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elephant (67) 11-23-12  05:30am
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Anyone else get a really basic version of this site when viewing

I've just clicked on the link and I just get a really basic view html view of the site and not how it should be properly displayed.

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Jay G (67) That's what I got too. Pretty sure it's something they did wrong (someone didn't do his homework)
11-23-12  06:34am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #1 - Jay G :

Yeah its a shame, this site used to be amazing, also when you click on updates on some of the sites on the network I was taken to join page, sounds like someone couldn't be bothered to even post the updates to the general public so you have to join to view.
11-23-12  06:44am

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pat362 (373) I more or less implied that the site was in danger in my recent review and this latest thing is not looking good for them. I think it's just a question of time for them. The people that used to produce the bulk of their content aren't doing so well so they have had to go elsewhere to get content and frankly elsewhere is really nowhere.

This is possibly just a glitch but then agin maybe not. I don't know if you noticed something that I did but the site's webmaster used to always post a comment in the reviews or reply to comments but he or she has not been heard from since early October.

11-23-12  03:43pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #3 - pat362 :

Yeah it is so sad isn't it Pat seems like only last Christmas I was a member here and the Diesel network and both sites were looking so good and I thought they would go from strength to strength but sadly both seem to of been hit hard, the diesel network maybe still bringing out new stuff but no network access no more so not really interested there anymore and then teenmegaworld cutting back so much and yeah the webmaster did post quite regular didn't he/she and sadly not seen for a while.

I hope thing return to normal next year and the site can come back from this.

11-23-12  03:59pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #4 - elephant :

I've been a repeat customer of TMW for a couple of years now and I even went so far as keep my membership active for more than one month
in the past but my last time was truly the last time I'll join this site. They were never known for their great preview section but you at least had the assurance that the content inside was top notch. That of course is no longer the case.

I wish I had joined Diesel when they were offerinr network access because there's no way I'm joining for 3 months to get it. At least not any time soon.

I don't want to be a dwoner but I don't think that 21sextury is doing all that much better than either of these networks. I've seen a serious drop in the quality of their content. Not the production aspect because that is always very good but the final product just doesn't look all that interesting and worse. It's often the same girl, doing the same thing with the same guy(s) but shot in a different location.

11-23-12  06:30pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #2 - elephant :

Well, updates take work and a lot of stuff on the net took work until someone got tired of working......a pretty common thing I find as I roam the net.
11-24-12  04:48am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

Yeah I was a recent member of 21 sextury and to be fair think I caught it just before it started to drop in updates and stuff and it was good for me when i was there. Read also on another forum that some are saying porn in Europe is coming to and end and soon won't be any being produced which is a major shock, weather it is true I don't know but there was a long thread about it and some famous porn producers were amongst the chat, A real shame indeed.
11-24-12  06:53am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #6 - Jay G :

Yeah they are not the only site it seems that is taken a major step backwards in porn production looks like most of the major sites are slowing to a halt.
11-24-12  06:54am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #7 - elephant :

I think Eastern European porn is in serious danger but there are many reason for that.

1-They were hit a lot harder by the syphilis outbreak than we were in North America or maybe they were more honest.(I tend to believe the later myself).
2-Russia no longer allowing the filming of porn has put a significant
strain on the number of new girls coming into the industry. Unlike North America that tends to have the same girls stick with porn longer. New girls are very important for the Euro porn industry.
3-Competitoon in Europe is a lot fiercer than here and therefore most girls simply can't make enough mney with just porn and most are turning to escorting whcih in turn means that they get less porn offeers because they are outside the Country doing escort tours or studios avoid hiring them because they are a too big a risk because of the fact that they sleep with way too many non-porn people.
4-The economy is bad here but awful over there so most companies that could barely make ends meet a few years ago are doing anything they can to retain the few people still willing to pay for the poor updates they offer.
5-Tube Sites..Tube Sites..Tube Sites. It's no secret that a large percentage of people are now getting their porn from these sites so it's no surprise that new porn is not getting made. Why would anyone bother making new porn if he knows it will be uploaded to a tube site within hours after he's released the scene?

11-24-12  10:07am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #9 - pat362 :

Yeah you are so right on all of them you listed Pat, the economy is terrible here in Europe and doesn't seem to be getting any better, here in the UK they say its improving but I see little signs of this, there is cutbacks everywhere, country is in such a mess, homeless on the street, hospitals shutting down left right and centre, no jobs. But we are no way the worse hit.

Yeah tube sites, I don't really get them as the quality is so low and heard they have viruses and stuff. I get the fact they are free people will be interested what I don't get is why they are not shut down, how is it legal to put these movies up. A lot of the file sharing sites were closed down why are these not.

11-25-12  02:23am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #10 - elephant :

Living in Canada makes it hard to appreciate just how bad it really is everywhere else in the World. I like to keep informed on Worldly news so I have a better idea than your average Canadian so I know that most of Europe is in serious trouble. Too many Countries had their fingers in the US pie and didn't look far enough to see that the US was playing a very dabngerous game. Sadly other Countries simply can't manage their affairs and the level of corruption is so high and so wide spread that I can't see how they will be able to fix it.

It's true that the quality of Tube Site content is not very good but it's free so people don't complain too much. At least those that do don't have any actual moral grounds to complain but all these freeloaders still complain. You have to either have gigantic balls of steel or be delusional to argue that the content you are stealing is so bad that you didn't want to pay for it.

11-25-12  09:18am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #11 - pat362 :

How Canada doing then, are you ok with the global recession or did you suffer much.

Yeah some countries in Europe have ended up in a right mess, I don't understand the ins and outs of politics, just know that getting into the euro currency did something to cause it, thankfully in the Uk we didn't convert to it but yeah had lots of other factors and was a global downturn.

It will take decades for some of these countries to climb out, I heard even France now is really feeling the pinch.

I hope lots of lessons have been learnt.

Tube sites suck for sure, much better to support sites and get the high resolution scenes and if these sites didn't exist there would be cheaper prices and more porn being made and get to how porn used to be in its hey day. Well I can dream it will return even if it is doubtful.

11-25-12  09:42am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #12 - elephant :

We can thank one of our past Canadian Government for their policies in regards to our banks and financial institutes whereby they were not allowed to trade on some dubious stocks or futurs and were not given free rein to monitor themselves. That's why Canada wasn't directly hit by the World recession but was instead hurt by the colateral damage done to all the Countries we do business with. The US is our biggest trading partner so when they go in a Recession then we see a slowdown in our exports and that is not good for us.

I hope you are right about lessons being learned because I truly believe that they haven't learned anything. When greed is your God then anything to aquire wealth is acceptable. Look at the US who suffered one of their worst recession in the last 100 years and see all the bonuses the companies responsible for that recession gave themselves once they saw a little bit of profit. Now that takes balls.

11-25-12  10:57am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #12 - elephant :

Hey elephant. I thought you might get a kick out of this article.


11-26-12  06:14pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #14 - pat362 :

Cool thanks for the link mate, yeah we do need the help lol, so hope he can sort out some of our banking crisis.
11-27-12  08:10am

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