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WeeWillyWinky (88) 10-17-08  05:47pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fair collection of very natural busty models.
- Zip files for pics.
- Total fidelity to niche. The site is about breasts and nothing but breasts.
- Excellent picture quality.
- Excellent editing of photo-sets.
- A few beautiful pregnant models. This could be a con for some but why simply baffles me.
Cons: - Several models are much too large (all around, not just breasts) for my tastes. This is a purely subjective con and for some it will be a pro.
- Breast-sucking videos are useless. This is also a subjective con. No hairy faces in the way of the good stuff, please.
- Videos are hit and miss as far as quality both physically and esthetically.
- Amount of content, and number of models, needs to grow.
Bottom Line: This is one instance where one's subjective tastes will certainly factor in to how one responds to the site and how one rates it.

For instance I would rather not see so many large women, but some guys will want more of them. Some men will love the inclusion of pregnant women, as I do, but some men will find this a turn-off. And finally, some guys might actually like to see another man suckle away at a big pair of breasts, but to my mind unless this occurs during an actual sex scene it's less than useless. It's obnoxiously useless.

And once again we have a website wherein the vid section is not up to par with the photo section. As for specs, these vids are all over the map. For some reason I am seeing higher bitrates in vids with smaller dimensions. For instance, one vid is 720x576, 764k; another is 640x480, 1339k; and a third is 320x240, 1519k. Could it be that the VLC media player is innacurate, or is this a normal thing? In my experience it is not normal.

Be that as it may, the content of the vids is also all over the map. There are far too many tit-sucking vids; some vids have cheesy music set to them; some are tediously long and some are dreadfully short; and still others are dynamite, as is one featuring a young pregnant model named Lucie. There are a few lactation vids. One I looked at showed nothing but the model squirting milk. That got boring after about ten seconds.

As for the photo-sets, I believe they are some of the best in the genre, or any genre. The pics are mostly 1600x1064, though some are smaller, and Cel has a definite skill in this area. The sets often contain more than a hundred pics and yet they are nicely edited so that you don't get fifty shots from the same angle. Even though it's a breast-fixated site there is total nudity and plenty of spread shots as well as awesome booty shots. I would put Cel in the top 5 percentile in regard to pictures. And for those of us who like our monitors crammed full with beautiful female goodness, Cel makes optimal use of the landscape format.

Bottom line: if you are primarily a pic collector and like big breasts in a softcore format, I believe you will find this site a decent value, although there is not a huge amount of content up.

If you are into hardcore, forget it. And if you are coming here mainly for the videos, you might want to save your money this time around.

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messmer (137) While I'm grateful that landscape is catching on I've always been stopped from subscribing because this is another site with huge watermarks. At least they were a year ago. Are they any smaller now?

And thanks for a great review.

10-17-08  06:03pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

The watermark is pretty big. I actually never heard of the site until a few weeks ago. Oh, and I should say, while Cel uses landscape more than the average site, on going through the pics I'd say he still uses it much less than half the time.
10-17-08  08:07pm

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Toadsith (48) Great review, thanks - as a photo person, I may have to check out this site.

As for why some of us are bothered by pregnancy?

Ever seen the Chest Rippers from the Alien movie series? Just replace the fanged insect/snake with a really fat, tiny ape and make it scream like a wounded rabbit. Now put it inside the lower abdomen of another person. Have it twist, move and parasitically feed off that person - getting stronger and larger, month after month, forcing the host to consume more energy due to the added weight and because their blood system is feeding another being, like a tape worm, but more intimate. It consumes for almost a year and then it needs to leave, making the host's body an accomplice - but sometimes the host isn't fit enough (too small, too inflexible, too weak, et cetera). Sometimes they won't survive. So doctors try to help. They cut the host open, straight through the belly. They reach in and pull out this writhing creature and sever its connection with the host. Even with a successful breach from the host, the flabby, screaming parasite squeezing out through the sexual genitalia of the host, the parasitic relationship isn't over. The host's body is altered to lactate and feed the parasite for even longer - as if feeding from the blood stream wasn't enough, the parasite is now feeding off liquid expelled from the host's body. The real horrifying aspect for me, is that the parasite doesn't need the womb to survive, any good blood source will do fine. Hosts unfortunate enough to have a severe ulcer on the womb, puncturing straight through the wall of the womb, have had a fertilized egg attach itself to a very good source of blood: the heart. Aesthetically, the skeletal stance of the host changes - the hips widen, the center of balance is adjust to account for the weight - the host is physically altered not just in shape but in movement. All these things combined make pregnancy not the most erotic of visages for me.

I understand others talk about a "healthy glow" or the "miracle of birth" and so on - I understand it is a fetish for many - but in isn't for me. I do believe it would be awkward if a long-term lover of mine became pregnant. I would fully support her if her decision was to keep the child and I would take care of her and the parasite, but once it was large enough to change her physique, coitus would be much more difficult - especially oral administration to her. I fear my vivid imagination would ruin much of that. Hopefully we'd be smart enough to find solutions, maybe the furry scene so coitus would be performed in full body costumes...

10-17-08  09:10pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) REPLY TO #3 - Toadsith :

Wow, Toadsith, you sure made an excellent case for your point of view. I would reply by saying first that I don't find a pregnant woman sexy necessarily: rather, I find a woman who is sexy already *even more* sexy when she is pregnant. Case in point: my little ex-wife. She was busty for such a slight little thing anyway (four foot eight inches, 85 lbs when I married her), and when she became pregnant...DAMN! It wasn't just the size, it was the texture, the density, the color of the areolae, everything. I was in hog heaven. The rest of her perfect little body became more exciting to me as well. Even her hair. Her skin and her face were more lustrous, rich, supple, smooth, choose your modifier. Sex was hot. And I mean literally hot.

My attraction to pregnant women has nothing to do with the "miracle of child birth" or anything like that. I'm not green, I'm not politically correct, and I detest the nuttier elements of the feminist movement as much as the next guy. That being said I don't find anything grotesque about reproduction or the physical changes women undergo when they are with child. Of course I speak from the male perspective, which is an easy one. I can sympathize as best I can, however, and I completely and without reservation support and commend any woman who refuses to become a mother, for whatever reason. I'm pretty much a libertarian and believe quite forcefully that a person holds sovereignty over their own body and that the demands of society, culture, and invisible deities can go fly a kite.

The beauty of the feminine form, for me, is about a particular concert of curves, contours, and convexities: the breasts, the hips, you know what I mean. In a pregnant woman, and by that I mean one who takes care of herself, those curves, contours, and convexities are accentuated in a dramatic and often breathtaking manner. The big belly, far from being a gravid lump of shapeless fat, is round and hard and smooth and sexy as hell. Once again, this is strictly from an onlooker's point of view and I don't mean for one second to underestimate the physical and emotional strain a pregnancy puts upon a woman.

Parasite may be a technically apt term as you use it, but as a father of two I can say that I am now as dependent on my children for my well-being as they are on me. If one of them died I would want to die too, and so the host/parasite relationship doesn't fly with me. Naturally it does apply to many a parent and child in this world, and our species as a whole would most certainly benefit greatly from a concerted effort to significantly reduce the number of childbirths worldwide.

Edited to add: I think this might call for a forum thread. I'm interested to hear what others think. I think I'll go start one.

10-17-08  10:33pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - WeeWillyWinky :

Thanks, www. That's what I was afraid of. You've touched upon two of my "crusades:" more pictures in landscape and smaller watermarks. I know the ones I saw on Cel pictures were obscene in their size.
10-18-08  07:22am

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