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On avg, how long is your orgasm prior to your ejaculation?

Type: General

Submitted by jberryl69 (12)
Immediate Ejaculation 19% 6 Votes
On avg, less than 5 secs 19% 6 Votes
Up to a min. 13% 4 Votes
+ orgasms prior to ejaculation 6% 2 Votes
I am a Tantric Sex Master 3% 1 Votes
WTF are you talking about? 41% 13 Votes

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32 Votes Total

Feb 16, 2013

Poll Replies (29)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


RustyJ (145) Ummm? I guess this is some tantric sex we are talking about? I always thought them to be more or less at the same time.
02-16-13  12:14am

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lk2fireone (196) I vote for the trantric yoga moaster where life is one long orgasm. Open your third eye, people, and swallow everything in life as it comes rushing by, to savor each moment of bliss. Who needs ejaculation? That is for pussies.
02-16-13  01:22am

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Drooler (220) The longest was 5 min. 41 sec. Yes, I timed it, as I always do. Thank goodness there's an app for that.

But seriously, it depends, and the longer it is, the more "continual" it is, off and on, until it's cleanup time. That doesn't make me a tantric sex master, just a regular guy who has sex on the brain.

02-16-13  04:28am

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marcdc1 (174) Thank you Drooler for making me laugh. As always.
02-16-13  05:16am

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marcdc1 (174) REPLY TO #3 - Drooler :

Ah that explains the demise of black berry! No cum timing app! Lol. Brilliant analysis Drooler.
02-16-13  05:18am

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rearadmiral (388) TMI!! TMI!!!
02-16-13  05:24am

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Dracula (5) Orgasm and ejaculation occur at the same time. Maybe I've been missing something big here. You mean to tell me you can have an orgasm BEFORE ejaculating? How is this possible? I want what you have!
02-16-13  06:39am

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tangub (155) I'm afraid I fall in to the WTF you talking about category, I always thought it was one and the same thing.
02-16-13  07:59am

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otoh (54) Another WTF - call me old-fashioned, blinkered and unworldly but I always figured them - and experienced them to be - one and the same...
02-16-13  08:11am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) I think that when I first started masturbating at age 12 I experienced orgasm prior to the ejaculation, but being inexperienced I didn't embrace it for years - until the last couple of years.

I had a friend the 70's who talked about practicing Tantric sex, but I just thought of him as eccentric and weird.

But I have cum to find out the pleasure of having wave after wave of tingling orgasm, procrastinating the ejaculation as long as possible. It also dawn on me that this was what a woman experiences for her orgasm (though I'm not sure about a G-spot orgasm accompanied by her ejaculation).

So, as I have continued to experiment with this process, I wondered if others had the same experience and if they cultivated it. I also looked up a good web source that might help others with the WTF response.


The posted link is at the end of the article titled Multiple Orgasms for Men and I thought this page had the best explanation as a whole.

I also wanted to thank the editorial staff who took a chance on posting this question. While I know it isn't strictly about porn, it does occur during the watching of porn, so I thought it relevant.

Thanks for participating!!

02-16-13  09:02am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Sorry you feel that way. This is something my sister, who is a physician, would say to me (TMI). I think we, as a group of adults, in to porn and knowing we are all masturbating, wouldn't mind sharing their experience. And even though you think it is TMI, I would hope at least you will take a look at the link I posted.
02-16-13  09:06am

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luv lickn clit (23) ummmm, what?
02-16-13  10:28am

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Cybertoad (Disabled)



02-16-13  12:37pm

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littlejoe (23) only for a short period before i cum, but sometimes after for a few minutes i feel spectacular
02-16-13  01:09pm

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graymane (33) In youth, on into young adulthood, my masturbating habits were all consuming -- The frequency of which sometimes had me on an IV, replacing precious body fluids manufactured to keep up with the pace. ;=)
This continued, even though the church exhorted that hell awaited my soul, and word on the street was widely passed around that failing eyesight was the consequences of carnal excess, leaving me convinced blindness was right on my heels.

Nothing good was ever said about masturbation -- which had me always in a flux as to why anything that felt so good could be so bad.
I forged on, unabated, despite the dismal prospects of reckoning torment nipping at my heels for scumming to this scornful lust.

So far, those demons have yet to catch up with me, and this awful habit remains my "hand-held companion" on up to this day.

Insofar as answering the poll inquiry, without using my stop-watch, I can only speculate that the ejaculate appearers to disembark right on time following seconds of commencing orgasm.

At my current age, the sperm and sperm-etts have long retired. factory's closed and only a
faithful few remain at their workstation.
My sinfully active courtship with my jolly-molly could likely account for my ejaculate now-a-day's (not squirting) but weakly existing in the form of puffs of dust.

02-16-13  03:11pm

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Capn (28) For me it varies.

It really depends how stressed I am, I think.

Cap'n. :0/

02-16-13  04:12pm

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gaypornolover (38) Uh, not sure but I doubt it's ever been longer than a minute or so.
02-16-13  05:03pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #5 - marcdc1 :

"Ah that explains the demise of black berry! No cum timing app! Lol. Brilliant analysis Drooler."

That and those damn keypads are a lot harder to clean--I mean, that's at least what I've heard.

02-16-13  09:12pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #10 - jberryl69 :

That's an interesting link but I'm not totally sure about what it claims: "If properly conditioned, the PCs enable you to stop ejaculation while continuing to enjoy sex." Okay, no, you don't ejaculate, but you do orgasm? That's one of those things that might freak me out a little, like if I'm feeling something and I've always expected an accompanying action along with it. Seriously, wouldn't most guys think there might be something wrong?

And I would think in terms of your partner(s) there would be an expectation of multiple ejaculations when you say multiple orgasms, not having a less-than-hair trigger. Women love it (unless they really didn't want to have sex) when a guy can do either, but I'm not sure if they're totally concerned that you're having multiple orgasms before you finally take your shot, so to speak. Maybe it's just me, but having sex, even if it eventually only results in just 1 orgasm + 1 ejaculation, still feels pretty damn good.

02-16-13  09:25pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - turboshaft :

For some reason, I doubt that this "Orgasm vs Ejaculation" would occur unless you consciously developed it. Not that it couldn't as I mentioned when I was a youth starting off it occurred but for a very brief period of time (a sec or so). It's just something I vaguely remember. But until recently, I've always assumed the point was to ejaculate.

When my friend talked about Tantric Sex, there were no Internet resources (circa 1977) AND, like a lot of people here, I thought he was full of shit. The way he explained it I wondered WTF - why would one care to do that? I don't remember any explanation regarding the concept of orgasm.

If you were attempting to explore the concept further, either as an individual or with a partner, no one would be getting freaked out, inasmuch as you need to consciously apply certain techniques to make it work, so your fears of freaking out would not apply since the application of technique is the point.

Which, if anyone is following up on this thread, you can easily try - as you are approaching ejaculation, just relax your body - stop straining - maybe even stop stimulating yourself and try to delay the ejaculation ... you should get a brief moment of an extreme tingling sensation. The object would be to extend that feeling.

Which brings me to the subject of Kegel exercises. This technique was introduced to me, again in the late 70s, by an ex-roommate of mine who bet me she could get me off in 2 mins. Well she could!! It was like having sex with a vacuum pump she controlled. It was crazy good. Only once though since she was a married Mennonite in an open relationship and we lived in separate States.

Again, because of the lack of the Internet, I didn't think much about how this might apply to me only that it let her control the contractions of her vagina. A while back it came across my mind with respect to men and I found a site that does more in explaining the benefits and techniques as it applies to men - and I think it would go hand in hand with helping to allow orgasms but delay the ejaculation.

See http://www.askmen.com/dating/love_tip_60/67_love_tip.html Though this site is not talking about Tantric sex, I think it's a good resource for the idea.

02-17-13  07:06am

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skippy (52) Well.... think I get the question. Or maybe I'm interpreting it in a particular way. There is sometimes a distinct period of time between the orgasmic groan (or virtual groan if yours is silent) and actual ejaculation. The question is how long can one hold that sensation that causes the groan before shooting off? Well, for me, maybe a couple of seconds the first time. Longer, but less intense the second or third times, probably because there is not as much left to hold back....
02-17-13  10:44am

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Cybertoad (Disabled)

I feel a part of us dropped a notch reading this question.

02-17-13  12:06pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #11 - jberryl69 :

No offence meant... It's more a reflection of my Irish Catholic guilt than anything else.
02-17-13  12:50pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #23 - rearadmiral :

lol - I took no offense Rearadmiral. But I look at is a biological function we here at Porn Users participate in and since I have no fucking boundaries and was curious, I just had to ask the question.

Perhaps I should start a thread entitled "The Theory of Tantric Sex"

02-17-13  02:33pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #22 - Cybertoad :

I beg your pardon - a "notch" of what? :)
02-17-13  02:34pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #21 - skippy :

Mine is a physical tingling the progresses in waves up my body.
02-17-13  02:36pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #25 - jberryl69 :


02-17-13  06:25pm

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hodayathink (18) Okay, this was entertaining.
02-17-13  08:29pm

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Randyman (Disabled) Master the Aneros and you can have an hour long orgasm! And multiple ejaculations! I'm not bullshitting.
07-07-13  12:23pm

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