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How do you feel about sites who disparage their models by calling them names like slut, whore, bitch, etc?

Type: General
Think the models deserve it 7% 3 Votes
Not thrilled but it's ok 5% 2 Votes
Don't care for it at all 67% 29 Votes
Never give it much thought 7% 3 Votes
Undecided 2% 1 Votes
Other 12% 5 Votes

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43 Votes Total

Sep 3, 2011

Poll Replies (30)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Capn (28) I really,really don't like it!

Cap'n. :0E

09-03-11  01:20am

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RustyJ (145) All the fake dirty talk and fake moaning and screaming should be banned from the porn.
09-03-11  01:34am

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lk2fireone (196) I will go along with answers one and two.
But, if done well, some acting can make the scenes hotter. The problem is that most moaning and groaning is obviously fake.

09-03-11  02:46am

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rearadmiral (388) Within the context of the scene it can work, but as I read the question it seems to be more about how the site itself discusses the models. With that, I don't like disparaging comments.
09-03-11  05:13am

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otoh (54) Not for me at all :| I can understand that it works for some people, and perhaps even some girls may like it (?) But although I don't idolise or put on pedestals, I do respect the models we see and like to see them treated with the same respect.
09-03-11  05:30am

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gaypornolover (38) All models should be treated with the upmost respect at all times and they certainly don't deserve to be treated like that.

However, as long as it is done in a specifically role-playing sense, it can be important for some scenes - and some models into S&M will enjoy it. As long as it is done purely for the camera as a fantasy, I find it hot.

Still, I mainly watch gay porn and I am into S&M porn so I might have a different perspective.

I certainly would hate it if I felt that it wasn't roleplaying/acting and the model didn't want it to happen. It should never be done as a standard part of "normal" porn, it should only be roleplay as part of specialised porn with the models full consent.

Still there's no option for that on the poll - so I chose "other".

09-03-11  05:52am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #6 - gaypornolover :

Have to totally agree with you. Role playing is something that really spices up sex, but fantasy is NOT reality and shouldn't be misunderstood that way. Kink.com is really good with the pre and post scene interviews that explore the feelings of models who like to "push the envelope" in S&M. As a dominant who enjoys S&M fantasies about both males and females, I think its VERY important to have pre and post talk sessions with role-playing.
09-03-11  06:26am

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Drooler (220) I don't get people who get off on abuse, verbal or otherwise. They're sick.

Porn for non-sickos is what I'm after. I HATE verbal abuse and other things such as the guy putting his foot on the model's head while he's fucking her. Ooooohhh, that really ruins it for me.

Call me a candy ass, but I want to see sweetness and healthy, mutually respectful sucking, licking, fucking, and getting off.

09-03-11  06:28am

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pat362 (375) I picked don't care for it at all because it's too often used to demean the women. I agree with gaypornlover and Jay g that you can use some of these terms in certain role play but that's the only time I'm comfortable with them. Of course the C word can never be used.
09-03-11  07:08am

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Denner (235) Other - I just do NOT like it (different from "don't care"). Those abusive vids calling the girl/model bitch or slut or worse - that I do not like or understand...
I respect almost everything in porn, ALMOST. And those kind of lines in porn could help some to be less abusive in real life, still....
If Drooler is a "candy ass" - that goes for this user, too.
What I really like (from a couple of vids in my stash) is when a sweet model says: "Please fuck me"...and the male treats her gentle and sensual....

09-03-11  07:24am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - pat362 :

The C word Pat? Would the be Cunt? From my understanding, the Brits find this to be a very accepting version of a woman. (Mistress Kent should weigh in on this "understanding".)

And while I said I didn't care for it, this type of role playing does have it's place but barely. Spitting, except between women, is also unacceptable.

09-03-11  07:24am

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manholelover (24) In the context of roleplay, S&M etc, between consenting adults, then it can be ok.
09-03-11  07:55am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #11 - jberryl69 :

Yes that's the "C" word I was thinking and I don't care who thinks it's acceptable to use. I never will. That word is in the same category as the "N" word. I don't think its any more acceptable when used by black people.

I also have an issue with spitting and I make no exception that it's between 2 women or a man and a woman. Spitting is spitting.

09-03-11  10:37am

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turboshaft (24) To be perfectly honest, I have never given it much thought, and no I'm not some cold-hearted miscreant who tortures animals or ties up women (plus I'm pretty bad with knots).

I think it's largely a part of the act, and behind the scenes it could all be fine and dandy...but I don't know, and frankly I don't want to know. I don't want to know that some girl has a kid, her marital status, her religion, or that she's really just a doe-eyed innocent who only talks like a drunken sailor on camera.

Call it method acting (though "acting" may be a stretch in this context), a professional demeanor, a naughty side, whatever, but I think it's way too easy to confuse what we see on camera as the whole truth. Yes, there are countless dickheads who have little to no respect for the people on camera, but that doesn't mean every bit of verbal abuse is genuine or even all that unexpected by the respective participants.

Some girls really get into it, frequently making it sound fucking hot, sometimes funny, and occasionally insincere and silly. But come on, it's porn, not a documentary or family movie!

09-03-11  03:54pm

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graymane (33) The whole practice of this insane verbal and physical abuse put upon these women, as it exists in the business of porn, whether "role-playing" or otherwise, springs from nothing less than a diseased and abhortantly depraved mind.
The assholes who churn this crap out cares nothing about it's negatively damaged image of women, but only the bucks begging to be handed over by the small market of salavating creeps who crave the stuff.

09-03-11  06:27pm

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dracken (246) I think in my whole time watching porn there were only one or two extreme sites that I felt uncomfortable with. Max hardcore was one of those...just too hardcore for me. Facial abuse is also too rough for me (mostly because of the name calling. Nothing kills my boner worse than hearing a guy call a girl racist names or insults...)

As long as the girls agree to it I guess it's fine, but the girls have to agree and it's tough to tell sometimes...

09-03-11  08:30pm

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tomjones (1) I'm sure much of it is perfunctory acting, but no, it does nothing for me, and it's clear "actresses" don't like it either.
09-03-11  11:50pm

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anyonebutme (14) Had to vote "other" because "Don't care for it at all" doesn't do justice for how much I do not like this.
09-04-11  12:53am

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David19 (5) It really depends a lot on how such words are being used. If the intent is simply to degrade the women, then that is very offensive and it is not going to be something I find erotic.

But it is also important to understand that it is a porn site. Presumably if one is subscribing to a porn site, one doesn't believe in feminist views that all porn is degrading to women. By its nature, porn involves women, as part of their job, posing nude and often having sex for the physical pleasure of their customers.

In such a context, dirty words do sometimes have their place, without any intent to degrade the women being involved. In most (non-porn) contexts, calling a woman a "slut" or a "whore" would be a profound insult. On a porn site, it may simply be a legitimate way to described what the woman is portraying. She is being paid to act like a "slut" on camera, and in such a context, the word may be used without any negative connotation. It does not mean that the woman acts like a "slut" in her life outside her porn work--but since we as customers generally know nothing about the models' outside lives, that isn't particularly relevant.

So in sum: intentionally degrading a woman is abhorrent to me. Talking "dirty" on a site whose whole purpose is sex is fine.

09-04-11  04:09am

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Thomas20 (2) REPLY TO #11 - jberryl69 :

"Would the be Cunt? From my understanding, the Brits find this to be a very accepting version of a woman. "

You are very wrong.

09-04-11  04:23am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #13 - pat362 :

Is spit swapping offensive?
09-04-11  08:16am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #20 - Thomas20 :

Somewhere, and I cannot recall where so I cannot reference the source, I was led to believe that use of cunt was on the same level as calling a woman a bitch.

Looking further into it, and from the site http://www.thefreedictionary.com

cunt [kʌnt]
n Taboo

1. the female genitals
2. Offensive slang a woman considered sexually
3. Offensive slang a mean or obnoxious person
[of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse kunta, Middle Low German kunte][Middle English cunte.]

Usage: Although there has been some relaxation of the taboo against using words such as fuck in conversation and print, the use of cunt is still not considered acceptable by most people outside very limited social contexts.

Though originally a racily descriptive word in Middle English, it has been taboo for many centuries and continues to be so

Collins English Dictionary Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

So perhaps I misheard and stand corrected.

09-04-11  08:25am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #21 - jberryl69 :

It is to me if said spit is not during a ckis. I don't care if both performers are into spitting into each others mouth and they both find it thrilling. I will always consider it offensive if one person spits anywhwere on another person.
09-04-11  09:31am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #22 - jberryl69 :

If you watch r-rated British crime dramas, you sometimes hear one guy calling another guy a cunt. That's a term of disrespect. It doesn't mean the other guy is a homosexual. It means, from the context, the other guy is a jerk, stupid, someone to be taken advantage of, someone who can be pushed around, something like that.
09-04-11  10:40am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #24 - lk2fireone :

sort of what i had in mind
09-04-11  01:22pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #23 - pat362 :

Just curious Pat - no judgement meant - hope none taken.
09-04-11  01:23pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #26 - jberryl69 :

I didn't think the question was in any offensive. I just assumed you were curious to know exactly what I was talking about. I've seen quite a few G/G scenes where one girl spits in the mouth of the other and vice versa. I have also seen where girls play with each others saliva but they usually drool it rather than spit it. Jay Sin's stuff often includes these things and I usually skip over it.

Playing with saliva is not really offensive to me but it is simply not sexually interesting.

09-04-11  07:11pm

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slutty (111) I'm with most, in that I generally can't stand it, although like manhole I think it is okay in the context of S&M. This is one of the reasons I hate sites like BangBros.
09-04-11  09:54pm

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slategrey (13) Really dont care for the dirty talk
09-05-11  03:22pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #27 - pat362 :

Yeah! thanks for the clarification.
09-05-11  09:18pm

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