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Nubiles.net (3)

indybt30 (6) 09-13-08  10:13am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Very attractive models
*Exclusive models
*High quality pictures
*ZIP files for dowload
*Easy navigation
*Good updates
*Great closeups
*Photos are available to view by subject. For instance, close-ups, tits, ass.
Cons: *Almost exclusivly Euro chicks. I like to see a variety
*Some photos seem obviously touched up which is distracting
*Mostly petite women. Not alot of body types which makes the sets kind of redundant
*Videos are just okay. Do not measure up to most sites. If you are joining this site for the videos I think you will be disapointed.
Bottom Line: You ever go to a movie and see a trailer that is really great, then when you see that movie you realize that the trailer had all the good stuff?

Well, that is kind of how I felt about this site. I have seen plenty of galleries from this site and thought, although the niche isn't my usual one, that I would give it a try. When I got it I realized that there wasn't much more there than what you see in the previews. But there is alot of it.

I had a hard time rating this one because the site is great for what it is. If you want to see petite European women with high quality photos then it is a 95. If you like video, bubble butts and variety then it is about a 70.

I joined because I wanted to see some different kinds of women besides the porn stars you see on Reality Kings, Banbros, VideoBos and Pornstars XS. For that it was great. It just didn't have enough to keep my attention more than a few weeks.

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mr smut (42) Hello indybt30,

could you tell us what size the pix do have? In the preview I saw that those had 2400px on the long side. Is that the resolution one can expect when joining this site?

Thanks in advance,

09-13-08  10:54am

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Monahan (42) Excellent review, indybt30. I really like your writing style because it reads like a real review and not like responses to a questionnaire.

Nubiles is on my short list of sites to join when I get tired of a site I'm currently on because I do like the genre...but because I'm more a video guy your comments about the vids are important to me.

Bubble butts are not important to me but variety and quality is. I may lower Nubiles one notch on my short list.


09-13-08  11:16am

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indybt30 (6) REPLY TO #2 - Monahan :

I appreciate you reading my review.

I try my best not to compare sites to their competitors in a negative way in my reviews, but the truth is that I like Abby Winter or even amkingdom.com better when I want to see good quality softcore pics.

09-13-08  11:35am

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indybt30 (6) REPLY TO #1 - mr smut :

They have two sized available in both zips and individually The smaller size is 1200 x 800 and the larger is 2400 x 1600. Very good quality and I got great download speed.

The site just didn't trip my trigger. It was one of those cases were I went through the whole site to make sure I didn't miss anything and there where definitely some gems, but for the most part I thought it was redundant. But hey, if the girls are your type then redundant is GREAT!!

09-13-08  11:44am

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mr smut (42) REPLY TO #4 - indybt30 :

Thanks! I always thought that they only offer pictures with a very small resolution but that size is o.k. with me and they have some girls to offer that really ring my bell ... like Franziska, Kacey Jordan or Chastity.

Thanks for the review and the quick answer to my question!


09-13-08  11:52am

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Nubiles Captain (32)
I will chime in here. I would really like to hear what you don't like about the videos to see what we can do to improve. We have 3 different niches we try to satisfy: hardcore, guys who like solo masturbation, and guys who like to see the girls nude but not masturbate. Its hard to satisfy them all.

Right now we are working super hard with our 50+ producers to get them to direct the models better in the masturbation videos. Some girls do an amazing job, but so many need direction because they are lazy or just brand new first time amateurs and feel nervous about being on camera. If fact we just sent a girl home today from a shoot, who can do awesome hardcore sex scene and great pictures but on video she is shy and just giggles and couldn't masturbate. Anyways I would love to hear some feedback other than videos are just okay.

Yes petite girls are really what focus on. If you want thicker girls I don't think you will like ours.

We are not an exclusive Euro site but I do see how you would think that because this summer we had so many new Euro girls. It was slow in the USA of hot girls but is has since picked up. We have over 500 girls and many USA in those. We have more USA girls in a more balanced way coming up:
09/09/2008 USA, USA, Russia
09/16/2008 USA, Russia, Urkaine
09/23/2008 Czech, USA, USA
09/30/2008 USA, Ukraine, England
10/07/2008 Russia, USA, Czech
10/14/2008 Russia, USA, Ukraine

09-13-08  01:52pm

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indybt30 (6) REPLY TO #6 - Nubiles Captain :

Please do not take my review wrong and think that I didn't enjoy your sight. If I had to make one comment it would be that the girls are TOO pretty. And I wouldn't expect you to change that. But I like to feel like I am not looking at living dolls all the time.

If it helps, I feel like most video oriented sites have terrible photos. Your site has excellent photography of course. My comments on the review were to point out that at least for now, to me, your site is a pic site with some videos added. Not a video site.

As far as the videos being just okay, I will be straight with you. If I want videos I am going to go to VideoBox. I want a sight like yours to be about photography. Your videos offer nothing that I can't get at VideoBox and don't have near the variety. I personally can only take so much watching masturbation.

I did have another user ask me about the photo size and quality and I replied with rave reviews on that.

I think your site gives exactly what you are wanting to sell. One thing that did annoy me though was that the niche shortcuts (ass, close up, tits) did not have the ability to be changed to the larger size. You have to go into the individual sets to find them an download large files.

09-13-08  04:45pm

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Nubiles Captain (32)
REPLY TO #7 - indybt30 :

I didn't take your review wrong indybt30. I understand your points. I think there can be some confusion for what you call a "video site". Some people think of VideoBox as more a dvd site as their content is mostly the videos of the dvds you can buy at adult stores or see on other dvd download sites. The ones produced by the dvd companies. Where our videos are completely custom and exclusive found at Nubiles only. We produce our own content and you won't find it on any other sites. When members make requests we tailor the shoots to follow what they want generally. We are shooting 40 to 60 minutes of videos per model, so I don't think its fair to say we are not a video site. We have more videos then our competitors (the mega model teen sites) and our content is growing at a faster pace. However if you are talking about dvd scenes by the big dvd companies, thats a completely different niche. Not arguing with you, I just don't want anyone to get the idea that we don't have videos or that we are not a video site. Thanks for taking the time to review us!
09-16-08  12:24pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #8 - Nubiles Captain :

I'm into this genre (I really like FTVGirls, for example) and this site looks like it is as good, if not better. Hardcore is good occasionally but I prefer the masturbation/pretty girl (no insertions) genre more.

I will be joining shortly based on this review, and more importantly, because Nubiles Captain posted such informative responses to the comments in this thread. He reassures me by his thorough and literate comments that I'll be getting just what I want and that he'll be there if I have any problems or beefs.

As for Nubiles not being a video site, anyone who checks out the public site will see that it is very heavily loaded with video content; perhaps more than most other sites in this genre. For those who haven't checked out the public site, I suggest you do. The number of models is huge and growing, and the site provides very well done 20 second samplers for almost every model.

BTW, the quality of female talent emanating from Eastern Europe is, simply, jaw dropping and I'm hoping it continues forever. Yes, US talent is fine as well but there is something about all natural bodies not messed up with "body art" (tattoos) that I find extremely appealing.

09-27-08  01:17pm

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Nubiles Captain (32)
REPLY TO #9 - Monahan :

Hey Monahan,

You said " Hardcore is good occasionally but I prefer the masturbation/pretty girl (no insertions) genre more."

Our members who like hardcore and who like masturbation WITH insertions have been very vocal telling us what is bad and what is good with our videos. We use this to create better future performances from the girls. However I have not got a lot of feedback from people who prefer pretty girl no insertion videos. I would really like to hear what you think of our videos in that area so I can provide a good balance of hardcore / masturbation with toys, and no insertion videos. I just am running out of ideas for the no insertion and unsure what the members like best of what we have for that. I am open to hear anything you have to say and our members area has a great message board where you can post what you think or if you want more privacy you can always private message me!


09-27-08  01:25pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #10 - Nubiles Captain :

I'll give you a quick reply and when I join I'll be more complete (so other members can supplement my comments).

I really enjoy watching an uninhibited girl who likes her body and happily shows it off. One of your models is Andie (aka Andrea) who also appears on FTVGirls. She does heavy masturbation but some of her FTV stuff is PG where she dances, plays with her labia, gets really down with breast play and leg spreads.

Some ideas for pretty girl stuff would be floor level upskirt stuff, breast massage underneath a transparent bra, nipple tweaking, etc. I also enjoy public scenes where a gorgeous girl with erect nipples in a tight sweater, a nice pair in a low cut blouse, short plaid skirt and pantiless, etc. is showing off her PTA [pussy, tits and ass] in subtle and not so subtle ways.

The issue we both face, you as a content creator and me as a consumer, is that I don't see how you can make a video that is longer than 10-15 minutes without losing my attention. That's why, although I prefer "soft core" (PG and masturbation) over hard core (damages the fantasy to some degree), I can see the need to include some HC just to add variety to the offerings.

I'll probably be joining Nubiles in the next few weeks so I'll add more comments then.

If you'd like to chat directly feel free to PM me on PU or to email me directly at jackmonahn@hotmail.com.


09-27-08  01:50pm

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Nubiles Captain (32)
REPLY TO #11 - Monahan :

Thanks for the info. Make sure after you join to let me know which videos of ours you really like. That will help me out a lot or any other suggestions you might think of. We have a lot of breast play videos. Hardly any public stuff and while that is exciting we just don't want the issues that go with it. :)
09-29-08  01:50pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - Nubiles Captain :

Hello, My name is Trenton... but I'm known as KANKÚN. I was a member for 1 month, about 2 or 3 months ago. I am gonna put it simple and plain. These factors are what I love to see in a website:
1) Fully Body Cumshots! The amount of cum she makes him shoot out informs me of how good, tight and pretty she is down there!
2) Solo girl Photo shoots Standing up! The one thing I cannot stand is when I encounter an extremely Gorgeous teenage 18/19 year old that is about to strip fully naked, as soon as the panties hit the floor, SHE SITS DOWN!! Why does the cameraman tell them to sit down?! She has an awesome figure, cameltoe loveliness, nice big or small titties (Don't Matter The size to me), a really nice wack-off material Ass... BUT I CANNOT SEE THAT WHILE SITS DOWN!! I get my rocks off of the figure, cameltoe and Ass of women!
3) Your men that have sex with these women need to have the blueest sack of balls ever! One thing that annoys the crap out of me is, for example, seeing your hottest girl receive a cumshot so small, it can play handball against a curb! Women that gorgeous should should end up having the guy shoot so much cum all over her body, that it looks like he used a super soaker! When the guy has to pull out and jack off in order to cum, he masturbated before his session! That's BS, man! Don't downplay the girls like that! We know they are good with their stuff, especially when us men are extremely horny and our nuts are extra full! Show that in your content!!! You wil get many customers!!

10-12-08  07:28pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - Nubiles Captain :

If you guys come with DVD's to rent or buy, I will one of the first!!! You hear me, THE FIRST!!! Your women are so friggin' gorgeous... But I don't always have access to The internet!! I'll give you an example... TITA!!! After seeing her in the shower covered in soap... I HAD TO JOIN!!! I got disappointed cause I so much wanted to see her fuck a man with serious Blueballitis and make him shoot a geyser all over every part of her body!!! Nothing!!! But still... THIS GIRL IS SUPER SEEEEXY!!!! And... something was mentioned about her being a tomboy or something? Well... SHE IS ONE REAL SEXY GORGEOUS TOMBOY!!!!
10-12-08  07:39pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - Nubiles Captain :

One more thing I forgot to mention... I hate toys. I cannot stand fake cumshots... So what's so different about a rubber penis? A fake dick in a woman will not tell me how good her stuff is, cause it will not shoot anything out once the sensation becomes inevitable!

You know webmaster, there is a lot of disgusting crappy porn on the shelves of rental stores everywhere:
1) Ass to mouth
2) Double penitration
3) Bukkakes
5) DOUBLE ANAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they are definitely crossing that crap into internet porn!! I mean you might as well jack off to FEAR FACTOR!!! Any normal man don't wacky off to that!! We need your help!! S.O.S. Mayday Mayday!

10-12-08  07:56pm

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