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Are you less critical of sites with lower membership fees?

Type: General
Yes, naturally 20% 11 Votes
Yes, but only a little 53% 29 Votes
No, I always expect excellence 24% 13 Votes
Other (see reply) 4% 2 Votes

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55 Votes Total

Aug 13, 2007

Poll Replies (27)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


exotics4me (463) Interesting question, I think you have to consider price to some extent. I like to compare everything I do in life to other things to put them into perspective. If I spend $10 on a hamburger, I'm going to expect it to be better than one for $2. I try to at least follow some of the groundwork laid by the TBP reviewers and one of their grading scales that figures up a score is, "value". I know I sound like a walking advertisment for Eve Angel's site, but if I paid $30 a month for it like it normally is without the TBP discount, I don't think I would score it as high as I do.

For example, right now, something has happened on Eve's site, my guess is she is on vacation, it happened last year as well around the holidays, no updates in nearly a week, it is supposed to be a daily updated site, but since the price is low, I know I can let it go another month if need be and the two months will only be what one site normally would cost for one month.

08-13-07  12:46am

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bbiillyy (34) Yes i am... If you check my review i have always mentioned price have to be less its attract user as well.

Initial membership has to be on low side around 19 - 20$ depend what type of content inside. Low price will keep people intact with your site

08-13-07  04:16am

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Boobs4ever (22) The more I pay for the site the more I expect if a join a cheap one I dont need to feel it wasted money same way, most terrible thing you can do is wastin $30 and you feel this site wasnt mu stile :/
08-13-07  06:43am

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nygiants03 (162) I agree with what exotics4me said about expecting more for more, and less for less. But also, I take in to account I am grading the site and not its price, the price may influence a little bit but not that much. Just cause something is cheaper doesn't necessarily mean it has to be poor. But by nature, I will be much more upset if I join a site for 30 dollars, and I find it the same quality as a site i can join for 10 dollars.
08-13-07  07:53am

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jd1961 (95) If Videobox charged premium prices, my rating for them would be about 75. So the cheap price is a factor in giving them a higher score.
08-13-07  07:47pm

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PinkPanther (46) It's only fair to figure price into the whole package. A site charging a premium price had better deliver a premium product - both in quality and quantity. As exotic and others said, it's easier to cut a site charging less a bit more slack.
08-13-07  08:30pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Bro, I am into real amateur pornography!! So some of these sites may not be but like $19.95 a month or some caca like!! Just as long as I get to see wut I always bitch about, I am no critic!!

Let me come across a download where some chick rides some man's dick and she makes him pull out and shoot nut all over her asscheeks!! I might get sued trying to dub me a copy!!

08-13-07  11:21pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - Boobs4ever :

Just one question, what are some samples of wut you would expect? Like, wut would you like to see in the site?
08-13-07  11:23pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - PinkPanther :

True shit Pink Doggy Dawg!! If, for example, I am about to pay 49.95 for a site, If I catch one scene off meat beat off, I'M SUING!!!

Pussy is supposed to me you pull out and shoot, not pull out and beat!!

Why do sites and porn do that cocksuckin' shit?!!!

08-13-07  11:25pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) I suggest everyone put out a boycott on initial membership fees charging over $20!!
08-13-07  11:28pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #4 - nygiants03 :

Right!! A double cheeseburger @ McDonald's is $1 and it is the fuckin' bomb!!
08-13-07  11:30pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :

If I spend $1 on a double cheeseburger, I expect it to be better than a $2 burger... HE HE HE!!


08-13-07  11:32pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :

Ey, wut duz Eve look like? Would I like her?
08-13-07  11:33pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #13 - Pinche Kankun :

Pinche, I believe you would especially like her. For one thing on her solo site she has probably 8-12 bath/shower sets of pictures and a movie from each. All together on her site she have over 130 videos just of her. She is very pretty, not too skinny, has nice thighs and butt, maybe average or better boobs. Long dark hair. The only thing she doesn't have on her site is sex with men. She is by herself or with another woman, but when she masturbates, you know when she orgasms. I've read everyone from Sandy of ClubSandy to Sandra Shine say that Eve is the most realistic maturbation model on the internet. Her site has a full tour that looks you look at the 2+ years of content. It hasn't been updated since last week, but there are over 700 updates on it since it started. eveangel dot com.
08-13-07  11:43pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - exotics4me :

Okay, I have checked out the website!! THIS CHICK IS OFF DA HOOK!!!



Where did you find this woman?!!!

08-14-07  01:04pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #15 - Pinche Kankun :

I thought you would like her! Eve has done some videos with men back 4 years ago or so. There are different stories about why she doesn't do sets with men anymore. Her first video had this old, fat, hairy guy doing anal with her. Some say that it made her sick. After that, she never made a good movie with a man. By herself, she is better than most women are with men. She is shy, seriously. Her interviews show that she wanted to be a fashion model when she was younger, but people told her she was too fat to be a fashion model. All of her dreams were gone. Her last chance was to do the movie with the fat, old guy. Now, it is almost like she refuses to do anything with a man on camera. I think she has 5 or 6 movies over the years with men. She never looks happy in those movies. Most sites even took the movies down because they are boring. With herself and even with other women, she is as good as a model can be.

I found her by accident. Was just looking up models a few years ago and seen some free pictures of her. I've been a member on her site since last September, never cancelled. Just be sure to get the TBP special price of $14.99, that makes the deal even better.

08-14-07  03:10pm

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apoctom (145) My scoring criteria takes price into account. However, that is only one component. As I have said before, I think that the ultimate site would have great quality and a low price. Having said that, I don't really ease up on lower priced sites because I expect them to still meet certain quality and quantity standards.

From a porn viewer/fan perspective, I feel less ripped off if a site is of poor quality, but the price is low.

08-14-07  05:26pm

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SnowDude (214) Price is always one of my top considerations and I'm definitely more lenient on a site that charges a low membership fee unless it offers nothing. Right now I have NetworkPass and it's main sites aren't that great, but does offer some quality feeds. If they chraged $20 or more I wouldn't give it the time of day, but for $10 a month and signs of trying to improve it will definitely earn a respectable score.
08-14-07  07:10pm

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pat362 (375) I'm going to expect less, but since the question isn't: Are you going to be less critical of a site if the membership is free. Then whether I spend 5, 10 or 40$ on a website. Last time I checked I'm still not rich enough to think that 5$ isn't a lot of money. I do base my expectation on the amount, but that's not the only reason. I don't believe that you always get what you pay for. The best example is go into an expensive restaurant and order a burger. I'm betting you that the price is going to be anything above 12$. It won't be better tasting or more satisfying than a burger from your local burger joint. Some webmasters decide that they'd rather have 100 customers paying 30$, others think that they'd rather have 500 paying 15$. If a porn master wants to survive he has to decide how many customers are going to pay his rates.
08-14-07  07:19pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #14 - exotics4me :

I've got a very bad feeling about Eve Angel's site and Mya Diamond's site. Not only aren't they being updated. I haven't had access to Mya's site in over a week. I've tried their Live Support. I've tried their support e-mail address. I've tried flagging down a moderator or webmaster in their forums. I've tried having Billing Support assist me.

They aren't updating and they aren't responding to member's issues.

It's not good!

08-15-07  06:50am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #20 - PinkPanther :

Hey, Eve's site was updated last night and caught back up. They did this same thing last year. I don't know if it is vacation time or what, but I too was getting frustrated. I'm starting to think that Eve is working too much. Look at these July stats for her. On her site alone 30 updates with her in them in 31 days, 2 sets on xisty pics and videos, a new full length feature for vivthomas, a set for cruising girls, a set for only3x and I believe a new met-art set was in July. That is 42-44 sets for July alone. I don't think many realized how many she had in July on her site, I've never seen so many updates of just Eve. Even this month, there are already 2 Lora Craft ones, so August already is guaranteed to have less Eve than July. I'm pretty sure thinking back that it was July/August last year when the first drop-off happened. Because I had cancelled Eve's membership in July, then came back in September and hadn't cancelled since then. Oh and that live support thing doesn't work. I've never seen anyone answer it.
08-15-07  03:08pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #21 - exotics4me :

Not only does the Live Support not work, but I haven't been able to get a soul to answer me at any of their support e-mails, etc.

I am hating the company that runs these sites right about now! I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy!

08-16-07  07:06pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #22 - PinkPanther :

I believe they went on vacation, no joke. They are known for doing this around Christmas as well. I remember late November last year, they hadn't updated Eve's site in nearly 3 weeks. They also weren't answering my emails. The reason I assume they are away when they don't answer is when the site is updating on time, if you send an email, they respond in a day or two. I've been on first name basis with one of their reps, Olga, for over a year now. She didn't respond to my recent email until yesterday, I sent it two weeks ago to tell them they were getting behind. This also is what I was told last year, sometimes they don't realize nothing was posted. I take it they use an automated uploader since Eve's site used to update right at midnight/EST everynight. You've probably seen the updates on Eve's that have a thumbnail but when you click it there are no options to download or view. They supposedly don't know when this happens. Who knows?

But I've noticed many top sites dropping lately. 21st Sextury has supposedly been hacked so their server is slow and sometimes won't let you sign in, I was downloading a pic set from P&V a few weeks ago at 51 kb/s, I have a 10M connection and can usually get an average of at least 900 kb/s. They were the dominant Euro group of sites, but now you hear a lot of complaints about them. Even Videobox has been down two times in the last week, they say it is maintanence, but I only download up in the AM hours, so that doesn't make it any better for me to know it is maintanence. The only sites I see delivering their promises these days are Twistys, 1byday, Babelicious and Xisty.

As for recommending a General Entertainment site, my review even mentioned that there will be lulls in the updates and the ability to even go on the sites. I still recommend them, because they always come back up and with 1 new update a day, it isn't hard for me to catch up. I do agree thought that it is frustrating.

08-17-07  01:30am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #23 - exotics4me :

If you've got an e-mail address for a Customer Service rep there, please share it - I haven't been able to get a soul to respond to many many many messages - e-mails, posts at their forum, messages at their Live Support, messages to their webmaster through the Billing Support - who are quite responsive, etc.

PS - I know you're a big fan of Anneta Keys - there is a gorgeous new set of her posted today at Met Art - mmmmmm!

08-17-07  09:24pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #24 - PinkPanther :

Hey, I just use the regular email form on the site. One thing that might make a difference, that I just thought about is that I am a prepaid 6 month at a time member. I don't know if that gives better service or not. I did get an email earlier that said the site may be down for a day or two so they can get all the updates up that they missed. If you are on Eve's site, several of the newer video clips do not forward in WMV, you have to watch all the way through. So, it looks like they are going to have to go back and fix these things. If you are a member on Eve's and this lasts for any serious amount of time, send an email and ask if they will give you a few weeks free so you can get what you paid for. If they don't respond, I will take a shot and send one in and mention that I know a guy who is a member and who isn't getting his emails answered. Olga is a complete sweetheart, I mean she apologizes, explains, apologizes more, I really don't know how many staff members they have on each one or how many members they have on each one.

The forum was a bad idea in the first place. I think if members would have been nice and sensible, respectful, Eve would have been more active on hers. She is a very conservative woman off the camera. ATK Premium found that out when they kept asking her to show some skin in Hungary, in public. 90% of the posts say something about how they want Eve to marry them, suck, fuck, etc.. I would imagine that gets frustrating.

Thanks on the heads up on Anetta, I just checked their preview and that does look great!

08-19-07  01:06am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #25 - exotics4me :

I've used the regular e-mail form on the site about 10 time - never received a single response - the impression that they're giving me is that they don't give a flying fuck about their members, so if you've got a contact that doesn't feel that way and doesn't want that impression going around, please ask her to look at all of the e-mails about access problems to Mya's site sent to the Support e-mail address that nobody in the world has cared to respond to - not once!
08-19-07  04:57pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #26 - PinkPanther :

I wish that one of the General Entertainment webmasters on this site would respond to reviews and comments. I have seen one respond about Lora Craft's site, but there are 4 registered on here. Which makes me wonder if it is the same customer service staff for each site. I've heard different things about Eve's site from other members, including ones that say she has never responded to their comments or emails, I've wrote to her 3 times on her email account, she replies, sometimes it takes awhile, but I'm sure it is her. Her English isn't as good as their staff's. I've never had to use Mya's staff support much. I know all of the sites must be on the same server. Right now, Mya, Eve, Lora and Balkan Amateurs are all down. Eve's had that sign-in problem a few months ago, you would sign in, but nothing would happen, eventually giving you a blank white screen.

Seeing that they have 4 sites and 4 webmasters listed on here, I'm betting they have separate staffs, but I will send a reply to the last one and mention Mya's site to see if they will check the mail. I think the biggest problem staff are having these days is they don't communicate with the members. Like with 21st Sextury being hacked, they sent all emails to all members explaining. I don't know if the GE sites are having that problem, but my understanding is it just some kind of maintanence right now. Notice that I'm not a member on Mya's site anymore or Lora's. Eve being my favorite and having a prepaid membership, I have to ride it out.

Everything that I can see says the General Entertainment also owns Only3x and Maria Beluccis site, they may deny that, but they were advertising for Eve's site on Only3x, which I have trouble believing a site would do if there was no connection. I will let you know if I get a response back.

08-19-07  09:05pm

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