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Reality Kings (2)

messmer (137) 09-27-10  10:37am
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Reality Kings in trouble?

One of Sunday's (Sept. 26) updates has been resting on my hard drive for months. Identical size and quality .. identical in all respects! Is it a desperation move or an attempt to deceive? I've also noticed that some of the recent updates cannot be watched in HD when it comes to streaming? Could that be older material as well?

PS. 28/09/2010 Two comments (one of them mine) made yesterday, booing the deception, were removed by Reality Kings management overnight!

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malikstarks (8) You think they are recycling content?
09-27-10  10:53am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #1 - malikstarks :

Absolutely, malikstarks. The upgrade "Motel Sex" on Sept. 26 is identical to one I downloaded about a month ago. If you are still a subscriber have a look at the comments underneath, you find some dating back to early September (if the scene is new how could that be?) and some "boos" including mine in connection with this deception. And it is deception because, when clicking on the model's name, the previous update is not listed, only yesterday's.
09-27-10  12:40pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #2 - messmer :

I'm no longer a member messmer,(although I may come back soon, using my $9.95 link I hope you were able to take advantage of.).Although it does not surprise me at all. Reality Kings to me is the most corporatized of all of the big name North American sites. (Brazzers at least has a forum where complaints are voiced and moderators often give the company's side).

Nonetheless it doesn't bode well when you have so many big names struggling (relates to the forum thread about Scoreland). Then again for a site like Reality Kings it's probably that some girl just missed a shoot and they had to fill in an update from somewhere out of there ass.

09-27-10  01:03pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #3 - malikstarks :

I hope you're right, malikstarks because I actually like Reality Kings and subscribed for a year to take advantage of the good price. Up until now I've had no complaints.
09-27-10  01:55pm

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pat362 (375) I can't speak for reality king because I haven't been a member in a couple of months but I think that many of the sites are in trouble.
The recession which the Government claims is over is anything but over and the longer it last then the more we are going to see sites get affected by it.

09-27-10  06:53pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

I think you are right, Pat! That's why Reality Kings will be my last long term subscription for a while. I had one to American Vice and we all know what happened to them. As you say, in these uncertain times many sites will go under!
09-27-10  07:09pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #6 - messmer :

There are 5 reality porn sites that I keep track of their updates. Reality King, Naughty America, bangbros, blacks on blondes and Brazzer but I'm a member of Brazzer so that last one is a giver. I've notice a serious decline in the quality of updates at most of these sites and in some ways even at Brazzer. It does not bode well for the immediate future of many porn sites when the big guys can't make enough money.
09-27-10  07:39pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #6 - messmer :

If sites are going under, I tend to think it's like the liquor store by us that went under just a few days before New Years Eve last year. Too much debt and too rosy plans that depended on ever increasing revenue! When the revenue stream slows down, over-exposed businesses go under.

To close a liquor store a few days before New years and haul the merchandise away in trucks is done by banks who have no common sense or creativity (a few days grace would have netted thousands in that case).

There is no incentive for a bank to try to make money by common sense, anyhow, when government handouts and no-interest money from the Fed are so much easier to take for your multi-million dollar bonuses.

Anyhow, porn will always sell, but the old model may well change in the age of so much availability. I tend to think very low cost individual videos (like one dollar each) well advertised and presented will eventually be the model rather than monthly subscriptions that rely on "updates" that consumers often find inadequate. Think how I-tunes individual sales have risen over albums as time has gone by (and make HUGE profits).

Remember, you don't have to press records or even make CD's now, much less pay for shipping and handling: customer downloads cost the web-master next to nothing. A low price will end up having us buy even more stuff. The temptation will be too great.

Just a thought.

09-28-10  06:05am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

I've had the same problem with some picture sites recently. AO30 and Aunt Jydy's/Older Women certainly have had very mediocre updates during the past year, and they used to be some of my favorite sites.
No wonder I am baying at the moon!!

09-28-10  08:28am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #8 - Jay G :

Your model would work for me when it comes to DVD sites, Jay G. But I would like to be able to buy scenes rather than the whole DVD.
09-28-10  08:30am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #9 - messmer :

Messmer do you say that they removed the complaints! I'll probably be back (at the $9.95 price) in a few months, but as I've said, RK to me is the most Corporate and insensitive of them all.
09-28-10  11:17am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #8 - Jay G :

That could work in theory, but the trick to iTunes (and other music/movie stores like Amazon) stores is that you can buy almost any content that you might want in one place. Porn doesn't really have that now (the closest is pay-per-minute places like AEBN), and I'm not sure they will anytime in the future. I just don't know if you'll ever get enough major studies to be willing to sell their content though one venue to make that venue a good enough destination to consistently spend money on.
09-28-10  01:57pm

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PU Staff
Mesmer said:
PS. 28/09/2010 Two comments (one of them mine) made yesterday, booing the deception, were removed by management overnight!

Just so no-one is confused ...

You're saying comments were removed from the RK site, right?

I mention this because no-one has removed any comment you posted here at PU and I wouldn't want folks to misunderstand.

09-28-10  02:53pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #12 - hodayathink :

I think such a pricing model would be dead on arrival. It could only work if:

1. There were no pirating. The only advantage to the current model we have over is going completely pirate bulk and convenience. Individual pricing models takes this away, and forces consumers to constantly be thinking about there wallet-unlike now where it's a one time transaction and enjoy. This would only make the pirates more profitable as some file hosting sites are paying both for uploads and new subscribers. Once the typical pirate/"independent sales partner" were to purchase a movie one time he could still post it on the forums and reap even greater rewards. Plus the average Joe could still find the content via the tube sites.

2. All and I mean basically all the sites agreed on the same model. Otherwise the sites that use the current model would hold the advantage of both bulk and convenience.

Individual pricing models only work for the music industry because of the advent of the ipod, and peoples desire to listen to music 'on the go'. People don't watch porn 'on the go', they do so in front of their computers, or occasionally on their cell phone in a bathroom stall.

This discussion would be better taken back to the forum as it's gotten a bit off the topic of Reality Kings.

09-28-10  03:21pm

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #12 - hodayathink :

It's not a proposal, just a prediction. The way things are now, we're used to getting tons of content for a low monthly fee on a model designed to try to get continuing month after month "memberships." Most of us, however, download the best stuff in the first month or two and get out because the recurring fee is way too high for the small number of "updates" (new content).

Pay per minute or video on demand is way too expensive, also, in comparison to what we're used to. Kink on demand asks almost as much for one scene or two as I'm used to paying for a monthly membership.

The model I'd try, if I were a web-master, would be a very tempting presentation like the girls outside the old carnival side show luring you to come in.

Well-defined pictures of all the girls available on one page. Then when you'd click on the girl you'd get a few more large pictures of her from each scene she's done. Clicking on an index for certain kinds of content (anal, oral, group, spanking, etc.) would bring up pictures of the scenes containing the content you want. You choose the scene and you'd get an instant download (and streaming at the same time, if you'd like) for less than a dollar. Tell me you wouldn't enjoy this candy store.

Instead of you downloading all my scenes in the first month to view later, you'd probably actually watch each one and you'd keep coming back for more, looking forward to each new update to see if there's one you'd want to buy at such a low price. I'm willing to bet you and I would spend just as much or more for our porn on this model.

The truth is, most Americans love bargains. I could actually spend a lot more on porn if I was tempted, but the current model has me joining only one or two sites a month to download tons of content (most of which I never actually view, to be honest). After getting used to tons of scenes for about thirty dollars, I'd have a hard time paying more than a dollar or two for any one scene.

09-29-10  05:48am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #14 - malikstarks :

malikstarks said: This discussion would be better taken back to the forum as it's gotten a bit off the topic of Reality Kings

I agree ... would be a much better fit in the forum

09-29-10  06:38am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #13 - Khan :

Sorry, Khan, I should have made that clear. It was RK management that removed the comments, not you!
09-29-10  10:09am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) Well, if it is the recession, then I wonder why they advertise for models suggesting they can make $7000 a day? Is it because the ladies are taking more control of their own content? Or, are they paying too much for models? Or is the recession? Or all three?

I noticed that DeepThroatLove is recycling. And Throated has a price reduction like RealityKings. And ThroatJobs isn't posting new content. I've wondered about this over the past month and there must be a serious issue because these sites have been in business since the early 2000's.

In a digression, don't you think YOU could make better porn than most of these guys?

11-29-10  08:34pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #18 - jberryl69 :

I could make porn that suits my taste a bit more, that's for sure! The average DVD, for example, is made for a bunch of people with ADD. Most start a scene in the middle of the action, something I dislike intensely, however most Porn consumers must like it like that or the industry wouldn't put out one copycat DVD after the other. That's the reason I gave RK such a positive review. The intro to their videos may be a bit lame at times but at least there IS an intro! :-)
11-30-10  10:57am

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #19 - messmer :

True true, but when Reality Kings say there is deep throat in the scene and they act like they have no clue what deep throat is, it puts me off. But like I said, I will not give them a rating because it would be biased in a negative direction based upon what I want and not because of the overall qualities of the website. My scope is so limited as to make such a review worthless. But I do have my opinions.

As far as the directors are concerned, I'm not sure they really care what the consumer wants. I think they paint by numbers for the most part. It's not like it's art.

Most sites don't give you a way to give feedback, and even when they do I'm not sure they actually process the input. One good example is how they make a money shot with a whack off scene. I mean really - the actor's been moaning and groaning and any normal human being would have popped his load long before he starts whackin himself. Besides, these guys are suppose to be professions and come on command. Drop a load puppy - BAM! But apparently I'm wrong about that.

Speaking of art, I saw a chilling vid today of Barbi Cummings punching the crap out of some guys nuts repeatedly to get him off. Also kicking him, stomping on him, jumping up and down. He loved it but it drove me, excuse the pun, nuts! Now that's a director who didn't care what the consumer would be comfortable with...

11-30-10  06:41pm

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jberryl69 (Disabled) REPLY TO #16 - Khan :

oh sorry - I tend to digress sometimes and just saw your message. Let me go hunt up the forum.
11-30-10  06:42pm

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