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Denner (235) 12-02-08  03:20pm
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Again: Currency speculations

Wanted to try this site again (maybe because I was a little drunk or because there seems to be some fine updates - or maybe in lack of any other new sites).
But again I get caught in currency-hassle.
The price (regular, not green)) is $ 24.95 according to good ol' TBP.
Try to join - the price here is Euro 39.95 (non recurring) as a choice for european users. That price is around: $48.
Another try, the price is Euro 29.95 - or around $37. (recurring).

You won't get too many euro-members that way.....

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mr smut (42) It's 29.95 for me too which is more than ridiculous *ggrrr* some may think that we Europeans are dumb as ... I don't know. I won't pay a significantly higher price just because I'm living here.
12-02-08  03:28pm

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TheSquirrel (53) It seems to me this is happening more and more. I don't think it's imagination. These conversion rates are just set for rip off. If it's poor value or a relative rip off, I'm just not buying.
12-02-08  03:48pm

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Denner (235) Like mr smut and The Squirrel I've seen this more and more - and like these fellow users I think it's a rip off and a speculation in earnings only - a bit like when some site "pre-mark" another site when joining one.
"Maybe those european do not notice the difference"

But ok, some sites have equalized the cost: $/Euro to the same in the end, Great!
And some sites even offers you a helping hand with a different link to join in US dollars even if your're placed in Europe (after writing to the webmaster) Great too.

12-02-08  03:59pm

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lk2fireone (196) Isn't there some way to pay in US dollars even if you live in Europe?
I live in US, and have paid in foreign currency for some transactions with a credit card. The credit card company (I think it was mastercard) charged me an additional 3% above the conversion rate. And the conversion rate was not as good as that quoted on Wall Street (for major financial transactions), but that still seems better than the rates that are being offered to you for Euros.

12-02-08  05:54pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #4 - lk2fireone :

It sounds like you may have missed some of the discussions that have gone on here about "regional pricing". That's the practice of charging a different rate depending on the location the person is at. It's not just a matter of currency conversion.
12-02-08  06:05pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - Khan :

I only started looking at this site sometime in November, 2008, so there are a lot of posts I haven't read.

I haven't read about regional pricing.

I'm a US citizen. When I took a trip to some European countries, at some places, I was aware that as a tourist, I was being charged a higher rate than local citizens, for the same items, even though I was paying in the local currency.

Which I did not think was fair. But I couldn't do anything about the price difference I was charged. I was not the only one being charged a higher rate. All the people in our tour group were charged the same rate (except for the tour guides, who also got a lower rate).

12-02-08  06:20pm

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jd1961 (95) Let me ask you something.
When you go to the homepage there's a Stefany there. Does she look like a teen to you?
She looks about 38 !

12-02-08  06:51pm

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messmer (137) Would you believe that it would have cost me CAD 42.92 through CCBill this evening if I had wanted to subscribe to this site. The official conversion rate at this very moment is approx. 80 cents U.S. for one Canadian dollar which would make it $ 31.12 Canadian. Who gets my extra ten dollars? CCBill?
12-02-08  06:58pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #8 - messmer :

Listed price at the site is: $29.95 US for 30 days recurring.
Listed price at the site is: $39.95 US for 30 days non-recurring.

TheBestPorn lists price as $24.94 US for 30 days recurring.

But TheBestPorn price is not a discounted price (at least no indication that price is discounted).

So the price might have changed since it was listed at TBP.

The prices at many of these sites change a lot, and you really need a dynamic link to keep up with the price changes, if you want to stay current (and then you need to list the discounted price from TBP as well, if there is one).

As far as model Stefany, she looks way past her teenage years. But many sites advertise "teens" that are way past that age. These sites sell youth, not truth. We all know that, even if we don't like admitting it to ourselves.

12-02-08  07:27pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

Thanks for the info! CCBill automatically quotes the Canadian price, I guess they keep track of the DNS from where the request is coming so I had no idea that the price was higher compared to that quoted by TBP.
CCBill nevertheless were willing to charge way more than the official rate. But as Khan stated other factors might play a role.

12-02-08  07:51pm

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mr smut (42) REPLY TO #10 - messmer :

Hello Messmer,

they surely do. There's a lot of services available for geo location based on the ip address you have (fixed) or get (using dial-in to a pool of ip addresses your provider owns) when going online. Like for instance http://www.ip2location.com/ or http://www.geobytes.com/ipLocator.htm

I had trouble with some sites one of them actually didn't know that this feature was active for them. After letting them know they urged their billing company to turn that off a.s.a.p. :-)


12-03-08  01:53am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #4 - lk2fireone :

Yes - something like 90% of the sites I join is paid in US-dollars - typical through CCBill or Epoch.
BTW: Epoch is the best in regarding the dollars-payment...

12-03-08  06:18am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #7 - jd1961 :

Abolutely agree, but jd - some of the girls/models still look awesome - in the previe, anyway.
But again - the words "teens" are a little too much...

12-03-08  06:19am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #8 - messmer :

Yeah, I think it stinks.
Strangely enough it's practically only CCBill that keep those high prices regarding difference in currency.
Epoch do not - a couple of times or more I've written to the webmaster about the CCBill-price, and - man, they send me a link to join via Epoch at the price stated at TBP....in US-dollars!

12-03-08  06:22am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #5 - Khan :

Khan, please see my reply to messmer...
I will add to that: It's only CCBill that has these "reginal pricings" - as far as I have experienced - and Only for some sites - a growning number of sites with CCBill as the only billing-co. has changed that policy (or is it CCBill?) which means that the price in Euro are now exactly the same as if you paid in Dollars - even down to the smallest decimal..
A few - like the mentioned Teenrotica - has still not changed that.

12-03-08  06:33am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #14 - Denner :

That's a great tip, Denner. Come to think of it, every time I used Epoch they always charged me in U.S. Dollars and then converted it to Canadian Dollars at the going rate. Must try that with the next site I join. Might be a while, though, because our Dollar is still in free fall. :-(
12-03-08  08:06am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #11 - mr smut :

Thanks for the reply, Smut. I think the best bet would be to deal almost exclusively with Epoch from now on, as suggested by Denner, because it's not the first time or the first site that CCBill charged way more than the going rate. Their conversion table must have been misplaced. :-)
12-03-08  08:10am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #15 - Denner :

I personally have no interest in getting into a protracted discussion about regional pricing. Truthfully, this discussion would be better suited to the forum than focused on a specific site. Still, as it's repeatedly come up in this "thread" I'll share a little info in hopes of letting users here understand the issue.

First off, those who keep referring to a wrong exchange rate don't seem to have grasped what regional pricing is. It is NOT an exchange rate .. has nothing to do with an normal currency exchange rate. It IS about charging a different price based on where the customer is from.

In other aspects of life, it seems not only common, but acceptable to be charged different prices for the same thing based on where you're buying (or where you're from). For instance, what I pay for a DVD or a cup of Starbucks coffee will vary greatly depending on where I purchase it. Another example, lk2fireone mentions (above) where he was being charged a higher rate than local citizens (while visiting Europe), for the same items, even though he was paying in the local currency. Still, it's a fairly recent development for porn sites and understandably, it's not being well accepted by those who are having to pay more.

The reason you're seeing it more for purchases made through CCBill is because CCBill, in their interface for the site owners, has added a feature making it easy and convenient for site owners to enable regional pricing. It's the actual site owner who's deciding to charge more based on where you're at, not CCBill. They (CCBill) just handle the transaction according to the site owner's instructions.

Is it understandable that some porn surfers are upset at paying more for the same product ... sure. Are tourist upset when they're charged more than locals ... you bet. Is this something that you can expect to see more of ... my guess is yes. Can anything be done about it ... sometimes, writing the webmaster and letting them know you're aware you're getting charged more is enough to prompt them to give you a better price.

12-03-08  12:48pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

If you'll note, TBP/PU has already corrected the price listed.

Yes, the prices of sites DO change a LOT. Our (very hard working) staff make every effort to keep our listings current and accurate. As well as spot checking sites, we are VERY attentive when PornUsers mentions a price has changed.

With regards to regional pricing, we have no way of knowing what those outside the US might be charged on any given day. Where we KNOW a site is using regional pricing, the editors make a notation on the site's listing.

We're sorry we're not perfect ... trust me, it's not from lack of trying. :)

12-03-08  12:52pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #19 - Khan :

Please believe me, I understand the staff puts a lot of effort into making P-U and The Best-Porn the best it can be.

I was not trying to criticize you or the staff-owners in any way.

I was just commenting-saying that the prices of some of these sites change a lot, and that some kind of active link might be useful to automatically update the current price.

But I don't know programming, so I don't know how easy-difficult that would be to put on The Best-Porn site.

I, and almost all the members of P-U, do appreciate the effort you have put into making PU and The Best-Porn useful and valuable sites for us. (We also like the lottery, even tho I have not won anything yet. But I hope to keep trying until I do win.)

As for regional pricing, until you informed me in a previous post, as I already said, I was not even aware there was such a thing.

I'm not a newbie in porn, but what I do not know is enormous.

12-03-08  03:14pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #13 - Denner :

Here's a new teen site I'm about to join. I see TBP just listed it:

Tiny Tabby

12-03-08  07:51pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #21 - jd1961 :

Looks like Lupes little sister -:)
Not bad...

12-04-08  08:49am

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