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Would you date someone in the porn industry?

Type: Personal

Submitted by nygiants03 (162)
Yes 48% 30 Votes
No 11% 7 Votes
Maybe 41% 26 Votes

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63 Votes Total

Jul 28, 2007

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

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exotics4me (463) I don't see why not. Most of the models that get married end up leaving the industry or becoming strictly solo. Even so, it almost goes into the whole thing would you date the person you are with if you knew their whole sexual past? I'm married, but if not, I can name off a dozen or so models that I would marry, not just date!

Just think, if she was a tease, you could be all like, "Well fine, don't show me, I will just go rent your last movie!"

07-28-07  02:47am

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jd1961 (95) I would date Traci Lords, she's about my age !
07-28-07  04:45am

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Boobs4ever (22) It would Bee Double Moral for me to not date a person in the porn industry (as main reason) when Im a consumer of it. It would bee like denying that your watching porn ore like it. I can Imagine its a lifetime experienced to date any public person.

I will Keep this in mind LoL ^^"Just think, if she was a tease, you could be all like, "Well fine, don't show me, I will just go rent your last movie!"

07-28-07  05:37am

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Jay G (67) If I were dating, I would find dating someone in the porn industry interesting, but entertainers of any kind often are hard to relate to since they attract "groupie" types and "hangers-on" that are really men/women with severe needs and little ability for healthy relationships. I have great admiration for the entertainers who can give us wonderful things to see and still have a reasonable personal life. Unfortunately, I've often seen that that is VERY hard to do.
07-28-07  06:17am

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apoctom (145) I put "Maybe" because of a concern similar to Jay G's. It deals less with the fact that she would be a porn actress and more with the fact that she is an actress, period. The same concern applies to dating anyone in the entertainment industry.

A similar issue is that entertainers tend to live, work, and play in an isolated and insulated world. I would certainly date an entertainer who was more down-to-earth and wasn't living in this bubble.

07-28-07  08:52am

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nygiants03 (162) I wouldnt date any of the hardcore porn models, I'd go for the Aria Giovanni type(softcore). I couldnt stand if I was dating a pornstar who fucks all these guys other then me all the time, and swallow thier cum and what not. I also would'nt mind if I was dating someone who owned there own personal solo porn site.
07-28-07  10:48am

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Schnitzel (29) I think it very much depends on what part of the industry they're in.

I would have no problems in dating a more softcore model. Perhaps someone who has her own site and is not having on-screen relations with lots of guys.

I'd happily date any model from Sapphic Erotica, and sites like this though, heheh.
The kind of person I wouldn't date would be someone in mainstream DVDs. I think I'd be paranoid when she was at work!

07-28-07  04:00pm

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pat362 (375) I'm assuming the question is based dating a performers and not someone behind the scene. Then my answer is no, I'd go so far as to say that I wouldn't want to meet them. If you watch a TV show, or a movie you aren't looking at a real person. You are looking at an actress who pretends
to be that person, well fantasy almost never equals reality. That's why it's called fantasy

07-28-07  06:38pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

Good point, Pat,

I've actually met people in entertainment and it is very disappointing how fragile many of them are (and a few are downright stupid outside of their work). Any fantasy disappears when it meets blunt reality and, after all, the purpose of porn is totally fantasy.

07-29-07  05:22am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #9 - Jay G :

I suspect that like anywhere else, there are people of varying levels of education and social skills. The fact remains is that it's nearly impossible for an actress to ever come close to our idea of her. Let's say for argument sake that one woman exist that can meet our expectation. Who would want to date a woman who's job it is to have sex with other people. I may be a weird man, but there is now way I'd want to share my girlfriend with other people be they male or female. I don't care that someone says that they are secure in their relationship, and that the sex means nothing to them. I may be old fashion, or the jealous type, but sex for me is never just that. If it doesn't mean anything then why bother with it???
07-29-07  10:51am

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DpornGuy (36) sure, why not, everybody has to make a living in the end..
07-29-07  05:01pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) HELL YES!! HELL FUCKING YES!! THIS IS A GOOD ASS POLL!! You have no idea how many chicks I want to date that are occupying the porn industry!! Once my head gets screwed on correctly, I EVEN SUBMIT A LIST. However, here are a few of them:
- Haley Paige - Maaaaaan, I just wanna take a nice hot shower with this woman real bad, bros!!!
- Celina Cross - She'll end up hating me just cuz of how much I would want to date this woman!! Once again, I need to shower with this woman and just rub up against her wet soapy body... Forget what you guys are going through!!
- Kat Young - If this girl isn't 18 years old, why would she be on the internet?!!! Another shower girl, homie!!
- Riley Mason - Maaaaan, I swear if these muthafuckas don't stop drip droping in her face and just give this very very hot gorgeous slender mami a very nice missionary cumshot all over her body, I swear...

07-30-07  07:59am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

That's because they are probably being forced to do some of the obnoxious crap that I complain about everytime that I log on to PORNUSERS.COM. So they probably don't want to fulfull our fantasies because they are grosses out, or I could be wrong!!!

I would like to actually meet a porn girl in person and have her tell me she actually enjoys facials and bondage, just so I could change her mind about it and tell her how very valuable she is in porn... instead of being reduced to a facial queen!!


07-30-07  08:05am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - pat362 :

If you are implying on 2 guys to one chick... I CAN'T STAND THAT SHIT EITHER!! If you are my girl, you are my girl...NOBODY ELSES!!

As far as education, If Ricky White is a dumb girl, and I assume she isn't, and she is about to screw the life out of me, I could care less about her educational level!! Have you seen the ass on this woman?!! OH MAN!! I'll have sex with her first, then worry about if she has mastered the QUADRATIC EQUATION!!

07-30-07  08:11am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - Boobs4ever :

HA HA HA!! Man I love this poll!! And for the Khan guy at staff being concerned with me trying to get attention on the net... HELL YEA!! This is porn, BABY!!

All a woman from the industry has to do is tell me that she wants to date me, and she is my type... IT'S ON AND CRACKLE TO DA LACKIN'!!


07-30-07  08:15am

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Gazette Risque (55) I've had conversations about this with my friends a million times at least. I'm the only one who actually would.

Even if I wasn't as interested in the porn industry as I am, I would. It doesn't matter whether she's in the porn industry or not. It's about the person you're dating in the end. Not the job.

Of course there are limitations to that saying but a porn star or anyone in the porn industry doesn't make a bad living usually.

So in short... Yes, I would.

07-30-07  09:00am

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Pornjackker (37) No, porn is strictly for fantasy, nothing else
07-30-07  07:41pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #13 - Pinche Kankun :

I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed in the last few years whether I'm reading things from a blog site, or titles from porn movies, but there is a lot of deregatory terms used toward women in todays porn. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like to read terms like Ho's, bitches, fucksack, cunt...and so on I'd like to think that there is never an acceptable situation for calling a woman a whore. I'm curious myself on which girl enjoys most of what passes for porn these days. In response to your statement I'd bet that a lot of these girls might prefer a little bondage action. For the most part it rarely, to never involves getting yourseld being dp'ed by 2 very large men for half an hour. Compared to that hot wax, being tied up, and light wipping must seem like a walk in the park.
I'd bet that facilas would fall under that same heading, unless it followed the dreaded DP.

07-30-07  08:20pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #14 - Pinche Kankun :

The only problem with dating, and that could include only the screwing part is that for us at the end of the day the last thing we want to do, is anything to do with our work. If your a porn star sex is your work, what do you do at home. That said we can all dream about meeting a hot porn actress who'll do for us everything we've enjoyed watching her do on the screen. That's acalled fantasy.
I'm not complaining because it would be sad if we didn't have them.

07-30-07  08:26pm

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nygiants03 (162) REPLY TO #15 - Pinche Kankun :

Hey Im glad you enjoy my submitted poll. I notice your all about the curves of a woman, have you got in to Aria Giovanni like I have. I find her to have some of the best curves in the business and gorgeous eyes to boot. If not you should check her out and tell me hat you think.
07-30-07  11:03pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #20 - nygiants03 :

I am on it like flies on top of great big piles of shit, homie!! I fill you in on the details when I check it out!!
07-30-07  11:27pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - pat362 :

PORN RULES!! YEAH!! As far as home, if my hot date wants me in the shower with her, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, I don't care how satisfied I am if we had sex on the job... Sometimes just rubbing your knob right between the cheeks of you hot date's soapy ass will solidify my jock strap beyond adamantium status... How's that for chemistry?!

If Tia Sweets told me to come into the room and fuck me doggie style, even after a days work of sex, I get on my knees and pray to "GOD" for an erection... THAT'S RIGHT, I AIN'T AFRAID TO BOW DOWN!!

07-30-07  11:37pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #18 - pat362 :

Check this out man, I watched a porn video over the weekend, one titled "LATIN CALIENTE!" In the first scene, when they do it missionary style, it just looks like all that slow stroking and playing with her clit all at the same time would cause this man to yack out his cock and spray his load all over her!! I mean she is just spread open, homie, on the couch laying down, and he just doddling his dick right in her hole at a slow pace and massaging her clit... I LOVE THAT KIND OF SHIT MAAAAAAAN!!

Let me take Alexis Love for an instance: This girl is skinny and so cute! She has this boney pussy that looks like it will turn your meat into a fire hose if you are not to careful while stroking her in missionary style and she is spread open as far apart as possible!!


And you are right, I don't down-grade women either... It is very unnecessary!!

07-30-07  11:48pm

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SnowDude (214) It would totally depemd on the person and the circumstances, but as a general rule I would. As always there could be things that change my view of the otehr person, but many pornstars probably take more precautions than the average person anyway. Put another way, would I refuse to date someone solely because they are an adult performer? No.
08-01-07  08:18pm

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Drooler (220) I'd choose the woman by character quality and personality. Jamie Lynn would be interesting; she's a smart cookie, and she knows how to make herself mysterious. Gotta have that.

Goofy, moody, perpertually immature chicks? Forget it.

And NO over-the-ass tats or weird piecings or fake ta-ta's. I want a natural girl. She doesn't even have to have big tits. I think now of Jassie ...

08-15-07  03:45pm

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mbaya (366) I would be afraid that real life sex would be boring for them. The goal in porn is for them to make a buck and I think they do so much sex that it ceases to mean anything special.
09-18-08  10:37am

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