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Would you vote for a politician who was openly anti-porn?

Type: General
Yes 10% 5 Votes
Perhaps 13% 7 Votes
No, never 67% 35 Votes
Undecided 10% 5 Votes

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52 Votes Total

Mar 10, 2010

Poll Replies (19)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


RagingBuddhist (65) Of course not.
03-10-10  12:32am

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lk2fireone (196) Probably not. Unless there were some very strong reasons to overcome his prejudice against porn. But porn does seem to be a great flag-waving issue, where everyone should unite against the dangers of porn and pot and whatever other evils communism has sent to weaken our moral fiber.
03-10-10  01:04am

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rearadmiral (388) 100% not. And not just because I'd worry that it could create an anti-porn backlash but also we live in a culture where it is pretty obvious that there is a disconnect between what people say and what people do on this issue. So for me, that means two things: 1) the politician is so stupid that he or she doesn't realize that people who say they are anti-porn probably actually don't mind it, and 2) the politician himself (most likely a man in this case) is a hypocrite because he dabbles in porn himself. Look at the anti-gay politicians and religious leaders who eventually get outed.

And I always get a hoot out of the argument that the porn industry is actually smaller and less important than it really is. Yes, it really is just us sickos here at PU driving the whole inductry and we each spend $100 million a year on our habits. It certainly isn't 100 million people spending $100 each per year...

And for the first time in my lifetime, here in Canada we have a right-wing federal government that is more hard-line pro-religious than in the U.S.

03-10-10  03:17am

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nadiencendia (83) I answered "no", but not because of porn 'per se', but because if he/she is openly anti-porn he/she will most probably also be anti- al lot of other things and defend other values which I do not share. Let's be sincere, most people who oppose porn by principle, do so because they are right-wing extremely religious people, or left-wing extremely feminist people. And I am neither.
03-10-10  04:54am

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Denner (235) rearadmiral's input says what needs to be said in this matter!
Well spoken...

03-10-10  05:28am

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anyonebutme (14) I voted "yes".

Look, one politician is just one politician, he is not even remotely close to being powerful enough to ban porn.

So I mean, if the choice is between an otherwise decent candidate who just doesn't like porn, and a total douchebag numbnut from the other party...

Even beyond all that, the way national politics works today in America, we're not voting for individuals, we're voting for the party. I'd prefer our government not be like this, but it is, they are largely just there to place a straight party-line vote, in which case his individual views on porn are largely irrelevant.

03-10-10  08:50am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I voted yes, as it depends what else they were standing for . If it was a pro gun and Anti-porn. Well give me my Sig 40cal police issue anytime over my porn collection. Porn is entertainment and why its a form of free speech. If I had to make a choice between guns and porn . Guns any day.
03-10-10  09:11am

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james4096 (126) I said perhaps. On one hand it's not likely that I'd agree with a politician on most other issues if he/she was anti-porn. But there's a chance I might. Like justme said, one politician is probably not going to be powerful enough to ban porn.

Even if I did end up supporting that candidate I'd let them know that I and millions of others disagree with their stance on porn and they need to represent the people even if sometimes things don't line up with their own beliefs.

03-10-10  09:13am

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Wittyguy (105) I say "Yes" because, quite frankly, unless you live in a district where porn is a big industry I don't know of any politician who would come and say that they're "pro porn" or just neutral on the subject. Thus, you get lots of politicians talking about family values and the need to reduce the amount of porn exposure kids get, etc. What really matters is how they feel about government intrusion into your privacy and whether they are actually introducing anti-porn legislation as opposed to just talking about it. Most of the anti-porn pols are just right wing culture warriors who I'm only going to make fun of and never vote for. However, I can see voting for someone who takes an anti-porn stance if the rest of what they're talking about seems good and they're anti-porn is mostly extraneous campaign chatter.
03-10-10  12:30pm

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Lionheart (47) I said perhaps, depends on what they stand for other than being anti-porn, any politician that would try to build his/her carrier on being ageist porn would only do that as a political stunt to just gain the attention of the media. No one politician has the time or the resources to take down a billion dollar industry.
03-10-10  01:15pm

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Drooler (220) Porn is a wedge issue. It would be intended to distract us from how ineffective they've been at addressing the IMPORTANT stuff. And good God have they ever been! So anyone who would run on an anti-porn platform wouldn't be worth shit on a stick, even for the folks who hated porn.
03-10-10  01:57pm

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Jay G (67) Anti-porn means anti-freedom, and there is no chance an anti-porn politician isn't also against most of your other freedoms also.
03-10-10  02:09pm

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Capn (28) No I wouldn't. :0/
03-10-10  04:17pm

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pat362 (375) I would and the simple reason is that I don't know of any important politician currently in office that is pro-porn so by default they are all anti-porn. Now you can argue that some are more active in their anti-porn but in the end no one is ever going to be elected if he comes out and says that he's pro-porn and I don't think he or she will ever get elected because he or she is anti-porn. Although porn is important to us. In reality I'm more interested in what said politician has in mind about health care, education, foreign policies than whether they think porn is wrong.
03-10-10  05:27pm

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turboshaft (24) No, never.

Most politicians are anti-porn even if they've never been asked and are not open about it (just like their extramarital affairs, private income sources, lobbying connections, criminal records, Ponzi schemes, etc.). I don't vote as it is so it doesn't exactly effect me--99% of politicians don't give a shit about 99% of what actually matters to me anyway.

Like Drooler mentioned porn is just a wedge issue designed to distract voters and pretty much anyone else who will listen from caring or even thinking about real issues. And if some political actor genuinely cares about porn they are usually just using it to push religion--masqueraded as 'morals' and 'values'--further into government affairs despite the Establishment Clause.

03-10-10  09:11pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #7 - Cybertoad :

That way you can defend your collection by force, right? (Remind me to never piss you off. ; ) )
03-10-10  09:33pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #16 - turboshaft :

LOL , Turbo,

I have built a Porn bunker for 2012, along with my arsenal to protect it from Porn thieves. :-)

03-11-10  07:55am

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porkpie66 (0) never trust anyone who dislikes porn,they're just not right in the head ,i mean whats not to like ???
03-11-10  08:10am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #17 - Cybertoad :

Sounds nice and I guess you can never be too prepared (though I am sure you'll be overwhelmed with choice in videos and photos). Why are you so worried about 2012? Sarah Palin or someone even crazier and stupider is going to get elected and society will collapse within a matter of days?
03-11-10  09:40pm

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