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Visit Bikini Riot

1. Bikini Riot (0)

luv lickn clit (23) 05-28-13  04:46am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: --Lots of beautiful girls in and out of hot bikinis!
--Generally upscale locations for the photo/video shoots
--The video is 720p HD for the last approximately 4 years, and looks great!
--Photos and videos are explicit...nothing left to the imagination, and always have good close ups.
--Some very good masturbation vids can be found here, though not enough with just fingers for me.
--I had no problems with site navigation (it's fairly basic), and I got good download speeds.
--unique file names for both photo zip files and videos that do not require renaming.
Cons: --Way too many girls with fake boobs. Also too many with natural Ds for my taste.

--Update frequency is low (13 to 14 updates a month).

--Too many vibrators for me; I prefer to watch a girl masturbate with her fingers.

--Current photo resolution is 2000 pixels on the long dimension, which is a pity because they are very good. Older material is less than that.

--Almost all of the shoots are done at pools. I would love to see more done at nice beaches.
Bottom Line: I have always had a thing for hot girls in skimpy bikinis! For me this goes all the way back to junior high when a friend brought his dad's Sport's Illustrated swimsuit issue to school, back to my teenage days at the local pool, spring break craziness in college, and several ex-GFs and my ex-spouse who indulged my love of bikinis.

There are a number of bikini sites out there. I like skimpy bikinis, but not bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination, like the ones that are only strings. I checked out the free tours at several sites, and settled on Bikini Riot.

Right away there were several things that I really liked. First, no pre-checked cross sells when signing up, & they let you choose your username and password. Once into the site, it was easy to get around, and I quickly discovered the good file naming protocol: all zips and vids have a unique name that incorporates the model's name, usually some reference to her bikini, and the resolution (for videos)--no renaming necessary! Little things like this tell me that the site owners care about customer satisfaction.

There are approximately twice the number of videos as photos. Basically each photo shoot has a video shot simultaneously, and then they do a separate video with the girl in the same bikini. In the stand alone video, the girl plays in or around the pool for a little while, strips out of her bikini (sometimes a little too quickly), and then masturbates, usually with a vibrator. I would like to see a little more time with the girl in the bikini, maybe walking along the pool (front and rear views). The photos and videos always incorporate some good close up views--nothing left to the imagination here! Some of the videos of the photo shoot don't really add much, but at other times they provide an interesting behind the scenes perspective.

The videos have been exclusively 720p HD since 2010, and a majority from 2009 are also 720p. The videos look great, and whoever shoots them does a good job balancing whole body and close up shots. Another thing worth noting, the sound quality is excellent, and really gives the ambiance of being right there. Almost all of them are at pools, and they seem to always have some type of blow up plastic raft around.

The photos are very good quality...well focused and with good depth of field, and they use flash to reduce strong shadows (some of the videos do have objectionable shadows, since obviously they don't use flash when shooting a vid). The only downside to the photos is the resolution--only 2000 pixels on the long dimension. I would definitely like to see that between 3000 and 4000.

The models are mostly US girls, and as I noted above, there are way too many fake boobs for me (maybe as many as half). Most of the boob jobs were good as far as that goes (no bad scars, etc), but I strongly prefer natural girls. They also have a lot of girls with natural big boobs, so if you're a big boobs lover, you will really like this site. I would say that many of the models conform to what you would think of when you think about Los Angelos based porn stars--lots of big boobs and good bit of fake blonde hair too. From a facial beauty standpoint, they are all 8s, 9s, and 10s. Quite a few well known US porn stars can be found here. I found at least a dozen of my favorites, and for me, the numerous vids and photos of Carli Banks were almost worth the price of admission alone.

I counted 111 different models on the model page. Most girls have at least 3 or 4 videos and photoshoots. The update frequency is one of the more disappointing things at Bikini Riot...only 13 or 14 updates a month (an update is either a photo or video set). Their material is very good, but this is not enough to keep me around for the long term. I have been busy in the month that I've been there, so I'll probably check in every couple of years or so.

I had no problems with site navigation. They have pages for updates, models, photos, and videos. No search feature, but with only 111 girls, it's not too hard to find what you're looking for. Models use their most common name here-another little plus. I got good download speeds. Not sure if a download manager would work, as I don't use one.

There are two bonus sites, both of which are fairly small. Riot Girls has about 12 models and a total of about 75 sets. These are done indoors, and usually have the girl in lingerie at the beginning, and end with a masturbation scene. Euro Sinsations has about 40 models, most with only 1 video and photo set. There were some navigation issues with that site, and it could use a little work. Overall, the 2 bonus sites add some value, but the main site is really most of what you get.

Bottom Line: Some gorgeous girls in and out of hot bikinis! Great looking HD vids. Too many fake boobs, and a low update frequency were the main cons. Overall though, a high quality site, definitely worth checking out for a month
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Visit Bikini Riot

2. Bikini Riot (0)

james4096 (126) 09-20-09  07:56am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - They now have zips of the photosets.
- New videos are HD and look pretty good
- From what I can tell it's all exclusive
- Access to two bonus sites: Riot Girls and Euro Sinsations
- No DRM and no apparent download limit.
- Nice looking models, all well known girls.
- Download manager friendly.
Cons: - The photo resolution definately needs to improve
- Older videos(which is the majority) are not great quality.
- The settings and photography is a little repetitive.
- Annoying music during some scenes.
- Not many video format options
Bottom Line: Bikini Riot showcases beautiful models poolside stripping out of tiny bikini's. This is mainly a softcore nude modeling site, not one about sexual activities. You will find some masturbation in some scenes, often with a vibrator. There were a few girl/girl in here, but no M/F, but this isn't what the site is about. A lot of the photography focuses on the girls' asses and vaginas, but it's done pretty tastefully. Overall it was pretty hot. There are currently 233 photosets and 199 videos. Updates come once every three days and they usually alternate between a video and a photoset.

This may seem nitpicky but I found the shoots, particularly the new stuff, to be repetitive. They have a scene with the model laying out poolside then rubbing baby oil on herself. They have a scene of the model stripping by the pool and then getting into the pool. There's a scene of the girl on a raft in the pool laying on her stomach. There's another scene of the model stripping and then masturbating with a vibrator. Always by or in the pool, always doing the same things, it's that way for every girl. Luckily the girls are attractive so it's not that big of a deal. And yes they do need to dump the lame softcore music they play in many of the clips.

The newest pics are 1000x1500 and while that is an improvement from what they had during the two earlier reviews, there is still room for improvement. If you ask me, a nude photography site should have actual super hi-rez photos. It's less important for hardcore sites, but when the entire focus is on a beautiful girl's posing body we deserve top quality stills. Older photos vary in size between 682x1024 and 800x1200. Those who joined years ago should be happy to hear that they now have zip downloads for every set going back to the beginning.

The latest videos at the highest quality are 1280x720 3500kbps wmv's. They do look better than the older stuff. Much of the content is still 640x480 2100kbps, but they have now moved on the HD quality vids so any updates that are in the lower rez were just stuff they shot earlier and still haven't rolled out. You can also download a lower quality version of each scene or an ipod format. All videos are full scene downloads.

This site appears to have improved since Denner and Drooler first reviewed it. There's not a ton of content, but it's not a bad deal. I'd recommend this site to the fans of nude and skimpy bikini modeling. I need to stress that if you are looking for lots of masturbation you will not find it here. Check out the models they offer on the preview page and if you like join for one month.
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Visit Bikini Riot

3. Bikini Riot (0)

Denner (235) 09-12-07  06:14am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (77), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The most beautiful girls/women are gathered in this quite softcore site.
But not so softcore after all: Masturbation included for most models
Not crisp, but anyway good quality of videos - 640x480 wmv.
Ok price
Easy/good navigation
Cons: First of all: No zip - please change that!
Muzak-background for videos.
Not sure about updates
Bottom Line: First thanks to Drooler for getting my attention to this site.
I'm giving it a higher score than he is, here's my reasons:
1: Some great - and I repeat great - videos of Crissy Moran - I thought I've seen them all, but these are both sexy, cute and well performed by the faboulous woman. The muzak is not her fault.

2: There are generally some ekstremely fine women here doing videos at poolsites and typical other outdoor locations: Summer and sun and these girls getting rid of their bikinis is just great.

3: Not only Crissy Moran, but the US-answer to Eve Angel: Mindy Vega (no offense to the devoted Eve-fans here, but admid: there ARE SOME resemblance).

This site gives me a bit like when a kid eating different kinds of desert: Don't want to taste them all at once - or here the first day/week - saving some for a rainy day.
Well, yeah bottom line:
This is softcore with a special flavour that has no really resemblamce to sites like European Glamour Girls or 1ByDay/1ByNight - but has a thing of its own.
But get rid of that muzak-background, please...why can't we listen to Crissy moaning a bit? She moves her lips, but nothing comes out for the viewer. Guys at Bikini Riot: Please think about that.
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Visit Bikini Riot

4. Bikini Riot (0)

Drooler (220) 09-02-07  08:06am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (82), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Very hot & familiar women, usually posing by a pool, striping out of bikinis and getting into some nicely provocative poses
+Collection of 53 models with a total of 140 exclusive pic sets and approx. 15 non-exclusive sets (usually older stuff seen at MatrixNudes)
+95 videos of acceptable quality at 640x480 wmv; 480x360 wmv and iPod mp4 320x240 also available
+What’s New link gives all of the updates
+Attractive design and mostly easy navigation
+1200px images (the last two updates only)
Cons: -No zips
-Very slow w/updates: just 3 new pic sets and 3 new vids per month is typical
-Only most recent updates dated, on home page
-a few “Polaroid Scans” and BTS pics of lesser quality; those who run the site seem to think these are worth getting excited over
-Pic sizes vary: 42 sets top at 800 px, 96 at 1024, and to date, just two are at 1200px (I counted them pretty carefully)
-clicking on an update takes you to the model’s page, so you have to remember which one you clicked
Bottom Line: If you’ve got a thing for “American” girls, you may be especially pleased with the exclusive content here. The only girls here that I know of not from the U. S. of A are Jana Cova and Zdenka (Czech), Kellie Marie (Welsh), Monica Sweetheart (Hungarian), Crystal Klein and Sanja Matice (Austrian), and Martina Warren (English). Not that I would for a second recommend ignoring the obvious charms of the aforementioned beauties from across the big pond!

The best of the burger and fries group are, IMHO, Tiffany Brookes, Charlie Laine, Crissy Moran, Carli Banks, Rita G, Jamie Hammer, and Mindy Vega. I’d include more but their pics are too small and/or non-exclusive.

There’s a good emphasis on ASS here, which I find is a real plus! There was a time when the site had only 800px photos; then they upgraded many sets to 1024px. Will they do it again, to 1200? That would be nice, but they should just settle on 1600s, NOW, and get proactive for once.

It's also nice that the toys stay in dishwasher on this one. It's just softcore posing and showing plenty of pink, unaided.

Zip files and more frequent updates would also be a step forward. Granted this site has some things really going for it, but given its shortcomings and glacial progress, I can only rate it in the 70’s, as a “might recommend/enjoy at your own risk.”
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