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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Lot of content from Lethal Hardcore DVDs (3188 Scenes, 1090 in HD)

- Regular updates, 4-5 scenes (1 DVD) each week

- Various download and viewing options (Downloads: MP4 1080p, MP4 720p, MP4 2000k, MP4 750k, MP4 500K, WMV DVD, Portable MP 4 // Streaming: LOW, MED, HQ, HD)

- Several bonus sites offering a huge amount of content

- Decent navigation. Videos are tagged and dated. There are a ton of different categories and a proper search function to help you find what you are looking for. Videos from other network sites featuring the same girl are shown on the profile pages. Scenes, galleries, DVDs and models can be added to favorites.

- Photosets are offered in three different qualities (800px, 1024px, 1600px) and can be downloaded in zip files

- Epoch billing: easy cancellation and fair prices for European customers (no 1:1 currency conversion). Could pay using PayPal
Cons: - Some of the 1080p videos I downloaded showed combing artifacts typical for interlaced videos. It makes those videos almost unwatchable.

- Support isnít good. It says they will respond within 12 hours, but it has been 2 days now and I still didnít get a reply to my email about the issue described above.

- HD quality is quite all right but could be better compared to other sites

- No additional model information on profile pages, just a list of network scenes

- Some of the bonus sites havenít been updated in years
Bottom Line: A membership gives you access to a huge library of Lethal Hardcore DVD content and a ton of bonus material, but I wouldn't say it's one of those site where quantity is more important than quality.

You can find a lot of good, professionaly shot porn in this network. The quality of the HD vidoes is good, but not as good as on other sites.

That doesn't mean that everything is great, though. Some sites haven't been updated in years, and a part of the older content is only availabe in low quality. This goes especially for the videos labeled as "user uploaded". You can find stuff like on every tube site for free.

If you are using the TBP discount, it's definitely worth joining for $9.99 per month.

But there's one thing that really bothered me. I've downloaded a couple of 1080p videos from Lethal Hardcore and some of them showed combing artifacts when playing the files on my computer. It's impossible to enjoy the scenes when everything is distorted by vertical lines every time there's movement on the screen. In some cases I could fix it by reencoding the file. But it's really not my job to make the videos watchable if the people running the site can't encode them properly. I should also mention that I only had this issue with videos from the Lethal Hardcore site. The videos from bonus sites seem fine.

I've complained about this using the contact form on their support page. They claim that "Customer Service Specialists will respond within 12 hours" after sending the ticket. Two days have passed since, but I didn't get any kind of reply yet. I wouldn't call that good customer support, considering that they advertise how quickly they are dealing with inquiries.

Without the video problems I would have given Lethal Hardcore a score of 84, but the site still needs some work. If this issue gets resolved quickly, I will adjust my rating.

09-18-14  08:20am

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

no go behaviour (additional charges)

Warning! This site tricks you into full memberships with so-called trial memberships! Even if you uncheck their trial offer, you are billed. You get not e-mail on this additional membership. Contacting the site leads to no reaction.

01-25-14  08:36am

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Beware of Additional Charges

I joined this site the other day and when I checked my credit card statement, it showed that I was charged an additional $174(!) for something called "Explicit Cams" that I never ordered or used (they were trying to claim I ordered an 86 minute cam show). I also got an e-mail from the Explicit Cam support center that I had requested an increase of my daily limit to $175. None of this was true. I know this was all related to the Lethal HC charge because the 800 number on my statement next to the $174 charge took me directly to Lethal's billing support. After haggling with them for half an hour, I finally got them to agree to drop the charge, which is supposedly going to be reversed in a week or two. But they never gave me any explanation of why this charge appeared in the first place or gave me any reason to think it won't happen again. Bottom line: I won't be signing up to this site again, and I'd advise anyone else to be extra careful with them.

08-28-13  06:21pm

Replies (4)
Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Two weeks without an update?

Anyone else experience that? Weeks of 03/11 and 03/18, the scheduled update was not added to the site?

03-21-13  05:34am

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Interesting, large and somewhat exclusive studio DVD site.
- TBP discount pushed me to join, glad I did now.
- Good download speeds unless you download more than a couple files, once one finishes, the other still downloading files don't pick up the speed.
- Pictures with some of the scenes, come zipped, various sizes, most are in the 1280 long end range.
- Quite a bit of content I've not seen from their studio. As a semi-regular on Videobox, I usually check the Lethal Hardcore DVDs. Am happy from the standpoint of a collector since there are some here I've never seen.
- The site is confusing, will be in cons, but was feeling risky and found out there are more sites included with the membership. Though they do seem to just be separate genres, more so than actual separate sites.
- Large amount of content especially for the price.
- Newer scenes have HD option, will be more specific in BL.
Cons: - Site is confusing. Bad confusing. They have six sites listed at the top of the main page besides Lethal Hardcore. Since I joined Lethal Hardcore, I figured this meant I would have to pay extra for the scenes on those sites. I took a chance and clicked download on one of the scenes from one of the other sites, it downloaded, no extra charges. This is a con because the site does sell itself, once a member, as a network of sites. I had no idea when joining it.
- Varying quality throughout the sites and the dreaded mislabeled file size. Here is a "high" .wmv file, listed as 780 MB, go to download it's 348 MB. I use those numbers to determine the quality, so this can be frustrating.
- Some scenes don't have pictures. Did I mention the confusion? Took me forever to find the zip download link. It was right in front of my eyes, but I kept looking over it. More my fault there, but could just be below average layout.
Bottom Line: For the first time in about 4 years, I joined a site just because a handful of scenes I had seen on a TGP site with the Lethal Hardcore watermark on them. Anytime I have joined a site just for a handful of scenes, I've ended up disappointed. That's not the case here.

I want to reiterate how confusing this site can be. If I click Models ---> Abbey Brooks, it shows me 1 available scene on Lethal Hardcore. Below that scene it says, "Videos from Network Sites" and has five more videos of Abbey. Well, of course, this just pissed me off at first since I figured I was going to click one and it would say, "You need to join this site to see this video". But it didn't. I looked up at the url of the video on the "other" site and it was lethalmembers, so these other sites are included. These are the sites, I do see that none of these sites are listed as standalone sites so that's why I believe they are just Lethal Hardcore videos from different genres. HDVids, TeenGirls, MatureWomen, ExploitedExGF, Tranny.com and GayUltra. Some are very small as well so I have no reason to think they are standalone sites.

These are the numbers they advertise.
143,842 videos, 9,104 DVDs, 31,908 Stars, 3,256 HD Videos. They also have a streaming only "user submitted videos" section.

Those are Videobox and VideosZ sized numbers. This is what I count.
Lethal Hardcore: 540 DVDs

After that it gets a little confusing again. The site listed as HDVids, which you do have access to has 231 pages of 30 DVDs on each page. That's close to 7,000 DVDs and from the best I can tell you can access them all. I'm not going to go through all 7,000 to be positively sure, but I have been able to download the ones I have tried. These videos are very similar to what you will find on the other DVD sites, you'll see Teen Pink Visual all the way to the more obscure studios with generic names like "German Fucking".

This is not a bad thing to me. When I have the time, I have found quite a few older scenes that I have looked for for years. Here's the good news.

Despite all the confusing, the site works. It has a "favorites" button on every model and your favorites can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Videobox veterans know the frustrations members have faced with the favorites being messed up. The site also has a clean interface when looking for certain models. It also lets you search by DVD series, so if you like their Hot Bods and Tail Pipes series you can pull just those videos up.

Once you get over the initial confusion, you find out that this site is a very good site. It has separate tabs to search for scenes, you can then whittle it down to search by newest to oldest updates or you can change your mind and search by entire DVDs. I mean no offense to their webmaster, but considering the early confusion, I kind of got the feeling someone was putting this site together and accidentally got it right.

They have a little bit of everything in the Lethal Hardcore DVD series' from Cougars Crave Kittens to My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad. We eating or watching porn? Seriously, the series' are ones most porn fans are familiar with. I'm almost certain they don't have all their DVDs here. I have always liked the Hot Bods and Tail Pipe series. When I look at that series specifically it makes me think they have a lot of their DVDs here because they have 30 full DVDs just in that series. That alone is around 120-130 scenes just under Hot Bods and Tail Pipe.

I do wish they had more pictures especially with the older sets. I want to say most of the newer DVDs have pictures, but I'm just going to say "some" do. It reminds me somewhat of ZTOD in that respect. You also do have the option to view just picture sets. These have 1024px and 1600px download options.

Video quality, I was hoping to be able to be very specific on how many HD DVDs they have, but they don't have dates stamped on the DVDs to tell when they posted them. I can tell you this, they have over 120 Lethal Hardcore DVDs with HD option. I want to say that's roughly 25-30% of the DVDs in HD. The high option is not bad at all on the others. It's 720x480 with 2000 bitrate. From my experience on DVD sites, I would say they are about average or equal to other DVD sites in overall quality.

What lifts them up are those obscure ones. The rare (Model name) scene that you've never seen before and there are lots of those for me. It's not a best in class site, but it's near the best in the class known as, "I've already got everything from the best in class site".

The price makes it even better. One warming. We have all fell for missing a cross-sale when joining, but this site as well as Fame Digital and a couple others have been the first ones to use the checked cross-sale way over on the side of your screen method. It's over near your right boundary. Started at 89 on this site, dropped it to 86 for that. With that warning in mind, I do recommend this site as an alternative DVD site.

06-13-12  11:52pm

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Visit Exploited Ex GF

Exploited Ex GF

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Over 900 videos available for download in five to six formats.

+ Over 800 galleries of pictures for download as Jpegs.

+ Simple to navigate the site and downloading is also easy to do.

+ Although the search options are extremely limited - you can search by model if you find one you really like.
Cons: - Very few hardcore videos available.

- Very few HD Quality Downloads available.

- Pictures are kinda small with no zip download option.

- A lot of the videos are very uninspired - pouring milk, sucking bananas, taking a bath etc. and some include very annoying photographing during the video shoot.

- Picture quality ranges from very good to average - with several pictures being video stills.

- Most girls appear to actually be wannabe porn stars and not real ex-girlfriends.

- Average video is less than 7 minutes long.
Bottom Line: The site has a lot of content, but most of it is very average with very few truly hot models (yes most are models and not real ex-girlfriends) and virtually no hardcore action.

Navigating and downloading are easy - if you can find anything worth downloading beyond the few models you really want to see naked, hot and bothered.

But imho it is only worth exploring on a free trial or discount subscription rate.

08-21-11  03:11pm

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Visit Couples Bang The Babysitter

Couples Bang The Babysitter


They charge you a dollar to cancel membership. highway toll dont join they dont tell you till you try to cancel. robbery

07-20-11  05:07pm

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Visit Spin On My Cock

Spin On My Cock

My word, what will they think of next

This is novel, although I'd be slightly concerned at the potential for injury. I'd be lying if I said the concept doesn't have a certain appeal, though :) The trailer at least is worth a look...

01-21-11  12:12am

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Many movie titles to choose from

Newer content on Lethal Hardcore and Older content on Celestial

Different download quality depending on when they were made

Has photos

Cheap (you get what you pay for) - 9.99

Movies dating back to the early part of the century.
Cons: One of the most difficult sites to get around

Slow - Slower - Slowest

No drop down menu for pornstars or movies - very cumbersome

Updates are about twice a month

Kind of a musty looking website - sort of like the movies it offers.
Bottom Line: Again, a website I joined for one reason only - it had an old video of Margo and collecting sets of her is not easy.

But pretty much nothing else for me there - (not a big glory hole fan). Honestly there could have been more but dealing with the navigation was too much to wallow through.

I would hardly recommend this site except if you are looking for a specific artist from the past. But it is not that expensive to go check out but don't blame me if you're disappointed.

I got what I wanted but the the whole left a lot to be desired.

01-14-11  05:29pm

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Visit African Fuck Tour

African Fuck Tour

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Fills a niche, genuine African girls. Some cute, some alight neck up. Nice bodies.
+Offers MP4 up to 1280x720, WMV only 720x540 though
+Fast downloads (usually got about 1-1.5 MB/s on my connection)
+Has DVD extras if wanted
Cons: -Site is no longer updating it seems, and doubt the network its a part of is either. Probably about 20-40 vids per site and can't tell if active due to misleading dating the site uses that automatically changes the date of videos to make them look like recent updates.
-Noisy, grainy video in some cases
-PiP in some vids occasionally would wind up blocking some action in the main video
-Photos here are just screenshots
-Download cap, but a reasonable one, about 12-13GB
-Lighting issues in some vids
Bottom Line: Only 35 vids, not updating (seemingly) and really don't care much for the network that came with it, though the DVD extras (budget/older dvds) aren't bad for the 9.99/mo, but other sites better for that. Sex is ok, rarely really hot (to me anyway) and couple cases near the end, girls pretty much let him know they don't like the money shot, but he does it anyway. Not my cup, but sure some love the MS.

Site is ok on its own for a month or so, but don't bother with a long term deal here. Would probably give more towards a 75-78 or so if site was really active.

12-30-10  10:21am

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Visit Lethal Hardcore

Lethal Hardcore

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Large amount of content
+ Some very hot girls
+ Decent set of options for videos. All scenes are streamable (Flash) and downloadable ( multiple formats)
+ New videos are in HD, a key area where a lot of the "reality"-type, episodic sites are beating most of the more studio-based sites. the 720p versions look great on my HDTV.
+ Zip downloads for photos (when they work, which is rare)
+ Current price of $9.99/mo is hard to beat
Cons: - Not friendly to download managers - I am only able to queue about 5 scenes before they start failing with expired key notices. For some reason this is even worse with photo zips (seems like the keys expire very quickly)
- Inconsistent and sometimes laughably low download speeds. I am currently downloading at about 24KB/s
- Server seems to stop responding an awful lot, but usually just waiting a few seconds and reloading will get it going again.
- Zip files often fail to download. More often than not, I get a sorry.txt file instead saying "wrong security key"
- Navigation is pretty bad, particularly for images. No links back to the scene itself, links to the zip files are only present on individual images, so if (like me) you are only looking for zips, not viewing individual images on-site, it might take a while to figure out the zips are even available.
Bottom Line: There is some good content on here, and with newer scenes in HD, I think the future looks promising. Some navigation improvements would help, but the existing ability to browse by DVD, scene, model, tags, and categories keep this from being more than a minor gripe. The connection problems are extremely frustrating, but the low price keeps that from being a deal breaker (if only barely). At the current price, I can definitely recommend this site. When/if the price ever goes back up, some improvements might be necessary to justify it. One minor gripe that i didn't feel like was worth making a "con" of - i wish these sites with single scene downloads would include the model's name in the filename! It is very rare that I think "I am in the mood for scene 3 from '8 Simple Rules 3'" - no, I think "I want to see Mindy Lynn, what scenes do i have?" but... maybe this is just me. Not worth a con, just sayin'. Save me some time: put more data in the filename! Bottom line: recommended, especially at this price. Not without flaws, but i intend to keep my membership active.

EDIT: I don't know if this is new or I just didn't encounter it before, but the inability to queue downloads in a download manager is a major con in my book. Now i have to go back and find all of those scenes again or just forget about it. Frankly i think docking 5 points is the very least I can do.

12-25-10  04:51pm

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Visit African Fuck Tour

African Fuck Tour

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Real African chicks.No black girls from Compton putting a bone in their nose and pretending to speak Swahili.
-Real sex.No fake moaning & groaning.
Cons: -Video image grainier than an 8mm snuff film
-Production value about as amateur as a community theater doing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.
Bottom Line: Porn stud Antonio isn't some peace corp douche bag trying to save starving villagers in Ethiopia.He's
a great white hunter on safari for the choicest black pussy the dark continent has to offer.He's on an AFRICAN FUCK TOUR.
Of the 20+ episodes of AFT that I've seen,each one spotlights some sable skinned bush bitch from such exotic locales as Tanzania,Uganda,and Zimbabwe getting poked in every available orifice, until Antonio erupts a batch of baby batter all over their eager faces.Tarzan never did this!
While most so called "African" sights were filmed in the alleyway behind a POPEYE'S chicken in Atlanta with some used up porn star masquerading as an amateur,these girls are honest to goodness real life Africans.Sho' nuff'.
With that said...I think I'd rather smear peanut butter all over my nuts and let hyenas gnaw on them than fuck an STD marinated African hooker without a condom,but Antonio is one brave stunt cock and dares to fuck where angels fear to tread.
While the camera work an editing won't be winning an Academy award anytime soon,there's a good mix of multiple camera angles,POV,and hidden cameras to add a little variety.Most of the content is filmed in dingy hotel rooms and the poor quality lends itself to its sleazy voyeurism.
For the money you pay you get access to 80+ bonus sites that includes a lot of ebony porn.The sex is pretty meat & potatoes but you receive a medley of blow jobs,facials,and anal sex. Enough to keep your interest level high.If real African amateurs having real interracial sex is your pervy predilection then AFRICAN FUCK TOUR is for you.This ain't your Daddies NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!

09-11-10  02:30pm

Replies (2)
Visit Lethal 18

Lethal 18

This dirty trick should be stopped

I signed up for this site as I like porn.com and the $9.95 is an excellent price. I found the navigation was irritating. For instance I cannot find a dvd section that lists the types of dvd's. To find the ebony dvd's for instance, you have to go to a site that secialises in ebony material, then link to ebony dvd's from there. Same goes for amateur. I had to go to Pornstar Tryouts to link to amateur dvd's. If there is a way around this I haven't found it. Porn.com seems to have a better navigation. Sice they are essentially the same network with the same stuff these idiosyncracies are annoying.

I decided to cancel and then resign up to porn.com for next month. When I linked to the cancel page I found a pre ticked cross sell. It was a free trial and then $34.95 if not cancelled. If I had pressed the cancel membership button without noticing this trick, I would have inadvertently subscribed to a site without knowing it.

It's time sites stopped being dishonest. It is dishonesty because why have the box ticked if it isn't a trick? Why not let the consumer decide for themselves? Network and site management should decide whether they want to be considered honest or dishonest. I feel that this is such a dirty trick that I wont review porn.com because they do not deserve it. I could just give them 50 but that is not solving anything or giving an honest review. It's a shame they have to stoop to being dishonest because they have some good material at a bargain price. For me it's one of the best deals on the internet with the TBP sign up discount.

I say to all you con artist management out there - stop these practices. We are weeding you out gradually. Decide what side you want to be on - the honest or dishonest. The dishonest should be persona non grata around here. It's time sites who have the pre checked cross sales are not linked to, or are placed in their own category - the customer beware category.

I am so disgusted with them trying to rip me off I may not subscribe to them for a second month. I hate people who try to con me.

03-24-10  11:01am

Replies (3)
Visit Mommy Needs Money

Mommy Needs Money

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++nice discount price
++ good video quality
++ much stocking content
+ nice milfs
+ preview pics
+ no dl limit
+ no drm
+ network access
Cons: --- semi exclusive
--- search engine
- only 6 exclusive videos
- not sure about regular updates
--- corrupted videofiles
Bottom Line: the newest site of the porn.com network

the pu discount price with 9,99 Ä is a good deal.
the video quality with wmv videos and two different download qualitys of 720x540 and 320x210 is quite good. the videos for themselves have preview pics and are with arround 300-400 mb good sized. i do really lilke that rather all of the videos (6!!) have stocking content. the milfs look good, with different boob size, mostly bigger boobs.
there is no dl limit, no drm and the network gives you access to over 130 (70 network sites /differs up to 72 sites, depends on the site you are at, and 60 extra) sites.

the content is semi exclusive. there are the exclusive videos (6) and plenty other not exclusive dvd`s (198).
much more a shame is, thht the good navigation is "killed" by the fact, that you are forced by searching with keywords, you also get the not exclusive content.
6 exclusive videos is nothing, but as a start of a new site, it is not a big con as in the other reviews of the network.
a very big con, which was also there at the beginning of the network is that if you download more then one file simultan, most of the downloaded files are corrupted (broken).

the idea of such a site is nothing new but is rather good presented here. i hope that the video updates will be regular and more then weekly. then i think it`s a good try. seen from today
Might recommend

01-17-10  06:38am

Replies (0)
Visit Lethal 18

Lethal 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++fine discount price
++ good video quality
+ preview pics
+ no dl limit
+ no drm
+ network access
Cons: --- semi exclusive
--- search engine
--- only 150 videos
--- very much bald pubic hair
--- corrupted videofiles
Bottom Line: a site of a fine network, nothing more but nothing less.

the pu discount price with 9,99 Ä is wha ti call a good deal. imo all prices over 10Ä are mostly not worth to stay longer then one month.
the video quality with wmv videos and two different download qualitys of 720x540 and 320x210 is quite good. the videos for themselvs have preview pics and are with arround 350 mb good sized.
there is no dl limit, no drm and the network gives you access to over 130 (60 network and 70 extra) sites.

sadly the content is semi exclusive. much more a shame is, taht the good navigation is "killed" by the fact, that you are forced by searching with keywords, you also get the not exclusive content (well known dvd`s series e.g. prouductions of combat zone)
ok you got 150 exclusive videos, but that`s not enough for a niche site. also a big plague is that mostly the girls are totally shaved. do all the teens (18+) loose theire pubic hair in a desase? :)
UPDATE 01.01.2010:
after downloading a couples of files, i had to recognize, that if you download more then one file simultan, most of the downloaded files are corrupted (broken). that`s a major problem, therfore my rating went 4 points down.

all in all that site is a monthly try worth and

Might recommend

12-29-09  09:15am

Replies (4)

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