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rearadmiral (384) 12-26-11  12:17pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 39 Sites on the network
- Some interesting niches
- Streaming available
- Downloads in at least two formats and three sizes
- Pics and screencaps available
- Most sites update regularly
Cons: - Several sites update irregularly
- Daily download limit (10GB +/- per day)
- Download limit appears to be applied unevenly to members
- ĎCookie-cutterí porn
- Download manager (Free Download Manager) wasnít supported
Bottom Line: RK bills itself as ďthe Worldís Best Adult NetworkĒ but by subjective and objective measures I donít agree with that. Itís not a bad network, but it isnít the worldís best.

The network is made up of 39 themed sites. The usual porn themes are here, like big breasts, MILFs, and 18-year-old ladies, but there are also some fairly unique sites too. There are three sites that cater to scenes with multiple models in party settings (VIP Crew, In the VIP and Bikini Crashers). These are among my favourites but I can understand why others may not be interested in them.

The sites vary in size, with the more mainstream sites having lots of material (some have over 500 scenes) and some of the niche sites have only a handful of scenes. Each site opens into a separate page that list the scenes with a large thumbnail for each. On the left of that page is a column of filters for sub-themes. The scenes usually have a unique name and the main star is also listed. Opening the page for each scene brings more details and tags. You can access screencaps and pictures (which I didnít download so I canít comment on them) and you can access the video in any of several ways. Streaming is available, as are downloads. Downloads are offered in a few different ways, usually as a WMV and MP4. MP4 is available in larger sizes and smaller sizes for handheld devices. For some reason, even the newer scenes are frequently broken down into shorter clips for easier download, though the full scene is also available.

HD video is available on some scenes, though I didnít download any because of the daily limit.

RK has been around for a long time so the quality of their videos has obviously changed. Older videos are low quality, but I canít fault the site for that because that was the standard back when they were shot. Most of the older scenes are only available in three or four clips, which also made sense back when they were uploaded. It would be nice if the site took the time to stitch them together into one full file now that most people have high-speed internet connections. The newer scenes (in WMV) still arenít great quality: 640x480 @ 1600kb/s and 768x432 @ 1600 are common. Subjectively they arenít bad, but they arenít great either.

Objectively, the site is decent, but not any better than many other networks. RK isnít any better (or any worse) than places like Mofos and Porn Pros. In terms of quality they certainly canít be compared to sites like ALS Scan and Diesel Access.

Subjectively the network isnít all that impressive. Iíll admit that a lot of that is personal taste because Iím not into large breasts and huge asses. Those attributes are better represented than most others. There are sites that cater to my tastes in smaller models between 18 and 22, and I will admit I like the number of relatively unknown models who appear here.

One serious and unforgivable sin, and I realize that this is entirely subjective, is that one scene was mis-labeled. No big deal normally, but I joined the network specifically to see one scene: a Tanner Mayes scene that was categorized as anal. It might be called Ďanalí because she has an anus, but no real anal sex occurs in the scene. I will admit that the guy does insert the head of his dick a couple of times, but that doesnít count as anal sex.

Easily the biggest annoyance with RK is their daily download limit. While the limit itself would be annoying enough, they actually make it worse but applying it randomly. The limit is described in the membership contract using vague language so I emailed the support staff to ask for some clarification but never received a reply. Why bother having a Ďcontact usí button if youíre not actually going to respond to memberís questions? On several days I was cut off from downloading at less than the 10GB 24-hour limit. On other days I downloaded well in excess of the limit. There are PU members who report never having had a limit imposed on them. A site can certainly impose whatever conditions they want, but those conditions should be clear and applied equally to all members. And in 2011 10GB limit is absurdly low.

Another annoying choice that RK made is to not support download managers. I use Free Download Manager to queue up scenes that I want to download so I donít have to sit at the computer for an hour or more, but FDM wouldnít work with this site. I canít say how it works with other managers, but if they bar one Iíd guess they bar them all.

Iíd recommend this site for someone who really wants a particular scene or is really into a specific niche that is represented here. ButÖ anyone who does join should be aware that they MAY have a download limit imposed on them and that download managers donít work. So unless you have a real desire to see a certain scene or model here, RK has nothing special to offer.

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pat362 (373) Thanks for the review. This is a network that I used to keep track of but I notice that in the past year they almost never have any updates that appeal to me and recently the site no longer makes it easy to see their newer scenes. Not too mention that looking for older content is a clkusterfuck. I really wish you had asked the question about the Tanner anal scene prior to joining. I would have given you the bad news and saved you from joining for her anal scene.

P.S: I have some good news on Tanner and anal stuff. She shot one or two movies for Evila Angel which should be released in January.

12-26-11  06:12pm

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exotics4me (463) I had meant to get back to you on the wording in the terms, but the holiday got in the way. My terms say the same as yours and I think you might have nailed it when you said "A site can certainly impose whatever conditions they want, but those conditions should be clear and applied equally to all members." While I like that RK doesn't seem to ever impose the limit on my account, it looks bad on the ones of us that review a site or post a comment that says no download limit then they impose it on others. Even worse is when they let me download unlimited. Let you download less than 10 GB per day one day then let you download much more the next. I have tried to figure up some kind of rhyme or reason for how their DL limit works, but I can't.

And the type of models is another reason PU works so well, if members read multiple reviews. I was ready to be blown away by Teen Mega World after so many high reviews only to be letdown because nearly all the models were slim. RK, on the other hand, as you're seeing is full of curvy women, which is more my preference.

12-26-11  07:21pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #1 - pat362 :

I probably still would have joined because the promo pages made it look like Captain Stabbin was back on the high seas and i always liked that site. It isn't really back, but there are some new scenes.

I'm surprised that Tanner would have done anal for Evil Angel since EA has a bit of a reputation for porn on the harder side. They must have driven a dump truck full of money to her front door to entice her to shoot anal for them. Thanks for the tip and I'll definitely be looking for those scenes. If you ever hear the titles would you let me know please?

12-27-11  05:14am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

I didn't count my downloads yesterday but I was well in excess of 10GB and maybe even over 20 before I got shut down. I find the variations in the limit more annoying than the limit itself. And I have to admit that I'm pretty pissed that they don't even have the courtesy to reply to my email. I wasn't rude or even remotely challenging or negative. All I did was ask them for some clarification. It seems that like so many mega sites they see customer service as ending once they get a credit card number. It makes those sites that actually do care about customers seem that much better.

I've considered Teen Mega World a few times, and it's on my list of sites to join, but I haven't yet. Knowing that the models are what I like might bump them up a bit.

12-27-11  05:21am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #3 - rearadmiral :

It's possible that RK would have loved to make new Captain Stabbin scenes but the people involved with that series stopped doing them a few years ago. RK has done a couple of recent ones but these were with different performers. RK and Bangbros are primarily shot in Florida and I think that can be a good thing but the recent problems with performers being tagged as HIV+ were both in Florida and there have also been some police related issues at a couple of other times and shooting in Florida may no longer be such a geat thing.

When you couple that with the major down turn in the porn industry and I think Brazzer is the only studio with similar content who's actually making any money. I use an anal barometer to do this predicttion. When studios that used to shoot regular anal scenes and now only do them on rare occasion or remaster older ones then they are in financial trouble. Anal is more expensive than standard vags so if a studio shoots mostly that then they are looking to save on production cost.

Now in regards to Tanner. The simple answer is that there are very few studios that can afford to pay her price for an anal scene. Not too mention that very few stuios shoot on a regular basis. Having Tanner do anal in a video is sure to help sales but I read somewhere that dvd sales are very low. Most studio sell about 700-1200 units per most dvd's and the better ones about 1000-2000 units. If they make 10$ on each on these then their gross profit is anywhere from 7000$ to 20,000$. If the dvd has 4 standard b/g scenes with some established performer then the cost for each scene is going to be about 1000$ to 1500$. That means that just the performers are going to cost 4000$ to 6000$. You also have to pay a director, cameraman, editor and the cost of transfer to dvd. Imagine a performer asking for 4000$ for her anal scene. That's a small amount because I read that Breanne Benson wants 7000$ for her anal scene. If you have to pay 7000$ for only one scene then you have to be one of those lucky bastards that gets to sell at least 2000 or more units to even hope to make some profit.

12-27-11  07:07am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

pat, as usual you're a source of great information!

For me, Captain Stabbin isn't about the crew but I have a nautical fetish AND an anal fetish so this site is a sensory overload for me. I do like the original Captain as he's just so lucky and he knows how lucky he is.

I hadn't really given any thought to the economics of mainstream porn. I guess I always thought that it was a great way to get rich fast, but after reading what you wrote that obviously isn't the case. I hear estimated numbers that the porn industry brings in each year, and I recall that the porn industry is reputed to bring in more than Hollywood, but there are tons of studios out there cranking out the titles. And I'm certain that piracy hurts the porn industry more than the mainstream movie business just because of the size of studios.

Still... I suspect that when a star like Tanner does her first anal it will also sell better than the average movie. But the piracy will be more too. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for any Tanner anal scenes that might come out in 2012.

I just signed up for the forums at ADT and there is a lot of useful information there as you said. Thanks for that tip!

12-28-11  07:01am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

The original Captain Stabbin got so many newbies first on screen anal that it's hard to know where to start the name game. That's the main reason why I always came back to his site.

It's true that the porn industry is multi-billion industry but you never read that this is gross profit for the entire planet's porn industry. The other thing that is pure bullshit is when they compare it to the mainstream industry. No offense but there is no comparaison and anyone that says there is has an agenda against porn. Here's some simple examples. Avatar made 2 billions dollars in gross profit from worldwide box office takes. The last 2 Harry Potter movies which were really part 1 and part 2 of the same movie made a combined 2.2 billions gross profit in worldwide box office takes. That's not counting the profit they've made on dvd, Blu-ray and other streaming methods.

P.S: I really like ADT. Not everyone is as polite and nice as hear but the moderator are quick to deativate those that push the line. The bulk of the discussion are on performers and movies so it's good to particiapete here because we mostly talk about sites.

12-28-11  07:51am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

I agree that any comparison between porn and mainstream movies economies is silly. But with gross sales being what they are it makes clear how big the porn industry is.

I've been spending a lot of time at ADT reading old threads. It's an amazing site for porn trivia. I haven't posted anything yet, but PU will be my default site for as long as it exists. And the purposes of the sites are completely different, as you point out so one could never replace the other.

12-29-11  07:41am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #8 - rearadmiral :

No question that porn is a huge Worldwide industry but it's still a small profit industry for most studios and porn companies.

I post regularly on ADT and PU. I sometimes post twice as much on ADT because they are a lot more threads going and far more participating members. PU is still years ahead in regards to the quality of it's posters.

12-29-11  08:21am

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slutty (111) Nice review rearadmiral, I joined just before the holidays, and really wish I hadn't. I have hit the limit every day I have tried at under 10 GB (usually like 9.5), even when I hadn't logged in for several days. I don't know why I keep coming back here, it just seems to go further downhill every year. I think your 75 is appropriate, and will probably change my score to something similar, if not lower.

Also, DTA works at RK, but you have to be careful about losing the queue if the cap kicks in.

01-01-12  09:08pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #10 - slutty :

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the site.

I wonder if the cap is something they've always had but just never enforced until recently? That would explain why some people never hit the limits and some of us did. Or else they just enforce it randomly, which is also a reasonable theory.

Like you, this will probably be my last time at this site. It has become stale and repetitive. I still like some of the sites a bit, but the low, low, low limit added to a mostly bland network means I won't be back. And the fact that they didn't have the courtesy to even reply to my email is just rubbing salt in the wound. I had low expectations when I sent the email so at least I could claim that they met my expectations.

01-02-12  06:39am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #11 - rearadmiral :

Yeah, also if you are going to have a DL limit on the site, it might be useful to list the damn file size. So many times I started to download a file and then was like, oh wait that's too large, I should download the smaller version... I don't recall ever hitting a limit here before either, so perhaps it is a new thing, or at least enforcing it is.
01-02-12  01:56pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #12 - slutty :

I agree, file sizes would make sense here. But the real problem is the use of an unreasonbaly low limit.

To add icing to the Reality Kings cake, I can't cancel my membership. They use a biller called Secure Billing Worldwide and when I go through the cancellation process and get to the last screen where I can opt to stay with RK at a reduced price or cancel, there are no buttons that allow you to make either choice. This isn't a Reality Kings problem, obviously, but it adds to the frustration I've had with the membership.

01-02-12  02:29pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #13 - rearadmiral :

There is a link at the bottom that says "no thanks skip this offer", or at least it shows up for me. You are cancelling directly through the support link on the RK website right?
01-02-12  02:48pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #14 - slutty :

No. I went to the biller's site. I'll try the RK site itself. Thanks for the tip.
01-02-12  02:53pm

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