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exotics4me (463) 09-14-12  04:41pm
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Met Art going hardcore, kind of, maybe.
- As would be expected, the pictures are excellent quality, but there are some sets with excessive blur, also happens on Met sometimes.
- The videos are romantic takes on sex. Not for sure if I should have put that in the cons or pros. Will further in BL.
- The models are all attractive and especially so if you like the slimmer build models.
- Very good DL speeds.
- Original themed series scenes.
- Navigation is good, but I'm going to guess it's just because the site isn't that big yet. I expect this navigation will be a real pain in the ass in a few years.
- Videos and picture sets combined have at least 1 update per day on average.
Cons: - Careful what you wish for. Normal sex doesn't always translate into erotic.
- I honestly have trouble keeping up with, figuring out the different series'. Will further this too in BL.
- 2 months as a member and I will be keeping 4 videos and all of the photo sets. Pretty much the same pattern I have on Met-Art.
- Model variety would be a major plus. Pretty, white and slim is good, but it sure gets repetitive.
- Passion is "eh" believable.
Bottom Line: I was one of the ones with very high expectations on this site and was lucky enough to get the first promo they sent out which gave 2 months access for $19.95. I don't feel ripped off at all, but as my previous comment said, I don't get it.

It's probably the last thing Met-Art wants to hear, but I prefer the photos to videos on Sex Art. I'm going to try and break the site down into sections so it's clear.

They have your basic video scenes. Just like Met, they give each scene a name so this can be a bit confusing when you add in the scenes that make up a series.
There are 60 of these as of 9/14/2012. The types of scenes:
Boy/girl: 18
Girl/girl or all girl: 23
The rest are solo.
My first problem. As you can see, the boy/girl group is the smallest of the three. When I hear hardcore, I still consider it boy/girl. Second problem, some of this goes into a realm of artsy that I couldn't imagine being interested in. The two examples off the top of my head, a man and woman full body-painted like tigers, having sex in a jungle themed room. One with the women in "chrome" from head to toe. You lost me at nude sex covered with paint and chrome.

Second group of scenes are in the series "Girls Love Sex". And just to keep it under some theme, there are 20 scenes in each season. Yep seasons. Like a television show. They have finished season 1 and 2, but season 3 hasn't started. So there are 40 scenes here. Now don't expect these to be much about sex. It's different models talking, some teasing and very light masturbation. Most of these scenes are less than 5 minutes.
Problem here? Watched 10 and swore to never download one again. These remind me more of Behind the Scenes sets on other sites, just repackaged as it might be porn.
Should be noted, August season is listed as "coming soon August". It's mid-September and there's nothing new.

Third group is Kamikaze Love, which is a full movie or a continuous series, hell I don't know, but I do know it says "New episodes every week" but there hasn't been a new scene added in this section since July.
This is a problem to me because I've got two sections of scenes that aren't updating, so I don't know if they just tanked the ideas or what. Either way the Girls Love Sex and Kamikaze Love are both disappointing to me.

So back to the main section of scenes. These scenes are okay. If you like the softer hardcore, you might be into these, but it's all a little too lovey dovey for my taste in porn. I'm all for passion and cutting back on the abusive scenes, but most of this just jumped to the opposite pole of the abusive porn.

The pictures, just like with Met-Art, are the best part. You get three sizes of zips to choose from. I'm basing these numbers off the newest photo set added, 1024x683 (small) 2048x1365 (medium) and 5616x3714 (large).

The videos are HD with decent bitrate and are relatively short in duration, so the files at least aren't huge. The ones I have watched are nice and clear.

It just seems to be trying to be too many different things. Like the old saying, jack of all trades, master of none. I thought for sure there was going to be something kinky in the Girls Love Sex series since some of the titles go into bondage subjects, but it was just the model talking about bondage.

I was expecting something groundbreaking, but I hate saying this, two women or three women being passionate with each other isn't new. The top Euro sites (21Sextury, DDF, Viv Thomas, Sapphic Erotica) have been filming passionate girl/girl scenes and solo scenes for years. This leaves Sex Art with less than 20 of the more rare, but not unheard of passionate boy/girl scenes. These scenes make up 1/5 of their current total videos. Is it possible that Met overhyped this site and built too high of expectations? Sure.

I have 4 close female friends, who are open to porn, but they say they despise the very hardcore scenes on many sites. After watching a few of the scenes from Sex Art, they all, not one, but all four said something to the effect of "It's too soft". I was just making sure I wasn't being a pig. A few of the scenes are really good.

I have no idea why the solo scenes are on here. The models on here aren't noted as top solo models, though Malena Morgan does a good job in her scenes. I don't know, maybe they should consider older female models? I don't remember 18-22 year old girls being very sensual. I also think they could work on the male talent. The most recent male is so effeminate, I had to look at the pictures to make sure it wasn't another girl/girl scene. You're not reinventing the wheel by having obviously sensitive, passionate people have sensitive, passionate sex.

I'll try it again in a year or two and give the 80 as a benefit of the doubt since it's Met, but also notice the numbers, the amount of no longer updating sections and decide if the photos and small amount of boy/girl scenes are enough to warrant a subscription.

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TheSquirrel (53) Great review. Thanks for taking the time to explain clearly what this place is about. I have been considering joining this kind of site for a while. Now I hsve to decide which one.
09-14-12  07:31pm

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Goldfish (67) After reading your review and looking at the "about" section on the SexArt home page I'm surprised TBP categorized this site under the hardcore category. I agree that the # of boy/girl videos is a big indicator if a site is "hardcore" or not. SexArt also sells the site as catering to women, which really isn't emphasized in the TBP description or review.

Thanks for the helpful review. I would have taken this site to be something different than it is without it! (Though the cheesy preview movie may have deterred me as well.)

09-15-12  06:17am

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elephant (67) Yeah great review you have done here and I've not yet been a member and don't think I will to be honest, it does look at tad too waterered down hardcore for my taste. I didn't think I'd like X-art but loved it in the end but seeing some of the previews here, it just looks a bit too arty for my tastes. I may join if it gets more steamier,I guess it is still a relatively new site.

Intresting to hear all 4 of your female friends said it looked too soft, I guess if you wanna be hardcore you have to put in some raw passion.

09-16-12  12:37am

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otoh (54) Thanks for a great review. I'm a recent convert to this genre, but this has helped me priotitise this site a bit; much as I like creative photography and camerawork, it sounds like they've erred on the arty side a bit much here. Much as I enjoyed X Art, I'm a bit suspicious of any sites with Art in the name; it's good to add aesthetic value, but we're still here for porn!

Oh, and I'm glad it's not just me that recognises that, although beautiful, most of the 18-22 year old models need just a few more years before being genuinely sensual...

09-16-12  04:17pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - otoh :

It's kind of funny. I always wanted this genre and thought Viv Thomas Videos was the closest to pulling it off on a regular basis, but two months of Sex Art, has made me reconsider if I would really want this type of porn on a regular basis. I still haven't tried X-Art, but a lot of that is based more on me not seeing enough models that interest me on their site since it does look like they have a style I would like. The other problem with the niche is probably one that porn always has. Once one site does a niche well, you get dozens more trying to mimic it and you either get tired of it or the sites go overboard with the niche.

I have always found those 18-22 aged models cute, pretty, but it's just so rare to find any of them who make me believe they could get guys to have sex with them with anything beyond just their looks. Which is also why I thought Viv Thomas pulled this niche off well. Most of his models are mid to late 20s Euro models, but even with his site, I haven't been on it in a few years.

10-08-12  01:54pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - elephant :

I guess I will have to eventually try X-Art out. I wish they would get a few more ethnic or exotic models. And watered down was my feeling exactly with Sex Art. There were a few scenes that showed potential. One is a threesome with Malena Morgan, she masturbates while watching a guy/girl have sex then gets involved right near the end. There was maybe a little feeling of domination from that scene since the girl with the guy was trying to keep his attention on her, but he kept looking at Malena. Another that has Riley Reid in it is very good.

I still think most men would be shocked if they knew open women. The 4 women all work in the psychology field and discuss nearly everything openly. I sometimes think they're bigger pervs than the men I know.

10-08-12  02:03pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - TheSquirrel :

If Porn Pros sticks to this niche on a couple of their sites, I would recommend it since they are coming from the typical hardcore, even sometimes extreme hardcore genre, but there's no telling with them since they just kind of sprung the softer hardcore on members with no warning. I'm guessing they will stop shooting it without warning too or start a separate site that requires a separate membership to access.

I've heard the most good about X-Art, but as I've told the others, their models hold them back for me since I still don't care for the tiny, slim models as my only option.

10-08-12  02:09pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - Goldfish :

Maybe the review did some good. Right after my membership ran out and I posted this review, six of their next eight scenes were boy/girl. With the other two being girl/girl. So maybe there is still hope for them delivering on a more hardcore site. On the other hand, one of those new ones has the female model covered in "stone" like a classic art statue. Those overly artsy sets alone push me away. I haven't even liked most bodypaint sets in the past. And the scenes give you a feeling you're supposed to watch from beginning to end, but I didn't find much story in them to keep me that interested.
10-08-12  02:17pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #6 - exotics4me :

Yeah some of the scenes on x-art are a little too soft too, its a little annoying when the scene doesn't quite play out how you'd of hoped. I've often seen a scene when you are left thinking why oh why did they tell her to just site there or she never got naked or something. Yeah Riley Reid is gorgeous so sounds good.

Oh for sure women are very detailed when they talk about their sex lifes to their friends, they leave nothing untold.

10-09-12  12:51am

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Abel Semen (3) Regarding what you said about Kamikaze Love, that had a finite amount of story and they got to the end. They didn't give up on the idea or anything, in fact the whole thing was finished or at least in post by the time the site went live.

I don't know why they call it "season 1", though. There isn't much room for a sequel, nor do I get the impression there would be much interest in one.

I didn't care for KL anyway and it's just as well it's over and not crowding the already somewhat limited update schedule.

11-14-12  03:25am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #10 - Abel Semen :

I would still question the advertising of it on the site.

Not only distinguishing it as season 1, but on the last one in the list it still says updates weekly.

The good thing, it at least looks like they are now releasing more b/g sets. I think you know by my review that I am glad KL is over and won't be seeing a sequel. If I was to say, I would guess they got ahead of themselves with the excitement of the new site and tried to do too much. If it was just about anyone besides Met-Art, I would have scored the site lower since I wouldn't expect most sites to be able to refocus, but it does look like Met is doing so now.

11-14-12  12:56pm

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Abel Semen (3) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

I haven't been a member for months despite my own glowing review below (a combination of protracted unemployment and slowly losing interest in SexArt's stuff despite a very good first impression), but I don't see many b/g sets still. Videos, yes - seven in a row and something like fifteen of the last twenty at this writing, which is closer to, maybe even out the other side of, the ratio I was hoping for - but from a quick look I'd say the ratio of b/g material in the photo sets has actually gone DOWN since my review, it seems to be well under 5%. Which is a pity, especially given the existence of The Life Erotic - if I want masturbation and lesbian material in a style similar to Met-Art, I'll just go there.

I'd be interested in another original movie somewhat like Kamikaze Love if it were (a) hardcore, and (b) less dark. Most of the rest of the site is about the ENJOYMENT of sex, KL... wasn't.

11-14-12  02:07pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #12 - Abel Semen :

As I had joked about with others on here. I'm not for sure I like paying for the enjoyment of sex. I'm mainly saying, what I saw on the site isn't any different than the sex I have in life. I still think they will succeed with the site in the long run. On the boy/girl ones, my main complaint was on videos. I prefer the female only photosets.

As Pink Panther mentioned, Evil Angel has an original movie/series that would cover more what you're looking for. I enjoyed it and it may have even hurt my view of Kamikaze Love.

11-19-12  02:48pm

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