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Is English your native language?

Type: Personal
Yes 73% 36 Votes
No, but I'm fluent in it 16% 8 Votes
No, but I struggle along 10% 5 Votes

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49 Votes Total

May 6, 2011

Poll Replies (17)

Replies to the user poll above.

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RustyJ (145) One of the advantages of growing along with the developing computers and other electronics was that you had to learn English.
05-06-11  12:53am

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pat362 (373) My first language was French. I started learning English only after I started going to school.
05-06-11  05:49am

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elephant (67) I'd love to get time to learn Italian but never seem to these days, My only language is English with a little school knowledge of French.
05-06-11  06:34am

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Denner (235) Oh, I keep struggling as a Scandinavian with Danish as primary language from birth.
And along with English I speak some German, Swedish, Norwegian and French. In the start here at PU I made a lot of errors and nice fellow PUs kept telling me it was getting better - SO: now and then it can be, yes a struggle to express exactly what you want to tell here.
Oh, BTW: How many US citizens speak anything else but English? And English is not a global language, even if some Americans and British like to think so...
But bottom line: This is an American site, so I would or could never complain. So just ask for some understanding - which I have received here - from most of the fellow PUs over the years. THANKS!

05-06-11  06:44am

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Jay G (67) While my grandparents spoke French (from Canada), my parents taught the older children to speak only English, so the little French I now am able to speak is so poor that my younger, French-speaking, brother constantly corrects my grammar or pronunciation.

In fact, I've often had conversations in restaurants where my brother speaks only French and I answer only in English. You get strange looks from others when that happens.

I admire Denner, Rusty, Pat and the many other members who do so well in English even though it's their second or third language.

05-06-11  07:51am

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lk2fireone (196) I think my original language was baby talk, which I am now re-learning as I get older. With a drooling accent, unless I remember to keep a napkin handy or to keep my mouth closed. Getting old is not a pretty sight or sound, as the case may be.
05-06-11  08:03am

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Denner (235) For what it's worth:

I - as a "forieghner" (that word/expression I believe was banned once at CNN) am greatfull for the backup/help I've received over the years since I first came here in 2007 - and got scorned by few PUs for my lack of correct English ect...
But friends like foremost Drooler and Khan...and of course exotics, messmer and a lot others have made this place the only "international" Blog (or what's it called) I go to almost every day - since 2007.
This is today a real friendly place to be - we can disagree, but no bad feelings.
We're all into porn and hunting and looking for the best deals/material ect. And I'll call it international even if it's US-based - and THANKS for that.
AND this TBP/PU is real, I feel. Take a look at some "similar" - like Pam's Reviews - "brings you honest reviews of adult paysites" - all sites there get top scores. But that's a different story, sorry to have kept you...

05-06-11  09:30am

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messmer (137) I spoke German until I was twenty. They taught us some English in school but nothing I could use once I hit Canada. My biggest regret is that I didn't pass German on to my children.
05-06-11  09:42am

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Drooler (220) Yes, English is my native tongue, the one I've been learning since birth. I don't think I've been very good at learning other languages, though I have tried. And so I admire the folks who have to deal with it as "another" language as they communicate with us here.

I'm glad this site is in English! If it weren't I'd be spending a lot of time trying to handle the language issues I'd be having, and that would take me away from the porn!

So knowing English just naturally suits the porn lover, you see?

And so, the next time you hear someone say that people HAVE to speak English in the United States, you can ask them, "Why? Are you trying to get them interested in pornography?"

05-06-11  04:06pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

I can't say how many US citizens speak anything else but English but plenty of us have enough trouble with just English alone. : - )

Of the people I've talked to from Scandinavia (mostly from bands in Norway and Sweden touring the U.S.) their English seemed better than many Americans, at least in terms of grammar. Obviously accents can sound "foreign" and certain expressions and words can be out of place here in America, though that may be more culture than anything else.

For example, I recently heard a guy from Norway use the term "molesting" in describing someone getting beaten up, but to Americans that almost universally means child rape(!), so it really stuck out.

Though proper nouns--names, places, etc.--are a pretty universal language at least.

05-06-11  08:13pm

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graymane (33) My answer is yes....but most of my High School English teachers might beg-to-differ.
As a result of my stymied interest dwelling on auto-pilot during my English classes -- that is, those I managed to stay awake in -- upon getting out of school and facing the world, I quickly had my inattention come back and bite me in the ass.

My fractured speech and writing stood out like neon-lights, effecting employment opportunities, as well as being a source of comic relief to my educated counterparts -- esp. the women.

When I finally woke up and smelled the coffee, I launched a vigorous self-learning campaign consisting of courses and a voracious regimen of reading.
My English might still suck....but God help me if I'd stayed on the path I was initally hobbling along on.

BTW....a tip of my hat and a deep curtsy bow to those outside the U.S. who participate in this site.
Their command of the English language is nothing less than superlative.

05-06-11  11:29pm

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tangub (155) Yes native English and much appreciation for those who participate here for whom English is not their native tongue.
05-07-11  12:58am

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elonlybuster (39) English.
Any of you guys know of any spanish, french, or other language websites that are state side... Curious

05-07-11  03:11am

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BadMrFrosty (56) Where is the "Yes, but I struggle along" option?

I speak English natively but live in a country where fluent English is not generally spoken. This results in me speaking Czech, which I am fluent in, or speaking very basic dumbed down English. All this means that I am forgetting how to speak proper English, a fact that becomes clear when chatting with other native speakers and forgetting the more complex and expressive words that I am used to using.

05-07-11  09:54am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #14 - BadMrFrosty :

Your written English, as posted at PU, is as good or better than anyone else's. So are you implying that we write a dumbed down English at PU?

I think it's great that you have learned to speak fluently a second language. Even if it's Czech, which is probably not spoken a lot of places besides Czech-land.

Is Slovak a separate language? I know it's now a separate country.

05-07-11  11:05am

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #15 - lk2fireone :

Thanks for the compliment, appreciate it. I'm not saying I write a dumbed down version of my normal English here, there is a big difference having the time to pick and choose words when writting something than when having a conversation. That said, I have gotten better recently after changing my ex girlfriend who spoke zero english for for one that speaks at decent level.

If I had the choice of which language to learn, Czech would be somewhere near the bottom of the list. For a native English speaker it has to be one of the most difficult languages to learn and speak, even at a basic conversational level. It is very similar to Slovak, I can understand Slovaks and they can understand me speaking Czech. At risk of oversimplifying the difference, its maybe like the difference between American and British English. Both share a common root but have many differences in pronouncination and spelling that can make for misunderstandings. Learning Czech has its benefits, I can understand basic Russian and read basic Polish so it makes travelling about the region hassle free.

05-07-11  02:15pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #11 - graymane :

Your use of the English language is nothing short of poetic. This can obviously make it sometimes quite demanding to decode and digest the true meaning behind the words but the effort is definitely rewarded. Keep posting in your unique style my Friend.
05-07-11  04:35pm

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