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Ray O (3) 11-22-09  08:18am
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Just Canceled My Membership After Over 8 Years

After 8 years of constant subscription, I canceled my membership to ATK Hairy at the end of my billing month. Why you may ask?

Not because I think the site sucks.
Not because I am unhappy with customer service.

Factors contributing to my leaving are the following.
(1) After being a long-term subscriber I realized that there was no real incentive or discount for loyalty. I can always rejoin.
(2) A BIG reason is the site doesn't have as many American girl next door types as they used to. I generally do not like the Eastern European models and near-pro models. I like amateurs and hairy ladies that the site purports to get. Get more and I will come back.
(3) No interactive user forum for sharing comments.
(4) Some of their most used photographers are not that good and too tame. For example of two extremes - T. Mayes is lame, Sean R. is great.

I will use the money to subscribe to other sites and review them and if they suck worse, I'll be back to ATK Hairy.

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RagingBuddhist (65) As I rarely allow a rebill, I find that amazing. After 8 years at a site, I think they should send you enough frequent flyer miles to take a nice vacation somewhere.
11-22-09  08:45am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #1 - RagingBuddhist :

Yeah, you think they'd do something... Like at the least maybe give me complementary access to the sister sites? Nothing. It is renewing users like me that keep them fat and happy.
11-22-09  09:09am

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Advent (40)
REPLY TO #2 - Ray O :

I apologize I did not see your post sooner. I was with family this weekend and I was on the set of a shoot all day yesterday. Of course we do not like to lose long standing members of our sites. I would just like to explain that when I receive a notice to cancel from our members I have to cancel them right away without asking any questions. We do not want people to think we are giving them trouble about canceling. As far as giving our long time members some perks....I am all about that but you have to tell me you are looking for a perk. I do not know why you are canceling and I am not allowing to ask but if you email me and tell me what is going on I am always here for our members.

I was not aware of the fact that you have been a member for so long, I just took over customer service. Had you told me I would have looked at your account and we could have talked about a perk for you. I am very sorry you left us and I am very sorry you feel that we do not take care of members. I have been brought on to change all of that. As far as a forum, you are in luck because we have launched a forum for our sites today. I mentioned a little while back that we were working on and it went live today. I was going to post about it on the site new section today.

If you want to come back and let me try to make up it up to you just let me know.

11-24-09  12:03pm

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alexmedia (22) (3) I've never seen good and interactive member's forum. Usually member don't often write on porn forums, porn is more private thing.
11-26-09  08:45am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #4 - alexmedia :

Axel 2001: I think for many people your comments are accurate, especially people that are simultaneously excited by, embarrassed of and secretive about pornography. I think Americans by-and-large are insecure about sexuality and nudity, but more than happy to publicize violence and slasher films. Strange.

So I agree that many people do not participate in forums because they are socialized to stay in the closet in terms of sex. But some of us actually like to have a place to make comments and hear other points of view. I think connoisseurs of the art are increasingly more vocal. Especially in hope that producers of materials see what we like (and dislike) and hopefully improve their offerings.

11-26-09  02:42pm

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alexmedia (22) REPLY TO #5 - Ray O :

Good point.

btw, only Americans created Porn Culture (Exhibitions, Pornstars and so on) otherwise in many countries to create porn is illegal and no body say "I like to watch porn" because it's against common social feelings.

11-26-09  07:04pm

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #6 - alexmedia :

Axel 2001: Well... I agree that California has taken the reigns in terms of growing porn into a mutlibillion dollar industry, however I am not in agreement to some of your points:

1) I don't know why you think porn is illegal around the world. The fact is that various forms of porn are more than legal in the majority of the populated countries in the world. Europe, especially Eastern Europe churns out a huge amount of porn. I've seen porn freely available in almost every country I have visited and I've been to 6 of the 7 continents. I also should note that the porn available outside the US would make most people blush. It is much more graphic and extreme than stuff sold here. Porn is mostly publicly outlawed in Muslim nations, although it is still available there in a flourishing black market.

2) We Americans may have built the San Fernando Valley into the modern porn capital of the world, but the industry as it is known today started in Scandinavia in the 50's and 60's, not the US. Back then, Hugh Hefner's Playboy was photographing big boobed models and showing a little pubic hair (and risking obscenity charges). Hef got busted for "publishing and distributing an obscene magazine" on June 4th, 1963. The Playboy in question featured nude and near-nude shots of Jayne Mansfield.

Meanwhile, in the 50's and 60' the Danes and Swedes were churning out what we now call hardcore. Maybe you are too young to remember 8mm reels. It wasn't until people like the Mitchell Brothers trying to mainstream it as avant garde Art in the 70's that the American porn business and market started. All the commercial XXX movies started in Europe. Don't forget that.

3) America still routinely arrests and imprisons people for making and distributing porn. Even some of the biggest names in the industry are constantly fending off indecency charges. So just because America is home to a huge industry, don't assume the U.S. is friendly or supportive of the industry. Other countries are much looser about porn. In fact, while there are arrests outside of the U.S., most of the arrests and prosecutions for porn outside the US are well deserved becasue it commonly involves Child Porn.

4) I don't know if many people would flat out say they watch porn because it is counter to social feelings, but I am sure that many conservatives are hypocrites that watch porn and engage in immoral acts and flat out deny it and at the same time publicly rally against porn. Hey, but I can turn on my TV at 9:00 pm on any night and watch network TV shows showing pools of blood, rape, murder, torture on 20 different channels - that behavior seems tolerated - if not revered, but God forbid we see people having SEX!!!! Again, we (Americans) live in a strange place.

11-26-09  09:04pm

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alexmedia (22) REPLY TO #7 - Ray O :

1) Yes, It's legal in EU and US and some other countries, but it's still illegal in most Asia (except Japan) and Middle East countries as well as in ex-USSR countries. Probably you just don't know how many ppl were arrested in ex-USSR countries for producing and distributing porn movies or running web-cam studios, I can say - a lot. And I don't speak about illegal porn like zoo, rape or underage, I am talking about legal (in US and EU) porn. For sure being in Ukraine or somewhere else you can buy porn, but any way it would be illegal to sell it.

2) I believe the porn as industry was started in EU and I know that US was ( and still IS in many States) very puritan country in 50's-70's. But now I would say that the biggest market for porn industry is US and the most customers from US.

3) Yes, I heard story about Max Hardcore, but as I said above in many countries it is illegal to produce any kind of porn.

4) Totally agree with you, that's true. The most ppl who against porn still watching it. And this situation very common not only in US but in rest of the world too :(

11-27-09  01:11am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #8 - alexmedia :

Yeah, Max Hardcore was an interesting case. He pushed the limit, maybe he is the Larry Flint of the 21st Century? The stuff he got busted for was the "European-ized" versions of his ultra-sicko stuff (vomit, peeing in mouths) ultra-hard porn by anyone's definition. He claimed (flasely) that it was only intended for sale in Europe and had no idea it was being marketed and sold in the US. I personally have some that I acquired in the US, so even I could not defend him. I agree with him that it is a freedom of choice issue and the government has no place being the sex police. But in the end, porno is not a protected form of free speech by the constitution. Again it comes down to morally narrow interpretation of the purposely vague law. Max pissed off many other porn producers since he put the spotlight on everyone. I can say that not every porn producer in the world was sorry to see Max get shut down and sent to the big house.

That leads to the biggest problem in the U.S., the so-called Miller test. Anyone can get busted if the material they are distributing and selling fails the Miller test. The 1973 Miller v. California case left it up to individual jurisdictions and judges to look at a material and determine if it is obscene. This leaves everyone open to suspicion, becasue there is no universal definition of obscene. So far, it has been polled by the "I know it when I see it" test.

Today, the US postal service regularly seizes shipments of porn and bust people that distribute people that send porn to locals that have their own obscenity standards. Max is maybe the biggest case lately, but hardly the only one.

I don't know if anyone can say how many people - if anyone - gets jailed for pornography in closed countries. They don't exactly publicize their statistics. It is common knowledge from people that live in former Soviet countries, China, and the Muslim countries that you mention that getting porn is really no more of a problem then getting any of the other "Western" products that are banned. It would support the theory that the industry there is part of organized crime and has its own protections by the usual bribes and corruption that is rampant in such societies.

11-27-09  07:48am

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greg909 (2) I have to agree with the various comments here. To add some of my recent thoughts (late 2009):

1. Although there are several new sets each day, most are of the same models who appeared in multiple sets over the last month. The only difference in a model's many sets are the clothes she wears on page 1. The poses, etc, are almost identical, which gets tedious.

2. Quite a few models used to have at least one peeing set, which gives some variety and excitement. But now, ATK keeps the pee sets for its "watersport" section on ATK Galleria, so we almost never see a model's peeing set on the Hairy site. Bring them back!

3. Apart from the hideous tattoos, piercings, bizzare makeup, wrinkled grandmothers... we also have to get high-heel shoes in most shots. It's so corny! Please ATK, give us more natural girls in NORMAL clothing who don't look like circus freaks.

4. And yeah, the image quality is quite good in about half the sets, but it could improve, and much larger size options would at least give us the scope of better detail. Some sets are way over compressed, with detail suffering badly.

Still the best hairy site, but much room for improvement!

11-27-09  12:19pm

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Capn (28) Yeah, I was a long term member, I let it run for a few years.

What made me cancel was when the zip files went huge & we were only left with the download all or nothing option, when I only wanted maybe 30% of the pics.

Still waiting on user custom zips being enabled. ;0)

12-02-09  12:07pm

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Ray O (3) Just an Update:

I never did hear back from Advent after she promised that ATK would do something to acknowledge my years of loyal subscription. I emailed her several times after she told me to and she replied once hinting that she was going to do something for me. Then I never heard from her again despite repeated tries.

So when you read the above stream of comments from Advent at ATK that make it sound like they care about customers, realize that they never tried to follow through. They did nothing at all.

I guess a whole lotta nothing says a lot of something....

Ray O

01-14-10  07:00am

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Advent (40)
REPLY TO #12 - Ray O :

I have to disagree with you. I followed up on the emails you sent me but I did not hear back from you. I was in Hawaii for a couple weeks last month and someone else was handling the majority of customer service. I am sure they were not aware of the situation, so it was probably dismissed as some looking for free access. I told you I would give you perks and I still stand by that. I also said I needed to know what site(s) you were looking for and your user name before I set anything up for you. I did not want to just give you something and it not be what you are looking for.

I pride myself on making sure I follow up with our members and I apologize very much if you feel that I did not do that. I will wait to hear from you.

01-14-10  08:55am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #13 - Advent :

Well you sent me an email to my real email address saying what you say here. I replied to the return address of your not melissa@atkcash.com many times with no reply. If is it not a real address, it is the return address you have me through your own note.

How can we fix this sad situation?

01-14-10  02:35pm

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #13 - Advent :


Just an update. Advent followed up with me and was true to her word. I appreciate her honesty and her efforts. We are lucky to have a responsive person representing a site, that actively replies to customers. Most sites do nothing. I am giving ATK another chance. Still a lot of good stuff there!

02-13-10  08:17am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #15 - Ray O :

Any update on how things ultimately worked out?

I really like it when a webmaster takes the time to read and respond to a PU post and would like to know if Advent was successful in keeping you back on the site as a long term member.

10-19-10  09:13am

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Ray O (3) REPLY TO #16 - Monahan :

Advent was true to her word and made some accommodation for me to return as a member and some bonus stuff. Very, very fair.

That being said, I let my membership lapse this summer as ATK was no longer doing to for me.

Too many repetitive set of the same model. There have been fewer and fewer girl-next-door types. Tobe Garret, a long time photographer seems to have quit the biz. The cute new gals were becoming fewer, the porn-star wanna be's were becoming frequent and the style of the site has changed. The adult boy-girl section was a complete turn off for me, but that is where they have been putting their resources and money.

I may return one day to see if things have gotten better, but I kind've doubt they would make the changes needed in the last couple of months.

10-19-10  02:17pm

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