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Does a webmasters attitude impact your decision to join/rejoin a site?

Type: General
Yes, very much 42% 18 Votes
Yes, somewhat 21% 9 Votes
Not much 21% 9 Votes
Not at all 14% 6 Votes
Other 2% 1 Votes

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43 Votes Total

Jan 9, 2012

Poll Replies (28)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Denner (235) It's not the webmaster I'm generally interested in - but the site content...
And some webmasters CAN be a bit too sensitive towards criticism/less fine reviews - I do not care much.
Except one time here at PU a particular webmaster (and producer) canceled my access because of some inputs here - it's rather an old story and I got a lot of backup here and even from TBP - so amigos, PU/TBP is the place to be.
But bottom line: It's a two way street - and the majority of webmasters seem to look out for the "clients", too... and if we're reasonable - it normally goes for the webmasters, too.

01-09-12  06:26am

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Capn (28) I always feel more inclined to rejoin sites where I have received good service.

Cap'n. :0)

01-09-12  09:12am

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pat362 (373) I haven't had to deal with webmasters very often but if a webmaster is going to treat me like shit then I will never return to his site and I will make sure to tell anyone that will listen.
01-09-12  09:25am

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Wittyguy (105) It's one of those things that doesn't come up very often but if it turns out to be a negative experience for the customer (me) than I'll seriously think about it before signing up again regardless of how much I like the content.
01-09-12  11:51am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #3 - pat362 :

I second that. It's rare that I have any interaction with a webmaster, but that experience will influence me the next time. I also take note when others relate their webmaster encounters because I figure that is likely the same treatment I'll get.

To be fair though, I can't really remmeber many bad experiences. I had a good one recently with Sinnistar, and I think Kink.com is the best in the business.

01-09-12  04:00pm

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exotics4me (463) It does somewhat. I'm sure Shap, formerly of Twistys, helped his site's case with an open mind to criticism and friendly disposition to even those who were being critical. On the other hand, I've known a few webmasters, won't mention her name, that put their site on a blacklist for me just because of her attitude. I tried and tried to give that site a chance since I did find her attractive and found the niche she did interesting, but couldn't talk myself into joining it. Others, especially the big sites, I don't expect much interaction from them and look over their lack of interest in opinion from their members as long as they keep delivering the content that brought me to the site in the first place.
01-09-12  04:27pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #5 - rearadmiral :

I do the same thing as you when it comes to other members encounter with webmasters. If they had a bad one then why should I bother in joining his sites. It's not like I'm going to have a better one.

I thought your recent experience with sinnistar was a very good one. I felt bitter sweet about your review of the site because it has been on my radar for a long time but they have a horrible preview section that I've never felt comfortable with buying a membership. of course now that i know that their content is as bad if not worse than facial abuse then I'm not sad that I didn't join. I would have been very disapointed.

01-09-12  06:12pm

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gaypornolover (38) Yes absolutely - if a site accepts comments, and the webmaster actually responds to them positively, then I will stay a member much longer - in fact as a practical example, I stayed a member of RateTheseGuys for at least four months, which is double the time I've ever stayed at any other site, purely because the webmaster was polite and actually interacted directly with members and asked, and then acted upon, their suggestions.
I only stopped my membership when I had some bank fraud - nothing to do with that site in particular but I was a member of several sites at the time and I was too scared to renew membership to any porn site with my new card details - something I still haven't gotten over, so at the moment I'm considering a pre-paid card instead.

01-09-12  06:57pm

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graymane (33) Yes, it does have an impact. But if the site's content stands out and I like it, unless the WM's remarks were so egregious that he royally pissed me off, Then I wouldn't have a problem with taking another dip.

Interestingly enough, sometimes a WB's rebuke could work in his favor.....
(case in point)
My review of I Feel Myself apparently had some things that ticked-off its WebMaster, after which he shot back a sharp rebuttal that prompted me to review and rethink some of the things bothering him. The result turned out to be a justifiable but still a markly objective resubmission -- complete with ommissions and a higher score.

01-09-12  07:02pm

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PinkPanther (46) I said somewhat - If I know that a webmaster and the support team are cool, I'll be more apt to join a site that I'm on the fence about. If I know that a webmaster and the support team are assholes that don't give a damn about their members and leave you hanging in the event of any problems, then I'll give it a pass.
01-09-12  10:04pm

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RustyJ (145) Very much. Even more it affects my decision to stay. If they show genuine interest in this forum, then it's the best possible situation.

It's good to be reminded that not everyone in this industry is a crook ;)

01-10-12  02:00am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

pat - I don't know if I'd call Sinnistar as abusive as Facial Abuse. The scenes are hardcore, for certain, but there isn't the same level of abuse. However, one indication that the site is pretty rough is it seems to end a lot of new porn careers. Subjectively, I like Sinnistar a lot more than Facial Abuse. Sinnistar is on my list of sites to rejoin periodically.
01-10-12  03:42am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #12 - rearadmiral :

I may have misinterpreted your description of some of their content but you said that it could make Max Hardcore and the guys at Facial Abuse cringe so I just assumed that they are way too extreme for my taste. Painfull anal and ATM is hard for me to watch. These guys claim to have dirty ATM and that falls under the unwatchable. My view on dirty atm is that it's a dofter version of scat porn and that's all. Another problem is that the preview section that I checked out all had scenes that are a couple of years old.
01-10-12  07:23am

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yote78 (5) The question is whether a Webmaster would influence my decision to join/rejoin.

Join: probably not, since it's assumed that I would have very little 1st-hand knowledge of the site and little/no contact w/ its Customer Service. (But that's why we have TBP and PU to find those things out before we join, right?)

Rejoin: definitely, if I'd had an experience which stood out in my mind-either good or bad. Otherwise, however, it probably wouldn't make much difference. As Denner says, it's the content that counts most.

The only significant contact I've had w/ any website was with TeenModels, and I should take this opportunity to say how great they were.

The middle of last year (2011), I'd been a TM member for a few months and I noticed that there were a couple of snippets of one particularly hot video of Eufrat in the site's 2-minute teaser but that the full video was not available (the accompanying pix gallery was available, which made me want the vid even more!). It took a few tries but once I got their attention they responded and got to work on it--with a vengeance. As I understand it, they practically tore the place apart trying to find it. When they didn't find it right away, the W/M, Parker, kept sending progress reports assuring me that they hadn't given up. Finally, after two months they found it it, got it into editing and posted after a couple of weeks. The result was spectacular!...and, they also found some other earlier video gems which they posted, as well.

I highly recommend TeenModels not only for their Herculean efforts to find the Eufrat video and their great member service, but for all the content--it's truly a great site.

(So, Parker and co., if you're reading this thanks again. NOW, as I've gotten deeper into TM, I've been noticing that there are quite a few more earlier sets where the the pix are available but not a video: not saying that you guys should go through hell like you did before, but maybe you might want to go through some old drawers and cabinets to see what you might find. Just sayin'...

01-10-12  07:35am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I could careless about the webmasters, they seldom take input anyways, and I am not joining cause of them. If there site design sucks then I might not join, but that would be cause of their work. Not them personally.
01-10-12  08:09am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #13 - pat362 :

I don't think you misinterpreted what I said, but maybe there was a bit of hyperbole in what I said. You know Facial Abuse and Max Hardcore at least as well as I do, so I don't need to describe them. The scenes at Sinnistar aren't all like that, but there are a few throat-fucking scenes that are a bit disturbing in a way I've never seen elsewhere. There's a scene with a cute girl named Kalyn where he fucks her throat in the position made famous by Max - she's bent backwards over the arm of a couch. The disturbing thing is the guy is well endowed and you can clearly see the outline of his penis in her throat. You can actually tell the difference between the head and the shaft as it is in her throat.

All scenes are that bad, but this isn't Kink shoot where there are pre and post interviews so the viewer clearly understands that the model consented to everything and actually had fun. I think its fair to say that some of the models on Sinnistar didn't have fun.

I guess what concerns me is that while I'm pleased when someone joins a site that I really liked and highly recommended, and pleased when someone avoids a site I didn't like and recommended that people avoid, I have mixed feelings about someone avoiding a site I liked based on my review.

But... having said all of that, if you didn't like Facial Abuse then you probably won't like Sinnistar. Sinnistar isn't nearly as abusive. There isn't the same level of slapping, humiliation and vomiting as with Facial Abuse, but it is degrading.

I wish Sinnistar had a better tour page so you could see what I mean.

01-10-12  04:33pm

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creampiefan (6) Speaking from experience over the last decade, I can say absolutely yes...I've had some very good, mediocre, and terrible experiences. Guess who I rejoin? I've been a member of one website since 2001 because their content is excellent AND because the webmaster/support team are professional, courteous, and encourage feedback, both good & bad. That counts for a lot to me. OTOH, I've quit websites within the 1st 30 days of joining when I either received no responses or less than courteous responses to my inquiries or comments, even though I don't make many unless there's trouble w/the website.
01-10-12  05:32pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #16 - rearadmiral :

A better tour wouldn't help because their kind of porn is so close to what FA does that I wouldn't enjoy it. I'll add that I'm just as happy when people avoid a site based on my review in the same way that I'm ahppy if they join it. I think I'm even happier when they avoide a site that got a bad rating. It makes me feel good to know that I helped destroy a site that was robbing customers with their bad porn.
01-10-12  06:27pm

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hodayathink (18) To echo what's been said alot already, a negative experience with a webmaster makes me a lot less likely to join a site, while a positive one, while good, is what's to be expected and isn't going to have anywhere near as much of an effect on me rejoining as, say, the actual content.
01-10-12  10:41pm

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otoh (54) As others have said, it's more likely the bad experiences which will put you off, rather than the other way around.

If I need to ask something before joining a site, then the reply, if any, from the webmaster will certainly affect that, as it will affect rejoining if I had an issue while a member.

The one site I visit consistently, though, is Petites Parisiennes - very largely because the webmaster is helpful and affable; answers all queries and responds to - and often acts upon - all suggestions via the forum.

Having said that, If I didn't get a reply from a webmaster, but I knew the site actually worked and I liked the content, I would probably rejoin. I'm pragmatic if nothing else...

01-11-12  12:46am

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tangub (155) I'd rejoin for the content unless i'd had a bad experience with the site but i can't say thats ever happened to me. The only time recently i've had to contact webmasters has been to get my account reinstated after breaching unknown download limits (MPL Studios and Glam Deluxe) and in both cases the response was fast and curteous. I'd certainly join MPL again for the content and continued updates but as for Glam deluxe having seen only 1 update in the month i was there i probably wouldn't rejoin even though the webmaster was excellent.
01-11-12  02:48am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #18 - pat362 :

I agree. There are many members here who shoudln't join Sinnistar because it is too extreme, but it is still a good site and I hope the owner does well.

But there can be surprises. A couple of weeks after otoh reviewed Met Art and said it was too sterile I thanked him for steering me away from the site. But then I got an offer to join that was too good to refuse so I joined and found that I liked the site even though it is pretty tame for my tastes and sterile too. But I suspect that it's easier for someone into hardcore to be interested in softcore than the other way around.

01-11-12  09:28am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #22 - rearadmiral :

I agree that someone that only watches softcore porn is unlikely to be interested in anything that is above midcore and even that may be too hard for them. I don't know if you agree with me but guys like you and me that watch hardcore porn can be interested in softcore porn because there is always the chance that you'll see that model in HC stuff later on and even if you don't then there is still something to enjoy with something less intense than HC porn.
01-11-12  11:20am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #23 - pat362 :

Funny you mention that - it's definitely true. It adds a little zing to see a model do softcore somewhere and know that I have pictures or videos of her doing harder stuff.
01-11-12  01:44pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) The only time a webmaster has ever really affected my decision to join or not has been when I've had a negative experience. If anyone remembers the back and forth exchange I had with Matt (of M@tt's Models) in '07, I swore I'd never go back. I never did - and have to admit I'm somewhat pleased to see his site is all but done. Running a business with arrogance and hostility doesn't work for me.

On the positive side of things, I'd have to say that Basil at We Are Hairy does make it easier to sign up there, but it's mostly the content of a given site that makes the real decision.

01-11-12  06:07pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #24 - rearadmiral :

I know that I'm far more turned on when I discover a performer doing stuff that I didn't think she did. That's why it would be great if there was a site where they took a newbie who they groomed over many months and where they started her doing simple softcore stuff and then built on that by adding more hardcore stuff.
01-11-12  06:09pm

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #26 - pat362 :

Agreed. That's my hope for Gloria at Skinny Super Girl, Young Legal Porn and a couple of other Diesel Access sites. I asked the webmaster about that a few months ago and he said that girl/girl was likely in her future but probably not b/g hardcore. That was a sad day for me...
01-12-12  04:06am

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mbaya (364) The content is much more important, but I do care. If a webmaster is concerned about customers, I consider it a big plus.
01-19-12  03:42pm

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