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Which operating system do you use?

Type: General
PC 80% 39 Votes
MAC 10% 5 Votes
Both 4% 2 Votes
Other 6% 3 Votes

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49 Votes Total

Feb 25, 2011

Poll Replies (19)

Replies to the user poll above.

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lk2fireone (196) Never had a Mac. They are supposed to be easier to use, and less prone to malware. But I've already learned to use Windows, so learning to use a Mac would be like starting all over again, plus Macs are supposed to be more expensive.
02-25-11  12:06am

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #1 - lk2fireone :

Since Windows 7 came, I've really had no issues with Microsoft anymore. Same as you, I cannot go with the "It's so easy to use" crowd as Windows is so familiar to me that nothing could be as simple without extra learning.

Besides, what about Windows Media files that are all around? I guess there's some wmv player for Mac though...

02-25-11  12:28am

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BadMrFrosty (56) Hate to be pedantic but other is the only valid option here. Both types of computer can run a plethora of operating systems, most of which are not exclusive to that machine. But to answer the question I use Vista 64bit on my laptop and my 2 media servers, Windows 7 on my htpc, XP on my netbook, Linux (Android) on my phone and at work I use a mixture of Windows Server 2008 and Debian Linux.
02-25-11  01:19am

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otoh (54) REPLY TO #3 - BadMrFrosty :

BadMrFrosty, stop being pedantic :) The question is, after all, which OS do you use... did it start out as which computer do you use?

Anyway, I use everything for work but am largely a Mac user - I'm not the zealot I once was, and it's not perfect, but it is stable and secure. lk2fireone, you are right in that Mac OS is easier to use - that's subjective but I've never had any malware issues and don't even use any AV software.

I'd definitely recommend Mac OS, but you do pay quite a premium for it - I'm looking at £1000 for a new laptop, vs £600 for a similar spec Windows machine (albeit not as svelte).

What I really wish, though is that more folk were aware of Linux - it's free and some versions of it now are very user friendly, more secure, and IMHO a better fit for many folk than Windows. Unfortunately PC makers are heavily incentivised by Microsoft not to offer Linux pre-installed, hence you always end up paying for Windows.

02-25-11  03:00am

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #4 - otoh :

I am not convinced Linux is ready to be used by the masses just yet, even something like Ubuntu which is one of the most friendly. I am a IT professional and using it still drives me nuts with the unnecessary complication of doing certain things and the lack of polish in certain areas. Add to that the fact that finding drivers for obscure / el cheapo hardware can eat a afternoon of your time with no guarantee you will get it running and you have a nightmare for mere mortal computer users :) And don't get me started on the Apple tax...
02-25-11  03:59am

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otoh (54) REPLY TO #5 - BadMrFrosty :

I'd argue that Windows is more of a tax - if I want a Linux computer, chances are I have to pay for Windows anyway as part of the price, and then get rid of it. Whereas anyone paying the - admittedly steep - premium for a Mac is doing so because they want Mac OS in the first place.

Anyway, agree that Linux can be fiddly, and if I was doing all my usual stuff on it (I'm also working in IT), it would drive me nuts - but Ubuntu has installed and worked well on any old PC I've tried it on without any tinkering and I'd still recommend if it you use a PC largely for web browsing (and especially UNR, which I far prefer to Windows on a netbook).

02-25-11  04:37am

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #6 - otoh :

Well, if you are comfortable enough to install and configure Linux on a new PC I would bet my left testie that you are also able to build the PC yourself from the individual components.
02-25-11  05:17am

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elonlybuster (39) Quad boot....
Win XP
Win 7
Win Server 2003

02-25-11  05:38am

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otoh (54) REPLY TO #7 - BadMrFrosty :

Well, I have, on a number of PCs, downloaded and burned a Ubuntu/UNR ISO, started from the CD, said yes to everything in the GUI install, and ended up with a good, working computer for browsing and other typical tasks - with no tweaking or configuring. I guess I've just been lucky!

However, I'm not willing to bet any organs, let alone the reproductive ones... so by that measure, you win :)

02-25-11  06:36am

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yote78 (5) I've owned nothing but PCs, but I'm "conversant" with a Mac.
02-25-11  07:13am

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BenThruston (11) Windows Vista mainly, would prefer WinXP Pro I had, but the ink on the product code partially smeared for copy I had.

Was using Ubuntu mentioned before, but missed the video editing tools I used primarily in Windows. Also, whenever a problem arose, had an idea where to look in Windows, didn't give enough time to Ubuntu. Have Ubunto on a USB stick as a backup for if Windows goes belly up to possibly repair files.

I'll probably never touch a Mac, OS or system, unless they decide at work they need them (not likely, since would have to buy new apps for it, IF they're even available for Mac). Don't make enough to just throw away on one and don't use it enough to warrant the added cost.

02-25-11  08:14am

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otoh (54) I really like the fact that nowadays, it can be more of a personal choice with more things being web-based, and less reliance on OS-specific applications.

10 years ago, I was building GUI software that had to be run on Mac or Windows. Now, with very few exceptions, I'm building web apps instead - I only care where and what my server is, but users can be Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS - anything with browser.

02-25-11  08:59am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) What's a MAC?
02-25-11  09:15am

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turboshaft (24) I own and use a Mac, quite happily I might add, but I'm not a mindless follower. I don't have any interest in their phones, pads, monitors, etc. (do have a 5yr old iPod though, still works) and I wouldn't even think of owning them, much less lining up overnight to pay the buzz premium they seem to charge on brand new crap.

Sorry, not a gadget or specific OS whore, but most OSs seem to be perfectly fine for me...porn seems to "work" the same either way.
: - )

02-25-11  02:23pm

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Drooler (220) I didn't know that PC was an operating system ... I thought it meant a hardware platform for running Windows operating systems, among others.

I guess I can answer both, and it's both. There are things I like about each, and things I do not like about each.

In answer to the above question, "What's a Mac?" A Mac is why your PC is as good as it is. That's what a Mac is. The Mac was the first GUI for the mass market; PC's were command-line interfaces that ran DOS. Then came Windows 3.1, an operating environment that sat atop DOS. Windows 95 was the first true GUI OS by Microsoft -- at least 11 years behind Apple.

The Mac was the first OS to use "shortcuts," ("aliases" in Macspeak), to use scalable (vector) type fonts, to use USB, to use Firewire, to use dual processors ... all things we might take for granted on PCs.

Of course, then, the Mac gets taken for granted, too. Well, whereof one cannot speak ...

02-25-11  03:45pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - Drooler :

ohhhh - I use to be fairly good at command line interfaces but i have to admit I like a good GUI interface (almost as much as I like Gooey Buns)... but I was just being snarky which I enjoy the most. :D
02-25-11  05:04pm

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pat362 (373) I've only ever owned PC's. The only exception was my first computer which was an Apple IIC. That was a sweet machine.
02-25-11  07:33pm

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james4096 (126) PC for home use just because of the compatibility and its just more common.

For work stuff, anything goes.

02-26-11  04:52am

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nadiencendia (83) PC with Windows Vista. I tried installing Ubuntu in my previous laptop, but as I have no idea of programming, it was too hard for me, and I quit and went back to Windows. I am always amazed by how Linux fans say it is so superior to Windows, and it probably is in so many aspects, but it is still much less user-friendly for the technologically limited, like myself.
02-26-11  09:30am

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