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ATK Natural & Hairy (1)

Claypaws (44) 05-27-12  07:41am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (21), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -1530 silicone-free, hairy pussy models, 19300 photo sets, 4900 videos.
-Committed, engaged, involved, enthusiastic, confident, joyful models.
-10 softcore photo sets per model per photographer per shoot. 100% exclusive.
-Photosets in three resolutions: 1024, 1500-1600, 3000. (Not all on older sets).
-Updates: 8 photosets (80-250pics each) and 3 (ave 15min each) videos daily.
-Model's photosets uploaded just a week apart.
-Full and custom zips for all sets and sizes.
-Videos several formats, inc "HD mp4" (1280x720 @ 6Mbps ) and streaming.
-Good model directory and search facility.
-Opt-in for newsletter and promos.
-Set preferences for viewing sizes etc.
-Works well with Firefox and DownThemAll. Tested OK with FDM and Getright.
-Download links stay current for several hours.
-Webmaster responds very fast to emails.
Cons: -Links time out after a few hours (Karups' last for membership duration).
-Some photographers produce technically flawed colour (but most are good).
-Videos at 1280x720 6mbps possibly not high enough for video-philes but I am no judge of video.
-Very old photosets (say older than 6 years) moved off to ATK Archives (separate site); I wish they would leave it all here as some of it was excellent, judging by content I downloaded 5 to 10 years ago and still retain.
-Lower proportion of attractive models than ATK Galleria (but some OMG hotties).
-Pages can be very slow to load, but zip download speeds are good.
-Some old videos may count multiparts towards the 4900. If 3000 complete videos would not be enough, do not join! And maybe only half of those are as high as 1280x720. Again, if you need more than 1500 of them, stay clear. Figures are indicative. I have not downloaded 4900 videos to check the sizes.
Bottom Line: ATK Hairy (ATKH) is the largest and most complete site in the niche of women with natural breasts and hairy pussies. But there is little competition in this niche. We Are Hairy (WAH) is the only serious contender, though some other sites include some hairy models.

ATKH's women cover a large age range from 18 to 50s. Most are Caucasian girl-next-door types in the 18-35 range. They have hairy pussies and natural tits. There is no silicone here at all. ATKH does not claim that all, most or even any of its models have hairy legs, hairy armpits or any other body hair, though some have. The site does not appear to be much, if at all, influenced by the very vociferous group of members on the ATKH forums who demand hair everywhere. Bear in mind that modern girls in real life increasingly have tattoos or piercings. You see this in shops and offices everywhere. Do not expect ATKH to exclude them. Even MET has them. Sites do not beget their models nor control them.

Amongst the many tens of sites I have ever joined, including WAH, Nubiles, DDF, MET, Diesel and others, I have never found one where I like more than 10% of the models. ATKH is no exception; I leave 95% of their content behind.

I greatly enjoy the style of the photography at ATKH. Much of that is due to the content from one photographer, Sean R. He has 282 models on ATKH. You either love or hate his work. I absolutely love it. It has a raunchiness that no other photographer on any site, hairy or not, has ever achieved, in my opinion. His girls have the filthiest facial expressions imaginable and they clearly have huge fun on his shoots. His shoots are very repetitive within each set but many viewers do not realise that he is almost unique in varying his plane of focus. You may get 15 consecutive shots that look very similar but they will have different focus. And many have enough DOF to have all in focus. He uses a lot of makeup, which I like, and it is very tarty and slutty, as are the costumes his girls wear and I love all that. Sean R does not photograph with toys and many of his models do not do video. Some use a toy in video.

I also love the work of Riley Williams who has 87 models represented here. His style is classy, with much less makeup than Sean R but sharp, beautifully lit, perfectly colour balanced and capturing the whole personality of his models, who clearly enjoy working with him. BMB is another photographer producing quality results with 88 models here.

I cannot list all of ATKH's over 100 photographers, shooting models from US, UK, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere. Most, if not all, produce work which is hotter, more raunchy, in a softcore photo niche, than anything I have seen elsewhere. Models here are involved, committed, engaged, passionate, joyful and have a lot of fun. The much smaller WAH tends to have a softer style, with a greater proportion of photo sets involving little or no makeup. But ATKH includes plenty of sets in that style too.

In ATKH's 10 softcore photo sets per model per photographer per shoot, there will be usually no more than two or three with toys. If there is any bg hardcore, it is in addition to the 10 softcore sets. But it is not really a hardcore site. There are 340 hardcore videos, 560 hardcore photosets and even less gg. This could be more than some dedicated hardcore sites though. As I am not interested in bg, gg or video, it is hard for me to evaluate the quality of that content.

A model's photo sets are added about a week apart but videos are less predictable and not all models do them.

Older sets might be only in 1024 and 1600 or only 1024. But I find the photos tend to have more detail and clarity than many of the 5000 pixel offerings from sites such as MET. The photosets here are in a completely different style. They are shot in normal rooms with normal furniture. There is some outdoor stuff but (mercifully!) not much. Photos are usually well lit. Most are properly colour balanced but there are a lot of exceptions and some photographers consistently produce poor colour that does not match the technical perfection which Riley Williams and Sean R deliver on each and every photo shoot. ATKH photos are not works of art and are not meant to be. They are overtly sexual and mainly highly pornographic within the context of softcore.

Most if not all sets start fully clothed and include extremely explicit open leg shots with pussy spreads and great detail.

I thoroughly recommend this site to lovers of natural girl-next-door women, with hairy pussies and no silicone, in good quality, very explicit softcore solo photo-sets in domestic, non-glam and mainly indoor locations. If your primary interest is video, take 5 points off my score. If it is hardcore, deduct a further 10 points. ATKH has a harder, edgier softcore style than WeAreHairy but I recommend joining both. I have been re-joining ATKH regularly for 10 years. "member < 1 month" applies just to current join.
See "reply #17" re DLMs.

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Review Replies (18)

Replies to the user review above.

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messmer (137) Great review, Claypaws! I am happy to see that they (according to what I read into your remarks) are starting to steer away from an over abundance of hairy leg, arm, butt sets and concentrate on what they used to do best, showing beautiful, natural models who retained their pubic hair.

This was one of my favorite sites for many years. Maybe, if the almost daily addition of "extreme" hair has been reduced, I shall subscribe again. It really did look as if they were happily going the other way and became a true fetish site for me.

05-27-12  10:25am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Thank you Messmer. It is a real exercise in self discipline to write a balanced review.

Within the comments on models and photo sets posted by ATKH members, there are probably as many complaining about hair everywhere as there are complaining that models are not hairy enough. The site owners themselves have commented that they neither require hair everywhere nor object when a model has it. I think the result is that there is a reasonable balance to suit the tastes of all but the most abusive members, who demand that all models should meet their own uncompromising wishes. I have posted myself too, saying that the site only requires hairy pussies and natural tits (as I put in my review) but that I am happy for a model to exercise her right to shave or not wherever else she wants and still be fine for the site.

I know you like Sean R more than hate him. I am not sure if you were a member when Angel, Shanice and Lucie were uploaded. You certainly were not when the more recent Isabella appeared. Those four are so hot I seriously thought I might die of a heart attack looking at them! None of them has hair everywhere. You also might like Crystal, a recent model from Dmitry K. She is a classic beauty with hair only in the pubic region, no tattoos and no piercings, increasingly rare in young women. And Angela W is becoming something of a specialist in shooting natural women with little makeup.

Sean R is still my favourite though I like no greater proportion of his models than the site as a whole. But I am afraid his best ones will kill me.

I never do download updates. I want complete 10 set series only. There are four of Sean's models in progress that I like at the moment. They will not complete during my current month. I will not download any of their content now but I will rejoin after three months and get them then. I think it is easy to get a jaded view when you concentrate on daily updates since you can get put off by the models you dislike. If you come back after a while away, you can seek out the hotties (according to your own taste) and ignore the rest. Well, that is what I do anyway.

05-27-12  04:40pm

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TheSquirrel (53) Another tremendous informative review Claypaws. I hope you stay with PU and become a regular contributor.
05-27-12  05:42pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - Claypaws :

Thanks for the detailed reply, I really enjoyed reading it, Claypaws! I am always astounded how people go about collecting in such a different manner from the one I am used to. To me the model has always been secondary to what she was wearing, actually I shouldn't say that, she is very important but she should also be dressed in something alluring.

I really dislike the practical turn most photo shoots have taken with everyday clothing like Jeans or Jean skirts and tops and not much underneath becoming the norm.

I was a member only recently and looked at update after update and after my initial elimination of "extreme" hair there was never anything left that appealed to me because of that factor.

I actually ended up downloading videos rather than photo sets eventually, if the model was pretty, that way I didn't have to look at nude studies for three, four pages.

Yes, you are right, I like Sean R. more than I dislike him, even though I don't like the heavy make-up he puts on some of his models, but I always liked him for letting his models keep their panties on for longer than one page! I love crotch shots with panties still on! :-)

Your way of collecting gives me a greater understanding as to why so many people gave high ratings to sets I found quite frankly bland. I always suspected that they voted for the model more than for the set and you confirmed this. Which is fine, of course .. I simply did not take other folks' tastes into consideration when I did my complaining, which no doubt might have made me a too subjective in my reviews..

I do have my favorite models, Isabella being one of them, but if she did not sport enticing, erotic lingerie I tended to leave her latest set on the site.

You are lucky, you will never be caught by surprise by changing tastes in clothes and lingerie because a beautiful woman will always remain beautiful if it is SHE you are collecting!

Nice chatting with you, Claypaws.

05-27-12  06:44pm

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gaypornolover (38) Superb review, welcome to the site!
05-27-12  06:53pm

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Capn (28) Very nicely done, my friend.

I do hope you will be a regular contributor.

Cap'n. :0)

05-28-12  01:02am

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BadMrFrosty (56) Great and detailed review. Keep em coming!
05-28-12  01:23am

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mbaya (366) Great review that I really enjoyed reading. One of the best ever by a newbie. I hope to see more reviews form you.
05-28-12  11:29am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #3 - TheSquirrel :

Thank you, TheSquirrel. It is so helpful at this stage to have the feedback that I seem to be on track. I intend to stay and write more reviews.
05-28-12  04:03pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #5 - gaypornolover :

Thank you, gaypornlover.
05-28-12  04:05pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #6 - Capn :

Thank you too, my friend. I hope I am not breaking PU etiquette by thanking individual comments but I think it is important to recognise feedback.
05-28-12  04:08pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #7 - BadMrFrosty :

Thank you BadMrFrosty. One of the hardest things for me was pruning my initial 8000 charas of bottom line down to 5000! I intend to review ATK Premium in the near future as I am currently a member of that too. I also plan to rejoin ATK Galleria and Karupsha soon too so expect reviews of those to follow.
05-28-12  04:11pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #8 - mbaya :

That is a great compliment, mbaya, thank you. Not only gratifying but essential to know that I am on the right lines and not obscuring facts with bias.
05-28-12  04:14pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

Well, messmer, an interesting discussion! I think you make a valid point about everyday clothing with not much on underneath. I wonder if you had a look at Abbey, shot by Groovey Pictures? She is a 31 year old model who wears dresses and some lingerie underneath.

I didn't realise you were a member recently enough to have got any Isabella. She was uploaded only between February and April this year. There was an earlier Isabella, who is a different model.

You are also right that the model is more important to me than what she wears. Though I do like red dresses and black dresses and formal business wear much more than jeans. The most important thing for me is her face and facial expressions. If those do not appeal, then it does not matter what she wears or what her body looks like as I will not be interested. When Sean gets a model with a face that gets to me, he also captures truly wicked expressions like no one else does. That is the thing that really most appeals about his photography on ATKH. And if it were not for his work, I would probably be joining no more than a month per year.

The makeup thing is very interesting and might be cultural. I was out shopping today, a very hot sunny day, in a provincial town far away from London. While walking down the street, I saw a very pretty girl, possibly around 18 but maybe less as it is hard to tell these days. She was busty and unusually pretty. I was struck by her makeup. She had a lot of rather deep pink foundation on, conspicuous eyeliner and very intense, bright red lipstick. I thought she looked just like she had been made up for a Sean R shoot. She had at least as much makeup as he has on his models and it was just as OTT. Lovely! And, and this is the good bit, she was obviously with her mum. And her mum must obviously not have disapproved of the makeup. That is what pretty girls do around here. They wear lots of makeup. If you go to the nearest big town on a Friday or Saturday night, the girls appear to be wearing not much apart from a lot of makeup. Almost makeup in lieu of clothes.

If you want any specific detail on clothing or whatever for any of the ATKH models, I am a member for another two weeks.

05-28-12  05:09pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) One of the best reviews I have seen by a newbie, looking at this review one would not think you were new . GREAT JOB!!! keep up the great work.


05-30-12  08:57am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #15 - Cybertoad :

Thank you CT. I learned from the many excellent reviews from all you old-timers. And the PU guidelines in the review submission form are very clear, especially the further detail provided in the guidance for "excellent" reviews. Also, I may be a newbie to PU but I have plenty of experience writing business and management reports, albeit on rather more boring subject matter! It is amazing how skills are transferable from business to porn.

When I review other atk sites, I shall sensibly use some cut and paste, which I imagine is perfectly permissible from my own review.

05-31-12  02:27pm

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Claypaws (44)
I have just removed the con "does not play well with download managers" and added one point to the score, taking it from 92 to 93.

On previous recent joins, I could only get DownThemAll to work. There also used to be warning regarding DLMs within their T&Cs. In the last couple of days, I did some experimenting with DLMs. I tried FreeDownload Manager (FDM) and Getright (paid version), using Firefox with Flashgot addon to add downloads to the queue. Both worked perfectly. Both DLMs reported that resume is supported. I was able to queue downloads with the DLMs. Timeouts did not occur within a couple of hours but I would not recommend trying to schedule downloads for several hours ahead. If they had a timeout of 12 hours plus, I would have added another point to the score. But they do not.

The T&Cs (http://www.amkingdom.com/terms.htm) which apply to all ATK sites, now do not mention DLMs though they quite reasonably forbid robots and data mining tools. I think ATK have listened to feedback. Certainly, I wrote to them a while ago explaining that sensible DLM usage is an asset to members and should not have any impact on site performance.

I would recommend never trying to download more than two files simultaneously and always TURN OFF ALL ACCELERATION. Do not use multi-segment downloading. Stick to a single segment per file and no more than two concurrent files and you should be fine with DLMs. I got 7Mbps with that method and this is the maximum throughput of my broadband connection. The purpose of DLMs (IMHO) is for convenience and definitely not for achieving the highest possible throughput.

The site uses cookies to control downloading so you need to ensure that cookies are enabled and that your DLM can read them and that you are logged in via your browser when you wish to download. Flashgot is about the best method I know to set up and correctly use site cookies with DLMs. If your DLM is on Flashgot's dropdown list of DLMs, you should find it works properly with cookies.

06-12-12  07:33am

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ATKGray (5)
REPLY TO #17 - Claypaws :

I know I am 6 months late on this reply, but was perusing and thought I would interject on the DLMs. Claypaws pretty much hit the nail on the head with our DLM procedure. We no longer prohibit DLMs and encourage the use if used responsibly. If you follow the recommendations laid out by Claypaws you will not have any problem using DLMs with our site. The only time you will run into issues if you abuse them and try to download with too many simultaneous connections.
01-04-13  03:12pm

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