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Do you think we, as a society, are too uptight about nudity?

Type: General
Yes 63% 25 Votes
No 20% 8 Votes
Undecided 13% 5 Votes
Other 5% 2 Votes

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40 Votes Total

Sep 12, 2010

Poll Replies (23)

Replies to the user poll above.

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pornwatcher (3) Oh, yes, especially Americans. We are way too uptight when it comes to sex and nudity but much more lenient when it comes to violence. Just look at our movies and people behavior on the streets.

Probably that's why our sex crime rate is much higher than Europe's, even though they have much more relax attitude with sex and nudity.

09-12-10  12:58am

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Jay G (67) We, if you mean the western world, are very confused about nudity. Like a naughty child we want to see it, but pretend it's bad. I hate the news shows that "expose" "bad" behavior while looking very closely at it over and over, but blurring very small portions of it to make it "acceptable."

Other parts of the world are simple. Put burkha-blankets over women and complain or kill them if too much face is showing.

09-12-10  01:33am

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Capn (28) It depends who 'we' are.

There are a full range of attitudes across the World.

Cap'n. :0/

09-12-10  02:44am

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RustyJ (145) We? No, I don't think so. I guess this is an American site though and with "we" you mean USA. Then the answer would be definitely YES.

It's strange how in USA violence is perfectly acceptable in entertainment while sex is not. In Europe the things are quite the opposite.

09-12-10  03:37am

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247skizia (5) America, yes, many other countries I think have a better view of nudity and sex.
09-12-10  04:00am

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Drooler (220) I guess the "we" is meant to be the people of the United States, though this is hardly an "American" site in terms of its participation and its content focus.

Two words: Janet Jackson. Remember? Sure, the media made a frenzy out of it, but that was to appeal to American morals.

Had she accidentally caused Justin Timberlake to fall from the stage and break an arm, not nearly as much fuss would have been made, though the real damage would certainly have been worse.

09-12-10  04:45am

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PinkPanther (46) I don't even think there is a "we, as a society"

I don't see the "we"

There are tremendous segments of the population that couldn't possibly look at things differently than I do. The popularity of mega-churches, Rush Limbaugh, the 700 Club, Glen Beck - and I could go on and on - all point to a huge portion of the population that I feel completely apart from and there is no "we" in terms of "our" perspective on nudity - or a whole hell of a lot of other things.

09-12-10  07:16am

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badandy400 (103) I think it is getting better but we still have a long way to go. Look how swimwear has evolved over the past few decades. I believe we are trending in the more nude direction.

On the flip side there will always be those who will appose anything that even remotely resembles change. Change can be difficult but that is how progress is made. Starting to sound like one of Obama's campaign speeches!

09-12-10  09:13am

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rearadmiral (380) The general consensus is that Americans are too uptight about nudity, but that attitude exists in Canada too. Or maybe that has more to do with it being so cold here for so much of the year.

And as a lover of public nudity, I take great offence to the Jesus-freaks who make it harder to make the porn I love.

09-12-10  09:58am

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messmer (137) In North America (Canada and the U.S.) we, at least a fair percentage of the population tend to be a bit prudish. Being of German origin I always found that baffling. As someone else said, in Europe it is violence that is frowned upon.
09-12-10  11:29am

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pat362 (373) Can a society be really considered too uptight about nudity when it's so easily available in many different medias? You can see it in many fashion magazine. You can see it in all adult magazine. You can watch in on many very popular TV shows. It's in a large portion of movies and it's also on the internet.

Now you can argue that all of these are meant for an over 18 audience. The fact remains that I am certain underage children have seen nudity in many of the above medias and quite possibly simulated sexual intercourse and certainly if they have watched an most HBO shows of the last 5yrs.

The question we should be asking ourselves is are we exposing our children to too much sexuality at a very young age?

09-12-10  12:06pm

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turboshaft (24) We, as in America, absolutely! We really need to grow up when it comes to this issue. Seeing someone's pee-pee parts is not exactly the end of the world, though you'd think it was the way so many people (over)react when they are exposed to the filthy, sinful human body, thus damning their souls for all eternity.

To be honest I actually kind of like the whole imaginary 'forbidden fruit' nature of Americans' view on nudity--makes the chase a little more fun, though I'm sure that was the extreme opposite of what was ever intended! : - )

09-12-10  06:14pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #11 - pat362 :

It might not be a question of "too much sexuality at a very young age" but really the nature and the context of the messages themselves. If you have two competing extremes of anti-sex/anti-nudity versus the sex-saturated culture then that can make for some very mixed messages to the young and impressionable. I doubt the corporate-born images of sex and nudity would be much different if we had healthier views on sex but they would very likely be easier for kids to comprehend and interpret.

If we adults are unwilling, indifferent, or simply too embarrassed to teach children anything of value on the subject then they are going to teach themselves and then we won't have anyone to blame but ourselves.

09-12-10  06:24pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #7 - PinkPanther :

I guess their concept of "liberty" might be a little different then yours too. ; - )
09-12-10  06:26pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #13 - turboshaft :

I agree that parents should take a much larger role when it comes to the sexual education of their children but there comes time when a society has to look at itself and say we are over sexualising our youth and at the same time promoting bad role models. I know sex sells but shouldn't corporations have somekind of morale obligation to try to promote the best quality and use the best possible people to do that?

I don't consider myself prudish but I don't want to see a nude beach anywhere I live. I don't want nudity to be readily available on TV.
I think fashion magazines should be classified in the same way that Playboy or Hustler is. If their is a single nude or semi-nude pictures than you have to be 18 to buy it. I don't want any singer, actor or sports personality to advertise anything intended for children. I kow that last one is a stretch but if you think about it. These are the people speaking to our children on a daily basis and they don't even have to use a single word to get their point across. Their actions speak louder than words.

Sorry for the rant.

09-12-10  07:07pm

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graymane (33) The Porn industry is one of the wealthlest most profitable business in the world.....why is that?
I think it's fair to say what and why they're selling porn is because it's a forbidden commodity.
That pretty much says it all.

09-12-10  08:02pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #15 - pat362 :

A good point about corporations; they should have some moral obligation but that doesn't mean they ever will. They priority of any corporation is money--to make a profit--all else is secondary really. If sex sells, then that will be marketed. If celibacy sells, then that will marketed instead. This doesn't just apply to sex, there are far worse things businesses are doing; pollution, ill treatment and underpayment of workers, unsafe products, support of tyrannical governments, etc. I'm just saying you can't expect much from corporate powers.
09-12-10  08:38pm

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dracken (246) I love hoe many points of view are displayed here :) nothing like nudity to spark a good debate.

My view is that we are indeed too lenient with corporations who use nudity as a way to exploit us (I'm thinking marketing corporations)and too strict with people who want to be naked in order to enjoy each other in a mature fashion (the whole ban on topless women and the rarity of nude beaches)

I also don't think children are as affected by sexuality as they are by violence, which we have plenty of on TV and every other media.

These are my 2 cents as an ignorant Romanian-American :P

09-12-10  10:40pm

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RustyJ (145) We always hear all these stories in the liberal good old Europe that are much exaggerated but is it true that there's an actual risk of getting child porn charges in USA if you have photos of your baby without clothes in your family album?
09-13-10  12:20am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #4 - RustyJ :

Good point about the violence. The movie Piranah 3D (which I actually liked) had women being torn apart with as much gore as possible, but got it's R "Restricted" label because there were many women's tits showing during the blood fest. It would have gotten restricted status anyway because of the artistically shot underwater scene where two beautiful women are swimming nude (another part of it I enjoyed).

And, no, I do not enjoy gore. Yes, I do like nudity.

09-13-10  06:01am

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Denner (235) Undecided - because this seems to be regarding the US..

Still it could be a general human thing no matter where you are located. The idea that Scandinavia - as an example - is very broadminded on nudity is not quite right. A lot here also feel embarrassed with nudity on beaches - and one thing for certain: If nudity is combined with sex in public - it's way out of line - and ALSO regarding children as possible spectators..

BTW: I definitely second pat362's well spoken inputs in this poll!

09-13-10  07:51am

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RagingBuddhist (65) Yes, it miught appear that the U.S. is all uptight about nudity, but I don't think it's a case of majority rules. I think it's more like the religious fundamentalists making their usual noise at the slightest hint of skin on TV or in public, and politicians bowing to their pressure to keep it censored.
09-13-10  03:02pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #17 - turboshaft :

I always expect more but I realise that I'm likely to be disapinted.
Who knows maybe one day coporations will look at their actions ahead of making another million.

09-13-10  05:50pm

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