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ALS Scan (1)

rearadmiral (388) 08-07-11  08:26am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent quality in videos and photos
- HD Available (up to 1920x1080) for many videos and all newer videos
- Multiple download options
- HD Streaming available
- Over 1000 videos available (varying lengths)
- Photos available (most high resolution Ė some at 2592x3888)
- Photos zipped or singles
- Great mix of North American and European models
- Models are very beautiful
- Some great on-location shoots
- Not Ďcookie-cutterí porn
- iPhone / mobile device users have separate area so no need to sort
- Still updating regularly
- Discount to ALS Angels with site membership ($9.95) (this is NOT a pre-checked cross-sell)
Cons: - Limited search function
Bottom Line: The last time I joined ALS Scan I joined specifically for the public nudity scenes. I did that because I really had no interest in anything else they had to offer. I did download some stuff other than the public nudity and when I finally got around to watching it I was amazed at how stunning the models were, how hot the scenes were, and how the site seemed to go out of its way to offer industry-leading resolutions on both video and pictures.

Objectively, the site is as good as it gets. Itís near perfect. Itís obvious that the site owner wants to deliver an excellent product to his customers.

The site offers both video and pictures, and unlike many other sites one doesnít take a back seat to the other. Both are very well done. The site currently has over 1000 videos on the site, with more being added. One point about the updates is that they are new, as in recently shot, and they are old, in that the site offers older, re-mastered material.

The videos are all available in multiple formats. The formats and sizes vary depending on when the video was shot and uploaded, but itís fair to say that if youíre downloading a video from 2007 it would have exceeded the specs of almost anything available elsewhere. For the past year or so all videos have been available in true HD. Theyíre available in DivX and mp4 format (1280x720) and in WMV9 at 1920x1080 (at 8000kbps). I only downloaded the WMV files, and they are amazingly crisp. This is some of the best video Iíve ever seen. HD streaming is also available. HD became pretty common in mid-2007 though not universal until later.

The videos come in several categories: solo photo shoot, solo masturbation and girl/girl. There are several public nudity shoots, but they havenít added to these in a couple of years. Each year for the past several the crew has taken models to an on-location shoot in the Caribbean. The locations and the models combine with the technical expertise of the crew to create some fun, hot videos. There are also casting shoots in Budapest and the Czech Republic. These arenít necessarily Ďhotí but they are a lot of fun to watch. Mixed in to some of the scenes are some fisting (girl-on-girl and solo) and some peeing (but no golden showers).

Iím not a picture guy, but Iíll make an exception for this site. The pics are available as SD or HD and as singles or zipped. The HD size is large (I saw some at 2592x3888) and subjectively they are incredible! Zooming in causes no pixilation at all.

I used Free Download Manager and it worked perfectly. Download speeds were 1850+/- but that may be where my settings are since I donít know how to change them. File sizes can be huge, so people with download caps need to be wary.

One thing I thought was a nice touch was that they created a separate portal for people who download to mobile devices. That makes finding the material easy.

Subjectively, this site is second to none. The models are stunning. There is a good mix of North American and European models. A-list porn stars are here too. The scenes all look incredible. The lighting, camera work, sound and editing are all near-perfect.

This isnít cookie-cutter porn Ė although there are a few broad categories of scenes, the director and models do an excellent job of making each scene feel fresh. It looks like theyíre having fun on the site. My guess is that they are.

Is there anything wrong with the site? Not really, but it could benefit from a search function. There is nothing now, and arguably thatís okay since the shoots can be sorted by model. By they should consider adding a search function for things like fisting, peeing and lesbian. But donít get me wrong Ė the addition of a search function would only be like an extra layer of icing on a delicious cake. (And since they design and sell their own bikinis, maybe a search by style would be great too.)

Some caveats for anyone thinking of joining Ė these arenít negatives, just things you need to be aware of: 1) there are no b/g scenes, 2) 99% of the models are petite, Caucasian and young.

To add more icing to the cake, when you join this site you can get a $9.95 subscription to ALS Angels. Itís a very similar site and Iím not really sure of the difference but it is a nice addition. If I find major differences Iíll post a comment or review if warranted.

The bottom line is that if you like this kind of material and these types of models, you likely wonít find a better site on the Ďnet. Be prepared to spend some time here.

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elephant (67) Nice in depth review man, I do like the look and the models are super hot, I also love their style of lesbian video. Only thing that doesn't really do it for me is the photoshoot videos, I just can't watch these at all, I find them lacking in that fluid element you get from a normal sex video. I guess though they must have their fans though cause they wouldn't make them otherwise.

Still, good thing is they do lots of non photoshoot sex scenes its maybe due a revisit from me as it's been a while since I was last a member here.

08-07-11  08:45am

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tangub (155) An excellent thorough review as usual rearadmiral. I'm not normally into the wierd insertions, gyno and fisting stuff the models get up to here but as you say the models are so hot and the quality of the photos top notch that i'm prepared to overlook those issues for this site. Not had a membership here for about two and a half years though so maybe time for a revisit soon. A shame if they've removed a lot of the pre 2007 stuff but luckily i grabbed most of that on my last visit.
08-07-11  09:22am

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messmer (137) Super, detailed review, rearadmiral. I do agree with elephant when he writes: "Only thing that doesn't really do it for me is the photoshoot videos, I just can't watch these at all, I find them lacking in that fluid element you get from a normal sex video. I guess though they must have their fans though cause they wouldn't make them otherwise,"

However I loved everything else about this site and your score is eminently fair. They are exceptional in models and quality.

08-07-11  11:23am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #1 - elephant :

Thanks for the comments, elephant. I can't explain why, but I'm one of the people who really like the photo shoot videos. I can see why some people wouldn't like them because they aren't as overtly sexual as a video, and I can see that some people wouldn't like the director talking through it the whole time, but for some reason I really like all aspects of these scenes. I like the 'fly-on-the-wall" thing and being able to see the interaction between the model and the camera.

If you go back (and I'd highly recommend that you do) plan to stay a while. The HD video files are huge and look amazing.

08-07-11  01:01pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #2 - tangub :

Thanks tangub. I'm not a big fan of the fisting and peeing either. That's a bit strange for me to say that because in other contexts I do have a bit of an interest in those. I think that here it seems a little out of place in that the site is more about glamout than raw sex. But these things on ALS Scan don't get in the way of the scenes and they certainly don't detract from the site.
08-07-11  01:08pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #3 - messmer :

Thanks messmer! As I said to elephant, while I can understand that some people would have no interest in the photo shoot videos, they work for me. I can't really say why, but they do. I downloaded more of those than masturbation scenes.

And thanks for supporting the high score. Based on the scoring criteria here, I think it is justified and I hope that anyone reading the review will see why I scored it so high. They may not agree, but as long as they see where I'm coming from.

08-07-11  01:14pm

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exotics4me (463) Very good review RearAdmiral. I've been a big fan of both ALS sites for a good while. The main thing I'm going to comment on is the ALS Angels site being available for $9.95 with ALS Scan. This originally was the only major problem I had with the ALS sites.

The difference between the two. ALS Angels are models, ALS' webmaster Alex felt were "too curvy" for ALS Scan. If he has made Angels available for $9.95 to Scan members then I probably wouldn't complain too much, but for years, including up to the last membership I had, Scan was $29.95, Angels was $24.95 no matter whether you joined them both or not and it had me almost saying "scam". Various reasons for it, my favorite Euro model, Eve Angel is on Angels only, she is listed as 5'6" 115. not really for sure on what world a 115 pound woman is "too curvy". I think my most recent reviews of the two scored Angels higher than Scan just because I preferred the models, though Angels only updates 7-10 times a month, compared to Scan's much more frequent updates.

It became such a frustrating point for me that I stopped joining either site. Don't remember how I exactly worded it, either in a review or comment, but at one point, it cost nearly $55 to join both and the only bonus from joining both was receiving all the models all other sites offer for one price. This became more frustrating when I signed up for both sites with the same username/password and sure enough, they were going through the same server. I think I've even posted I would be willing to join both for $39.95 combo price, so it at least shows how much I liked the content. I'll have to make a note to join both if Alex keeps giving a discount to Angels for Scan members.

08-07-11  01:39pm

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gaypornolover (38) Wow excellent review as usual rear, very impressive - I don't think you could know the site better!
08-07-11  02:11pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #8 - gaypornolover :

Thanks! Let's just say I spent a lot of time there over the past couple of weeks. It's a huge site.
08-07-11  04:25pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

Thanks for the comments, and thanks for the information on the difference between the two sites. I figured that it had to be something like that. The models at Angels are certainly 'curvier' but they are still amazingly beautiful. I hope that Alex is representing them as inferior to the models at Scan becasue they aren't.

When I joined a year ago during the signup process I was offered Angels for $9.95. Same thing happened this time. It's possible but not probably that I just got lucky both times and signed up when there was a special offer. I susepct that it's a standard offer now. And if it is, you get your wish of both sites for just under $40.

08-07-11  04:29pm

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Monahan (44) rearadmiral, terrific review, as always. I'm giving serious thought to taking the plunge on a 3 month membership to ALS Scans, especially after reading your review of ALS Scans today. The site has been on the top of my bucket list for a long time; one reason is because it had good preview stuff on Andie Valentino. (She's not in the model list right now, which means I should jump in before others disappear.

I'm tiring of the suck, fuck and jerk stuff and want to return to my real interest, looking at superbly attractive models in professionally produced videos while enjoying themselves.

One question. Can you tell from the site if ALS Angels is still available at the $9.95 add-on price and if that deal is permanent with longer term memberships?

08-07-11  10:54pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

Yeah I guess I neverreally looked at it like that " a fly on the wall documentary style video of the the models" I guess you do see more personality from them in these vids than normal sex scenes.

Yeah as much as I like high quality vids I do like to not go above 1gb on a movie, that's good quality for me really, I don't watch them on a big tv really only on a 24" monitor. Some of the downloads on the site I'm at now Reality Kings at full 1080p ones are in excess of 2.8 gb, just don't have he hard drive space for vids this size so just downloading the smaller ones.

Yeah about scores, its all about your prefrences isn't it, if your expectations and tastes are catered for then you have to rate high, its a very personal thing scoring.

08-08-11  01:05am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #10 - rearadmiral :

I tried it out, but not getting the offer. The only options I got besides the standard join is to join for long-term. The worst part, I never can get my card approved through their billing system so it ends up sending me to ccbill. Maybe I'll send them an email and ask what's going on with both problems. I wouldn't have ever complained about it if Angels updated more frequently. I still really like their content, but my subscriptions have dropped off since I usually prefer Angels. At one time, maybe 2007, I was joining both about every 3 months. As of right now, I don't think I've been a member this year of either. Just like Monahan's post below shows.
08-08-11  03:20am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #11 - Monahan :

Andie is on ALS Angels, really good content of her, maybe the best I've seen of her.
08-08-11  03:21am

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Sarah (13)
Thanks for the very thorough review Realadmiral. I do want to let you know that our older videos are available. We started re-mastering them around 2007 and when these older videos were re-released we listed them with the new release dates. Just take a look under some of our more popular models from the early 2000's like Sophie, Liz Honey, Roxanne, Taylor Rain, etc and you'll see their videos.
Exotics4Me - email me at webmaster@s2.alsscan.com and I'll get you hooked up with the special Angel's deal.

08-08-11  06:58am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #12 - elephant :

I know it's a personal thing, but I've always liked the interaction between the model and the crew where it's appropriate. Obviously in a plot-based movie (do they still make those?) it wouldn't work, but it works really well at ALS Scan.

File sizes may be a problem for you, but the trade-off is unbelievable quality - for both pics and video. This really is impressive stuff.

I agree that there will always be a subjective element in a score, but as long as a reviewer explains the score then I'm okay with something very low or very high. And honestly, while there is a subjective element in my high score, there is a lot of objectivity too. This could be a site with obese, hairy senior women and I may not like it much, but I'd still have to give credit for the technical near-perfection.

And jusr in case anyone from ALS Scan reads this, please don't start using obese, hairy senior women as models. I was just using that as an example. :-)

08-08-11  01:24pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #13 - exotics4me :

Good luck with this - it looks like from Sarah the webmaster's post they'll be able to help you out. I really wasn't looking for the ALS Angels sign up offer so I can't say for sure, but I think it came after I had submitted my credit card information for ALS Scan.

And a big thumbs up to ALS for not making this a pre-checked cross sell.

08-08-11  01:27pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #15 - Sarah :

Sarah, thanks for taking the time to reply. I think you'd agree that your site has a lot of fans here.

Based on your reply and on a reply to an email I received from Alex it looks like I made a mistake in my review regarding older sets. I'll edit the review to remove that reference.

And given that you stepped in to provide some information, and Alex emailed me back, that level of customer service makes this excellent site that much better.

08-08-11  01:32pm

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RLane (16) Great review on this site, you made me more go to this site now.
12-11-11  09:17pm

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