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Barely Legal


In case anyone was going to join this site, I would play around a bit on the site before paying, if you backout from some screens the price will drop to $19.99, also if you get to the join screen from different locations you get different prices.

Didn't they used to have a much more significant preview, for some reason I always come back to this place even though I am often disappointed.

12-30-12  11:42pm

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Barely Legal

Not exactly a clone site

This site is actually more like the teen category filter of Hustler's production, not a clone. There are some content from the main site's side but mostly it appears to be from Barely Legal series that is not featured on main site.

11-05-10  02:02am

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Barely Legal

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Hot girls.
2. Navigation is retarded.
3. Poor photo selection.
4. They make absolutely sure that you don't know what you're getting into, so you can't see how shitty this site is until you join!
Bottom Line: You'd think that a company like Hustler, with such a wealth of content, would make a site worth joining. But they protect their content like a mother grizzley bear, in fear that they just might give us our money's worth. This site is horrible and a huge ripoff. Hustler is greedy.

05-30-07  04:19pm

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Barely Legal


When I first started watching porn, you guys were the first adult films I watch, just cuz of all the very young beautiful hot girls with the innocent look!! I love their cute little ass and petite little frontal bodies!! The sex scenes are rock hardening!! But the one thing that always breaks my concentration is the cumshots!! I don't care what those other viewers say about how good a facial cumshot looks, I am not interested in watch a man jerk his beef off into a girls face!!! First of all, when that occurs, all you see is the girl's face and his meat stick!! NO PART OF THE GIRL'S BODY IS SHOWING!! Second, when I am having intercourse with a girl doggie-style, and her jiggling gorgeous ass is all on up against my body, that is where I am going to place my cumshot, RITE ON HER ASS!! I CANNOT NOT STAND FACIAL CUMSHOTS AND THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY AND THERE ARE SICKENING!!!

05-20-07  05:01pm

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Visit Battle Bang

Battle Bang

Loser's punishment doesn't seem *too* bad

Well, I needed cheering up and couldn't help laughing at this... could it be any more primal/lowbrow? Do watch the trailer :)

02-13-11  10:09am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to other network sites included
- Access to Hustler magazines
- Frequent updates (65 scheduled video updates for October 2014)
- Various download options
- Pictures can be downloaded in zip files
Cons: - Regional pricing
- A good chunk of the content is neither exclusive nor Hustler original. Many movies from other studios with logos cut from the DVD covers.
- HD quality is just average compared to other sites. No 1080p Full HD videos
- Video download options are labeled as medium, high or super. You donít really know what youíre getting before the download is finished
- Download managers are working, but download links expire quickly
- Magazines canít be downloaded
- Videos streams start playing automatically
- Canít choose quality of video streams. The site always "optimizes" it for you connection
- Some streamed videos showed combing artifacts
- Ads in the members area
- Bonus sites require login
Bottom Line: Hustler is one of the biggest names in porn, their website, however, is mediocre at best.

I couldnít do anything on the first day, because I kept getting internal server errors. I opened a support ticket about this, but never got any reply. On the next day the site was finally working, so it might have been a temporary issue, but some kind of response to my ticket or an apology would have been nice.

The site is easy to navigate once you get in. They do have a proper search function, which is always nice. I donít like using drop-down lists when Iím looking for a specific model. In addition you get 48 different categories to help you find what youíre looking for. On the profile pages you only get basic biographical information, but scenes from other network sites are shown, which is also nice because you donít have to search every site individually. What I really liked is that you can find the video update schedule for the whole month on the homepage.

They do update frequently. For October I counted 65 video updates. Compared to other studio sites this really is a lot. But for everything they are doing well, there are at least two things that suck.

Hustler doesnít do 1080p. The best you can hope for is 720p. The HD quality on those files is just average compared to sites like Evil Angel, Naughty America or Brazzers. Sometimes itís difficult to tell what resolution youíre downloading, because they label their files as medium, high or super. A Super MP4 video, for instance, can be only 540p while the Super WMV version is a 720p HD file. And, of course, older content isnít even available in HD. Download managers are working with the Hustler sites, but the download links seem to expire quickly (in less than 2 hours).

What really bothered me is that many of the movies available in their network are not original Hustler content. Many scenes are from Combat Zone or Zero Tolerance DVDs. Iíve also spotted some Diabolic, Evil Angel and Pink Visual movies. That isnít necessarily a bad thing. Some bonus content is always nice. But it isnít labeled as such. The studio logos are cropped from the movie covers, which is annoying and misleading. After I had joined, I realized that I already have many of the scenes on my HDD, because I have/had a ZTOD and Evil Angel membership.

In addition to videos and pictures, Hustler also offers access to their magazines. That would be great if they hadnít executed the idea so poorly. Magazines can only be viewed online. A download option isnít available. At least you can print pages from the magazines. If you want them on your computer you can simply print them as a pdf file. At least in theory. I never managed to print more than 10-15 pages at once. A whole magazine has about 100 pages.

If you want to add some scenes from Hustler DVDs to your collection, go ahead and join. But youíre not missing out if you donít. If I had to sum up my thoughts about this site with a reference to a Hustler series, Iíd say: ďThis ainít a good porn site XXX. This is a parody.Ē Thanks to a deal on another site, I only spent 5Ä for a 30 day membership, but Iím kind of regretting it spending that much for this site.

10-11-14  02:31am

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A disappointingly large number of adverts on each and every page. Including live cam models and adds for a number of other sites.

These also down load first before any of the content you might want to look at.

This has a significant impact on the page display and sort of takes it back to the days of dial up modem at times.

I have had no problems with downloaded videos playing.

11-02-12  11:42am

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I just reviewed the site, and instead of changing the score, Ill just say it here. TONS of videos I downloaded are now not working properly, even when I try to play them in different media players. I kind of think Hustler did this on purpose...or maybe they are just stupid and fucking lazy.

Either way, be extremely cautious. If you are looking to stream their vidoes, it may be worth joining, but there are other sites you can do that on. If you are looking to download, then youve been warned. Id personally suggest alternative means of getting their content.

Borderline scam IMO. Content may be good but everything else is meh or worse.

05-10-12  01:37pm

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Visit Hustler


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -ALOT of content from all their videos
-Varied content: Something for ALMOST everyone
-Teen lovers will get the most enjoyment.
-Multiple download options for most videos (WMV, QT, MP4, etc)
-Video quality is good-very good for most videos
-Regular updates by Hustler and various other studios
-Lots of popular and amateur porn starlets
-High quality pictures for some sites on the Hustler network
-Good download speeds
-Decent price
Cons: -MANY of the videos started to malfunction days after I downloaded them.
-ALOT of the scenes are mislabled or the wrong video is uploaded.
-NO SOUND AT ALL on alot of newer videos.
-Scene/DVD Navigation and setup is pretty awful
-Alot of older videos are stone age quality
-No true HD options
-Streaming can be annoying because often have to reload it to get it to play. At least I did.
-Videos dont have screen caps
-Majority of updates are videos you can find on other sites
-Some Hustler videos are shot very well while others look terrible
-Sound is out of sync in several videos (not too many though)
-Search engine sucks in some cases.
-No where to report minor issues with videos.
Bottom Line: UPDATE 5/9/2012: I lowered the score once again and I take back what I said about joining for a month. At this point, its hardly even worth that. Not because of content or updates because as mentioned, they are pretty good. Its the overall fuckin shittiness of how the site is run...from the videos to the site navigation. Hustler is a huge name in porn and you would expect something better, but you dont really get it

The main reason I lowered the score was because over the last few days (my subscription ended today) alot of the videos I downloaded went bad...either they lost sound or they would stop playing mid way through. And I seriously doubt the issue is on my end because I havent had issues with any other videos from other places.

UPDATED Bottom line: It may still be worth A month, but do so with caution. I will not be joining this site ever again. Better ways to spend money that on a site ran with such little care.

This is a hard site to grade, because some of my cons may not be cons to everyone. BY FAR, the biggest issue with this site is the fact that so many scenes are either mislabled or they dont have the right scenes uploaded. They have each movie divided into scenes. There were several movies I checked out where every scene on that movie was the same...meaning they accidentally (I think anyway) uploaded the same scene from a particular movie. That pissed me off because there were scenes I wanted and couldnt get for that reason.

This issue alone knocked 10 points off for me.

And while there is customer service, there should be somewhere on the video pages where you can report a problem. Im not going to email tech support with every issue I found with the videos.

Beyond that, there are only minor gripes. Hustler has a good lineup of movies and scenes, especially for guys who like teens and 20 somethings.

There is alot to like and they do alot well, but there are issues with the setup of the site that are really annoying. They even just changed it up and I thought they may have improved things, but while the site now looks sleeker, the navigation is still just as bad if not worse for movies and scenes. Not that you cant find what you are looking for, but its poorly done IMO. The search engine is pretty crappy too. I did searches for certain porn stars and they never showed up in the search, even though I knew they had scenes on the site.

Bottom line: This site is definitely worth a month at least, especially if you like teens and 20 somethings. But I personally wont be staying longer than a month. The original updates just arent there enough and the mislabled/wrong upload thing annoys the fuckin shit out of me.

05-06-12  09:05am

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Very disappointed with this site

I am very disappointed with this site.
Without going on a lengthy tirade I will list some of the reasons why I find this site to be a major disappointment.

1)Video Quality.

The videos here are of the worst quality I have ever seen.
Pixelation on the "HD" videos is so pronounced they are
virtually unwatchable. Have you ever seen the "mosaics" in
Japanese porn that are used to cover the genitals? Imagine
if those mosaics were enlarged to cover major portions of the
action! Thats what it's like viewing a video from Hustler.com

2) Download Speeds

Download speeds were extremely slow. At times less than
100kb/sec. I cannot live with that.

3) Picture Count/Quality

The amount of pictures available on this site is very
disappointing. On some the picture "sets" there were no more
than 5 or 6 images available. Added to the disappointed is
the piss poor quality of the images. The images are dull,
lack detail and sharpness, and the colors are washed out.
In short, the images are nothing like the images in Hustler
magazine that we have known and loved for years.

Maybe i'm stupid, but it's difficult to understand why a
corporation such as Hustler, that has been a pioneer, an
industry innovator, would produce such poor quality porn.
I just dont understand it.

I cancelled my subcription to this site and I cannot
recommend it to anyone else.

03-15-11  09:01am

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Quite large collection of Hustler's DVD's available for download
-Streaming is clearly taken care of. Scenes have up to 12 different choices of video format and bitrate available which is clearly excessive
-Photography is very professional in the picture sets taken from Hustler's magazines
-Some old DVD's are really good content wise, for example those directed by Pierre Woodman during his Hustler days
-No download limits
-No DRM anymore
-Decent download speeds even overseas
Cons: -Some scenes not downloadable with no explanation
-Many DVD's have only few scenes available even though the DVD is listed as released on the site. Sometimes scenes appear later but as there is no clear update calendar, it's hard to tell when
-Photosets are small and not downloadable as zip files. To furtheer complicate the matter, all the images are behind two clicks from the thumbnail gallery view and all images within a set have the same name forcing you to manually rename them if you want to save them on your HD. Photos older than few years are small messy scans
-Where is the rest of the magazine content? That's the first think one'd expect when joining Hustler site
-Video quality ranges from mediocre to poor. The later pseudo HD scenes have blocky compression artifacts although some are actually decent
-Some scenes are only downloadable at lower quality compared to stream
-Models are mostly average looking with some bigger stars in between
Bottom Line: Cons continued:

-Slow update rate compared to other, cheaper DVD sites
-Scenes lack contrast, are poorly lit, not crisp etc.
-Regional pricing. They try to charge you more just because you are outside US. There's a workaround for that but then you lose your TBP special price
-They try to trick you into buying something you did not ask for. It's quite sneaky actually that there is a pre checked sale for another sites trial that is quite cheap so you wont probably notice it at the checkout but it rebills after few days at full price
-No real subsites despite the advertising. The "sites" are just scene categories
-Wmv as the only download format. Limiting what can be used to view the clips

I had high hopes despite the reviews, when joining Hustler's site. After all, Larry Flynt and Hustler are like #1 hard porn company in the world, quite the same as Playboy is to the softcore. However the site was a big disappointment to me.

Everyone's probably seen a Hustler DVD or two and knows that they are your run of the mill generic American porn (nothing wrong with that) with some parody thrown in between. They also have a long backlog with more interesting stuff (Woodman etc.) I was interested to see. However, all but the latest DVD's are ruined by miseraable presentation. When browsing deeper into the past DVD's you soon find yourself staring at a grainy video aize of a postage stamp. Come on Larry and guys, you have the DVD's! Hire some kid to re-rip them into something viewable. Generally I'd say that the older material seems better here also but I cannot really enjoy it in that form.

Same applies to photos. The photography is good but the presentation fails after few last years. They've obviously made it nearly impossible to download them on purpose.

Downloading is another issue. There is no full DVD download but you can only download individual scenes. Sometimes you cannot download the scenes at all with no explanation but they have the nerve to give you a link to buy that DVD (for example the Avatar parody I read they are sueing people over the net for pirating). WTF? Didn't I join the site to not have to buy them? Sometimes you can download only lower quality cleap even though the streaming version is available with better image.

That brings me to the "HD" content. Some of the newer scenes are available in 720p format that is quite ok but from time to time you feel like you are watchin lego porn when some freaky, blocky compression artifacts take the resolution away. Could these be just DVD resolution that's been upscaled?

Take my review again with a grain of salt. I found I do not like Hustler DVD's. They seem too basic and cheaply produced. Scenes are poorly lit, low in saturation and blurry. I don't know the word but they are the opposite of crisp and vibrant.

NOT recommended as it is. If they fixed the download issues and brought the existing content to a good DVD quality level, it wouldn't be half bad site.

10-29-10  06:14am

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Little saving tip for Europeans

Although this site has regional pricing in Ä/$ depending on where you're surfing from, I noticed it's not too strongly enforced. Joining through some of their so called subsites sometimes gives you USD prices for exactly the same deal. For example via Hustler's Taboo site I was given subscription options in USD and while I still couldn't get those PU special prices, the three month package is quite reasonably priced if you are into this kind of stuff.

10-19-10  11:04pm

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Newer videos have some encoding problems

Just wanted to point out that while their newer videos are getting better quality from a technical standpoint, it appears as though they have some encoding problems as there are many more artifacts and glitches in the videos than you typically see at that bitrate.

10-19-10  02:42pm

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Any current members around?

It indeed appears that the TBP pricing is only available for US residents which makes the monthly subscription quite expensive.

If someone is member, I'd like to know few things about site:

Is it mostly DVD's and scenes from them or do they focus on single HD scenes like many other networks (my preference)?

How is Hustler's Taboo? I saw some scenes years ago and they were more like HouseOfTaboo in style but now it appears in previews that they have mostly scenes from their DVD's there too. How much content is on the subsite?

10-14-10  10:28pm

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Regional pricing / PU offer not working?

I was considering joining this site, because it looks attractive enough, but the 19.95$ PU offer doesn't seem to apply in Europe, because the monthly membership was 29.95Ä. I tried it a couple of times just to make sure, but same price appeared. Sorry, I am not joining at that price...

08-02-10  02:24am

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Just my 2 cents worth.

Just to let you know when I joined, I joined because of how it was rated, which I think they are OVER rated this site. Anyway when I joined thru pornuser.com to Hustler, the reduced price was only for 1 month, it then switches to the regular price of about $30.00 dollars...I checked again with the CC company and it also stated it was a TRIAL. Another thing that got me mad was that the bonus sites are bogus, the DVD's are broken down into classes, babes, teens. milf etc. and that is how you get the bonus sites. I'd say save your hard earned money and join some other DVD site which would be money better spent. Pictures cannot be downloaded, unless you click and save every single picture one by one. Not all th DVD's can be downloaded, the movie size is about 720 or smaller on some of the DVD's.

07-23-10  09:34pm

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge archive of videos
-Many videos actually have stories, albeit most are pretty stupid, it is nice to see this amongst all the drop your pants and fuck kind of sites.
-Many attractive women
-Pretty good download speeds, although somewhat variable given time of day (1MB/sec max, 700KB/sec average)
-Download managers work
-Pictures are pretty decent quality, newer photos are about 1500x1000
-No DRM anymore
-Access to barelylegal.com as well, although a lot of the content on barelylegal is also on Hustler.
-Good quality photography and videography
-Good price with TBP discount
Cons: -Navigation is mediocre. You can sort by star, dvd title, and other things, but with an archive this large it would be nice to have more sorting options and a search ability.
-Navigating for photosets is particularly annoying, very difficult to just browse.
-Video quality is mediocre to poor. The best I downloaded was 640x360 1700kbps. They even commically call some of the videos of this ilk "HD".
-Video quality for older DVDs is poor, as low as 700kbps in highest quality.
-No zips for photosets
-While download managers work, they can be a bit glitchy as the path to files change, so you can only really queue up a few files
-Some videos aren't available for download, most are, it seemed like most of the videos that couldn't be downloaded were newer additions
-Some videos were a bit glitchy - 2 scenes in one, the ending missing, etc.
Bottom Line: I think this site gets somewhat of a bad rap, as historically it was a horrible site with streaming only options and terrible navigation. I think it is much better now than it was in the past (even though the only change I noticed was getting rid of DRM). Maybe I just have a soft spot for Hustler since the first DVDs I ever bought were Barely Legal DVDs.

If they improved the video quality, added some better navigation, and provided zip downloads of photosets this would probably be one of my highest rated sites.

The archive is quite large, 830 DVDs on Hustler, and 346 on barelylegal. Even with some overlap, that is a nice sized archive.

I particularly enjoy the style of many of Hustler's videos and enjoy that many of them have a story - which seems less and less common these days. They appear to also have a large magazine archive, although I didn't have the patience to sort through it.

I would definitely recommend the site for a month, especially for $20/month. Even with the mediocre video quality, I still enjoy a lot of the scenes I downloaded here more than HD content on other sites. I'd be surprised if anyone couldn't find some material they like on this site. However, if you are a fan of photos, this probably isn't the best site to join.

02-18-10  08:51pm

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A slightly different perspective

I figured that I wouldnít do a full review since there have been a couple recently and Iím in agreement with most of what the reviewers say.

First off is a really general opinion of the site. I was glad to get access to such a large portion of the Hustler catalogue. Three cheers to Larry for that. But I was mostly disappointed with the site. There are a few little things that I can point to that I didnít like, but overall it was a just a feeling that the site could Ė and should Ė be so much better.

I donít get this. If I had the resources that Hustler has, Iíd make the best damned porn site on the Ďnet. Itíd be easy to access and navigate through, and Iíd have multiple options for streaming and downloading that would push the industry standard. I figure that of all the old Ďmainstreamí print empires, Hustler would be the most likely to try this. Playboy wouldnít, because they have no hardcore to offer. Penthouse Ė well Penthouse tried to be everything to everyone and became nothing to nobody. But Larry Flynt seemed to get video early.

The Hustler website, however, seems to have something about it that I canít quite describe. Itís like it was born of an order from Larry who said ďThis internet thing seems to be catching on a bit with the young people. But itís just a flash in the pan and people will abandon it soon and come back to magazines. Get in and get some of that internet business but donít go overboard because itíll die.Ē Thatís the sense I get about the site. Itís a kind of malaise. The kind that plagued North American car manufacturers for so long. You know Ė when you bought a Big 3 car and got a sense that some engineer said on a Friday afternoon, ďItís good enough. Letís go home.Ē

There are little things. For one thing, the stuff that was posted years ago has never been updated. Those files still have crappy resolution and come in multiple parts. The best resolutions available donít appear often and even those would barely meet the standards of many other websites. The search function for the talent didnít work. I tried it several times throughout my membership and it never worked right at all. And for those of us who download, in many cases the highest quality download was much less than the highest quality stream.

Bottom line for me is this site is definitely worth a membership to get access to Hustlerís stuff, but it could have been so much better. Picture itís 1976 and Larry Flynt brings out the Vega. It has an engine thatíll blow up in 20K miles, a three-speed manual tranny, and bias-ply tires. Kink.com is Honda, sneaking in with a little product called the Civic that has more technology in itís radio than the entire Vega. The Vega was a decent little car, but for a lot of people, good enough ainít good enough.

12-10-09  04:39pm

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No Review.
10-27-09  06:26am

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Quick opinion

Many people have already pointed out the good stuff and the bad so I won't do a review, just go over the stuff that I encounter and thus add my 2 cents...

-not enough photos
-sometimes frustrating to navigate
-some videos cannot be downloaded

-DRM is not in effect anymore. See reply #1 from webmaster
-a pretty decent price
-a lot of interesting videos such as the This ain't series (this ain't star trek, this ain't happy days, etc.)
-a lot of pron that clearly has a large-ish budget behind it. Quality stuff all and all, but the DRM is frustrating...

10-20-09  03:20pm

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Pics? No. Vids? Yes, but ...

First off, as a pic fiend, I was pretty disappointed. The galleries are usually really small, ranging generally between 10-20 pics, and there are no zips. So, aha, I finally got it: It's a video site.

There are a lot of videos. And there are a lot of theme-based Hustler "sites" you can access from the main one. The themes are things like college girls, anal, "cum crazy," milfs, etc. Vids that show up on one may appear on another as well. You could see this either as an annoyance or a convenience.

There's a lot of variation in terms of what you can access and how quickly. Some vids were "1200" (864x480 wmv), some were only up to "768" (720x480). Some had smaller dimensions than that. And sometimes, they were streaming only.

I like to preview vids online and click ahead through scenes before I decide to download. With some of them, it was a snap, but not with others, which I just downloaded before viewing.

Some downloads took under 5 minutes. Others took quite a bit longer.

For the price of $20, it's not at all a bad site, but it's not great, either. I'd joined years ago and just hated it then, but it's definitely more user-friendly than it had been.

09-24-09  03:03am

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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Great Content.
Some Exclusive Content.
Navigation was decent.
Cons: Slow download speeds.
Poor customer service.
Downloads didn't work 80% of the time.
Bottom Line: The downloads on this site were slow, and for the most part JUST DIDN'T WORK. It would take 40 minutes to download a video if I was lucky enough for it to finish. Most downloads would get to 90% and just stop. I submitted 3 complaints, but never received a response. I had the 3 month membership and managed to save a total of 26 scenes. Maybe there was something wrong with the settings on my computer, but they never bothered to help me find out. I have several other memberships and never have a problem. I was very disappointed, because if the downloads would have worked (like Videobox) I would probably still be a member.

08-24-09  02:57pm

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What are the number of video updates at Hustler for 2009?

I would like to hear from someone at Hustler that can indicate in a clear and specific way
what the number of latest updates have been made in 2009 and what is the normal update sequence.

Also, some of the latest movies are only steaming. I would like to know why some are only streaming and some are not.

Thank you,

(Note to PU staff: Please credit this comment to bruce987. He made a reply to an earlier comment of mine, lk2fireone, but should have submitted it as a new comment, instead of submitting it as a reply to an older comment.)

If you want to read the reasoning behind this comment, you can read my comment with replies at:

Comment titled: What is fair score for Hustler? DRM at Hustler?

Specifically, see replies #3, #4, and #5.

06-14-09  06:29pm

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What is fair score for Hustler? DRM at Hustler?

The current PU score for Hustler is 72.9, the TBP score is 82.6. That is a big difference, One reason might be that the TBP score was given Nov 4, 2006. The PU scores are from more recent reviews. Actually, if TBP was following PU rules for scoring, Husler would have no TBP score, because the reviews would have expired, and the scores based on those reviews would have expired as well.

A second reason for the difference in scores is that PU members mainly have an aversion to DRM.

Hustler videos were until recently DRM protected. That would have lowered the score massively for many PU members, or they would have avoided the site altogether.

bruce987 writes in a comment dated 04-26-09 that Hustler has removed DRM 3 months or more earlier.

But TrashMan writes in a review dated 01-24-09 that "Downloads have DRM".

james4096 in comment dated 04-22-09 writes, "It does seem like they have removed DRM on their wmv videos....but the video quality still stinks in most videos."

Webmaster reply 02-28-09, "we removed all DRM protection a couple weeks ago".

So DRM should not be at Hustler any longer.

04-27-09  09:13am

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Much Improved Site

I joined this site about two years ago and didn't like the streaming video quality, small screen and the fact that they had DRM. Three months ago, I joined again because Hustler emailed me directly after requesting the DRM status. I'm glad to report I can still view all the movies I downloaded. The Hustler site also gives you access to about 80 plus Barley Legal DVD's with about three or four movies on each one. Of course, there are many Hustler titles and I'm still enjoying them. The quality varies and the new ones are better quality. The DVD's are the best quality, which they sell but the downloaded movies are fine. After one month membership, I had plenty of movies and will wait till next year to renew my membership. So, fear not, DRM is dead for all there movies. Oh, one more thing. About 5% of the newer movies are just streaming. Not sure if they can be viewed at some point but there was no download options. Overall, much better site and it's about time!

04-26-09  08:19pm

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