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21Sextury.com (6)

exotics4me (463) 03-31-11  07:29pm
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Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fights a close battle with Twistys as my top site for quality, quantity and value.
- Descending price per month going from $20, $15 to staying at $10 from there out.
- The numbers are staggering, 2,216 models, near 10,000 scenes and the majority are exclusive.
- Videos range from 640x480 to 1920x1080, going to try and list in reply.
- Photos are zipped and stayed at 1280 high end up until the last year, then the 4300 high end photo zips option showed up on the exclusive sites.
- I would go as far as saying there are at least 10 sites in this network that would be worth joining just for that one site for the $20 price. The value is very high.
- I have found the navigation to be very good for a network of this size.
- Ability to "stay" a member after membership runs out so you can check out all the new updates.
- Quite a few niches covered even with the split of the extreme sites to their own network.
- Can't say much more than it's the best of its kind.
Cons: - Well there isn't much outside of the few technical glitches I had mentioned in the previous comment.
- Nitpicking, as another member here pointed out, the file names. I don't run into this problem most of the time since I rename the scenes to whatever the title of the set is, but that's going to be the 1 point I take off since I could download more if not for having to rename the files! Little bit of joking there since I'm already crossing bandwith limits.
Bottom Line: This is sort of a hard network to review as a whole. Of the sites available in the first month, these to me are exclusive and would be able to stand on their own, Pix and Video, Club Sandy, Lez Cuties, Anal Teen Angels, Asshole Fever, Blue Angel Live, Aletta Ocean Empire, Cuties Galore, DP Fanatics, Footsie Babes, Nude Fight Club and Sweet Sophie Moone. So, that's 12 and all except Blue Angel, Aletta Ocean and Nude Fight Club have hundreds of scenes on each, all exclusive.

Maybe it's a change in the porn world, but there was a time that I joined some of these sites for $30 each or $45 for two. Those listed above aren't the only exclusive sites either. Those are just the ones that I personally would have joined at least once or have joined as one site.

The updates for the network average around 6 per day. That's around 200 updates a month. We can do the math, stay for 3 months, 600 updates, 3 month price $45 total, with the majority of those updates being exclusive. That's serious value. The navigation added points to the score just because I've never been on a network that had accurate search by model results. This one does.

For someone new to their sites, I suggest a couple of new external hard drives. As example, say you just discovered Sophie Moone, she has 449 scenes on here. Sandy has 356. Eve Angel has 125. Cindy Hope around 100. These numbers are combined with the other 2,000+ models. Even Regina Ice, who I think is a very underrated model, she has 24. You could spend probably 4-5 months here downloading and still be discovering new models.

A few things to add here. To show the amount of new models, they have 697 new models listed in the last year. It's like they've got a model factory and just keep churning out new favorites to combine with the older favorites.

I know 99 is a high score, but I could break this down in cost per exclusive scene, amount of models and make a case for it that way. That wouldn't even include the fact that the new videos are 1920x1080 and new pictures are 4300 long end. It wouldn't include the near perfect navigation once you get used to it. In terms of price + quality + quantity = value, they are as near to perfect as I've found. The amount of updates keeps you busy too. If there is any problem with the site it is just that. It's overwhelming. Just when I find a model that I want to download all of the content by her, I discover another one and this creates a problem of being overwhelmed.

I joked in the comment about hitting my monthly bandwith limit with my internet provider and that is probably the best compliment I can pay a site. I especially want to add to be sure to check out Lez Cuties and Anal Teen Angels, lots of new, young models on those sites that I was not familiar with. If I were to break these sites down, I could realistically see rating at least those 12 I listed above from 82-92 each, getting them all for the price they offer makes it the best value in porn to me.

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exotics4me (463) Didn't have room for video quality breakdown and these may not be completely right since I don't have time to scan through the exact dates. Starting in 2006 the videos all jumped to DVD quality or higher. In 2008 they were all the way over to HD quality. In 2010, all the way to Blu Ray quality.
03-31-11  07:32pm

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TheSquirrel (53) 99 per cent. FFS that's high! I thought you preferred softcore to hardcore too. Gotta respect your opinion cos you are one of the most highly respected members here. Have never been a member of this network, but now I'm tempted.
03-31-11  08:09pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - TheSquirrel :

That's the good thing with this network. Pix and Video, Club Sandy and Footsie Babes are more softcore than hardcore. I think one way to see how highly I've thought of these sites is to look at the old individual reviews I did of them. Pix and Video a 92 in July 2009 and Club Sandy a 94 in July 2010. Those are just 2 of the 37 sites. Even looking at the PU average scores on the sites by themselves gives a good view.
Asshole Fever 87.2
Lez Cuties 85.2
Nude Fight Club 80.6
Anal Teen Angels 88.7
Gapeland 91.5
Footsie Babes 84.5
DP Fanatics 96.0
Cuties Galore 83.0

The Pix and Video PU score suffers from being reviewed during the time period when they were having their server issues. I was even surprised by the TBP review since TBP only scores the network an 89, but also scores Pix and Video, by itself, an 88.5. That's why I think a network like this one is hard to review since it's hard to determine how to balance all these sites and scores out. To me, having 10 sites that I would rate 85 or up all included in one package is the most I could ask for.

Oh and yeah, I've been a member many times in the past, just not through the network. Some of my first reviews here on PU were of Club Sandy and Pix and Video, which were $30 a month each back then. With so many updates though, they keep me coming back.

03-31-11  10:25pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #3 - exotics4me :

Thanks Exotics. Tremendous review, by the way, and everything well explained. I have been close to joining in the past, but I was a little worried there would be too many gynaecological close ups. It now goes back top of the list.
04-01-11  06:19am

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RustyJ (145) A very good review! I wonder though what you would have given the site before it got split in two ;)
04-01-11  06:50am

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messmer (137) Excellent review, exotics, except that it makes me feel like the odd man out once again. I downloaded material from all the sites you mentioned maybe twice during a one year subscription and couldn't wait until I was done with 21Sextury.

I think the difference is in: do you like to collect models or not? I don't. I collect scenes and picture sets within a niche, and even then I am very picky. The models were gorgeous (except for Aletta Oceans whose breasts are monstrosities) but I found everything, except the mature sites and Zoli, a bit too glamorous and predictable, and in the case of pictures of the solo models, too photoshopped. Sophie Moone, as one example, was definitely too unblemished and perfect for me.

But I won't dispute your score, it is I whose taste is odd. I like raw, raunchy, different (comes with age) and in the case of softcore, girl-next-doorish, natural and untouched by enhancement tools. :-)

04-01-11  10:03am

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rearadmiral (380) Excellent review!

I've been thinking of joining this site but the pricing structure bothered me. But based on your review I'll just join and plan to stay for six months or more.

Thanks for the review.

04-01-11  11:05am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - TheSquirrel :

I'm not a fan of the gynecological shots either. One of the things I should have mentioned in my earlier reply, I also reviewed both Pix and Video and Club Sandy in the low 90s in 2007 on here. So they've consistently been high scorers for me. Those two sites in particular were standalone sites in 2007, but I used to join with the two combined for $45 a month because those two have a nice blend of glam/softcore/midcore/hardcore. I really think those three teen sites they have add a lot. I'm usually not into the teenish models, since I like the mid-20s to mid-30s, more elegant looking models, but the three teen sites, Cuties Galore, Anal Teen Angels and Lez Cuties are very similar to say Nubiles. I will post on Cap'n's thread in the forum about networks with a few other strengths this network has.
04-01-11  10:50pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #5 - RustyJ :

Before the split, if I remember correctly, one of the DP sites wasn't included with 21 Sextury, believe it was DP Fanatics that was a loyalty site. While I'm not a huge fan of DPs, I am a huge fan of Simony Diamond and they had quite a bit of her content on it. I was however a fan of Zoliboy, not his new stuff, but those first 2 years of content on his site has a lot of rare rough/extreme content of some of the more glam models. My closest review I could compare to was of Club Sandy in summer 2010 since it had became a network at that point and the score was 94. With the 21 Sextury network the same content of the old Club Sandy network plus about 10 other sites and better navigation. Once I figured out the navigation on this network and how to use the filters, it made the network almost perfect for me. I wish other networks would consider putting a search with filters like this one.
04-01-11  10:56pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - messmer :

You've always been the odd man out Messmer! There is a big difference, I do collect certain models. I think with my OCDC, if I just picked scenes here and there without any structure, it would drive me crazy, then I'd be the crazy man out! Agree about Aletta Ocean's implants. While I'm not against implants, especially in the case of models like Sandra Shine, Zafira, where they were realistic with their implants. I think Sandra was a 34C before implants but was sagging in her early 20s, she got implants that she says made her a 36C, what she calls "full" and said some bras are 36D. With Zafira, it was a case of her noticing from all the nude modeling she has done, one of her breasts was larger than the other. So she took the size of the bigger one and had both balanced out. I can understand those situations, but not in Aletta's case. Also, another that went way overboard is Black Angelica. I thought she had near perfect boobs before her implants, very similar to Eve Angel's, then Angelica goes and gets DD.

And there's that difference in us in the mature section of models. I should mention that I saw some really attractive Asian mature models on the Idols 69 network, but a lot had the mosaic on them. A few of those were in their 50s and I found them attractive. Once I near 60s, that's my mom's age and that's too far for me. And I like glam, similar to my next highest scoring site being Twistys and I remember you didn't like it that well.

Did you ever look at FTV? They have the glam thing too, but they do have a lot of amateur models. I had mentioned in the forum that I've been on an exhibitionism kick lately, they do that a lot, which is probably as far from glam as one can get since there is no studio, often spontaneous, though it can get boring at times since you sometimes watch a 10 minute video to see a handful of nudity flashes. It does have the girl next door feel though.

04-01-11  11:10pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #7 - rearadmiral :

The pricing isn't too confusing these days. Seems like used to they started you out at $30 then it decreased by each month. This one, you reach the low point of pricing in the 3rd month, just a simple $19.95 first month, $14.95 second month, $9.95 third month, then you stay at $9.95 each month from there on out. Once you get to that $9.95 a month for 600 new updates, I think that's when the value of the site really shines.
04-01-11  11:14pm

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

Thanks for the additional information. I've wanted to give this site a try and now I will.
04-02-11  05:10am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - exotics4me :

Hey, exotics, you're right about my being the odd man out but I think that came with age. At one time anyone looking fairly glamorous and nude would have turned me on but now it takes the unusual and exceptional to do that. One little corner of my libido must still be relatively normal though because, for some unfathomable reason, I like softcore picture sets and dislike hardcore when it comes to them.

I did have a subscription to FTV some time ago and liked it a lot. The quality of the videos was astounding, especially for that time. The only thing I disliked about the site was the humiliating comments the photographer made in connection with some models and their videos. I think I left a comment to that effect at their page at the time. I also didn`t like the fact that the videos were split up into parts but that might be a plus in the eyes of some because the segments were almost self-contained.

04-02-11  10:59am

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

You have good points. I must agree that for me this site would be the closest ever to perfect score too.
04-03-11  01:28am

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Denner (235) I always respect your reviews - like kind of the ol' timers that been here for quite a while and the same ol' timers who's been "around"...
Still, amigo - does it not give you some thoughts when giving score about the general problems to users that 21.Sextury has.
It's been on "comments" quite a few times - especially problems with material that is not down loadable after all.
We've got the latest input from RustyJ - ok, before your review - but still: THAT problem seem to keep repeating itself...and quite a lot of earlier similar inputs...
Just wondered?

04-04-11  06:39am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #15 - Denner :

Hey Denner,

I noticed Rusty's comment and meant to comment on it. The first thing, considering 21 Sextury has around 10,000 scenes with an average of 3 different formats, that's 30,000 files total. As with anything in electronics there has to be a rate of failure. I can say that I downloaded 1,572 (1.2 TB) scenes from 21 Sextury and have no corrupt files. What I was going to tell Rusty is to check DownThemAll. I was using it on Eve Angel Official, my last comment on it even talked about it, I had a whole section of corrupted/broken video files. When I went back and downloaded them through my browser, not through DownThemAll, I only had one corrupt file. In that case, I downloaded the MOV file instead of the WMV and it was uncorrupted. I don't know how or if we can punish a site for one of the files being corrupted when they have other formats of the same file that work. Also can't fairly say 21 Sextury is the problem when DownThemAll has been updated 3 times in the last month, showing some obvious bugs in it.

Like I have before, if the problem starts showing up for me, I will go back and reduce the score, post a comment explaining the reduction, but even if I got one corrupted file, I have 1,572 that aren't. Even if I had 15 corrupted ones that's still less than 1% so it's hard to gauge exactly how I would go about lowering a score for an error that happens less than 1% of the time. And on the other side, if you notice on Rusty's comment, the 21 Sextury staff had replied and were working on finding out the problem. Which as we both know is much more than we can say for most sites.

04-04-11  11:44am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #16 - exotics4me :

If you did not have serious experience with corrupted files - that explains all. I would not react on what others have had of bad files in their membership either - concerning my scores, that is.
Guess the files problems are very much on and off - and you avoided them.
And I agree that the WM are very observant here...
And thanks for the this thorough reply!

04-04-11  02:31pm

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