it, nothing fake here. no sex scences though, only posing & masturbation. top 5 site no matter what genre.
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Visit Met Art

36. Met Art (1)

hondaman (7) 11-13-08  01:37pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -outstanding model selection
-large amount of photographers
-models from many diffrent countries
-very good updates(normaly 4 or 5 sets each day)
-site has been doing very good with viedos lately
-no download limits
-photo sets average around 140 pics often more
-models often dont start off nude which makes sets more interesting
-some sets have very artistic look
-most sets have many good shots of the model from various angles
-there is now model info got added sometime in 2008
-huge ammount of pictures something around 600,000 total!
-good amount of models of diffrent bulids, skinny,large breasted,many diffrent skin tones, many models have very nice butts
-for me the site has very fast servers and I have used it on dial-up as well as DSL connections
Cons: -not all models have a bio yet
-due to there being so many models one that you like may not appear very often
-site layout can be confusing at first
-some viedos are filmed photosets
-cost of site much higher if you pay the monthly cost of $29.95 or $359.40 after a year compared to $99.00 for a year or $8.25 a month.
Bottom Line: I feel that MET-ART is the best errotic art site on the net. It has the most to offer over any other simular site namely in sheer number of models and cost(if you pay the $99.00 yearly fee).I have been a member of FEMJOY,DOMAI,HeargeArt,and MC Nudes. All of these sites are very good as well but MET-ART is the one that keeps me most happy.AS I said in the cons the site can be a little confusing layout wise but to me its not really a big deal because MET-ART provides what I really like(errotic art) in spades.Another con would be that some viedos are just filmed photosets though I think this is more the artists choice than the sites saying. One artist GONCHAROV has outstanding films that are purely films and there is no camera(photographic)work going on the model is simply moving around as GONCHAROV films. Another con is that sometimes a model may only pose one time and never appear in another set however this quite rare and there are so many models that you are likely to have many favorites and most likely there will be a model that you enjoy pretty much everyday.I see that some people con the site for lacking masturbation ect. I dont agree with this it is not the aim of the site.Masturbation is more like true pornagraphy while MET-ART is errotic art to me those are two diffrent things.This site is for the person with a "sensual" eye one that is most pleased by the female form but not by a direct sexual act. The number one con to me is the pricing. The basic monthly fee adds up to $359.40 if you kept the account open for a year. It is best to try the site for a month and if you like it buy the $99.00 full year fee which ends up being $8.25 a month or the 90 day fee which is cheaper than paying the monthly fee at a higher price for the same timespan. My best advice is to try several errotic sites and find the one that most satisfiies your personal taste. That way you have tried some that you think you like and pick the best one much like when you buy a new car test drive.
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Visit Met Art

37. Met Art (1)

lk2fireone (196) 11-14-08  01:21pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Best site on Internet for softcore European models.
Huge selection of models.
Many of the models are lovely/gorgeous/beautiful: really, some of the prettiest models I've seen on
any porn site.
Many different erotic photographers have contributed to the site.
Most models have multiple photosets.
Most photosets have 100+ pictures of the model.
The photosets are of very high quality (except some from the early years of the site).
With a membership, you get a large number of hours of live webcams per day.

For years they have been posting 3-4 new photosets per day. That is a huge number of updates.
They are constantly coming out with new models, as well as with new photosets of older models(not in age, but as in previously viewed models).
Most models appear to be in their late teens or early 20s.There are many different physical types of European girls: breast size: small, medium, large. Most girls slender, some medium, a few large (not heavy, just big beautiful girls).
Cons: Met-art has made an art of posting boring videos of beautiful young girls.
Sorry, but that disappoints me.
The videos are a very minor extra, hardly worth watching.
The models are almost all European. There are very few Asian or African or others. To see other types of models, go to a different site.
This is softcore only. If you are looking for hardcore, go elsewhere. No boy-girl sex. No boys at all. A little girl-girl touching, but so mild you wonder why they bother.
Met-art has a posted schedule for the livecam shows. If a model does not appear for her show, you don't find out about the change until you are waiting for the model to appear live, and maybe there is a replacement model, or maybe no show at all.
The same model can have different names. This is a porn problem, but why can't they give a girl a name and remember it?
Search feature for model sets is OK, but could be easier to use.
Bottom Line: If you like soft-core pictures of beautiful European girls, this is the site to join. The annual fee of $99 is a bargain.

This site (in my opinion) offers, for the same or less money, so much more than competing sites such as:
metmodels: (a sister site to met-art) that has fewer updates and fewer models and fewer photosets.
hegre-art: fewer updates and fewer models and fewer photosets. No livecams. No variety of photographers. And is more expensive than met-art.
domai: a nice softcore site, but again: fewer updates and fewer models and fewer photosets. No
livecams. And the photosets do not have the great quality of the met-art sets.
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Visit abbywinters

38. abbywinters (0)

blackmanwhat (2) 01-08-07  11:18pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Daily updates. Weekly newsletter with video which gives you sneak peak of what to come. They have friendly community who helps site to be true to industry by using chats in forums and create the best lists. Real natural young everyday models/girls that is free to pose within their comfort zone. Real organism and tips on their experience is unique. No fills, no use of smoke and mirror. What you see is what you get plus more.
Cons: Really need to join main and gold site ("Got to join both sites") to get the full experience. Provide rare girl-boy and extreme hardcore action. Older content is low quality clips and no single clip download (old and new). I prefer an option to download the whole clip as single download rather than only parts of clips.
Bottom Line: This is exceptional website with realistic models, amazing quality, specially the photos, and most thought put into the design, the content, and input to make this site better for members and webmaster. Who doesn’t like an Aussie chick that isn’t afraid to show some skin if you know what I mean. If this site a try and let me know how you feel about it. I agree which this quotes made by Vanessa (at TBP Review) "Abby Winters has set out to create an exceptional site with out the mess of banners, blind links, popups, traffic trading, and all the other unruly money hungry tricks of the trade used by many adult webmasters, and she did it by even surpassing the average standards of savvy web surfers. Abby has taken just about every photograph on this site and it's abundantly evident that she dedicates and enormous amount of time to the site, making it as near perfection that it is. Three months of this site at 45.50$, you won't be disapointed; I highly encourage everyone to check it out for at least that long." She speaks the true and the reason I join this site. Thanks Vanessa for your input.
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Visit abbywinters

39. abbywinters (0)

Bacchus (30) 01-10-07  07:03pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (18), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *The girls are very natural, sexy and are actually interested in having sex with other women and even sometimes men!
*The scenes are not contrived or seem set up for cameras. The folks that run the sight seemed genuinely interested in the subscribers desire to see young, nubile and sexually charged girls in a natural setting.
*You don't seen shaved women trying to look like twelve year old girls.
Cons: *The site can be a bit difficult to maneuver.
*The control tabs are a little vague
Bottom Line: *If you want young, nubile girls loving each other, then this is the site for you!
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Visit abbywinters

40. abbywinters (0)

Ulther (0) 09-03-07  05:24pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - No DRM
- Real Girls!
- Happy Girls!
- Show women as they really are
- Great video quality
- High Def Pictures
- Very fair price
- Excellent new models refresh rate
Cons: - Some navigation issues
- Search can be improved
- More deviations
Bottom Line: First of all, I would say that I am at Internet since 95, and this is the first site that I pay for. It really worth it. Your natural and happy models simply rock all the other sites.
It is so natural and real, the models actually enjoy doing it!
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Visit abbywinters

41. abbywinters (0)

navel lover (0) 09-13-07  11:47am
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site features "real, regular-looking girls next door" which I absolutely love! Lots of belly button exposure, too! Plenty of content overall!
Cons: The video segments are a little lengthy, so the downloads take longer. Also, there seems to be a lot of repetition in nagivation of the site.
Bottom Line: Great site for people who love "girls next door"!
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Visit abbywinters

42. abbywinters (0)

xexbot (36) 02-12-12  12:01pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: It's hard to discuss Abby Winters in terms of porn sites because this is simply not the usual porn site. There is a reason it has remained one of the top rated sites of all time for the last decade. It ranges from the dainty petting softcore stuff you expect from a couple of bi-curious girls to penetration bordering on XXX. You are never going to see anything too hard or edgy here, and that's what most people like about this site. It is a sort of sweet, touching, beautiful, natural type of porn that's hard to even want to call it "porn."

The video quality here is good and as you get into the more recent stuff a lot of it is HD. I like their system for selection video quality. You just click one of four boxes next to a video, and the next time that's where it will default to, or the closest lower setting in the case of older videos. They tend to clip them, but there are usually no more than three. Navigation is also very well cross listed with keywords, so searching is a breeze.
Cons: So, here's the only downside to Abby Winters, and it is a personal issue that you may not be as bothered by, but the whole premise of the natural girl having real, natural sex is great, and it is beautiful and tender. But, it also leaves no room for originality or individuality. Simply put, it all kind of starts to look the same after awhile. You'll find your favs, like Chloe B, and you will download everything she has and love it, and you'll do the same for the next ten girls. But after a few months I found myself just checking in occasionally, and when I did I downloaded one or two things here and there and before long I was maybe getting a couple of videos a week from them. Couldn't really justify the price. It's hard to stay a member at sites like this for long.
Bottom Line: Look, if you have never had a membership to Abby Winters it is certainly worth a month. They offer a pretty good deal for three months, and I think it's worth a few months of being able to download stuff from them. If you're like me you will probably tire of them, or you will basically have gotten all you really need from their site to keep you happy in the future. Either way, this site deserves support. They are a unique and enlightened businesswomen, and they are offering a quality product. It's just they are dedicated to pretty much one or two things, lesbian sex and masturbation, so it's hard for them to really offer a wide range of porn. This is true of many sites. One speaks volumes is the fact that Abby Winters has been around for so long and has been recognized by so many as one of the industry's best. In many ways they have sort of become the PLAYBOY of the internet.
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Visit MC Nudes

43. MC Nudes (0)

Mayvary (2) 02-02-07  03:47am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: MC-Nudes provide no hardcore but full nude-erotic in an appealing and mind twisting way.
Extract of the featurelist:

» daily updated sets and twice a week videos
» real HDTV Videos (1280x720 pixels) and imagesets up to 4000 pixels
» unique models (amateur and starlets)
» great usability and design
» steady envelopement in technologies and features
» backstage & special reports, desktops ...
Cons: » NO - hardcore or intense masturbastion stuff
» NO - trial membership available
» NO - more things to criticise
Bottom Line: MC-Nude provides maximum pleasure to your imaginary visions and is only dedicated to the lovers of the female body. They stay for beauty and quality only.

This site is a must for all who don't need big archives from the ancient times and explicite porn action.

Get your kicks on MC-Nudes and tease your synapses cause the differences come in details.

MCN has finally launched their 100% technically reinvented site. They increased browsing speed and even managed to provide maximum compatiblity on all browsers for MAC and PC even my IPhone!!!!

Sitestats today: GIRLS: 186; REAL HDV-Movies: 313; IMAGES: 74648

Their HDV-Archive is the largest in the niché and for me the best in sensuality.
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44. FEMJOY (1)

jd1961 (95) 11-14-07  08:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - First Class Erotic Photography.
- Ton Of Material.
- Beautiful Models.
- Hi-Res Photos, Zip Files.
- No Download limit.
- Hi-Def Video, NO DRM Protection.
- Frequent Updates.
- Useful Member Interaction.
- Fast Download Speed.
- Very Attractive, Fun, Interactive Site.
- Exclusive Content.
Cons: - Expensive.
- No Hardcore.
Bottom Line: I couldn't wait to review this site because it may be the best one I've seen, and I've spent a lot of time there and haven't scratched the surface. A treasure trove of high class material. Photos go up to 4000px, available in quickly DL'd zips. Browse them by thumbnail or flash slide show. You can rate the sets, and leave comments, and add to favorites. Here's why this is great: there is an option to view what everyone else is picking as a favorite, it continually updates. It's fun, and you find great stuff that way by viewing someone's fave photo, which is linked to the set. It's easy to get lost here, there's so much stuff. The videos are great too, with a hi-def option of 1280x720 (wmv & QT), plus a more standard size of 640x360. You can preview a vid before DL. I'm not always a fan of the softcore vid, but these are very nice. They look great, and BTW, the girls here are gorgeous. So many of them, many well known, others not. Photography and videography is total first class, not some schmoe with a camera. It's fun just to be in the site, the search engine could be better, but Femjoy is well built. The price was recently increased to $34.95, the high end of steep. But if any site could justify this, I guess this one could.It updates frequently. You will not find any hardcore action here.It's difficult to know where to start, they do have a random selection link that brings up different sets each time. But you can get lost in this site and never find your way out.
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Visit Amour Angels

45. Amour Angels (0)

Fingers (1) 08-28-09  03:51am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive high-quality content.
Great quantity of photos (460 sets) and videos (131 sets).
A lot of amazing teen models (~300) and some of them I never saw at other websites, just at AmourAngels.com.
Each model has only 2-3 sets (just some of top-models have more photos and videos), so base of models are very varied.
Resolution of photos is 3000-5000 pxl, most of videos have HD-quality.
Three formats of photos (low, medium, original) and 2 formats of videos (wmv, avi) are available.
Pretty nice new interface and user-friendly navigation after redesign.
Cons: Some photos have wrong, insufficient focus, but quantity of them isn't valuable.
Besides that there are some videos (from old shooting), where camera shakes and jumps, but usually models are so cool, that you don't pay attention to this defect.
Or it's features of new photographers.
Bottom Line: As for me, at AmourAngels really teen models are collected. Yeah, at other websites there are a lot of beautiful models, but they are rather babes, not teens. And here, at AmourAngels, exactly teen, innocent, shy models with natural beauty. There is no unnecessary make-up and other stuff. I think,
that it is main advantage of this website. Besides that some cool features were added after redesign. I mean slide-show, adding to favorites, Amour GFs
(I hope, owners will develop it in future) etc.
I am downloading from Europe and have no problems.
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Visit K Package Pass

46. K Package Pass (0)

Markus (0) 04-17-07  12:47pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (4)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + very good price
+ quality fetish content
+ no airbrush pictures
+ many hard videos and picture sets from each girl
+ the package grow up monthly
+ fast server
+ daily updates
+ perfect for extreme lovers
Cons: - none
Bottom Line: Very good websites for extreme visitors.
When you love very hard and dirty action so is this package the best offer for you.
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Visit 1 By Day

47. 1 By Day (0)

King (27) 09-10-07  04:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (33), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Huge collection of content starting in 2001
+Daily updates and recently even nightly :D
+Clear, user friendly web design with calendar archive browsing
+Good download speeds (300KB+)
+Decent model selection
+Exclusive content of known and casual models
+Content is dated and well organized in the archives
Cons: -Older videos offer poor quality
-Older videos in DIVX are not available in 1 file
-Could be cheaper
-Film scenarios could vary more
-Video parts can vary in resolution and fps making impossible to join into 1 file
Bottom Line: This is my second time I decided to join 1by-day and probably not the last.
I did not review the newest content yet in detail but what they offer in both quality and content is still getting better. No need to say that this site is one of the oldest over the net and therefore their collection is big enough to make a nice stack of DVDs burned. DDF surely deserves to be paid for what they offer. If you like watching girls (you won't find much hardcore here) in action this is the site for you :).
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Visit 1 By Day

48. 1 By Day (0)

ace of aces (179) 09-03-08  07:44am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (67), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + flashing casting
+ no drm
+ no dl lilmit
+ exclusive material
+ nice hp design
+ different video fromats like:flash,wmv, Divx, quicktime, mpeg
+ high – ultra high video quality
+ fast download speed (13.000 kbit/s)
+ dl managers work good
+ all kind of tits (small – big)
+ all kind of pussy hair (shaved-hairy)
+all kind of shoes (high heels, boots only socks e.g.)
+ all kind of clothes (uniforms, satin e.g.)
+ every video has it`s story
+ 2 (!) daily updates
Cons: -strange navigation (read below)
-high membership price
Bottom Line: This site is todays top of the sites with this kind of topics.

You got hundreds of good till high quality videos, which are downlaodable very fast.

The videos are arranged as a calendar. Therfore it is easy to see which on eis new and which on is old. The search engine is good. You can search by names, or hair colours e.g..

The duration of a video is arround 10- 20 minutes. They are donwloadable in plenty different types. the good thing to name is, that the downladmanager problems from former times are belonging to the past. dl manager worked fine.

the content of the videos is enormous.
there is mastrubation, dildo play, bathing, showering, undressing, dressing, lesbo play, hardcore one girl two man and two man one girl and last but not least machine sex play.

The girls are very cute and nice to look at.

You got every kind of haircolour, tit sice, pussy hairs and kind of girls. Having also all kind of clothes like nurses and all kind of shoes like high heels combined with all kind of action, this site makes it very easy to love it.

You got also the categorie jokes and mastrubation. Mastrubation is a close up video, even nice to look at. Jokes…o.k. i am honest, that isn`t at general my thing.

The flashing casting is a very nice idea. having that casting like it is shown here, is something totally new for me. great idea folks.
Spinning this idea forward it would be great having an „interactive“ video (with commands like using dildo, undressing e.g.).

no few words to the so called "cons"
Sometimes the sets and the faces are repeating, but beeing honest, with that much of content, it`s no wonder.

The navigation isn´t awfull at all. But there are two things they had changed worse.
You can`t see at the calender preview which topic the video is. Former times it was easier. The videos had headlines, therfore it was easy to see what kind of topic is behind the beautifull picture. The second point is, that you aren`t able to see the calender posts of former years like 2006 e.g.

Last but not least the price is much to high. Even if you have so much to enjoy arround 35 $ is to high priced.

But all in all this site is a MUST VISITED.
Lower the price and clear the navigation a lilttle bit then my points go up to 99.

Highly recommended!
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Visit Hegre Art

49. Hegre Art (0)

User1234 (3) 01-04-10  04:49pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-04-10  05:54pm  (Update History)
Reason: Reformatting to more closely abide by the rules and rewording so more information would fit.
Pros: &#9679; This site houses extremely high-resolution and high-quality photos that are a joy to look at.

&#9679; Even the largest photos seem to load and download surprisingly fast.

&#9679; Incredible collection of gorgeous models, many of whom are exclusive to this site.

&#9679; Refreshingly, the models on this site vary greatly in terms of appearance, ethnicity, hair & eye color, bust size, etc., and, therefore, keeps you from getting bored with the site very easily or quickly.

&#9679; Good value, being as the site will keep you busy browsing for a long time. Consequently, it seems like you're really getting your money's worth.

&#9679; Straightforward navigation makes traversing the site easy and fun. No need to read the FAQ Page first, here.

&#9679; Profiles and extensive information on every single model on the site.

&#9679; Large array of size/resolution packages available to fit you best depending on your internet connection speed and your own personal preference.
Cons: &#9679; I wish there was a little more content and updates. It would be nice to have 2 or 3, perhaps even 4 new galleries a day, but we don't live in a perfect world, so this isn't something I expected to begin with.

&#9679; Another thing that might improve this site, just that much more, would be if some of the sets were a tad bit more graphic/hardcore. The nude women are beautiful and who doesn't enjoy ogling at stunning, nude models? But it wouldn't hurt if Mr. Hegre showed a little more...pink in some of his photos. Don't get me wrong - I don't (and never did) expect a hardcore pornographic site here (nor is that what I want), but a little bit more pink can only improve a photo, at least as far as I'm concerned. Lol.
Bottom Line: Overall, I highly recommend this site, and it's one of the few sites that I do. It's also one of the few sites that I tend to visit on a regular basis (sometimes even daily), to check for updates and such. Just about every photo on this site is sexy, beautiful, incredibly high-definition, and technically perfect in terms of Mr. Hegre's skills as a photographer. There are a number of similar sites, but none I've tried top this one.

The one thing I've noticed with some other sites that advertise ultra-high resolution pictures, is that even though the photos are technically huge (up to 7,000 pixels squared) the "High Quality" format you can download or view the pictures in, don't seem as clear as they should be when you're looking at them zoomed-in and close-up. I had this problem the worst with Met-Art.com. The pictures are huge in terms of resolution, but when you zoom in, they look slightly blurry, dull, and, frankly, nowhere as clear as pictures of the same resolution from Hegre-Art do. And, although not every gallery at Met-Art had this same issue, a LARGE portion of them did, and I'm not sure why. The only reasons I can think of that can explain why this photo seems "low-quality" when viewed close-up, would be:

1) They are stretching out the pictures to make them look like they are of a higher resolution than they actually are.

2) They are simply taken poorly to begin with - The photographer didn't focus properly or arrange adequate lighting, etc.

3) Or, perhaps, even something just as simple as using a cheaper or lower quality camera to begin with than alternative sites do, which, consequently, is not endowing adequate sharpness and clarity to the image.

In any case, I've never had this problem with Hegre-Art. Their pictures are not only huge in terms of resolution, they are also super clear and sharp - every goosebump, hair follicle, freckle, skin pore, and other details are perfectly and beautifully visible.

One last point I'll add is that Hegre-Art houses a large number of beautiful models. Now, like any similar pay-site, although all of the models are generally beautiful, some of the site's models tend to stand out a little more than the others. Generally there will be a few select models who really stand out to you as being the cream-of-the-crop; the models who end up becoming your favorites and whose galleries you check out first when you log on to the site. The difference with Hegre-Art, though, is that instead of favoring 2 or 3 really incredibly striking, beautiful models on another site, here you're likely to find more than a dozen new "favorites". Of course, everyone's preferences are different, so I can't give you an exact number as to how many of these "Crème de la Crème" girls you'll find for yourself on the site. But the point I'm making is that you're probably a lot more likely to find a few new favorite girls here than your normal, run-of-the-mill, nude photography site.

Don't pass this one up! Check it out!
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Visit FTV Girls

50. FTV Girls (2)

Robare (6) 08-30-07  08:39am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 424 updates of 284 models & 26 lesbian updates downloadable
Videos in WMV 640x480 778kbs-1Mbs -> 2Mbs@ 12/05
Playtime of '07 videos: 53-119 minutes/upd.
2007 Avg. photos/upd. 244
Update photos: 700x1052 to 797x1200
Supersize photos: 179 sets of 2000x3000 to 2800x4200, ~30-60 photos/set
Totals 03/04-now: WMV video, >237 GB, update photos, >63,400
5 color code for activity
12 updates not yellow|orange|red
No video watermark, DRM
Download manager accepted
Cons: Download limit 5 GB/24 hrs.
Exceeding download limit means loss of access for 24 hrs.
Video resolutions could be higher.
It would be nice to have more girl-girl.
It's too difficult to find many cons for this site. :)
Bottom Line: FTVGirls went online September, 2002. Evident is a commitment to quality established early that still surpasses many sites. For instance, the WMV video resolution started out at 640x480 (nearly impossible to find elsewhere then). Several "highly-regarded" sites still try to sneak by with 320x240.
The women are from 18 to 24 y/o, except for twelve 25-32. While the site creator talked about giving the "girl-next-door" experience, I've yet to see any models there who would qualify as the average girl-next-door. All of them are lovely, and most are stunningly so. There is a range of physiques on the site, but the appearance of all is above the average on the site from whom (in spite of it's initials) one can't get a root beer float.
Flashing, nudity, masturbation, fingers, toys, other objects, orgasms, interviews, and other activities are seen on this site in a wide variety public and not-so-public locations, mostly in the southwest but a few in Hawaii or Portugal, plus a handful of contributors locations. All is original and, AFAIK, exclusive content. For the vast majority, the site title applies. Perhaps a dozen I'd seen before, which is forgivable because they're so damn cute. :) And, the models enjoyment is obvious and multi-faceted. Four have even returned to share their pregnancies.
FTVGirls is a superb and unique site dedicated to young womanhood, their lives, personalities, beauty, and their sexuality...well, minus the men where applicable. :) Long may it reign.
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