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asmith12 (124) 09-10-09  08:19am
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Buying "Brazzers Credits" for money? WTF?

Brazzers Credits (New)
Prefill your account with Brazzers Credits and use them to purchase Brazzers merchandise and much more.
Currently you can spend your credits on:
Unlocking HD 720p/1080p videos for download
Coming Soon:
Upgrade your membership to elite status
Unlock scenes before they are released!
Buy Brazzers merchandise(t-shirts and baseball caps)
Buy Brazzers Credits Today And Recieve 20% More Credits!

Elite Membership Status
If you have had a brazzers membership for 6 uninterrupted months, you are automatically an Elite member and entitled to view and download every available HD 720p/1080p scene we offer.

I shall say I HATE this kind of squeezing money out of me (especially when it's kind of stuff which goes for free elsewhere).

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RagingBuddhist (65) It never ceases to amaze me how many ways this site comes up with to make money. And yet, they must be doing something right - people keep going back.
The Rage continues...

09-10-09  08:55am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #1 - RagingBuddhist :

They pay a whole lot of money to promote their site - they offer a low price, so they suck people in - and there are a lot of guys that just want to see big-boobed babes fuck

but, yeah, they are the kings of "wring all the money possible out of your customers".

09-10-09  09:08pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #1 - RagingBuddhist :

> And yet, they must be doing something right - people keep going back.
Not sure about the "adult industry", but in other areas it's common to have marketing guys fairly separate from the "production" guys. So it seems to me that Brazzers have good content production team (these are the guys who're "doing something right") and horribly greedy marketing team (which I'm pretty sure will backfire sooner rather than later).

09-10-09  11:12pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #3 - asmith12 :

Here I go again, with the same evil smile on my face.

A good content production team? Anyone paying attention to my rants against this site will know I'm no fan. So, to make sure it isn't just my disdain for the site, I just looked at the reviews on here. Almost every review, even the best of 'em, cites video quality as a con and most mention repetitive content. That doesn't do anything but reinforce my opinion that this site is nothing but marketing.

Their marketing tactics will only backfire when people wake up and see what they're really getting for the low initial cost of admission. I was actually a member here once and I wouldn't give 50¢ for all the lackluster content I saw. Subsequent reviews tell me it hasn't changed all that much, except for the HD video you have to wait six months for.

Personally, I don't like dealing with a site that seems to come up with a new money-grubbing scheme every month or so, and I'll never understand why others do.

09-11-09  08:04pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #4 - RagingBuddhist :

Putting video encoding quality aside and concentrating on the content itself (and anyone paying attention to my rants all over PU will know that it is content itself what matters to me :-)), I will say that from what I've seen to date (which admittedly is too little yet to form reliable opinion), they're MUCH less boring and repetitive then MOST of the sites out there. Just one example of creativity not to be found elsewhere: session of underwater sex in scuba diving gear (from BigTitsInSports); for me it's a clear sign that their production team does indeed care about the footage they're producing.

And BTW, I'm pretty sure that ANY adult web site with regular updates is BOUND to be repetitive. While it is sad, but there aren't too many ways to vary adult scenes :-(. Give me ANY site and I'll make the very same "repetitive content" argument about it. And comparing Brazzers to other networks (like, for example, FilthFreaks or Jerk-Off Pass), IMHO Brazzers are MUCH less repetitive.

Their deceitful marketing is a completely different story, and I'm completely on your side in this regard.

09-11-09  10:14pm

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anyonebutme (14) I've been reading elsewhere, this kind of shit Brazzers is pulling is getting very serious for a lot of innocent people. One claims he signed up for a month, turned around and there was a $1,100 charge on the credit card from them! Brazzers saying money was spent through their live feeds / chats / something, and threatening legal numerous actions if not paid.
10-25-09  03:42pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #6 - anyonebutme :

Thanks for warning, I need to double-check my credit card bill (they didn't overcharge me for 1100, but a few bucks could have slipped without me noticing it). But if they DID charge for something which didn't happen, I really think it will be THEM who will be in trouble, not ME. My bank is usually pretty customer-friendly when disputing credit card charges (yes, they ask lots of questions, especially "Did you already try to contact the merchant?"), but after all they are doing their job pretty good.
10-26-09  01:57am

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malikstarks (8) I didn't want to play the bad guy here, but I think this site is getting a bit of a bum rap. First I would say that the new 108p HD videos are absolutely STUNNING!! It's not easy to impress your average porn connoisseur nowadays, but I can honestly say It is by far the best HD I have personally seen on the web, I don't know if it can even get any better. Certainly I will admit that they had issues before with vid quality but now they have clearly gone from worst to first in dramatic fashion.

That said, I can also see from a business standpoint how it is fair to charge a premium for the new HD. First off as stated before it is by far the best HD out there, particularly if your talking about "mainstream" sites. Second, as they have mentioned, if they allow everyone access to the HD vids it would almost certainly overload their servers. Most of the 1080p vids are huge, were talking 4-5GB's for a typical 30 minute scene. Even the 720p vids are around 2-3GBs. If they just allowed the typical user with a high end computer and a fast connection to download whatever they wanted it would be a nightmare for everyone, including those just wanting to get the regular wmv quality.

Nonetheless if you still want to get the HD vids you have two ways to do so. Purchase the credits, or remain a member for 6 months. I think that's fair. Many users like myself took advantage of the loyalty discount a while back for $9.99 a month so it's not that bad. (Don't know if they still offer it now)

As far as the billing issues I can't speak to that, although I am not downplaying it. I'm just saying it hasn't happened to me and I've been a member for a while, had to change credit cards etc. I will say that for those who had yearly memberships that is indeed a bummer. They ought to have some sort of yearly recurring membership so you don't have to renew manually, but I can see how some people wouldn't want a membership to recur yearly, most sites have that as a one time thing.

11-09-09  02:00pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #8 - malikstarks :

1. Are you sure their stuff is really better than HD from AssTraffic? I doubt it (and AssTraffic is NOT charging anything extra for them, and DOES provide good download speeds).

2. WHOLE 100% of your reply is EXACTLY what their support / webmaster would say in reply to user ranting about their newer policies (ESPECIALLY passages like "if you still want to get the HD vids you have two ways to do so. Purchase the credits, or remain a member for 6 months."). Rather strange, isn't it?

11-12-09  05:01am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #9 - asmith12 :

Lol, I wish I were a webmaster for Brazzers, I'm sure it would be much more lucrative than what I am doing currently. Nonetheless...

First off I originally stated that Brazzer's HD is the best I have PERSONALLY seen; I'm no expert on the subject. You may indeed know of other sites that offer video that is equal in quality to what they have at the moment. (Although I would probably guess that there are not many.)

As for Ass Traffic, it is a site that I was vaguely familiar with before but had never had an interest in membership. Now after having had a look they do indeed shoot vids in 1080p so it probably does match Brazzers offer from that standpoint.

However even if it does offer 1080p it still a poor comparison since:
#1 There is no network access.

#2 Site hasn't been an updated since August (according to the TBP review in September 09) may well be dead, not sure since the have no update schedule listed on the preview.

#3 As of the TBP review in September they only had about 138 HD videos. Brazzers has a little over 300 already with updates of 2-3 per day.

Nonetheless, some have brought up legitimate beefs with the Brazzers model that I do agree with. First if you purchase a yearly pass you should be given access to the HD vids immediately since you have already paid up front. (I actually think that is a bit ridiculous.) They should also think about giving immediate access to the 720 HD since that is what you would get immediately at a comparable site

All in all I'm pretty confident that Brazzers is the only one putting out 1080p porn in quantities this large. Even DDF's vids aren't nearly as impressive and they've been the standard for a while now (as for as networks). For that I think charging a premium is fair. Besides from an IT standpoint offering complete unrestricted access to file sizes that large would be painful at best. I've been on sites that had no HD and what shut me out due to server demand (Scoreland).

Speaking of Scoreland now THAT is model I disagree with. They segregate nearly ALL of their HD content to a completely separate site called ScoreHD. It's basically the same exact videos from across the Score networks but just in HD format, forcing you to pony up another $30 (standard price) if you want the HD vids. (But there are no pic sets at SCORE HD)

11-12-09  10:44am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #9 - asmith12 :

Wanted to make an addition to my response.

During my normal surf session today I did notice that Pornpros also states they are using 1080p, so it is open to debate. However I also am a member at Pornpros (9.99 loyalty discount) and I am quite sure the 1080p they use is not nearly the quality as that of Brazzer'. (not even close) Looking further the file sizes for even the most recent Pornpros HD vids only range between 600-700mb's. While for Brazzers they range from about 4-5 GB's.

Even still I'm sure Brazzers advantage will not be a permanent one in this regard, and it will be interesting to see what happens when others catch up.

11-12-09  05:09pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #10 - malikstarks :

> As for Ass Traffic, it is a site that I was vaguely familiar with before but had never had an interest in membership. Now after having had a look they do indeed shoot vids in 1080p so it probably does match Brazzers offer from that standpoint.
Thanks for comment, but did you REALLY compare Brazzers stuff with Asstrafic HD samples (I think they do have HD sample for free)?

> legitimate beefs with the Brazzers model that I do agree with. First if...
VERY FIRST, they MUST tell RIGHT ON THEIR HOME PAGE that all the HD they're telling about on their home page (like "NOW IN FULL HD" and "Join now and embrace the future with the best HD experience") will NOT be available for the price they're asking for. Do you think THIS kind of stuff (telling user "Join now and embrace the future with the best HD experience", and THEN, when he clicks there and 'Joins now', PAYING them money they're asking, to ask MORE for this very 'HD experience' they've just promised and he just paid for") is fair?? This is CHEATING (or MISLEADING advertisement AT THE VERY LEAST), and IF I would join them because of HD they advertise, I would FOR SURE ask my bank to revert transaction.

Is there a chance of them stopping this kind of CHEATING of THEIR OWN USERS? I don't think so, unless they will get hit by reversed transactions because of it (which I hope for).

11-12-09  10:11pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #12 - asmith12 :

You make some good points. While I do believe it is fair to charge a fee for the 1080p blue ray. They should let you know up front that it is not an immediate part of the membership. Really what they ought to do is as I had previously suggested, make the 720p HD available immediately, since that is what most sites are offering now. That would still allow them to charge the premium for the full HD.

Overall then we disagree over whether or not it is fair to charge the premium, but agree that it they should be more up front about it, or at least need to find a different way to do it.

As for Ass Traffic, I already conceded that they may well have the same quality HD as the Brazzers 1080p Blue Ray. However I am not sure, maybe I will download the sample and give you my opinion in a couple of days. The only thing I would say that it is apparent that not all 1080p is created equal, since the website Pornpros also advertises 1080p but it is nothing close to Brazzers quality.

11-14-09  10:59pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #12 - asmith12 :

I just downloaded the AssTraffic HD Sample. While it is not far from the Brazzers quality it does not quite match it. Brazzers if brighter with much richer color textures. The difference is not huge but substantial, and definetly noticeable immediately.

Put it this way, I have a very powerful computer that plays the Brazzers HD smoothly with no problem at all, but if I try to fast forward a scene it will not let me do it, the video freezes. No other HD porn has ever given me that problem. I may start a forum thread to see if anyone else knows of a site with HD of the same quality.

As well though the other concerns about AssTraffic still stands, namely a lack of updates (according to the TBP review), and no network access.

11-14-09  11:59pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #14 - malikstarks :

> Brazzers if brighter with much richer color textures.
With AssTraffic colors already being IMHO vastly oversaturated, I can't say it's a good thing if somebody has even more saturated colors.

> Put it this way, I have a very powerful computer that plays the
> Brazzers HD smoothly with no problem at all, but if I try to fast
> forward a scene it will not let me do it, the video freezes. No
> other HD porn has ever given me that problem.
And you see that "video freezes" as an ADVANTAGE for Brazzers?? No comments.

11-15-09  10:04pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #15 - asmith12 :

I didn't mean that it was an advantage, it is in fact a drawback, but I don't consider it a major one since it does play smoothly on my computer, I just can't go jumping around as far as fast forwarding and rewinding. I can still pause it start it back fine, and I'm sure there are computers more powerful than mine that can handle ff and rr. I don't mind just watching a video and letting the plot play out without skipping all over the place, at least once in a while. If I want to ff and rr I have the option to download the 720 hd and do that.

I hope you are not under the impression that I am a big time Brazzers guy. I just think they have gotten a bit of a bum rap although I have tried to be fair and see both sides. To tell you the truth it is only one of a number of sites I am member of (mainly since I still have the $9.99 discount) and I probably have only downloaded maybe two of the HD scenes in question. They do take up alot of space 4-5 GBs, plus it takes me at least a full day to download just one. I am saying BECAUSE of those attributes it is unreasonable to let everyone download them due to server demand and the lag it would cause for everyone.

Really if I didn't have the discount I would have already moved on from this site, I've mainly kept it for the value.

11-16-09  12:05am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #15 - asmith12 :

Just as a heads up if you are looking for an HD experience that is closer to what Brazzers has, I looked around and the Zero Tolerance site comes a bit closer. Although it still is not quite Brazzers quality (as far as the 1080p) it comes a bit closer than Ass Traffic. Plus the file sizes are a bit more reasonable (than Brazzers).

I've been thinking about giving it try myself.

11-16-09  12:28am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #16 - malikstarks :

> They do take up alot of space 4-5 GBs
Do you know what kind of bitrate they have? Or at least can you tell how long one single file is (in minutes) and how large it is (in gigabytes)?

11-16-09  01:55am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #18 - asmith12 :

I don't know how to find the bitrate on the video, but if you tell me how to find it I will look it up and tell you.
11-16-09  10:14pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #19 - malikstarks :

If you can tell me (for the same file) it's size in bytes (megabytes, gigabytes) AND it's length in minutes, I can easily calculate it's bitrate. Thanks in advance.
11-17-09  12:50am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #20 - asmith12 :

The only scene I have currently is:

Site: Big Wet Butts

Scene: Triple Butt Pump

Size: 4.35 GB (4,675,992,829 bytes)

Length: 51 minutes 16 seconds (fairly long)

What is the bitrate then, and how does it compare?

Also how do you calculate it?

11-17-09  07:40am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #20 - asmith12 :

In truth looking now having looked over the site a bit more it looks as though I may have exaggerated the file sizes a bit. Most of the 1080p are around 2.5-3.5 GB's with only a few being over 4GB. That goes to show I really haven't downloaded very many. Still they are best I have seen, at least imho.
11-17-09  07:59am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #21 - malikstarks :

As an aside ...

You may want to do a search in our forum for "bitrate". There have been several threads that touched on it, including:

11-17-09  08:13am

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #23 - Khan :

Thanks Khan for the insight, although I couldn't make much sense of it from the various forum threads. I looked it up on Wikipedia which basically stated:

"The size of a multimedia file in bytes is the product of the bit rate (in bit/s) and the length of the recording (in seconds), divided by eight."

According to my calculation then that would put the bitrate (for that file) at about 12.16 Mbit/s, hopefully that's right. Although I'm still not sure how that sizes up to other kinds of HD vids. I guess maybe the forum would be good for that plus I can compare some of the videos I have.

11-17-09  12:43pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #21 - malikstarks :

Thanks, calculation follows:
51min 16sec = 3076 sec
4,675,992,829 bytes = 4,675,992,829 * 8 bits = 37,407,942,632 bits
So we have average bitrate = 37,407,942,632 / 3076 = 12,161,230 bits/sec, or approximately 12MBit/s . It is indeed HUGE (Asstraffic has about 8MBit/s); on the other hand, higher bitrate does not always guarantee higher quality, so it's a pity that Brazzers don't have an HD sample for public download, so everybody could compare their quality.

11-17-09  08:16pm

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malikstarks (8) REPLY TO #25 - asmith12 :

Indeed. They should have a sample up, but I think that would cause a near mutiny among those who do not have immediate access to it. However it is very impressive and even more so considering they are pumping out 2-3 a day. I would offer to upload the file where you could see it, but I know we can't do that.

Might make a good topic for the forum for members to simply compare various sites. The other topics related to bitrate seemed to speak mainly of the technical aspects.

11-18-09  09:08pm

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