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exotics4me (463) 12-03-12  01:00pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A long-running site that is a good place to start as a porn collector.
- 1920x1080 on the videos over the last 3 years
- Pictures come zipped
- Weekly update could be considered a con
- They do continuously get amateur models in their first or at least close to their first shoots
- Good download speeds, around 90% of my max download speed.
Cons: - My biggest gripe is with the pictures. I never understood the purpose of having a "superpic" section where the webmaster decides to put 3000 high end and 4000 high end zips for his favorite sets. These are not that often and the vast majority of sets are only 1600 high end.
- Has been in a slow decline, could be because I've joined it once or twice a year, will further in BL.
- That one weekly update just isn't enough and will further this as well.
- No real reason to complain about it since they do separate the videos into parts based on the action, but it's becoming a con to me not to be able to download full scenes.
Bottom Line: FTV has had its really strong years. If you've never joined the site would score higher than I'm scoring it, but I just can't give it a higher score based on my most recent join.

I'll start by saying I had everything I wanted from the site up until March 2011's updates. I have always liked their style of photography and most of the videos as well and have kept those on an external. I probably wouldn't have rejoined if not for a promo that dropped the price nearly in half. Even then, as a returning member, I'm not for sure I feel like I got my money's worth. For this whole membership, I downloaded and will keep:
14 models, videos and pictures.
I'm sure the everyone has different tastes rule applies here, but only 14 models appealing to me out of 70-75 since my last membership just isn't good, at least not for me. In comparison, I have over 200 FTV models, so you can see how it has declined for me. I would normally find 30-40 per year I liked, this time it was 14 in 20 months.

It's possible it could be more than just the model's not appealing to me. The scenes, similar to how they have always been, have several videos for each model being more playful and acting silly than being nude. Maybe I'm just getting older and find those more irritating than cute? So you can decide on that one. If you like that style of porn you can disregard my negativity towards it.

The picture size is a no longer an excuse situation. Saying we're going to post 3000 or 4000 high end resolution photos on our (FTV) favorite sets and make the other 90% or higher only 1600 high end is unacceptable to me. You're catering to members not your own taste or maybe I'm wrong on that.

What this equals for me is a site that isn't appealing to me with as many models. Then you just get one update per week with a 1/5 chance I'm going to even like that model, only 4 updates per month, so my 1/5 chance isn't looking so good. A premium price if you join it without a promo, only to find out you only get the highest resolution photos for the sets they pick to do those high resolution ones on. Videos broken up into parts and the scroll like mad navigation, all of which are minor problems by themselves, but when added together make for a big problem. Something has to give. Either the price goes down or more updates or added or you give full scene downloads or you give 3000x4000 resolution pictures on all sets. Or be daring, give them all for the premium price and I won't bitch about the price.

Having said all this, I won't throw FTV completely under the bus, so to speak. They have their strengths. You will see pornstars you know of, but most of their sets were shot early in the model's career. You do get to see a different side of the models than on nearly all other sites. And when they do it, you get some of the best exhibitionism content available. If you've never joined it, I would give it one of my highest recommendations for a first time membership. You also will see some models you've never seen before and probably won't see them ever again. The video quality is as crystal clear in 1920x1080 as any 1080p porn videos I've seen. I think that just hurts the lower resolution photos since it's obvious they have the ability to shoot extremely high quality video. And the superpics section ends up becoming more of a poke from them to say, "we could be giving you these resolution photos on every set". May not be their intentions, but it sure seems that way.

I also don't care for the girl/girl content which has become more common. This just goes into a whole feeling of, there are lesbian sex sites out there that do it better. I didn't list this in cons though since it's no worse than having a pretty girl do cartwheels for 5 minutes. I do get the feeling and have had the feeling before that as a member, you're going to get content based on what the webmaster likes or has fetishes for and still feel that way. I would like to see more variation in the models too. There has never been a maximum age limit on the models and they used to shoot more mid to late 20s models. It now seems like a purely teen site in the newer updates.

As I'm leading to recommending it, there has to be some stipulations added here. If you've never been a member or have only been a member once or twice, it's still a definite join and recommendation. If you're like me and have the majority of the archive and are only missing the last year or so, look at the previews and decide if enough of the models would appeal to you. I should have, but I was shocked to find a promo through, I think Twistys, that I just jumped on the deal before checking out the newer updates. I'm running out of room, but will add a comment about what seems to be a slightly different version of their site, not for sure if it's a mobile version or if it's a new format since the promo I used sent me to it instead of the regular site.

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rearadmiral (388) Great review, exotics, as usual.

I joined this site in 2009 and was amazed at how great it was then. One of the things I really enjoyed about the site then was that they did so much public nudity. I know the site doesn't market itself as a public nudity site but they could have given the volume of it that they had. Apart from the public stuff I didn't download all the segments for each model as I'm just not that into solo stuff. I don't think I've rejoined since 2009 but maybe I'll head back and have a look.

Quick question: does the stuff posted after in 2010 and newer have much public nudity in it? Back in 2009 the webmaster wrote that the number of security cameras being used now was making public stuff a dying breed.


12-03-12  02:30pm

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slutty (111) Excellent review exotics, your sentiments perfectly express mine from the last time I was a member, although I hadn't realized they updated so infrequently. Even though you and I seem to tend to like different model figures, I also have not been impressed with their models lately (compared to the first time I joined where I feel like I downloaded like half of them).
12-03-12  08:50pm

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cjd2004 (0) I believe the infrequency of updates is due to the fact that the site is pretty much run by just one person.
12-04-12  02:07am

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oldfizzywig (8) This pretty much echos my thoughts on FTV. I had a membership about 2 years ago, and found some very nice videos, etc, but felt that there was just too much repetition of the scenes and I lost interest. It's too bad, because at first I was really enthusiastic about the site. Don't think I would spend the $ to "re-up" unless there was a significant discount. But it might be fun to take one more look, I will have to give it some thought.
12-04-12  11:46pm

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elephant (67) Yeah really good review and very fair. Its far from perfect but what I do love about this site is the gems you do find, some girls don't really interest me then you stumble on some stunner and really unique footage of her, I like the fact that you get to see more of a models personality here instead of endless masturbation which bores me, I love all the public stuff the most and their lesbian vids which a few are up there with the best lesbian movies ever made. I still love the Georgia and Faye in the shopping mall the best, Georgia is so hot and to see her flashing in public is an absolute joy.
12-09-12  07:17am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

I agree about the hidden gems. I remember when I downloaded one model, not realizing it was the eventual hardcore model Tiffany Taylor. Think her name was Celeste on FTV. My favorite model on FTV though has always been Melia or something like that, very old set, Hawaiian girl, who flashes while pumping gas and has her first squirt while masturbating. I don't think she has any other model work except the sets on there and the innocence of her squirting set really was impressive. She looks not only shocked when she does squirt, but almost embarrassed, maybe even a little scared. I gave up on their lesbian scenes. I like harder lesbian scenes like Viv Thomas and the Euro sites have. I do still remember Georgia's sets though. She is a longtime favorite.
12-10-12  02:59pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - rearadmiral :

I do think they are doing quite a bit of public stuff still. It maybe isn't as blatant, like the Paola Rey ones were, but it seems like nearly every model now has at least one outdoors/public video. They are going with a lot of more athletic ones with the athletic girls exercising in parks, flash here, flash there, some will just take their clothes off and keep exercising. Those really appealed to me, but a lot of times the model herself didn't. In your case, I would still recommend it. Seems like I remember you saying you didn't have Cayton Caley's "garage" set, if I lost that, I would rejoin just to get that one set. If you do, she is listed as Candice.
12-10-12  03:08pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - slutty :

A big part of my overall liking of a model comes from either pure confidence in herself or pure innocence. These newer models seem to have neither. I think they may be trying to cut back on costs by hiring the truest amateur models, right off of college campuses. Most of the girls are cute at least, but their personalities are poor once on camera. They set such a high standard in those earlier years and I do think that is the biggest problem they have now. If they were a new site, say just for the last 2 years, I would probably be talking about how daring and risky their sets are. Compared to their past work though, it seems like they are just going through the motions.
12-10-12  03:15pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - cjd2004 :

I'm not for sure on that one. But it's the point I was making. If he's going to just have one update per week, what does it hurt him to post the high superpics of every set instead of the 1600 high end ones? Would it really hurt his profits to offer past members a slightly lower price knowing he only updates once per week and there wouldn't be much new for them to download? As it is, I'm bumping it back to joining maybe once every two years. I do know the webmaster can be a jerk. If you haven't seen that look up how he talked about Eufrat and complained about her "poor English" knowing good and well when he hired her she wasn't a native English speaker. He went as far as leasing that set to other sites and went on a rant about how he would never hire another Euro model, seems like he called them "fake, plastic, robotic". His comments on Danni Yeager's sets were also bad. He blames the models when the sets don't go how he thinks they should go.
12-10-12  03:27pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - oldfizzywig :

I do think the site is more worthwhile than the vast majority of sites these days, but what you were seeing was the webmaster catering to his own fetishes. This is where the repetition comes in. He's not near as bad now about it though. I had never seen a promo from them until that one on another site. There are a lot of ifs with the site. If the navigation was better, it would probably be easier to find the sets that would interest us, but we're in a long, losing battle with stubborn webmasters on that part.
12-10-12  03:31pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

Thanks for the information. I think it is time that I add this site to my rotation list again. It is a great site.
12-10-12  03:50pm

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