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Visit Lesbian Ass Worship

26. Lesbian Ass Worship (0)

littlejoe (23) 10-28-12  11:00am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (25), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -tons of videos
-videos get right to the point
-3 different video options
-lots of ebony ladies
-uses ccbill
-some great videos
Cons: -very amateurish videos
-not so appealing models
-fake licking
Bottom Line: the videos are around 5 minutes each and get right to the action. about 3 videos make up one shoot, but theyre split well so it doesnt effect viewing

the videos production is the worse ive seen. it looks like theyre all shot in the same motel room. theres a mirror above the bed and the camera guys head pops up so they blur it out! also the videos go out of focus often and i dont think the camera guy even knows about it!

some of the models i recognize, most i dont. theres a great selection of white and black and even some asians. however the makeup people do a horrible job and you see face acne and even worse tons of butt acne. i really dont want to see that!

lastly, for the most part, the performances are bad. most of the girls do fake licking. i have only gotten half way thru the site and i quit
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Visit First Anal Quest

27. First Anal Quest (0)

TheSquirrel (53) 08-20-12  05:35pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (50), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: There are no DRM, download limits, regional discrimination, pre checked cross sells, or dirty tricks.
Beautiful girls.
Some very orginal and erotic poses.
Good lighting and overall sense of professionalism.
Good quality videos.
Zipped photos.
Easy log in.
Still updating.
Cons: Same style and angles every time resulting in a mass produced look.
The picture sets contain too many of the same pose and have little continuity.
Very little ethnic, age, or shape diversity. Models are mainly thin, white, and young.
Few picture or download options. Top quality video is now mp4, not wmv. You have to drop lower in quality to obtain wmv.
Navigation not the best.
No teasing or build up in the pics or videos.
Occasionally annoying male leads.
Although you get some bonus sites, it is a relatively small network.
Bottom Line: Video Downloads - Best Quality 1280x720 at 4000kbps (4838), High Quality 800x452 at 2500 kbps, Normal Quality 580x328 at 1000 kbps. Recently, for some reason, they changed their "Best Quality" downloads from wmv to mp4. The 4000 kbps wmv is now unavailable, and has been changed to 4500 kbps mp4, so if you want wmv, you have to download a lower quality video.

Pics 1024x682, 1280x853.

You get four bonus sites, although only FAQ's sister site, Double View Casting, is top class. The other three are Fuck n Drive, Jizz On Teens, and Wanted GFS.

Pics, and sometimes videos, are ridiculously frustrating because although they choose some original and erotic angles to shoot from, they continually miss out the lower legs and feet, and concentrate far too much on the groin, ass, and upper thigh, turning the models into amputees. I have seen criticism elsewhere on PU, concerning the gynaecological focus of their shoots. A great shame because the models are fantastic, and they think up some original angles to shoot from, then they undermine this eroticism by turning the models into amputees 80 per cent of the time. It is particularly annoying in the pics, where it would appear, feet do not exist.

Although they have great and original angles and ways of shooting models, that mould is set, and they rarely stray from doing exactly the same thing on each shoot, making everything look mass produced.

The pics are adequate but a lot of the time there is little continuity or thought put into the sets. You see a girl starting with clothes, but you don't see much of the strip or lead up to sex. It is like watching six frames from a video, forward winding for four minutes, then watching another six frames, then forward winding, and so on. There are four to eight almost identical pictures of a model in one pose, then four to eight in another pose, with little idea of continuity or progression in the shoot.

Sometimes the male leads can be very irritating. Whether this is by direction or not I don't know. Some continually slap the asses of the models, grunt, groan, and paw their female co workers like they were terrorists abusing their hostages. That can be unerotic for some of us.

Okay, let's be honest, let's come out of the closet. Female genitalia just by itself isn't all that attractive, neither is chopped liver, or any type of roadkill. It is what leads up to that genitalia that is attractive. The whole package, the eyes, the face, the breasts, the legs, the everything. It's the genitalia in context, along with the whole package. I so wish some of these sites would realise that. We've got past the shock of penetration about 40 years ago in Europe, 30 years ago in America, amd 10 years ago in Britain. So we don't need closeups of two thrusting groins and nothing else. We know they're having sex, we get to see it all the time.

I know sites have to keep production costs as cheap as possible, but surely it's possible to see two whole people having sex, and give us some idea of the beauty of the whole girl. It's done professionally, but with little love for the subject. This is true of 99% of porn, both today and in the past so I can't complain too much.

Their visitors preview site probably gives a better preview of what's on offer than the members' home page as there you get a better idea of how the girls look, and what the sets are like.

It may just me being stupid again but once I got into browsing a picture set, I couldn't get back to home again without going through my favourites option.

There is a model search option from the home page (in very small print), but when you access the model using this, the video and picture download options are dead links. You therefore have to look at the date, then go back to the home pages and work out where the model is on the chronologically listed update pages in order to download pics and videos.

It seems there is a six simultaneous downloads limit.

Logging in is easy, and you can return to the site without re entering your password.

The lighting, production and photography are mainly very good. If you go back to the first few girls recorded in 2009 you can see how much this has improved. The early ones look very different, with a different style, angles, and lighting.

You would think by the title of "First Anal Quest" its close relative "Double View Casting," and the comments "real teenagers craving to get their cherries popped," and "no fake scenes no bullshit," these are mostly first timers, but not a bit of it. Some of these girls (for example Britney, Stonell, and Kristina) have been around for a long long time, and have appeared on many other sites featuring Eastern European Girls. Some of these girls have pussies more pounded than when a juggernaut lorry crashed into the local Pets At Home.

All in all it is worth a visit, but very few seasoned downloaders will find any need to stay more than a month, or maybe two.
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Visit Teen Anal Casting

28. Teen Anal Casting (0)

BadMrFrosty (56) 08-14-12  06:37am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (43), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + The same great fresh teen girls that we all know and love from other TeenCoreClub sites but now in 1080P full HD!!!
+ Young newbies, hard anal sex. For me that's a winning combination
+ Great professionally shot video with super vibrant colors at WMV 1920x1080 @ ~7Mbps
+ All videos come with a matching photo set containing on average 450 pictures at 1280x853.
+ Good download speeds, using a download manager with 4 channels mean I can download videos at ~25mbps
+ Videos can be downloaded as clips in high or low quality or as a full scene in high quality.
+ No DRM
+ No regional pricing
Cons: - Only 11 scenes
- Dont be surprised if the combined number of updates across all sites included in the membership is only a 1-2 per month
- Full scenes can only be downloaded in full HD which means a 1.5GB download. Not ideal for those on slow connections or those who dont care about HD
- Very, very basic interface. No model list, no search, no streaming. Just page after page of videos.
- No network interface, you have to log into each site individually
- Updates are not dated
- No zip file download option for pictures
Bottom Line: Although this site launched around 4 months ago I put my soft spot for Teen Core Club aside as the last time I jumped on a new site (Defiled18.com) I was stung by the lack of updates. So I waited until now to join and guess what? I have been stung by the lack of updates.

Pat's great review is almost 2 months old and he states there were 10 videos available, which I think is the number the site launched with. The number of updates today? 11. Thats right, they have done it again, launched a new and interesting site and completely destroyed any chance of keeping long term members by failing to support it. A site that receives one update over a 4 month period is a disgrace. Defiled18.com did the same, launched with 10 episodes just over a year ago and today have only 16. Going by those numbers, on these new sites we get 1 update every 2 months.

While a membership here also gives access to TryTeens.com, WhiteTeensBlackCocks.com and Defiled18.com, which are the only TeenCoreClub sites that still update, they make it so difficult to get at whats new due to the fact you have to log in to each site individually. I really don't understand why they want to make it so obtuse for a paying customer to get their stuff.

Bottom line, my patience for this lot is almost at its end. I think I will have to go over to Teen Mega World for my Russian newbe fix or maybe even try out the newly resurected No Rest Network. When the owners of the site dont seem to give a crap about the quality of their product I dont think I should be supporting them anymore.
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Visit hotkinkyjo

29. hotkinkyjo (0)

rearadmiral (378) 07-23-12  05:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nothing else quite like it
- Pushes the boundaries on extreme insertions
- Very rare male on female anal fisting
- Exclusive material
- Photos and Videos
- Resolutions on even mid-grade videos look great
- Updates regularly
Cons: - Streaming only
- true HD stutters a lot even with a high-speed connection
- Insertions only Ė no actual sex
- Expensive for whatís offered
Bottom Line: First, please let me introduce you to an 800lb. gorilla in the room because readers will definitely notice it: yes, this is an EXTREME site. It isnít for everyone. Heck, Iím pretty sure that a lot of it isnít even for me, and Iím a fan of extreme anal stuff. So, readers, please remember that even if you donít like this niche, Iím wearing my reviewerís hat as much as my pervertís hat, so please keep the comments civil.

The other 800lb. gorilla in the room is the fact that the site offers no downloads at all. That goes for photos and videos. The site explains and justifies that by noting the risk of piracy if we, people who actively support pay sites, are allowed to keep what we see. I have no doubt that piracy is probably the biggest problem in the online porn industry today and Iím sure it hurts small sites like this much more than big sites, but I am not convinced that penalizing supportive paying customers is the solution. I really hope that the site re-thinks this policy.

Hot Kinky Jo is an attractive Russian model who speaks good English and appears to be in her mid-20s. Sheís petite and has looks more common in mainstream porn rather than the often rough, hard look of a model who pushes the limits in extreme fetish porn. According to an interview she gave to Jay Sin in Anal Acrobats she got her start doing webcam work and discovered she has a particular Ďtalentí for being able to insert large objects into her ass. Iím not sure if there is such a title, but if there is then Jo deserves to be labeled the Queen of Extreme Anal Insertions. In fact, I suspect that if the title comes with a crown then she could easily insert that into her bum.

The videos all feature some sort of extreme anal play. There are solo scenes where Jo anally fists herself, scenes where she uses huge dildos in her ass, including one where she takes more of a horse-dick dildo than would seem possible. There are scenes where she is with one or more women where there is more extreme insertion and usually female on female anal fisting. There are even a few scenes with male on female anal fisting. Iím not aware of any other site that offers this. In several scenes Jo actually takes more than one fist in her: three go in during one scene. I warned you that this was extreme stuff. One thing you will not see is actual anal sex, but that isnít the theme here anyway.

One niche that the site promotes is prolapse or ďrosebudĒ porn. I am most definitely NOT a fan of this and I know this sounds weird, but I have no stomach for prolapse stuff in the middle of a fisting video.

The site is very small, which is likely because itís so new. There are only 17 videos and 15 photo shoots available as of this writing. To make matters worse, the videos are short, all coming in at just under eight minutes long. But Iím guessing that if youíre having your ass fisted, eight minutes could seem like an eternityÖ

The photo sets all have 100+ photos. Many of the photos shoots appear to be shot at the same time as the videos.

The site, which only began last month, currently updates every two or three days. Video updates seem more frequent than photo updates.

I canít give full specs on the videos or photos because I donít know how to do that for streams. The videos are offered in three resolutions, low (1.5MB/s), medium (5)MB/s) and HD (10MB/s). I have a 60MB/s fibre op connection and I found the HD stuff unwatchable due to stuttering and long and frequent buffering delays. But when the HD stuff played, it did look good. The medium looks excellent too and didnít suffer the same problems. The photos also offer three resolutions. Both videos and pictures open into a viewer on the page. I really canít give much more technical detail because I donít normally use streaming.

Not that this is relevant, but this site is the first Iíve noticed that uses the new ďxxxĒ top-level domain. Until I noticed that I couldnít figure out why I couldnít find the site by simply googling ďhotkinkyjo.Ē

Iíll usually base a recommendation on value. And for me, cost is only one factor in deciding on value. Given the uniqueness of this site Iíd normally be willing to say it provides decent value even though it costs $30 per month and only has a small amount of material. But Ė and this is only my opinion Ė the lack of downloads means I just canít recommend this. Until they offer downloads I wonít be back and Iíd only recommend the site to someone who really likes this niche and understands that it is streaming only.
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Visit Everything Butt

30. Everything Butt (0)

RustyJ (145) 07-12-12  12:36am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (49), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Close to 200 scenes with weekly updates
-Very good 720p in mp4. Also available in smaller and more pakced formats. I only wish they had 1080p
-For a kink.com site this one has quite high production standards when it comes to make up and clothing on ladies. No morning faces for the sake of plotline, latex and other fetish wear is also regularly used
-Scenes are almost like two in one. First girl on girl anal play in fetish wear and then a guy on girl/girls hardcore sex
-Wide selection of shooting locations inside their Armory, toys, tools etc. These guys have the hardware it takes to run a site like this
-Techically works well, very good download speeds, fair and honest business without the dirty tricks you get used to with this industry. Good forums with active community
-More girls than guys in non lesbian scenes too
Cons: -Rather pricey like the Kink sites tend to be unless you wait for a special offer on their email list or get one from some other site
-When the guys enter, the scenes tend to lose the fetish focus and it all too often becomes "just another anal site" which is exactly what they claim not to be
-There is a stark change in the type of material they publish in early 2010 which is roughly halfway through the scenes so far so one may like some of their stuff while get nothing from the other half
-The site is quite bland with no good search available
-Photos are quite mediocre
Bottom Line: Everything Butt is a site which as it's name suggests, focuses on butts or more accurately buttholes. Well, even more accurately, stuffing things in them. The site features currently roughly 200 scenes which are mostly long and multi parted so the amount of content is not a prolem.

A typical scene lately starts with a short interview and then the action begins as girl/girl anal play, usually featuring latex or other fetish wear or some fantasy role play setting. This is all done well although the extremity of some scenes might not be for everyone. After the girl/girl action the scene usually cuts to where a guy enters and sadly all the fetish wear has usually somehow disappeared. The rest is more or less regular extreme anal sex, not too much different from what sites like Evil Angel offer. The good thing about regular content is that the scenes are kind of like two in one and there is almost always more girls in action than guys.

If you go back around halfway through the production, different kind of scenes start appearing however. There is more shorter scenes with only some solo insertion or bound enema play or scenes with only girl on girl action. It appears that the butt fetish focus was at some point switched to more generic anal sex focus. All the scenes on this site are available in 720p so the oldest ones are equal in quality to the newer ones.

The girls are mostly big names here, ones who are well known in American industry and also some East Europeans. Bobbi Starr, Amber Rayne, Krissy Lynn and such are regularly featured here, probably because everyone cannot handle what they do on this site. I like the fact that they are almost always wear proper make up here unlike on SexAndSubmission for example. As I metioned earlier, the latex is also a nice thing but sadly usually disappears when the guy enters.

The site as all kink.com sites can be considered somewhat pricey unless one finds a special offer on the kink.com itself or somewhere else. There is no network membership and buying single scenes with their on site currency is ridiculously expensive. The site works well enough even if it is quite simple and without very good search functions. Download speeds are great and if you forget about photos, the quality of content is too.

Despite the small issues, this site goes with my highest recommendations if the content suits your tastes.
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Visit Teen Anal Casting

31. Teen Anal Casting (0)

pat362 (373) 06-22-12  10:46am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to most of teen core clubs sites
and for a lot less than that network's price.
+Their have a nice selection of models and some of these are rising Eastern European performers.
+The content is all exclusif.
+Their videos are all HD 1920x1080.
Cons: -The site has only 10 videos and is already dead because they haven't added a new one in weeks and none are planned in their update schedule.
-A few of this sites models do a simialr scene another one of their site.
-There is no real search option and navigation is basically choosing a particular page.
-They have pics but you have to download them one by one then so why bother?
-Only 4 of the other sites are still updating with new content on a regular basis and one of these has only leased content available on many other sites.
Bottom Line: *This would be an awful stand alone site but if you think of it as a bonus site then it's not bad at all. The girls are all cute. The sex is hot and well filmed. The only huge problem is that there are only 10 scenes and I don't think they'll be adding much ir anything to the site. I might have joined it in the futur if only for the try teens stuff but I got a sweet deal by email where I got access for 20$ so this was a no brainer for me.

*The fact that your membership gives you access to all of the teen core club sites that are still updating is a great deal even at 30$. About the only people that might want to get a TCC membership would be members that want access to some of their older sites not available with the teen anal casting membership.

*I sometime wonder why a network like TCC or 21sextury will add a site to it's line up when that site has only limited amount of content and will probably not have anymore updates. Why not incorporate those scenes in one of their active sites instead? I know that the shooting style for this site did not exactly match some of the other TCC sites but I would think that promoting what is essentialy a dead site would be a bad martketing idea.

**This is the type of site you only join if you want access to the content on the other sites. For that reason my score is much lower since I'm not really considering the other sites.**
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Visit Jules Jordan

32. Jules Jordan (0)

madcow1957 (0) 04-09-12  11:19pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: This sight updates regularly about once every few days. The new videos are crystal clear 1080p. There are older videos DVD quality Marked as classic.There is a variety of niches so something for everyone. It's professionally done with easy search and browsing. There are large picture galleries that are downloadable as zip files.I can't say enough good things about this sight.
Cons: It's still somewhat small but growing fast.
Bottom Line: Great sight. Excellent bang for the buck.
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Visit Anal Angels

33. Anal Angels (0)

lk2fireone (196) 04-06-12  09:48am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A large number of Eastern European teens. Many are cute, attractive and even lovely.
-Low price of $20/month with the PU/TBP discount.
-Download options include a choice of high, medium, or low quality WMV files for each video, as well as an MP4 file for portable devices.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long period before site time-out.
-Easy search. Can search by model's name, model rating, or type of sex scene.
-The model listing has a nice-sized thumbnail to show you what the model looks like.
-Most of the network sites are integated into the basic search. So if you look under a model's name, you see all of her videos at the network. And it's easy to bring up each video she appears in by clicking on the thumbnail of that scene. You don't have to re-enter your login information
when switching among different sites of the network.
-With site membership to this site or other sites in the network, you get access to 20-25-30 sites in the network.
-Good download speeds. I get 1.3MB/sec.
Cons: -The cons are mainly minor.
--You watch a large number of these hardcore videos, and the sex starts to get repetitious. Almost all the scenes are inside an apartment. This helps to make the lighting and sound control easier. But maybe some outdoor scenes would add to the variety. Maybe a slight story-line would help give meaning and more eroticism to the hardcore sex. Maybe some strip-tease or foreplay before the hardcore sex would add some spice to the sex.
-No zip file for the photosets.
-But most photosets are not worth saving. The individual photos in a photoset are better than sceencaps, but not much better. Even when you
have an attractive model, the model is not presented attractively. At Metart, MPL Studios, Femjoy, they try and often succeed in making the
model poses attractive. But at this site, the style of the individual photos is more like a screencap of the video shoot. No effort is made to frame the shots artistically or erotically.
Bottom Line: -This site, and the Teen Mega World/Royal Cash network, is one of the best offerings for hardcore teen videos, with lots of attractive teen models, lots of hardcore videos covering a wide range of sexual activity, combined with a low membership fee.
-The site contents include:
51 vids.
51 Matching photosets based on the video.

The photos in each photoset are better than screencaps. But as I said earlier, even when you have attractive or lovely models, the photosets are not worth saving. What is worth saving are some of the really nice hardcore videos.

The site contents are nice. But what really gives the site its main value is the included access to the most of the Royal Cash network.

I am giving this site a score of 91. That is based on the network access included in a membership. If the site was judged on a stand-alone basis, obviously the score would be much lower, because of the smaller amount of
content at the site.
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Visit Anal Teen Angels

34. Anal Teen Angels (0)

TheSquirrel (53) 02-09-12  12:03pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (50), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Plenty of young attractive girls, professionally filmed and photographed. The videos are well shot, and well lit, which mostly makes the girls look sensational.

The look on the girls' faces. Hard to explain, but for me it's the perfect balance of innocence, professionalism, and eroticism. For an attempted explanantion see "Bottom Line."

No DRM or DL limits.

The negatives aren't as negative.

Access to 21 Sextury network.

$10 discount using link from TBP/PU.

Exclusive content with a variety of download, streaming and photo options.
Cons: Considering softcore is catered for on this network, it's a big disappointment that the photos here don't have enough strip to nude, where you get the chance to appreciate the girl on her own, before the hardcore starts. Occasionally fewer photos than expected.

Clinically professional at times.

Some girls are already old timers, have appeared many times on other sites, and appear many times across the network.

All shaven.

At times I found download speeds sluggish, with navigation clumsy, awkward and slow to respond.

The look is homogeneous due to mass production.

Too many tats, and fake breasts, and too many thin girls who look the same.

The home page is rather annoying and awkward. You do have options, but finding out how to navigate is a little difficult. When you put your mouse over the picture of the model to find out who she is and what the scene is, a series of flashing pictures kicks in, semi obscuring the information you are looking for. Irritating.
Bottom Line: This for me is the flagship of 21 Sextury. Membership gives access to the entire network, which I could have reviewed, but I spent more time here than any other site. Technically I can't find fault. Here are some of the specs.

Pic resolution and what defines normal or high resolution does vary, but comes as high as 5616x3744, with normal resolution 1280x853. There is also 3888x2592, 4992x3328, and 3000x2000. Screenshots are generally 1280x720.

Downloads come in low, medium, and ultra high H264, and medium, high, and ultra high wmv(960x540 1611kbps, 960x540 3122 kbps). Top new download resolution is 1920x1080 with 8158 kbps, although there are quite a few still at 1280x720 with 3122 kbps. Apologies for being too spec heavy. It does vary, but the quality is usually excellent.

Streaming is at low, medium, and high quality H264.

The models generally look well made up and glossy, bordering on the old glamour mag style, but often have a girl next door rather than porn model look. It's what the girl next door would look like given a paint gloss, some polyfiller, and put under studio lights.

There is some ethnic diversity but most are thin, white, and young. For me, there are too many tats and fake breasts, although not as many as the worst American networks.

However the girls are generally young, beautiful, and have a girl next door innocence, even though the overall look is glossy.

For me, there are not enough new models. One small criticism of 21 Sextury as a whole is they shoot the same model too many times.

Some of the photos go straight from topless into fully nude, or nude oral sex. There is little build up or a teasing strip. Sometimes you get five or ten photos that look exactly the same. It's an awful waste of attractive models. Out of 100 photos for instance, there can be 50 that all look very much the same, or 30 clothed, 30 topless, one or two nude, then fully nude oral sex. There is very little in the way of stripping and a gradual build up to the action.

Having said all that, the photos are highly professional, beautifully lit and beautifully set up. For me the greatest plus for the whole site is something I can hardly explain. It's the look on the girls' faces. This may be entirely subjective, and may or may not turn you on. The only way I can describe it is to say the photographer captures a complete look of innocence, and enjoyment, while at the same time mass producing professional material, from a professional model who is having anal sex. The model looks innocent and enjoying it enough for it not to look as though she is being exploited.

I don't care if they get it right purely by chance, and if they hate or have contempt for their customers. As long as customer service is okay, all I care about is they produce great looking porn - and they do. I haven't had to deal with customer service, which is both good and bad. It's good that I haven't had to contact them, but I can't vouch for how good they are.

Obviously there is a concentration on anal here, but there is vaginal, lesbian, and toys on other sites in the network.

I could have done with more shapes, sizes, and ethnic diversity. Mainly the sex here is one on one only. I like to see group sex but there is little here, and little across the 21 Sextury network.

The negatives aren't as negative as most sites. Yes, there is not enough ethnic or size diversity, but there are still a few girls who go against this mould. Yes, there are some scenes where they choke or slap the girls, but they are not very common. Some have tats and fake breasts, but not too many. Yes, there are too many closeups and gynaecological shots, but there is also plenty of material showing the full girl in all her beauty. Admittedly, at times the professionalism is clinical and produces samey material, but it looks great, and in my opinion is better than their competitors.

I have not seen any other site get it this right. Mass produced porn and innocence, without guilt, or exploitation? An absence of sleaze. Fun porn for the masses, without a lot of the things we hate here at PU.

Despite the faults, for me this is the best network, best teen site, and best anal site (the also excellent Asshole Fever is available on the network). I give it 90 as I consider it to be best in class. That equals the highest mark I have given.
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Visit Anal Angels

35. Anal Angels (0)

elephant (67) 01-03-12  05:22am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Good interface to download videos and photos
*Really good price as comes part of the ever growing Teen Mega World
*Extremely cute models on the site
*Good choices of file sizes to choose from
*Fast speeds
Cons: *Some vids I'd already seen that are posted on other sites so not totally exclusive.
*Can get slightly repetitive
*Relatively small site, 43 vids currently
*Not a totally bad thing but lots of the models are used on the different network sites so you may of seen the model on teensexmania or fuckstudies.
Bottom Line: Overall I think the site has huge potential and its nice to see a site on the network dedicated to anal, it has become a fav niche with me and there is some great looking girls on this site taking it anally.

It does sometimes become a little stale as it seems to be a regular format of sex on a bed in most movies and would be nice to see a little bit of unique content and somethings unexpected but I certainly am not complaining too much as its still great to see the girls having anal sex on a bed.

As I say there is only 43 videos currently and it is a newish site been added to the network, its got a long way to be as good as analteenangels but it certainly is on the right track and its goo to have another anal teen site on the block.

Each video has its own photo set too for the photo lovers out there, I don't tend to bother with these though as I'm more into videos.

My fav girls on the site have to be Zanna, Anjelica (Abby), Yuki, Dulce and Sveta (Henessey)

I look forward to joining again later on in the year to see what new cuties they have on the site.
Its a great addition to the network and my score is focussing on having as a bonus site to the network, on its own it would be a lower score as 43 wouldn't be enough to warrant a 90 but as a bonus content site with the niche I love the most after lesbian anal I give it great recommendation and worthy of 90, there is certainly quality girls being filmed here.
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Visit First Anal Quest

36. First Anal Quest (0)

pat362 (373) 12-18-11  10:19am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: They have an excellent choice of teen models and often get one of their first anals.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 WMV resolution: normal at 580x328, high quality at 800x452 and HD at 1280x720.
+Each video has an accompanying phototset which can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution varies between 1024x682 and 1280x853.
+They update with one new scene each week.
+They currently have 155 scenes.
+You get access to double view casting.
Cons: -They rarely use the more common name for their models so it's a little hard to identify them without doing some research.
-They have banners adds for other sites on each of their pages.
-They don't have any search options.
-The same model can have similar content on double view casting.
Bottom Line: *This is an excellent anal themed site starring Eastern European models who are in their late teens to early 20's. The videos are all well shot, well lighted and they have great camera angles to show the action. The models are all beautiful and they use just the right amount of makeup to let their natural body shine through.

*A plus in my book is that they often shoot the anal in a standing position or where the model is belly down.

*I got access through fuckndrive so I can't confirm if you'd get the same 4 sites with this membership because the only site that appears on the members page is double view casting. That's why I recommend that you join through fuckndrive if you also want this site.

*This is not recommended for anyone who doesn't like anal or teens because that's all there is on this site and all the others as well.
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37. Let's Try Anal (0)

pat362 (373) 12-13-11  09:34am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have the first anals of many girls just starting in porn.
+You can download videos on mobiles devices in iPad, PSP and 3GP format.
+You can download videos in Mpeg4, Mpeg and WMV and these format are all offered in standard and HD format. HD resolution is 720p and 1080p.
+You can download the photosets as a complete zip file and pic resolution is 1300x975.
+You get access to the Mofo network which offers you 12 extra sites.
+You can search for all videos in the network using keywords.
+They show you the 12 upcoming updates.
Cons: -Because all the videos are shot in POV style then you're limited to only a few possible shots.
-I found that some of the videos had an amateur look to them with out of focus shots and bad lighting.
-The pics are quite nice but they have one of the biggest watermark I have ever seen. I calculate that it's about 1/10th the size of the image and it's white and blue.
-The models are cute but I really wish they would have used makeup to cover the skin blemishes and pimples on some of the models.
-The site is brand new with only 16 videos so unless you want videos from the other sites then you will be a little disapointed in the content.
Bottom Line: *I joined the site mainly because they had the first and only anal of Jessie Rodgers. I'm not disapointed because her's is one of the best on the site. This is such a new site that it's hard to tell if they'll always shoot in POV style or if they'll change as time goes by. The site is less than a month old so I'm willing to give them a break for now.

*I hope they go with a cameran and performer so that we aren't limited to only a few possible shots and better camera angles during the action.
There are some really good sites in the network so that's a major plus for anyone joining this site since it gives you access other types of porn than just anal.

**I recommend this site to anyone looking for first anals fro newbies and doesn't mind POV style porn.
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38. Anal Pantyhose (0)

BadMrFrosty (56) 11-15-11  02:55am
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Approx 150 video sets and 200 photo sets
+ All exclusive content
+ Zip downloads for photos
+ No DRM, no download limits
+ On the whole video quality is great, the first 100 videos are only 640x480 but look good. The last 50 are HD 720P but dont look as crisp as they should (see con)
+ Download managers supported and should be used to get good speeds (~300kbps without, ~1mbps with)
+ Latest image sets are 1500x1000 and look nice. Older sets are 1024x768 and are average
+ ~75 photos per set all focusing on anal action with pantyhose
+ Great looking Russians, some famous faces but are hard to spot due to the very unique and natural style of clothing, sets and makeup.
Cons: - Short scenes ~15 min long each
- Large watermarks. Worse on the older 640x480 clips
- HD videos use too low a bitrate (3mbps) resulting in noticeable artifacts and graininess.
- No choice of download formats, just one full clip in wmv for each scene
- No streaming
- Photo sets are separate from the video even if they are shot at same time and obviously the same scene
- Some videos waste a lot of bandwidth on unnecessarily high bitrate audio at 320kbps.
- The site has a update log but not all content is listed. On the video and picture update pages the content is not dated making it hard to see how often the site is updated
- Very basic interface. No search, no model index, no scene description, only a single scene thumbnail, no streaming. Basically no real way to see what you get before downloading the video.
Bottom Line: Here we have another classic example of a group of people that know how to choose the models, how to dress a set, direct the action, get the best angles, choose sexy clothing and makeup etc but have no idea how to wrap a usable website around it. I am not a massive fan of the analogy but I do feel a couple are apt when summing up this type of site which, unfortunately, I tend to see a awful lot. Would you set up shop selling a Bugatti Veyron other super cars in a dealership that looks like it used to be a McDonalds? Or design the packaging of a new all singing, all dancing smart phone to resemble a tin of Tesco value beans? In a market that is overflowing with porn it is hard to choose to stay a member of a website that makes it hard to consume its, admittedly good, content. Given a single (tiny) thumbnail and the generic model names, I have no way of knowing if I like the model or scene setup without downloading the whole scene. And when I do find a model I like I have no way of searching for more of her scenes.

Bottom line: Plenty of sites polish turds. This site wraps a diamond in a natural unpolished turd. I wouldn't mind the diamond but I am not too keen on getting my hands dirty in order to get it.
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39. Ass Bangers Ball (0)

dracken (246) 11-14-11  03:42pm
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 85 scenes each one available as 640x480 WMV or Ipod format, as well as a few images (around 20-30 images per set, not that many but enough to get an idea of the action)
- Zipped archives available and images are up to 3072x2048 although the lighting is not always the best in the photos.
- Most scenes have two girls that get pounded by several guys. There is a ton of anal, deepthroat and DP. Also there are some serious cumshots with multiple guys covering one girl in semen. Pretty intense stuff.
- Access to the rest of the network which has several good sites with multiple updates. A lot of fetish/ extreme action here including BSDM, latex, and fuck machines.
- Some very cute models and fun costumes (there are a few masks, a Indians vs cowboys theme) lost of stockings and high heels.

- Last update published 2010/12/02
- Several scenes have strange cuts during the scene. I understand that this is necessary when you are shooting an orgy with multiple people, but it still feels strange when the action suddenly changes.
- Some models are really disappointing (older looking, strange body types) More make-up or better light might have helped the scenes. It's also strange to see a very cute girl paired with a woman that is not the same body type/ look.
- Navigation is okay, but feels a bit outdated, would like more categories/ search functions. Right now the main search tool is a type in yourself deal, which can be a bit hard if you're new to the site.
- Sometimes the focus of the scene is not necessarily on the most interesting action. For example a girl is getting DP'ed but the camera is focused on her giving a BJ.
Bottom Line: For the price this network is very decent, as long as you like pretty extreme content, and enjoy BSDM. They have several sites dedicated to rough sex and orgies with this one being a very interesting one. Almost all scenes feature two girls and several guys (there are one or two video with only one girl and 4 or 5 guys, but for the most part expect dozens of dudes.) The focus is on anal sex and DP, although several times I believe only one of the girls does anal.
I say I believe because the action can get pretty confusing, which is understandable when you have 12 guys and 2 women having sex. However, the scene editing doesn't help the situation. In one scene we cut away from a sex scene to a shot of the other girl crying out in what seems genuine pain, we cut back to the sex and then back to the distressed girl after she presumably got some more anal lube. That is 4 cuts within maybe 2 minutes, completely unnecessarily in my opinion. Unfortunately this happens a lot in the more recent scenes. They cut from one girl to the other almost every few minutes and seem to have a lot of close-ups of either one of the girls face or her genital area then cut and switch around.
I understand the difficulties of filming an orgy and I have to say that all things considered they do a pretty good job, but less editing would have been preferred. It's not like the scenes are incredibly long, most of them come in around 32 minutes which I believe is on the short end considering how much material they could get from two girls having sex with multiple guys.
Aside from the way the videos are edited the site doesn't seem to update anymore, so that's a big downside, but considering they have almost 100 intense scenes I am okay with the amount of content (just don't plan to spend a whole year on this site)
The final issue I had with the site was that the model quality is hugely varied. They have some incredible looking girls that I couldn't believe were ready to do this kind of action, but on the other hand they have some ladies that would be more at home on a big and beautiful site or on a mature page. Combining the two types of models in one scene can make for some awkward moments, especially since they like to cut from one girl to the other pretty fast.
Speaking of the two girls, I was a bit surprise to see that in several scenes the two females don't really interact that much. The focus is mostly on the two girls getting pounded by the males, almost separately from each other. At times you could easily forget that there were two women involved in most videos.
Aside from the points above the site was a very nice experience. Downloads worked fine ans streaming was excellent. I wish they had more images available for each scene, but the few they do have are all pretty hardcore action so no major complaints there.
The navigation and design of the site felt a bit outdated, but still very functional and while they could use a more improved model page or a category search I had no issues previewing and finding content.
The bottom-line: A good site for anyone who likes orgies and hardcore sex. Worth checking out for a month or two, especially if the rest of the network looks appealing to you.
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40. First Anal Date (0)

dracken (246) 10-15-11  10:31am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 38 videos and around 34 image sets (updates seem to happen more frequently recently.The last few updates are as follows: 15 Oct 2011, 7 oct, 15 sept, 9 sept, 07 aug and april before that )
- Around 25 minutes for each video WMV available as 1920x1080 and around 480x270
- Images are available as zipped archives and look good (anywhere from 50 to 200 per scene)
- On average very good looking models and we get oral, vaginal sex and anal in a few different positions (almost all scenes have doggy and reverse cow) The finish is mostly on the girls back although we have a few facials and anal creampies.
- Navigation works pretty well and if you hover the mouse over the preview scenes you get to see a few images from the scene (It makes getting an idea of the video you're about to see much easier)
- You get access to (I believe all) Pink Visual streaming sites as well as I shoot my girl, they caught on camera and a few more and if you stay with the site longer they give you more sites.
Cons: - All the models have different names from other sites making it hard to tell what model you're looking at (I believe they have a few new girls here, but I can't be 100% sure) The lack of a models index makes this even harder. I'd like too see more focus on the models, but maybe that's just me
- The scenes tend to have very poor lighting and some of the older ones look closer to amateur porn than something professional.
- More search options will become necessary as the site grows.
- Pretty huge ads for other sites
- A lot of the action is pretty generic Russian porn. There are a few scenes that look really good with the actors getting really into it, but a lot of the girls look bored/ mentally checked out.
- All videos save as fulllength-high.wmv, which seems to be a plague of Russian sites. Makes organizing your downloads harder.
- I hate that the PinkVisual sites don't allow downloads (I know they are just offering those sites as a bonus, but I love complaining about them :)
Bottom Line: I joined this site because I am a "completist" and wanted all scenes with Aspen (who is named Olga or something like that on this site). However, I was surprised at the quality of some scenes here as well as the nice bonuses they offer.

The videos, especially the large option look great(honestly don't even bother with the low resolution stuff since the poor light and the 420x resolution will make for a horribly looking movie). They have a lot of good looking models and while the action is not the most diverse, there are a few really good moments here.

Some highlights of the models they have are Aspen, Agnessa and Henessy as well as a bunch of other girls I didn't recognize (Vanessa and Lucie are were very adorable).

The scenes range a lot in quality with some girls who look like they are drunk or half asleep to some girls that push themselves into the guys cock. I remember one particular scene where the girl is eager to get him in her anus and grabs a bottle of lube herself. It was incredibly hot seeing her lube the dude and force him into her ass.

What is also pretty darn cool is that they have a bunch of videos where the girl seems really hesitant to go for the anal sex. For a site that calls itself FIRSTanal date that makes a lot of sense and a level of "realism" that ads a lot to the feel of the site. (Sadly for the most part the girls don't even seem to notice a difference between vaginal and anal sex)

Overall, I'd say they come pretty close in type of content to sites like Teenmegavideos or maybe Firstanalquest (Firstanalquest has a lot more stockings and cute outfits, something this site avoids entirely).

The big difference, of course, is that firstanaldate only has around 40 scenes so far. Just comparing the number of videos you'd get those other two sites are better deals or even better go to 21sextury or Teencoreclub and get a hell of a lot more content with better light and more variation in outfits/ action.

Now don't get me wrong if the site continues to grow at the pace they showed for the past few weeks this will become a hell of a deal. (And if you're like me and need all videos of a certain model this is is also a great deal :)

What is nice though is that the site seems to know that it's not offering enough content so they give out a ton of nice bonuses. The Pink Visual network is pretty great (except for their streaming only policy) and if you hang around for 100 days or so you get around 20 bonus sites (of course a bunch are old and don't update anymore but Bang my teen ass, Nasty angels,18 pussy club, I shoot my girl are all nice sites with similar content. Sadly young libertines and casual teen sex don't seem to be available as part of this "stick around get bonus sites" deal)

Considering the bonuses offered, the limitations of almost all Russian porn sites (why the hell does everyone have to re-name models? ) and the bonuses this site offers the whole package is not bad, not great, but not as bad as many other sites out there. I still stand by my opinion that 21 sextury or Teencoreclub are miles ahead of this place, but if you're bored with those more mainstream places and love anal scenes this place is not bad.

Bottom-line: average, worth checking out if you're a huge fan and looking for new sites to join.
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Visit Mike Adriano

41. Mike Adriano (0)

rearadmiral (378) 10-05-11  03:59am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Fame Digital Network (but a different set of sites offered through other memberships
- 20 sites (see below for list)
- Wide variety of porn
- Access to some 90s Ďclassicsí
- Download options
- Streaming available
- Some HD available
- Updates
- Supports Free Download Manager (but not well)
Cons: - Network is updated with an additional scene regularly, not each site
- Problems with free Download Manager
- No zips for pics / screencaps
- Not a lot of HD
Bottom Line: This isnít just a rehash of the Devilís Film review I did a few months ago. Both this site and Devilís Film are part of the Fame Digital Network but they offer completely different sites. Joining this site gave me access to a total of 20 different sites, and since this site is small, consider this more a review of the entire network Ė remembering, of course, that Fame Digital seems to offer at least two networks. The same TBP discount is offered here, but I was emailed an offer I couldnít refuse ($5 for a month) so I joined because I really like some of the sites (and directors) offered here. The membership to this part of the network is smaller in number of sites and the sizes of those site, but it is still a good value at the TBP discount.

The site follows the exact same format as the other Fame Digital network. There are options to sort by DVD or scene, theme, series name, and you can search by star. I found this network to be less organized that the larger Fame Digital one in that even sorting by DVD there were some loose scenes thrown in that werenít associated with any title, though they clearly belonged to a DVD.

My preference (for better or worse) is for wmv format. There is a limit here in that HD isnít offered in wmv, but only in mp4. But HD isnít offered on everything and not even on all the new updates. For each option, there are multiple resolutions available depending on what file size you want. I downloaded the highest resolution wmv files and while they arenít HD, they arenít too bad. Resolutions vary slightly but most are offered in 720x480 at 2000+ kbps.

Like the other Fame Digital network, pics are available but theyíre only screcaps and they arenít zipped.

The network is updating, but as near as I can tell it updates only one scene for the entire network per day. That might not be great, but for the amount of material here it is a good value.

As with the last time I had a Fame Digital membership, Free Download Manager had problems. I donít know if the links timed out or what, but it wasnít worth it to line up a bunch of sites and walk away because FDM would hit a broken link and that would cascade down the list.

If you want more information on the technical bits please check my review of Devilís Film. The technical information is the same.

This network has the following sites: (please note that DVD numbers are approximate because sorting by DVD title still includes scenes not associated with a title)

1. Anal Acrobats: 275 scenes, 50 titles from Jay Sin.
2. Buttman: 500+ scenes from 100 titles from John Stagliano.
3. Christoph Clark Online: 560 scenes from100 titles
4. Christophís Big Natural Tits: 133 scenes from 24 titles
5. Cock Choking Sluts: 190 scenes from 32 titles by Jake Malone
6. Euro Angels: 480 scenes from 83 titles by Christopher Clarke (who appears to be the same as ĎChristoph Clarkí)
7. Gaping Angels: 317 scenes from 58 titles by Christoph Clark
8. I Love Black She-males: 51 scenes from 19 titles by Joey Silvera
9. Jake Malone: 234 scenes from 40 titles
10. Jay Sin XXX: 272 scenes from 50+ titles
11. Joey Silvera: 349 scenes from 54 titles
12. John Leslie: 324 scenes from 64 titles
13. Jonni Darko XXX: 429 scenes from 53 titles
14. Mike Adriano: 65 scenes from 11 titles
15. Milk Enema: 43 scenes from 10 titles
16. Nacho Vidal Hardcore: 126 scenes from 24 titles
17. POV Blowjobs: 271 scenes from 20 titles
18. She Plays with her Cock: 165 scenes from 15 titles
19. She-male Idol: 225 scenes from 36 titles
20. Strap Attackers: 84 scenes from 18 titles

As you can see, there is a lot of material here and there is also a wide variety. Thereís a good mix of American and Euro models and directors, and for those who like transsexuals there are a lot of scenes courtesy of Joey Silvera. Iíve never watched any of Silveraís TS movies, but I was a huge fan of his when he did straight porn so I can imagine his standards havenít changed.

I also found that the Buttman site had access to a fair number of Ďclassicsí from the 90s, which were great to see and be able to download.

I know a lot of this stuff wonít appeal to everyone, but while I donít download she-male material, for example, there was so much else here that I didnít feel that detracted from the value.

Iíd recommend this site if youíre looking to add some unique Evil Angel material to your collection.
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42. First Anal Quest (0)

joekramer08 (12) 09-25-11  09:40am
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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -As with a lot of these European sites, the best thing about this site are the gorgeous, young girls. Just about every girl on this site looks to be 18 or 19.

-A decent amount of scenes.

-Good anal action if you like anal.
Cons: -I don't like their camera work and filming style. I prefer the camera to always be zoomed out so I can see the girl's whole body and face in the frame...but a lot of the scenes on this site waste way too much time on closeups where the camera man will just focus on the girl's face or just her ass...I find myself thinking "ZOOM OUT! I WANT TO SEE HER BODY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!"

An example of good camera work can be found at tryteens.com - they're great at zooming out to show off the girl's whole body.

-not very frequent updates

-Simplistic, outdated site design. Not as easy to navigate as some others

-they use mostly one male actor. I belive he is known as "Timo Hardy" in the industry. There is sometimes another male actor who looks similar to him. Unfortunately, Timo Hardy often can't keep his dick hard, and he is in almost every scene - a shame.
Bottom Line: -I don't think I can recommend this site due to the bad camera angles (excessive closeups). They also have the annoying tendency of having the girl keep her clothes on for the entire scene, even further concealing her body. There are better teen sites out there that offer better camera angles (tryteens.com is a good one). Some people might not be as bothered by the camera angles as I was, but for me the first rule in porn should be "show off the girl's body" - and this network doesn't follow that rule very well. It's a shame their camera work isn't better - because they have some beautiful girls, but you rarely get a good view of their bodies due to the excessive closeup camera angles...it's such a waste when there is a girl with a great body, but they only show you a closeup of her ass.
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Visit Backdoor Lesbians

43. Backdoor Lesbians (0)

PornoPro (10) 09-13-11  06:18am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (2)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Crystal clear picture quality! A lot of attention to detail went into the sets the ladies were performing on, as well as their dress and makeup. Very stylishly done. I know that sounds strange, we look at adult entertainment for the nookie, right? But its nice to see such attention to detail in a WWW that seems full of grunge sites. This means a lot to me as a customer. It tells me the creators of the site and the photographers care about their quality work more than just making a fast buck. Its a little something called work integrity.

Galleries are easy to navigate through, though I wish the thumbnails were a little bigger in both the picture and movie galleries.

Movies are also of excellent quality, though I wish the movie galleries displayed more than just four microscopic thumbnails per page. Just be aware that you have to download a driver first before you can view the movies at your pleasure.

Downloading of ZIP files is also nice
Cons: Originally I was unable to get any of the movies to play after I downloaded them. Then I figured out you have to download a driver first. (Don't worry, its safe). But even then the movies would not play.

The next day I realized that after I downloaded and installed the driver, you should reboot your machine for the driver to work. (At least that was my case).

My only other con is the size of the thumbnail samples in the Photo and Movie galleries. They are literally the size of a postage stamp.
Bottom Line: Overall a very attractive site. Very impressed with picture quality, except for the thumbs. Sets that actresses played on are very clean and detail oriented. Models themselves are very clean and attractive and actually seem to enjoy their work.
Some may think the makeup is a little heavy on some of the models, but it reminded me of the classic old Color Climax of the 1970's. (Dating myself a bit there!)
Roughly 180 picture galleries with an average of 80 pictures per. A lot of these pictures are already floating around out on freebie sites, but most are not. Most definitely worth their 3-day trial at $7.95, and even the full month membership.
A quality site that has some issues, but worth a visit. And, well, who doesn't like watching sexy women anal-bop one another? :-)
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Visit Make Teen Gape

44. Make Teen Gape (0)

dracken (246) 08-27-11  06:18pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some very hot girls (Aspen, Logan, Libit) doing hardcore action, with somewhat more focus to anal sex, but each girl does oral and either a facial or an anal creampie (For some of the girls they actually do both which is kinda nice).
- 26 scenes (and no more updates by the look of it)
- Good lighting, make-up, overall they strike a good balance between the young aspect of the site and the sex (It's not Lollita, but it's not generic porn dvd #3 either).
- Hardcore action similar to the rest of the network, a lot of focus on the girl's face, some nice close-ups, pretty decent action overall. Nothing but praise for these hot girls who choose to get their but abused pretty roughly
Cons: -The site is not the best in the network by far. It doesn't even have the best models from the other sites (Some girls are nice but not when compared to the number of hotties on Assteenmouth or Girlsgotcream for example...)
-Limited amount of scenes and no future planned updates
-Some girls seem to not be able to take the anal action and halfway through the video they switch to vaginal sex. Which is perfectly fine if your site wasn't called Maketeengape and you weren't focused on anal sex.
-Some scenes look and feel like they were meant for other sites in the network, but for some reason ended up here (see the comment above with the girls switching to vaginal sex halfway through)
-Don't be mislead by the title, this site is nothing like gapeland or norestfortheass. No anal DP or huge toys here, in fact most of the gape is quite reasonable
-Technical issues with the site make this whole network not worth it (see my review of the teencoreclub network.
Bottom Line: I hate to beat a dead horse but the whole Teencoreclub network has serious technical issues. You can read more about it on the Teencoreclub network page. Speaking of which that is what you want to join. The membership to this site alone is not worth it. Trust me, get the more expensive teencoreclub membership and download the content from all their sites since it's all pretty similar.

Now don't get this the wrong way, the fact that most sites in the network have similar content is not bad, it simply means that you don't want just this site. You want it all. It also means that whoever runs the company is kinda sneaky and decided to create a new site instead of updating some older ones (looks much nicer to say you have 47+ websites...although you don't no matter how you slice it. You only get around 20 sites with only 4-5 of them updating constantly (Assteenmouth, Doubleteamedteen and Hardcore youth, maybe try teen too))

Is it false advertising? hell yeah, is the site crappy and hard to use? (no zipped images, only one option for downloading videos, no easy search feature etc.) hell yeah But is it worth it? I say yes, some other people might say no. The big question is what do you want from your porn. I prefer girls to look natural (little make-up) I don't care a lot about striping videos and can live without the interview before the scene. I want anal and deepthroat action, but don't want to see too much abuse or ridiculous gape. For me the network was worth it. However if you care more about how you navigate a site or streaming or very responsive customer support, then you should consider another teen network (xcoreclub, teenmagavideos, 21sextury firstanalquest, etc.)

Before I forget, I love the photos they take (cute girls smiling, more stripping, more close-ups etc.) But for some reason they have around 20-30 images of the same scene, just slightly changed. I actually went in and deleted every 3 and 5 image and made for a much better slideshow for myself, but still it feels like they are just dumping everything they shoot without caring about the end user. I guess that is their general motto: we have incredibly hot girls so suck it up and deal with our shitty service.
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Visit Anal Queen Alysa

45. Anal Queen Alysa (0)

RustyJ (145) 07-14-11  01:55pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (49), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very good quality 12 megapixel image photosets available in zips
-Video up to 1080p in multiple formats. 1080p in H.264 and wmv
-Good looking young mainly Russian models that are featured on other 21Sextury.com sites as well
-Excellent download speeds with dl managers, well working indexed search, fast site, no DRM or any such nonsense, good customer support at least via Porn Users
Cons: -New site with only little over dozen scenes available at the moment. Only 10 scenes are new material and the rest are older 21Sextury.com scenes associated with Alyssa Gap. There's five or so announced future updates listed
-Repetitive scenes. Same kind of action with the same toys, partially same girls and with the same kind of general feel
-Mostly girls on girls. There is quite much of that already in this network. The need is really for scenes with multiple girls with guys
-No real need for a new site with this kind of content. Alyssa Gap isn't exactly one of the biggest European stars and the content is quite similar to Let'sPlayLez (that has been quiet for a month) and Gapeland
Bottom Line: Yet another new site on 21Sextury.com network. For the old time subscribers with the old access covering both 21Sextury and 21Sextreme this brings the total sites number up to 50. This is one of the handful of actress specific sites but one not strictly limited to scenes featuring her. The name is Alysa Gap, I've never heard of her before but when I noticed she goes by the name Gapolexa in the very same network that is featuring her site, it rang some bells.

The action is 95% all girl sex with strapons, dildos and plugs. Also some strange fetishes like pushing balls out of ones ass (is this supposed to be simulated crapping?) are included which may or may not be good news to viewers. Scenes are shot in bedroom or living room so it's bed or sofa action with not much variation so far. Also the props used vary only little from scene to scene. After viewing the scenes available at the moment, you alredy know that red strapon quite well. Clothing varies somewhat but there is no common theme here like there is on Let'sPlayLez (stockings). Some stockings, sometimes only socks and so on.

Content reminds one strongly of another relatively new but at the moment non updating site Let'sPlayLez with the biggest difference being that this site is not strictly speaking a lesbian site but features also some men. However of the ten new scenes and the five upcoming ones, there is only one with any real intercourse. Some older scenes from other 21Sextury.com sites like AssholeFever and DPFanatics featuring Alysa are also included. When there already was The aforementioned Let'sPlayLez and Gapeland that is kind of like a site that it is a lesbian version of, one cannot help wondering little, why the new site again, especially since the main person here isn't probably one of the hottest names of the moment.

I hope we see this site living longer than some of the new sites they've added lately although it's too early to say if they have permantently stopped. Let'sPlayLez and DailySexDose have been quiet lately with no updates scheduled, Gapeland luckily started again with a very nice scene after a while of no updates. Otherwise things look quite good with the whole network. Price is still unbeatable, technical side functions well and updates are regular and numerous. Lately my biggest issue has by far been their lack of scenes with multiple women with one man but I guess that's just their style. No serious slipping to the softcore or girls on girls side like on some other networks. Ten (plus five upcoming) scenes isn't much but it's hopefully only a start and anyway a part of already huge collection.

The score reflects the quality of the current material and reasonable expectations of the future. If it keeps up with regular updates, it'll be worth more and I'll be happy to adjust the score.
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Visit Everything Butt

46. Everything Butt (0)

rearadmiral (378) 06-09-11  01:11pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 140 +/- scenes
- Usually some extreme ass play
- Some anal fisting
- Some enemas
- Very innovative
- Videos available in several formats and resolutions
- Pictures available
- Regular updates
- Good mix of solo, girl on girl(s) and girl(s) and guy(s)
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Seems to have lost some of its edge
- Not many Ďfreshí models
Bottom Line: While there are countless sites dedicated to anal sex, there arenít many dedicated to a wider appreciation of all things related to the female ass. This site is one of those rare ones, and without having seen many others Iíd be surprised if this wasnít the best of them. This site obviously isnít for everyone, but the same can be said for most of the sites under the Kink umbrella.

I last reviewed this site when it was fairly new and it has continued to grow. There are now approximately 140 scenes on the site, most of which are about an hour long. So even at full price, this is a great value. Even the oldest of the scenes (which only date back to 2009) are available in ways to suit all preferences. There is streaming (which I donít use and canít really speak to, though it looks good) and there are downloads. Downloads are available in mp4 HD, wmv HD, wmv SD and mp4 for portable devices. My experience is only with wmv HD which, while excellent quality, isnít as crisp as some other sites that offer HD. The resolution is 1280x720 with a bitrate of about 7500kbps. Photos are also available (1200x800) individually or as zips. Frequently the zips are broken down into themes so if you want all the photos there may be a couple of zips to get.

The scenes mostly have a common theme: extreme ass play. There is some variety in that there are solo scenes, all girl with two or more models, and some scenes with a mix of women and men. The latter arenít as common as the others. The scenes involve anal penetrations of toys and other large items. Fisting does occur, but it (sadly) isnít as common as one might hope for on such a site. Many of the earlier scenes involve a lot of enema play, but that seems to have mostly disappeared from the newer scenes. Since fisting and enemas arenít common, that was always a big selling point for me, so Iím disappointed to see it dialed back.

Another change Iíve noticed is that it isnít as edgy as it once was. This is highly subjective, but it seems to me that a lot of the newer scenes are more mainstream, if you can call any of this Ďmainstream.í The older scenes are amazing to watch, with a lot of enema action. Many of the newer scenes are styled more like an anal scene youíd expect from Evil Angel, for example. All the technical bits are the same, but the newer scenes just seem more tame. Many of the scenes have a BDSM undertone, and this could be a factor for a prospective subscriber.

There isnít a huge variety in models, which is a bit of a negative for me, but then again there probably arenít that many models willing to do scenes like this. The fetish models you might expect to see are here: Dana DeArmond, Amy Brooke, Bobbi Starr and Amber Rayne all make multiple appearances, and they always give 110%. But it would be nice to see some fresh faces more often.

This fetish isnít for everyone, but if you have an ass play interest this site will certainly satisfy you.
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Visit Everything Butt

47. Everything Butt (0)

asmith12 (124) 04-17-11  08:31am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +++ Some girls are really into anal sex
++ variety of anal-related actions
+ HD video quality (1280x720)
+ frequent updates
+ CCBill billing
Cons: -- locations are dull
- cameraguy work and lighting is just ok (not stellar)
- HD quality is not the best for 2011
- 29.99 is too high for a single site
Bottom Line: When I'm looking at EverythingButt, I simply cannot resist comparing to another site within the same niche, BigWetButts by Brazzers. As I was member of Brazzers more than a while ago, it won't be 100% fair comparison, but I hope it will still be relevant enough.

In my review of Brazzers network, I've said that they would get mark of 90 if they wouldn't cheat their customers. Kink.com and EverythingButt do not cheat, so they should get 90 if they're on par with BigWetButts.

First thing which becomes obvious when looking at EverythingButt videos, is that they're reusing the same SF Armory which is present in all Kink.com shoots. While I think SF armory is perfectly adequate to the BDSM niche (and most of Kink.com are indeed BDSM), I would like more bright setting at least for some of anal site scenes. Also cameraguy work on BigWetButts is stellar, but on EverythingButt it is just ok. Overall, BigWetButts IMHO wins here hands down.

Next thing is models. It is very difficult to find models who like anal, and both EverythingButt and BigWetButts have done tremendous job here. On EverythingButt my personal favorite is Amber Rayne, she likes anal a lot, and on BigWetButts there are several models who are obviously into anal (trio Flower-Harmony-Phoenix is my all-time favorite). I would say EverythingButt and BigWetButts have a tie in this department.

Action: I admit it is on wilder side with EverythingButt (analingus, A2M and so on are rampant), but for me it is a bit too much (on BigWetButts all of it is also present, but a bit milder which suits me personally a bit better). Still, trying to put aside my personal preferences, I'd say it is another tie.

Now to video quality. If not paying for HD on BigWetButts, a year ago you'd get pretty low 768x432 resolution, but it came in 2.3Mbit/s and was absolutely crisp at this resolution. On EverythingButt, it is formally HD (1280x720), but the best I could get for WMV from them, was 1.6Mbit/s which I don't think is enough for HD (it was not as crisp as it should). Overall, I'd also declare it a tie there (though for 2011 I'd expect higher quality, especially from market leader like Kink.com).

Next point to compare. Kink.com traditionally has pricing structure where you need to pay separately for each site (there are discounts, but they're just discounts), and price of 29.99 is IMHO way too high for a single site (Brazzers provide access to the whole network cheaper).

Bottom line: EverythingButt is definitely a well-worthy site for hardcore lovers of anal sex. Still, if not for Brazzers cheating their members, I'd like BigWetButts somewhat better. Hence, I've ranked EverythingButt at high (but not enormously high) 85.
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Visit Gaping Angels

48. Gaping Angels (0)

Wittyguy (105) 04-13-11  02:38pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (57), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ Good $3, 3 day full access trial through TBP
++ 17 site network
++ Exclusive Evil Angel content though some of it may be on other sites
+ No cross sales on signup
+ Some 720 sized HD vids
+ Fast download rates (about 1.5 mb/sec on a single download, about half that for 2-3 channels of simultaneous downloading)
+ Lots of anal and fetish vids for those into that
+ No DRM
+ A good number of recognizable porn stars
+ 100's of scenes / dvds spread across the network in a variety of niches
+ Several updates per week
Cons: -- Crappy search function and no cross site search
-- Photosets are worthless and no zip function
- HD streaming vids are pretty choppy even on my broadband connection
- A lot of sites have some overlapping content
- Video quality varies from great to crap
- Many scenes and DVDs lack model info and scene tags
- My computer crashed a few times during downloads (not if this is the site but this rarely happens to me)
- Limited number of HD movies on each site, older vids are pretty low in quality
- If you're from Canada, read the terms and conditions before signing up, it's sort of messed up for the up north folks.
- Some of the featured directors sites have actors and/or directors yammering on during the scenes.
Bottom Line: Other than the prospect of a cheap full access trial I don't know why I really signed up this site and I guess it shows in my score. For the uninitiated, this site is part of a 17 Evil Angel site network. Evil Angel tends to lean to the harder side of hardcore so don't expect much gentle solo softcore/midcore and story line material in the hardcore. Here's the bottom line:

PICS: In the network, most sites have only a handful of pics for their scenes. Most pics are just pose shots before the action. No zips. Good sized but only 30 to 40 pics per set. Quality and cropping varies. Skip this place if you want pics.

VIDS: All the sites have some 720p vids that download as MP4 files. All offer a high and low bitrate wmv download as an option. Most come in at 640x480 for the "high" quality content (non HD). All scenes have low and high level streams and the HD ones also offer HD stream but that was choppy even on my high speed connection. Fast download speeds but streaming took about 5 seconds to buffer on the "high" setting for me each time I jumped within a scene. Most quality is average while the majority of scenes are professionally shot with good lighting.

NAV: Navigation needs work. No model directory and no cross site search. Many sites have scene tags but many don't and not all are correct. No model info for many scenes so you're stuck if you want to find out who some hottie is. On each site you can search by movie title but the listings don't include all the movies on the site. Basically, lots of hunting and clicking to find what you want.

Overall, I can't really recommend joining unless you're a bit Evil Angel fan (in which case you've probably seen most of this stuff) or you're a collector looking to find specific porn stars. A lot of these sites have DVD series but even most of the series are just random or incomplete. This whole network feels a bit like an after thought, which it may well be in comparison to the official EvilAngel website (never joined that one so I don't know for sure). Videobox and similar sites offer a lot more content for the money once you get beyond the 3 day trial period.

Once you get beyond the known pornstars, the girls are fairly average looking and the production quality can vary quite a bit. I didn't find a lot that personally appealled to me and even with the crappy navigation / search, it only took me a few hours to scan over the offerings in the areas I was interested in. Average be this place so average be the score.
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Visit Fuck Ass Online

49. Fuck Ass Online (0)

Maines Own (6) 03-27-11  03:17am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (12), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some rarer anal-stuff of now better known models
Anyway, there are no "trashy" models here.
- Video quality is generally good.
- Straightforward video-dowmloading:
- Three different clip-qualities (High wmv = 700+M+; Med wmv = 400+MB; Flash)
- All shoots can also be downloaded and/or streamed in smaller clips.
- "Photo Gallery"-section with 100+ *screenshots* of the videos per shoot
- Fairly usable preview of site content before joining
- Videos can be sorted by date added and name of model
- Search machine allows search for model names
- User can select and access "favorites" (well, there are only 32 shoots, so wtf)
Cons: - only 32 shoots online, no apparent updates to be expected
- The site is essentially a mummy: The latest "news" displayed at the home page is dated June 2010 (and basically says nothing more than "nice to see you").
The last content update dates from November 2010.
Nothing can be found out whether there are future udates planned or scheduled (but I would not bet on it).
- The "bonus" section is ridiculous, listing exactly two photoshoots and videos of two different couples.
- No dedicated photo galleries. The "photos" are in fact more or less screenshots of the videos"
- No model directory
- Site renames some models which makes them hard to track down when better known from elsewhere
- No (!) affiliate websites within the subscription
Bottom Line: I can recommend this site for someone who finds a "must-have" shoot of a model he collects and could not get anywhere else. At least some of the shoots seem to be exclusive.

Since the content is VERY limited and there are no updates to be seen, this will probably be a one-month experience only.

At least the title of the site will not mislead you. It gives you what it says ... However, if you joined expecting a megasite, it's your own butt that's on the line.
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Visit Ass Teen Mouth

50. Ass Teen Mouth (0)

Jay G (67) 02-26-11  05:07am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 03-04-11  05:04am  (Update History)
Reason: Password problems diminished score a bit
Pros: 1. Well-lit good photography and high quality videos. The girls often are often looking straight at YOU, the viewer, with their beautiful eyes as they deep throat and get anal from the well-endowed young man who, to his great credit, says nothing and makes no noises as he fucks them. He is the tool, but the girls are fucking for YOU.

2. Many pretty young women in intense deep throat and anal scenes.

3, Now includes several excellent bonus sites which I had no trouble accessing this time. Two years ago the accessing of bonus sites was a troublesome issue.

4. At the end of each photo set in the members area is a large thumbnail from other sites the same model has worked on, so you can get more of a model you really like.
Cons: The password needs to be re-entered as you move to each bonus site (along with annoying random symbols like "aX2y4"). There are times when you are made to re-enter the password every few minutes even at the same site and there was a time where the password didn't work at all for 24 hours.
Bottom Line: Bottom Line: In the photos the big beautiful eyes of the girls are looking at YOU, the viewer. The well-lit and excellently photographed scenes of intense deep throat and anal are of superior quality and the site has greatly improved in technical quality since two years ago when I last reviewed it.

With the bonus sites this has become a bargain, and is one of the best deep throat and anal sites I've ever seen. If they can ever settle the technical password issues this would be near perfect.
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