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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No DRM, pre checked cross selling, regional discrimination, or download limits.
Mostly exclusive material, with attractive girls.
Less gynaecological close ups than some other sites.
Not too many tats, or fake breasts, and not too much choking, slapping and abuse of models, that many of us here hate.
High quality spec vids and pics on newer updates, and professionally shot.
Epoch as billing agent.
$24.31 membership available through Amour Babes instead of $34.95.
Cons: Poor customer service.
Not great membership home pages, with all of them looking the same. Once again, if you want to see what's good to download, the trailer advertising pages that are open to everyone, are far better that the membership home pages.
Only a few sites on the network updating.
Obviously with the majority of sites now defunct, the quality on those sites is below what is expected of modern standard.
Annoying navigation at times.
Irritating advertising links at top of membership pages.
Little build up or stripping in photos.
Another network with very little age, ethnic, or weight, diverstiy. The models are mainly young, white, and slim.
Most of the newer updates now have mp4, but no wmv downloads.
Bottom Line: First night of membership, most of the sites didn't load so any type of viewing or downloading was impossible. I mailed customer services and unsurprisingly, given their record as documented on here, received no reply. Next day the sites were functioning normally

One download later and I received a message that I had been banned for logging in too many times. I mailed them to say that's because I tried to log in at a number of sites several times to see if any were working. I was told by an automated message to apply to them to reset my password. Unbelievably, it was easy to reset my password as it appeared to be automated. Just as well, as no one seems to be in customer service at 1 Pass For All Sites. They should be renamed No Support For Any Site.

The next day I finally heard from them, saying they had temporary hosting problems, but now everything was fixed.

Even though there are 28 individual sites, they have the same appearance, with a number of the same girls appearing on different sites, only with different outfits, different settings, and different situations. To be fair, that means it isn't any different to most of the other "networks." Names like Tricky Old Teacher, 18 Virgin Sex, Creampied Sweeties, Young Anal Tryouts, Horny In Hospital etc, gives you an idea what to expect from each. The material on updating sites is well produced, with good lighting and photography, and appeals to my taste, as it is slightly less gynaecological than some of the other networks. The girls are attractive, and there are enough of them, and enough decent material, to make the membership worthwhile.

Some of the older sites look untended and uncared for. They often have a photo and name for the girl by the video download, then next to that, on the plot synopsis, have a different name for the girl. Some of the pictures are clearly out of sequence in the set. Either no one has bothered to put them into a correct order, or no one has noticed. It leaves a very bad impression of a site about to go down the plughole, and trying to pick up a few last memberships.They have dated updates, and it seems above board, with no bringing in of old stuff and passing it off for new. If they devoted just a few minutes to tidying things up, it would leave a much better impression.

The newer photos are typical of current porn thinking. Eight or ten all looking the same, then a fast forward to the next batch, without much stripping, teasing, or attempt to set out a chronological sequence of pics. Apperance of the models is young and natural, photographed in a professional way, with little airbrushing or retouching that I could see.

It may be just me being awkward as usual, but the older defunct sites like Wild Young Honeys, and Young Models Casting have better photos as far as being in a chronological and natural order, and looking more like a genuine photo set to those of us older porn consumers. Instead of 8-10 pics all looking the same then fast forward to another bunch all with the same pose, they have more of a continual flow, than most of the modern ones. Unfortunately their specs are below average for modern porn. Why the Tatyana set on Wild Young Honeys should have a yellow/orange hue, is beyond me, but it's a shame because they were only taken six years ago, not eighty.

There is wmv or flv streaming in high or low segments, which stop at the end, and do not automatically move on to the next segment. Slide shows, and full or part downloads are also available. The slide shows disconcertingly move from right to left rather that stay still.

Download speeds are on the slow side of average, but not unacceptable, with an unstated limit of six simultaneous downloads. Picture and video quality is good on the sites that are still updating. Pictures are 1200x800 on the newer updates, 1023x680 and 960x640 on the older ones. Examples of wmv video quality are Tricky Old Teacher and I Fucked Her Finally, 1920x1088 at 8447 kbps, Young Anal Tryouts 1920x1088 at 8447 kbps and 1280x720 at 5030 kbps, Young Models Casting 832x468 at about 2000kbps, down to Wild Young Honeys and Young and Banged 520x416 at about 1450 kbps. However most of the updating sites are starting to use mp4 only, instead of wmv, for their downloading and streaming, so now you have no wmv option.

Sites which are still updating - 18 Virgin Sex, Tricky Old Teacher, She Made Us Lesbians, Horny Thief Tales, I Fucked Her Finally, Spoiled Vigins, Young Anal Tryouts, Old Goes Young.

Despite all the faults I am renewing for another month. The older sites lack modern spec, but have an older porn look that appeals to me. It's a lack of gynaecological closeups, and irritating cameramen and male leads that I find refreshing. The new material is pretty good too.

This network appeals to me, but take a look at the TBP, and other PU reviews, before deciding. For me it's a nice little goldmine. They even have a "new site coming soon."

10-03-12  02:31pm

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Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

Big discount for no reason.

I was thinking of joining the 1 Pass For All Sites network, and as I always do, decided to check out the prices for joining from each and every site on the network, because quite often they do vary.

If you join through 1 Pass For All Sites you pay $34.95. If you join through some of the sites on the network you pay $29.95, but if you join through Amour Babes you pay $24.31. I don't know why and it seems to be completely bonkers. I know where I'm signing up from though.

09-01-12  03:40pm

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Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Network access to many sites with similar content (only one site in the network has more mature women, the rest are almost all built around young adult)
- Around 225 scenes available on this site with about 2 updates per month.
- Video quality ranges a lot, some old scenes are as low as 320x240, but the more recent stuff is 1024x768 and some are as high as 1920x1080. The average is 832x468 25 frames per sec
- Zip archives for images as well as slideshow option on the site. Images are 1024x768 and around 150- 200 images per set.
- Model pages are very nice and help you find other scenes the girl did on the network
- Very fast downloads, maxing my internet connection regularly. No Time-outs, no DRM or other issues.
- The models are hot, a lot of familiar faces from other Russian sites, but also quite a lot of new girls, some of which might be exclusive.
- Most scenes are group sex, two guys and one girl although there are a handful of two girls and one guy
Cons: - The web design is a bit dated, no search function no quick category filter, no easy way to separate all girl-girl-boy scenes from boy-boy-girl.
- Sometimes clicking on the show all girls link will actually lead you to the models on another site (Ifinallyfuckedher) meaning that really the best way to navigate this site is by looking at the scene thumbs, which are not very descriptive.
- They have animated ads in the members area, pretty prominently.
- Some strange cuts in the scenes (it's all part of the "virgin" gimmick- cut away from penetration, cut back in and magically there's "blood" on his penis. Not really a big deal, but a bit distracting)
- Some older content is really unwatchable (several scenes with very bad resolution/ lighting)
Bottom Line: A lot of Russian porn goes for of MAXIMUM HARDCORE action with innocent girls. Just think about sites like First Anal Quest, Gapeland, Defiled 18. It's almost like you have to have anal gapes to be a Russian porn site. Spoiled Virgins and in fact the entire network here doesn't really follow that rule. Sure, there is an anal only site, but for the most part the girls here do group sex without DP's and/or doubleanal shenanigans.

In fact the spin of this site (as the title suggests) is the idea that these girls have never had vaginal sex and the first penetration is a big deal for them. To sell the idea the site has a fake doctor check the girls out and proclaim them virgin and even goes as far as using fake blood in several of the shots.

While all of this is not really that interesting and in my opinion only takes away about 6 minutes out of the rather short 20-25 minute scenes what was interesting for me was the way the girls act when the guys first penetrates them. In all scenes they act eager, yet shy. Hesitant, sometimes even in some pain, but ready to guide the male model inside them. It's all acting and some do it better than others, but overall the girls really seem into the sex in a way that a horny virgin girl might be.

Those few moments of the initial penetration make the scenes here truly worth it for me. I quickly skip through the phony doctor (who sometimes strips naked to have sex with the girl...talk about dedication to their patients ) and the set-up which is in Russian with no subtitles. But once you get to the actual sex scenes there are some great, great shots.

Once the doctor is gone almost all scenes continue with a few moments when the girl is penetrated and another girl or a guy watches the whole action. It probably sounds lame, but trust me the whole act can be surprisingly arousing.

Once the initial awkwardness is taken care of the sex goes to some pretty hot threesomes without going into hardcore anal mode. It's pretty much just BJ's and vaginal sex here, but with some pretty good angles and positions.

While the lack of DP's could be a disappointment for some it also means that the site managed to get some very hot looking girls that are probably not willing to show up on other sites. Combine that with the somewhat different acting and you get a pretty decent site with an unique spin.

Another plus is that the locations are varied and while a lot of the scenes are filmed around a couch at least it's a different couch. Also the male models are varied and there are several who look right around the same age like the girls and don't come off as complete perverts who creepily moan into the camera.

The angles and light are decent, with a good mix of wide-shots and some close-ups. One disappointment is that a lot of cum-shots are on the girls chests, not cream-pies and very little swallowing.

Overall I'd recommend this network and this site to anyone who loves young Eastern European models and wants some different scenarios past the usual gonzo porn. There are many models who were unknown to me and several that are familiar faces, but I'd say the vast majority are petite and very hot. It's a combination you can't go wrong with.

Don't expect actual virgins and while the network does have some Deepthroat and anal centric sites most of the content is a tad more softcore than the vast majority of Eastern European porn out there.

06-11-12  06:19pm

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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A network of 28 sites.
+You can access all the sites from the main page.
+They update with about 12 new scenes per month which are broken among their 6 active sites.
+Over 2600 scenes to choose from.
+The vast majority of the scenes have an both a video and photoset.
+Videos are in WMV and most of them are in a single WMV file.
+All photosets can be downloaded in a single zip file. Resolution is 1200x800 for most of these.
+All content is dated and they show upcoming updates.
Cons: -21 of the sites are no longer updating and the other six don't update on a weekly basis.
-It is hard to tell how much of the content is leased but there appears to be a significant amount that is.
-Most of the videos are not in HD and full downloads are only available in WMV.
-A percentage of the older videos are split in multiple video files.
-Many of the sites content could be under one banner since the content is the same as other sites.
-Scenes have no tags so no way of doing a search using tag words.
-There is no real search system since you can only look under the performer's name or the site itself.
-Most of the performers are not known under the name they are given on this network.
Bottom Line: This network has a lot of content and I don't know if it matters that a percentage of it is leased because it's stuff you might not have anyway. The bigger issue is that a lot of this content is getting old because 2 of the sites stopped updating in 2010-2011, 4 sites stopped in 2009 and 15 stopped in 2007-2008. That only leaves 7 sites still active and these update with only 2-3 scenes per month.

*I have posted a review of almost all of their active sites and these are only about a year old. I know that others have reviewed some of their sites so I'm instead posting info on some of the other sites that aren't active anymore or those that don't have or deserve a full review.

**They've added a new anal themed site called young anal tryouts but it only has 34 scenes and a percentage of these are leased. That wouldn't be so bad but some of the exclusif scenes are shot using a tripod so you get shots from the same angle and no zooming or paning during the scene. The girls are really cute but I would never join this network for their scenes because you can either get them elsewhere or they suck.

**You will notice that TBP doesn't post one of their sites called horny thief tales. I don't know why but I can guess so I will simply say that they have 46 scenes, it's exclusif content and they are still updating with about 2 scenes per month. I've never actually downloaded any of their scenes so couldn't do an honest review anyway
**young porn home videos is a site where I know that some of the content is leased because I recognize the scene. They have 84 scenes and the quality in most of them is bad to awfull. Most of the videos have an amateur feel to them with tripod only shots, night-vision cameras, bad lighting, fuzzy shots and so on.

**young lesbian porn appears to be all leased content with 69 scenes to choose from. The scenes are next to impossible to review because the content is too ecletic, quality varies a lot and only 15 of the scenes have an accompanying video.

**drilled mouths is appears to be an oral sex themed site with 46 scenes but where a large percentage of the girls also have sex with the guy so why call the sites makes no sense. Content appear to be partiallt leased and qulaity varies from scene to scene.

**creampied sweeties is exactly what it sounds like. They have 40 scenes, some of them are probably leased and quality varies.

**They have many other sites that could probably have been under one of two different site names but the recuring theme among all of them is that they are no longer updating, a lot of leased material, quality of the content varies a lot and most of the sites have very little content.

***I don't know if anyone should join the network for any of these sites because you might already have the content and even if you don't then you might not want it anyway. You should join the network for the active sites and use these as a bonus instead.***

My score is for the entire network and not based on these sites.

05-22-12  08:30am

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Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+Content is dated and the update with 2 new scene each month.
+Their selection of performers is excellent and includes many of the popular European models.
+They have 226 videos that you can download them in WMV and resolution is a decent 832x464
+The videos each have their accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The pic resolution is 1200x800.
+Most of the performers have a tleast one scene on the other sites of the network.
Cons: -There's a synopsis for each scene but the info is not very accurate and that's annoying because they don't assign any tags on their scene to do a search.
-They don't have a real search option except using the performers name or the name of a site.
-I can't tell just how much of the content is leased but the the bulk of the updates after 2009 are mostly all leased.
-This site suffers from the renaming syndrome so most of the performers on this site aren't under the name they are normally know by.
-Only 6 of the actual sites in the network are still updating. All the others stopped updating in 2009 or before.
-There is a pretty large amount of leased material within the entire network with only some sites having all exclusif content.
-You can only download the videos in WMV and less than a dozen of these are in HD.
Bottom Line: *This is one of the better sites in the network and the second one with the most content. The videos are all pretty well shot and the action is also very good. There is a wide selction of young European performers and they all look lovely. My biggest annoyance is that since they don't have a proper scene breakdown in the synopsis and they don't have any tags then you either download the entire network or you do like me and check part of the content for each video to see if it's worth downloading.

*I think anyone that likes to watch young Eastern European women have sex on video should be statified with the content. There isn't enough content hear to justify the join price unless you plan on downloading content from some of the content on the other sites.

**Some of the people that should be nervous about joining this site are those that have been members of teen mega world, 18x girls and smack my bitch because I'm pretty sure that some of their leased content is on this site.**

05-17-12  11:26am

Replies (2)
Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+They've got a very good selection of popular young European performers.
+Content is dated and they appear to update with 2-3 new scenes per month.
+You can download all the phototsets in a single zip file and resolution is 1200x800.
+Navigation from site to site is usually about two clicks of the mouse.
+You can see all of the videos a model has by looking at the bottom of her video page.
+Most of the models have at least one video on some of the other sites.
Cons: -You get 28 sites but only 6 of those are still updating. All of the others stopped updating 3 or more years ago.
-The performers name are not the ones they are normally known under.
-The use of HD isn't helping in the quality of the videos since you see all the skin blemishes, pimples and razor burns.
Bottom Line: *The setup of this site is that it tries to make the viewers believe that all the girls are true virgins and that this is their first sexual experience. They fail miserably at it because the acting is not very good, all of the girls are well known European performers and whenever they have a doctor to verify that the girl still has her hymen then he or she comes into the room already wearing a complete surgery outfit with a mask on their face. They currently have 215 videos(only about 12 are HD) so this makes it the second biggest site of the ones that are still updating.

*I think I saved about one or two videos from this site because the virgin gimmick doesn't do much for me. I might have a different idea if the dialogue was in English and the acting was a little better but I doubt it. The choice of models, the setup and everything else would have to be changed for me to get interested and this is not something these guys appear able to do.

*I guess that if you care more about the idea that the girls might be virgins and you can overlook bad acting and a mediocre setup then you might enjoy the content on this site. The others that might enjoy the site are those that want to collect all the content a certain model has done. If that's the case and you collect European models then you have to join this site.

**If the above do nothing for you then stay away from this site. You mnight find one of their other site more to your interest.**

05-14-12  11:50am

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Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Relatively large network of sites 24 sites, 801 models on the network, and over 1000 total sets on this site alone.
-Many attractive, euro ladies
-Price is not bad if you join the network through this site, not sure why it is more expensive via other entry points
-Good download speeds, maxed my connection at 2MB/s
-Decent variety, hardcore, some midcore, anal, and a bit of lesbian
-Download managers work (DTA), no DRM, logins don't appear to timeout very fast if at all
-Zip downloads of photosets
-Video quality is mediocre-to-good depending on age of the scene, worst I saw was a pretty old Zuzana Z scene that was 384x288 1400 kbps wmv, best 1920x1088 8000 kbps wmv
-Billed through Epoch for me
Cons: -At least partially not exclusive, seen some of these scenes at other euro sites
-Browsing is pretty bland, there are some site glitches
-Set ratings are provided, but participation isn't high. For some reason when I rated a set or listed it as a favorite, I got logged out, so I stopped doing it
-Older videos have substandard video quality
-Update schedule is inconsistent across the network, and it seems like they may be recycling content
-Photo quality is substandard for most sets I looked at, 1200 pix long end was typical
-Only one video size available for download, on newer HQ scenes file sizes can get quite large, and I would have liked a 720 option that was smaller.
Bottom Line: Overall, I think this is a decent site, it could definitely use some improvements, but may be worth looking into if you are into mostly younger euro ladies. I would like to note that this review is for the entire network, not just this site (as it is dead, I would probably give this site along a 70), and I am just posting it here since it is the cheapest entry point into the network at this time, and there is no "main site" that I am aware of.

The network itself has a decent variety of material, including old/young, lesbian, group, anal, and even some pegging (I think, I didn't look to close). Most of them are pretty straightforward euro-style gonzo porn, some sites have a bit of setup (like a teacher talking to a student in Tricky Old Teacher, or a dude breaking into an apartment in Horny Thief).

Several of the '24' network sites here appear to be dead, the only sites that have scheduled updates are She Made Us Lesbians and Horny Thief Tales (once a month); Tricky Old Teacher, Spoiled Virgins, Young Anal Tryouts, and 18 Virgin Sex (all twice a month). Most of the rest of the sites haven't updated in almost a year if not longer, including this one (Amour Babes).

I think it is worth considering if you haven't been here before, although the update schedule would prevent most from hanging around past a month, and the non-exclusivity would likely prevent many from joining again. I enjoyed many of the scenes, like a Pinky June one who is my new favorite no I suppose, and will be adding them to my favorites, although I wouldn't be surprised if I run across them elsewhere further down the line.

If they improved video quality on the older sets, updated their photo quality, and improved navigation and user interaction, it could be a very good site (though not great).

Network Statistics:
I Fucked Her Finally - 78 combined photo/video sets (156 total)
18 Virgin - 223 combined sets
Amour Babes - 1000 total sets
Creampied Sweeties - 68 combined sets
Dirty A2M - 20 combined sets
Horny Thief - 44 combined sets
Spoiled Virgins - 211 combined sets
Tricky Old - 128 combined sets
Most of the other sites were 20-30 sets of primarily non-exclusive content so I didn't look at them too closely.

03-21-12  05:03pm

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Visit I Fucked Her Finally

I Fucked Her Finally

Slow video downloads

Some gorgeous young ladies on this site and the zip files d/l fast but the videos take a lifetime and I have given up trying to get them-so overall price is high and the site is disappointing in terms of video d/l speeds, numbers of sets and it only uses an old WM player too. Save your money whatever the temptation of the pretty girls...

12-17-11  06:21am

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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

No download manager

Today the site have changhed the graphics and also the possibility of managing all the file downloads.
From today the Network can't permit the dwn managers, so I've cancelled my subscription.

04-07-11  12:19pm

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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: My favorite niche is older men and young females. This network features several websites in this category. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, young and natural, mainly Eastern European, infinitely more attractive than the American women who nearly all look the same, with the same plastic boobs and ridiculous tattoos.
Cons: One major drawback found on nearly all websites featuring older men is the fake cumshot. The female obviously has some goo in her mouth, the man pretends to come and the female lets the goo drip out. This ruins things completely for me. It happens too much on this network. Another minor problem is that most videos are in unusual Eastern European languages.
Bottom Line: The girls are great, the men are not. A porn actor should at least be able to produce some cum or seek other employment.

03-05-11  10:49am

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Visit Tricky Old Teacher

Tricky Old Teacher

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All exclusive material.
-They update with 2-3 new videos each month.
-A very good selection of Eastern Europeans teen girls.(most are well know porn performers)
-There is a little scenario with a much older teacher coercing the teen into having sex with him.
-Photosets can be viewed online or downloaded as a complete set in zip format (1200x800).
Cons: -There is only one video download option (WMV) and no choice in the possible resolution.
-The dialogue is all in Russian and that's too bad because it would add a major element to the scenes.
-They could use a little more foreplay with some added kissing between the players.
-It would be nice if they gave the players the correct name and even more so if they gave her the same one for all of their sites.
-They have a search by model option but because of the above issue with names then I wonder why they offer it.
Bottom Line: -This is probably the one site in this network that has the potential to be much better and I don't think they need to make too many changes for that to happen.

They could offer some English dialogue or at the very least subtitles so that we can get into the little scenarios. As it is you can only guess at what is said(unless you speak Russian) and please make sure that the same model doesn't have a different names from site to site.

-If you like the older/younger fetish and can overlook the Russian dialogue then you should enjoy this site.

01-17-11  09:52am

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Visit She Made Us Lesbians

She Made Us Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exclusive material.
-They have some really cute teens that most will know if you are familiar with Eastern European performers.
-Photosets can be viewed online or downloaded as a complete set in zip format. The resolution is 800x1200.
-Access to a network of 29 sites.
Cons: -This is a tiny site with only 22 videos.
-They only update once a month.
-There is only one video option(wmv).
-You can stream the videos in Flash or WMV but they are cut-up in sections so no way of seeing the entire video.
-There is a little scenario with dialogue but it's in Russian so no way of knowing what they say..Unless you understand Russian(I don't).
-The videos are similar with 2 teens and 1 older lady but most of the interaction is between the teens.
-Most of the models are given a name that is not the one they are more commonly known under.
Bottom Line: -This site could never survive as a stand alone because it doesn't update often enough and their lack of choice in the possible download videos formats doesn't help.

-It's not a terrible bonus site but I can't help to feel that they missed the boat on the premise for their videos. If you are going to have two teens with an older woman than you'd think that she should be a more active player rather than be regalated to sideline coach.

-I don't recommend you join this site unless the content on the other sites appeals to you.

01-17-11  09:15am

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Visit I Fucked Her Finally

I Fucked Her Finally

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to 28 other sites with one membership.
-They have a nice selection of European teen models to choose from.
-Navigation from site to site is made easy by including a link of each site on the main pages of each site.
-They update with one new scene a week.
-Photos can be viewed online or downloaded as a complete set in one zip file. The pci resolution is 800x1200.
-Videos can be streamed in WMV and Flash.
-Videos can be downloaded in WMV but with only one video quality of 832x468.
Cons: -This is still a very small site.(43 videos)
-Many of the models can be found on other sites performing similar sexual acts.
-Although you get access to a large network of sites. Most aren't updating anymore.
-They offer only one video download option and no choice in the quality of the vids.
-Many of the models are given names that aren't the ones we might know them by.
-Some of their content is leased material.
Bottom Line: -I found that a lot of the content on this site and a couple of the others within the network is very similar to what can be found elsewhere and for less than the cost of their membership. They still offer a couple of unusual sites to make the visit worth it.

-You should only join if you want access to the other sites within the network because there is not enough content here to justify the cost of a 30$ membership.

-Be advised that only 6 other sites are still updating with new content. She made us lesbians, tricky old teacher, amour babes, horny thief tales, 18 virgin sex, and spoiled virgins.

01-09-11  11:01am

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Visit I Fucked Her Finally

I Fucked Her Finally

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Attractive eastern euro women
-Download managers work, I haven't experienced any idle time-outs
-Good download speeds, I've been getting over 1 MB/sec avg.
-Decent sized site when you include the "bonus" sites, although most of the content can be accessed any of main the sites. 348 total models, it is difficult to tell how many scenes, between 1-6 scenes per model from what I have seen.
-Zip downloads of photosets, although this is primarily a video site
-Small or no watermarks
-I didn't see any obvious fake breasts, yay!
-Videos can be downloaded in parts (many many parts, two sizes) or a single file (only one size available)
-Most of their content appears exclusive, or at least I haven't seen it anywhere.
Cons: -Mediocre video quality on newer material, 832x468, 2300 kbps high end. Worst I downloaded was 520x416 1400 kbps. None of the videos are very crisp
-Poor camerawork is common
-Photo quality is poor to mediocre, 800x1200. Some scenes appear to be screenshot only.
-A bit pricy
-Poor navigation, although it has improved over the last time I joined this network. There is a model list that can be sorted by name/date/rating but no search function
-There were a few dead links
-Some sites no longer updating
-WMV and streaming are the only formats available
Bottom Line: Rather than try to review all the sites on this network, I will just post this and hope most of the people find it. Hopefully in the future this network will establish a main site ala 21sextury or DDF - certainly would make reviews easier.

This network of sites has definitely improved over the last time I was a member, the navigation is significantly better (it has gone from god-aweful to poor). Perhaps worth considering if you are into young eastern euro models.

There are 28 bonus sites that are included with this site. some of which are:
Trickyoldteacher (HC, old/young); Spoiledvirgins (HC); 18virginsex (HC); Amourbabes (Solo); youngpornhomevideo (Amateur); Drilledmouths (BJ); younglesbiansportal; creampiedsweeties (HC); Dirtyass2mouth (anal)

Some of the bonus sites appear to be original content, others clearly are not. The only sites that appear to be currently updating are 18virginsex, trickyoldteacher, ifuckedherfinally, and spoiledvirgins.

As I said earlier they have integrated most of their content onto a single site (accesesible from the models tab on any of their sites), so you no longer have to keep browsing all the bonus sites. I am not entirely sure that all of their content is listed under the models list.

The content itself on the network is pretty variable, but I would say most of it is gonzo-style content. Some of the sites try to add some plot to the scenes, although since few are in english, it is pretty pointless (for me).

Didn't have any experience with customer service, billed through Epoch for me, no forum or anything of that nature, although you can add feedback on the sets (and rate them).

If you are into young natural women, this site might be one to consider. Hopefully they continue to improve - especially in the navigation/video quality/camerawork departments. They certainly find some attractive women, if only they could present them a little better.

05-12-10  07:43pm

Replies (4)
Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - 26 sites in the network; and a decent variety.
- zip downloads for photosets
- no DRM or download limit
- updates are frequent (enough).
Cons: - $34.95 is still expensive for a network
- Some sites haven't updated in years.
- No HD Videos to be found
- Only download option is wmv
- Some of the content is definitely not exclusive
- Older videos are lower quality.
Bottom Line: I'm not going to list all the sites here, but this network consists of all the sites listed on the company's page here at PU. There's a variety of stuff like older women, atm, lesbin, one gay site and even hobos, but most of women are 18-24. In a nutshell, you're going to get a whole lotta Eastern European girls with pigtails getting fucked. They may not be major porn stars, but the girls are attractive. None of them look like war refugees or anything.

Since most sites are no longer updating I'll list the ones that still update.
Young Lesbians Portal
Spoiled Virgins
Tricky Old Teacher
18 Virgin Sex
Young Porn Home Video

The other sites quit adding scenes sometime between 2007 and 2009. One site, Bums In Action hasn't been updated since 2005 (and it's just gross anyway). Each site appears to update once a week.

I didn't do a count, but I estimate that there are around 1000 videos. Some of them are old,low quality but I think almost all of them were full scene. The video file names are generic, just numbers. The newer videos look decent, but are not HD. They have unusual dimensions 832x468 (2000kbps-3145kbps). Everything is a wmv, but you can also stream in the browser. You can chose between full scene and split into clips.

Some of the older photosets don't have zips, but most everything you'll find does. Most are 800x1200, and of course the older ones are lower rez.

Most of the content was shot originally just for this network. Four sites, Mommies Do Bunnies, Do My Wife Slut, Lovely Teen Land and Strapon Service are actually just a few scenes from American porn DVDs. Another thing about this network is that the member's url indicates that they may be selling their content to other sites as a plugin, which means you could probably get some or all of this stuff elswhere cheaper.

One thing this site could benefit from is model listing/pages. There are quite a few models and most of them have a few scenes across different sites on the network. There is a model search that works fine even though there are more than a few Olgas, Irinas and Annas. This network is expensive, uneven, non-exclusive and overall below average. However I did find a few gems. I don't think this network is worth the $35, but if you like young eastern European women doing hardcore, you might want to join for a month. My advice is to stay away unless you must join.

12-24-09  11:33pm

Replies (0)
Visit Drilled Mouths

Drilled Mouths

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - You get access to 25 other sites
- zip downloads for photosets
- no DRM or daily download limit from what I could tell
- No silicone
Cons: - Not much content. Only 45 scenes
- Only 2 updates in 2009
- Only download option is wmv
- The content might be exclusive, but it might also be available to other sites as a feed based on the url
- Older videos are lower quality.
- The videos have generic file names. 3 digits, for example 698.wmv.
Bottom Line: The scenes here are almost always one girl and one guy. It usually starts out pretty tender, but in no time he's trying to jam his dong all the way down her throat. After the bj they fuck a little bit and then a pretty good cumshot. I would say this is moderate deep throating action. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's intense, but definitely not as hardcore as facial abuse. The girls are all able to take a cock down their throat and there's a fair amount of gagging, but it's not very rough or violent. And I don't recall any vomiting. I don't know if that's good or bad, that's just how it is. I felt the scenes were repetitive at times. For example the girls always end up sucking the guy off at some point while grabbing on to her own ankles. Anyway, all of the models are Eastern European. None of them are those super beautiful busty Czech girls you see on the net today, but nonetheless they were all at least cute. All natural though, no implants. I liked them.

The latest videos in high quality are 832x468 with bitrates ranging from 2000kbps to 3145kbps. Every video has full scene download and split clips. There are two qualities of wmv to download and two in streaming flash. Older videos are smaller and have much lower bitrates like 716kbps. Some vids don't have watermarks, and some do.

Photos are 800x1200 for the latest stuff and for the older stuff 680x1023. Most people don't join this type of site looking for photos, but every scene has them, and zip downloads too.

Though I liked the scenes enough, there just isn't that much content at this site and it doesn't seem like it will be growing any time soon. You do get access to around 25 other sites though. I'm not sorry I joined at all, but I must give this one a low recommendation.

12-13-09  02:37am

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Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

No Review.
12-01-09  03:15am

Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

Selling something that does not exist

These girls for sure are no virgins, they dont even try to hide the fact. The examining doctor is a fake, the proof of virginity isnt shown in the video, just the wannabe-gyn that wears a mask to pretend he is a physician - what's the use of wearing a mask while looking into a pussy? Contamination? It's just the "hey look, I wear a mask, I am a physician" - thing.

Furthermore telling from a few movies even the oral cumshot is fake. No actual, proof cumshot, just a girl dripping artifical semen from her mouth.

My conclusion: An usual, mediocre hardcore site with nice girls and good quality in the shoot, but it's faking both virginity and cumshots. It pretends to be a site about virgins, but there are sites that also fake this but they do it in a not so obvious way. At least they show hymen that are broken, too, but with some fantasy you can think they are untouched.

So I would dramatically lower the rating of this site.

12-01-09  03:13am

Replies (3)
Visit Do My Wife Slut

Do My Wife Slut

Clearly not exclusive

The content of site comes from the "Screw My Wife Please" DVD series. You can see Dave Cummings' fat bald head right there on the front page. In addition to on DVD, you can see these scenes on countless internet sites, DVD sites and bonus feeds.

There are only 15 scenes here with no updates coming.

07-11-09  09:37am

Replies (0)
Visit Dirty Ass 2 Mouth

Dirty Ass 2 Mouth


Has anyone been a member and can tell me if the site is worth joining?

03-27-09  05:26am

Replies (0)
Visit Wild Young Honeys

Wild Young Honeys

Another site with crap customer service

I originally tried to check out this site. Amongst other things I wanted to find out what they charged, and in what currency I would be paying. I therefore filled in my email address and the prefilled password form. After I did this I immediately received a sign up confirmation for WebCamClub.com. I did not give my email address for this, and alarm bells started ringing immediately. I followed the link to remove my registration from that site. I then tried to get into WildYoungHoneys but found I couldn't do so as my username had already been taken - presumably by me.

I emailed their support, to tell them about the problem. I received no reply. The next day I emailed them again to ask if there was anyone in support. I received a reply from their Longbucks support. I was told they had received no email from me and they asked me what the problem was, and added do not hesitate to contact us via email. I told them what had happened. I received no further communication.

That was the 21 January. Now here I think I am making a good point, and it's this. In these troubled times why on earth doesn't a company just concentrate on getting one thing right i.e. - just getting people to join the websites simply and in an uncomplicated way, without trying to flog them something else the minute they give their email address. They have lost a customer, simply because they seem incompetent and more intent on flogging me something I don't want, than giving good customer service.

02-15-09  03:48pm

Replies (0)
Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

Bad costumer-service

Joined in a package (34.95) - but last two weeks I've only had access to ONE site - passwork do not work on the others after the site changed all passwords around Christmas.
Wrote websmaster - no response.
Wrote Epoch two weeks ago - an answer stated: Contact webmaster.
Still nothing - so take care with this UK-based company.

01-10-09  03:10am

Replies (2)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

STILL PROBLEMS - new warning

Lets face it: Some of those sites do not live op to the standard of "fine costumer" service!
After problems with new passwords and continously mails to both Epoch and the site, things are not right.
Amour Babes -site got me into the mainsite, but the (importend) bonus-sites do not work in any way. Just mailed Epoch again - and they say mail the webmaster and the webmaster do NOT feed back..

SO to PU's generally about this site/network: I cannot recommend it - so take care, folks...

12-26-08  06:56am

Replies (6)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

"Warning" cancelled

Just to the benefit of other may-be-interested PUs, this site, included the bonus-dittos (like 18 Virgin Sex) is up and running again.
BTW: They better because I see that 18 Virgin Sex today is at the top of TBP New Reviews....
Got back my access within the 24 hours - what I gather from the info is that all members have had access-problems duo some general technical ditto...

NB: Latest: Now the bonus-sites (like 18 Virgin Sex) do not work as bonus-links...hope they get their act together soon..

12-23-08  05:37am

Replies (0)
Visit Amour Babes

Amour Babes

Could be a warning?

Any other members here?
Just got a message/mail, that they due to technical problems has changed my password - well, ok.
But now the new password does not work and tried to seek help - but the auto-reinstatement of the password does not work either - just stating my membership has expired - it'll expire in mid January - shit!
I hate it when you - as a paying costumer - get troubles like that...
Tried to mail them once more - but got another auto-answer: "mail could not be delivered"...

12-22-08  07:04am

Replies (9)

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