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Would you continue to use a site if you could still login after your membership term expired?

Type: General

Submitted by ControllingMind (18)
Yes loads this is good karma 58% 29 Votes
Yes a little but feel a sinner 16% 8 Votes
No but not inform the site 8% 4 Votes
No and inform the site/billers 18% 9 Votes

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50 Votes Total

Oct 29, 2009

Poll Replies (24)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


james4096 (126) Another good one.
Here's the thing, I'm always afraid that if I try to log in after a I've cancelled they'll rebill me.
But if I knew I wasn't being charged and my login still worked, heck yeah I'd continue to use it.

I do usually make sure to get the most of a site before I cancel whether it be one month or more.

10-29-09  01:53am

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Drooler (220) I've been on sites that have gone a day to a few days past the official term. That's a nice thing. I can only think of one that went on for 2-3 months, with no additional billing.

Is this good karma or would I just be trying to explain something I cannot? I try not to be "controlling" in that way. It's pointless.

10-29-09  02:14am

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Colm4 (10) No I wouldn't. I will just feel guilty about it.
10-29-09  02:47am

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Jay G (67) No, I don't cheat, but I don't feel a need to inform the site since I have a bad feeling about telling people about their mistakes (they are seldom grateful,and often angry about being so informed). I wouldn't be surprised if a site would try to charge me extra if I informed them about their mistake.

I once informed a bank they had made a $100 mistake in my favor and they were unbelievable in their snippiness toward me for telling them they'd made a mistake of giving me $100 too much cash.

I'm extremely honest for MY SAKE, not for anyone else's.

10-29-09  03:18am

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ControllingMind (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - Drooler :

How/why do you consider that as 'controlling'?
10-29-09  04:11am

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ControllingMind (Disabled) I used the term 'good karma' as a reflection of the bad experiences some sites offer. A lot of people here have had at least one bad site experience. This instead would be an error in the members favour. So how would members react? Would there be honesty or would it be tempting to restore the balance, consider it a site mistake and keep using the site.
10-29-09  05:13am

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lk2fireone (196) I've never tested any memberships after they expired, to see if I could still log on to the site.
10-29-09  06:49am

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ControllingMind (Disabled) I agree with comments about possible rebills, if you were to continue using the site.

In the past I had a non-recurring 6 month membership billed again due to an 'automated error' a few days before it was due to expire. I got refunded but they didn't cancel login access to the account.

I didn't download anything again from the site. I would have felt guilty. The site itself was highly rated and caused me no problems. I also didn't trust the billers to not pull a trick just to charge me again, so I didn't inform them about it either for that same reason.

I checked back though out of curiosity every so often and access was still able for nearly another 6 months.

I tend to try to only use reputable billers now as I don't trust the ethics or competance of the lesser known services.

10-29-09  07:56am

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Denner (235) Not sure - but twice VideosZ did not cancel my access in due time - latest it lasted almost three weeks.
Then I started to wonder: Did they not accept my cancel???
But it was ok - so I just think, they're slow, themselves - so really: I think it's their problem - and not mine.
But bottom line: I don't like it - for one reason: Do they still charge you in spite of cancellation...???

10-29-09  08:14am

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ControllingMind (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - Denner :

I always thought that when you joined a site either on a non-recurring membership or cancelled a recurring account, that your details were then removed from the automated billing database. So further charges should never really happen.

It was also videosZ who I was talking about. They have since changed their billers I think to epoch, ccbill or EUsegpay. Maybe they became aware of mistakes and changed their billing services.

10-29-09  10:06am

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exotics4me (463) I've had this happen 3 different times. The first time was with Videobox. Thing is, I didn't realize the account was still accessible. One of their staff members sent me an email a few months later. It wasn't the nicest email. It said that their biller at the time, Paycom, which is more commonly known today as Epoch, had alerted them to a week period where their software was not removing canceled accounts. This was probably in 2005. While they weren't exactly nice about it, they did say thanks for not taking advantage of the situation since they could see that I hadn't signed in. If you've read my reviews over the years, you know that I, especially in 2005, surfed porn in a cycle. I had certain genres that I would group together in one month.

Never really had the chance to use this one since I had no idea it was still active.

Second time, Eve Angel's old official site. I had a payment plan that was no longer even an option, one year at $72, granted by Eve back in the days when she was pretty much running the site. When the year was up, I decided not to renew since they had already split with Eve and were recycling the content. I did go back to it several times to get anything I had missed and to get anything that was glitchy. Some of the older videos were not playing as .wmv files, but would play as .mov files, so I went back and got those to replace the faulty ones. I finally sent them an email and told them that I had canceled my account, but still had access. Their only reply back, "Thank you, we have now removed your access".

Third time and most recent, Club Sandy, about 18 months ago. The reason I realized this one, they had put a new set up the day after my account should have been canceled, that I wanted. I went into the preview without trying to sign in and clicked one of the pictures. I was still signed in from a previous session. I DID download that one set, then signed out and went back a few days later to see that I still had access.

It was tempting, but they had been very helpful in a billing problem I had had. I contacted them about it. They thanked me multiple times in one email and gave me the rest of the month (3 weeks) access. Sort of like returning a lost wallet without taking the money out and the person gives you some of the money. Which they didn't have to do.

I picked no and inform the billers. While the first answer says, "Yes this is good karma". There also is bad karma and taking advantage of the situation is just asking for that. I prefer not to play with either side of karma.

10-29-09  10:07am

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messmer (137) I would inform the site because of the chance that I might get re-billed if I continue to use it.
10-29-09  11:49am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - ControllingMind :

Concepts such as karma and other manifestations of "faith" and understanding of the intentions of unseen forces at work are, I think, really just the work of a controlling mind in disguise. We'd like to know why things happen, and when we cannot know what will really happen and cannot explain why things do, our minds are ready to create such concepts in order to fill the gap of information with something.
10-29-09  12:17pm

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ControllingMind (Disabled) REPLY TO #13 - Drooler :

I never expected a poll about site access to turn into religious debate.

If you were to believe in karma, then each person is in control of their own destiny. It is their own good or bad actions which define it. No spirtitual forces can alter their life decisions.

Faith doesn't have to include christianity. If you have no faith in what you are trying to achieve, you will ultimately fail. Giving someone a belief is a good thing, as long as it's not false hope.

P.S. God is angry with this athiest blasphemy. He will destroy your porn external hard drives using unseen forces and controlling mind in disguise.

10-29-09  01:52pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

In regards to VideoBox, considering it was their mistake and not yours I don't feel they have much of a right to be upset with your or any of the other customers, even former ones. If they said thanks then it doesn't sound too bad, but I would have no problem e-mailing them back promising to never join their site again (and if it was VB I wouldn't consider that a loss).

Lets be realistic here: who's more dishonest, the companies who we trust not to rip us off, or we the customers who have been ripped off at least once? I will admit I have logged in to sites after a subscription has ended, but it has only worked for a few hours (which may just be a time zone discrepancy), and not exactly a major revenue loss for the sites.

I picked the first choice, even though I disagree with the 'karma' part as I am not one for beliefs, especially in regards to personal fate. Still, it always feels nice to add a little more to the collection. :)

10-29-09  02:04pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #14 - ControllingMind :

You have taken what I've said to mean things I did not. So I suppose that "control" really wasn't the issue. ;)
10-29-09  03:09pm

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kkman112 (12) I have never had that happen, but I would. If a site fails to cancel my account it is their responsibility to do so. In any case, it would probably be an isolated incident and having a couple of users with free accounts is not going to kill their business. Some companies even give away free accounts periodically through raffles or contests, so having a few freeloading accounts is not new to them.
10-29-09  04:24pm

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ControllingMind (Disabled) @ Drooler

Now you seem to be being sarcastic.

I wish you would just explain exactly what your problem is, instead of replying with cryptic verse. I'd prefer you came straight out with it, so I don't have to waste more time today deciphering your posts.


10-29-09  04:35pm

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pat362 (373) If I ever got longer access to a site then I had signed up for then I've never noticed but I tend to cancel my membership earlier than the due date.
I got burned a few times in my beginning on the net and now I'm careful about cancellations.

If I do one day discover that my membership privilege are still available after it has run out then I would advise the site.

10-29-09  06:16pm

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badandy400 (103) Just happened to me at 1 By Day. I was able to get in for a few extra days. No other site on the network allowed me in. My log in for that site did not expire. Even after my log in expired I was able to download stuff that was already queued up. I will say that the speeds where very, very low when downloading beyond my subscription time.
10-30-09  04:03am

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dracken (246) Hmm a though one. I would say that it depends on the site. If I like the webmasters and the content and respect the girls on it I would probably stop using it.

If the site was poor quality I would chuck it to the admins laziness and continue using my pass.

10-30-09  02:14pm

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ControllingMind (Disabled) REPLY TO #16 - Drooler :

Your reply to this poll, was just a guise to fuck it up with your gibberish about 'control'

The irony is, it is you who was insinuating what someone else should or should not do. Therefore you are trying to be the 'controller' in this case.

If you are really concerned about being in control, then maybe you could be the leader of your clique.

10-31-09  08:51am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #22 - ControllingMind :

Why not have another bowl of Bitch Flakes?
10-31-09  09:59am

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ControllingMind (Disabled) REPLY TO #23 - Drooler :

LOL Nah, you ate from the bowl to begin with. Bitch flakes have too much sugar in them anyway, I prefer Cunt Krispies myself.
10-31-09  01:57pm

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