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Visit Fantasy Female Fights

Fantasy Female Fights

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Unusual niche.
-Very attractive women for the most part.
-Sexy English accents.
-Nice quality videos. The most recent are 960x540, 4068 kbps. Not HD but sharp. Even the older videos are quite watchable.
Cons: -Some fake boobs and or tattoos.
-Poor acting, not very realistic fights.
-The dull photos don't do justice to the action. They are zipdownloadable, but only 960x1440.
Bottom Line: This is an unusual niche, so felt I had to cut it some slack regarding my score. Although there are a few other female fighting sites, few are any good.

In these videos we see British pornstars and nude models fight with each other. In many cases, they start off nude. In others there is a bit of clothing that comes off by the end of the fight. I liked these better.

The fighting is hesitant and definitely tentative. In only a few cases do these models really get into the spirit and show some real enthusiasm. Sometimes the action is so transparently not real that it would make a WWE wrestler blush-and that is not easy.

At about five minutes per video, I felt that they were long enough. Many of the videos were so similar that I thought that I had seen them before. Not true, its just that there isn't much variety in the plots.

The true plus here is the quality of the models. With cute English accents, they generally are quite pretty with bodies that make you forget about the negatives to the site.

My feeling is that the site is worthwhile if you enjoy topless,some full nudity, and almost no cases of lesbian sex. If you want more, Ultimate Surrender is a much better site.

12-22-10  08:52am

Replies (5)
Visit Femme Fight

Femme Fight


This is not quite the style of site that would normally attract my attention due to its primary theme, so called 'cat fighting.'
That said I do like the prim & proper and real world outfits.
Whilst I like to see the clothing removed, it is a shame it is often (always?) destroyed & that the models aren't exactly being reserved or erotic in their performance, due to the theme of the website.

That said, I will come to my question.
Do the sequences always end in the full nudity of at least one model?

As a footnote, I think it shows the general sad state of affairs reference websites catering to full striptease that I am even considering this site.

Cap'n. :0/

10-19-11  09:30am

Replies (2)
Visit Lethal Lipstick

Lethal Lipstick

Just doesn't work for me

I took some time to view this site and the concept is women with guns. Now I love women and I I know a think or two about firearms, but the combination of the two just does not good porn for me. Does anyone feel the same way or love the concept?

02-15-11  04:12am

Replies (3)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Download limit!!

I had used this website before a few years back and enjoyed the content so recently rejoined not reading any recent reviews. After downloading approx. 10 clips I got blocked out. Really disappointed, I am a regular user of porn sites and haven't experienced this anywhere else

02-22-12  04:20am

Replies (3)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Greatly diminished

I signed up to see the last year of vids and wow, the models have gone from stunners to mildly attractive, many on the portly side, and nearly every video is non-stop jibber-jabbering.

My score now would be an 85 tops.

06-29-10  09:22pm

Replies (2)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Another - STILL with regional pricing

A pity - fine site - and the company has other ok sites - but again: We Europeans get to pay $ 36.95 - and not $ 29.95....mean!
But in the long run: those sites speculating in this kind of deal will be sorry - the way the euro keeps falling and the mighty dollar keeps rising, ha, ha, ha.....get your act together - and tell CCBill that your price should be the same no matter where the customer is located!

05-11-10  07:58am

Replies (1)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice, no GREAT site, if you like very softcore - once in a while (if not, do not bother to read on).
Some fine and fabulous looking british girls/women with a sexy attitude, some sexy talk (NOT all) and hot lingerie.
Good amount af ok-quality videos - some newer ones in almost HD.
4,5,6 or more videoclips of the same model - great plus...
Easy navigation
Fine updates - daily - it looks like.
Way over 1000 clips at this stage.
Some very exclusive videos of topmodels like Laurena Lacey (she just got a site of her own, almost) and a doll like Annalease.
You can download more than two videos at the same time...
Cons: Site-design is very simple - and not exiting (but here it's the videos that matters)
No photosets
Most videos only in MPG - a few newer once in WMV.
Earlier videos a bit overexposed or generally not very good quality.
Scenes are mostly quite repetitive.
Some video-clips has disturbing background sound - some even sound like rain and thunder (like in Mickey Newburys songs)
Bottom Line: Cannot not help it, but I really like this site - even if the content is very soft.
No masturbation, no close-up pussy clips, no hc, but some soft lez.
Panty Amateur seems like a sister-site to Panty Maniacs - also british, but based in the Netherlands. And IT IS - a sistersite - or a co. -site.
But compared to the better scored PM this Panty Amateurs has quite a lot more. Foremost a far bigger content, better updates and some much better videos than PM.
First of all the great looking star, Laurena Lacay (here: Lorena) has 10 different videos and none is the same as the three at PM - and far better.
And the big titted and famous Petra here has 17 videoclips - she is also a knockout.
The same goes for a lot of other great british models where the amount of different videos with different outfit for the model is better than the "mothersite" - PM.
Sizes are typical a little under 100 mb which makes it more userfriendly to download.
WMV: 960x540.
No stream.
And no photosets.
Of course it's a bit annoying the way these videos stop before total nudity or masturbation, but ok, this is meant to be softcore and fetish panties - and if you can do with that, this site is great.
Of course I'd like to watch some of these great british model going more hc or just full nudity with some masturbation, but alas!!
Some of the models - but not the "finest" - apears on for exampel Suburban Amateurs with harder content (masturbation) and some in the somewhat similar Only Tease...

Still Panty Amateur is a great site - if you can do with this kind of very softcore...
But, man - I'd like to watch Laurena Lacey or Petra or Annalease in some harder stuff.
Anybody knows where - if at all?

11-13-08  09:01am

Replies (0)
Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Site has one mission and carries it out nearly perfectly.
- Video is top quality, with some HD. All vids, even as far back as 05, are top quality: at least 2000 kbps.
- Very attractive British models.
- One new vid every day.
- Tons of content. There may be over 800 videos at present.
Cons: - Scenarios are repetitive.
- No download options. People with slow connections will need a lot of time on their hands.
- Limited nudity.
- Lighting bad in a few vids.
- If silicone were tea, this site would have more than China.
- Longer videos, with a bit more creative thinking, would be an improvement, though five minutes is pretty good for the material as it's currently presented.
Bottom Line: If you are looking for hardcore, masturbation, toys, etc, you will absolutely loathe this site.

If you find that panties just get in the way of the good stuff and feel that they are more of a nuisance than anything else, this site will cause you to become suicidal with boredom.

If you feel that the thong is the greatest advancement in the history of women's underwear, this site will cause you to go postal on your monitor, and then you'll have to buy a new one.

If you feel that a "panty video" should include: panties around the ankles at all times, panties being sniffed, panties being inserted into various orifices, you are encouraged to avoid this site, in the same way that anyone with taste should avoid a Pauly Shore movie.

If you come to this site looking for porn, you will not find it, unless you're convinced that any woman who would allow herself to be photographed topless is a harlot in service to the Lord of the Underworld.


I didn't take points off because of the limited scope of this site, because it doesn't claim to be anything other than what it is. This is a video site, there are no pics; it's a panty-site, there's no hardcore. It's a site directly aimed at the panty/upskirt video collector, with a touch of voyeurism and mild sapphic play. If you're not interested in those things there is no reason for you to visit.

02-15-08  05:03pm

Replies (7)
Visit Ripping 4 Fun

Ripping 4 Fun

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill without regional pricing
-Unusual, maybe even unique premise for a website.
-Very hot English pornstars and models with sexy accents. There are a total of 156 on the site. Some that I recognized were Lucy Zara, Lolly Badcock, Angel Long, Cate Harrington, Rio Mariah, and Satine Sparks.
-Has a little ethnic variety. There was one Indian and five Black models.
-Excellent quality videos, but not HD. There were 287 videos, WMV only at 960x540, 4066kbps.
-High level of enthusiasm by the models.
-Models talk dirty directly at the camera.
-Most videos are hypnotic. It is difficult to turn away.
-270 photosets, zipdownloadable at 959x1442. Not screencaps, real photos.
-Updates every five days with a new video or photo set.
-Has a forum where they take suggestions, however it is not very active.
Cons: -Too many scenes only go to panties. This may be unfair, but many do go to full nudity. Why not all or at least most?
-Too much focus on destroying clothes that have already been removed.
-Only WMV for downloading or streaming with no options as to quality.
-Videos averaged about five minutes each.
Bottom Line: In spite of a few negatives, this was a thoroughly enjoyable website. I found the videos to be hypnotic, even addictive. That is rare in porn, at least for me.

The premise here is that sexy English pornstars and models cut and rip off their clothes while talking directly to you the viewer. The models show a high level of enthusiasm and the fun factor here is contagious. The direction and scripting are excellent for the most part.

The best videos have the women talking dirty about showing you what they have under their clothes and how much they enjoy putting on a show for you. At their best, these videos go to full nudity with a fair amount of tease, both visually and with words. I loved the scenes where the model pops the buttons on her blouse to reveal her bra, or even better her massive tits. I also loved scenes where the model rips or cuts off her panties to show it all. Unfortunately these are only about 25% of the videos.

The rest show only the models going as far as panties. While these can be hot, I found them to be somewhat unsatisfying. Great models with great bodies, but I was left wanting more. These videos are still very watchable though.

The focus is more on destroying great looking clothes than on stripping. Great if this is your fetish or maybe even if you have a fetish for certain clothing, but I do not. I want more full nudity, not scenes where too much time is spent on destroying either sleeves or clothing that has already been removed.

The outfits range from ordinary street clothes to officewear, to just about anything else you can name, even three scenes with bridal gowns. A few scenes have two models who strip each other. The clothing looks expensive and looks great on these women. The models look very sophisticated and classy.

The videos have several constants. One is great looking models. Another is a high level of dirty talking directly at the camera and you the viewer that builds up suspense. With very sharp, but not HD video quality, I found watching these to be very addictive. Even when they do not go to full nude, I could not take my eyes off the screen.

This is a standalone site. You don't get any extras either. If you think this may be for you, I very definitely recommend givng the site a try.

12-29-10  06:40am

Replies (1)
Visit Ripping 4 Fun

Ripping 4 Fun

Interesting Way To Strip Tease....Or?

I notice from a lot of posts and comments that people want strip teases. Anyone think this site may be providing an interesting addition to the strip tease world? The site seems to start with a model fully clothed and the model cuts and rips her clothes off (who knows how slowly though) with even another model there ripping the clothes for her. I think it's an interesting approach to the strip tease world. What about you all?

By the way, are all these models British? I joined one mainly British site once and recognize only one of the model names, sO I'm assuming it's probably British...

02-18-10  01:45pm

Replies (2)
Visit Satin Silk Fun

Satin Silk Fun

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lovely British models who amply demonstrate their delightful English accent. They are indeed sexy and project the kind of body-language that appeals to a measure of softcore aficionado. If you like the combination of satin, silk and women, especially those who wallow in it, then this is your "spot of tea." The video quality is superb, as well as the pictures. The site offers a special price on their sister site: Sexy satin and silk fun -- which siginficantly relaxes the softcore action and really "gets down".
Cons: Way too much empathis on the luxurious fabrics, which the models use to rub all over themselves for erotic effect. The models' intimate areas are always covered up by the fabrics, so one could argue it's somewhat short of softcore.
But the only persons getting-off here appears to be the models, who're all caught up in the feel of this stuff.
Bottom Line: Great, if you like to see women wrapped up in fine silk and satin -- panties, pillow casings. sheets etc., I found the English models a novel departure from mainstream fare ... but certainly not measuring up overall to true porn.
therefore, The Site delivers but not enough for me to recommend it.

06-27-10  02:07am

Replies (4)
Visit Sexy Satin Silk Fun

Sexy Satin Silk Fun

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site picks up where it's sister site (satin silk fun) leaves off. That is to say here one finally gets to see what's behind the satin and silk.
1) The girls talk to you in that delightful
British accent, as they go through their routines.
2) The slow tease these gals are so good at will have you right up out of your chair.
3) The models aren't short on looks, either. Every one of them presented a unique style and stimulating performance.
4) Not as many models as I'd perfer, but the show they put on makes up for it
4) Video clarity is superb. sharp images with amixture of closeups and great angle shots. All popular medias are available for opening and downloading.
5) Attire is sexy and blends well with the luxurious fabrics, which abundantly surrounds the subject.
6) As the scenes progress the good stuff then materializes as the girls part with the coverup satin an silk and go into their sensual finally.
Cons: 1) As with their sister site, too much Satin'n Silk and a longing for more skin and erotic action.
2) As mentioned, the scenes are relatively short --- about four to eight minutes.
3) Updates are frequent but not extraordinary.
4) Although there isn't a download limit, agressive downloaders will easily run out of choices well before their renewel kicks in.
Bottom Line: In lieu of a possible absence of technical data that advanced users look for in these reviews, let me try and suppliment it by just giving my honest thoughts. First, the $16 bonus package I was awarded for initially purchasing Satin and Silk Fun, got me much more than I bargained for. I found the content well above par and delightful. The clips were sexy and done with class. On the short side, however, volume is somewhat lacking. The sources promoting this site needs to find more girls and stretch the scenes longer.
Well worth the double package -- being offered for only the extra $16 for the full use of this site.

07-06-10  05:23pm

Replies (1)
Visit Sexy Satin Silk Fun

Sexy Satin Silk Fun

What is the audio like

Is someone able to say please what the usual sound for this site is - do the girls talk to the viewer; is there live but only general sound; or is it mostly background music. Thank you.

12-27-09  03:59am

Replies (1)
Visit Sneaky Peeks

Sneaky Peeks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nifty idea.
- Zip files for pics, which is the only way to go with these kind of pics.
- Videos are of good quality.
- Updated regularly.
Cons: - Small amount of content for the price.
- Vids stick to the core idea but are repetitive and tend to be boring.


- Minimal acting and/or improvisational skills.
- Some REALLY bad boob-jobs.
Bottom Line: I enjoyed two of this company's other sites, Panty Maniacs and Panty Amateurs, and so I thought I'd give this a try. It's not nearly as good as those other sites, but it has potential.

The picture sets are shot in a frame-by-frame style which unfortunately means most of the pics are redundant. They have the look and feel of high-quality vid-caps. Only voyeur and/or panty afficianados need apply. There is some nudity but not much. And too many implants.

Someone had the "brilliant" idea of placing some guy's noggin in many of the photos, which is supposed to enhance the voyeuristic feel of the sets. This is a gigantically BAD idea. Since when did peeping become a team sport? I don't want to look over another guy's shoulder to get a glimpse of some cutie in her unmentionables, nor do I wish to have said unmentionables obscured by a large male cranium which always makes me think of Shaun of the Dead. Tell Shaun to take a hike and I'll hold the cyber door open, thanks.

As for the vids: the quality is very good and looks decent full-screen on my 22 inch monitor. But, I wish these girls would have something to do in the bathroom rather than stand around gazing into the mirror or off into space. I don't mean watersports or anything like that, I mean, give them a task. Let them do something. Most of the time the girls look bored and are overly conscious of the camera. I wind up embarrassed for THEM when I'm supposed to be ashamed of MYSELF.

Some good fun here regardless.

09-01-07  08:58pm

Replies (0)
Visit Tiny Fetish Fun

Tiny Fetish Fun

The most fun I've had in ages

I implore any and all to visit this site, and click on the link to their clips store. The previews are only 10 seconds long, but if you watch a few, you should get the idea of what the site is about. (I found a few better ones on the second page.)

With some regret, I don't think I'll be subscribing, I don't think it's *really* my thing... but I'm just hugely enthused that such a harmless and bizarre fetish exists, and that there is a site catering to it :)

12-22-10  03:41pm

Replies (3)
Visit UK Upskirts

UK Upskirts

Poor preview

This UK site - along with the 14 other sites at the (not UK, but Netherlands sites/network) by the name of Verietas Services BV has some fine content.
The Panty Amateur among the best - been a member and quite satisfied, earlier.
But like this UK Upskirts the other sites here do not give away much in previews - AND previews is what we users can relate to...
In all sites they "give away" the models - but what's very essential: NOT the updates - SO: I GOT NO IDEA IF MY FAV-MODELS HAVE NEW INPUTS(CONTENT) - too bad - and I do not want to spend like $30 or even EURO 30,- when I do not know what new material I'll get!!!

11-30-10  07:29am

Replies (1)
Visit UK Upskirts

UK Upskirts

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Delivers high quality upskirt pics and vids
Can search by model name
Updates come frequently
Bonus material from their other sites (Pantymaniacs, etc)
Cons: Most shoots have the same theme
Basically no outdoor shoots
Very little nudity
Hardly any shoots use thongs
Bottom Line: Very good upskirt site that could cater more to, what they call 'American panties' (THONGS!). Some nudity would make this site even better. Also, could use more natural settings instead of their typical settings.

12-12-09  03:46am

Replies (3)

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